Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 336. Life and death, custom and desires



Kouzuki Shigeaki’s body collapsed on the floor


Ruriko screams…Misuzu and Yoshiko-san hugs her.
To not show the body of the father to Ruriko.

「Forgive me Ruriko…if you will grudge on someone then let it be me. It was all because of my wrong education…」

Jii-chan looks up at Ruriko on screen and said in pain…

「I was born as the eldest of the Kouzuki house, grew up completely distinguished from my other siblings. Being the born successor…is very lonely, isolated. Therefore, I thought I don’t want my sons to experience that」

…Jii-chan’s not crying.
He’s holding back his emotions.

「But…Shigeaki was distorted by that education policy as a result. Shigeaki was embraced by the ambitions I wished he didn’t. He said that he can’t bear being his brother’s vassal… Compared to my childhood, there was no such experience. My brothers weren’t allowed to eat in the same room as me, or even talk to me directly…」

Because Jii-chan got rid of the difference between the treatment of the heir to the other children of Kouzuki house…
Kouzuki Shigeaki became arrogant as a result…???

「This is all my sin…the scandal of Kouzuki house. But, given the honor of the entire Kouzuki group, this event can never be made public」

The second son of Kouzuki’s head house…requested an American murder organization to kill his elder brother who is the successor…I think that’s not a story that should be made public.
Jii-chan has asked miss Cordelia to dispose Kouzuki Shigeaki, his real son.

「Above all…Kouzuki family is a famous name with a long history. We have an obligation to pass the baton and leave it to the next generation. I can’t let Kouzuki house end in my generation…」

Jii-chan’s been trapped by the『Kouzuki family』since birth
That means living as the head.

「Therefore…I’ve gathered all parties concerned, clarify the case, and handle it secretly. I have prepared Kouzuki security service and this hotel for this day. …It was long. And finally, the burden’s lifted off my shoulder」

Ending everything in the hotel owned by Kouzuki family…
Kudou-papa and the free guards shouldn’t see the last scene…
Kouzuki security service personnel were withdrawn from this floor…
Above all, he wanted to settle everything in private.
In truth, he doesn’t plan to let us know…
Misuzu, Ruriko and Yoshiko-san too…he intended to tell only Shigeaki’s death after.

「…Jii-chan, you don’t intend to die, do you?!」

I shouted unconsciously

「Fufu…I killed my son. I should die as well」

…That’s just.

「I’m trying to cover up everything in this case. Originally, this is an act that’s legally and socially unacceptable. I distorted it firmly with the power of Kouzuki house. Ignoring the law and society…then punishing a sin that’s neither the court nor a social sanction, it’s something only I can do myself. Death must be atoned with death. It’s a mortal punishment since ancient times…」

Jii-chan’s resolved.

「My last regret are…Yoshiko, Misuzu, and Ruriko…my three granddaughters. But, Misuzu’s grown beautifully…if I leave her to Yazawa and Kuromori-kun, there will be no problems. You’re with her too…the way you handled the executives and my students were brilliant」

Jii-chan’s watching it all.

「I won’t have any worry with this…」

Jii-chan turns to Shiba Okitachi.

「Shiba-kun…I’ll entrust the management of Kouzuki group to you. As I said, I will transfer all of the shares of each company to Misuzu. Therefore, Kouzuki house will still maintain majority of the shares. Of course you can take new shares and lower the percentage of Misuzu’s shares. But still, Misuzu will remain the largest shareholder for each company of the group」
「I’ll speak frankly. I don’t care about ruling the Kouzuki group anymore. I don’t want the name Kouzuki house to be crushed. That’s all. Therefore, I’ll leave the management of the whole group to you who’s the most powerful among the executives. After you become top, you’re free to change the name of the group to Shiba Group or whatever you want. However…you must promsie me that you won’t do anything that would ruin Kouzuki house」

Jii-chan said, Shiba Okitachi…

「That is why you brought me here, didn’t you?」
「Yes, don’t tell the truth to the other executives. But…I want you to know everything that has happened
「You haven’t thought that I will inform the police?」
「You’re a man with strict calculations…you won’t do anything that would devalue Kouzuki group」

Jii-chan said.

「Then…in accordance to your words, I will take office as the chief executive of Kouzuki group. In exchange…『Kakka』please remain as the adviser of the group」

Jii-chan’s surprised at Shiba Okitachi’s offer.

「I intend to die though?」
「The current Kouzuki group is united by the charisma of『Kakka』 If『Kakka』dies now…the board of directors will be confused. A crack will show in the group. As an outsider of Kouzuki house, I can’t settle this. As a result, I think that the stock price of Kouzuki group will decline sharply」

Shiba Okitachi tells Jii-chan seriously.

