Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 349. My Love


…Sitting on top of the sofa, Nei-san looks at me seriously.

「Which do you want…the blonde or the black haired me?」


「Is there a difference between the two inside Onee-chan?」

Nei-san looks down and answered.

「…The blonde is Nei…the black is Yasuko」
「Is that so?」
「That’s right…I」

She looks at me with moist eyes.

「I…I’ve always fooled everyone. I was deceiving them…」


「Kei, you know it already right? Natou Nei is a woman that doesn’t exist. Nei, is my…No, it’s a personality Kyouko-san made…I『want to be a strong person like Kyouko-san』adoring her, I acted this personality」
「That’s right. It’s an act, a play. It’s a lie. It’s all lies. This blonde hair and blue contact lens are make up for immersion in acting. The real me is different…」

Nei-san said…

「Then, what kind of person is the real Onee-chan?」
「The real me…the old Yasuko, is quiet, dark, doesn’t speak too much…she’s a child who’s always reading a book in the room. Hardly having any friends. If anything happens, Kei-chan comes to help…」

I smile at Nei-san.

「That’s the past isn’t it? The current Onee-chan is different…!」
「What kind of person is Onee-chan now?」

Nei-san thinks deeply.

「I don’t know…I don’t even know. I can no longer continue acting as『Natou Nei』 I know that… But, I can’t return to the former『Najima Yasuko』anymore. If I return to my old self…I’ll only act as my old self. 『The past me should be like this』…」

Nei-san exposes her honest heart.

「Therefore, I want Kei to decide…I’ll become whatever Kei likes. I’ll do anything to please Kei. I’ll be the『Onee-chan』Kei wishes for…!」

She’s desperate on her own ways too.
Just like me…


I stops the role play of『Onee-chan and Kei』
I sit down next to Nei-san in the sofa.
I press my naked skin to Nei-san.

「…You see…I have learned from the experiences I had for these past few days」

I look at Nei-san from the side.


Nei-san returns to『Nei』for now.
In order to unravel the confused yarn inside Nei-san…
We have to go back to when we first met, to『Nei-san and Yo-chan』

「People can’t stay the same forever」
「They change. For better or for worse…people change as long as they keep living. They cannot be on the same place, same person all the time…」

I have seen a lot of people change.
Reika, Seki-san…Jii-chan too.
Above all…me myself.

「As long as you’re alive…you can’t stop changing. I think」

I have a feeling.

「Therefore, Nei-san…to me, you’ll always be Nei-san to my eyes. I don’t think of wanting you to go back to the former Nei-san…I don’t want you to be the Nei-san I hope for. Nei-san is always Nei-san after all…」
「That’s right. Nei-san always makes me excited. All this time, even now…you look the best at this moment」
「But…I don’t understand myself well」

Now that the trauma of Cesario Viola has been taken care of…
Nei-san lost sight of herself.

「Also, the confused Nei-san now is also Nei-san. That Nei-san is also wonderful. I think it’s amazingly cute」
「You don’t have to think what you have to do…what you have to be. It’ll change either way…as long as you’re alive, you’ll change no matter what. Therefore…Nei-san」
「Please tell me what’s in Nei-san’s heart right now」
「My heart?」
「What does Nei-san want to have with me? Please tell me what Nei-san really wishes for」

I look at Nei-san


She speaks…but stops halfway.

「You can say anything you want. It’s only the two of us here. Whatever you say…it’ll be a secret to ourselves」

Margo-san said that Nei-san should have a secret.
I understand what it meant.

「Nei-san thinks『Who do I have to be?』too much」
「You’re too much of a『good girl』 Therefore…you’re convinced that even Kei-san’s tragedy, is all your fault」
「But…I wasn’t able to do anything for Kei…」
「No…that’s not it」

To me right now…everything’s coming to light.

「It wasn’t Nei-san’s fault you were caught by Viola. The other party was a man from a criminal organization…you can’t do anything about it. Then, Kei-san…Kei-san did his best because Nei-san was there. If he was alone, he would’ve been depressed and died halfway」
「It wasn’t Nei-san’s fault that Kei-san died, is it?」
「No…don’t blame yourself for anything. If you do, that would be pitiful for the late Kei-san」
「I think Kei-san wants Nei-san to live happily」

Tears spill out from Nei-san’s eyes.

「Then…in order to open up the mind that’s been closed to the inside after Kei-san’s death… Kyouko-san let you play the funky girl called『Natou Nei』right?」
「That’s right. 『Nei』isn’t me! I’m not like that…!」

Nei-san cries out.
I take Nei-san’s hand and hug her.
I suck away the tears falling from her eyes.

「Kyouko-san wants Nei-san to make various relationships with people, even if it’s a little…so she thought of making you play a bright and noisy girl」
「Yeah…I think so too」

Nei-san mutters.

「But, that’s already done…I can no longer continue as『Nei』」
「Therefore…as told by Kyouko-san before, and now, you’re letting me decide the next『character』you have to act?」


「Yeah…I think so」

I rub Nei-san’s back…her tension is released.

