Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 379. Raging Yukino (Part 1)


「Ufufu, fuun」

Mao-chan’s in good mood since morning…
I’m washing her body with a sponge.
The naked Nagisa is washing my body as well.

「Wahahaiii, scrubbing! washing!!」

Mao-chan’s grinning

「It’s so nice being a child」

Nei said while watching us take a bath from top of the air mat.

「True…I want that too」

Megu says such a thing.

「Mana wants to be like Mao-chan!」

Megu turns to Mana

「Then, Mana can be spoiled by Onii-chan a lot!」
「Hmm. That’s also good…how about we try『Baby play』next time?」

Katsuko-nee answers.

「What kind of play is that?」

Megu…I beg you, don’t be so interested in it
I feel like if it’s Nei or Mana, it’ll be just a play…
If it’s Megu, she will take the『Baby play』seriously…

「Well, in reality, it’s the male who plays the baby…」

Three girls listen to Katsuko-nee’s talk seriously…
On the other hand, Agnes and Edie are watching us with caution.
Edie comes down the bed and walks towards us.
Reika moves towards us.

「Ah , it’s okay…Onee-san」

Nagisa tells Reika, smiling.
Then, she speaks to Edie in English
Edie also replied something.

「What’s up with Edie?」

I asked

「『Let me wash Mao』…she said!」

Edie seems to want to scrub Mao-chan who’s her favorite by all means.
She overcame the fear of me(the ejaculating ghost)…and came to the bathroom area.

「Then tell her to『Hurry up and strip』」

I tell Nagisa

「Let’s go to the bathtub」
「…Yes, dear」

Nagisa speaks in English and…Edie’s cheered up…
She takes off her clothes right away.
She takes the sponge from me and head to Mao-chan.

「Mao, Onee-chan said she wants to scrub your feet」

Nagisa said, Mao-chan…

「Eeh, Mao wants Papa…!」

Then, she clings to me.

「Don’t say that…be kind to your Onee-chan」
「This Onee-chan…wants to play with Mao so much」
「…You don’t have friends?」


「Right now…she doesn’t」

What does Michi think of Edie?
Though it looks like Edie thinks they’re buddies…no, kindred spirits

「Mao, didn’t you play with this lady yesterday too? Can’t Edie-chan be friends with Mao?」

Nagisa asks.

「Because…I can’t understand what this person is talking about at all!」


「They’re that kind of person so be kind with them, didn’t Mama tell you that?」

Mao-chan thinks for a while

「Okay…Mao will play with her!」

Mao-chan turned to Edie.

「Onee-chan, let’s play!」

Then, her scrubbing time with Edie begins.


I wash away the bubbles in Nagisa’s body with the shower and…rinse my body as well.
The, we head to the bathtub.
I embrace Nagisa and enter.

「…So breasts float in water」

While checking the volume of Nagisa’s breasts in the hot water…I noticed her breasts are bouyant.

「That’s of course…it’s fat」

Nagisa laughs.

「There’s a story titled『Boule de Suif』…It’s written by Maupassant Do you know it?」
「…I don’t」
「『Boule de suif』is a nickname…talking about prostitutes」
「…I see」

Then…Katsuko-nee, Megu, and Mana comes over still wearing clothes.
Though I call it clothes…it was the bathrobe from last night

「I’ll prepare breakfast. I’ll take down the necessary stuff here」

Katsuko-nee said

「Err…it’s Hotcakes, right?」
「Yes, if we use only the wagon with the IH heater from yesterday, everyone won’t be able to cook. Therefore, I’ll bring some casette stoves」
「Then, should I come with you?」

If there’s a lot of luggage…manpower is needed.

「Ah, it’s okay…It’s about time Kyouko-san’s morning training ends. I’ll ask for their help」

Oh, so that’s why Katsuko-nee was estimating time.

「Those people…have too much stamina!」

Nei comes as well…Naked

「Nei, you just had sex so wash your body properly」
「Okaay, Katsu-nee」

She goes on the side of Mao-chan and Edie…then starts taking shower.
The blonde battle freak girl, and a young girl…begins to giggle happily in a blink of an eye.
They’re completely getting along.

「Then, I’m heading out for a minute…!」

Katsuko-nee and others head to the open door…
I look at the other side of the room.
Reika’s on top of the air mat.
Agnes…She’s on the bed.
Both of them are just sitting in daze.

「…Agnes aside」

Nagisa speaks.

「Reika-oneesan has to give her answer soon…!」

I turned to Nagisa.

「Reika-oneechan entered our family because of the flow back at the hotel yesterday, right? Without even understanding what『Kuromori Familiy』is like…!」

Reika…knows that『Kuromori』was a high class brothel through Kouzuki security service’s document.
But…that’s all.

