Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 369. Shirasaka Yukino, 30 yen



Margo-san who’s listening to Minaho-neesan’s talk joins in the conversation.

「If I recall…there’s a famous author who wrote it. At the end of the fairy tale『Cinderella』don’t they say『Cinderella lived happily ever after』?」

Margo-san smiles at us.

「I’ve read what that『happiness』means in that contect」


「What happens after Cinderella marries the prince after wearing the glass shoes? She might suffer from the prince cheating on her. She might’ve been chased out by the children she raised. Or she might not have a good relationship with the King and Queen who became her in-laws. She and her family might’ve become sick. Perhaps…Cinderella’s life afterwards continues to have troubles. Facing various reality everyday…solving each and one of them whole worrying about small things」

Cinderella’s after story…

「But…it can’t be helped. That’s life. Everyone’s living that way. It’s not always good things…if you’re alive, then you have no choice but to encounter sorrow and pain」


「But, even if you experience a lot of hardships…but still, if you summarize the rest of Cinderella’s life in a word…the author wrote it as『Lived happily ever after』」
「Experiencing hardships makes you happy?」

Megu asks Margo-san

「Wrong. Living with your family…even if struggling…but still, staying alive is the『happiness』」

Margo-san answered.

「True…I think the same」

I look at Megu and Nei.

「I grew up in a house where『family』isn’t『family』so, I want to be『family』with everyone…」

That’s right…I

「If this family continues, then I think that it’ll always be troublesome. …Children would be born, and there are those who will part from the family too. I’m sure that there will be sadness and slump times. But, I…am not afraid to confront that. I don’t think it’s troublesome. I want to settle it all one by one with everyone」

…That is because.

「That is my『happiness』after all」

Being involved with the『family』
Understanding the pain of the『family』…
Healing the wounds of the『family』
Helping each other…loving each other.

「…I want everyone to cause trouble for me until I die. I will do all of my best」

The two look at me.

「True. That’s why…Nei shouldn’t be bound by the conviction『I have to do this』or『This must be done』 Just do it naturally. Either way, trouble would keep happening, it’ll never be an ideal state」

Minaho-neesan tells Nei.

「Megu too…don’t feel inferior. Don’t panic, don’t rush, aim to become the adult you want to be. He’s fine no matter how much you trouble him…!」

This time, to Megu…

「Also…Katsuko, you too. Afraid of breaking your relationship so you hesitate to approach him?…That’s pointless. Your relationship are changing ever so fast, right? It shouldn’t be stagnant. Keep on going for him naturally…the way you want it」

Minaho-neesan also yeslls at Katsuko-nee.

「It’s okay. He’ll never go crazy having sex with you. At that time, everyone in the family will take care of him…!」

As expected…Minaho-neesan’s aware of Katsuko-nee’s concerns.

「Rather than that…his self-control is amazing. Even though he’s dealing with this much number of girls, he’s still calm」


「This guy will never drown in sex. This man’s first sex became a trauma for him」

Minaho-neesan says with a serious face.

「Eh…what’s that?」

My first sex?…when I raped Yukino?

「You raped Yukino-san in a despaired state…」

Right…I was abandoned by my real family…
I wasn’t able to see my own future.
I really didn’t know what to do…

「Therefore…when you raped Yukino-san for the first time, it was messed up. You released all of your anxiety and despair in your heart to Yukino-san」

…That’s right.
My sex with Yukino…is the worst.
A shameful act as a human…

「At first, I thought you were mentally deficient…or you might’ve sex addiction」

Yeah…I raped Yukino for more than 10 times.
Even though Yukino’s a virgin…
It can only be thought as an abnormal.

「But…that wasn’t it. After all, if you’re having sex with girls other than Yukino-san, it’s normal. No…you’re caring about the woman multiple times more than a normal boy」

Minaho-neesan said.

「In the end…your『loneliness』and『anxiety』exploded on Yukino-san, and that happened. But, you’re a kind boy at core…so you regret that kind of first experience from the bottom of your heart. Therefore, when having sex with other girls, you’re very kind to them…!」

Because of the trauma from raping Yukino…I’m kind to other girls?

