Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 348. Blue & Blonde


「Ah, wait…before that, let’s wash our hands that cleaned up the room first!」

Nei-san stands up energetically

「Hey…hurry up」

The two of us head to the bathroom

「Ah, this mirror isn’t polished at all…it’s so cloudy」

Err I thought that the house’s mirror just need to reflect the face.
True, the edge of the mirror is clouded with years of dirty.

「Kei…do you have a rag?」
「Err…this one?」

I take the rag on the side of the washroom but…

「That’s too dirty for a rag! Throw that away!」

True…it’s already black, it’s already too stiff from being air dried, the dust has accumulated a lot.

「Do you have a towel or something?」
「Then I’ll go get it. Obviously, my towel will do right?」
「Who cares about that! Just give me the nearest towel…?」

I look around…
Ah…my father’s towel is there.

「Ain’t there one?」

Nei-san takes that towel.

「No, that’s…my father’s…」
「You don’t have to bother about the towel of absent people!」

Nei-san wets the towel with tap water…
She squeezed it and wiped the mirror.

「Either way, you don’t have any spray to polish mirrors or glasses do you?」
「Ah, there’s something here, but…」

There are several detergents lined up under the sink.
There’s also a glass polish.

「Aren’t all of them dusty? Since when have they been there?」


「…I remember that they’re lined up here since elementary school」

The person who bought this spray for glass cleaning…
I can only think of Grandma.
The life in this house has stopped with Grandma’s death.

「Thought so」
「That’s fine. I’ll just wipe it off strongly」
「Ah, I’ll help out too」

I put my hand in stack with Nei-san’s hand cleaning the mirror with wet towel.

「Un…Kei, put your strength on it. Let’s go!」

Changing the face of the towel, and wiping it multiple times.
The dirt that’s accumulated for years…disappears.

「Look, it feels nice to have a clean mirror doesn’t it?」

Yeah. Nei-san’s bright face is reflected in the shiny mirror.

「Now, let’s wash our hands!」


「Hey, just how many years ago was this worn out soap」

The soap in the bathroom…is a withered pile of small pieces brought together.

「Ah…sorry. Normally, I don’t have the habit of washing my hands in the washroom…」

I enter the bathroom from the washroom and took the soap.
This soap…looks good.

「That’s no good, Kei. Be sure to wash your hands with soap with you come back from the outside. That’s a promise with Onee-chan, okay?!


「…What’s wrong, Kei」
「No…I just thought that Grandma told me the same thing before…」

…In the end.
The only family to me was Grandma.
Both my father and mother…even if we’re connected by blood, we weren’t a family.

「Isn’t that obvious?…We’re family so we say that. My late mother often tells me that as well. Ever since I was a child」

Nei-san said while smiling

「Now, raise your hand. Onee-chan will wash hands together…if you don’t wash it properly you won’t be popular with women!」

Nei-san’s washing me?


Nei-san, slides the soap with wet hands and make bubbles.
Then…she puts it on my hand…
Her long and white finger washes my hands.
…It feels shivery.

「Okay, let’s clean the gap in between your fingers…」

Nei-san’s fingers rub in between my fingers.
So it’s such a lewd thing to have a woman wash my hand.
Nei-san’s beside me…
Her beautiful fac.e
There’s sweat beads floating on her neck.
Even the shape of her big breast can be clearly seen from this angle.

「Okay, we’re washing it off!」

Nei-san twists the faucet with foamy hands…
The flowing water soaks my hand.
…The water’s chilly
Nei-san’s hand washes away the bubbles from my hand gently

「Yeah…it’s clean now!」

I hug Nei-san unconsciously…

「What’s up? Aroused?」


「Ufufu…Look at the mirror, Kei’s hugging me

I look at the mirror…
Nei-san and me are reflecte…

「I’m going to kiss Kei!」

Nei-san puts her lips on mine as she look at the mirror.
Her plump and soft lips.
Nei-san kisses me…and I look at her.

「…Kei doesn’t look like me at all!」
「But that’s what’s so good though!」

What does she mean by that?

「I think I’m scared of Kei-chan」
「Kei-chan and I are twins…we have the same face」

Nei-san in the mirror said, hugging me.

「And yet, Kei-chan’s a boy…but his heart is too beautiful. Kei-chan is a very devout Christian…a kind boy」

And that person was raped by Cesario Viola.

