Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 335. Solving puzzles (Part 2)


『The other one is also finally ready』

Jii-chan’s voice echoes through the 19th floor.
The other one?…
There’s still something else…?!

『Yazawa…let your men down This will be an inside talk…』
『Kuormori people, Seki-kun, Fujimiya-kun will stay』
「Roger. …Information staff, withdraw. Wait on 13th floor. Go!」

Chief Yazawa orders, the 100 machine gun unit starts to withdraw from the door they came in.

「Yasuda, Tabuchi, and Hirooka will be the center, collect the collapsed combatants. There might be some who plays dead so be careful!」

Following…the 20 top elites collect Bandini’s subordinates who were taken down by Margo-san.


The guys who didn’t faint, took another blow to make sure they’re asleep.
As expected of the top elites, all of them have a strong body…they grab the neck of the black combatant and drag them across the floor.

「Seki-kun, Fujimiya-kun…I’m sorry but could you monitor Viola and Bandini? Miss Cordelia, can you ask your subordinates as well?
「I don’t mind」

Miss Cordelia orders the two with her eyes.


Does Reika still not trust chief Yazawa? She look at me…

「Let’s trust him for the time being」

I answered.

「We’ve got Kyouko-san, Michi-chan and Edie-chan are on our side too. They’ll protect you properly. It’s better if Viola and Bandini are on check」

Margo-san said.

「Okay. I’ll let everyone else guard」

Seki-san answers

「Take care as well. It’s this guys so they might still be hiding something…」
「Yes, I’ll be careful」
「We’ll be going」

Seki-san and Reika responds to me and head towards Viola and Bandini…

「Oh, this boy trust those girls properly it seems…!」

Kyouko-san said as she look at me.

「From what I heard from Margo’s report…I wonder what kind of guy you are, but. You made Ka-chan and Nagisa-chan stable like that?」


「Far from those two…even Minaho’s changed. She’s stable now」

Margo-san said.

「I also love Yo-chan…!」

Nei-san says as she snuggle with me.

「Nei, just how much do you believe this boy?」
「A hundred and twenty percent! Yo-chan never lies to us…he’s kind, and he’ll never betray us!」
「Is that so?」

Kyouko-san stares at me…

「He’s broken in his own way」

Margo-san said.

「The type that thinks his life is worthless?」
「That’s not it…!」

Michi speaks…

「Master is a man who throws out his life without problem just for our sake. But, I will never let Master die. We will be living happily forever. I…No, we will」


「We’re『family』after all」

Michi said…Kyouko-san thinks deeply

「The thing I did to the『Kuromori』kids was just『coping therapy』in the end. It’s not a fundamental healing…but, if you change that way voluntarily, then the『family therapy』was a good thing then…」


「We’re seriously trying to become a family however」

I said with a slightly annoyed tone.

「I know. If you’re not serious then it’s meaningless…that’s how it is」

Kyouko-san smiles.
Oh…I see.
My sense of commitment…
She won’t be convinced unless she trusts me…
She’s a core of『Kuromori』after all.
Just like how Minaho-neesan, Margo-san, and Nei-san tested me…
I have to take Kyouko-san’s trial as well.

「I think that it’s impossible for you to believe me right here, right now but…please take your time to check me. Please」

I said.

「…You look like an idiot」

Kyouko-san laughs

「Normally, when you’re surrounded by women that pamper you so much…men become conceited and misunderstand. You seem to be different」
「No. Yo-chan’s an idiot」

Nei-san said.

「Yeah…he’s not too smart」

Even Margo-san

「Or rather… He’s too much of an idiot it’s amazing」

Wait…Yukino makes a remark at this situation.

「Master’s idiocy is the cute part of him」

Even Michi…

「Oh, I see. That’s what Margo meant when she said this boy is『broken』」

Kyouko-san said

「His head is so 《Innocent》」


「It’s not a complement…《innocent》in English was an insulting word before」

I can clearly tell I’m being made fool of.

「But…true, he might be what the current『Kuormori』need right now. Everyone’s at their despair…everyone’s desperate」
「Kyouko-san…you see, I want to make Yo-chan happy! Katsun, Nagisa-san and Sensei thinks so too!」


「Yeah…I think that it’s a good thing for you to find someone you want to protect. You want to be happy…therefore, it’s a『family』…I see」

Kyouko-san seems to be convinced, but…
I don’t get it.

