Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 380. Raging Yukino (Part 2)



「You see…I’ve thought of this so many times. I didn’t do anything wrong and yet…why…」

Minaho-neesan said.

「Me too…Why did I have to experience this…I have cried nights over nights」

Katsuko-nee mutters.

「Me too…I’ve cried every night…asking god, why, why is it too cruel…!」

Nei too…

「Me too…I cried until tears don’t come」

Nagisa said…then looked at Mao-chan.

「Mao…stay quiet for a while. I don’t think you would understand what we’re talking about but…I want Mao to stay. I’m sure that it’ll have a big meaning someday if Mao stays here now」

She gently combs Mao-chan’s hair.

「You might forget it but…I will remember. Someday, I’ll talk to you about it…!」

Nagisa said, Mao-chan laughs.

「It’s okay, Mama. Mao will remember it properly…!」
「I see…thank you. Mao」

Nagisa smiles sadly.

「Ah…I know that your lives were made a mess too…!」

Yukino said.

「But, that doesn’t have anything to do with me! You people were caught by my Papa! So why not just vent it on Papa! Why me too?!!!!」

Minaho-neesan looks at Yukino with cold eyes.

「True…why is it you?」
「W-What do you mean by that?」

Minaho-neesan looks up at the celing…
The morning light shines softly.

「I…have always been thinking about the time I was turned to a prostitute. My father…just why did he let Shirasaka Sousuke do what he wants…」

Minaho-neesan’s father…Kuromori Koichiro

「Naomi and I…were illegitimate daughters of father… No, my mother has not taken a single child support, consolation, nor a single coin from Kuromori Koichiro…so, I was a fatherless child. When I was a child, I was really sad for having no father」

The room quiets down.
Agnes is listening to Minaho-neesan’s story.

「Just what kind of person my father is? Why does he not come to meet us?…There are nights where I’ve talked with Naomi about that」

…The absence of her father.

「I’m sure there must be a reason. Something important. He might be in a foreign country. It’s possible that he might be caught in prison because he was a bad guy. But, I thought that there must be a reason. There’s a situation that can’t be helped…therefore father can’t come and see us. We believed…that father wants to meet us by all means…that he wants to live together with us」

The dark nights of the two young sisters.
Surely, Minaho-neesan’s mother is also working at night.

「And yet…when I was 12, I was separated from mother and my sister…kidnapped, confined, and turned to a prostitute」

Shirasaka Sousuke’s eyes saw Kuromori Koichiro’s illegitimate daughter…
Minaho-neesan’s forced…

「…After I was raped, robbed of my virginity…Shirasaka Sousuke told me. 『Look over there, that one’s your father』he said… My very first meeting with my father…my sailor uniform’s torn down…semen and blood drips from my crotch」

Yukino’s body trembles.

「But, I understood it at first sight…that he was my father. My father’s face…looks like Naomi very much. No, I should say that Naomi is similar to me. Fufufu…either way, us sisters inherited our father’s genes. Ahaha…father who looks down on me who’s raped…dumbfounded. As if he’s looking at a dead cat…!」

Minaho-neesan takes a breath

「Then…that’s the start of my hellish life…!」

Living as a prostitute…with『Kuromori』under the rule of Shirasaka Sousuke.

「I thought of it after all. Why doesn’t my father help me? Why is he letting me take guests…making me follow what Shirasaka Sousuke says. Everyday, every night…!」

Kuromori Koichiro had a complex to her father.
Shirasaka Sousuke saw that as an opportunity…
Instigating Kuromori Koichiro…he dominated the luxury brothel『Kuromori tower』
Kuromori Koichiro banished his father…and Shirasaka Sousuke has grasped his weakness.
He allowed Shirasaka Sousuke’s tyranny…

「There must be a reason. It must be a big reason…else, there’s no way the father can do this to his daughter. I believed. If I didn’t think that way…I would’ve gone mad in despair. I was still a child back then…!」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

「Then, soon after…I began to think; My father wants me to work as a prostitute…so I worked with all my best. If that’s what my father wishes. I will serve as a prostitute with all my best. If that’s what my father…who’s bound by blood, wants…!」

Then…Minaho-neesan turns to Yukino.

