Pure Love x insult Complex Chapter 355. Za Raibaru


Translator: Pun

Editor: Blaze


「If you talk about blood then isn’t your house a 『conspiracy plot』lover since your grandfather?!」

That’s right, it is as Nei says.
No matter how evil the plan Kouzuki Shigeaki carried out…
It’s won’t match against Jii-chan…no, it didn’t.
He was all ahead Kouzuki Shigeaki…he saved Mr. Shiba Okitachi and revealed the traitors among the executives.
Jii-chan’s far more above when it comes to plotting.

「…True, it is as you say. My grandfather was like that so a man like father was born, and that blood has been inherited by me」

Ruriko answers.

「That’s not it, you idiot!」

Nei scolds Ruriko strongly

「Don’t blame your father or grandfather! You just simply love to do bad things don’t you? It’s not about blood! It’s your own problem!」

Nei said…Ruriko’s eyes opened wide.

「Besides…you seem to be highly esteemed of yourself but your『conspiracies』aren’t a big deal. If you’re wicked then we’re completely above you! No matter how tough a young lady like you act, you only look like a kindergarten playing the『bad guy』to us Sorry but the world isn’t as naive as you think! A naive Ojou-sama like you shouldn’t go speak so arrogantly!」

Nei’s amazingly angry.
Why is she this angry?


Ruriko’s completely flustered.

「I understand that you feel unstable because various things happened at once. But…」

Margo-san who’s been listening the whole time speaks to Ruriko.

「You’re only taking a messed up logic inside your head. You’re not a conspirator even a bit…everyone normally responds to other people’s reactions. You’re talking about your blood but…then, had you ever made a request to kill someone?」
「…I haven’t」

Ruriko answers.
I see…there’s no way she would.

「You said that you can’t help but look at other people’s expression to know how to deal with them but…as far as I can see, you always understand the other person’s feelings so that you can make them happy. Far from being a wicked person…I think you’re a very good child」

Margo-san said, Ruriko…

「No, I’m a bad woman. A bad daughter…」
「Like I said, could you stop trying to attract other people with that kind of attitude?」

Nei criticizes Ruriko again.

「Or rather, Misuzu, it’s your fault on spoiling this girl making this kind of worthless talks!」

Nei glares at Misuzu.

「If you don’t scold her properly when you should then she’ll become a spoiled girl. Also, that woman over there!」

Nei’s gaze goes to Yoshiko-san

「You already know that you’re also one of Kouzuki-jiichan’s granddaughters, right? You’re the same as Misuzu and Ruriko」
「No…I’m Ruriko-sama’s attendant」

Nei glares at Yoshiko-san

「So what?」
「I’ve been living in that position since I was a child. Even if I know my Kouzuki house’s bloodline this late…It’s unrelated to me. I’ll serve Ruriko-sama the same as usual」
「Oh really?」

Nei-san retorts

「Y-Yes…I don’t care about my true father…being killed by Shigeaki-sama…」

Nei snorts.

「Of course you do…you’re saying that because you do, don’t you?」
「…No, I’m only worried that Ruriko-sama his feeling sorry about that…」
「I’m talking about that!」

Nei throws hard criticisms.
Glaring at Ruriko and Yoshiko-san…

「You and you…you’re misunderstanding that you have more wisdom than everyone in the world! Don’t underestimate the adults!!!」

Nei’s anger explodes.

「I-It’s not that I」
「That’s right…I don’t think that way」

Ruriko and Yoshiko-san try to argue, but…

「Ruriko-san…you’re reading too much on everything on this world. You don’t trust other people because of that…you’re trying to approach by setting your own position That’s all」

Margo-san said

「True…since you’re a lady of Kouzuki house then bad people will come at you and you have to be alert in various things but…it’s not all bad people. The people who can be trusted should be」
「That’s not all…this girl thinks that she’s in a high position of an Ojou-sama…therefore she thinks that others don’t influence the future of her life but she has the choice in her own life. Therefore she thinks bossy! She misunderstands that she lives alone so she has that stupid idea.

Nei’s words are harsh.

「Listen, anyone…access with other people…connect and live! They influence each other! They’re not so stupid to be coaxed by a child’s『plot』like yours. There are people that are smarter and stronger than you are!」

Margo-san joins.

