Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 343. A good sign


「Good morning everyone」

Nei-san enters the room with Margo-san
Showing a refreshed face.

「You’re late! Everyone’s waiting for you!」

Mana tells Nei-san…

「Sorry, Mana…!」

Nei-san doesn’t use『chan』on her『little sisters』anymore

「Nei-oneesan…have some tea」

Megu immediately brings in tea


Everyone except Kudou-papa noticed Nei-san’s change…
But, nobody talks about it.
It’s fine having the『family』know it themselves.

「Anyway, let’s eat?」

Minaho-neesan said, the breakfast begins…
The dining table is filled with laughter.
Nei-san, Margo-san, Kyouko-san, Mana…are talking with sister Edie in English.
There are times Kyouko-san tease sister Edie but…Margo-san follows it up skillfully.
Well…Edie also knows the difference in ability so she may get angry at Kyouko-san but she doesn’t revolt.

「I’m still making some eggs so eat a lot」

Katsuko-nee tells me.

「Yoshi-kun, do you need a refill?」

Megu’s being tactful.
She’s completely into being the chairman of the family.

「Thanks. I want another drink」

Megu happily brings the teapot and pour in the tea in the cup.
I look at Nei-san.
Nei-san hasn’t told anyone that I’ll be『Kuromori Keito』yet.
She’s not calling me『Kei』either.
She seems to think that it’s not the time to tell them.
Does she intend to say that only to the family when we return to the mansion?
Or does she not intend to say it until she has sex with me?
Well…anything’s fine
We have plenty of time…

…Ding dong

The room bell rings.
…Someone’s here?

「Ah, I’ll go check it!」

Mana leaves the table to see who it is
Then, she came back right away

「…It’s Reika-oneesan!」

Reika’s still in her yellow jersey from last night.
She has the cane in her hand.
She enters the room behind Mana, showing her blushing from embarrassment face.

「Good morning, Reika-oneesan…!」

Nei-san’s morning greeting is repeated by the younger ones.

「Good Morning! Reika-oneesan!」
「…G-Good morning」

Reika answers downcast.

「Please wait for a while. Reika-oneesan’s bacon and eggs will be ready soon」

Katsuko-nee stands up.

「Reika-oneesan, take a seat. I’ll prepare tea right away」

Megu invites Reika to an empty seat.

「No…uhm, I…」
「What’s wrong, Reika-oneesan…why so nervous?」

Margo-san asks Reika



「Take a seat first. We can’t talk with you standing right there」

Reika takes a seat.

「…What’s up?」

Kyouko-san looks at Reika smiling.

「It’s fine…you can tell us anything」

Reika keeps looking down…

「I’m ashamed of myself…」


「I have always been a frog in the well. I was overconfident of my own power…」
「You noticed it yourself? Isn’t that great?」

Kyouko-san tells Reika.

「You’re still young so if you find yourself wrong, then you can start over again」
「Yes…thank you very much」

Reika obediently thanked her.

「But, I…I don’t know if it’s okay for me to continue like this」
「What’s this about?」
「Last night…I was introduced into the family. But, is it really okay for an odd inexperienced person like me to be everyone’s ally? Ever since I saw my reflection of my face in the mirror this morning, I became really scared」


「Hmm. I don’t know about that though. I don’t know how to deal with this so, You deal with this」

Kyouko-san looks at my face.

「Reika…do you want to take back your words about becoming our『family』?」
「No, that’s not the case. It’s just that…last night I was a fool who forgot myself…joining in your family means joining Misuzu-sama’s family. To think that I’ll be in such a big relationship with the head of Kouzuki family…Thinking about it again, I felt like it’s something I shouldn’t be allowed to…」
「Oh, you felt shivering this morning…」

Minaho-neesan said.

「We’re not forcing you to anything. It’s all for Reika to decide herself」

「I answered」

「Is it okay to be this selfish?」

Reika looks at me with upturned eyes.
Even if you tell me that…
I have no authority on deciding on Reika’s life.

