Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 318. Edie (Part 1)



Michi’s hands grab the empty space and pulls it to herself!
Everyone who had their『Qi』captured moved matching with the movement of her hand!


Including Yukino and me…we fall in front!
My whole body’s strength falls out and I can’t even exert effort on my hands.
My whole body’s numb as if it’s shocked electrically.
This is Michi’s full power『Shingetsu』?


The white Viola drop their guns.
The guns fall under the stage of the spectators seat in the theater.

「…W-What’s this?!」

Miss Cordelia tries to reach out for her gun in a hurry, but…
Her body’s numb, unable to grab the gun.
The pistol struck by her numb falls into the spectator seats.


…As expected.
She must’ve watched Michi show the『Shingetsu』to Kudou-papa through the surveillance camera, but…
She doesn’t know the actual state of the technique manipulating the『Qi』as she’s not on the actual site.
Michi said before that she can’t read the『Qi』through videos…
Therefore, I knew that miss Cordelia doesn’t know the true horror of『Shingetsu』…!

「We’re escaping! Master!」

Michi shouts.


I put strength in my body.
I forcibly raise my numb body!

「Let’s go, Yukino!」

I grabbed the clothes I took off and put aside.
At worst, I can take at least my underwear!
I grabbed the hand of the naked Yukino and jumped off the stage.


Yukino’s body is still staggering.

「If you don’t want to die then come with me!」

I shouted

「Nei-onee-sama! Let’s go!」

Michi tells Nei-san


Nei-san’s body seems to be numb.

「Onee-sama…please! Stand up!」

Nei-san summons her『elder sister』power, and stands up…!

「Wait…You can’t escape!」

Miss Cordelia desperately tries to stand up…!


She throws『Shingetsu』to miss Cordelia once again…!


Miss Cordelia’s a strong enemy.
If she was in battle mode from the start, she won’t lose to Michi’s『Qi』that easily
If she knew the technique’s contents…and predict it in advance, she could’ve endured it well.
She’s able to completely erase her presence…then she’ll surely be able to ward off, block Michi’s『Qi』
But, miss Cordelia right now is…
Her heart is shaken from our sex show.
Michi grasped the『gap』in her heart.

「This way!」

Michi points at the exit door…
When Seki-san was looking at the map of the hotel, Michi was watching from the side and memorizing.
Of course…this floor and this small theater too…!

「Wait…stop right there…I’ll kill you people!」

We rush out of the theater door as we listen to miss Cordelia’s frustrated voice.

◇ ◇ ◇

「This door!」

Michi opens the door following the back passage for the employees.

「Please run…faster!」

I hold Yukino…Michi holds Nei-san’s hand as we run!
My other hand is carrying my clothes.
I’m not wearing any footwear…I don’t have time to wear one.
Yukino and I run naked…!

「We’ll turn this corner!」

Michi leads us without hesitation.


Michi’s red whip destroys the surveillance cameras near the ceiling.
…I see, this is the back aisle for the employees.
This hotel is built specifically for counter-terrorism, so the inside’s are filled with surveillance cameras.
But…that’s only the main passageway from the outside which is open to the public.
Normally, when the enemy attacks and they put down the fire doors, making the inside a maze, it seems that the back passages are designed to be sealed.
But, compared to the public routes, the number of surveillance cameras are overwhelmingly small…the camera itself is not cleverly hidden on the walls and the ceiling as the public ones. They’re exposed.
If there’s a camera, then it’s shown clearly.
The reason miss Cordelia was able to move freely in this hotel might be because they came through this back passages.
If there’s a specific door on each floor on the front passage to the back passage and you have an access key to that door…then you can act elusively

「Michi…was the employee’s passage map also in the data Seki-san was looking at?」
「Yes, there was. I completely remembered it!」

For him to disclose that far…
Chief Yazawa…
Of course, it should be chief Yazawa who led miss Cordelia in…
There’s no doubt that miss Cordelia and chief Yazawa are doing some transaction
But…Seki-san has been shown the map with the back passages at the 2505 terminal…
Doesn’t he intend to make us fight miss Cordelia?
Is he aiming for us to crush each other?