「Let me give you an example. For example, Kouzuki-san has a good understanding of your personality. Therefore, Kouzuki-san decided to leave the shares to Misuzu-san only, and left her the stocks to effectively dominate the Kouzuki group. You will have money and land inheritance but you’ll have no assets that would influence Kouzuki group. Therefore, you can’t do any conspiracy work with Kouzuki group due to 『thinking too much』which you’re good at. Even if you were to lose your inherited assets on the wheedling of a bad guy…it’s only a matter of your own responsibility. It won’t spread to Kouzuki group. If you won’t cause trouble to the people working in the group company then that’s fine…Kouzuki-san thinks that far」


「Are you saying I’m not suited for business management?」
「You’re not. You don’t listen to others, you’re just the type who makes a judgment from her own range, right? No, I know that you’re smart and I know that you have the analytical power and judgement. It’s just that you’re lacking the ability to approach the target to find out what the actual state is. You never take a step from where you are. Looking down from above…having a strong tendency to try to judge from only looking at that standpoint…
「Even though I just got to know you, I can already see that much. You seem to be hiding your true nature but most adults have seen through it already. They will deal with you knowing what kind of girl you are. You deal with others by looking at their complexion…thus they’ll tailor the other party for that. I think you should be aware of that」

Margo-san smiles gently

「Also, Yoshiko-san. You stopped thinking too much. It’s fine to serve Ruriko-san but…you don’t know what you really want to do, right? Even though you’re confused inside your head…you just stopped thinking and say “I’m fine in this position for the time being”. I think that it’s a very admiring attitude to wait until someone decides on what you will do」

Margo-san said, Yoshiko-san’s confused…

「This is why Kouzuki-san didn’t leave any legacy to you. If he leaves you with something…you don’t have the will to manage it yourself and someone else will take it away from you. The large assets or the honor of Kouzuki house won’t make you happy. He knows that you have that kind of personality, therefore…Kouzuki-san doesn’t recognize you as a legitimate granddaughter and doesn’t leave you any legacy either…」

I see, that’s why Jii-chan…

「It’s okay. Yoshiko-san will be supported by Misuzu-san for the rest of her life. In the legacy Misuzu-san has inherited over from Kouzuki-san should also include Yoshiko-san’s protection as well. Succeeding as the main head is to inherit all the duties to the family


「Yes. I’ll make sure Yoshiko-san will be in well being…」

Misuzu answers.

「No, Misuzu-sama…Yoshiko is my attendant. I’ll take care of Yoshiko」

Ruriko tries to answer in reflex, but…

「Wrong! Yoshiko-san is your cousin!…She’s not your retainer!」

Nei speaks strongly

「You only see Yoshiko-san that way…so Kouzuki-jiichan had no choice but to leave Yoshiko-san to Misuzu」

Ruriuko’s devastated from what Nei says.

「Let me say it once again…as expected, she has to be with Misuzu. This is the kindness of an elder sister who came before you」

Nei looks at Misuzu.

.「…I’m very sorry, Nei-oneesama, it is exactly as you say」

Misuzu admits it.

「You must not let Yo-chan shoulder everything…if we don’t do things that we can then Yo-chan would collapse」


「I…decided to become everyone’s『Onee-chan』properly I’m okay even if I get hated. But…I’ll say what I have to as an elder of the family. I’ll do what I have to do…!」

Nei shows her resolve…

「…Yes. I’m really sorry」

Misuzu bows her head to Nei

「Un. As a punishment, I’ll be putting strange nicknames on Misuzu!」


「Let see…『Emi no Oshikatsu』『Gurimade Abadede』『Albeo Pipinden』Or『The last of the world’s wonders』! Pick one of those…! That’ll be your name from now on! That’ll be enforced by the family!」

Nei smiles at Misuzu.
What’s with those nicknames?


Misuzu asks with a serious face.

「What, have you decided?」
「No…Uhm, the names other than Emi no Oshikatsu are unknown go me…」


「Is that so?! What am I supposed to say about that…I only know the Emi no Oshikatsu. I think I’ve seen the name on the textbook」


「Nee-san…you don’t know Emi no Oshikatsu?」

Nei looks startled…

「What?! Yo-chan knows?!」
「I know…Emi no Oshikatsu is Fujiwara Nakamaro」
「Isn’t that the guy who went to China and couldn’t come back?」
「That’s Abe no Nakamaro」
「…Yo-chan, why do you know those?」
「No, you see…I was just studying for entrance exams recently」

I properly took the entrance exam at the high school I enrolled in.
I’ve done studying for the exams at least.

「No way, I thought that Yo-chan can’t study at all!」

Hey hey hey!

