Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 317. My and Yukino’s miracle sex show!


「…It hurts you know! Idiot!」

Yukino who collapsed on her back as I pushed her down shouts at me!

「You’re noisy! Shut up idiot!」

I shout at Yukino as well.
I cover from above…Ah, Yukino’s escaping

「Don’t run!」

I pin down Yukino’s body.

「What, what, what…youuu!」

It’s pissing me now that it comes to this.



「Hey wait, where are you touching! You idiot!!」


「Ouchhhhhhhh, you’re heavy! Get off me! Idiot!!」

Yukino twists around herself below my body.
Miss Cordelia laughs.
The female Viola are laughing too.
Rururu, rururuu.
I hope it’s a good weather today…

「You idiot!」


Yukino still head butts from the bottom.

「Ouch, what are you going to do if I become more idiot than this?」
「Who cares, just die already! I hope your head gets broken and you die…!」

Looking at us shouting at each other…Kouzuki Kenshi mutters.
Hearing that, Yukino glared at him…

「You, what are you staring at!」
「No, it’s just that it’s my first time seeing sex for the first time in my life」
「Don’t give me that bull shit! I’ll beat you up!」

Yukino’s anger doesn’t calm down.

「Is it not okay to watch?」
「Isn’t that obvious?! Close your eyes and your ears! You Trash! Dunce! Pervert!」

Miss Cordelia then;

「Are you a virgin?」

Kouzuki Kenshi speaks clearly.

「Isn’t that obvious?」

I-I see.
This guy is the oldest among the students…at college age.

「I vow to have a clean body until I marry!」
「To whom? Your mother?」
「Wrong! My fiance!」


「Yes, I have a fiance. And, we promised each other to『have a clean body until we marry each other』Therefore, I’m actively protecting my virtginity」

Protectively protecting it?

「Hmm, your girlfriend is doing it with other men in secret!」

Yukino speaks harshly from below me.

「That’s not true. Shiori-san is a kind person, she’ll never tell a lie. Ah, she’s on good terms with Kouzuki Satoshi-kun. The two of them often play around…」

Kouzuki Satoshi, isn’t he the playboy along with Tsunoda among the students.

「Just the two of them…?!」
「Look, I’m busy with my studies so I can’t be by Shiori’s side. In that respect, Satoshi-kun knows fashion shops and trends…it seems that they were drinking until morning last week」

…Until morning

「That means she’s just cheating on you」

Yukino’s amazed.
Kouzuki Kenshi laughs it out.]

「There’s no way that’s true?! Shiori-san is my fiance, Satoshi-kun knows that」
「What were they playing until morning then?」
「No, it seems that the two of them were drinking alcohol at the rooftop of the city hotel…Shiori-san seems to have gotten too drunk so Satoshi-kun took her to the hotel room and have taken care of her until morning. That’s what Shiori-san told me…」

Ah…no good.
Kouzuki Satoshi surely took care of her naked…
Miss Cordelia bursts out laughing.

「Hey, Shirasaka Yukino-san. How about having sex with this guy instead?」


「No…like I said, I swore to protect my virginity until I’m married!」
「It’s just interesting to force the oath to be broken you see…it’s interesting to see a woman reverse raping a man…!」


「You seem to hate that man to the extent you head-butt him, isn’t that better for you?」


「I don’t want it…her being embraced by another guy…!」

Yukino’s been accepting only my dick.
I’ll never be able to have Yukino’s heart.
We’ll never understand each other even if we die.
Our way of thinking, view of life, our outlook of the world are completely different.
But, the feeling that this body is mine is strong.


Yukino looks at me with a surprised face.

「Me too…I’d rather have this man instead of this virgin guy」


「My…don’t you hate that man?」

Miss Cordelia looks at us with a face making fool of us.

「I do…I hate this man…!」

Yukino looks at me and spills tears again.

「But…this man’s good at only sex. Our body matches. Therefore I get angry!」

Yukino shuts off her complex emotions and look at me.
Yukino’s weak to the pleasures of the flesh.
Originally, she’s a woman who doesn’t think deeply and acts depending on her mood.
Not reason…she lives according to the principle of pleasure…

「Hurry, make me feel good already! Either way, that’s only your worth…!」

That’s right…for Yukino.
I only have the value of a human vibrator.
No, it’s an amazing chance compared to the first stage.
When I was her classmate…I was the same as a stone on the road for Yukino.
It’s a worthless existence, as good as nothing.
Even as a human vibrator, it’s an amazing progress to be recognized as an existence.

「…I’m going to fuck you up Yukino」
「Sure, violate me. I quite like to be violated by you…!」
「…Stop messing around!」

I put on my weight as I kiss Yukino.
Yukino immediately intertwine with her tongue.
When she decided to have sex…Yukino loses sight of the world.
She’s the kind of woman that drowns in sex.