Michi destroys the other camera again.

「…This way!」

A few more turns and camera’s destroyed.
Then…Michi stopped in front of a fire alarm’s red door.

「This fire alarm is genuine but the red door is a fake…!」

…A fake?
Michi opens the red door which is about a meter high from the floor.
Normally, there should be a fire hose or something, but…
Inside the door…is another door.
Furthermore, it has a ten key electronic lock and a hand print sensor.

「I’m Misuzu-sama’s guard therefore I’m familiar with the location of VIP use emergency evacuation rooms on each floor of the hotel」

Michi pushes keys while speaking

「The basement room is dedicated for『Kakka』 I wasn’t informed of that room. Though it won’t have that much defense as the basement…this will only be a temporary room」

Yeah…if it’s Jii-chan’s room then other people won’t notice it, but…
If it’s just a VIP evacuation room…chief Yazawa and miss Cordelia should know it too
But…I want a place where I can take a break for now.
Taking in Michi’s『Shingetsu』…I ran as if I’m struck by the lightning.
My body’s tired.
Yukino and Nei-san are also exhausted…

「I’m sorry…I was aiming at miss Cordelia and her team when releasing my『Qi』but…in that occasion, everyone was forced to be involved」

Michi speaks, understanding what’s in my mind.

「Don’t mind it…we were surrounded by enemies. There’s no other choice. Michi did well」

Instead of only one person, all of the opponents have guns at their hand.
Since she released her『Qi』at all directions…
Even we have taken in the『Shingetsu』, and for our body to receive this much shock…
If Michi sends her full force『Shingetsu』on a one-on-one fight, the opponent may die of shock
This is what it’s like having your mind and body robbed of control even for a moment.
Somehow…my whole body’s blood flow is forcibly stopped, flowed backwards…such a violent impact echoes through my body…


After entering the PIN, Michi puts her right hand on the sensor.


A machine voice responds…and the door is unlocked.
As Misuzu’s guard…Michi’s registration isn’t removed.
Chief Yazawa’s intention is getting even more vague.

「L-Let’s hurry up and get in」

The naked Yukino speaks trembling.

「…Who’s there?」

Michi turns to the『Qi』she felt

「Eh…no way, Kouzuki Kenshi?」

Yukino said
Sorry…Kouzuki Kenshi
We completely forgot your existence.

「Wrong…the『Qi』is different…」

The one revealing oneself from the corner of the corridor is…
A black combat clothes…?
Miss Cordelia’s subordinate?

「Get behind me…!」

Michi goes in front.
She clench her red whip…

「Walking that steadily…could it be that『Shingetsu』didn’t work?」
「There’s no way that’s the case…miss Cordelia’s two subordinates dropped their guns. Their body function should be degraded for a while. It’s unlikely they can follow us…!」

Miss Cordelia and her two subordinate.
The white, female Viola and Rosalind

「There’s another person under miss Cordelia…」

The fourth person in black combat clothes.
If I recall…miss Cordelia called her ED…
『ED』raised her right hand to us…
Then…she spoke

「……Good Evening!!」」

…Guddo ibuningu?
I don’t think there’s anything good that happened tonight.
…No, wait a moment?
Just now…
Wasn’t it a woman’s voice?
ED on her black combat clothes removed her googles and black mask.
A spread out milky blonde bob cut hair.
And…brown skin.
Big…blue eyes.
The brown blonde girl smiled and speak to us.

「Hello…I’m『Edie』! Nice to meet you!」

From there…Neo-san who understands English speaks to us.
If I recall, Michi can talk English too?

「Somehow…She’s saying『I’m not an enemy, I want to be friends』, what to to, Yo-chan?

Nei-san asks me with a tired expression.

「Her『Qi』isn’t hostile to us…」

Michi reads Edie’s『Qi』

「Can we even believe her?」

But…she’s miss Cordelia’s subordinate. Look.

「This one is quite skilled. Besides, it seems that she wasn’t affected by『Shingetsu』…」

…Does that mean?

「I’m not confident that I can protect everyone while fighting her…!」

Michi’s expression is stiff.