「It really helps if Reika-oneesan joins in our family this way but…that’s all for our own convenience. Reika-oneesan…you can still back off now」

REika won’t lose her position as an elite of Kouzuki security service.
She has a place to return.

「Why do we make sex so important?…Can we constitute the family without sex as the mediator?…Onee-san doesn’t understand that yet.」

Therefore…She was confused by the sexual aggression last night

「You’re right…we can’t move on unless this is clear」

I think so too.

「That’s right. If Onee-san wills to return…then we won’t force you to enter the『Kuromori family』」

Nagisa says with a sad smile

◇ ◇ ◇

We get up from the bath then…we put on our clothes…


Kyouko-san’s group is amazing
Instead of the cassette stove and ingredients but…they came with a huge refrigerator.

「There are limits on going out and gathering ingredients outside you see? We’ll be staying in this room for a while anyway」

Kyouko-san instructs Eenie and Meenie where to install the refrigerator.

「This one’s better. We’ll just bring a power supply and boom…a kitchen zone. We can ensure Agnes can see the cooking」

They understand for what sake they’re doing this.
As expected.
Kyouko-san, miss Cordelia, Eenie and Meenie too…
Their skin’s glossy.

「We had a lot of『fun』last night! Kufufufufufu!」

Kyouko-san laughs.

「Weren’t you people doing it too? You all look so refreshed!」

Miss Cordelia said while looking at Nei, Megu, and Mana’s faces.

「My, what about you?」

Miss Cordelia asks Reika who looks weary.

「Reika-oneechan’s still a virgin!」

Then…Mana said something not necessary

「My, why? You have such a wonderful body!」

Miss Cordelia said…and a small voice whispers.

「If you’re not good with men, you can come with us! We’ll welcome you!」


「No…That is. I’m thankful for your offer but…I’m more scared on your side」
「…There’s nothing to be scared about. I’ll be gentle!」

Miss Cordelia holds Reika’s hand.
Having someone get close to her this much…Reika’s really weak.

「Cordelia…you’re boldly calling out another woman in front of me?」

Kyouko-san stares at Miss Cordelia.

「Kyouko, that’s not it! I just thought that it would be nice to have a pet…! Besides we can have her join up with our wok」

Oh, not only the looks.
Miss Cordelia evaluates Reika’s physical ability as well.

「No no, that girl’s a born baby face orthodox. She can’t play the bad guy like us」
「Hmm…I see」

Miss Cordelia looks down on Reika…as if appraising her

「I think this girl’s correct role in this country is…『Babysitting』」

Reika gets angered by that.

「…What do you mean?」
「Oh, sorry. It’s not that I’m looking down on your profession as a guard」

Kyouko-san said.

「Guards are specialized in jobs to protect. But look, we don’t just protect but also attack when we have to」1
「We’re international criminals after all」

Miss Cordelia laughs.

「Your job is to follow your master and hide your nails and fangs. But, we always show our claws and fangs to the surrounding people…!」
「If we don’t make them think that we’re ferocious, crazy, and unable to be dealt with in anyway…they’ll bite back」

Reika thinks.

「I’m afraid it would be rude to ask, but…」
「Sure, ask me」

Kyouko-san replies brightly

「Why…did you choose the way of the criminals? With Kyouko-san and miss Cordelia’s power…I think that agencies of different countries would have enough commander class positions to appoint you to…」

Kyouko-san laughs.
Miss Cordelia looks like she’s in bad mood.

「…Kyouko, what’s with her? Is she an idiot?」
「Don’t say that, Cordelia. This is what a Japanese is」


「Therefore, I love this country. This is truly a paradise…!」

Then…she looks down on Reika.

「You see…we became criminals because that’s the only way. There’s no choice. It’s only a one way road」

Reika’s surprised.

「If you don’t commit a crime…no, not exactly like that. If you didn’t do anything…you’re definitely getting broken, killed, and buried. That’s the world We’re born and raised」

Kyouko-san smiles.

「Government? Police? Church?…Nobody would come to help. Neither my parents nor brothers…I can’t trust anyone who’s an adult. In order to survive…if you don’t want to die, then you gave to commit a crime. That kind of world is all over in this world」
「…A lot of children of the same age had died. Because I had the power to survive, I’m still alive. That’s all there is to it」

Miss Cordelia snorts.

「I didn’t became strong because I want to…I would be killed if I’m not. That’s true for always. Even now」
「The crime you did to live would call for the next one. Because I’m a criminal from the start…you can’t ever pull out. When I realized, I’m already sharpening the sword in the world’s criminal organization. An all star cast」
「You have to beat your enemy with your fangs and claws if you don’t want to be defeated. If you show weakness, you’re done. Those who are likely to become strong, would be crushed first…!」
「We have been living in that kind of survival world all this time」


「…Pardon my rudeness」

She bows to the two.

