Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 370. Animal forest



「By the way…how did you go helping with the shop?」

Nei asks Mana.

「Un, Mana did her best on work! I was praised by the ladies on the shop!」

Nagisa’s shop have four clerks and part time women.
All of them are Nagisa’s pet.

「Nagisa-san and the others were very kind…It was so fun! Onii-chan」

Mana lived as a daughter of Shirasaka family…
Therefore helping out in the shop is a fresh experience for her.

「Nagisa…was there no problems?」

Just in case, I ask Nagisa.
Anyway, Mana’s got the reputation of『getting carried away immediately』
She might’ve messed up a lot.

「It’s okay. I had her work inside the shop for today…」


「She didn’t serve a customer. Mana-chan’s 14 years old. I’d be told off if she comes out of the shop」

I see.
True, it’s impossible for Mana to take care of customers who come to buy flowers.

「I want to do it though…!」

Mana said, but…

「But, Mana. Do you have any knowledge about flowers?」

Megu asks.

「Yeah…just a bit」

「Teehee」, Mana laughs.

「Then that’s no good. Without proper technical knowledge…you can’t recommend flowers to the customers, can you?」

Megu speaks strictly to Mana.

「It’s not just knowledge. You need to have flower arrangement skills too. We have to combine different kind of flowers according to the customer’s purpose and budget」

Nagisa said.

「It doesn’t mean that there’s no customer who would say『Please bring me a bouquet of red roses』but there are a lot of customers who leave it to us. At that time, you have to use the seasonal flowers as much as possible. There’s celebratory flowers, a sick visit flower, offering flowers, flowers that have their uses and flowers who don’t. You have to know that properly to make arrangements. There are customer wishes you have to respond too…like having it flashier, or making it gorgeous even if it’s small.」
「Yeah…that’s a lot. I understand that from watching at the back of the shop」

Mana answers.

「If Mana-chan wants to study about flowers then I’ll teach you. From simple flower arrangements to professional…」
「Un, please teach me! Nagisa-san!」

For Mana…she’s「Nagisa-san」
It doesn’t become「Nagisa-oneechan」
I think her helping out the shop for today has influenced her.
The shop helpers call Nagisa『Owner/ Manager』…
Won’t the other assistants mind if she’s called『Onee-chan』?
Mana’s sharp sighted when it comes to interpersonal relationships…
She went to a place where there’s only Nagisa’s pets.
If she speaks too familiar…then she might receive antipathy.
Well, as far as I can see in Mana…there’s no trouble with the other clerks it seems.

「What about Reika, what kind of work did she do?」

I ask Reika.
Did it went well for Reika?
Was she accepted by the shop’s people well?

「I only did labor work. I had no other merits after all」

Reika’s still self-depreciating.

「Organizing cardboard boxes with heavy chrysanthemums…that kind of work」
「That’s not true. Reika-oneesan also standed in front of the shop」

Nagisa said.

「She immediately got some fan from the customers. Reika-oneesan’s cool after all!」

Mana laughed.

「No…I. I just bothered everyone with my failures…」

Reika reflects on herself.

「It can’t be helped. It was your first time today」

Nagisa says, but…

「But, I don’t think I suit for shops」
「It’s okay. The children of the shop seems to have like Reika-oneesan as well」

Reika doesn’t seem to want to go to the flower shop anymore.

「Reika…I think you have noticed it but, Kouzuki security service and the public security police are watching around this house」

I purposely change the topic.

「Yes…Lord. I confirmed it while coming in」

Reika’s face returns to the top elite guard.

「The Mansion has Kyouko-san, Margo-san too…if ever someone attacks, we can handle it」

Kouzuki security service and the police aren’t our enemy.
Jii-chan ordered them to protect us.
But…they’re not allies either.
Especially the police…
We’re a criminal organization after all

「Misuzu and Ruriko have Seki-san and Michi. Chief Yazawa’s here too…the guards are perfect」

Reika nods.

「The problem is…Nagisa’s shop. They can stay overnight at this mansion for a while, but…someone has to guard them during the day. If they’re from the underground society who knows her relationship with『Kuromori』…the possibility of Nagisa’s shop being attacked is high」

Even if I say that…Nagisa’s shop is a surface business…
Nagisa’s shop is thriving…and the customers are stable.

