Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 347. The room’s stagnant air



「Here, take this」

Margo-san handed me a camera.

「In『Kuromori』it’s a rule to have your first time sex recorded but…you two can do as you like. You can record it or not…you don’t have to show us the photos you take」
「…Are you really sure?」

Nei-san looks at Margo-san

「Didn’t I tell you? Nei also needs a secret to keep…」

Margo-san smiles.

「This car is too flashy to be stopped no this road so I’ll be nearby. If I recall, there’s a family restaurant on that street. When you’re done, call me. I’ll come pick you up right awya. Ah…you don’t need to hurry. You can take your time…at least three hours」

Three hours…just me and Nei-san


◇ ◇ ◇

Nei-san and I get off the car…
Margo-san starts the Maserati immediately
Smiling at us…
The two of us…were left behind

「Well, let’s go…Kei」

As soon as we’re alone…Nei-san calls me『Kei』


I also match the way I call with Nei-san

「Wow…that’s amazing. It looks like a jungle」

Nei-san said looking at the garden.
Our garden had nobody grooming it since Grandma died…
The trees grow thick and the grass are seriously tall.
At least, the paving stone to the entrance doesn’t have growing so you can pass through, but…
Well, it looks messed up from the outside.
You can tell that the residents are useless…

「Our house…neither mother nor father had a visitor. This is just a house to sleep at night…so nobody takes care of the house」

I was also living in a dormitory until spring this year
Even after coming back to this house, I didn’t want to do anything with the garden.
Or rather…I I did something without permission, I’ll get scolded by mother.

「Anyway…let’s enter

I open the iron gate and enter.
The parking lot where Mother’s car is always parked is vacant.
Well…that person will not come back from her family home anymore…
We go through the jungle garden to the entrance.

「Ah, the entrance is exclusive for mother…father and I weren’t supposed to enter without permission
「…What’s with that?」
「I don’t understand it but that was the rule since I was a child」
「Kei has never entered the house from the front entrance?」
「Yeah…I don’t have any memory of it」

I take Nei-san around the house.
Since it has concrete pavement, it’s not turned to a jungle.
We’re in front of the kitchen door.
…Now then
I lift a concrete lock piled up casually next to the doorstep.
If I recall, the gap on the third block from the top…
Yup…there it is
It’s a small metal box with sweets inside.
Opening the rusty box…a dull glowing key shows up.
It’s the key to the kitchen I’ve hidden since elementary school.
I push the key to the door.


The lock’s open.
I enter inside.
The air is stagnant.
I haven’t been in home for a while…
No, that’s wrong.
This house has stagnant air from the start.
I left this house…and discovering the life in the Mansion where Katsuko-nee properly gives it a sense of life…
It’s my first time noticing the abnormality of Yoshida house.
This house is no good…it’s rotten.
It lacks the vitality even more than the house of prositutes
I recall something.
If the room’s just like how I left it then…

「What’s wrong? You won’t come in?」

Nei-san looks at me curiously

「Uhm…could you wait for a while?」
「No…it’s just that I have to clean inside」


「If you’re cleaning then Onee-chan will join in too」
「But…how should I say it」
「Rather than that…I think that you’ll come to hate me」

Yeah…I think

「I won’t. Never…」
「But, it’s really dirty」

Nei-san laughs…

「It’s fine…」

Then, she said.

「I want to know everything about Kei」

We enter the house from the kitchen.
Yeah, it’s dusty
So my house was like this.
I checked the kitchen’s garbage in a hurry
There’s only bags of breads and containers of cup noodles washed with water…
There’s no stench.
I feel a bit relieved.
Well, I don’t buy meat or vegetables, which becomes the source of raw garbage.
I was living alone…
I was forbidden to use the refrigerator.

「This is the kitchen…the other side is the living room. Though I say living room…it only has the sofa I sleep on and it has nothing else」
「Your family’s not coming to the living room?」
「Yeah. Father and Mother always enter their own room when they’re here… Father sometimes go to the kitchen to brew coffee or something but…mother’s room on the second floor has everything」
「Kitchen, bathroom, toilet…all of them are for mother’s exclusive use. I’ve never entered it so I don’t know the inside」

Anyway, even if we’re on the same house, I have never seen it…
I think that there’s everything in mother’s room.
Father…comes down on the first floor to take a bath or toilet.

「I only know the first floor. I was told not to go upstairs…」

Ever since I was a child

「Hey, could we go and see the second floor?」

Nei-san said.

「It’s impossible. It’s all locked」

I said

「Yeah, mother has a very suspicious personality that this room is filled with locks」

I show the kitchen cupboard.

「The plates and cups on this cupboard…are all mother’s. Father and I weren’t allowed to use it」

The cupboard…are all locked with a large padlock to prevent them from opening.

「The kitchen and the living room next to it…and the toilet and the bathroom on the first floor? Those are the only one’s mother hasn’t locked. The remaining rooms are filled with mother’s belongings…so all of those are locked. The shoe box at the door too. Only mother’s shoes are there…」
「What about you and your father’s shoes?」

Nei-san asks with an amazed face.

「My shoes are supposed to be taken off at the kitchen doorstep. Well, it’s only school shoes. Father puts his shoes into a convenience store’s plastic bag and takes it to his room every time」

The entrance is exclusive to mother…so there’s no other choice.

「The only places I can stay in are the rooms that aren’t locked. In short, only the kitchen and the living room. Even the corridor out of the entrance is no good…right」
「Has it always been like that since childhood?」
「No…when I was in elementary school, grandma and my room was in the first floor but. When I came back from the dorm, it was gone」
「Yeah. The there’s a lock on it…it seems to have become a new storage place for mother」

I don’t know the details.
Neither my father nor mother said anything about it.
But…having a lock means it’s off limits.