「But, I…I’m really a bad girl! I can’t help but do bad things」
「…Is that so?」
「That’s right. I think my true nature was exposed by Kyouko-san and Sensei after coming to『Kuromori』 I’m truly a bad girl…furthermore, I’m fine doing bad things. I’m having fun doing bad things…」

This delinquent girl with blonde hair and blue contacts…
Margo-san and her kept hunting thugs…

「When I was with Kei-chan…I thought I had to be like Kei-chan…his purity is too dazzling to my eyes so I don’t want to be hated by Kei-chan…」

Nei-san keeps talking over the mirror

「But, I…am not Kei-chan」

She hugs me tightly

「I don’t have to be like Kei-chan…」
「Onee-chan…can just live as she wants」

I said…

「You sure?…Is it really okay to be a bad girl?」
「That’s too late to ask. Aren’t we members of a criminal organization?」

I’ve already made my resolve.
To live with her.

「I’m really, really, really a bad girl, so…I’m sure that I’ll trouble Kei a lot」
「That’s completely okay. If that’s the way to be with my beloved Onee-chan…」

Nei-san kisses me again

「From now on…we’re going to laugh all the time. Let’s have a lot of fun」
「…Isn’t that obvious?」
「Aha…what should I do?」

Nei-san smiles.

「Is this okay? It’s okay for me to expose everything to Kei, right?!」
「…You can show me everything!」


「Hey, I’m going to remove my contact lenses」

Saying so…Nei-san removes the blue colored contact lenses from her eyes…
She puts it on the side of the sink

「Ufufu…so Kei makes that kind of face too」
「I’m joking…this lens doesn’t have a degree, my vision doesn’t change. It’s just that the world had always been blueish all this time…」

Nei-san’s true eye color is dark brown.

「Yeah…just having different eye color, the atmosphere changes」

From the glamorous blonde hair blue eyes…to the moist, adult atmosphere.
No…the real Nei-san, Yasuko-san is originally a kind person.

「This is me…take a look at me more」

Saying that, Nei-san…
She opens the button of the front of her blouse…
Black Bra.
She opens the front hook.
Her huge breast spills out.
Her pink nipples shake.

「Kei…lick it」

I suck on Nei-san’s nipple.
I roll around my tongue…

「Ahn…Kei is licking my breast…」

Nei-san mutters as she look at her own reflection in the mirror.



「I want to do lewd things with Kei. A lot of it…」

I suck both her nipples as I rub her big breast with myhand.

「Doing lewd things is not a good thing isn’t it?」

Nei-san’s voice echoes in my ear…

「I feel like I’m going to become a very bad girl if I have sex…」


「Make me a bad girl. Okay…Kei…!」
「Sure. Let’s both do bad things!」

I want the two of us to love while feeling the sense of immorality and guilt.

「Ahn…I’m really glad that Kei doesn’t look like Kei-chan… Kei is Kei. Mine…」
「…A bad boy friend?」
「A partner, forever. The most important person in the world. I love you…I love you Kei」
「Sorry for being a perverted Onee-chan who loves her brother」
「I’m also a pervert…I love Onee-chan after all…」

We hug each other’s body in front of the mirror…

「…Let out your penis」
「Didn’t you promise me earlier?…I want to see Kei touching himself」

I loosen my belt and exposed my penis.

「…Wow. It’s already big.」
「It’s because Onee-chan keeps saying lewd things」
「Now…touch yourself」

I stroke my own dick

「Do you always do it like this…?」

I’m masturbating in front of a mirror.
Nei-san watches it with passionate eyes.

「That’s right. I always do it like this」
「…While thinking about Yukino-san?」
「I can’t think of anyone but Onee-chan now. Onee-chan is in front of me…!」
「That’s right, I’m the only one here…!」

Nei-san turns around me and hugs me from behind.
She licks my ears.

「What do you think? Is it embarrassing to masturbate in front of your Onee-chan?」
「…It is」
「You can’t show this to anyone else but Onee-chan okay?」
「You can’t show this to Misuzu-san, Megumi-chan…Mana-chan, Michi-san, Katsuko-san nor Nagisa-san…. Just Onee-chan…」1
「Okay. I won’t show masturbation to anyone but Onee-chan」
「Good boy…Kei」

Nei-san’s hand reaches for my penis.

「Onee-chan will be touching this…」

Her white fingers touches my glans.

「Does this feel good?」

Nei-san moves her finger…mimicking my masturbation

「Kei…does it feel good?」
「It feels good, Onee-chan」
「Look, Kei look at the mirror…you look you feel so good!」

Me in the mirror…
I can feel Nei-san’s strokes.
Nei-san from behind has her breasts exposed…she’s aroused, her face is bright red.

