Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 345. Each respective crossroads


「There’s a lot of large cargo collection locations on the Gulf coast from Odaiba to Haneda…」

There’s five cars that’s following the bus we’re riding on…

「Because it’s treated as a private property…even the police cars can’t easily pass through. If they don’t have the entry permit then they’ll be stopped at the entrance」

Kudou-papa takes out a document grinning.

「By the way…I have the entrance badge around this area. Tony」
「…Yes boss」

Tony-san moves the bus into a nearby logistics terminal.
Kudou-papa presents the pass to the guard…so our buss is allowed to enter.
The cars behind stopped.

「We’ll be coming from this entrance and get out on the other side」

Then the bus goes through another terminal and head towards the exit…

「Of course, tailing cars can’t be chased away at one go…there are guys watching us from above too」

Kudou-papa points above…Oh, there’s a helicopter
I see, these guys are monitoring our location from the sky.
These guys were giving the tracking cars instructions from a while ago.

「It’s the ironclad rule of tailing…it’s better to think that there are other tracking methods prepared other than those five that were visibly chasing us. With that said…」

The buss enters into another truck terminal.

「We’ll continue to cross private properties multiple times」

The next terminal has a big roof.
We turn in a place where the helicopter can oversee…and head to the exit.
And then another entry card is presented on another collection site.
This time, the bus runs in a huge building.
Going around the inside, coming out of a different exit.

「Hmm…we’re close to our destination.」

We jumped into another terminal.
When the bus enters the facility…


There’s buses with the same type as ours.
Furthermore…the passengers of the bus are wearing the same tiger masks as we do

「Okay. Tony-kun stop!」

By Kudou-papa’s instruction, Tony-san stops the bus.
At the same time, the busses parked starts…

「That one has Norma-kun driving. The passenger tigers are all mannequins. For a while, they’ll be running around the logistics terminal like we’ve been doing now. The police and media would notice the buss has changed soon but…they won’t know at which stage they did」

I-I see.

「Therefore…everyone, get in that truck」
「It’s okay to take off the mask」

Fuu, Kyouko-san gave her permission.
We take off the tiger masks and cloak.

「Then…where are we going from here?」

Kyouko-san asks, Kudou-papa…

「After coming here…Haneda airport is just around the corner」

He smiled.

「There’s a convenient place there called VIP parking lot. Your cars were moved there from the theater last night. The airport parking lot has many cars coming and going…so even if your luxury foreign cars like yours line up, it won’t be noticed…」

Kudou-papa and Tony-san immediately changes their uniform to a transport company.
We open the aluminum door and head inside the cargo compartment.

「This two ton long compartment might be narrow for you all but please endure it for now」

There’s no seats so we sat directly on the floor of the cargo compartment.
Mao-chan is carried by Nagisa…but she’s happily laughing.
Sister Edie looks pleased as well.
Reika sits in between Nagisa and Katsuko-nee.
Minaho-neesan is protected by Kyouko-san and Margo-san.
Megu and Mana’s tense, I’m hugging Nei-san.
As for Yukino…
Why are you still wearing your black tiger mask?

「Because…someone might identify me as Shirasaka Yukino. The airport has a lot of people」

As usual, she’s overly self-conscious…
Or rather, it doesn’t feel like the black tiger mask is strange.

「The road is flat and I won’t speed up too much so I don’t think there would be that much shaking. We’ll be right there so bear with me」

After saying, Kudou-papa closed the door of the cargo compartment from the outside.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

We endured being stuffed inside the truck compartment for ten minutes.
Well, it didn’t shake as much as I thought but still…I know that the cargo compartment isn’t a place for people to ride on.
Before long, the truck stops.
The door opens again.

「We’re here…woah, it’s filled with womanly scent」

Kudou-papa said after smelling the room.
Well of course… there’s more than ten women stuffed in.