「Are you okay with that?」

Nei-san asks me.

「Even if you ask me…this is the house where I was born and raised but…I had nothing I own. There’s no helping it」

I feel suffocated by the stagnant air.
I open the window to let the air in.
Wow…this window’s very dirty.
The last time this got cleaned up was back when Grandma was alive…

「This isn’t a house…」


「This isn’t a house at all」


「…Kei, don’t you think so too?」
「What’s up?」
「This is the only place I know」

I don’t know about other houses.
Kuromori’s『Mansion』is different from an ordinary house.


Nei-san hugs me from behind.

「I didn’t understand it at all」
「About what?」
「Before Kei-chan and I were kidnapped by Viola, we were happy. Papa and Mama were kind people. Our house…is a『home』 Even though I had such happy memories…I was convinced that I’m such a poor person. I am so spoiled by the people around me…」
「Onee-chan had a lot of sad feelings so you can be spoiled」
「Then, Kei depend on me too…!」

Nei-san’s rich breast is pressed against my back.

「Even Kei had a lot of sad past…but I couldn’t even notice it because of me thinking that I’m so pitiful」
「…I’m not that pitiful」

That’s right…I

「I had a place to sleep. I also managed to eat somehow=…」
「But…Kei has always been alone. Your father and mother ignored you…」
「It’s not always. There was a time when I was with grandma…」

I turn to Nei-san…

「Now, I have Onee-chan…and everyone」

I hug Nei-san strongly

◇ ◇ ◇

Then…we head to the living room.
This is the first room after leaving the kitchen.
The hallway a well has some amazing dust looking at it now.
Did father use the vacuum cleaner before he has disappeared?
Mother will never do it…of course.

「The other rooms are really locked」

Nei-san looks at the doors of the other rooms in the corridor and said.
Each of the door is sealed with a big padlock.
The entrance of the doors have 『Winter and coats』or『Bags』written on paper pasted on it.

「Each of the rooms have mother’s luggage buried on it. That person never throws things she bought so it accumulates」
「What’s that room?」

Nei-san points to a door…
It has『unnecessary』written on it.

「Like I said…she’s not throwing anything away. That’s all the things she bought」

That person is that kind of woman after all

「…This way」

We enter the living room.
It stinks

「No no no…could you wait for a while?!」

It’s too late to stop her…
Nei-san is already in

「Wow…what’s this smell?」


「Uhm…during the night before I left this house, I was masturbating…」

The used tissues are on the floor of the living room.

「Eh, you used this much tissues overnight?!」1

Around the sofa I sleep in…
Tissues are scattered around it.

「No… When father was gone…I was alone in the house, I was a bit desperate…so I only did masturbate」

…In short.

「You didn’t clean at all…」
「Yes…I’m sorry」

I pick up the garbage bag in a hurry and collect the tissues I threw around.

「I’ll help you out」

Nei-san said and reaches out for the floor.

「It’s fine. It’s dirty」
「It’s fine it’s fine」

Nei-san said…then picked up the smelly paper with my semen, then threw it away.

「Let’s use a vacuum cleaner. This room is also dusty」

Nei-san opened the window…letting out the smell of the room.
I got the vacuum cleaner…cleaned up the floor and the sofa.


I apologized.

「…About what?」
「No…it’s just that I really kept masturbating. Ever since the entrance ceremony…」

My father disappeared on the day of entrance ceremony.
Then…for a month.
I was in this room…masturbating all the time.

「Yeah, the amount of tissues is a bit overkill」

Nei-san looks at the garbage bag.

「Don’t do this anymore.」


「I’ll be Kei’s sex partner from now on」


「Kei…have you ever imagined having sex with someone in this room?」
「Never. I’ve been told not to call anyone to this house」

Ever since elementary school…
Even if I can go to my friend’s house…
I can’t call everyone to my house.

「And yet, Kei…this is where you’ll break my virginity?」

Nei-san sits on the cleaned sofa.
She caress the surface of the tattered sofa.

「This is…Kei’s bed」
「Isn’t it a bit too small? You can’t sleep with your body stretched out, right?」
「Therefore I sleep curling myself. Like a cat」
「…Like this?」

Nei-san’s charming body lies down on the sofa I usually sleep on.
Then…Nei-san noticed the cardboard box next to the sofa.

「This box is…?」
「Ah, that’s my personal item box. That has everything I own」

Nei-san noticed the photo placed on top of the box.
That was the group photo at the entrance ceremony

「Hmm, to think that this photo is in here…」

Nei-san stares at the photo.

「Could it be that Kei…you were masturbating as you look at Yukino-san in this photo?」

…Bulls eye

「T-That’s right…」

That was my side dish.
I masturbated to Yukino during the last night I slept on this room.
That’s the night before I raped Yukino.

「You got aroused at this very small image of Yukino-san?」
「…I did. Back then」

I was still a virgin.


Nei-san looks at me with a mean eye.

「…Show it to me」
「I want to see how Kei masturbates」

…Does that mean?

「Do it while I watch」

Then, Nei-san…
She opens her legs on the sofa.
I can see Nei-san’s white underwear.

「I’ll blow away all of Kei’s memory of Yukino-san in his head…!」

…Nei-san, could it be.
You wereー
Jealous about having Yukino-san as the side dish for my masturbation????!

「Show me all of Kei’s shamefulness!」

Nei-san tells me.

「Okay? Show me all!」


  1. Yoshida is too OP