「…Margo, what do you think?」
「I don’t have any romantic feelings for him like Katsuko-san or Nagisa-san but…I think of him as my little brother. He’s a very good kid」


「The romantic emotions are a bit different though…Ka-chan and Nagisa-chan were turned to prostitutes when they were young…I think they just want to be kind to a boy, or not only be related using sex」

I see…both of them became prostitutes without even experiencing romance…
Sex always intervenes with their relations with people.

「That’s why they need someone like Yo-chan. He’s not feeling conceited just because Katsun and others are loving him…in contrary, he never refuses and does his best…!」
「What about you Nei?」

Nei-san stopped thinking.

「Kyouko-san, please wait…Nei’s situation will depend on what’s after this」

Margo-san said
The situation after?

「…How do we dispose of Cesario Viola?」

I look at Viola and Bandini who are somewhat far away.
Seki-san and Reika…and the two white women are monitoring them…
I see, Nei-san’s a bit frolic right now…
It’s because Viola’s treatment isn’t known yet.
As long as Viola’s alive…Nei-san’s heart won’t find peace.


Nei-san cuddles me.
I embrace her body firmly

「I don’t know how Kouzuki-old man and Yazawa pops will settle this but…how about we watch for a while longer?」

Kyouko-san said.
Meanwhile…the withdrawal of the machine gun troops and carrying out of the fainted subordinates is over.
The 20 top elites left as well.
The people remaining on the floor are…
Us, chief Yazawa, miss Cordelia and her two subordinates and, Cesario Viola and Lorenzaccio Bandini…

「It seems that we’re ready. Mr. Kouzuki, when in business you must face the other party properly!」

Miss Cordelia shouts.

『…You’re correct』

One of the floor walls rises up.
An elevator appears from the inside…
Ding, it opens.
From inside the bright elevator, what comes out is…
Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan???

「…Now then, let’s do our last business」

Jii-chan said.

「I can’t show this deal to people other from the inside. That is why we excluded Kudou and the outside guards」

…Only inside?
Jii-chan looks at me.

「Originally…I was going to hide to you too. However, you broke through danger and overcame so far…I can only reveal the truth to you」

Then he looked up at the screen on the wall.

「…Misuzu, Ruriko, Yoshiko, are you watching?」

The screen shows Misuzu and Ruriko.
The image is on the basement…the monitor room.

『Yes, grandfather. Ruriko-san, Yoshiko-san and I are here』

Misuzu answers…

「Who else is there?」
『Only Katsuko-san. Nagisa-sama, Megumi-san, Mana-san, are waiting in the next room as you said…』
「Umu…Katsuko-kun. I feel sorry to ask but please watch over my granddaughters」

Katsuko-nee answers.
What’s going to start?

「You all as well…I didn’t intend to show what’s going to start now. However, seeing your growth now…I’ve confirmed that you’ve become adults who can endure anything」
「Misuzu, Ruriko, Yoshiko won’t be lonely anymore. You have a『family』that will accept you whatever happens」

Then, Jii-chan looks at me again

「You…take care of them」


「Even if you don’t tell me that, I…we will protect Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yoshiko-san」
「…I’m counting on you」

Jii-chan faces the front.

「Now then…let’s begin. Yazawa, let the people in wait enter」

…People in wait?
Didn’t they only buy time to work with the Shirasaka house?

「It really took a lot of time to gather all the concerned people…so much we had to sacrifice the hotel entirely…」

Chief Yazawa takes the microphone

「…Bring them」

The doors on the left and right walls open at the same time.
Coming inside, is an unknown old men…and Jii-chan’s full time guard, Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san.
On right ー Ootoku-san + an unknown old man.
On left ー Choumoto-san + an unknown old man.
The two unknown old men aren’t wearing suits but rather casual wear.
As if they were chilling at their house and got kidnapped…

「…Ootoku, Choumoto, well done」

Jii-chan speaks to the two.
The two full time guards have different atmosphere from when I saw them in the theater.
Could this be…I feel a strong aura like Kyouko-san, but.
I see, the two of them were holding back in the theater.
They must have monstrous strength in reality I guess.
The unknown old men looks frightened.

『…Father too!』

Misuzu and Ruriko are both surprised…
…Then this means.
This old men are the two sons of Jii-chan…?!

「My sons…Shigeaki and Shigefuyu」

Oh right…the two full time guards went to protect Jii-chan’s sons, but…
Actually…they went to take them?


Then, another door opened.
Another different old man comes in.
It’s an intelligent looking old man wearing a suit.

「『Kakka』…what’s going on?」

The intellectual old man looks at the strange state of the 19th floor, then said.

「Umu…sorry to cause you some inconvenience. Shiba-kun」

This old man, is Jii-chan’s most outstanding talent among the executives, Shiba Okitachi?

