Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 346. The car’s blue, the sky’s blue.


The blue Maserati runs across the morning road…
The sky’s sunny…we’re in the middle of the Golden Week.,
The atmosphere of relaxed holidays is in the city.
Margo-san plays music in the car.
It’s a gentle and relaxing…a beautiful woman’s English song.

「Oh…I love this one」

Nei-san said

「What’s this song?」

Nei-san smiles gently.

「《BRAZIL》is a movie title you see…and that song plays on the dream scenes. This is a version Kate Bush sings」

Margo-san said.

「《BRAZIL》is the original title but in Japan…it’s called『Future Century Brazil』」

Nei-san teaches me.
Of course…I don’t get it.

「Kate Bush is really great. I like her」
「…Is that so?」
「Yeah. There’s a song called『Wuthering Heights』sung by her…I love both the song and the lyric but, it’s been used as an opening show on variety shows in Japan they said. That’s why the comedy image comes into my head」

Nei-san talks of a story.

「When I came back to Japan and just entered high school…I was in the chorus club. I made friends, and told them『I like this song』as I listen to『Wuthering Heights』and they laughed at me…it was a huge shock on me」

Nei-san also had that time…
Immediately after, the man under Shirasaka Sousuke tried to make a move on her…and Nei-san turned to a delinquent blonde haired girl.
Pairing up with Margo-san, in exchange of protection…she lost friends in school.

「They’re not at fault but…once they get along with me and had themselves targetted, they might be turned to prostitutes…」

Out high school has been a source of prostitutes for『Kuromori』
At present, Iwakura-kaichou is supposed to be the last, but…

「There’s my case with Cesario Viola…ever since I came to Japan, I’ve been watching the lives of prostitutes in the mansion…sex didn’t have a very good image in me. Really, until recently…you came. I’ve come to think that sex may be a kind of fun act」

Nei-san calls me as『you』
She’s not calling me「Kei」even in front of Margo-san.

「Was it from when you saw me having sex with Misuzu or Katsuko-nee?」
「No. I felt it since you first raped Yukino-san. You have a completely different atmosphere when raping compared to Shirasaka Sousuke…」1
「Yes…when Shirasaka Sousuke rapes a girl, he’s showing a faint smile…looking like he’s having fun. And it’s disgusting. It’s selfish, and he only hurt the girl’s body and heart」

Rape is like that.
The man’s libido being forced into a woman.

「But…when you raped Yukino-san. It was different from the first time. You’re so serious, that even watching through the video was painful. It was sad. It looks like you were trying to cling into Yukino-san’s body from the bottom of your heart…」
「Was I like that?」
「Or rather…it’s always like that. Whoever you do it with」

Margo-san says from the driver seat…

「At the same trying you’re trying to fill the void in your heart…you desperately try to fill up the sadness of the other party’s heart. It’s so painful and so sad. You’re really an interesting child」

Even if you tell me that…

「Kyouko-san’s really surprised about you」

She was surprised about me?

「No, you see I was on the middle of reporting the progress to Kyouko-san. Then, she was really surprised to see us in flesh. Minaho and Katsuko-san who were mentally unstable is now calm…Nagisa-san, Nei, and even me…」
「Margo-san too…? Isn’t Margo-san quite calm since when we’ve met?」

Margo-san laughs.

「Is that how you saw it? That’s wrong. Even I was as unstable as everyone else. It’s just that Nei’s instability stands out more, I guess?」
「That’s right. This person’s quite a moody one you know…!」

Nei-san doesn’t use『Maru-chan』either
As expected, the person in this car right now…is a person in between Nei-san and Yasuko-san.
Her personality isn’t fixed.

「Kyouko-san is worried about leaving us alone going to Australia. But…there was no other choice but to let Kyouko-san capture Shirasaka Sousuke on that side. Minaho’s quite rushing to carry out her plan」
「…Shirasaka Sousuke planned to turn Megu-chan to a prostitute by Monday, you do know that right? Minaho wants to prevent it from happening by all means. Therefore, she had no choice but to start the『revenge plan』in panic」

…I see
For Minaho-nesan, Megu is a memento of a senior prostitute she’s indebt with…
She definitely don’t want Megu to be turned to a prostitute.

