Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 353. To the funeral

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「By the way…」

Margo-san speaks suddenly while our car is heading to Aoyama

「It’s about the revenge on Shirasaka Sousuke…」
「Oh, yes?」

Nei snuggles with me…rubbing my hand.

「We know that we’re the wrong ones here…and yet, we have something to request from you」


「Say it. I’ll do anything…」


「Please rape Agnes」


「I think you already know but…Agnes is a child born to fulfil Shirasaka Sousuke’s sexual preference. She’s been confined in the basement of the mansion since birth…and she’s only taught by Shirasaka Sousuke」

She didn’t have any friends nor education for 12 years.

「Minaho’s revenge is to take everything away from Shirasaka Sousuke, making him fall to the depths of despair. His social status…the backing of his clan…and his family are all to be taken away from him」

He’s been exposed to the media of Japan as the shame of the country
He’ll also be fired from the advertising agency he worked at.
Shirasaka family has abandoned Shirasaka Sousuke.
His wife, and family too…
His two daughters are with us.

「What’s left is only Agnes. If you rape Agnes in front of Shiraskaa Sousuke…Minaho can put her revenge on the last stage」

This innocent 12 year old half-foreign beauty…
For me to rape her forcibly…
I had conflicts in mind when I first rape Mana but…
Something’s happening inside me.

「Please. Save Minaho’s heart. If you don’t do that thoroughly…I don’t think the darkness in her heart would clear up」

I understand Margo-san’s feelings but…
It’s not only for Minaho-neesan.
To all the prostitutes who had their life messed up because of Shirasaka Sousuke…
If I don’t go that far, they won’t be able to forgive.
There’s a lot who weren’t able to return to their families again.
People who had their family killed like Minaho-neesan..

「Margo-oneechan…that’s not how you do it」

Nei said as she hold my hand.

「You don’t have to do that kind of approach to Kei」

She looks at me smiling.

「Kei will also make Agnes happy!」


「Either way…that girl won’t become happy unless Kei does something about her!」

She kisses my hand…

「Can I do it?」
「Have some confidence, didn’t Kei make everyone happy?」

Being told like that…I feel like I can manage somehow.

「It’s okay. I’m also with you, so…Kei doesn’t need to work hard!」

My new wife inspire me with those words.

「…Un. I’ll do what I can for now. I’ll go see Agnes after coming back to the mansion」
「That’s fine. Margo-oneechan doesn’t need to hurry on Shirasaka Sousuke’s final punishment right?」


「…We still have time within golden week. We’ll wait until the media’s attention calms down」

Shirasaka Sousuke’s scandal was reported…yesterday.
Shirasaka Moritsugu’s forced retirement yesterday night…was reported this morning.
I don’t know how Minaho-neesan will make her final punishment on Shiraska Sousuke will go but…
If that keeps going, the pursuit of police and media would become strict.
They intend to calm them down for a few days.
Once the holidays are over, there will be normal news…so the coverage will change as well.

「Today is May 3. This year’s golden week is up to sixth!」

Adding today…there’s three and a half days remaining.
It has to be done by then.

「Well, we’ll manage somehow!」

Why are you so composed?

「Do you know how fast you can change girls? Michi-chan was changed in only a day!」

That’s right. I first met Michi on the 1st…
And on the 2nd, we were having full blown『Shingetsu』sex
I’m so messed up.

「Therefore…three days is enough for Kei!」

Nei rubs her cheeks on my hand happily…

「Nei is the one who changed the most」

Margo-san said looking amazed.

「I haven’t. I have loved Kei since the start!」
「Oh my」

Margo-san smiles wryly

「He’s the same」


「Since the first time you met…he’s been madly in love with Nei」

Margo-san, is that how you see it?
Somehow, I feel like my face is on fire, so embarrassing…

「That’s right! Kei has loved Onee-chan since the start right?!」

Nei smiles happily

◇ ◇ ◇

Now then…we arrived at the Aoyama’s funeral home.
The largest funeral venue in Japan, is quite amazing.
Of course, Kouzuki security service uniformed guards are there.

