Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 354. The first legal wife war


Translator: Pun

Editor: Blaze


Inside the Japanese style waiting room, the back and front of the room are separated by a sliding door.
Misuzu’s at the entrance side.

「I’m here, Misuzu」

I said, Misuzu…

「We’ve been waiting, Danna-sama. I’m sorry for making you come all this way」

Sitting down on the tatami mat, putting her three fingers and head down…

「Margo-oneesama, Nei-oneesama as well…thank you for coming」

Misuzu right now is wearing a black mourning dress, not her usual uniform.
Though Michi’s wearing her uniform.

「…I thought that I shouldn’t stand out too much」

Misuzu answers guessing from my gaze.
Today is Ruriko’s father’s funeral.
If Ruriko and Misuzu wear the same uniform in their relative’s seat…they’ll look like siblings.
Therefore, Misuzu wears a normal mourning clothes, thinking of blending in with the other relatives’ attendants.

「Please come in everyone…」

We took of our clothes and go inside the Japanese style room.

「We also came to check the situation, Misuzu」

Nei who got up on the tatami mat calls Misuzu.
Hearing that, Misuzu’s surprised.
She noticed Nei’s change.
Nei’s holding my hand tightly…sticking to me closely.
Michi’s standing in front of the door…staring at me without saying anything.
Margo-san’s smiling wryly at the tense atmosphere.

「Then…where’s Ruriko?」

I ask about Ruriko as I sit on the cushion Misuzu gave me.

「In the back, she’s with Yoshiko-san. She’s completely depressed」

Misuzu answered
I see…beyond that sliding door?

「That’s worry some」

It’s not okay to force her out so I’ll wait for now
There’s something that needs to be addressed first…

「Michi…Margo-san’s going to take you to the doctor later. There’s already an appointment with the female doctor」
「Yes, I also met her after my first time. Ikeda-sensei’s a very good person」

Misuzu tells Michi

「…But, I have my work as Misuzu-sama’s guard」

Michi’s strangely nervous…?

「Isn’t the wake this evening? It’s just past lunch now. You should  go ahead and have the check up, just come back afterwards」
「Yeah, I’m going to use my car anyway」

Margo-san supports me.

「…Is it not okay to be pregnant now?」

Michi asks me.

「Michi’s still in third year」

As I say so…

「I’ll be in high school by the time I give birth!」
「…You won’t. If you get pregnant now, you’ll give birth by march」

Nei-san replies to Michi.

「Either way, it’s too early. You’re not allowed to get pregnant until I give you my permission…!」

I said a bit strongly.
She was more obedient last night…what happened?

「That’s right. You can’t get pregnant until Yo-chan says so…Michi!」

Nei-san stares at Michi…
Oh I see…
She feels Nei-san who’s sticking to me closely as a threat.

「…Understood. Then I’ll consult the doctor and take contraceptive measures」

Michi answers looking gloomy.

「That’s not all…Michi!」

I stand up.
Huh…Nei’s not letting me go.

「Nee-san…let go for now」
「Oh, sorry!」

Our setting is『Yo-chan and Nee-san』when in front of everyone. Yup.
I then go towards Michi

「Michi…come here」
「Yes, Master」

Michi stands before me.
I kneeled and faced Michi

「Michi…how was your body after that?」
「I’m quite healthy」
「But, you need to have your body check up. You may be able to endure the pain but…that sometimes makes your body unhealthy」

I then touch Michi’s small stomach.

「…You have to take care of your body. You need to have your vagina examined, if the hymen’s properly torn or whether there’s damage inside or not」
「I’m worried about your body. Take care of it. Michi’s body is no longer just yours」

Michi’s body trembles…

「Yes…my whole body is for Master」
「That’s not it…it’s not only for me」

Michi looks at me with an「eh?」face

「Michi’s body is also important for our future children, isn’t it?」

I hug Michi and stroke her cute belly

「Even I want Michi to give birth to my child. But, not right now. It’s too early」
「It’s not early. Michi’s body is already an adult!」

Michi who just lost her virginity and became a woman says so but…

「Not only your body. Your mind as well… Also, knowledge and wisdom. Michi, you can take it easy and prepare yourself to become a mother. You have to accumulate those」
「…In preparation on becoming a mother?」
「Yes. …I think that my parents weren’t prepared to become『parents』when I was born」

My house where I was with Nei earlier comes to mind.