「Kyouko-san and I have been regretting what happened to Nagisa-san」
「Nagisa-san was forced to be pregnant…and gave birth to Mao-chan. At that time, Kyouko-san wasn’t in the mansion. She had to leave Japan for the『Malandro』work by all means… Kyouko-san wasn’t there so Shirasaka Sousuke did the absurd. But…Minaho nor I didn’t have the power to stop the tyranny of that man… It was a painful reminder for us」

Mao-chan’s three years old so…Nagisa got pregnant four years ago.
Margo-san’s fifteen years old, just coming to Japan from America…
It was also the time when Minaho-neesan hasn’t grasped the management of『Kuromori』

「Shirasaka Sousuke was approached with a Yakuza organization…if it continues, Megu-chan would be abducted regardless of『Kuromori』 That’s why she leaked the『customer list』information to Shirasaka Sousuke in hurry…」

And lured him to Australia…

「There was a fear that it would become an all out war with Shirasaka Sousuke and the Yakuza organization inside Japan. We don’t have that kind of power. It was necessary to send him overseas to separate him with the Yakuza. Besides, Kyouko-san would be able to move freely there」

For Kyouko-san who’s from an international faction…it’s hard for her to move in a country like Japan.

「Then…she’s been worried if we were all right all this time. I know it very well because I’m in contact with her every day, but. We are really mentally weak people after all」
「That’s not true. Margo-san, Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, and Nagisa…all the seniors are doing well aren’t they? They’re always helping us younger ones…」
「That’s not it. That’s not the truth」

Margo-san speaks as she look straight in front.

「…It’s thanks to you. All of it」
「No, I didn’t do anything」
「Because of your existence…we’re able to discipline ourselves. We don’t want to hurt your trust…we wanted to be『a good elder sister』to you」

My…elder sisters?

「Everyone’s so desperate. But, they’re not doing the unreasonable. Everyone’s having fun…beingyour『Onee-san』 Because you believe in us…we’re able to forgive ourselves for the first time in our lives. We became able to love ourselves. We’re doing our best to become your elder sisters…」
「I don’t get it」

Nei-san holds my hand.

「It might be something you don’t understand. But…it’s certain that you’ve turned us to a good direction…!」
「It’s not just us. The younger girls too…Misuzu-san, Megu-chan, Mana-chan, Michi-chan too…they’re growing more and more by touching you. Reika-oneesan and Seki-san too…」


「Earlier…Kyouko-san scolded Reika-oneesan right?」

Nei-san tells me.

「Ah, yes」
「That’s just rare. Kyouko-san is a person who never scolds people unless they’re promising」
「Is that so?」
「Yeah. She’ll usually make fun and just turn it to a joke. It’s my first time seeing Kyouko-san scolding seriously」

Margo-san said.

「Kyouko-san’s too smart of a person so…getting angry, is only exhausting the physical strength. She’ll come up with a countermeasure right away. She’ll be moving on the next action before she gets angry. Just like the police officer a while ago who doesn’t hesitate to threaten others…she’ll just use force fast on people who are foolish enough to not understand…」

On top of being smart, she’s also absurdly strong…
Before she gets angry, she already takes out the other party by force?

「The remaining pride inside Reika-oneesan is completely destroyed…」


「Reika-oneesan who’s been crossdressing didn’t hide her vulnerable heart and pride with that appearance. And now, all of the armor worn by her heart is peeled off…」
「…Yeah. She opened her heart…got naked in front of us. I think that letting her to go Nagisa-san’s shop is the right choice」
「Is that so?」
「That’s right. Reika-oneesan right now is too bare…she can’t do a guard work. It’s better for her to familiarize herself with the atmosphere of the family with Nagisa-san and Mao-chan」
「If she understands what she want to protect…I think that Reika-oneesan will become stronger」

Margo-san said.

「No, actually…before you got up, Kyouko-san said. She’s surprised that we’re mentally stable but…all the people you bring have good qualities」
「No, it’s not that I bring them in」
「I wonder? I think that you’re the key man but…」
「That’s right. Without you…Misuzu-san , Michi-san, Mana-san and Reika-oneesan won’t join in the family」

As expected…Nei-san doesn’t use『Chan』

「Who would’ve thought that even Kouzuki-san joined in the family」

Well…even I am surprised.