「Hey, suck my tongue…suck my tongue a lot…!」

i grant Yukino’s wish.
I massage Yukino’s breasts at the same time.

「Stronger…grip it. Crush it…do it roughly, I love the pain…I love it!」
「Then I’ll do as you want!」

I enjoy the elasticity of Yukino’s breasts.
Rubbing around her nipple that’s sharply pointing.

「Lick it…」
「Lick my nipples. Like a dog」
「No thanks!」
「Then…suck it like a baby. It feels good being sucked by you!」

I put Yukino’s nipples in my mouth.

「Yes…That’s good! That’s amazing!」


「You can do it if you try you see…Ah, tease the tip with your tongue…!」

I roll around her nipple with the tip of my tongue.
Yukino looks at me with an aroused face.

「Yuknio…I’ll lick below so lick me too」
「…I-I get it」

I crawl my tongue on Yukino’s body from her nipples.
Going around her belly…
My tongue slips through the tattoo.

「Hey…open your legs!」
「…L-Like this?」

Yukino loosens the strength of her legs.


I open Yukino’s legs widely by force.
So her private parts become visible to miss Cordelia.
This is a sex show for miss Cordelia to watch.
…I must not forget that.

「Hey, I’m licking it! Do it to!」

We’re on a 69 position with the man above.

「What, aren’t you quite wet!」
「Shut up…you’re rock hard too!」

Yukino is easy to get wet.
I’m easy to get erect.
That’s all.

「Oh, as usual, this smells…!」
「Yukino’s crotch is smelly too!」
「It’s fine, I’m already used to your smell」


「You see, when I masturbate at night…your smell always comes in my head…!」

Yukino…you’ve got smell fetish?!
Yukino’s lips wet the glans.
I also lick Yukino’s slit.

「…Yukino’s juice is sour」
「What, is that bad?」
「What’s wrong with the body if the juice coming out is sour?」
「…Like hell I know!」
「You’re doing with other women so you know it don’t you? Is there anything wrong with my taste? Is there nothing strange?」

So she’s worried about that…

「It doesn’t mean it has any problem you know? You’ve got a good body, only the body…Yukino’s useless part is the personality!」
「Are you talking about yourself?! You’re only good at sex…」

Yukino says as she lick my penis.

「That’s not all…you’ve got a bad face and brain. Seriously, you’re just a man who has no merit but sex…you human trash!」
「Right. Yukino’s face is also beautiful…it would’ve been perfect if you only got a good personality!」
「Shut up! It’s only you who say that my personality is bad! Papa’s always praising me『Yukino’s a good girl』」

Yukino, your father is a perverted rapist.
Are you happy being praised by that Shirasaka Sousuke?!

「Hey…lick the part above」
「Above? What Above?!」

I pretend not to know on purpose.

「Geez…my clitoris! Clitoris…lick it!」

Okay, I’ll do it…!


Yukino’s voice melts in pleasure!

「You’re good! Not just good…more, with your tongue…please!」
「Like this?!」
「Aaaaa…so good! it’s completely different when I touch myself…your tongue feels really good!」

As if hitting the jackpot in a slot machine…
Yukino’s slit spills out love nectar in one go…!

「When you do it yourself, do you stir and thrust yourself with your fingers?!」
「Yes…that’s right…Yes!」

Yukino speaks while trembling in pleasure.

「Then, should I thrust in my finger too?」
「No…not your finger! Fingers won’t do…the usual…!」


「The length and thickness aren’t enough! Thrust the other one in!」

She looks up at me with wet eyes.

「Your penis…your penis has the perfect size! It reaches me exactly all the way…!」
「Oh, is that so?!」

I raise my body.

「Yukino, get on all fours」
「I’ll do you from the back so it’ll be a good show on the audience!」

Saying taht, Yukino puts her hand on the stage floor.

「Raise your ass higher…hey!」
「…Like this?」

Yukino raises her small 16 year old ass.

「Here we go」

I place my erect dick on her wet opening

「Ah…your hard, and hot…!」
「Yukino too, aren’t you drenched and hot?!」
「H-Hurry up…bury it deep inside meee!」

…You don’t have to tell me!
I push in my erection inside Yukino.
Pushing out the love nectar, it drips down to Yukino’s thighs.


Yukino’s body trembles…

「…I came lightly」
「I’m saying that just putting it in made me cum lightly…」
「Is that so?!」

I begin the piston.
I pierce the innermost part of Yukino!
The love nectar continues to drip.
Yukino’s body on all fours has her breasts shaking below.