「If the stocks price decline due to management failure and loss to competitors then we can make excuses. However, if the stocks lower due to a problem in the group, it won’t be good. Kouzuki group’s companies is a corporation. We are looking after the company from our shareholders…!」
「I have over half of the stocks on every company of the group however?」
「But still…more than 40% are individual shareholders. We cannot betray them. Please remain in the group. If『Kakka』doesn’t exert his influence for now…even if you delegate the management rights to me then the group will be confused」

Shiba Okitachi persuades Jii-chan logically.

「I…am saying this after doing strict calculations. Please stop trying to die for now」

There’s a voice from the speaker too.

『We also ask of you…grandfather』

Misuzu tells Jii-chan.

『Ruriko-san is also enduring』

Ruriko who’s hugged by Yoshiko-san is crying out.

『I beg you. If grandfather dies after father…Ruriko won’t be able to live in grief…!』
『I also ask of you…!』

Yoshiko-san also pleads her grandfather.


Jii-chan’s heart is shaking.

「…Kouzuki-sama, atoning death with death is a naive thought」


「What do you mean? Kuromori-kun…?!」
「We do know that it’s much more painful and dreadful it is to stay alive than dying…」
『…I also know it. Omo-chan』

Katsuko-nee says on the screen.

『Grandfather…it’s too selfish to die because your regrets are away…』

Misuzu tells her grandfather.

『If grandfather passes away now…we can never be happy…!』


「Are you telling me to live as is? With all my shame exposed…!! The second son have killed the first son, and I have killed the second son!! I have no qualification to live with such shame!!!」


「Jii-chan…that’s wrong」

Jii-chan turns towards me.

「Being qualified to live or not doesn’t matter! There’s a lot of people who don’t want Jii-chan to die! That’s why, live!」

I look around the floor.

「The respective reasons don’t matter…anyone who wants Jii-chan to live raise their hand!!」

I raise my hand first…
Michi, Margo-san, Nei-san follows me.
Sister Edie does as well, imitating Michi.
Minaho-neesan of course raised her hand.
Reika…Seki-san raises her hand.
Misuzu, Ruriko, Yoshiko-san, Katsuko-nee on the screen raised their hands.

「I also think that Ojii-chan shouldn’t die」

Kyouko-san raised her hand while smiling wryly.

「Me too…it’s profitable to have long relationships」

Matching Kyouko-san, miss Cordelia raised her hand.
Seeing that, miss Cordelia’s subordinates as well…
Shiba Okitachi of course raises his hand.


Chief Yazawa raises his hand as well.
Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san…the two exclusive guards as well…
The only people not raising their hand on the floor is…
Cesario Viola and Lorenzaccio Bandini.
…Shirasaka Yukino…

「You’re going to live, majority decision…Jii-chan」

I said

「Don’t keep us repeating…go back to yoru usual unfaithful old man face!」

Kyouko-san said.

「We’re still not done cleaning up yet…!!!」

   ◇ ◇ ◇

First…connecting the line with the executives and Jii-chan’s students…

「It’s me…all the enemies have been repulsed. There’s nothing to worry anymore.」
『『Kakka』…are you okay?!!!』

Kouzuki Souji shouts across the screen.

「Yes…I’m safe but unfortunately, Shigeaki died in the hands of enemy」

The upper floor is in turmoil.

『Then…was the traitor Kouzuki Noboru-sama?』
「That is, yet to be known. Yazawa and others are investigating right now. We’ll call you as soon as the report’s done」
『…What about Shiba? We have discussed about the possibility of Shiba working together with Noboru?』
「Shiba-kun is here. Shiba-kun seems to have been attacked by the enemy when he left the Haneda international airport. Thus, his arrival was delayed…」
『Ah…is that so?』
「I’m a little tired from the fact that the traitor is from the inside and that Shigeaki has died. I think that I have to step down from managing in this loom…」
『That’s just…『Kakka』…!!!』
「No…I say that I will step down but I don’t intend to completely retire. I intend to keep an eye on the whole Kouzuki group. However…I’m just too old to be the person in charge of the group. I think of settling as an adviser or a counselor without the representative right. Nevertheless, don’t forget I have the majority of the shares of Kouzuki group companies. I will interrupt any strange management and dismiss any incompetent officials. I will continue to have that power」
『…Does that mean, cloistered rule?』
「That’s not it. But still, I’m going to take distance from the group small steps through time. I have to make sure that Kouzuki group stands up even when I’m gone someday. I’ve been so overprotective of you until now. I intend to watch over you as you become self-reliant…」
『Then…who’s『Kakka’s』successor? Who will be the CEO?』
「Of course, it’s Shiba-kun. Isn’t that obvious?」
「If you disagree with my decision then I don’t mind you leaving Kouzuki group. After all, I’m urging you to be self-reliant…!」

   ◇ ◇ ◇

Following…connecting to the line on the evacuated floor of the coup d’etat of Shirasaka family