「Yo-chan said that he’ll be the replacement to Kei-chan, my brother, but…Yo-chan is different from Kei-chan…I don’t now what kind of Onee-chan I should be…」

Her foundation is too serious.
No…she’s too serious.

「…You’re thinking『I have to do it』again」
「But…I’m really happy. Yo-chan promised to become my little brother. You said that you’ll take over Kei-chan’s family register. Thinking that it’s okay to not separate from Yo-chan anymore…I’m so happy…」

Nei-san’s words has no lies.
I know that.

「Nei-san…tell me the truth」
「I can tell. Nei-san is being impatient…there’s a gap in between your mind and words. What is it? Please tell me what’s really inside Nei-san’s heart」

Nei-sa falters

「I’ll be fine whatever you say. I like Nei-san. I’ll do anything for Nei-san’s sake. This feeling won’t change」
「As expected, I can’t be a replacement for Kei-san? Is it impossible to become Nei-san’s brother? Don’t think『Now that it has come to this it can’t be helped』or『That’s the only way』…Please tell me Nei-san’s true feelings…!」


「Please say it clearly. I’ll accept it no matter what it is!」

I hold Nei-san’s hand tightly

「…I’m feel my heart pounding too」


「You’re always making my heart pound!」


「I don’t already know since when but…when I’m with you, I feel exited. My chest tightens when you’re with me. When we were together at the hotel last night…my throbbing didn’t stop. I feel like I can do anything because I was with you. Even when standing in front of Viola…my heart didn’t break…」


「Then…you killed Viola. You took revenge on the enemy of my family. I will no longer be tormented by the phantom of Viola anymore as long as I’m with you…」

This time…Nei-san holds my hand tightly.
She looks at me with seriouys eyes.

「I love Yo-chan! I look at you as a man not a brother. I love you. I love you. I love you so much!」

Nei-san hugs me.
She kisses my lips passionately over and over again.

「I love you…Yo-chan!」


「Is it okay for me to be not your brother?」
「Because I’ve fallen for you! It’s my first time coming to like someone like this since birth!」

Nei-san loves me???!

「Even this morning…it was cool of you to calmly accept killing Viola. I thought that it was extremely lovely. But…You said that you’ll be my brother…a replacement to Kei-chan…」

Was that choice wrong?

「I’m really happy. I understood that Yo-chan really cherish and care for me. I thought that I’m really happy to be loved. But…I don’t want a『brother』…!」

I thought so too.
Even if I convince my head that I’ll be the brother…taking over Kei-san’s family register…
My heart doesn’t have the determination.
Therefore, I…
I only call Nei-san『Onee-chan』in my mouth…
While I still call her『Nei-san』in my mind.
Even I, as a man…love her.

「Then…should we get married?」

Nei-san’s angry.
But if that’s what Nei-san wishes for then I…

「There’s no way we can do that!」
「I like Nei-san…Nei-san also likes me, so…」
「No…there’s other girls too…」

Tears spill from Nei-san’s eyes again.

「I’m the Onee-san of『Kuromori』 I don’t want to quit that ever. Because, everyone in『Kuromori』are my precious『family』…!」

Nei-san’s suffering.

「I can’t take you away from my little sisters…I’ll never do that…!」

I also can’t throw away my family.

「Perhaps…I think that what you suggest is the best. You’ll be my brother…and I, will love you as an elder sister. We can protect the family this way…we’ll never be apart…」

Nei-san’s thoughts are still…
Going to『I must do***』

「That’s not good. That won’t save Nei-san’s heart at all…」
「…But, yo-chan」

I have another idea.
No…I see.
That’s why Margo-san.
No, it’s not just Margo-san.
Minaho-neesan and others too…
They just sent us out silently…

「Let’s get married, Nei-san…without telling everyone else」

Nei-san’s surprised.

「No, I think that I’ll have to marry everyone. Of course, it won’t be legal. But, I’ll marry each of them. Katsuko-nee, Nagisa, Megu and Misuzu…even Michi. They’re no good unless they’re with me. Mana might change her mind and marry another man so I won’t do it right away」

Ruriko and Reika…would depend on the flow of the future.
If they want it then I will…if they don’t then I won’t.

「I’ll marry Nei-san. However…others won’t be told about it」

I made my decision.

「We’ll be siblings in front of everyone else in the family. I’ll call Nei-san『Onee-chan』 And since I’ll take over Kei-san’s family register as planned, please call me as『Kei』or『Yo-chan』, whichever you like」

Nei-san’s stunned.

「But…when we’re alone, Nei-san is my『woman』 Oh, Nei-san sounds strange. I’ll call you『Nei』from now on. As a boyfriend, as a marriage partner. Of course, you’ll give birth to my baby as well」
「…A secret to everyone?」
「Yeah, a secret. Only to us two…」


「I feel sorry for everyone. To think we’ll lie to them…!」
「It’s fine. Nei…we’re criminals」

I smile at Nei.