「What about you Nee-san, have you studied on school subjects?」

Somehow, I feel really worried.
Nei’s a repeater…and there’s the time she was confined by Cesario Viola…

「I…well, skipped a lot of classes…」

I now understand why Nei said that she can’t graduate from high school…
Saying she won’t graduate, she can’t graduate…

「Geez, don’t look at me like that! I get it…I’ll study so I won’t make Yo-chan worry!」

Nei rubs her body against me.
Her plump breast touches my arm.

「Ah, it’s hitting…」
「Ehehe, of course it will!」

Misuzu looks at Nei.


Nei turns to Misuzu.

「Why is Nei-oneesama so strict with me?」
「What…you’ve got a problem with it?」
「No…I’m just confused from the sudden change」

Nei answers smiling.

「…I think of Misuzu as my rival…!」
「Yes. For me…you’re a strong rival when it comes to Yo-chan’s legal wife seat」

Nei declares.

「Therefore, I decided to fight you fair and square. Let’s cultivate each other! I think that we should polish each other for Yo-chan’s pleasure!」

Misuzu stares at Nei.

「…Is that all there is to it?」
「Yes! Our state until yesterday was just to follow up Yo-chan, right? If this goes on, we’ll become a group of women who only rely on Yo-chan. But, that would be sorry for Yo-chan. It’s important to cooperate with each other but I also think that we need to have a competition!」
「In order to determine who’s the worthy wife of Danna-sama?」
「Ufufufun! That’s it!」


「…I’m sorry to say this, but that would be me」

Michi mutters from my back.
Michi…you’ve been clinging on my back all this time but.

「I’ll be Master’s legal wife」

Misuzu smiles at Michi.

「No, I won’t allow that! Danna-sama’s legal wife would be me!」
「We’ve got to stir up Katsuko-oneechan and Nagisa-oneechan…Mana and Megu too. The super wife war…begins!」1


「Wait a second. There’s no need to compete within the family…」

『The legal wife』…I don’t intend to make distinctions like that…

「No, I think that’s a good idea. It stimulates the family」

Margo-san agrees with Nei’s proposal.

「Everyone’s got a good disposition so I think it’s good for some action to happen」
「But, if they get into fights and it becomes a threatening relationship…」
「It won’t/ Everyone knows that you’ll be sad when that happens. I think they’ll be devoting themselves to study each other to the extent that it won’t bother you…」

Margo-san analyses.

「Then that’s decided…Emi no Oshikatsu-chan!」

Nei calls Misuzu with her nickname right away

「Please stop that nickname! I think that’s wrong…Onee-sama!」
「What’s wrong?」
「At least please find out what kind of person Emi no Oshikatsu is or what age he’s in before calling me that」
「Ah…well, that’s a sound argument. It’s my loss!」
「Rather than that…calling with strange names is clearly『Little sister』bullying Onee-sama」

Nei smiles at the glaring Misuzu.

「Yeah, sorry. If you think that I’m wrong then go on and complain about it okay?」
「I want to be a lively sister without any secrets with Misuzu!」


「Yes…understood! Onee-sama!」

Margo-san who’s watching over the two laughs…

「By the way…are you sure? Your younger『little sister』is left behind though?」

Ruriko’s looking at us with a stunned face.
Yoshiko-san behind her too.

「Ah, sorry, sorry! We completely forgot about you girl. Then…what were we talking about again?」

Nei said on purpose.

「…Uhm, I」

Ruriko speaks with a tearful face…

「What?…If you’re thinking about something then say it. We’re going to listen to it」

Misuzu tells Ruriko gently

「Onee-sama…what should I do from now on?」

That’s Ruriko’s true nature.
Her father was a『traitor.』
Her father was executed by her grandfather.
Her future relationship with Yoshiko-san…
In truth, she’s been worried about what she should do.

「…There’s no asking on what to do. You should be solving each of the problems that’s in front of you, right?!」

Nei said laughing.

「Pretending to be troubled like that just makes you stop thinking. You’re so spoiled…we’re also busy as we have a lot of things we have to do…!」
「…But, I」

This time, Misuzu answers…

「Ruriko-san thinks too much. Leave your future to grandfather and me. We’re all family so we won’t do anything bad to you. Trust us…」
「That’s right…Ruriko!」

I also follow up Misuzu.

「There’s no solution if you worry about it alone」
「But, I…I don’t know what I should do from now on…!」

Nei answers Ruriko.

「That’s stupid…what you have to do now is to try to blend in with the family. We won’t help you more than necessary. If you want to get into our family…then do it yourself」

Then, she smiled

「First would be a concrete method」

Ruriko concentrates on what Nei’s about to say…

「Give your virginity to Yo-chan…that’s Ruriko’s first hurdle you see!」


  1. More like Waifu wars