Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 319. Edie (Part 2)


「…Err, I’ll summarize what this girl is saying okay!」

Nei-san tells us.
Or rather…Michi can understand English so only me and Yukino needs an actual explanation

「This girl’s name is Edie Sexton She was born in an underground society from near New Orleans」

Miss Edie smiles at us.
Milky blond hair and brown skin…beautiful big blue eyes.

「……The glove」

Miss Edie’s plump lips whispers.
It seems that’s the name of the organization.

「Glove means『手袋』in Japanese. They got the name from leaving no fingerprints when they kill a person. How should I say it…『The glove』is an organization that’s like an assassination cult」
「…What’s an assassination cult?」

I asked.

「…They’re originally a dangerous religious association who assassinates those who are hostile to their religion. From there, various assassination methods were born, and the organization supplies assassins on the underground society」

Michi answered.

「America’s got surprising amount of religious groups that has chaotic doctrines…generally, they exist on secret societies Furthermore, those kind of absurd organizations have been going on for hundreds of years…」

Nei-san said

「Anyway, Edie says that『The glove』is an『Assassin Guild』 It’s not precisely an assassination cult, it may be an assassin union but…I don’t know the details about it. Maru-chan may know a lot about it but…anyway, there’s a community that trains assassin’s in the outskirts of New Orleans, and she was born there it seems」

This cute girl was raised as an assassin?1

「From her story…『The Glove』originally was a group of of slaves from the south America rebelled against the domination of the white people2, forming an assassination group. Their roots are from the Africa’s traditional martial arts but it seems that they’ve mixed with various martial arts after being brought to US. It seems that they were a devout Christians and thought that they’re the religious knights in the US」

Michi explains miss Edie’s story.

「But, that’s the story of the organization’s foundation…afterwards, they seem to have contracted assassinations from both the American public authority and the underground society of US. Since it’s a special secret society, there’s no thought of greatly expanding the organization, it seems that they’re only thinking of the organization’s existence that they responded to requests of unprincipled murders」

Nei-san said.

「Besides, the creed of the organization changes through age. Especially it seems that due to the influence of the post war counter culture, it seems that they adapted Orient-thoughts. That matter feels like America but…they change the organization, embracing the trend of each era」
「As for the technique using the『Qi』, it would seem that it originally a traditional martial arts in Africa but, it’s completely forgotten…her grandmother had succeeded in studying and recreating oriental martial arts」

Miss Edie nods.
She somehow understood what we’re talking about it seems.

「Edie’s grandmother was one of the leaders of 『The glove』but she died at the beginning of this year. Then, the current boss of『The glove』hates Edie…so she was sold to Cesario Viola’s organization
「Yeah…she was bought with money. But, Edie herself doesn’t care at all」

Edie talks to Nei-san and Michi happily in English

「Edie’s grandmother sticks to the old fashioned thought of going to the enemy and killing them through hand-on-hand combat assassination techniques. However, the current boss of the organization thinks that approaching with a car and a machine gun is faster…in order to deny the traditional assassination technique, he drive out Edie who took over her grandmother’s skills directly」
「Before her grandmother died, she was ordered to『Go and train on the outside world』 Therefore『Even if the boss of the organization sold me and received money, that doesn’t matter to me. In the first place, he has no right to sell me. I am free』she says」

I see…Miss Cordelia bought Edie using money so she treats her like a slave.
But, mis Edie just follows the intended『training』and she thinks that she’s free…
But…an organization born in defiance of slavery selling a girl on the modern age…
The people who founded the organization would be crying under their graves.

「It seems that it’s only last month she was taken under miss Cordelia. but, she seems to be dissatisfied with Edie all the time」


「She acknowledges miss Cordelia’s physical ability but she’s not training at all…she said. Or rather, there’s nobody in the organization of Cesario Viola having qualities for her to train with」

Miss Edie happily tells Michi something


Michi hesitates to speak

「What’s the matter?」

I asked, Nei-san…

「She looked at Mi-chan and thought…『I’m sure I can have a good training with her』 Therefore she abandoned miss Cordelia and came to us. That’s all」

…Does that mean?