「Err, you see, to summarize what this girl is saying…」

Nei-san tells us.

「Mi-chan’s skill is the same as her grandmother’s skill, she felt affinity with it. She thought that it’s amazing for a girl the same age as her can do it…she’s very impressed so she wants to make friends with Mi-chan…what to do?」

This girl’s grandmother used『Shingetsu』?
Therefore, she had resistance to the technique?
When Michi first amass her『Qi』and gathered our attention…she closed her heart with with all her strength?

「『Qi』techniques are all over the world. Originally, humans are a group of creatures capable of spiritually linking with other individuals. That’s what tuning of『qi』does…it is the same as training your spirit to reach a place just like martial arts and religious ceremonies…

Then there’s techniques like『Shingetsu』even if it’s not Kudou style

「Let’s accept her…Michi」

Nei-san’s fatigue is severe.
Nei-san is a person who usually hides her heart so…
The damage done by『Shingetsu』to her would be bigger than the others.
She ran at full power in that state.
There’s no blood running on her lips.
Yukino’s also a little less energetic.

「You’re right, Yo-chan…」

Nei-san said.

「Besides, it’s reassuring to have her as an ally」

True…it’s an outstanding talent to endure『Shingetsu』
But, this girl was brought by miss Cordelia.
At this stage, I don’t know what kind of secrets she has.

「Anyway…let’s get inside」

◇ ◇ ◇

I bend my back and enter the small evacuation room’s door.
It’s a four tatami mat room.
There’s only chairs and lockers for emergency supplies.
When everyone got in…Michi closed the thick door.
With this, it now looks like an ordinary fire alarm outside…
Since we destroyed the nearby cameras, they would know that we’re hiding around this area, but…
They won’t know where we are specifically for a while
…That’s for miss Cordelia’s case.
Chief Yazawa would probably notice but there’s no choice but to bet on the subtleness of the relationship between him and miss Cordelia.

「Here, water」

I found a water bottle from the locker and handed it to Nei-san

「Thanks, Yo-chan…」

Nei-san looks like she doesn’t have the strength to open the bottle lid so I do it instead.
Meanwhile, Michi looked for the cameras and microphones inside the room and destroyed them.

「This should be fine」

Yeah…it’s helpful to be able to speak without worrying about being heard.

「Here, Michi」

I handed Michi a bottle too.
Miss Edie too

「……Thank You!」

Miss Edie smiled then said something to Nei-san

「…What is it?」
「Err, she said. 『Hurry up and get dressed, it’s embarrassing』」

Oh right.
I completely got used to being naked in public.
It might be a bad development

「Hey you, what were you doing?!」


「You didn’t take any of my clothes!」

Yukino also ran away naked after sex.
It seems that I only looked for the clothes I wore…
The only one’s I brought are my shirt, underwear, trousers…and one sock
Yukino’s clothes are completely forgotten

「…I thought to have at least my underwear on」

Yeah…that’s why I got my own underwear which is close around.

「Why did you forget about my panties?!」

Yukino screams…Michi then replied with;

「…You should carry your own stuff. It’s your fault for not taking any」
「I didn’t have the time for that!」

Yukino tries to complain to Michi…

「We still don’t have time even now. If you’re going to make a noise then get out. Naked…」

Yukino fell silent, losing to Michi’s atmosphere.

「Err…anyway, I’ll wear my briefs and pants. So, Yukino can wear my T-shirt. Oh…do you want to wear the socks too?」
「I don’t want to wear your socks! Furthermore, it’s just one piece!」

Yukino. When it’s me, she can just retort with all her mind.

「…I’ll borrow you at least the shirt then」

And…I’m naked on my upper body and bare feet.
Somehow…I look like someone who was lost in Amazon’s unexplored region
Yukino’s…on naked and shirt only…

「But still…we just left Kouzuki Kenshi behind」
「It can’t be helped. It’s too late to go back and take him」

Yukino said coldy

「But…I wonder if he’s okay」

Miss Cordelia should be angry that we ran away.
It’s fine as long as his limbs aren’t torn apart, but.

「He’s fine. Didn’t he say it from the start? He mentioned that he’s unrelated to you people, that he’s not your ally」

Yukino drinks the mineral water.