「You see…I worked quite hard. I didn’t become the biggest earner of the brothel but…I was number three. Even though I was just a middle school girl. Yes…of course, I did everything my guests wished for. Whatever it is! As long as the guests are pleased with it!!!!」

She grips the chest part of her blouse.

「Then…father will compliment me. He’ll call me. He’ll talk to me. That’s what I thought! If I do my best…If I endure, I’ll be rewarded for sure!!!…But!!!」

Her cruel fate continues

「…Shirasaka Sousuke kidnapped Naomi…and turned her to a prostitute! He raped her…!!! And again…father was just watching…!!!」


「He never called out to us sisters. Us…me, Naomi, we didn’t want a『sorry』from father! 『You did your best』or even『Work for my sake』would have been fine!…I was fine with anything! We wanted to be called out…we wanted to be admitted as his daughters!!!」

…That’s enough

「In the end…Naomi died…my child was aborted…and my body can never have sex again. But still, father never tried to talk to me. Even after I was picked up by Kouzuki-sama and turned me to the manager of『Kuromori』…」

…That’s enough

「I’ve put on great effort rebuilding『Kuromori』as it’s administrator…because after all, I thought that I would get the recognition from father. Ufufufu…that sounds so stupid. Even though the other side didn’t think anything of me. It’s just a small heart ache…he never thought of me as a daughter, as a family, and yet…」

Mao-chan speaks to Nagisa

「Sensei, is so sad」

Nagisa hugs her daughter…

「That’s right, she’s pitiful…she didn’t have a father」

Mao-chan holds Nagisa’s hand with her right and reaches to me with her left.

「…Hold Mao’s hand」

I hold the young girl’s small hand.
Mao-chan smiles…feeling my and Nagisa’s temperature with both of her hands.

「I’m glad…Mao has Mama and Papa…!」


「…W-What? I already know what you want to say…!」

Yukino glares back at Minaho-neesan

「In the end, your grudge isn’t against my Papa but your own father!? If so then don’t get us involved! We’re just dragged into this! How about you father and child kill each other?!」
「…I already did」

Minaho-neesan said.


Yukino’s surprised.

「Father…Kuromori Koichiro is already crippled. I’ve used such a medicine. He was kept alive using artificial respirator for a while but…he’s already in vegetative state. After we dealt with your father, Shriasaka Sousuke…I’ll stop his respirator. That is what will happen」
「…You intend to kill your own father?」


「That man isn’t even a father!」

Yukino lost her voice to argue.

「I misunderstood. Just because we’re connected by blood…that there’s a connection, protection, or kindness, there’s nothing of sorts! That man…was only a curse towards us. My family and I were only sent to hell! He’s an enemy! He’s not my father!」

Minaho-neesan’s shout echoes in the basement.

「That person taught me…only one thing. 『Don’t believe anyone. 』It’s useless to expect from people. Everyone just think about how to prey on us. You must fight with, wicked, dirty people with your own power. With your own claws and fangs… Be ready to bite, kill each other. We’re always trying to survive…!」
「Yeah, that’s right…we’ve always been surviving from when we’re born. Always aimed by the evil…we continue to fight to get rid of them. Sometimes, you have to kill of the people around you. But, there’s no other choice. We’re already doing all our best just to survive…!」

Kyouko-san said.

「That’s right…Katsuko and I were excellent prostitutes. We really did anything. No matter what it is. If we’re not a profitable prostitute…we’ll only experience cruelty. In order to live, we had to take a lot of guests…!」


「I won’t forget it. The bad men Shirasaka Sousuke brought. Far from sex, they did incomprehensible human experiments…a lot of women died. I didn’t want to die. Therefore, I did any kind of sex they want」


「My mother…was one of those prostitutes who died. Kidnapped by Shirasaka Sousuke, turned to a prostitute…I was born as half-joke. Purposely, on the same age as Yukino…what a bad taste. My father…was made to drink a strange medicine, and died. She was suffering and yet, wasn’t taken to the hospital. I had been watching all of it. My mother’s suffering…」

Mana hugs Megu.