《How old are you ?》

Miss Edie asks Michi


She’s surprised that Michi’s 15 years old.

「『I’m 16 years old. Why is someone younger than me can use the same technique as my grandmother’s?』She asks」
「I’m the successor of Kudou style ancient martial arts」

Michi and miss Edie gets excited talking about Kudou style ancient martial arts

「In the end…this girl’s seeking assassination techniques」

Nei-san says while looking at miss Edie.

「She seems to be interested in only raising her assassination techniques」

If it’s sports or martial arts then tht’s fine, but…
Assassination techniques is just…

「NO, that’s not it…it’s like this」

Michi stands up and shows her martial art form to miss Edie

《OH! Excellent!》3

Edie watches as if she got hooked,

「What… Aren’t these girls similar?」

Yukino said

「In the end, that girl just wanted a friend, doesn’t she?」

For miss Edie who’s only interested in improving her assassination techniques, Michi’s probably the first person she studies that’s on the same age.
That’s the same for Michi.
Michi is also too special that she doesn’t have friends.
Misuzu and I are her masters…
Mana and Ruriko of the same age are making walls.
I think that even Michi needs a close friend.

「Michi…do you think you can be friends with miss Edie?」

I asked.

「I’m asking whether you two can practice together and improve each other」

Michi looks at my face sternly…

「If that’s an order then I will do so…!」
「That’s not it. I’m asking if it’s fun to practice with miss Edie」

Michi shows a puzzled expression

「The training of Kudou style ancient martial arts is tough. I never felt it like being fun…!」

Michi still seeks her way.

「Yo-chan doesn’t mean it like that. Try to have a bout with Edie for a bit. The room is small so be careful」

Nei-san tells Michi
She tells miss Edie something in English too

《…Off Course!》4

Miss Edie smiles.
She stand up and face Michi.

「…Here I come」

Michi bows then takes a stance.
Miss Edie too.
Edie is the taller one…

「Haa, ha, ha, haa!」

Michi rushes with her fist.

「Hashu, shu, shushushu!」

Miss Edie skillfully handles Michi’s fists.
Next, is the change of offence and defence.
Miss Edie attacks and Michi defends.
Yeah…the way they throw their fists are completely different.
Is this the difference between schools?

「I’m raising the gear!」

As son as she switched to offence, Michi’s movement changed.
Kudou style’s peculiar…movement to bend the enemy『Qi』!


Though miss Edie’s expression turned rugged…she matched with Michi’s movement.
Another change of stance.
This time, miss Edie attacks Michi with an irregular rhythm.

「I think this is the traditional assassinations done by『the glove』 It’s a technique that always attacks from the opponent’s blind spot!」

Nei-san said
Nei-san had been watching Kyouko-san and Margo-san’s training all the time.
She’s got some deep knowledge in martial arts.


At that moment…Michi’s voice roars.
Going through the opponent’s skill…
Michi’s fist stops immediately before miss Edie’s face.

「It seems that Mi-chan is ahead in the power of reading the『Qi』now」

Nei-san’s words, Michi…

「No…she’s more physically trained. I can’t beat her with a blow」

Even if she pierces the gap in the『Qi』she won’t be able to take down miss Edie in one shot…
In short…at present, it’s 50-50.


Miss Edie hugs Michi in delight.
She said something in English, fast

「Edie is very happy. She’s saying『I might’ve been born to meet you!』!」

Nei-san translates.

「Our techniques are completely different. Therefore, if we train and absorb each other’s skills…we can both become stronger I think」

Michi says while wiping her sweat with a handkerchief.

「It’s not “I think’…Michi wants to do it, right?」

I ask Michi of her will

「If Master allows me then…by all means」

Michi seems to have liked miss Edie.
Miss Edie’s expression shows enough.

「Then invite miss Edie… To our house…」
「Michi’s house is mine. Isn’t that right?…!」

She happily answered.

「Yes. I won’t leave your side!」
「Then…have miss Edie come to our house as Michi’s practice companion. Miss Edie can stay if she wants…tell her that」
「Yeah. I’m the one going to ask Sensei. I think that Maru-chan and Katsun would welcome her!」

Nei-san said.
Michi talks to miss Edie in English

「She said…『I’d be happy to stay』」

Michi and miss Edie shakes hands.
They talk about something more.