「Grab my breasts from behind!」
「Hold my breasts! Tightly! 」
「Like this?」

I reach out for Yukino’s breasts while still inserted.

「That’s right! Yes…good. Your hand feels good!」

Even I feel good…
Yukino’s body elasticity…the texture of the skin…I want to devour more.
That’s right…this body isn’t a body to love.
I want to devour…it’s a body that I want to eat greedily and drown in carnal desires.


Yukino barks happily to match my piston.
Our whole body is already sweating.
The sweat from sex is different from sports.
It contains a faint obscene odor.
The scent of Yukino’s sweat rises my sexual senses.

「Uuuuu…Aaahn…good…this is amazing…so goood…!!」

Yukino who’s drowning in sex can’t see anything as usual.
She’s just falling into pleasure…
From the tip of Yukino’s nipple, a sweat ball drops to the stage floor.
It’s the usual sex with Yukino.
It only feels good…there’s no development, it’s only an act of rubbing both mucous membranes…

「Hey, I don’t like this position…」

Suddenly, Yukino on all fours speaks

「What? Are you embarrassed being watched by people fucked from behind?!」
「Who cares about being seen by people!」


「I want to do it while looking at your face!」

…W-What’s going on?
I pull out my penis from Yukino’s inside.

「Lie down…I’ll be the one on top…!」

I lie down on the floor.
Yukino rides on top of me.
She rubs her wet crotch to my thighs.

「Ufufu…it’s still hard」

She strokes my penis with her hand.
Gently stroking the glans with her fingers.

「Look…it’s coming inside me!」

Looking down on my face, Yukino puts my penis on her own vagina.

「…I’m going to gobble you up!」

My erect penis is being sucked in…

「…Ah, uuuun…Ufufufu, you’re making a pleased face!」

Yukino tells me, showing a wicket smile

「Look, look…Ah, you frowned…you’re feeling good inside me don’t you…?!」
「Yukino’s also looks so pleased…!」
「Well…I’m usually being violated by you. This time, I’m the one violating you…!」

Yukino swings her waist deeply!!

「…Aha…here, this part feels good! So good!」

Yukino bumps my penis on the point where she feels good.


I grab Yukino’s ass from below and thrust upwards.
It doesn’t have that much meat but…it’s a soft ass.
The tense feeling of this girl’s butt is unbearable.

「That’s right! It’s not just good! Heree…ahn…Ufuuun!!」

Yukino dances naked above me lewdly.
The meat of her breasts shake around.


Yukino puts her body down and wishes for my mouth.

「What? You want a kiss?!」
「I don’t want your kiss…Y-Your tongue, I want your tongue. I want you to lick me. I want to suck your tongue! I want to make noises with it!」

Yukino’s tongue plunges into my lips…
Deeper than kiss…a French Kiss.
Meanwhile…Yukino’s waist moves up and down.
Ooh…Yukino’s womb is wriggling.
It’s sucking up my penis.

「…I hate you」

Yukino said as she lookd own on me with passionate eyes.

「…I hate you」
「…Is that so?」
「But, I…can’t have sex with anyone but you…!」

Yukino’s hand asks for mine.
Our hand’s overlap.
Our hands hold each other.

「…I hate you, hate, Hate you so much!」

Yukino moves her waist intensely while keeping her straight gaze at me.

「I think that Yukino’s quite cute…!」

Since our bodies are connected…
I’ve let out my real feelings.

「…I know that!」


「You like only my appearance, don’t you?」

That’s right…I
I can’t accept Yukino’s heart.

「I also like only your sex! I hate you other than sex! So much…!」

My penis grows bigger inside Yukino.

「…Y-Yukino…I’m about to…!」
「No…I’m about to cum already! Wait for a bit longer…!」
「Sure, I’ll wait…so hurry…!」

The connection further heats up from being rubbed.

「You intend to cum inside me don’t you…?」
「Yeah, I’m going to blow it all inside Yukino…!」

We seem to have become a single machine.
Yes…just like the old machines running on steam.
The piston continues roughly while releasing violent heat and moisture.
We bounce each other’s bodies…

「Sure…cum as you want…!」

Yukino looks at me…

「Do you want to make me pregnant?」
「Yeah…I’m going to make you pregnant…!」

Yukino’s spine trembles.

「Is that so?…Then I’ll get pregnant…!」
「Your most hated man would get you pregnant with a child…!」
「I don’t mind…if it’s you」


「Really…I might not hate you that much…!」

Yukino herself is surprised by the words that spilled from her mouth.
Yukino’s surprised.

「T-That was a lie…what I said just now was a lie…!」

The emotions inside me rises up…!


I-I can’t endure it anymore…!