「There was a Yakuza flower shop that tried to make a move before. At that time, Margo-san crushed it but…it’s unknown whether that happens again」
「It wasn’t just me…didn’t you and Nei help out?」

Margo-san speaks from the side.

「Anyway…I think we need someone to be stationed at Nagisa’s shop to guard them」


「True…I think it is as Lord says」

Reika can stay in Nagisa’s flower shop as a guard.

「Oh right. Therefore, starting tomorrow…you can go to the shop in your usual British gentleman clothes」
「That look…is Reika’s 『Guard』style, right?」

Reika blushes…

「But, that look…is a form of self-defense for me to make a wall for others」

She regrets her past.

「That look, I can’t make close friends with other people…Therefore, I」


「No…it’s fine. Stick to your style」

Reika looks at me startled.

「If you open your heart to anyone, anywhere, and anytime…it would be hard. Reika, weren’t you always cowering in Nagisa’s shop? I can imagine how it looks like」
「Yes…Reika-oneesan’s too mindful of everyone. Everyone’s younger than Onee-san…so I wish they could receive her more generously…!」

Nagisa said.
Nagisa’s 21 year old so all of the shop clerks in her shop are younger than her.
Reika’s…I think she’s 22 or 23.

「But…Everyone’s a senior in the shop…and I don’t know anything about flowers」

Reika speaks timidly
…This can’t go on.

「Therefore…Reika would be going to Nagisa’s shop tomorrow as a guard. Well, you’ll help out with the shop’s work, but…it’ll only be a camouflage. As an undercover, go work as a clerk of the shop…!」

I order Reika strongly.

「Rather than working as a florist…concentrate on『Is there anyone observing the shop?』『Is there a strange customer coming?』」
「But…if I show up on the shop with a『guard』look, that would make the atmosphere of the shop bad…」
「That’s not true…」

I declared.

「Reika’s beautiful, cool…and your British Gentleman look is good. The atmosphere of the shop would be better instead」
「Yes, I think so too」

Nagisa gives her stamp of approval.

「It’s my mistake to let Reika help out the store today bare, without any walls in your heart. Sorry」
「Reika only has to expose her heart to us『family』 When out of『family』…You can push through your『British Gentleman』style as usual」

Yeah…I think I did something bad.
I think that it’s good that all the girls in Nagisa’s shop today are all mentally dominated by Nagisa.
Since Nagisa’s calling Reika『Onee-san』, Nagisa’s pets won’t try to harm Reika.

「Reika, you thoroughly guard your mind because you’re mentally weak?」
「That is…I think so too」

Reika acknowledges her weakness.

「I’m glad that you opened up your heart to us. But, if you open up your heart to all the people in the world so suddenly…Reika’s heart will be filled with wounds. If you just idle around like today…you might be isolated from other people」

That’s what I’m afraid of.

「Ah, I get it!…Today, there were people in the shop saying that they can’t think of anything but underestimate Reika-oneesan! The senior faces!」

Mana said.
As expected…that happened.

「That’s because I’m not accustomed to the shop’s work」

Reika blames herself, but…

「Reika…what about you?」

I ask.

「What is your job?」
「…I’m a professional guard」

Reika answers.

「Do you feel proud in being a guard?」
「…Of course」
「Then…Reika can be a『guard』anytime, anywhere, to anyone. Don’t let anyone underestimate you…!」
「I don’t want Reika to be underestimated. It gets me angry」

Nagisa looks at me…

「I already know which girls Mana-chan is talking about . I’ll be punishing them properly tomorrow. Don’t worry」

Nagisa said, Reika’s surprised.

「I also won’t allow anyone underestimating my『Onee-san』…!」
「No…that’s. I don’t think those girls had evil intent. I couldn’t do my job well so it’s my mistake」
「That’s not it」

Nagisa smiles at Reika.

「That shop is my world. I have to punish girls who don’t follow my will」

Nagisa shows a face of an owner of four girls.

「Mana-chan and Reika-chan came to help out. And I’ve told them that they’re my precious『family』 Therefore, I can’t forgive them for showing such an insulting attitude to Reika-oneesan. It’s natural to punish them」

I enter in between.

「That’s inside Nagisa’s shop so Reika doesn’t have to mind it. Reika, fulfil your position as a guard」

Reika refuses to accept.