「Recently… You’re also kind when having sex with Yukino-san」


「Back in the hotel yesterday…the sex Cordelia-san forced you to do. I saw the recording from the surveillance camera. Aren’t you having normal sex with Yukino-san?」

Minaho-neesan…just what?

「Up until recently…Yukino-san is the only special one for you. You ignore your partner and just spit out all of the emotions accumulated inside yourself…that’s how you see Yukino-san. Only when you’re having sex with Yukino-san your emotions explode, right?」

Speaking of which…that was the case back then.
When with Yukino…everything stops…

「And gradually…you were able to have normal sex with Yukino-san. You kept it moderate, not getting completely absorbed in sex. In short, Yukino-san is no longer special to you…!」
「Yeah, that girl’s no longer Yo-chan’s『favorite stuffed toy』!」

Nei said happily

「That’s how it is. His blind『attachment』has disappeared…!」
「Then, Yoshi-kun can leave Yukino already!」

Megu shouts.

「Or rather…he will. Because…this boy is completely focued on Agnes and us『family』that he’s forgotten about Yukino-san…!」

Minaho-neesan smiles.
…That’s right, Yukino.
I completely forgot to call Yukino to the dinner table…!

「…Katsuko-nee, Yukino’s got to eat too!」

As I panic…Minaho-neesan…

「It’s okay…I’ve handed Yukino-san 3『Umaibo』earlier」


「Thirty yen is enough for Yukino-san’s meals!」


「Three『Umaibo』pieces…won’t she be hungry?」
「It’s fine…she can be hungry for tonight at least. We’ve been too kind for her until now」

Minaho-neesan said.

「In the end…we have avoided to to make Yukino-san suffer as much as possible because of your wishes. Well, she’s been made to dress strange clothes and turned to a laughingstock but…up until now, her meals had been the same as ours」

…That is.

「But, that’s over. You didn’t remember Yukino-san after all. Yukino-san is no longer an important person to you. In that case…we’ll return to the correct state that’s fitting for her」

Shirasaka Yukino…returning to the subject of『revenge』of『Kuromori』…

「She’ll no longer be treated as a human…Yukino-san is our enemy after all…!」

As I forgot Yukino…
Yukino is…

「Don’t say it. I understand your feelings but…we have to make Yukino-san decide what’s ahead of her by herself」

…Yukino herself?

「…I’ve placed a trap for her. And…if she takes hostile actions against us…she’ll be disposed with her father」


「Didn’t I tell you before?…That girl’s going to fall to a life where she sells her body for three『Umaibou』…」

Oh…selling her as a cheap prostitute in the slums of south east Asia…

「If that girl’s rotten to her core…then she’ll stop being pregnant. I don’t want a baby coming from such a human…!」


「A replacement for Naomi…No, it might be a substitute for my child that was aborted but, the feeling of me wanting a baby doesn’t change. But, thanks to you, the situation has changed. Even if you don’t force Yukino to be pregnant…Nei, Megumi, or Misuzu-san or any other would give birth to a baby after a few years. Oh…Nagisa and Katsuko are going ahead. It feels like there’s no longer a need to hurry…!」

If the forced pregnancy plan is gone…Yukino’s discarded

「Of course…if that girl acted how I know she would on the trap I devised…I’ll take care of her until her birth next year. I’ll let her to go school. After that…I can even give her back to her mother’s house」

What’s going to happen to Yukino?

「Isn’t that enough? Leave Yukino to Minaho-san and Yoshi-kun can just forget about her!」

Megu said.

「…But…is that okay, Megu?」
「It’s okay. I hate that girl…!」

Megu’s a girl who’s been oppressed by Yukino.

「Megu…it’s your sister?」
「…I don’t need that kind of sister」

Megu rejects.

「I already have a new family with Yoshi-kun A real family…!」

Whispers to Megu.

「…Megumi-chan, that part of you is exactly like Yukino-san」

Megu shivers…

「True, it is as Margo said. Megumi’s very similar to Yukino-san」

Minaho-neesan said.

「…We’re not similar! Not Yukino and I!」

Megu desperately denies, but…

「No. You do. Like the way you think…or how obstinate the two of you are」

Margo-san said.

「Of course…Megumi-chan isn’t arrogant, or selfish like Yukino-san…above all, you’re a girl who understands other people. Yukino-san isn’t interested in anyone but herself」

Margo-san analyzes
Minaho-neesan continues.