「Though director Yamaoka’s fired…are the guys in uniforms okay?」
「Yazawa-san has done something on that regard I guess? Well, the uniform guards’ job is to make arrangements as they’re told so if their top is convenient, it’ll work somehow…」

Margo-san said

「It’s hard to manage the top elite and also take command of the uniformed group right?」
「Can’t be helped…knowing that there will be lots of problems with Director Yamaoka, yet still expecting something from him all this time was Yazawa-san… Yazawa-san was also the one who dismissed director Yamaoka that way. You can’t feel sorry for them」
「Is that how it is?」
「That’s right…it’s natural for the people who take responsibility to deal with it responsibly」

…I see.
They have to think dryly like that.

「We’re coming to Ikeda-sensei’s clinic at 2:30. After that, Yuuka-san’s salon is reserved at 4 to night. Therefore, we still have some time…let’s go meet Misuzu and others as well」

Nei tells Margo-san

「True. Should we take a look?」
「Kei, tell Misuzu that we’re here!」
「Oh, right」

I took out my phone as soon as Nei tells me.
I told her that Nei-san and Margo-san are coming with me.
Misuzu said that she’ll send Seki-san to us.
Margo-san gets the car to the front entrance.

「…Excuse me. Where are you going?」

The security guard at the reception asks Margo-san on the driver seat.
It’s more proper looking than the uniformed guards at the theater yesterday.
Does changing the head make this much difference?
The front desk receptionist at the venue…is probably a competent guard picked by chief Yazawa.

「Please contact your top elite, Seki-san. There should be instructions given to her…」

Margo-san said.

「Which department is Seki in?」

The security guard asks back.

「…I know that you’re enthusiastic about your work but if you try to investigate about me that way, your head would be flying away」

Margo-san gazes at the security guard coldly

「What if you try to look with your eyes properly on what kind of position does the one you’re investigating have?」

The uniformed guard immediately…

「I’m very sorry. I’ll contact Seki immediately」

He parted from the car and called the radio.

「I’ve confirmed it…please go and proceed to Parking Area no.3 Seki should be waiting there」
「Good job」

Margo-san drives the car to the funerary…

「Remember that…what you’re wearing and the car you’re riding in is important」

Margo-san tells me.

「As expected, there’s a guideline to knowing the other party. If we were not in this Maserati, it wouldn’t have gone that smoothly」
「Is that so?」
「If your choosing sense was Benz or Ferrari instead of Maserati…you can tell the atmosphere of how you ride as a daily basis. They should be able to imagine that we belong to a special hierarchy」

If it’s Benz, then we’ll look rich…
It looks stupid to ride Ferrari on a daily basis.
This Maserati has the style…and it can’t be ridden unless you’re a considerably rich man.
Furthermore, Margo-san’s body and the care are both beautiful…

「And yet…The guy was probing because it was me who’s driving. If it was Nagisa-san, he’ll contact Seki-san without hesitation」
「It’s the elegance I think… If it was Nagisa-san she could dress elegantly like an upper class woman to fit this car but…that’s impossible for me. I’m still losing to this car’s status. Therefore the guard looked down on me」

Margo-san’s repenting

「What if it was Sensei, no, Minaho-oneechan?」

Nei asks.

「Minaho would have the dignity」
「Then, why don’t Margo-oneesan aim for the dignity route?」
「I’ll be like Kyouko-san if I go that route」

Margo-san laughs.

「…However, if it was Kyouko-san, she would be causing trouble with the security guard on purpose. She loves to play pranks after all」

Yeah…I can imagine.
Seki-san is already in the designated parking area.
The Maserati parks and we get off the car.

「Thanks for coming your way here」

I bow to Seki-san

「Are you okay?」

That’s the first thing Seki-san asks me.

「Yes. I’m already fine…I got over it thanks to everyone」

I show a smile

「Un…sorry, I was careless」

Seki-san seems to regret entrusting the pistol to me.
I shot Cesario Viola with that gun.

「Don’t mind it. It’s already done」

I declared.