「…No. Reika-oneesan. Once you promised to join our『family』you can’t take it back anymore」

Nei-san said.

「Look…you too, you should get angry saying『Selfishness is unforgivable』」

She looks at me with strong eyes as she speak.



「You see,…it’s not good for Reika-oneesan to leave us now. Therefore, you won’t be let go, you won’t be freed. Give it up and just eat with everyone!」

Nei-san said…Reika’s puzzled.

「If I recall…you’re a guard?」

Kyouko-san asks.

「Yes. I’m supposed to be one of the top elites under chief Yazawa. More or less」

Meeting Kyouko-san who’s got a superhuman ability…Reika seems to have lost her confidence.

「Your weapon is that cane? Could you take a stance…?」

Kyouko-san orders Reika.

「No, I…」
「It’s fine, I’m telling you to take a stance…!」
「Reika…do as Kyouko-san says」

I order Reika.


Reika stands from her seat…
She holds the cane with Seikan stance, facing Kyouko-san.

「That’s enough…I get it」
「That alone made me understand enough…!」

Kyouko-san looks up at Reika.

「You…you’re the type that took only a sword training?」


「Y-Yes. That’s right」

She answered bashfully.
Kyouko-san points at the bacon and eggs dish on the table…

「Katsuko-chan made this you see…can you make such a dish?」

Reika looks at the dishes…

「I can do omelets but…I don’t have the confidence to make this beautiful plate…」

Yeah…just like the dishes and bread…
Katsuko-nee’s food has the quality that can be put in a shop right away.
The look and the taste too…

「Why do you think Katsuko-chan can make something so delicious?」
「Is it talent for cooking as expected?」

Reika answers Kyouko-san’s question.

「That’s not it. She’s just thinking about those who would eat this. Anyway, it’s because she wants them to eat good looking and delicious food」

Kyouko-san said.

「Let’s see…let’s turn your sword skill to a ramen shop…」

Kyouko-san, what’s with you suddenly?

「You know ramen shops? If you’re obsessed with the taste of your own ramen, you won’t notice anything else」

Kyouko-san talks seriously.

「But you see…no matter how delicious the ramen the store puts out…if the bowl’s scratched it’s hard to eat, if the chair’s hard to sit on, the table is oblique? If the inside of the shop is small, can you eat ramen in such a good mood? Can you feel like eating delicious ramen?」
「…I don’t think so」

Reika answered.

「That’s right. A ramen shop won’t be good with only Ramen. You need better chairs and tables. The shop should remain clean. There are things you have to do other than ramen…!」

Everyone’s listening to Kyouko-san’s talk.
I still don’t know what’s the relationship of ramen shop and swords.

「A first class store isn’t only in the taste of the cooking. You have to pay attention to the bowls, the interior of the shop must be clean as well. If you don’t care about that, you can’t really please the customers. You won’t be evaluated well. No, of course…the shops who totally take care of the cleanliness of the shop and yet the taste isn’t good is out of the question. But, you know that it’s wrong to think that only good taste will do…」
「You’re quite decent on your sword. I can tell only from the stance you take. But, that’s all. You don’t have anything to expand on in the future」

Kyouko-san declared.

「You and I are people who fight. You know that turning the word is entering the combat, don’t you?」
「I know…therefore…I turned my sword to Kyouko-san with that resolution」

Reika answered.

「You don’t get it at all…!」

Kyouko-san scolds REika.

「When you and I fight in this room…did you assume the other people? Did you think how Margo would move? What about the old man over there? Edie? Could you make sure Megu-chan and Mana-chan’s safety? What would you do if Mao-chan jumps into the fight by mistake?」


「…I didn’t think about that at all」
「Right? You only focused on me…you were convinced to react reflexively only in accordance to the next action I take. You threw away your thoughts to yourself…!」
「That’s true…」

Reika regrets.