「Or rather…for a while, you can open your heart only to us. I don’t want to show this cute Reika to the others」
「…C-Cute? Me?」
「Yeah, Reika’s cute now. Too cute. Therefore, I don’t want you to go out like that. Try to have the same style as before when outside. Okay?」

Yeah…Reika’s good.
Nagisa’s shop will be guarded by Reika…
Reika herself would be checked down by Nagisa…
Reika just has to interact with a lot of different people…without rushing.
If she stays no-guard…it’ll result badly on the other hand.

「Onii-chan…you don’t get it」

Mana said.

「Reika-oneesan…doesn’t open up her heart to all of us」
「It’s only Onii-chan」


「Therefore, Onii-chan’s called『Lord』 Reika-oneesan’s honest only Onii-chan」
「No, uhm…I」

Reika blushes.

「Look…they often talk about dog-type and cat-type persons?」

Mana…what are you talking about?

「I think that Misuzu-san and Michi-san are the typical dog-type…Mana thinks that she’s a cat. Then…Reika-oneesan’s probably a dog-type…but I think that she’s a stray dog who hasn’t been able to find her owner for a long time!」

Reika’s a stray dog.

「Onii-chan’s the finally found owner of Reika-oneechan…therefore you’re『Lord』!」

I look at Reika.
Reika’s red to her ears.

「…Reika, uhm…?」

Reika speaks…looking at me.

「Why does Lord always think of me so seriously?」


「Of course…I regard of everyone as my true family. I love everyone. I’m truly grateful that I’m allowed to enter this family…!」

Reika’s words make me glad…makes me trust too, but.
When she’s speaking politely, that’s not her real intent.
Reika hasn’t completely entered the family yet.

「But, among that family…『Lord』is different. I can’t help but feel sorry to『Lord』who always thinks so hard about my happiness. I feel very grateful」


「I have this kind of personality…and the people around recognize me as a『Woman who’s living according to her whims』 Chief Yazawa, my superior speaks complains on me but nobody tried to understand the depths of my heart like Lord」

She has a first class skill as a guard…
She’s rejected by others due to her『British Gentleman』style…
She’s independent in Kouzuki security service, no, she’s allowed to be isolated.
It’s only me who’s trying to break into Reika’s heart?

「I feel like I can be completely naked in front of Lord」

Reika said, Nei snickers.

「It’s not just feel. Get naked in front of Yo-chan for real. Show your anus properly…Ah, I’ve shown it already!」
「Mana did too! Megu-oneechan too, right?」

Mana said, Megu turned red.

「…I-I haven’t shown it!」

Earlier, I felt like I’ve seen glances of it, especially when doing it on the back.

「Eeh, Megu-onee-chan. You haven’t shown your anus to Onii-chan?!」

Mana speaks loudly.

「Uhm…N-Next time, I’ll show it」

Megu…what the hell?

「Anyway…if the heart’s become like a dog then you have to devote your body soon! That way’s more pleasing!」

Nei tells Reika.

「I-Is that so?」

Reika asks me.

「No…even if you ask me」
「For me, it was. It took me a long tim eto have sex with Yo-chan but…I’m glad I did! I feel an amazingly strong bond…in my stomach」
「Ah, Mana knows that! You can feel it in the womb! It makes you feel glad you’re born a girl!」

This 14 year old middle school girl speaks like that.

「Perhaps…if Reika-oneesan have sex with Yo-chan…I think that you’ll change even greater than now. Well, I won’t force it though. Timing is really important on this kind of things」

Nei said…and then looked at Mana.

「By the way. Which type am I? Dog? Cat?」

Mana stares at Nei…

「Nei-oneechan…isn’t a dog nor a cat.」
「…It feels like you’re a flamingo!」

Flamingo type…

「What the hell is that?!」

Nei’s angry.
Mana laughs teehee.

「Katsuko-oneechan’s a Lion…and Nagisa-san’s a white and beautiful horse」
「Me…a horse?」

Nagisa’s dumbfounded by what Mana said.

「Yeah. You’re very loyal to Onii-chan that when a weird person comes, Nagisa-san would kick them out with her hind legs on full power. Surely」

…I see.