「What’s going to start is Kouzuki house’s problem, but…I want you to be an observer…」

Jii-chan said.

「Let me tell you beforehand…I’ve already rewritten my will before Yazawa-kun and Kuromori Minaho-kun」

Minaho-neesan disappeared together with Jii-chan…
To witness the rewriting of will?
Speaking of which, chief Yazawa was missing about the same time.

「First…Misuzu and Ruriko will become my adopted daughters. Therefore, my property would be inherited by my two’s daughters, and Kouzuki Shigefuyu, my biological son」

The other son…Kouzuki Shigeaki?
Why is he ignored?

「Since of legal distributions…the wealth will be distributed into three no matter what I desire. But, I have the right to decide the breakdown of the assets to be distributed. Therefore, all of the shares of the major companies of Kouzuki group will be inherited by Misuzu. Ruriko and Shigefuyu’s child will inherit mostly cash and land
「Does that mean…Misuzu-san will be the next successor of Kouzuki family?」

Shiba Okitachi asks Jii-chan.

「That’s right. That’s what I have decided to eliminate the future grief」

Jii-chan said clearly

「Uhm…what will happen to me?」

Ruriko’s father…Kouzuki Shigeaki asks worriedly

「Who knows, I wonder. Well have Shigeaki later…Shigefuyu!」

Misuzu’s father replies in panic.

「Actually…I also want you to abandon the inheritance rights. If possible, I would like to leave it mostly to Misuzu and Ruriko. Even if you don’t inherit my legacy, Misuzu is a kind girl so she won’t forsake you. What do you think…Shigefuyu」

Jii-chan asks for his son to abandon heritage inheritance.

「Of course…the inheritance is your right. I won’t force you. If you want it then accept it…」

Kouzuki Shigefuyu…

「Father…I was born in Kouzuki house but became a national bureaucrat and didn’t contribute anything to the development of the Kouzuki group. Therefore, I think that it’s not a good idea to give me a property of Kouzuki family」

Misuzu’s father is like this…

「I will be making my future with my own savings. I won’t count on father’s legacy. I also know that Misuzu’s a talented child…if you wish for Misuzu to become the head of Kouzuki house, I’d gladly support it. Above all…」

Kouzuki Shigefuyu smiles.

「If Misuzu inherits directly from father…the inheritance tax will be done only once」
『…Father, thank you』

Misuzu’s crying.

「Then, I will write that in the inheritance document in the morning. Misuzu and Ruriko’s procedures for adoption will be completed by tomorrow…」

Jii-chan said, Ruriko…

「Please wait…what about father? What’s going to happen to father?」


「A person who will die ahead of me shouldn’t inherit my legacy…」

…Die ahead?


Kouzuki Shigeaki shouts but…Ootoku-san holds him down

「Now then…let’s proceed to business」

Jii-chan turns to miss Cordelia.

「Hey…what’s going on?」

Lorenzaccio Bandini speaks to miss Cordelia.
Miss Cordelia laughs.

「It’s been a long time ago but…your team murdered a person named Kouzuki Shigeharu in Los Angeles…do you remember?」
「…I-I don’t remember that. There’s so many people we’ve killed. Don’t expect me to remember each of them」
「It’s a Japanese family. You killed the father…raped the mother and then killed her. The boys were killed after Viola raped them. The bodies were dumped in the Mojave desert…」

Bandini and Viola’s facial expression changed.
This guys were the ones who killed Jii-chan’s eldest son!

「Bitch! You sold us out!」

Lorenzaccio Bandini’s angry but…Miss Cordleia’s subordinate held him down.

「My, you don’t get what situation your in yet… The『council』has already decided to dispose of you. Isn’t it better to make money if you’re going to be disposed of anyway, right?」
「You, no way…!」

Miss Cordelia laughs.

「Yes. We have a contract with Mr. Kouzuki from the start. It was our job to bring you here…」
「That’s why I gave you fake information…the hotel’s security is easy, or that there’s an escape route on the 19th floor…!」
「Finally understood?」

Bandini’s main troops didn’t head downstairs but head straight to the 19th floor…
Is that why miss Cordelia sent false information?…

「Instead of bringing you here, the subject of the deal was to bring the people of Kuromori in here, but…now that I knew what Kyouko’s true feelings are, I don’t care about Kuromori anymore. The kill request from Shirasaka house will take double the price for breach of contract…I’m satisfied」

Choumoto-san heads to the door where Misuzu’s father went out.
Then, he brings two heavy attaché case coming back.
Then, he goes to miss Cordelia…

「The payments are in gold bars…isn’t it?」

Jii-chan said, then Choumoto-san opens the first case.
There’s shining lumps of gold contained inside.

