Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 339. Good Morning


「Mao, try to stuff in. Mama’s coming in too」
「Ufufu, the bathrooms in the suite room are wide. The three of us can fit in…」

Warm bath water…
Soft body.
Nagisa, me, Mao-chan.
I’m being embraced by Nagisa from the back and I hold Mao-chan in front.
Mao-chan’s playing with the water.

「…As expected, your body is still tense」

Nagisa’s finger pokes my back.

「Yes, your whole body’s stiff, chattering」

Saying so, Nagisa massaged my shoulder.

「Here, take a deep breath…」
「Mama, Mao too?」
「Yes…join together, Mao」

Mao-chan looks up at me smiling.

「Okaay, then let’s take deep breaths! Breath iiin!!」




「Breathe slowly…take a long and deep breath!」

Mao-chan speaks like a teacher.

「She learned it from kindergarten. Don’t worry about it and just play with her」

Nagisa smiles.

「Okay, inhaaaaaleee!」


「Okay, exhaleeeeee!」


「Yes. Imagine yourself melting into hot water. I don’t mind if you put your weight on me…」
「…I’m not heavy?」
「It’s okay…you can lean over me」

Nagisa whispers to my ear.
She hugs my chest from the back tightly

「There’s nothing to be afraid of…it’s not scary at all」

Nagisa’s plump chest touches my back.
I can feel her nipple clearly.

「Mao and I are here. We’ll accept you without any rejections…」
「…I know」
「Okay, let’s continue our deep breaths!」

So…I take deep breaths while sandwiched between mother and daughter…
My heart and body slowly loosens.

「…It’s gotten softer」

Nagisa’s finger caresses my arm and chest.

「Let’s see, Mao will examine too!」

Mao-chan’s small hand touches my chest.

「Mao-chan, that tickles」

I hug Mao-chan and kiss her.

「Go and wash Mao’s body and hair」


「You’re going to take bath with Mao don’t you? You have to learn how to wash a girl’s hair」
「Yeah…you’re right」

I’m Mao-chan’s Papa.
During times where Nagisa’s not with her, I have to wash it.
There’s a lot of things to remember when taking care of a small girl.

「Uh-huh…Yoshida-kun, wash me!」

Then, I wash Mao-chan’s head.
Her hair too, carefully

「Close your eyes, it hurts when the soap enters your eyes」
「Wow, Yoshida-kun’s saying the same thing as Mama!」
「Just do it」

Mao-chan washes my body in return.
As for the hair…since she has no strength, it’s soggy, and Nagisa took over halfway.
Nagisa washes my hair to the root, it felt pleasant.
Then, I washed Mao-chan and Nagisa’s body.
Mao-chan laughs, overflowing with youth.

「Mao, if you’re too frolic in the morning, you’ll get tired right away!」
「But it’s fun!」

I wash away the soap bubbles on Nagisa’s back.

「Mama…Mao feels like it’s extremely fun!」
「You see, that’s called happiness?」
「Is Mao happy?」

Mao-chan thinks for a bit…then looks at me.

「Yes. Mao might be happy! Yoshida-kun!」

Then, I wash Nagisa’s hair.
Women’s hair…when you wet it with water, it becomes lifeless.
I hung the long wet hair on the side and rubbed both Nagisa with shampoo from both hands.

「So that’s how you wash it」
「That’s right. Mao, help him out…」

After shampoo, next is conditioner.
I massage Nagisa’s hair.
It’s glossy…it doesn’t feel strange.

「Mama’s hair is like a kelp!」


「You know, those that are swaying in the sea?」
「Mao…I’ve told you many times already, the kelp in the sea and the kelp in miso soup are the same!」
「No way! The miso soup kelp isn’t as big as the ones on the sea!」

Mao-chan insists strongly

「We went to a sea aquarium during our excursion. When asked which fist was the most interesting, this child answered『Kelp!』…」

She’s fond of kelps?
Or rather, I wonder if this unique personality is something to rejoice at…

「Don’t look so worried…it’s the children’s privilege to say strange things. You don’t have to mind all of it」

Nagisa smiles at me.

「Yes yes, you don’t have to mind it…Yoshida-kun!」

「Nihihi」Mao-chan laughs…

   ◇ ◇ ◇

Coming out of the bath.

「The change is in there. Reika-oneesan has prepared last night」

It’s a change of underwear and a shirt.
Did Reika buy it?

「The first floor of the hotel is soaked…so she has gone to a nearby convenience store」

I’ve got to thank her later…

「She should’ve bought some ingredients as well. Katsuko should be cooking breakfast」


「There’s a kitchen in the suite for Katsuko. There are some foreigners who would like to cook while staying after all」

I see.

「Though there’s no problem with the facilities of the hotel…there’s no clerks around. It’s closed until the field verification is over…so it’s a secret to the police that we’re staying. Room service are also unavailable」

It seems that someone recovered the clothes I took off from the theater in the hotel.
…I’m glad.
Minaho-neesan’s grandfather clothes, Katsuko-nee fixed the size to fit me…
All of them are taken.

