Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 321. Pull Up!



「Yes…that panel over there. Master」

I’m the tallest man in the room right now so I stand on the chair and put my hand on the ceiling.
The ceiling’s all separated by the same white frame but…indeed, the panel Michi pointed out moves.

「Push it up then slide it sideways」

AH, the panel moved and slipped into the ceiling…
On top of that is a metallic hatch.
Somehow, this looks like a submarine.

「Since it’s locked, please adjust the dial number」

I see, it looks like there’s a big dial from a big old safe.

「If it’s powered electrically then you can’t use it in case of power outage…therefore it’s a mechanical dial」

I see…but still, it’s dark, I can’t see anything
The dial’s numbers are small…

「Can you see it now?」

While I’m squirming…Michi lights up my hand with an LED light from below.
As expected of Kudou-papa’s daugter
She also has those kind of things carried around

「Yeah, I can see it」

Yeah, I can clearly see the numbers and alphabets carved in the dial.

「Then, what’s the combination?」
「The number’s 6700 〈Six Seven O O〉《WAO》」
「…Got it」

I put in the numbers and open the lever of the hatch…


The hatch opened.
Inside the hatch…is a chimney-shaped cylinder with a the width of one person able to climb up.
But…there’s no ladder?
The inside of the cylinder is slippery…
How do you get up on this?

「Thank you very much. Master…please switch with me」

Michi said.

「Just in case, I will confirm the state of the shelter on the upper floor…」

Miss Cordelia might know that there’s a shelter liked to the upper floor, but…
Chief Yazawa should know it.
There might be a top elite under chief Yazawa hidden in advcance.

「But…it’s dangerous to go alone, Michi」1

I’m worried.
But, Michi…

「Only one person can go through at a time…and I’m the only one who can use the device to pull you up to the upper floor」

Saying that, Michi looks at the『Slow Oriro』box

「This evacuation equipment is usually lifting people from top downwards in a safe speed, but…this machine can also pull from bottom top. This machine is located on all VIP shelters on each floors of the hotel…」

In short…Michi will go to the upper room, use the『Slow Oriro』above and pull us up with a rope.

「On each floor, the position of the hatch leading to the upper floor is slippery. Therefore, you can’t move several floors at once from a certain room. It’s a bit troublesome but…it would be troublesome if the enemy uses it when the structure is too simple」

I see…if the position of the hatch is a straightline, it would be troublesome if used by a large number of enemy.
It doesn’t matter if it takes down but each floor is a system that moves with a different『slow oriro』
Then, if the enemy is aware of this emergency passage…it’s possible to stop midーfloor.

「When the hotel is on fire…or when a hotel crashes on the upper floor, then won’t it be troublesome that you have to get on top in a hurry?」

Yukino said ironically.

「In that case, this VIP shelter won’t be used in the first place. Just escape through the normal evacuation route. This room is a counterterrorism room」

Yeah…in case of terrorists.
Running into this shelter…furthermore, expecting that it’ll take time to solve the case…
You should go down to the first floor even if it’s a bit troublesome.
Or rather…this is a hotel that’s thoroughly biased towards counterterrorism.

「Anyway, I will be going…please leave this to me」

Saying that, Michi takes off her shoes and socks.

「Master, please piggyback me」

With Michi’s height…she can’t reach the hatch through the chair

「Y-Yeah, sure…」

I get off the chair and squat in front of MIchi

「…Excuse me」

Michi rolls up her skirt and comes up on me.
Michi’s raw legs wraps my cheeks.

「…Please, Master」

I stand up with Michi on my shoulders.

「Y-Yes…What is it?」
「You’re light」

This fifteen year old girl’s petite body is surprisingly light.

「…I-I’m sorry」
「No…I’m praising you」

Yukino snorts.

「…Either way I’m the heavy one」

No…I don’t hate Yukino’s weight.
I remembered the sex where she’s on top.
Of course…now’s not the time to talk about that so I won’t say it.

「…Please don’t move for a while」

Michi clings to the hatch.
Putting her feet on my shoulder, into the hatch…

「Michan…take care」

Nei-san looks up at Michi worriedly
Miss Edie’s face is excited.
It seems that she’s helplessly looking forward to what’s going to happen after this.

「…I’m going」

Michi pushes both hands and barefoot legs into the hatch.
I see…she’s going to crawl up in this without the ladder.
This is certainly impossible unless with someone with physical ability like Michi’s

「You…it’s visible」

Yukino tells Michi
Because she’s spreading her legs on the hatch…Michi’s skirt is completely open.
Her cute panty covering her crotch too…

「It’s fine…it’s for Master to look at…!」

Michi said embarrassed.
The underdeveloped thighs and butt of this third year middle school girl too…
A stretched barefoot legs.
Oh…it’s pleasing

「Then, please wait for a while」

Then…she rise up the narrow cylinder with her cute feet…
I was worried that she might slip but…Michi’s rising up further.
I look up at Michi with worry, but…

「Pervert, do you want to look at her panties that much?」

Yukino asks me.