「I think…my late Grandma is someone who has a stack on how to become a parent. My grandma had raised me since I was young…so I think I was able to live without going crazy
「I also have that memory. I was raised by my grandparents too…besides」

Michi looks at me with sad eyes.

「I think…my parents have given birth to a child with the lack of accumulation of becoming a parent…」

Michi’s parents…had a shotgun wedding.
Kudou-papa was in the process of training in Kudou style so he had no choice but to start working underground.
In addition, making successive children…
Michi who’s the youngest had no choice but to be entrusted with the grandparents.

「…True, we must not let Master’s child suffer the same sadness as me…!@」


「I don’t want to become a woman like mother…」

Michi’s mother is having an affair with a man other than her husband…
But, she pampers her cheating partner so much that he became useless…
Both of them were fired off the company.

「Everything that Master said is true. I’ll do my best to meet your expectations. If Master judged that I have acquired enough qualities to become mother… Then please impregnate me when I reach that stage. Thank you very much」

Michi looks at me with moist eyes.

「Michi…I love you」

My heart overflows.

「You’re so cute…what a good girl, Michi!」

Michi and I kiss each other.


Michi speaks looking flushed.

「What’s up?」
「I’m so happy I got wet」


「My womb is saying it wants to drink master’s sperm…」
「Does that mean…that」
「Master speaks too kindly for me that I…!」

Michi inserts her tongue to my mouth.
Twining with my tongue…enjoying each other’s mucosa.

「Please embrace me…right now」

Michi’s eyes are hot and wet.

「But you’re going to a gynecologist later」

If we have sex now…
There will be semen spilling out while her slit is being examined.

「I don’t mind. Rather, I’d like it to be seen clearly…!」

Michi’s a bit of a masochist.

「Ikeda-sensei’s okay with that. Back when I had my checkup after giving my virginity to Danna-sama…it was spilling but the doctor was very calm」

Misuzu said while smiling.
Well, she’s a doctor affiliated to『Kuromori』brothel after all…
She’s used to that kind of situation already.
Or rather…Somehow, it makes me feel embarrassed.
I have never met the doctor named Ikeda and yet…
She’s seen my semen multiple times…
Furthermore, a new girl every time…
Oh…Nei-san just had it a while ago…
If this goes wrong, she’ll be examining two people in a row with semen dripping from their vagina…

「Yo-chan’s so popular!」

Nei’s staring at me.

「Or rather…Yo-chan’s so amazing there’s nothing else inside your head but cumming inside!」

Somehow, this feels like…
Nei’s jealous that I’m hugging Michi?
She’s been staying far away from the family all this time, or rather…Nei’s been watching the situation of everyone’s entering with cold eyes…
Now she’s exposing her emotions so honestly.
That’s good on it’s own but…

「No, but…that’s. Anyway, not now」

I tell Michi

「Why, Master?」

Michi rubs her small chest against me.

「Because…won’t there be a funeral in here later? Doing it here is just…」
「…I don’t mind」
「There’s still time before the ceremony…there’s nobody coming here. Danna-sama」


「Please do me after Michi…please, Danna-sama」

Eh…Michi’s arousal is passed on Misuzu as well?

「It’s unfair to do it with only Michi!」
「Then, me too Yo-chan!」

Nei’s smiling at Misuzu and Michi

「I won’t let only you girls have the good part!」
「My…what about you Nei-oneesama, haven’t you been having fun with Danna-sama until now?!」

Misuzu’s seen though it?