「But…you two are similar. Your face and style are different, but… Your ears and fingers are similar. Even with gestures, you often do same things. As expected, you’re sisters…!」

Hearing that…Megu’s body trembles.
Sisters…having the same father.
Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughters.

「Hey, Megumi, maybe you should think about『what if you swapped positions with Yukino-san』at least once?」

Minaho-neesan tells Megu.

「If ever you were the daughter of Shirasaka house…and Yukino-san was the illegitimate child. If you were born in opposite positions and grew on each environments…are you confident to not have the character Yukino-san have?」

Megu looks down

「…She won’t」

I said.

「Megu and Yukino are different… If she’s born as a lady of Shiraska house, Megu is still Megu. She’s a kind girl. She won’t become like Yukino…!」

Megu clings to me.
I also hug Megu gently.

「My…why can you say so?」

Minaho-neesan asks me.

「Because…she’s Mana’s precedent」

I declared.

「Even if they’re sisters of the same house…Yukino and Mana are different. Mana’s definitely selfish like Yukino but, Mana’s a girl who care for other people. Unlike Yukino」
「Yukino and Mana-chan’s difference isn’t just kindness but also intellect. Yukino-san’s a stupid who doesn’t understand other people’s feelings」

Margo-san said.

「Humans aren’t dependent on the environment only…what that person has, of course, their intelligence as well…even with individual power, their fate would change」

…That’s right.
You can change your own destiny with your own power.

「Therefore, Minaho threatened Megumi-chan a bit. When it comes to the two, Megumi-chan is much more clever. On the other hand, Yukino-san’s much more entertaining…!」

MArgo-san tries to soften it up with a joke.

「True, I said too much…but, think about it Megumi. You’re prejudice against Yukino-san, is basically 『Hating the same kind』…!」

Megu trembles in my arms.

「Anyway…let’s have dessert!」

Katsuko-nee said in a loud voice.

「I’ll go bring ice cream!」
「Katsuko, I don’t need it…I’ll return to work」

Minaho-neesan said…and went out of the room.

「…Minaho, you really treasure Megumi-chan」

Margo-san said.

「Megumi-chan is Keiko-san’s daughter…a daughter born in this『mansion』so I think of her as special. Minaho…isn’t this harsh to Mana and Misuzu-san」

I think so too.
Because the other party is Megu…she purposely speak bluntly.

「What Minaho’s telling Megumi has been consistent. In short…『Take a look at what kind of person you are』」

Megumi who’s face is buried in my chest…looks up.

「You can’t do anything about your past, your birth and your upbringing. It’s meaningless even if you deny it. You have to accept things you can’t do anything against. Even if you deny or try to forget reality…the past would chase you forever. If you don’t accept it first…you can’t change for the good」

Listening to Margo-san’s words…I ask Megu.

「Megu…do you hate Yukino?」
「…I hate her」

Megu replies immediately

「Why do you hate her? Was it because you were bullied? Do you hate her personality? Is it because she’s the daughter of Shirasaka house? Or is it simply because you hate Yukino’s face?」
「I get it. But, I think that you shouldn’t go with all. If you don’t divide the reason you hate her…you’ll become someone who hate Yukino by reflec」
「I’m fine just hating Yukino」
「I don’t want Megu to become a girl with such crude sense」
「Yukino’s basically hopeless but…she’s got kindness in her too」
「Yoshi-kun…do you like Yukino?」

Megu looks up at me.

「Like I said, you shouldn’t look with that kind of sense…!」


「My father disappeared at the morning of the high school entrance ceremony」

…I remember.

「I was hopelessly uneasy…I don’t know what to do, that I was trembling in the classroom」

…My meeting with Yukino.

「Then, Yukino was the one who called me out, asking『what’s wrong』…!」

Megu’s face stiffens.

「Sorry…I didn’t notice it」

I see.
Megu was in that classroom too.

「I’m not talking about that…Megu」

…What I want to say is

「That day…Yukno was kind. That girl’s got some kind part in her too…!」

I don’t love Yukino.
I definitely don’t think of Yukino as family.
I don’t think that Yukino should be abandoned.

「…Yukino doesn’t remember calling me out that day」

Yukino only lives on the moment.
She acts what she thinks at the moment…and mostly forget about it.
She’s that kind of woman.