「I think that the amount is way more than the contract, but…」

Miss Cordelia says while checking the gold bars.

「This is a bonus wage. Don’t mind it」
「If that’s the case then I will accept it. I won’t issue a receipt but…you don’t mind it do you?」
「I don’t want to receive an evidence from a criminal organization…」

Jii-chan answers.

「Then…I will hand over Lorenzaccio Bandini and Cesario Viola, and their team to you」

This is a trade.

「By the way…though I’ve already secured the principal offender who killed my son, would you tell me who sent out the kill request?」

Jii-chan asks miss Cordelia…

「Unfortunately…we’re a criminal organization. Though we sell each other, we never reveal the client’s information」


「Then, a different method…I will be asking for a kill job」

Jii-chan’s eyes instruct Choumoto-san.
Choumoto-san opens another attaché case.
Inside is…
As expected, gold bars are packed inside.

「I don’t know who that is but there seems to be people who have paid a criminal organization to kill my son’s family. I don’t know who that person is. I’m sorry but I want you to use your information network to the fullest, find him…and kill him」

Kouzuki Shigeaki shouts from behind!


Ootoku-san holds down Kouzuki Shigeaki with all his strength.

「…Are you serious with this request?」

Miss Cordelia looks at Jii-chan’s eyes…

「As the head of Kouzuki house…it’s something I can’t overlook. I…」

Jii-chan closes his eyes…

「Before I am a father…I’m the head of a big organizatoin…!」
「…Please let him die without suffering」

Miss Cordelia slowly heads to Kouzuki Shigeaki

「Father! Father! Fahteeer…!! Please wait, please listen to me!」

Kouzuki Shigeaki is frightened as the footsteps of miss Cordelia comes closer…

「…When Shigeharu dies, Kouzuki house’s successor would be the second son, you. Normally, that is. I knew that from the start…!」


「Therefore I wasn’t able to retire all this time…I didn’t reveal my successor. I set Ruriko and Misuzu aside so you can’t make a move on them. I removed you from the mainstream of the Kouzuki group…so you can’t engage with the key executives」
「…Father, that’s not it. Please wait!」
「The Kouzuki security service was also a countermeasure when you contracted with a criminal organization to request a murder」
「…I, I」
「What you can only do was to wait for my death. I’ve always thought so. But, you…!」

Jii-chan looks down at his son with bright red eyes.

「You didn’t stop planning behind the scenes…!」

Kouzuki Shigeaki opens his mouth in surprise.

「What you fear is…me leaving the management of the Kouzuki group to Shiba-kun. As long as the talented Shiba-kun becomes the key to management, even if I die and you become the owner of Kouzuki family, you won’t be able to rule over the entire Kouzuki group. Shiba-kun won’t allow you who’s not talented to participate in management…!」

Shiba Okitachi looks at Jii-chan breathless.

「Therefore you tricked Kouzuki Noboru, used Tsunoda and others to chase out Shiba-kun」

Then…the『Mr』in Tsunoda and other’s phones is…
Jii-chan’s second son, Kouzuki Shigeaki?

「Sending a spy on the security officers of Kouzuki security service…it was you who tried to attack Shiba-kun at the airport tonight!」

Shiba Okitachi didn’t arrive to this hotel because of Kouzuki Shigeaki’s orders?!

「I came to help Shiba-sama…」

Ootoku-san said.
Jii-chan’s full time guard who’s been absent all this time helped out Shiba-san…and hid him…
On top of that, it was to bring Jii-chan’s two sons to this place…

「Father…father, I’m sorry!」

Kouzuki Shigeaki shouts…!

「I…I was absolutely superior than my elder brother! It’s wrong for the first son to inherit the while house just because he was born earlier!!」

He who’s being hunted stops at nothing.

「Why, we’re brothers and yet…I have to lower my head to my elder brother! It’s strange! That’s why I turned it all over! If my elder brother isn’t here then I would be the successor of Kouzuki house! If not, it’s strange! Isn’t that the rule?! And yet!!!」

Kouzuki Shigeaki looks up at her father with eyes of hatred…!

「Father keeps ignoring me!! Making fool of me! Dammit! Hurry up and die, die right now, I thought of that everyday! You…someone like youuuu…!!」

Miss Cordelia stands in front of Kouzuki Shigeaki.

「…You’re noisy」


Miss Cordelia’s roundhouse kick…twists Kouzuki Shigeaki’s head!!!
It was turned to an impossible direction…
Then it shook gently…