「Nei-oneesama’s has changed」

Michi mutters

「Her distance with Master has been reduced quite considerably…!」

MIchi who can sense Ki has completely seen through it.
That our relationship has changed greatly.

「Of course! Yo-chan and I are completely sticking together, we’ll never let go of each other!」

Nei said trying to divert the two.

「No, I’m the one who’s physically sticking to Master currently…」

Michi says as she hug me tightly.

「Ah, Michi’s so sly!」
「I’m going to cling to Danna-sama too!」

Nei and Misuzu gathers around me.


…The hell is this?
Ah, Margo-san’s watching with amazed eyes.

「Then, who’s first? Me, Me, or Me?」
「Please be on the end of the line! It’ll be Michi, me and Nei-oneesama in order!」
「That’s for Yo-chan to decide」

Sparks flies in between Nei and Misuzu.

「Yo-chan…who will you do it with?」


「Nobody! I said no. Isn’t that obvious that we can’t do it! You should all think about Ruriko’s feelings!」

Even though it’s her father’s funeral…
If we have sex in the waiting room…it’ll be unbearable for her.
Everyone’s going to a strange direction, strange feelings rising up.

「…I don’t mind…Onii-sama」

Opening the sliding door, Ruriko shows up.
She’s wearing her usual prestigious girl’s school uniform.
As expected…there’s no energy.
There’s towel blanket and pillows in there so she must’ve been lying down on the tatami.
Yoshiko-san’s waiting behind Ruriko
Yoshiko-san’s wearing a simple black mourning dress like Misuzu.
As expected, in order to make Ruriko stand out at the funeral…they avoided wearing the same school uniform.

「Everyone…I’m very sorry for making a late greeting」

Ruriko bows her head.

「No, Uhm…same」

I also bow to Ruriko.
Nei and Misuzu are snuggling on my side…or rather, they’re clinging to me completely.
Nei’s on the right… Misuzu’s on left.
Michi’s sticking her body on my back.
Somehow…I look like the center of 『Oshikuramanjuu』1
Am I the nucleus?

「Ruriko, is it okay for you to get up?」

I ignore the women coming to me and ask Ruriko

「…Yes. My body isn’t in any bad condition. I’m just feeling a bit down」

Ruriko answers.

「Onii-sama seems to be healthy on the other hand. Misuzu-oneesama and I were very worried」

Ruriko doesn’t know that I lost consciousness after shooting Cesario Viola.
It took quite the time to fix the broken elevator…taking them out of the『emergency evacuation room』in the basement…
After the escape, she should’ve returned to her father’s house right away.
Kouzuki Shigeaki is supposed to have died at home, not at the hotel.

「I was also mentally down this morning but various people helped me and I managed to recover」
「Is that so?…Then that’s very well」

Oh, she’s really not energetic. Her life force is running out.
Yoshiko-san from behind looks anxiously as well.
Well…we should’ve brought Mao-chan.
Young girls are effective on any kind of sickness.

「Ruriko…condolences about your father」

That’s all I can say.

「That’s the only way for my father.」

Ruriko answered looking down.

「I think grandfather’s choice was the right one, in order to protect Kouzuki house. It was my father who betrayed the house and grandfather…」

Having Cesario Viola assassinate his brother…
Subordinating Kouzuki Noboru and Tsunoda’s father, orchestrating various things among Kouzuki group.
Ruriko’s father was the one who led the bad guys to Kouzuki security service.

「Besides…I haven’t been in touch with my father so much since I was a child. Yoshiko’s the one I shared my everyday life with」

Jii-chan has always been aware of his second son’s ambition.
Therefore, she pulled his granddaughters away from their parents saying『I’ll educate them directly』

「Misuzu-oneesama lives with her parents at home but…Yoshiko and I are living at Grandfather’s main mansion」

Jii-chan went that far to prevent Kouzuki Shigeaki making contact with Ruriko?