「I believed that was the best choice back then. Thinking about it later, there might’ve been a better way but…I didn’t know it back then, and the family was fine as a result so I decided that it’s all good」
「It really saves me that you say that」

Seki-san looks relieved

「But…remember this…I owe you. I’m going to repay this debt for the rest of my life」
「No, you’re exaggerating…Seki-san
「No. To kill people is a heavy thing It may be intentional but it was an unconscious accident. There’s no replacement on putting a black stain in your heart./

Seki-san said…Margo-san

「True. Even if you got through it, it’ll soak in your heart gradually. Naturally, it will make flash backs. You better assume that you haven’t overcome it completely. We’ll also be careful…

Margo-san herself had trauma for murdering as a legitimate defense back when she was 12.
I shouldn’t be easygoing about it too.

「It’s okay. We’ll be by your side all the time!]

Nei said holding my hand.

「Rather than me…How’s Ruriko?」

Ruriko saw the moment her father was killed by miss Cordelia even if it was through a live feed.
I think the shock must’ve been big.

「She’s in the waiting room…it doesn’t look good」

Seki-san says worriedly

「Okay. Let’s head there for now」

We head to the family’s waiting room at the funeral place.

「By the way…how’s my colleague doing?」

Seki-san says while walking in the corridor.

「That’s right. I have to attend as Ruriko-sama and Misuzu-sama’s guard so I left Fujimiya-san in the hotel and yet. I haven’t made contact ever since」
「Err…are you troubled you’re not with Reika?」
「That person’s originally out of the top elites…she didn’t have a person to guard you see? Therefore there’s no job dedicated to her but…it helps that free people can work in case of this sudden situations. She can follow up here and there」

…I see
In the first place, Reika’s supposed to protect Misuzu and others in the theater…
She’s a free one among the top elites.
On top of that, she’s a woman so she’s best suited to guard girls.

「Everyone seems to have forgotten but I’m originally『Kakka’s』full time guard. Well, there’s no need to worry because of those two monsters, but…」

In this situation, Seki-san looks like she’ll be demoted from being Jii-chan’s guard and will be guarding Misuzu and others.
True, that’s a bit of a problem.

「Reika’s a bit tied up for now」
「Why? Where is she right now?」

I can’t say that she’s helping out in Nagisa’s flower shop.
But, I want to keep her away from the guard job for today.

「Reika-oneesan has a job to do as replacement of Misuzu-chan, so she went there」

Margo-san tells Seki-san.

「Oh…I can’t tell the details though」

Misuzu’s working part time at Nagisa’s shop…
I can’t say that she’s working on Nagisa’s shop as replacement to Misuzu who can’t come.
It’s quite a painful excuse, but…

「Is that so?…Then it can’t be helped」

Seki-san’s convinced.
There’s a number of security guards standing on route to the waiting room.
There’s places like checkpoints.
Well, we’re with Seki-san so we could pass through using her face, but.
As expected of Jii-chan’s full time guard.
She’s well known among the staff of Kouzuki security service.

「This room」

Seki-san shows us the door to『Family waiting room 3』

「…Where’s Jii-chan?」
「He’s in the 『waiting room 1』along with the other relatives」

I see…the relatives of Kouzuki house and group companies are here as well.
Kouzuki house’s head, Jii-chan’s son has died.

「It’s better if you don’t go there…the wake would be tonight but there’s some of the relatives in there already」

Among them is Kouzuki Souji, Kouzuki Satoshi, and their families.
If I show up, it’ll be trouble.

「This『Waiting room 3』s a bit away from that waiting room…」

Seki-san explains the positions

「『Kakka』has strictly forbidden others from coming to this waiting room. Even the relatives know that Ruriko-sama’s in low spirits due to the heavy shock…so I don’t think anyone would notice even if you enter the room」

That’s helpful.

「Misuzu and others are in this room too, right?」
「Yes. They’re here. Misuzu-sama and Yoshiko-sama…and Michi-san are inside」

Seki-san takes the pipe chair standing beside the door.

「I’ll be watching here…so you can take your time talking. It’s okay, nobody else can enter here other than『Kakka』」

Seki-san smiles telling us.

「Thank you very much」

I thanked and knocked the door.


It’s Misuzu’s voice.

「It’s me」

The door opens
Michi is the one who appeared.

「…We were waiting, Master. Margo-oneesama, Nei-oneesama as well…welcome」

Michi bows her head.

「Please come in」



Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 352. One Hand, One Heart             Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 354. The first legal wife war