「What I’m worried about is the inside rather than the panty」

The LED light shines above the tube.
It looks like Michi has reached the hatch of the upper floor.
It’s around three meters above from inside the tube.
There’s also a dial lock in there too.
Michi holds her body by sticking her legs in the cylinder then turns the dial.


The upper floor hatch opens.
Michi slowly crawls upstairs.
We’re also nervous
After a while, the lights on the upper floor turns on

「It’s okay…there’s nobody in the room」

Michi’s voice echoes from the upper room.
I feel relieved…

「Please wait…I’ll prepare a rope to raise everyone」

Miss Edie tells me something while smiling

「I’m going up too so gimme a piggyback, she said」

Nei-san translates it.

「No, but…if we wait for a while then Michi would raise us with a rope, wouldn’t she?」

I answered, but.
Miss Edie’s not convinced.

「She wants to go up on her own like Michan…!」

Nei-san said

「This girl’s childish」

Miss Edie begs me to hurry up.
…It can’t be helped
I squat before Edie

《…Thank You!》

Miss Edie rides me…
This isn’t miss Edie’s body weight.
There’s a lot of things inside her black combat clothes.
Supporters and protectors and such.
Perhaps…weapons too

「There we go…!」

Though I stagger, I somehow stood up with her on my shouders…
I can feel miss Edie’s muscular body.
Her whole body’s like a spring.
Well…she’s trained like Margo-san
But still…she’s thin.
There’s no body fat at all


Miss Edie hangs on the hatch and then she moved up smoothly
…She’s used to this.
Unlike Michi, she’s wearing combat boots, and yet…

「That girl’s received this kind of training it seems…」

Nei-san said.
That’s right, miss Edie is a girl who grew up from an assassination cult.
She must be doing some sneak training as usual.
Miss Edie arrives on the upper floor…


Along with Michi’s voice…I can see the arm of the『slow oriro』on the hatch.


From the tip of the arm…the rope slowly comes down.

「Since the bottom of the rope is a loop…please hang one of your foot on that loop. Also, please use this」

Michi throws down a pack from the top.

「It’s a safety belt harness. Please firmly fix the harness through your armpit. Then, please connect with the carabiner in the middle of the rope」

Opening the plastic bag…there’s indeed a vest with a metal fixture.

「Yukino-san, go ahead」

Nei-san tells Yukino

「…You sure?」

Nei-san gives Yukino the harness.
Yukino’s only wearing my T-shirt…
When you tighten up her upper body with the harness…it’s strangely lewd.

「Now…put your feet there. Though the harness is fixed to the rope, please hold onto the rope firmly on your own. I think it would be very painful if your feet slide off and you’re hung only with just by the harness」

Nei-san tells Yukino.

「Michan…it’s okay, get it up」

I hear Michi’s voice from above.


Then, the rope’s raised.


As soon as her feet’s away from the floor, Yukino’s body shakes the rope.

「Hey, that’s dangerous…」

I hold down Yukino’s body

「Hey, where are you toughing!」

Yukino speaks angrily but her face is nervous.
After a while, Yukino’s body fit the hatch…I let go of her body.

「D-Don’t look…!」

Ah…Yukino-san’s a no-pan, right.
Both her anus and slit are completely visible

「I’ll look…I’m taking a good look, Yukino!」

I’ve already embraced this body multiple times
Just how many times did I ejaculate inside this body.
Even now…Yukino’s pussy is packed with my semen.
Somehow…it feels strange.
I was thinking of such as I watch Yukino’s body being pulled on the upper floor.


As soon as Yukino’s body enters the barrel…Nei-san kisses me.

「Hold me」

Yes, right now
We’re the only one’s in the room.
This room isn’t monitored by anyone.
There’s nobody else looking at us.
I embraced Nei-san with all my might.

「…Nei-san. Nei-san. Nei-san」

I also ask for Nei-san’s kisses.
Nei-san answered with her tongue.
I embraced Nei-san with all my power.

「…Thank you. I can’t be broken because Yo-chan’s by my side」
「That’s right. I, Nei…am Yo-chan’s onee-san…!」

Natou Nei…is a personality Najima Yasuko made to protect her own heart.
Miss Cordelia called her Yasuko, Nei-san’s heart shook.
If she faced Cesario Viola afterwards, she would be shaken more.
The weak and timid girl…Najima Yasuko collapses.
If she’s not the Natou Nei…the always bright, energetic and confident girl.