「You don’t have any obligation to come back for him…and he doesn’t have any information where we escaped」

That’s certainly true, but.

「Then, won’t he be the punching bag of miss Cordelia’s anger and experience horrible things?」
「He’ll make it barely alive I guess? That guy’s a member of Kouzuki house after all. It was a good choice for him to name himself. He can’t be used as hostage for you but he can be a good card for Kouzuki house, don’t you think?」
「But…Kouzuki Kenshi’s father betrayed the Kouzuki house」
「Idiot…the one who betrayed Kouzuki house made a deal with that girl, right?」

Oh right.
Kouzuki Kenshi’s father…Kouzuki Noboru negotiated something with miss Cordelia.

「If he’s the son of the contract partner then he won’t be killed. Maybe」

Maybe, is all I can say but…miss Cordelia’s cruel.
We an only pray for Kouzuki Kenshi’s safety for now.


The bottle slipped from Yukino’s hand and water spilled.

「That girl’s skill is too effective…my hands are still numb!」

Yukino opens and closes the palm of her hand.

「The shirt got wet」

Ah…her nipples are transparent

「Is there a towel or something?」
「Let me take a look」

I check inside the locker.

「There’s a medical gauze」
「That’ll do, gimme」

I hand over the gauze, Yukino wipes the shirt…

「This is no good at all…」

She bends her body while wearing only a T-shirt.

「Y-You, that posture, be careful…if you move a bit your ass would be exposed」
「I don’t care about that anymore」

Even though she’s been complaining about having nothing to wear.
When she got a piece of clothing, she got this composure.

「Rather…your stuff is dripping」

Looking at it, white semen drips from Yukino’s thighs

「Geez…there’s no helping it」

Yukino spread her legs and wiped the semen
Her arousal hasn’t subsided yet…her slit remains open…
I can see the pink color inside

「Yukino, you, that…」
「What? I’m already used to this. I’ve seen this before a lot already」

Well, true…she’s right.
But, having her slit peeping out from the bottom of her naked shirt…is quite fresh and sexy

「…I’ll take off my underwear so please take a look at me too」

Michi comes in between us.

「I’m a bit jealous」

What…about what?

「Master…why are you so close with Shirasaka Yukino-sama?」

What, close?
Me and Yukino?

「I’ll do anything…so please treat me closely like her」

Michi kneels in front of me.


No, miss Edie.
It’s not that Michi’s going to seppuku.

「Michi, raise your head. You can’t be more close by doing that」
「Then, what should I do?」

Michi looks up.

「Mi-chan…Yo-chan and Yukino-san are just not holding back at each other」

Nei-san smiles gently

「…Holding back?」
「Yo-chan’s kind so he’s caring about everyone you see? But, he doesn’t have those feelings towards Yukino-san. Therefore, they look like they’re getting along because they’re not holding back but…I think that the bonds of the heart is better for Mi-chan」
「Is that so?」

Michi answers with a serious face.

「But…I’m frustrated. Uneasy. I feel sad」
「…Michi, come here」

I call Michi

「Yes… Master?」

Michi comes to me.

「Here, Michi…!」

I embrace Michi and pat her head.

「If you’re sad then come at me anytime」
「Yes…please hold me tighter」

I embrace Michi tightly

「But, I think that it’s a good thing that Michi speaks such things without putting up with it. You can depend on me more」
「…Is that okay?」
「Yeah, Michi doesn’t need to hold back from me」

Michi looks up at me with her big eyes…

「Please have sex with me like the one from a while ago」

What…Michi wants to head-butt too?

「Do you not want it…?」
「No, I want to have sex with Michi but no head-butts」
「I don’t want to see a dent on Michi’s cute forehead…」

I kiss Michi’s forehead.

「It’s okay to head-butt me…please release master’s sexual desire on me」
「I want to be an outlet of Master’s libido. I want to be done violently…!」

This small body of a third year middle school girl stiffens in my arms…

「Sure. If I feel like it next time then I’ll push Michi down…」
「Yes…I’ll be waiting…」

Michi smiles.