「Me, Margo, Nei, Cordelia…Eenie and Meenie are also similar. Everyone has a bitter episode in their past. They had a horrible experience. Therefore…we desperately fought with our claws, and fangs」

Kyouko-san said.

「True, if you don’t have the strength then you can’t complain if you’re crushed」

Miss Cordelia laughs.

「Yeah…we have gained our power to fight with that thought in mind, so we are gathered together. We’re that kind of family…!」

Because they lost their real family…
Then, they had been living all this time alone…
We, are now trying to become a family.

「No matter how much weak people gather…they’ll only be exploited by the strong ones. A weak group who only licks each other’s wounds won’t last long. They’re only a trouble in society. We’re a group of women who’s strong, or fighting to be strong. If not like that…then there’s no merit in entering the family. Everyone knows that, right?」

Kyouko-san looks at us…

「…I’ll do my best」
「…Me too」

Megu and Mana said.
Reika looks down.

「Even Kouzuki-jiisan…we now have the『power』so that’s why he allied to our side. If we lose that power…that old man will abandon us. It can’t be called『betrayal』or『cowardly.』 Kouzuki-jiisan is also living in a survival world!

Jii-chan is also in survival.
In the battlefield called『Kouzuki house』

「Everyone’s alive so they’re desperate to become happy…」

Nagisa said.

「That’s how it is. Shirasaka Sousuke is a man we have to kill someday. Therefore, we’ll dispose of him. That’s how it is so, you just have to understand, lass. This is also our own survival」

Kyouko-san tells Yukino.

「We don’t have the flexibility from the very beginning. Therefore, we’ll beat him down with all our strength. In the first place…our『family』don’t trust『men』in the slightest」
「That’s right…men should just be wiped out from this world. Then, this will become a happy planet only for lesbians」1

Miss Cordelia said.

「…Wait a second…then, this…what about this guy!」

Yukino points at me…shouting

「This man’s got no strength! Why is he with you?!」

…That’s right.
I don’t have claws or fangs.
I’m only a powerless brat.

「Well…he’s Mao’s Papa!」

…Mao-chan said.

「That’s right…he’s my husband!」

Nagisa said.

「He’s my brother!」


「He’s my brother too!」


「He’s my fiance!」


「He’s Mana’s Onii-chan!」


「He’s a brother for me」


「He’s my…『family』 My precious『little brother』…!」

Lastly…Minaho-neesan said.

「Well, that’s what everyone says so…I’m accepting this guy. As a family」

Kyouko-san said.

「…No, as I said earlier, we fundamentally don’t trust men. Men is a creature that would betray you a lot. But this man’s an exception among exceptions」

She stares at me.

「I’m homo so I don’t understand it but…in the end, hetero girls needs a『male』partner you see? Especially, Minaho, Katsuko, Nagisa, who were prostitutes…they learned the pleasure of sex with a man」
「On that point, Kyouko and I, are in 《LOVE》with girls from the start」

Miss Cordelia said.

「Well, what’s how it is」
「That’s not it…Kyouko-san」

Minaho-neesan argues

「This man…is really our『family』」


「This man has opened up his heart to us. Therefore, we open our hears too. He doesn’t hide anything from us. He’ll never betray someone who became his family…he trusts them. This man’s heart is broken after all…!」


「This man…is also abandoned by his true family, a man who endured loneliness. He’s like us. He’s so lonely, so sad…he seeks a family. Therefore, we can be naked, mind and heart in front of him only」

…This time, Nagisa.

「To us, who’s always armed with our claws and fangs the men outside…he’s the only man we can relax our hearts to」

Katsuko-nee said.

「Un, me too…I hate men. I think they should all be gone. But, Yo-chan’s an exception. I need Yo-chan…!」


「Me too…I think that I’ll be happy if I’m with him. I think I can’t survive without Yoshi-kun」


「Mana too…I can’t go on without Onii-chan 」

Yukino hears Mana…!

「Maika! What idiocy are you talking about!」

The sister glares at Mana!

「Get over it! Yukino-san! You don’t get it at all!!!」

Yukino flinched at her sister’s anger.

