Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 388. Slave Education




Ruriko spits the semen that came inside her mouth.


Ruriko who’s being choked…is also cute.

「Okay, say cheese…!」

Margo-san takes out a small digitla camera and takes a photo of Ruriko who’s covered with semen.
Ruriko’s uniformed turned up and her cute breasts are exposed.
Her beautiful face and her black hair is filled with semen.

「No you can’t, Ruriko…you must taste Danna-sama properly」

Misuzu licks up the semen that’s on Ruriko’s nose…
Michi too…

「I would like some too…!」

Michi licks the semen from the mouth to the neck…
Ruriko’s body stiffens again as two beauties lick her.
Margo-san captures that look as well.

「Yes, it’s Master’s precious baby seeds」

Ruriko mutters, remaining stunned.

「Yes. This will enter Ruriko’s stomach and it’ll be a baby」

Misuzu explains while smiling.
Cloudy liquid drips shiny from her lips.

「I’ll clean this one up!」

Nei sucks my penis.
She sips out the semen that remained in my urethra.
She demonstrate that to Ruriko too.
Ruriko’s completely frightened to us.
First, pain and fear…

「Misuzu, Michi…take off Ruriko’s panty and have her lie down!」
「Yes, Danna-sama」
「Certainly, Master」

Both of them attack Ruriko’s lower body.

「P-Please stop! Misuzu-sama! Michi-san!」
「…It’s Michi-sama!」

Michi slaps Ruriko’s ass.


Ruriko trembles from the sharp pain!
During that chance, Michi strips her panty…!

「…If you don’t stay still, I’ll beat you more」

Michi said…Ruriko’s just crying.

「Open your legs!」

I ordered.
Ruriko’s legs are opened widely.
Misuzu on the right and Michi holds down the left.
I enter in between those legs.
Restrained on the floor…Ruriko looks up at me with despaired expression.

「…Please. Please stop already!」

Tears fall of her eyes…

「Don’t worry, I’m just licking…the same thing back then」

Back at the hotel…I lick Ruriko’s pussy.
But, at that time…Ruriko was in a situation where she can relax herself and entrust oneself to pleasure.
I also didn’t force her.
This time, it’s forced.
Completely ignoring Ruriko’s will…
Ruriko has become a『slave』…I must make her understand with her body.

「Yo-chan…I’ll swap with Misuzu on holding down Ruriko」

Nei said laughing.

「Misuzu’s educated by Nagisa-san!」

I see…Misuzu has experience on female bonding.

「Ruriko…has to cum doesn’t she?」

Nei laughs.
Yeah, let’s have Misuzu join in too…not just my tongue.

「Misuzu…tease Ruriko」
「Yes, Danna-sama!」

Misuzu and Nei changes positions.

「Ruriko…I’m licking」

I’m at the center of her spread foot…I reach for Ruriko’s genital.
I spread out her slit.
Today, she only feels fear.
The inside pink isn’t wet at all
Therefore…I wet it with my tongue.


I lick up Ruriko’s vagina…using lots of saliva.

「Ufufu…how is it? Does it feel good? Ruriko? Danna-sama’s licking that part of you」

Misuzu whispers to Ruriko’s ear…while licking her cute breasts.
Stimulating around the caved in nipples with fingers…

「Hii! Stop…please stop already! T-This is…!」
「You don’t get it…Ruriko. You have no right to refuse. Far from that, you don’t have the rights to complain…you’re a slave now」

Misuzu whispers.

「You must understand it with your body…you’re no longer a daughter of Kouzuki house… 1」

Hearing that, Ruriko spills tears once again.

「…Frustrated? Miserable? Painful?…But, it can’t be helped you know? You were the one who accepted to be Danna-sama’s slave in front of Grandfather. You have decided it yourself…!」

I peel off Ruriko’s clitoris with my tongue.

「…That’s! Hiiii!!」

While licking it with my damp tongue…her clitoris gets bigger.