「You look fine」
「Haha…I got used to it」

That’s right. I’m used to living with women.
Outside of the truck…seems to be a multi-story parking lot.
A familiar car is parked in front of our eyes.
Margo-san’s blue Maserati…
Next to it is Minaho-neesan’s Benz.
Then, a white van.

「That’s my car!」

Nagisa points at it
A red car…

「It’s a Peugeot. A French car」

Oh. Nagisa knows it.

「Don’t touch it yet, Nagisa-chan…!」

Kyouko-san said.

「Everyone take distance」

Then, she looked at Kudou-papa.

「It’s not like I don’t trust you but…it’s an occupational disease. I’m scared for others to touch the car before I check it」


「There could be transmitters or explosives you see」

Kyouko-san started from checking Minaho-neesan’s Benz.

「Margo, check your own car」
「…Roger, Kyouko-san」

Margo-san begins examining from the Maserati’s suspension

「Ah, I’ll help out too」

Reika also joins the work.

「Okay. There’s no bomb but I found a transmitter」

Margo-san said.

「Margo, that’s probably not the only one there」
「Yeah. Having this one found is probably within their assumption…I think there’s a gimmick in here」
「Don’t overlook a single piece」
「Ah, I found one here too」

Reika also finds a transmitter.
In the end, the four cars had twelve transmitters found on them.

「What does this mean?」

Kyouko-san asks Kudou-papa.

「I-I don’t know anything about that」
「I know…the one who did it is probably Yazawa-pops」

Kyouko-san laughs.

「That old man wants to put bells on our necks」
「Or rather…it’s just Kyouko-san. Yazawa-san feels threatened with your freedom」

Margo-san said.

「Well who cares. I hate having a bell on my neck you see. Could you tell Yazawa-pops that?」

Kyouko-san hands the mountain of transmitters to Kudou-papa.

「My, look at the time…I’m really late」

Nagisa looks at her watch.
The time is already 10:30

「I’ll be going ahead. I’ve got to open the shop after all…」
「Wait, Nagisa」

I look at Megu.

「Megu, do you have club activities today?」
「There’s one today but…I called Captain Takeshiba this morning telling that I’ll be taking a day off for today」
「Because of the fuss last night, everyone hasn’t rested at all you see?…I feel sorry to have only Katsuko-oneesan take care of the mansion…」

Megu’s completely into being the chairman of the family.

「Captain Takeshiba also watched the TV on the big things happening to Shirasaka house. So she told me to not go to the club for today」

Everyone knows that Megu’s a distant relative of Shirasaka family…
The big coup in the Shirasaka house is reported more extensively than yesterday’s Shirasaka Sousuke’s sex scandal.
People who are interests oriented were taken up by Shirasaka Sousuke but…
With the downfall of the head of the media network and television stations.
He’s also the owner of a popular team…
The influence on the society is uneven.

「Okay. Then, Megu will take care of the mansion. Also, Mana…go help on Nagisa’s shop」
「That’s right. We’re family so isn’t it normal that we help each other out?」
「Yup…you’re right」

Mana’s convinced.

「Also, Reika will be going too」
「Me?…Help out with a flower shop?」

Reika’s surprised.

「Because of yesterday’s events…I think that it’s better if there’s a guard on Nagisa’s shop just in case.」 Reika will help out the shop and protect Nagisa and her employees」
「…If that’s the case」

No…my true intention is to…
Have Reika touch something other than a sword.

「Of course, you have to be helping out with the store properly so the customers coming to the shop won’t think of you as strance」
「Nagisa…is that okay?」

Though instead of helpers…I’m just letting Nagisa take care of Mana and Reika though…
If it’s Nagisa, she’ll be teaching them properly

「Yes, it’ll help…!」

Nagisa smiles.

「Then, get in the car…Mao too. When the shop’s closed, we’ll go back at the mansion at night」

Nagisa, Mao-chan, Mana, and Reika gets in the red car.

《…Wooo, MAO!》
「You’re here」

Edie’s not agreeing to Mao-chan going away but…
Kyouko-san holds her down with power.