「Really, your ability is phenomenal, that’s what Kyouko-san said…」

No, I’m just…
I don’t have a role…even though I’m just being pulled by everyone.

「Are you not good at dealing with Kyouko-san?」

Margo-san asks me.

「Hmm…let’s see. I still don’t know what kind of person she is after all」
「Kyouko-san is the…father of『Kuromori』」

Nei-san said.

「A father role even though she’s a woman…I think it’s hard for you to understand.」
「Right. Kyouko-san’s got a masculine role after all」

Oh…because she’s a lesbian.

「She’s a person who complicated the feminine sensibility and masculine thinking. Therefore, it’s hard to understand the behavior of hers. If we make it clear by saying『This person is everyone’s father』then it’ll be easy to understand, however」

Margo-san said.
I see…I guess that’s the cause of the sense of discomfort I feel with Kyouko-san.
It doesn’t feel like she’s the eldest sister of『Kuromori』
Minaho-neesan is definitely the eldest sister, but…
Kyouko-san is the『father?』

「That『father』is acknowledging your existence properly. You’re the indispensable brother to us」

Nei-san tells me smiling.

「Kyouko-san has praised other parts of you as well. Especially how you distinguish Yukino-san apart from the family, making a proper line」

…About Yukino

「That girl’s really hopeless」

Even Nei-san…her evaluation of Yukino seems to be low.

「If it’s a normal guy…the affection gradually goes up the longer you stay together, even with someone like Yukino-san would definitely be turned to a relative. In your case, you were able to make a clear distinction「」


「Yukino-san will never be our ally…you know that she’s a girl who we can never let our guard down. It’s rare for men to do such things, even excellent to do so…thus Kyouko-san praised you」

Margo-san says so but.

「I just know that Yukino and I will never understand each other…」
「…It’s the relationship of two straight line in three dimensions」
「Mathematically…in a three dimensional world, there are four kind of relationships done by two straight lines. First is 『completely overlapping』…Second is『extend parallel』, third is『crossing at one point』the fourth is『bending on one point』…never crossing」


「If you think of a human life as a single straight line…it’s funny isn’t it? It’s not easy for one and another’s life to completely overlap. If they’re parallel, they’ll be able to see each other all the time. There are lives where they cross at one point and then continue on different ways. Even if you think it’s parallel, in fact it’s twisted a bit of an angle…it may be the life relationship of twist, that goes away gradually」

…That’s right.
The encounters with people’s lives are various.

「Yukino and I…normally would have a relationship that would never intersect, twist from the beginning to end. But…by coincidence, we’re able to cross at a point now. But, what’s ahead is to go away gradually」

Our lives will never overlap nor become parallel
After getting involved once…what’s left is to break up…

「『Life is only goodbyes』huh…」

Margo-san sighs.

「What was that?」
「There’s a person who used to say that. Everyday you meet a lot of people even if you’re not conscious of them. Therefore, people are only conscious of『parting』」
「I see…because you’re supposed to break up, that’s why you’re kind to Yukino-san…」

Nei-san mutters.

「What about me?」


「Do you think of me as a person you’ll part from someday…?」


「I don’t want to. I want us to stay together forever…!」

Nei-san smiles.

「…Me too」
「Therefore, let’s stay together. Please stay with me…」
「That’s what I should ask from you…」

Nei-san kisses my hand.

「I don’t want to part. Let us be together until death」


   ◇ ◇ ◇

Before long, the car arrives to the town where I live.

「Ah, let’s stop on a convenience store or something. We don’t have anything to drink at all…」

That’s right.
I haven’t come back to the house for a while…

「There’s no tea leaves or packs in there. I never had any visitor at house」
「Does your father or mother not drink tea?」

Margo-san asks.

「Ah…I don’t know」
「Don’t know?」
「I’m off limits on the zone where my father and mother lives…」
「Eh, there’s only one kitchen right?」

Nei-san’s surprised.