「Edie…didn’t suit with miss Cordelia at all. Miss Cordelia…is a lesbian」
「Therefore, miss Cordelia’s subordinates are all women. Miss Cordelia bought Edie who’s been sold by her organization…she liked this girl it seems」

Nei-san translates miss Edie’s talk.
She talks more.

「Miss Cordelia seems to have made her candidate for the next generation of Viola」

The next generation…Viola

「At first it was only going to be a spare Rosalind but…since the combat capability, shouldn’t we make her the new Viola? That’s what miss Cordelia advised the organization’s boss」
「As expected…there’s many Cesario Viola and an organization manages it…」

Using the same name『Cesario Viola』…multiple people commits a number of crimes.
It’s that kind of organization.

「That’s how it is. It seems that miss Cordelia was going to slowly raise her over time. While at it, it seems that she’s intending to turn her to a lesbian partner. That’s why she brought Edie to her business trip in Japan. She’s just a visitor…!」

Yeah…with this…
I now understand why miss Edie didn’t participate when miss Cordelia attacked us.
Currently, miss Edie and miss Cordelia and her people aren’t cooperating in the battle.
Or rather…she doesn’t feel like entering under miss Cordelia’s command from the beginning
Even if they take time training her, it’s impossible to work together.
Well, she’s a girl who grew up in an assassination organization…if you make ordinary orders like「care-taking」or「man the answer machine, she should obey as she was bought…
Therefore, miss Cordelia misunderstood her as a submissive girl.
But…miss Edie thought that she’s free.
As for the most important battle…she doesn’t feel like following miss Cordelia at all.
So, she left miss Cordelia, and came to us to become friends with Michi…
This girl’s a troublesome one.
There’s no doubt that she’s an outstanding talent.

「Above all, she doesn’t like miss Cordelia calling him『ED』」

Michi said.
Right. Why did miss Cordelia call her『ED』?
Michi blushed from what miss Edie said

「…Err, that」
「Miss Cordelia seems to be ridiculing Edie’s name being the same as ED That’s why she’s calling her『ED』」

Nei-san explains instead of the mumbling Michi

「ED? Why is she being made fun with that?」
「Well you see…ED means」

Looking at the embarrassed Michi…miss Edie says;

《……Erectile Dysfunction》
「Erekutorikku paredo?」

Miss Edie bursts out laughing from my reply.

「That’s not it, Yo-chan…《Erectile Dysfunction》is 《Impotenz》」
「I know that much English at least. It’s 《important》, isn’t it?」
「Wrong, Yo-chan…it’s《Impotenz》!」
「Even more wrong! 《Impotenz》you see is inpo, inpo! It means that your penis won’t get erect!」
「Eh, 《important》 has that meaning?」
「That’s not it, not《important》we’re talking about《Impotenz》!」

I don’t know what’s what anymore.
「What are you talking about?」miss Edie looks at us with that face…Michi explains embarrassed in English
Miss Edie laughs out loud.

「You’re an idiot beyond saving」

Yukino looks at me with an amazed expression.
I’ve got no objection to that but…I don’t want to be told by that by Yukino.

「Miss Edie shows interest in Yo-chan」


「She was talking about what you did with Yukino-san earlier…」

What I did with Yukino…wasn’t that only sex?
Wait…no way?
Nei-san asks further.

「Hmm. It seems that this girl doesn’t know anything about sex」

Miss Edie is smiling as usual.

「The organization『The glove』, where she stayed with, seems to have many religious precepts. The male and female living quarters are completely separated. They’re not allowed to talk to men on their own until they’re married…you can only marry someone that’s been instructed by the organization. They seem to be fundamentalist」

Speaking of which, this girl hasn’t talked to me directly until now.
Well, the bigger reason is me unable to understand English

「Is she still bound by that precept?」

Nei-san asks my question in English

「You see…Edie is no longer bound by those precepts. When she’s sold by『The glove』, it seems she’s treated as a『heretic』from the organization. Therefore, she can’t come back to New Orleans again. Instead, she doesn’t need to follow their precepts, but…」

Miss Edie says something further.