「Therefore…I’m not too shocked about father’s death. He may be my biological father but I have to few personal memories with him. Despite him being my father, I feel so far away from him」


「I sometimes meet with father, even when we talk…I don’t agree with father. Our words don’t agree, or rather, our minds don’t fit. I don’t even understand what father is talking about or what emotions he hides behind his face. It’s just that I feel uncomfortable with that person’s crudeness…」

Their relationship is completely bankrupt?

「Earlier…I was listening to Onii-sama and Michi-san’s talk over the sliding door」

Err…which one?
I think that we only talked about worthless things like having sex or not.

「I think that my father is also a person who wasn’t prepared to become a parent」


「And…Last night, father has shown me his true nature…once again, I thought that he’s a miserable person. Father’s death is his consequence. Making a fuss in Kouzuki group…as a result, Father himself has forced grandfather to let grandfather have him executed in front of many people, Shiba-san included」

Kouzuki Shigeaki…assaulted Shiba Okitachi at Haneda Airport last night.
He’s likely to be the top of the next generation Kouzuki group so he intended to assassinate Mr. Shiba.
If Jii-chan doesn’t kill Kouzuki Shigeaki who attacked first, in front of Mr. Shiba’s eyes, he can’t show as the head of the group.
Jii-chan is also in pain I think.

「I’m the daughter of such a man…」

Ruriko mutters.

「I’m different from my father. I’ve lived apart from father…father had no influence over my way of living, thinking」


「Yet…I feel my father’s blood flowing strongly in my veins」


「Father loves plotting, thinking of trapping people…I think that’s how he is. And then, I as well…am a woman with an ugly heart who always think of how to move people, how do my behavior affect others…」

Ruriko feels a resembling part with her father.

「Therefore, I’m scared… I feel like I would be harming everyone for certain. Misuzu-oneesama, Yoshiko-sama…Onii-sama, everyone from Kuromori family…」

Ruriko’s body trembles.

「Kouzuki house won’t be in trouble because of me. But, the blood in me…the ugliness of my heart…I think it’ll cause inconvenience to everyone… Ruriko’s afraid of it…!」


「Ruriko…do you always plot inside your mind?」
「Yes…I don’t tell my true feelings to anyone. I always think of what I should talk about to move the other party to my favor」

True…Ruriko’s behavior always has no grasping point.
I see…she wasn’t telling the truth…
It’s because she’s always responding relatively to the other party’s behavior.

「Then…were you lying when you promised to be in our family?」
「No. I have judged that it would be for the good of Kouzuki house and for me. That decision remains the same…it’s just that」

Ruriko looks at me.

「I feel miserable as I look at everything and anything as merely『profit』」

Oh…this girl is.
Hasn’t become our『family』from the bottom of her heart yet.
No…Ruriko’s also alone.
In her world, there’s only herself and others.
Therefore…she reacts only for her own『profit』
She pays attention to the relative relationship of the other party and speak out at the situation of the location.
That’s how she is.

「I am afraid…thinking of how should I live in the future?…Is it okay to stay like this? I don’t know」


「If this continues…It’ll cause succession conflict between me and Misuzu-oneesama. Even if I do not wish for it…people who will try to raise me will appear one after another, and I myself might enjoy the power struggle…」

Ruriko doesn’t stop speaking.

「I do have such a wicked heart. I might be able to suppress it but…when I make a child. I might treat Misuzu-oneesama cruelly in order to make my child the head…」

Ruriko is afraid of sins she hasn’t done yet.

「Ruriko is Ruriko…you’re different from your father」
「But…my blood」

I look at Ruriko’s hands…

「Such dirty blood flows inside me…my father’s…」

At that moment…Nei shouts.

「There’s no such thing!」

Ruriko looks at Nei.

「Wicked blood…are you an idiot?」
「You don’t understand!」

Ruriko responds.

「Yeah, I don’t get it! I’ll never be able to communicate with a princess inside a dream world like you!」

  1. Children’s game which three or more stand back-to-back in a circle and jostle