「It’s okay if you were alone. But, how can you be a guard with that kind of thinking? You can’t protect anyone right now! You’ll focus on surviving and kill the people you should be protecting…!」

Reika helplessly falls to the floor.

「You’ve been fighting alone all the time so that’s why it turned like this! You may have the real skills but your ramen shop would be unpopular…!」

Reika trembles…sheds tears.

「I’m really a useless woman. With this…I have no worth living
「That’s right! That’s why you’ll be learning household chores from Katsuko-chan!」


「Stay with the family you should protect…and find what you can do within the family. A woman like you who has been alone until now can’t grow up…!」


「Preparing food, cleaning, washing…what can you do for everyone? How can you please everyone in the family…have Katsuko-chan teach them all one by one. That experience will surely make you stronger…!」

Kyouko-san stares straight at Reika.

「You have to make your happiness overlap with the family’s happiness. If you do, you can be happy too…」

Reika nods while crying.

「Of course, you have to help out in nursing Mao-chan too. Then, go take a drink every night…don’t forget to prepare sake and snacks…!」
「…Yes mam」

Could this be?
It looks like a good talk but…
Could it be that Kyouo-san is imposing housework on Reika???

「It’s fine. Reika-oneesan, I will also learn from Katsuko-neesan…」

Megu said.

「Mana too…Mana’s going to learn too!」

Mana too…

「Is it okay for me to be everyone’s『onee-san』?」

Reika looks at the two with teary eyes.

「Isn’t that obvious?…Right, Onii-chan?」

Mana looks at me…
Oh…can’t be helped.

「A troublesome person like Reika is going to be useless without us. Therefore, just stay in the『family』 Okay?」

I pass the baton to Nei-san.

「Yes that’s right…give it up already and just be our『Onee-san』!」
「…Right. We welcome you」

Minaho-neesan smiles from what Nei-san said.

「Hey, Mao…go and say『welcome』to Reika-oneechan…!」
「Welcome!〜 Reika-oneechan!!」

Mao-chan’s bright smile…

「Thank you very much. Everyone…!」

Reika cries inspired.

「Okay, the eggs are done…! My, what’s wrong?」

Katsuko-nee who came with a new bacon and egg dish is surprised at how Reika looks like.
Well, she’s crying on the floor after all…

「Reika-oneesan, don’t cry over there…here, here, return to your seat」

Megu pats Reika’s back.


Reika-oneesan returns to her seat crying.

「…Somehow, I don’t understand anything. Do you make this kind of fuss every time you make a new friend?」

Kudou-papa asks me.

「That’s right. Every time, they’re making so much noise…saying『we’re allies』『we’re family』 These people are really idiotic…!」

Yukino speaks from the side.
Yukino is only the one not on the table…watching the TV alone.
Even so, she’s hungry, chomping ceareals.

「Was my Michi-kun also drawn in using this?」
「That’s how it happened!」

Yukino shouts.

「Drawn in, that’s a poor choice of words…!」

Margo-san smiles wryly.

「Anyway…it won’t be just me alone. All the members of this『family』will protect Michi. We’ll never abandon Michi」

I promised Kudou-papa

「Oh…then that’s fine. Well fine. I believe you people」

After answering…Kudou-papa’s phone rings.

「…hm, it’s me. Sure, I’m coming」

Kudou-papa ends the call…

「Looks like the car you will ride on is ready. I’m going ahead to talk with Yazawa pops on how to deal with the police. Once you’re ready to go outside, call 993 on the extension phone. Norma-kun should answer that」
「Okay. 993 it is…!」
「Yeah, well then, see you later!」

Saying that…Kudou-papa left the room hurriedly.

「That guy is worried about Michi-chan so he came to see us」

Margo-san smiles wryly.
That’s right.
Checking if we’re really trustworthy people or not…
He came to confirm when Michi was out.

「He’s a good father…」

Megu said.