「We’ll be returning to the mansion for now. I don’t think there’s any watchers hired by Shirasaka house or Viola in there, but… It feels scary if we don’t check it properly」

Minaho-neesan said.

「After the safety of the mansion is confirmed, I’ll go with Kyouko-san to take the target」

The target means Shirasaka Sousuke.
Yukino the black tiger looks at Minaho-neesan in surprise.

「Minaho…can we go on a separate route?」

Margo-san said.

「It’ll be me, him and Nei…」


「Let’s see. I’ll leave that case to you…」

She said.

「Then, we’ll be going ahead…see you later, dear!」
「Onii-chan…I’ll do my best!」
「Leave this to me」

Nagisa’s car started rolling

「Should this girl be in our car too?」
「Yes…we don’t know what she would do if she’s not monitored」
「Isn’t it safer than Edie? Well, it looks fun so hey…get in!」

Yukino in her black tiger mask rides on the back seat of Minaho-neesan’s car.
Edie sits next to her.
But still, she’s frolic.
Her excitement on places she would go doesn’t stop.
Katsuko-nee and Megu rides the white van.

「Kudou-san, thanks for everything this time…」

Minaho-neesan gives her thanks before riding the car.

「Don’t mind it. We’re only doing our jobs…」

Kudou-papa answered with a smile.

「This time, we were allies but…do you want to be hostile next time?」

Kyouko-san says.

「Spare me from that. The bodies hitting the floor won’t be enough against you」

Even Kudou-papa can’t make jokes on the veteran Kyouo-san.

「Besides…I don’t want to fight Michi」

…Kudou-papa looks at Minaho-neesan and Kyouko-san with a serious face.

「Please take care of Michi」

He bows his head.

「Your daughter is taken by my brother. We the seniors will be monitoring and guiding them so they can become happy. Please do not worry…」

Minaho-neesan also bows her head to Kudou-papa.

「I’ll get it right…!」

I bow my head deeply

「…Thanks. Really」

Kudou-papa’s affection to Michi is deep in his heart.

「Well then, good luck, boy!」

Kudou-papa tells me.

「Yes…I’ll do my best」

Laughing, Kudou-papa rides back the truck.
He ordered Tony-san and the engine started.

「Well then…you three do what you have to do…」

Minaho-neesan says then she rides the Benz.

「Margo, you don’t have to worry about us. Take care of Nei-chan!」

Kyouko-san says from the passenger seat.
Yukino…at the moment our eyes met, she turned her face away.
While still wearing the black tiger mask.
Sister Edie laughs at Yukino…
The engine starts roaring…
And the black Benz rolls out.

「We’ll be going as well. Please come back home soon」
「Yoshi-kun, I’ll be waiting!」

Katsuko-nee and Megu’s white van also follows Minaho-neesan.
The people remaining in the parking lot are…
Me, Margo-san, and Nei-san…
ーAnd Margo-san’s blue Maserati…

「Well, let’s go too…」

Margo-san said.
We’re going to my house.
I won’t say it but…the three of us know that

「…Let’s go, Kei」

We ride the car.

「Here, take this. Nei too」

Margo-san opens the car dashboard…
Then she took out two phones from the inside.

「It’s a prepaid card type phoone. Use that for the time being. The number’s pasted on the seal on the back. Jot the number down and throw it away」

Yeah. There’s a number written on a seal.

「The phones used until yesterday were all destroyed. There’s a possibility that those numbers are already leaked in the underground society. The phones I gave you just now will only be used as a communication until you get a new phone. I’ll prepare a new phone by tomorrow」

Thus…my former phone wasn’t given back.

「Well then…let’s go?」

Margo-san turns the engine key…
The high power Maserati starts lightly

「Yeah…let’s go」

Nei-san holds my hand.
Is she getting nervous?…Her hand is cold.
Will be taking Nei-san’s virginity…

「…Let’s go」

The Maserati kicks the ground and dashes forward furiously…!