「The hotel laundry can’t be used for now. The clothes we took off will be taken home」

Nagisa’s on her bathroom for the time being.
Mao-chan’s also wrapped in bath towel.

「Wait…women really takes time on this part」

Saying that, Nagisa uses the hair dryer on Mao-chan’s hair.

「We’ve got to dry it properly…」
「Yeah, if not you’re going to catch colds」

I said, Nagisa laughs…

「There’s that, but…when it’s naturally dried, it will look like it exploded. That’s our hair type」

I see.
I don’t have a long hair so I don’t understand

「If you’re bored then go watch the TV」
「No…I’ll watch here」

Nagisa dries Mao-chan’s hair.
Next is Nagisa’s hair.
Mao-chan helps out too.
I just watch all the time.
It’s not boring at all.

「Yeah, very」
「We’re always doing this though?」
「No, it’s just that it’s my first time seeing this」

I was taking baths with grandma when I was little, but…
Grandma never used dryer or anything of sorts.
My mother…
Mother’s room that are absolutely off limits are the bath, restroom, and the dressing room so…
I’ve never seen this kind of scene.

「Dear, my back please」

Nagisa takes off her bathrobe and puts on her bra.
She puts her rich breasts in the cup and turns her back on me…


I fasten the hook on the back

「Katsuko and I are fine because we carry a replacement underwear out of habit, but. I wonder if Megu-chan and Mana-chan are okay」

Usual habit…
The two of them were prostitutes after all…

「Can I wear the panty myself?」
「You’re the one putting on Misuzu-chan and Megu-chan’s panties, aren’t you?」
「That’s…what they wish for. It’s not that I’m that particular about panties」
「Oh, is that so?」

But still…Nagisa wiggles her butt to entertain my eyes.

「Yoshida-kun! Dress me up!」

The naked Mao-chan runs towards me.

「Mao’s clothes are there. Mao’s underwear was washed and dried up last night. I’m glad I did」

Wow…what a small panty
This is surely easier to dry off.

「Mao-chan, raise one of your feet」

The obedient Mao-chan follows instructions.
What a good girl.
I somehow managed to dress up Mao-chan.

「Wrong, Yoshida-kun…you’re one button off」
「Oh true, sorry」
「It’s fine, it’s fine…you can just remember bit by bit…Kishishi!」

Mao-chan said and laughed.
Taking care of children is troublesome
But, I’ve got to work hard…
Meanwhile, Nagisa’s changed to the same clothes she wore yesterday.

「We’re putting on light make up. We’re only meeting up with everyone but…if I don’t have make up, Katsuko will laugh at me」

Saying that, she takes out a foundation from her pouch

「Mama, Mao too, Mao too」

She also applied a small foundation on Mao-chan’s face too.
Then, adding a bit of eyebrow…
Adding a few color on her lips as well…
Just a bit of make up turns her to a face of an adult woman.

「After we eat breakfast…we have to go to the store. I had my stock this morning delivered directly from the flower market but we have to prepare before opening」

Oh right. We’re still in the middle of Golden Week, but…
Nagisa’s shop isn’t closed.

「We have a customers related to flowers…the iris on seasonal festival sells well」
「Should I help out in your store?」

Nagisa smiles…

「Take care of other girls instead of me Everyone’s worried about you…some of them are depressed. Therefore, take care of them」

Then she touched my crotch in a way Mao-chan won’t see…

「Watching your sleeping face…taking a bath together is enough for me. I can work energetically today as well!」
「We can have baby-making next time again…」

Sex with Nagisa is baby making.
Nagisa wants to be pregnant…

「Oh right. Can Mao stay with everyone? Today’s a holiday for kindergarten. I feel sorry to leave her alone in the house」
「Sure…I’ll look after her」
「You don’t have to do it alone. I’ll ask Katsuko and Margo-chan too」

Nagisa crouches and look look at Mao-chan’s eyes.

「Mao…can you stay away from Mama until night?」


「Okay, I’ll stay with Yoshida-kuun!」

   ◇ ◇ ◇

We go to the next suit across the hotel corridor.
Megu and mana came out when I ring the bell.

「Good morning, Onii-chan1」
「Good morning, Yoshi-kun…」

The two of them want a good morning kiss.
I kiss them in turns.

「M-Me too, I didn’t have my morning kiss…!」
「Mao already had a lot of kisses!」


「When you want to kiss…or want to do it then don’t hold back」

Nagisa gives me a rich kiss.
Megu and Mana are wearing waitress uniforms of the hotel restaurant.
It’s an orange apron dress.

「Oh, this? It’s hard to stay in dress all the time so after consulting Reika-oneesan, we borrowed the hotel uniform」

Megu explained.

「Look, after this we’re going to slip out of the police on-the-spot investigation, so it would be conspicuous to be wearing a dress.」

True, it would be unnoticeable if we look employees of the hotel, but…
But, for young girls to be wearing waitress uniform…

「What’s wrong? Is it strange?」

Mana looks up at me worriedly.