「Nei-san…Nei-san…My Nei-san」

I pat Nei-san’s hair gently as I hug her.

「Yeah…I’m here」

The two personalities are on the brink right now

「Master, please have the next one!」

It seems that Yukino’s done going up.
Michi lowers the rope again.

「Now, it’s Nei-san’s turn next…」

I can’t let Nei-san be the last.
I’ll let her go on the upper floor before me.

「Yeah…sorry, Yo-chan」

Letting go of her body…Nei-san apologizes to me.

「About what?」
「Look, I’m wearing pants suit today so I can’t show you anything」


「Well…there’s next time」


「Right…I can show myself naked or in underwear anytime」

Nei-san has to overcome her complex towards Cesario Viola this evening
By defeating Cesario Viola…
Nei-san will become free.

「I’ll do anything for Nei-san’s sake」
「Thank you, Yo-chan」

We embrace each other firmly once again
We confirm each other’s heart, and heat…

◇ ◇ ◇

Pulling up Nei-san safely…
Lastly, it’s my turn.
Oops, I remember to take Michi’s shoes and socks she removed.
Err, the other sock…
But, both her shoes and socks are small and cute.

「What are you doing…Master」

On the other side of the open ceiling…
Michi looks down on me from the upper floor.

「No, Michi’s socks you see…」
「…Please don’t sniff it」


「No…it’s okay to do it. I am Master’s…so you can do anything you want」

No, I don’t have that kind of hobby.

「Thank you that you’re interested in me that far…」


「Uhm…I just want to deliver the shoes and socks to you…」

I can tell the small face beyond the hatch blushed.

「…I’m sorry」

Michi said embarrassed.

「Okay…pull me up」


The rope pulled up my body…
Reaching the hatch on the ceiling…on the cylindrical passage.
It’s actually wider than looking up from below.
Well, if it’s not this wide…a VIP old man won’t get in.
I can see how the winch of the machine pulls up and down.
It’s impossible for an old man’s strength to rise up with a ladder…
If someone ascends at the same time and let go in the middle…all the people under the ladder would be injured as well.
As expected, it’s best to move one-by-one with a machine

「…Okay, thank you for waiting. Master」

When I got up to the upper floor…Michi greeted me with a serious face.
Nei-san is smiling.
Yukino’s sulking…she’s been like that recently
Miss Edie is smiling

「I’m closing the hatch」

Michi closes the hatch.
At the same time, there’s a sound coming from the lower floor.

「When you close the upper floor hatch, the hatch on the lower floor will be closed in conjunction. The dial number will automatically be random」

Michi explains.

「The sliding panel on the ceiling also automatically returns. There will be no evidence left of our escape to the upper floor」

Really, it’s well done.
This hotel is.

「If ever the enemy noticed that the evacuation shelter is connected up and down…I brought the box of the『slow oriro』machine to the 21st floor, the enemy should think we escaped on the lower floor. If you don’t have this special machinery, the function of lifting the rope won’t work」

Yeah…the usual evacuation equipment has a slow descent function.
Even if they think we run down…they won’t think that we got on the upper floor.

「Besides, if someone touches the lower floor’s hatch, we can respond as soon as we see it immediately」

I see, the upper and lower hatches are mechanically linked.

「I’ll change the dial number to open this hatch. Even if it happens, that’ll gain time」

Michi puts her hand on the hatch
We can take a breath with this.
Until a while ago, we’re on the same floor as miss Cordelia…
Even if we’re in the VIP shelter, we can’t feel relieved.
Just being on a different floor it feels very different.

「What’s left is to wait for Maru-chan and others to pick us up」

Nei-san said

「Seki-san knows the secret entrances to the back aisle for the employees on the hallway…I think she’ll be coming soon」

Michi said

「I hope that Yazawa or his people won’t come and catch us」

Yukino said

「Does Yazawa-san know athat we’re here?」
「Perhaps…I think it’s caught in the『headquartrs』at the moment I turned on the lights of this room」


「I’ve already destroyed the hidden cameras and microphones in this room…please don’t worry talking here」

But…breaking the surveillance system will make it definite that we’re here.
The only think Tanizaw-san don’t know that is miss Edie is with us.
Miss Edie’s joining us is unknown to anyone.
Not Chief Yazawa, not Margo-san…not miss Cordelia.
It’s still not definite if miss Edie is really our ally or not.
Right now…she’s friends with Michi.
Then that means, if she fight with Michi…she might become the enemy again.
It’s too undetectable what this girl’s behavior is.


Michi and Nei-san’s communication device ringed in vibrate.
Did something happen with Margo-san?


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