「Which one feels better…me or your hand?」
「Onee-chan’s hand feel way better…!」
「Is that so? Then, I’ll do it anytime you want…just say it」
「I’ll also tell you when I want to」


「Kei…touch Onee-chan’s pussy…」

I crawl my finger in Nei-san’s crotch.
I touch her secret part from the top of her clothes.

「Aaahn…it’s true. It feels way better than touching it myself…!」

Touching our most sensitive parts…we kept playing with each other.
Nei-san’s crotch has warm liquid oozing out.

「Hey, Kei…」
「What, Onee-chan…」
「Let’s return to the room. To Kei’s sofa…」

My sofa?

「Let’s do even more bad things on Kei’s sofa. I want to do bad things with Kei…!」

…Me too
My erection’s already about to explode.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

The two of us return to the living room half naked.
Snuggling our bodies…we hug and kiss each other over and over again.

「Kei, strip me…I’m going to strip off Kei too」

Like lovebirds…
We take off each other’s clothes while standing.
Our skin touches the outside air.

「Onee-chan…I’m taking off your panties」
「…It’s a bit embarrassing」
「But that’s what’s good right?」
「Ahn…amazing, I feel like I’m doing something bad」

I reach on Nei-san’s black panty…and slowly pull them down.
Across her butt hill…through her white thighs, calf, thin ankles.
I pull out the panty one foot at a time.
Nei-san’s slit is dripping with hot liquid.
Her thighs are wet.

「I’m going to take Kei’s off too」

Nei-san pulls out the underwear that’s half-off.
My erect penis is in front of Nei-san.

「So cute…*kiss*!」

Nei-san kisses the tip of my penis.

「That’s not cute…」

My erection is violently angry.

「It’s cute, it’s Kei’s thing after all…」
「It’s Onee-chan’s」
「No. This is everyone’s I won’t claim it for myself. I’m the elder sister of my little sisters after all」

Nei-san puts herself in the family position

「But…I’m going to make it feel good now!」

Saying that, she stands on her knees…stroking my penis and licking the glans.
Her warm tongue licks around the glans.

「Ah, that feels good…!」
「Is that so? Then I’ll do it more」

Nei-san looks up at me and smiled
The feeling of her red tongue rubbing my glans.
…That feels good.

「Hey, Kei. Should we take photos?」

Nei-san said laughing.

「There’s no need to force yourself. It’s okay that only we just remember our sex」
「I’m not forcing it. I want it. I want to take photos of the situation now. I’ll only show it to Kei…okay?」
「If that’s what Onee-chan wants…」

I take out the camera handed to me by Margo-san.
Nei-san takes the camera from me.

「Okay. Face this way」

I’m the subject?

「I want to record Kei’s face right now. The naked Kei. And how Kei looks like on making Onee-chan an adult from now on…」

Said Nei-san as she take several photos of me.
Somehow, it feels embarrassing to have me with my erect penis taken photos.

「What about Kei? Do you want to take photos of the naked me?」

If you say so…

「Then I’ll take photos」

Nei-san hands me the camera.
I capture Nei-san’s completely naked and flushed from arousal skin…
Nei-san makes various poses.

「Okay, let’s switch. I’m going to take more photos of Kei…」

This time, Nei-san orders me to do various poses.
I was photographed squeezing my own penis.
The up view of my penis…and even my anus.

「Here, take photos of me too…」

Nei-san sits down on the sofa and opens her legs.

「The place Kei’s going to mess up later…take a look」

I open her closed virgin slit…
There’s a fountain of love juice coming out…
Nei-san’s insides are sparkling
Deep inside…I see a pink film

「Onee-chan, spread it out」
「…Like this?」

Nei-san’s hands open her slit.
I took photos of her unexplored secret part.
The up view too…
Nei-san’s breasts, and her face can be seen clearly…her whole body as well.
Again and Again…
My lust is crawling inside me.

「Onee-chan, I’m already…」
「Kei can’t hold back anymore?」

Nei-san looks at me…

「Is it okay to stay like this?」


「Earlier, I bought some hair dye in the drugstore」

…Hair dye?

「Look…didn’t I promise before that I’ll return my hair to black when I’m going to give my virginity to Kei」

Speaking of which…

「Do you want to have sex with a black haired Onee-chan? Or do you want to do me as the blonde haired Onee-chan?」


「Onee-chan will do what Kei wants. My virginity is Kei’s. No…Onee-chan will only have sex with nobody but Kei…!」


  1. Just Onee-chan