「No, it’s cute. Too cute I’m worried that it’ll stand out…」
「Well, we’ll somehow manage」

Nagisa said smiling.

「I’m glad…Yoshi-kun」

Megu cuddles with me.

「…I was worried」
「Mana too!」

Mana hugs me from the back
I also hug the two
…This feeling

「Mana, you’re not wearing underwear?」

Mana smiles bashfully.
This girl…she’s waiting for me to do her…
She’s grown up ash she’s not asking me directly…

「Yoshi-kun, you smell good…did you take a bath?」
「Yeah, along with Nagisa and Mao-chan」
「I didn’t do anything that’s educationally bad so don’t worry」

Nagisa answers smiling.

「That’s because he’s going to bang Mao-chan when she’s at age already…!」


「Anyway…I want to see everyone’s face soon」
「Everyone’s in the back room」
「It’s amazing!…It’s a suite room!」

Megu and Mana sandwich me in between.

「…Look, it’s an old Japanese Novel. There’s a story that you have to steal the potty where they shit and look at it, right? When you look inside, the woman notices it…it contains fake shit made from fragrant tree…and the man dies in agony」

I can hear Kyouko-san’s loud voice.
Or rather, what are you talking about so early in the morning.

「There’s no way that novel exists!」

…This voice is…

「There’s one. Ryunosuke Akutagawa’s『Amorous』, right?」

Now this voice is…miss Cordelia?
Eh…why is she here?

「Oh, good morning? You look better. Your eyes are back…good!」

Kyouko-san said as she look at my face.

「G-Good morning」
「Now then…since the man has come in, I’m going back」

Miss Cordelia stands up from her seat.
Oh, the female Viola and Rosalind are here too.

「You don’t have to be so cautious. You’re Kyouko’s『family』too aren’t you?…Then I’ll let you live even if you’re a man」

Miss Cordelia said smiling wryly

「You showed me some guts…let’s get along from now on」


「She’s my partner so I think she’ll come to play once in a while」

Miss Cordelia’s coming once in a while?…

「You too…it’s our first time talking directly Katagai Nagisa-san」
「Yes…nice to meet you, miss Cordelia」

I see, Nagisa was in the basement last night so she haven’t met miss Cordelia.
But, she has investigated about Nagisa on investigation stage.

「You’re, Mao-chan…?」

Miss Cordelia tries to talk to Mao-chan, but…
Mao-chan somehow knows this woman’s danger so she hides behind Nagisa.

「My my, what a shy child…so cute」
「Margo was the one who named Mao」

Kyouko-san tells miss Cordelia.

「Oh, Margo Starkweather thinks like that?」


「『Mao Zedong book』is the only reading I can think of that」
「Cordelia…that Mao is different」

Kyouko-san looks troubled.

「Go already. If you stay for longer, Yazawa Pops would be troubled」
「I know. I’ll contact you later.」
「Yeah. I’ll wait…it’s impossible for tonight though. One of my『little sisters』is depressed.」
「True…but, I want to see you before I go back」
「I’ll be sure to make time…I won’t let it pass」
「I’m looking forward to it」

Miss Cordelia heads to the exit.

「Bye, everyone. Megu-chan and Mana-chan too, bye」
「Bye, Cordelia-san」
「Good bye」

Mana and Megu replies.
These two seems to have talked with miss Cordelia while I was away.

「Stay healthy. Yukino-san」
「…I don’t want to see you again」

Yukino’s turns her face away

「Well then, everyone…have a nice day」

Miss Cordelia leaves with her subordinates.


Mana leaks a sigh

「Well done」

Kyouko-san said laughing

「You were being careful so she doesn’t feel unpleasant. Megu-chan and Mana-chan」
「Y-Yeah…it was scary」
「It’s okay. She knows courtesy. I think that she also knows how Mana-chan felt」

Kyouko-san said

「Especially…the girl who’s been having bad temper all this time」

Kyouko-san looks at Yukino


Or rather…why are you still here?
No, thinking about it…
True, there’s no other place than here.
But still, she’s sitting with such an arrogant attitude…

「Don’t misunderstand…I don’t want to be in this place. Really」

Saying that far…Yukino looks for words to say.,

「…But, how should I say it…I just thought that I should be here when you wake up. That’s why I’m here. That’s all…!」

…I don’t get what that means.
That’s why I ignore it.

「…Where’s Katsuko-nee?」
「In the kitchen. She’s preparing breakfast」

Megu answers
Misuzu, Ruriko, Yoshiko-san, and Michi came back earlier in preparation for Ruriko’s father’s funeral.
Seki-san should be with them too.
Reika…she must be doing work for Kouzuki security service.

「I have to call Edie. She was hiding in that room until Cordelia goes away」

Kyouko-san stands up and tries to search for sister Edie.

「Minaho-neesan and Margo-san?」
「…With Nei-san」

I see…
Earlier, Kyouko-san…
She said that one of her『little sister』is still depressed…

「It’s on that room. You should go and take a look…!」

Kyouko-san tells me.