「It’s me…all of the assailants were swept out. There’s no more problem. Shirasaka Fukushi-kun is in custody. He is safe. He’ll be sent there right away」
『I’m glad…Fukushi-chan!!!』
「His phone was stolen by the enemy so he wasn’t able to contact you it seems. He said that he wants to see his mother soon」
『…Thank you very much! Thank you very much!』
「You have seen the news as well, don’t you? My work bore fruit and Shirasaka Moritsugu was forced to retire by the hands of his aides. Moritsugu’s kill request has also been cancelled. There’s nothing to worry about anymore」
『Oh, I’m glad…we’re saved!!!』
「As for the next head of Shirasaka house…I have strongly recommended it to be Fukushi-kun. Well, what’s left is the problem inside Shirasaka house. That is for you to deal with」
『We thank you for everything you’ve done…!』
「I will sent my guards over there. He’ll be with you so you can head to Shirasaka house. You should strike while the iron is hot. Settle down the problems inside Shirasaka house by tonight. I’ll arrange it for you to join with Fukushi-kun at the first floor entrance」

Shirasaka Ayako is the only one talking.
What happened to Shirasaka Hiromitsu from the Osaka TV station, and vice president Yamada?
Cutting off the call…Jii-chan turns to chief Yazawa.

「Leak to the press that Shirasaka Moritsugu sent assassins to the opposing factions inside Shirasaka house」

…Does that mean?

「A house that hired an American assassin to tidy up the problems inside…the campaign will be that it’s dangerous to have them leading the giant newspaper and television network of Japan…!」

Jii-chan’s face returns to the usual cruel old man.

「I don’t care about the upstarts named Shirasaka house. I don’t mind giving the next owner’s position to that woman’s son. But, Shirasaka house has created this opportunity so I will take down their newspaper and television company. Move the public opinion so that Shirasaka house must withdraw from management of media companies under their control」
「…Certainly. 『Kakka』」
「Shiba-kun…Oosaka’s Shirasaka Hiromitsu has some promise. Make a move so that only Oosaka TV station can be independent from the Shirasaka house’s group. Examine his capital ties」

   ◇ ◇ ◇

Then…the cleanup begins
Chief Yazawa calls his trustworthy subordinates.
One of them takes Shiba Okitachi.
Shiba heads to the executives’ floor.
Meeting with his son…and discussing the future with the executives.
The other subordinates clean up Kouzuki Shigeaki’s body.

「…Let’s have Shigeaki die at his home」

Jii-chan said.

「Carry him to Kouzuki first hospital. Let’s use that story」
「Then, I will accompany you…」

Jii-chan’s third son…Misuzu’s father, Kouzuki Shigefuyu said.

「He may be like this but…he’s still my brother」

Then, he looked up at the screen connected to the basement.

「Misuzu and Ruriko-chan, don’t worry…I will take Shigeaki-niisan」
『…Uncle, take care of him』

Has she calmed down…Ruriko replies.

『We’ll be coming late…I’m sorry. We can’t come out right away』

Misuzu said.
I had the circuit of the elevator leading to the『emergency evacuation room』…
It’ll take time to open the escape route from the inside.
They have to manually unlock several closed doors by hand…it’ll take time.

『Right now, Megumi-san and Mana-chan are helping, we’re preparing to get out…』

Misuzu said, Jii-chan…

「No, Yazawa, replace the control circuit of the elevator. That way’s faster. Just wait over there」
「Yes, if we replace the unit, it’ll take only an hour」

Chief Yazawa looks at Seki-san and Reika

「You two do it. You were the ones who broke it…!」

Reika answered embarrassed


I thought I’d return the pistol to Seki-san.
I’d be troubled if I keep it all the time;

「…Hold it for a while longer」

Seki-san tells me with a slightly scary face.


There’s no more problems though?

「I still don’t trust this at all」

Seki-san looks at Viola and Bandini who are monitored by the top elites under chief Yazawa.
Also…miss Cordelia who’s having a pleasant chat with Kyouko-san.

「Hold into that weapon until they’re out of your sight」
「That’s right…Master」

Looking at her…Michi still has her red whip
I see…we’re like being on the same cage as the beast.

「Not everything has been resolved yet…」

Margo-san hugs Nei-san.

「What’s wrong…Nei-san?」


「Un…just a bit. It feels strange. The person who’s been tormenting me all this time is caught over there…」
「Cesario Viola’s inflicted a deep wound in Nei’s psyche…」
「I don’t know what to do now that we’re in this situation!」

Nei-san’s trembling.,

「I should kill him after all」

Margo-san said.

「Cesario Viola should die in front of Nei’s eyes. Otherwise, Nei’s nightmare won’t disappear forever…」


「Please wait a moment…!」

I look for Minaho-neesan in panic.
Minaho-neesan’s talking with Jii-chan. She’s a bit far away from us.

「I think that he’ll be executed somewhere if Kouzuki security service takes Viola and him… This is the only chance to hill him in front of Nei’s eyes…!」

No…like I said, wait!!

「You all are crazy!!!」

…Yukino opens her mouth.

「Even though a person died in front of you…he was killed…and yet you still talk about killing?!」


「You all have some loose screws!!!!」