「Let’s do bad things together!」

Nei’s spine trembles.

「You want to do bad things don’t you? Let’s fool everyone. Forever」


「…Our secret?」
「Yeah, it’ll be a secret between the two of us forever…!」

I kiss Nei’s nipple.

「…It’s okay, Nei. I’ll be supporting you all the time…!」

…Nei looks at my face.
I smile at Nei.
…Before long.

「I got it…」

The cheerfulness comes back in Nei’s eyes.

「I’ll be your secret wife…!」

In reality…
Even if she’s my sister or my wife…The『Kuromori』family won’t mind it.
I already have more than one wife…everyone’s convinced by it and they are in the family.
Even Nei…the young ones don’t know that she’s still a virgin…
They’re aware that she’s one of my women.
In the end…it’s the matter of Nei’s heart.
For Nei, brother and family are complicated and meaningful things.
Therefore, she needs to make a clear distinction between her brother and lover, but…
The others don’t know about that.
Nei will continue to protect this secret with the sense of guilt.
Perhaps, the other family members watches over Nei’s situation warmly.
Just like before…
Or rather…Margo-san and others will be having expectations.
They’ll pretend to not notice for Nei…


Looking at her like this…she’s really a beauty.


Nei-san looks at me.

「Nothing…I just want to call you」

I rub cheeks with this cute Nei.

「What’s up?」
「I’m just happy. This beauty is my wife…Yeah, I’m really glad that you’re my『wife』instead of an『elder sister』」

Her mind and body…

「Ufufu…you’re really a spoiled one!

Nei buries my face in her rich breasts gently.

「I may be your wife but I’m still older! Onee-san is still an Onee-san!」
「As expected…you also want to do『Onee-chan play』」
「Eh, what’s that?」
「A play. Let’s do a forbidden sibling sex situation」
「Sure. It’s a lover’s game isn’t it? I can do the『Elder sister role』or even the『Little sister role』!」

Is that so?
In the end, it’s up to Nei-san’s heart…
Now that her mind’s stable by consenting to『secret wife』…
What’s left is to accept everything later.

「But…for now」

Nei said.

「…I want to have sex as lovers!」


「But, before that…」
「I want to take photos of Nei again」
「Not as an『elder sister giving her virginity to her brother』but…as『my wife』, I want to take photos of the current Nei」

Nei smiles.

「Sure…let’s do it!」

◇ ◇ ◇

The second nude photoshoot.
Her expression is completely different from earlier.
Nei earlier…had the sense of duty, or the heroic feeling.
The weight of『I have to do this』
The Nei now…is no longer the same.
Nei’s smiling as I take photos of her.
A wide smile.

「I…somehow feel so free」


「To think that it would be very pleasant to have your loved one be your lover!」

Nei’s expression is natural from every angle.

「You see…I can expose my everything to you. Because, you’ll accept it no matter what it is!」

Nei jumps on my body.

「Ufufu! Do you love me?」
「Yeah, I do」
「Me toooo! I love you, love love, chu!」

Nei-san pours down kisses on me.

「Hug me tight!」
「Nei’s such a spoiled girl」
「That’s right. We’re the spoiled duo!」

I lay the camera on the side and hug Nei’s body.
On top of my sofa.

「This sofa smells like wet dogs in the rain!」
「It’s your smell right?…You’ve masturbated a lot in here right?」
「That’s right When father was gone, every night…」
「Hmm, like this?」

Nei strokes my penis.

「Yeah…that’s right」
「Masturbating is banned from now on. If you want to do it then just tell me, Okay?」
「I won’t masturbate anymore too. If I want to do it then I’ll do it with you!」

Ufufufu, Nei laughs…

「How about this?」

Nei kneads my glans with her thumb and forefinger…

「T-That feels good」
「I’ve been watching how the ladies of the mansion do it while working in the mansion so I know a lot of methods!」

Nei’s finger slips from my balls to my anus…

「…That also feels good」
「I’m glad」
「…About what?」
「I’m making you feel good!」
「That’s right. Nei feels good」
「…So cute. Ufu, I’ll make you even cuter!」

Nei kisses me…tangles our tongue.
Then, she spits on her hand…and strokes my penis.

「This feels way better right? It’s sticky」
「Touch my body as you want too」

I massage Nei’s breasts…
I also enjoy feeling her thighs…
Then…her hot wet crotch…

「Do it gently…there…I’m still a virgin」
「…I know」

I touch the entrance gently

「Yeah. That’s good! I love that…I love it!

The two of us tangle in the sofa naked…

「I never imagined having sex in here」
「But, we’re doing it! In the sofa you’ve been masturbating alone…!」

Nei stares at me smiling.

「…Make me a woman」


「…as your woman…!」

I’m breaking her virginity…

「Sorry…I made you wait」
「You don’t have to mind it」
「…Stand up」

I stand up and face the sofa.
Nei…spreads her legs wide in front of me.
Her secret part becomes exposed.

「It’s okay…come!」