「…Yukino-san, you’re to naive and optimistic…you don’t know how scary the things I’ve gotten through…!」
「Scary things?…Maika?」

Minaho-neesan answers instead of Mana.

「Mana-chan…doesn’t have her head filled with a flower garden, having a nerve of steel like Yukino-san」

Unable to direct the hate to Mana…Yukino turns to Minaho-neesan.

「Hey…Yukino-san. You always think『It’ll work out somehow anyway』, right?」

She smiles towards Yukino.

「There’s no way they’re serious when they say that they would kill me Even the talk of『pregnancy and birth』…I can just abort them arbitrarily. You think like that, don’t you?…!」

Minaho-neesan looks at my face.

「You think that he still favors you, right? And you noticed that I respect his will so…when you’re in danger, you just cry to him. Even if you fake crying or anything…since he likes you, he’ll definitely come to help…that’s how you think」
「There’s…no way, that’s true. This guy…!」
「His image of being desperate for you back when he first raped you had stayed in your mind right? That’s why you always felt superior to him…!」

It is as Minaho-neesan says.
The morning after I raped Yukino…in the faculty parking lot, I begged Minaho-neesan, wanting Yukino.
Yukino was watching that.
Therefore, she knows that I favor her.

「It’s not wrong Therefore…didn’t you always stick to him back at the hotel yesterday, didn’t you? Even having sex with him, weren’t you coming to enjoy it? Knowing that he would never hurt you…you depended on him」
「There’s no way that’s true!」

Yukino cries out.

「If you really don’t understand, then you’re a genuine idiot. After all…didn’t you come to steal in the kitchen this morning?

Holding a rice cooker, munching rice…I remember her shameful apperance.

「W-What about that?」
「Last night…Margo told you to『never come out of the room』 『If you behave strangely, you’re dead』If I recall, that’s what she said…!」
「And yet…you went out to snitch food. Furthermore, when he saw you, you didn’t even say『I’m sorry』 You just ate rice on another person’s house without permission」
「On top of that, when Megumi and Mana-san made you a meal…you didn’t even say『Thanks』」
「…There’s no need for me to say that!」
「Because…I was hungry. Besides, I can’t cook by myself…!」
「You…haven’t you said『Thank you』to those who cook your food ever since you were born?」


「Because…our meals are always made by the maid…Those people are doing their work! We’re paying them properly」
「You’re not paying them with your own money, are you?」
「…But. I don’t need to say thanks to servants…!!!」

Yukino cries.

「Because he saw your true nature…he came to hate you」

Yukino looks at me in shock.

「Yeah. I hate women like Yukino」
「…Hey…wait a second here」

Yukino’s face pales.

「Yukino-san…you depended on him, and underestimated him too much…」
「Wait…that’s not it…help me out here!」


「I came here to take Maika! If you tell her…I’m sure that she’ll come home with me! Look, hurry up and convince Yuzuki-sensei! You owe me right?!」


「Didn’t you steal my virginity forcibly!? Raping me again and again…I had sex with you a lot!!!!」


「Okay…if you beg for it then I’ll have sex with you in the future!」


「Ah…I can’t have a baby though! I definitely don’t want to have your child! Once I’m in Kobe, I will immediately go to the hospital and abort it. That’s obvious…!」
「Yukino…didn’t Minaho-neesan told you that you’ll be monitored?」

They’ll keep watching her until she gives birth. If she ignores that, she’s killed…

「Obviously that’s a lie! It’s Kobe! It’s not Tokyo! You can’t fool me like that! Or rather, that’s what I intend to do!」


「Also, it’s impossible for me to marry you」


「Sorry but…when I reach Kobe, I’ll find a new love. I’ll fall in love…and get married. A sportsman, and a noble man. That’s decided. I’ll only have a body relationship with you. Isn’t that great?…Oh right. Ask how to remove these letters in my stomach. I can go to the hospital by myself but…after all, it’s embarrassing. Tell me by mail or something…!」

…In the end.
My and Yukino’s life…will never meet.
Our relationship is twisted forever.
Even though we’ve been in the freezing cold reality all this time…
Yukino’s the only one who’s brain is in a warm, flower garden.