「As for Katsuko-neesan, she’d bite before kicking, then scratch them with her nails…!」
「Geez, I won’t do that」

Katsuko-nee smiles wryly.

「Then, what about Megu?」

I asked, Mana…

「Megu-oneechan’s not even an animal」


「It’s that…『Meiji era woman』」


「The one sitting on entrance and telling『Take care』on her husband as he goes…then she’ll be waiting at the front of the door sitting until her husband comes home. A really heavy woman!」

Mana…what do you think of Meiji era?

「I’m not like that!」

Megu denies it, but…

「Because, that’s the image inside Mana’s head」
「Hmmm, Megumi’s a『Meiji woman』, I seee!!」

Nei laughs.

「I’m not like that! Right, Yoshi-kun!」

Megu looks at me with teary eyes, but…
No, well…I think that the『heavy woman』is definitely true.

「By the way…Cordelia’s a cat!」

Suddenly, Kyouko-san interrupts in a loud voice.

「After all…I’m the tachi!」

Gahahaha, Kyouko-san laughs loudly

「…What’s Tachi?」

I ask Nei whisperingly…

「…It means hiroshi」

Nei answered with a serious face.
I don’t get it.

「…It’s Shin-chan’s papa」

This is going downhill.

「Now then…it’s about time we call it a night. It’ll be adult time for us」

Kyouko-san tells us.

「…You intend to stay in this room, right?」

No, we are.
It’s better to stay in this room in order to open up Agnes’ heart as soon as possible.

「Leave the cleanup to us!」

Miss Cordelia gives instructions…Eenie & Meenie puts the empty plates together on the wagon.

「It’s fine…I’ll do it」

Katsuko-nee stands up, but…

「It’s fine, let them. They saw the kitchen earlier so they know how to. Leave the dishwashing work to these children. These girls also like housework」

Miss Cordelia said…Eenie & Meenie smiled.
They’re really good people by the roots.

「It’s fine, leave this to us!」

Kyouko-san said.

「Speaking of which…this room and the other room’s a single room」

Kyouko-san approach the wall to the next room
She knocks on the wall.


Then she kicks the wall…!
A hole opened up in the wall.

「Yeah…the wall of the girl’s confinement room is like this. We’ll break this wall tomorrow. Let’s connect this to the other room. Then, the things we can do in this room will expand」

Kyouko-san smiles.

「What do you mean?」

I ask.

「Today, Agnes learned to eat the food from the same pot as everyone else. Then…shouldn’t the next be showing her what meals are made of?」


「When the room gets wider, we can bring over a stove and cooking utensils and try to cook in front of Agnes. It’ll increase her knowledge and experience」

…I see.

「Katsuko-nee, let’s make bread too. Teach me how to make bread in front of Agnes」

Katsuko-nee gives her permission

「The food is good now but…there’s another desire that needs to be tackled」

Kyouko-san said.

「Katsuko…you know it don’t you?」

Katsuko-nee looks at me.

「…Agnes does her ritual before sleeping too」

Masturbating while looking at Shirasaka Sousuke’s naked statue.

「We’ll blow that away. Show even more sexy things than that man’s naked statue…!」

That is…in short.

「Oh, it means showing our sex in front of her! Roger! Do it with Mana! Onii-chan!」

Mana whispers to my ears.

「Katsuko-neechan too! She hasn’t done it with Yo-chan today!」

Nei said.

「What about Nei-oneesan?」

Mana asks Nei…

「Megumi and I have already done it so we’re fine, right, Megumi?」

Megu seems to be still bearing the weight of the『Meiji woman』

「Nagisa-oneechan too, you’re welcome!」

Nei calls Nagisa, but…

「I’ll do it later…Mao’s getting sleepy soon」

Ah…looking at miss Edie’s side…
Mao-chan’s starting to doze off.

「Now then…we’ll be going ahead! Lesbians, come with me!」

Kyouko-san, miss Cordelia, Eenie & Meenie head for the exit.

「My…I was really wrong」

Miss Cordelia looks at Margo-san and said.

「That’s right…Cordelia’s overthinking too much」

Kyouko-san hugs Cordelia.

「…I won’t let you sleep tonight. Kyouko」
「…Who do you think I am?」

The two kissed each other.

「Well then! Good night…!」

Then…the four lesbians take their leave.