「Yeah…since grandma died, both of them eat only outside… Both of them have the refrigerator in their room I guess? I’ve never seen their rooms so I don’t know, but」
「Then, you’re using the kitchen alone?」
「I borrow the water and stove. I also have one aluminum pot for myself. But, I’m not allowed to use anything other than that…」
「…Not allowed?」
「The fridge in the kitchen isn’t used so it’s a waste, therefore it’s pulled out of the socket. All of the cupboards are locked. I’ve been using my own cups, dishes and chopsticks bought from the hundred yen shop」
「But, isn’t it troublesome that you can’t use the refrigerator?」

Nei-san looks at me with amazed eyes.

「I’m not troubled…I’ve been living alone in the house for a month since spring. The food is mostly bread or cup noodles…and the water is all you can drink tap water. Sometimes, I boil water and drink it」
「But…If you buy juice you need to cool it you know?」
「I don’t buy those. I can’t pay a hundred to hundred-twenty for drinks. I thought that I couldn’t live without saving money」

Nei-san hugs my body tightly.

「Oh right…you were that kind of boy…」
「There’s a big drugstore there…so we’ll stop by」

Margo-san parked the car.
Oh, though it’s a pharmacy, they sell a lot of drinks.

「I avoid artificial sweeteners and stimulants」

Margo-san said, as she take the barley tea bottle.

「I’m fine with that tea over there. It’s got to be cool to be delicious…」

Nei-san chose straight tea and goes to the back of the shop…

「Sorry, I’ve got to buy other things」

What is she buying?
I took a mineral water…

「You sure?」

Margo-san asks.

「Yes. It’s cheap, can be drunk even warm, and is more delicious than tap water…」
「You drink a lot of tap water…Japan has good water except for Tokyo」
「Is it different on other places?」
「In foreign countries, there are many who get sick from drinking tap water. Even when taking shower, if you don’t close your eyes properly, there will be germs entering your eyes」
「In Japan…when you leave Tokyo, tap water is also delicious. Anyway, Tokyo’s tap water is horrible」

I don’t know the taste of water in other places.

「Now then, let’s buy that bottle and wait in the car」
「Eh, shouldn’t we wait for Nei-san?」

Margo-san smiles.

「Men shouldn’t look at what girls buy in pharmacies2

…Oh, okay.
Pharmacies sell things that are very private.
Especially for women…

「True…got it」
「Nei…we’ll be waiting outside!」

Margo-san tells Nei-san who’s at the back of the store.

「Yeah! I’m coming right away, just wait for a while…!」

   ◇ ◇ ◇

「Thanks for the wait…!」

Nei-san comes to the car holding a small plastic bag.
I better not ask what’s inside.
Margo-san starts the car.
The car components are restarted.
After the sound of engine…A Japanese song different from earlier plays.
What’s this? A folk song?

「…Who sang this?」

Nei-san asks Margo-san.

「I don’t know this well too. It seems to be an old Japanese band, but…Katsuko-san lent me this」
「Hmm, it’s an interesting song…what’s the title?」
「…『Flower, sun, rain』」

Wrapped in gentle music…the Maserati heads to my house…

「Please turn to the corner there…the three frontage is my house」

…I came back
It’s been a while…
How many times has it been since I left home?
Back then…I was a virgin.
It hasn’t been a week since then and yet…
I feel like it was decades ago…

「…Okay, we’ve arrived」

Margo-san stopped the car in front of the house.

「Then, you two can go ahead」


「I’ll be waiting here…!」

Nei-san asks.

「You don’t want to watch me lose my virginity?」

Margo-san smiles gently

「Nei…you should be independent from me」

Nei-san gasps.

「I’ve been trying to keep Nei from being alone since we’ve met in US. Me, Kyouko-san, Minaho-, Katsuko-san always stay close to Nei. Everyone’s worried about Nei all the time」

For Nei-san who’s mentally unstable…
Someone’s always by her side.

「That is why there’s always someone with Nei, but…in exchange, Nei has never told any secrets to us」

Margo-san’s eyes looking at Nei-san…is very kind.

「I think that you two need to have a secret only you know…」

Margo-san looks at me.

「You too…your sex have always been monitored by someone. It’s about time for you to be out of that situation soon」

Where nobody can see…
Nei-san and I are alone…
…We’re going to have sex.

「Becoming an adult is a secret to have…go」

Margo-san smiles.

「…You two go make a secret」


  1. Still rape
  2. words of wisdom