「It’s fine…you’re a relative after all」

Kyouko-san tells Reika kindly

「Oh, isn’t that why you’re here?」

She tells Reika calmly

「What’s important for people like is the『family』 Minaho gave us 『family』 Minaho, Katsuko, Nagisa, Margo, Nei…everyone’s my『family』 If these girls approve…then I’ll accept whoever it is」
「Me too…it can’t be helped. Kyouko’s『family』is my『family』 Although…I never thought that I would have a『brother』though」

Miss Cordelia looks at me.

「It’s fine. You’re different from the ordinary men…and I’ve seen your recordings last night, it was quite interesting」

I’m interesting?

「Actually…Minaho’s madness has been stopped because of your existence. I’m thankful」

Minaho’s madness…stopped?

「My…what about me?」

Then…Minaho-neesan appears at the entrance of the room.
Margo-san and Yukino too.
The three of them are in outdoor clothes.

「My my…what’s up?」

Kyouko-san looks at Minaho-neesan with a blank face.

「It’s about Yukino-san’s pickup…We’re negotiating with Ichikawa-san」

Margo-san said.
…Old man Ichikawa.
Yukino and Mana’s maternal grandfather.

「Then…Ichikawa-san wants to talk with Mana-chan」

Mana trembles.

「For the time being, I told him to call but…what will you do? You can refuse if you want」


「No…I’ll talk with him」

She stands up.
Minaho-neesan takes out a phone then presses redial.

「…Hello. Thank you for waiting. Have you thought about the conditions? Yes…we have obtained consent from Kouzuki-sama…thank you. Then, that’s it for the time being」

Minaho-neesan seems to have used Jii-chan’s name to make old man Ichikawa swallow the request

「Shirasaka Yukino…will be released in front of Shirasaka Sousuke-san’s house in an hour. Sorry to bother you but, you may pick her up there…yes, I’ll give the phone to Maika-san」

Minaho-neesan turns on loudspeaker before handing the phone to Mana.

「…Here, Mana-san」

Minaho-neesan calls Mana’s name once again

「Un…do your best, Mana」

I also tell Mana.
I believe that it’ll give Mana courage.
Mana…answers the phone…



『Yukino’s coming back…can Maika come with her as well?』


「No…I’ll stay」

Mana said.

「I’ll remain…stay here and become happy」
「If I go back there…I can no longer be happy」

Tears accumulate in Mana’s eyes.

『Why?…I…I have decided to retire from the family. We’ll leave Tokyo and live in Kobe. I have an old friend over there. Yukino and you can abandon the Shirasaka name and start over in Kobe. Nobody knows you two over there…!』
「There’s no way…that would happen…!」

Mana said.

「It’s shown on all television shows! Even the internet! People in Kobe knows grandfather’s relationship with Shirasaka Sousuke! Nothing will change even if you change the living place!」

Yukino’s surprised from what Mana said.

「Besides, I know it…Ojii-chan and Mama thinks of me as someone who’s done for」
『Maika…we, we’re thinking of you…!』
「If you think of me then…give up on me. I’ll live here. I’m a member of this group already. If I stay here, I can live as myself…!」
『Listen to me, Maika!』
「It’s not Maika! I’m Yoshida Mana! It’s Yoshida, Mana!!!!」

Mana shouts.

「…I will live the rest of my life as Yoshida Mana. I’ll become happy…!」

Mana strengthens her resolve.

「Ichikawa-san…thank you for everything so far. The Maika-san inside me is thankful to you」
「If I give birth to my baby someday…I’ll show up as Yoshida Mana. But, at that time, I’m a ‘someone else’ Okay…Ichikawa-san?」
『…Maika, wait a moment…Hey!』

Mana hands the phone to Minaho-neesan…

「I’ve had enough. Thank you very much」

Minaho-neesan takes the phone.

「That’s how it is…」
『Wait, let me talk to Maika for a bit more…』
「It’s useless. She’s no longer Ichikawa-sama’s granddaughter…!」
『…What do you mean?』
「We will raise her as my『little sister』」
『I won’t allow that!!!』

Minaho-neesan answers calmly

「Ichikawa-sama, you can’t do anything about it anymore…」
「We’re a criminal organization that’s recognized by Kouzuki-sama」

Old man Ichikawa who’s a big name on the advertising industry…if he decides to retire due to his son-in-law’s scandal, he’s just a normal person

「I would be bothered if you’re not satisfied that Yukino-san’s the only one who will come home alive. Of course, we don’t mind even if we return Yukino-san’s dead body now…!」

…Old man Ichikawa.