「Yeah. I’m jealous of Michi-oneechan」

Megu and Mana’s father is…

「Speaking of which…Kyouko-san, about Australia」

At the moment I said that…Mana puts her finger on her lips telling me to stop speaking.

「There’s still an『enemy』in this room so you can’t talk about that here!」

Enemy?…Yukino’s your sister though.

「If you’re asking about Sousuke, I confined him to a place only I know」

Kyouko-san answers with a nonchalant face.
Yukino’s listening here.

「His whole body tied up and gagged…his ears have headphones on with loud music so I he’ll be limp without even sleep」
「What kind of music he’s listening to?」

Margo-san asks.

「Hmm…It’s『Magical Girl Limit-chan』and『Balloon girl Temple-chan』…!」

What are those?
I can tell that it’s names of household goods, but…
『Temple-chan』is probably a guy who solidifies tempura oil.
『Limit-Chan』is a cooking timer?…
Why is there a song about them?
Is it a commercial song?

「Well, I’ll be grabbing him later」

Kyouko-san laughs.

「I want to go back home soon」

Mana said.

「Onii-chan, let’s take a nap together in your room…okay?」

For Mana, her house is no longer with Shirasaka family.
It’s Kuromori『mansion』already…

「Oh right…Reika-oneechan!」

Mana talks to Reika smiling.

「For our chores…there’s also Onii-chan’s『night attendant』!」


「It’s okay! You only have to satisfy Onii-chan sexually! If Reika-oneechan doesn’t understand it well then Mana and Nei-oneechan will teach you」

Mana smiles at Nei-san.

「Isn’t that right?! Nei-san!!」

Mana…Nei-san’s a virgin. For now.

「I-I’ll be in your guidance…!」

Reika tells me.

「No…if you don’t like it it’s fine. There’s no need」


「No…I’m not displeased by it」

She answered with her face turned red.

「Without this opportunity…I think I’ll stay virgin forever… If I’m going to experience it, then I would like to do it with my Lrod」


「Ah…then, I’ll do my best」
「Uhm…I don’t think that you can be satisfied with my body but…」

Reika self depreciates herself again, so Mana…

「Geez, Reika-oneechan! If you can’t get him satisfied with one time then do it as many times as he wants! Quantity over Quality!」

Sorry, I’ve done Mana a lot of times since she lost her virginity.

「Mana’s done it 10 times for Onii-chan’s sake…if your technique can’t do then compensate with numbers! If not, you can’t win against Katsuko-oneechan and Nagisa-oneechan when it comes to their rich technique and experience!」
「Oh…is that so?」

Mana’s experience is special…
Sorry, Mana…
I made you experience such sex.

「It’s true. I’ve done it more than ten times in one night. And I was a virgin back then…!」

That happened.

「Err…then I have to do it ten consecutive times too. Yoshi-kun?」
「Megu…you want to do it?」
「No…I don’t think that it’s good to do it with only me」
「Nei-oneechan, how many times have you done it with Onii-chan…the best record?」

Mana asks Nei-san…

「That’s a secret!」

The virgin Nei-san smiles…
Sister Edie looks up at Katsuko-nee.

「What’s up…oh you want another?」

Sister Edie doesn’t mind our Japanese conversation…she just continue to eat and drink.
She’s completely used to being withus.
If she was a dog, she would be swinging her tail on full power…

「This girl also is also no good unless we take care of her」

Nei-san said.

「Well…if it’s combat training, Margo and I will take care of her. Reika-chan, you’re included as well…!」

Kyouko-san tells Reika.

「Yes, I’ll be in your guidance…」
「You’ll be taking care of her on daily life」

Minaho-nesan tells me.

「Edie is the same age as you and Megumi…so she’ll be transferred to our school」


「Take care of her. Class chairman…!」

Minaho-neesan smiles at me
Oh right.
Megu and I are both classroom chairperson


This warrior beauty born from an assassination cult…
The petite girl with blonde hair and blue eyes continue to eat in satisfaction.