「But, I’m indebt to her…there’s no mistake about that」

◇ ◇ ◇

Katsuko-nee brings the homemade ice cream from the kitchen.
She puts it on plates…and stick in wafers.
It’s a full-fledged vanilla ice cream.

「Okay, everyone, come and get yours…!」

Katsuko-nee gives out the dishes
Just as thought…miss Edie came to pick up Agnes’ share.
She handed it to Agnes…showing an expression『This is delicious!』
Looking at Edie lick the ice cream while smiling…
Agnes also eats ice cream
Then…she’s in wonder of the coldness, sweetness, and the deliciousness!

「Ah, tell Edie-san that there’s no refill for ice cream!」

Katsuko-nee tells Nei.

「If you eat too much cold food, your stomach would hurt」

Nei speaks to Edie in English.
Edie looks dissatisfied but…Kyouko-san and miss Cordelia said something, and she became quiet.

「…What did they tell Edie?」

I ask Nei…

「They said『askng for another ice cream, this is why you’re still a brat』! Then, she got dejected」

Ah…miss Edie’s 16 years old this year.
She’s hurt by the word『Brat』
The entrance of the room’s gotten noisy.

「…We’re home!!」

Mana jumps in.

「Minaho-san said that everyone’s here, so…!」

Nagisa and Mao-chan too…


Mis Edie rushes towards Mao-chan in great joy.
She really likes Mao-chan.

「I’m back…Lord」

Reika’s back too.

「Yeah…thanks for the hard work」

She’s completely tired.
As expected, the work on flower shop is completely different than her own.

「Ah, Nagisa…have you taken dinner yet?」
「Yes, we ate a light meal at the shop…I have to let the girls from the shop eat too」

Nagisa seems to be always making the dinner for the part-timer clerks of the shop.

「I’m glad…I made a lot of stew but, there was a lot of people who ate today」

There’s hardly anything on the big pot.
Of course, the biggest glutton is miss Edie, but…
Kyouko-san and miss Cordelia, Eenie & Meenie ate a lot too.
It seems that combat type people eat a lot.

「There’s still some Tacos though」
「Ah, I’ll eat thosee!!」

Mana raised her hand.
Then, she sits on my knee…

「Mana, that’s bad manners!」

Megu scolds Mana…

「Megu-oneechan was just flirting with Onii-chan just now, right? That’s why it’s Mana’s turn now!」

She fawns on me…

「…Did you do it with Megu-oneechan?」

This 14 year old presses her butt against my crotch…then asks.


I answered honestly.

「Hey, Yoshi-kun…!」

Megu’s angry, but…

「What?! Onii-chan isn’t only for Megu-oneechan!」

Mana’s completely fine.

「Then, how about doing it with Mana twice too? Onii-chan, how do you want to do Mana? Do you want to release it all inside Mana’s belly?」

The small devil looks at me with shady eyes.

「…I do」
「It’s okay. You can ravish me as much as you want. Mana’s here to be ravished by Onii-chan after all」

Mana’s small hand rubs my crotch…
I think once again as I look at Mana.
Mana’s similar to Yukino.
Mana with Megu too.
Of course…Megu with Yukino too.
Three sisters with different mothers.
They shouldn’t be alike.
The three of them are stubborn…quite pushy.
Their conviction’s strong…
Above all…
They’re greedy when it comes to sex…

「What’s up? Onii-chan?」
「You see, Mana…」

I point at Agnes

「That’s Agnes」

Edie brought Mao-chan to Agnes’ location.
She introduced her to Agnes like it’s her little sister.
Agnes is also not being wary of a young cute girl.

「Hello! I’m Mao!」

Agnes is just silent.

「Onee-chan, you’re very beautiful!」

For Mao-chan…the 12 year old Agnes is also an elder sister

「It’s your little sister, mana」

Mana stares at Agnes.

「Un…she’s really cute. Just like an Angel」

Then, she looks at me.

「Onii-chan…how would you rape that girl?」


「Should I hold down her hands? Or would you like me to hold her feet instead?」

Mana’s face is serious.

「For first times…it’s inevitable」

I see…Mana’s first time was…
Therefore…Maana thinks that Agnes’ first time would also be rape…!