『…Just, don’t make Maika a prostitute』
「That’s obvious. There’s no way I would treat my『little sister』that horribly…!」

Minaho-neesan said clearly

「Well then, in one hour…」

Minaho-neesan ends the call.


Mana jumps to my chest, crying

「Un…Mana. You did your best!」

I hug Mana.

「I’ll never let go anymore! I’ll become happy! With everyone…right, Onii-chan?!」

At that time.

「…What the hell!」

Yukino snapped.

「Maika, are you an idiot?! These people are all crazy! There’s no way you would become happy with all these kind of people!」

Mana turns to her sister, glaring.

「…Shut up!」
「You go home alone. We don’t need people like you here!」

Her hateful eyes pierces Yukino.

「What’s with that! We’re coming home! I’ll forget all of the bad things here…and I will start a new life again in Kobe!」
「Hah! That’s impossible now! If you go to Kobe now, you’ll just be notorious as Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter for the rest of your life!」
「Then…Ojii-chan will」
「There’s no way Ichikawa-san who left the company would have any power you know?!」
「…Then I’ll ask people from Shirasaka house」
「You’re too idiotic! Shirasaka house issued a kill request on us! I don’t think anyone related to Shirasaka house would be so benevolent this late!」
「Then, I’ll appeal to the country! To the police!」
「You see…Yukino-san, were you watching what happened at the hotel yesterday? There’s no more powerful in Japan than Kouzuki-san!」
「Even so…law is law. There’s justice…! Papa’s problems are his. I will appeal about what happened to me!」

Yukino points at me.

「I was raped by that man…again and again! This anger, this frustration…I’ll definitely declare it!」


「…Declare? Who would believe you?」

Minaho-neesan said.

「I…I’ll testify as the victim! Everyone would believe me obviously!」

Yukino shouts as strong as she can.
Agnes on top of the bed is afraid.
Edie immediately come and hug Agnes.
On the other hand, Mao-chan’s looking at Yukino with a blank face.

「I wonder. I don’t think they will…」

Minaho-neesan said coldly.

「Right! I’ll bet a hundred bucks that they won’t believe you」

Nei said….

「Why! Everyone would believe me!」

Megu speaks up heavily

「Yukino…you don’t remember?」
「You were supposed to be raped by Endou on the room next to the principal’s office…」
「That’s also him! It’s not Kenji!」

Yukino barks.

「But…everyone in the school thinks it’s Endou and you. Your rape cases are already widespread on the internet」

Minaho-neesan said.

「…N-No way!」
「Even the students in our school are connected to the internet. The hot topic now is Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter…your rape case would be written of course」
「Therefore…if Yukino say that you were raped by Yoshi-kun, they’d only think that Yukino’s gone crazy…」

Megu said.
Well of course.
Everyone knows who raped her…

「Besides…there’s not a single person in the school who doesn’t know that he’s engaged with Megumi. On top of that, the two of them are sticking to each other both in front of classmates and club members, you know? There’s no reason for a boy who’s school approved engaged would rape anyone」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

「Weren’t you listening when I was talking in class? I declared that『Engaged people are okay to have sex』 A boy who’s free to have sex will not rape a girl like you…!」

Looking at it now…Minaho-neesan’s strategy is amazing.
Or rather…it’s extreme.

「Therefore, we don’t mind whatever you say after coming out of here. Do what you want. How about appealing to the lawyers, or the court?」

Minaho-neesan presses further.

「Your destination won’t be Kobe but a mental hospital though」

Yukino shivers.

「Ichikawa-san only has a bit of decency left. If his granddaughter continues to cry out strange things loudly…he has no choice but to confine her in the hospital」

Ufufu, Minaho-neesan laughs.

「Truly idiotic…you don’t imagine in the slightest, Yukino-san」

Mana said.

「Therefore…I will stay here. It’s only hell that’s waiting over there」


「If I stay here…I can be happy. I’ll definitely become happy. I can clench my teeth and endure anything. Here, is Mana’s family…!!!!」

I hug Mana.


Yukino mutters.

「Why did it come to this…!」

Glaring with angry eyes…
Yukino glares at me hugging her sister.

「…I’ve been thinking overnight」

She speaks to me in a low voice.
Tears in her eyes…

「It’s true that my Papa did bad things…!」

Though she spills tears in her eyes…Yukino kept glaring on me

「But…I have nothing to do with it!」


「I didn’t do anything wrong! And yet, and yet… !!!!」

Yukino looks at me.

「And yet, why do I have to experience this cruelty…!!!!!」


  1. She protecc, she attacc