「N-No! I don’t want to get pregnant with your child…! Pull out! Pull it out!!!」

Yukino’s heart bursts…!
Tears fall down from her beautiful eyes.

「…Nope…I-I’m cumming…I’m cumming, Yukino…!」
「No, No, noooooo…don’t ejaculate inside me!」

…I’m already cumming!

「…Aaaaaah, uuuuuuuuu!!」

I release my sperm like a fountain insde Yukino’s womb!

「Hooooooot! My uterus is burning!!!!」

Opening her eyes wide, Yukino tells me the heat of being impregnated…!

With the intense thrusting…Yukino finally…

「Aaaah…Cumming! I’m also cumiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinggg!!!」

As if squeezing my dick…Yukino’s body twitch on top of me!!

「Yukino…I’m still cumming…more…Yukinooo…!!!」
「I-I’m cumming…it’s blowing inside meeeee…I…I…!!!!」

Yukino’s young body shivers while sweating.
Yukino’s hot tears drop into my chest.

「I’m getting impregnated…I’m cumming while being impregnated…!!!!」

Our hands…
Are clinging to each other strongly…
We’re completely one
Yukino’s the machine to be impregnated and I’m the machine to impregnate…
We have united.


Yukino sings a cry of agony…
Then, Yukino’s body falls into me…

「…Hiii, hiii, haa, haa, haa, haa…」

I can feel Yukino’s breath with my face
The two of us are sweaty all over.
When I try to embrace Yukino and kiss her again.

「…I-I don’t want a kiss」

Yukino said, but she can’t refuse my kiss with her weak body…
Yukino and I kiss…and lick each other’s tongues.

「It felt really good…Yukino」

I speak my impressions.

「Isn’t that obvious…it’s my body you know…」

Yukino answers while breathing roughly.

「…L-Lick my nape…my breasts」

Yukino begs me with her hot entranced eyes.

「The fire in my body doesn’t settle down. Calm it down…it’s your fault…!」

I lick Yukino’s nape while still inside her.
Her sweat is salty.
I massage her breasts…
Yukino’s breasts remain tense from excitement.
I lick up her pointing nipples.

「Aah…I’m melting. I’m melting like ice…」

Yukino’s body is pleased by the gentle afterplay.
The fire of pleasure inside Yukino’s body hasn’t disappeared yet…

「U-Uhm…I don’t think it’s timely to ask but;」

Kouzuki Kenshi asks from the audience.


Yukino replies as she raise her body from me.
It seems that her shame has flown away from the climax of sex.

「What kind of relationship you two have?」

…I see.
For Kouzuki Kenshi, I’m Misuzu’s partner.
Yukino’s a daughter of Shirasaka hose.

「Just sefure…!」

Yukino answered.

「That’s right, Sex Friend!」

Saying that, Yukino looks at my face again.

「Is that so…Yukino?」

When I asked, Yukino…

「No…it’s different」

Yukino pats my face gently.

「We’re not even friends…」

That’s right…we are.

「Our relationship is…sex?…What’s that?」
「I’m just the rapist and Yukino’s the victim…isn’t that how it is?」

I said while embracing her.

「That won’t do…I already want to have sex with you…」

Yukino turns her hand on my back…

「Really, we don’t understand…」

Yukino lightly bumps her forehead against mine.
…A gentle head-butt.

「Fufufufu…that’s quite an interesting spectacle!」

Miss Cordelia stands up.

「Who are you two…even though you’re still brats, you’re enjoying such rich sex…!」

Miss Cordelia seems to be surprised by our intense sex
Well…we’re still first year high school students.
She must be planning to laugh at us ridiculing, forcing us to have sex with threats, making us cry and scream.
That’s how adults have sex…

「…You’re the one who wanted to see a sex show」

I answered as I slowly raise my body

「You’re right…looks like I’ve underestimated a man from a prostitution organization. I reflect on that」

No…that’s wrong.
This expression…
Miss Cordelia is clearly puzzled.
This must be her first time having a man and woman do violent sex.
That’s right, she is a person from the underground society, but…
Her work is unrelated to sex…!

「B-But, that was a wonderful sex show. I praise you for that…!」

Still, miss Cordelia tries to pretend composure.
That is this person’s pride and complex.
She unconsciously put the handgun aside and clap at us.
The white Viola who’s aiming their guns at us have their guards lowered.
…That’s when;
The『Opportunity』was made!


In an instant…Michi emits a strong『Qi』


The people in the theater unintentionally paid attention to Michi’s『Qi』
Us, miss Cordelia, her subordinates…
They incidentally looked at Michi’s eyes!
…At that moment


Michi captures the『Qi』of everyone…!!!


  1. Judo hold in which the opponent’s shoulders and hips are pinned