「Sorry…it’s not that she’s not abiding the precepts…she can’t. It seems that in the organization, the religious superior oversees the subordinate’s on everything in their daily life. It seems that they have to always the words of the superiors, that’s the basis of the precepts」

I see…they’re ordered until they marry.

「…If you go outside the organization, you have to decide everything yourself. To decide anything by will is against the precepts but…she has to live alone with no superiors around」

I see…I understood why it’s supposed to be『heresy』to leave the organization at that stage.

「In Edie’s case…it seems that her grandmother was her supervisor since then. Then, it seems that the grandmother who died has a higher position religiously than the current boss., So…Edie doesn’t have the duty to obey the boss’ order」

Hating the existence that remains in the organization…
The boss sold off miss Edie.
Then, she was taken over by the lesbian, Miss Cordelia…
There’s no way she can learn about sexual love between men and women.

「For her, the bond with her grandmother is more important than belonging to the organization. The last instruction of her grandmother, her『supervisor』was to『go outside of the organization』…」

Therefore, miss Edie seeks the way of assassination, but…
Yeah, I feel I understand this child.
No she said that she’s 16 years old so she’s the same age as me and Yukino
It’s rude to say『this child』

「What do you think, Yo-cha…do you believe Edie?」

Nei-san asks me again

「Eh, isn’t that obvious? Miss Edie has a really open personality」

Yeah…she’s the opposite of Michi
She’s always smiling and filled with emotions.
All of the emotions appear on her face.

「What does Mi-chan think?」
「She’s not lying…she’s trustworthy No. I trust her」

Michi said
For Michi, she might be the first friend.

「What does Yukino think?」
「What, me?」

Yukino’s surprised when Nei-san asked for her opinion.

「Yeah, I want to ask Yukino-san’s opinion」

Nei-san said clearly

「This girl doesn’t do tricks. It’s the so-called muscle-brain. She doesn’t think that deeply」

Nei-san looks at miss Edie once again…

「If the three sensors evaluate as『safe』then it’s okay to trust her」

I see, Nei-san is still…
Thinking of the possibility that miss Cordelia sent her as a spy.

「I can’t think of any connection of this girl with Yazawa-san…if she’s sent as a spy then her setting is too special. Besides, she didn’t have any evil intend when she was having a bout with Mi-chan」

She was checking miss Edie’s true intend by making her have a bout with Michi.

「Yeah…in that case, it’s okay to contact Maru-chan now」

Nei-san seems to have waited until we can determine if miss Edie is on our side.

「The communication device is bugged by miss Cordelia」

Miss Cordelia has the same device as ours.

「I know. But, there’s no other choice. Maru-chan thinks that we’re captured and heads to the theater earlier

They would be ambushed by miss Cordelia if this continues.

「The communication machine passes through the repeaters of the wall doesn’t it? Therefore, if we communicate in this room…I think that the『Headquarters』where Yazawa-san is will find where we are. But, I think that Yazawa-san won’t tell miss Cordelia…」

Thinking about the subtle relationship of miss Cordelia and Chief Yazawa…
It seems that Nei-san intends to gamble on this.

「Eh, eh, eh, uhm…that’s!?」

Michi who’s been talking to miss Edie suddenly makes a loud voice.

「What’s wrong…Michi?」

Michi looks at me with a confused face.

「I was talking about I have awakened『Shingetsu』thanks to Master embracing me…!」
「Why did you talk about that now/>」
「That’s because I also want Edie-san to know Master’s wonderfulness…」

I’m not a wonderful person at all


Miss Edie shows an innocent smile as usual

「She says she want to do it too」

Want to do it too?…
Sex with me?!


  1. Nothing is true, everything is permitted
  2. Fuck, is this Assassin’s Creed 3?
  3. I’m using 《》when Edie talks English, since nobody would know if she’s trying to speak Jap or Eng when I don’t make any indications
  4. Yes, that’s how the author wrote it