「I won’t have sex with you anymore」
「…Eh? No way?」
「No…not even if I die」
「I’m saying that it’s fine though?」
「…Shut up already, Yukino」

Yukino is…
She’s the daughter who’s spoiled by Shirasaka Sousuke…
She’s helpless.

「You really believe that you’re born under an specially lucky star.」

Minaho-neesan smiles wryly

「…I’m sorry everyone」

Mana apologizes to everyone.
Kneeling…with her hands placed on the floor.

「Maika…what are you doing?!」

Yukino doesn’t understand our seriousness.

「Minaho-neesan…Yukino won’t understand the hell she’s been through unless she sees it, I guess?」
「Yes, I think so too」
「…Could it be?」
「Yes, that is why we’ll return her to Ichikawa-san’s place. As long as she’s close to this『mansion』…Yukino-san’s head will stay like a flower garden…」

…I think that’s true.

「Yukino…a lot of people went through hell because of your father!」
「Like I said…that has nothing to do with me!」

Ah…no good

「Then, Yukino-san…I’ll make it easy for you to understand」

Minaho-neesan said.

「I’m crazy. I want to make Shirasaka Sousuke, and his family, everyone to fall to hell」
「What’s with that! Didn’t I say that I’ve got nothing to do with it?!」
「It can’t be helped…I’m crazy after all…!」

Minaho-neesan smiles.

「Yeah, Minaho’s crazy. We all are aware of that」

Margo-san said.

「On top of being aware…we decided to help Minaho’s craziness」
「What are you saying…are you people crazy!?」

Yukino’s trembling.

「It’s true, Yukino-san…these people are always serious. Killing people, messing up people’s lives…they’re people who can calmly do that. These people are from a real criminal organization…!」

Mana said.

「Maika-san…was scared to death. She really knows she was about to be killed… If Onii-chan didn’t help me… Therefore…I abandoned Maika-san. Maika-san will definitely be killed…!」
「Therefore…I’m asking that man’s help too you know?」

Yukino looks at me.

「Hey…help me out! I’m in trouble!」


「…Who cares what happen to Yukino」

Yukino exclaims.

「Yukino-san…the grudge people receive cannot be resolved unless it’s returned to the person. You can never digest it yourself」

Minaho-neesan corners Yukino.

「Let me be clear…the subject of my hatred, my father has already been disposed of. Your father, Shirasaka Sousuke…I will obliterate him from this world in the worst possible way I could think of. I’ll make him regret being born in this world. I won’t let him suicide. I will tighten his neck with a floss…and torment him slowly… With all our resentment, and hatred…」


「Didn’t I say already that I’ve got nothing to do with that!」
「Yukino-san…you’re one of the tools to torment Shirasaka Sousuke. You’re something with no significance. I just want you to be sacrificed to chase down Shirasaka Sousuke to the ultimate despair…!」
「D-Don’t be kidding!」
「Yes…this isn’t a joke. I’m serious…!」

Minaho-neesan shows a demonic smile.

「It can’t be helped…after all, I’m crazy…!」

Yukino trembles.

「…Crazy, you people are really crazy!」


「Yeah…I’m also crazy」
「We’re also crazy」

Megu said.

「Maika…help me out! I’m your sister!」
「Sorry…I don’t have a sister named Yukino-san」

Mana speaks coldly

「Even if there was one…I will sever connections with her. After all…Yukino-san can’t be saved anymore…」
「Yukino…you don’t understand other people’s feelings, and you think that you don’t need to, right? That’s why you’re hopeless…!」

I have no choice but to break through.

「What’s with that! Anyway…I just have to return to Ichikawa-ojiichan, don’t I?」
「That’s for certain」

Margo-san said.

「Then hurry up! I can’t stay here anymore! Anywhere would be much better than here!!!」

Yukino doesn’t understand.
What it means returning to old man Ichikawa…
It means facing reality.
What’s waiting for Yukino is…
The true hell.

「Once I come out here…you can never interfere! By all means, do what you want!」

Yukino doesn’t know anything.


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