「Ufufu, as expected…Ruriko also has the blood of Kouzuki house in her. You love doing lewd things…here, come and fall already. Fall to Danna-sama…!」

Misuzu also licks Ruriko’s nipples…

「Stooop…Stooop…please…I beg youuuuu!!」

Contrary to her words…a fountain springs from Ruriko’s inside

「Ruriko…you’re wet. Oh, Ruriko’s taste is sour」

I make wet sounds to be heard on purpose.

「That…don’t say thaaat…I’m embarrassed…this is embarrassing!!!」

Ruriko’s confused by the pleasure rising up from the depths of her body…
…This is good.
She can’t afford to think politically anymore.
In a world that can’t be differed by logic in her head alone…I’ll teach you the world felt by your body.
That she has a flesh…there are areas felt by the skin and mucous.
Unless she understands that…she won’t know what human『sentiment』is

「…Noooooo, noooooo…I don’t want thiiiis…let me go…forgive meeeee…!」

The girl who didn’t know about sex until a couple of days ago…though she’s frightened, she succumbs to pleasure.


But still, her body’s climbing the stairway of pleasure…

「…Noooo…you can’t…this can’t be…I…don’t even want this…!」

…It’s almost there.
I shake my tongue in small ways…and attack her clitoris!


Her body arcs like a bow…!
Ruriko’s going to fly!


I continue to attack until the end!
I attack Ruriko’s vagina that reached climax even further!


Biyukun! Biyukun! …Ruriko’s vagina convulses…
Toputoputo…her love nectar drips…

「Agaaaaaa…uu, uu…aaaaa…!!!!」

Ruriko’s ecstasy lasted for nearly a minute…

◇ ◇ ◇

「…Haa, haa, haa」

Ruriko lies down on the tatami mat of the waiting room.
Her breasts…secret part are also exposed.
Semen on her face, the scent of love nectar coming from her crotch…her whole body’s drenched with sweat.

「…I want to wash my body」

Ruriko mutters.

「No, Ruriko…you will go to the ceremony like that」

I ordered.

「Come, I’ll wipe it」

Misuzu wipes Ruriko’s face with the panty taken off her.

「You can’t wear that anymore…Ruriko, you’ll spend the day without underwear」
「Should we remove her bra as well, Danna-sama?」
「Yeah, thanks」

I said, Misuzu and Michi takes off Ruriko’s uniform and stripped her bra
Ruriko’s left lying, exhausted.

「…I, will this happen to me all the time?」

She mutters…

「…Though this is Grandfather’s order…this is too much. Too much…!」

Ruriko’s eyes are wet with tears.

「Ruriko…I thought that you were a smarter girl but…it seems that I was wrong」

Misuzu said.

「Yes…I never thought that she’d be this『foolish』」

Michi said.

「It was just『Education』now…Danna-sama even came all his way to teach you a lot of things…」
「That’s right. Ruriko hasn’t done anything slave-like for Yo-chan yet!」

Ruriko’s startled.

「Yo-chan, how long are we going to continue Ruriko’s『education period』?」

Nei asks.

「It’s a waste to educate this girl who’s a bad learner!」
「That’s right. If she doesn’t show the will to learn to do what a slave does…then we should think of how should we dispose her」

Misuzu said.
Ruriko also doesn’t understand what it meant.

「RUriko…where are you going to live from today?」

I ask…

「T-That is…」
「Jii-chan sold you to me. You can’t go back to Kouzuki house anymore…you know that, don’t you?」

Ruriko’s silent.

「You’re my slave…so I’ll take you Then, what do you intend to do?」

Ruriko…you don’t get it?

「You eat don’t you? You enter bath don’t you? You need a bed right? Who’s going to pay for your food, water, gas, electricity you use? Living isn’t free you know?」

This sheltered girl is facing reality for the first time in her life.

「Well…I’ll pay for it.」 Or rather, I have no choice but to ask Minaho-neesan to pay for it but…anyway, it’s a debt but I will pay. If not, you’re just going to die」

Ruriko’s stunned.
She hasn’t thought of the cost of daily life until now…

「Then, what would you do for me? Let me tell you first but you’re my slave you know? As the master…I will take care of this and that for you to live and then…what would you do?」


「…If I live depending on people like that…I’d rather choose death…」

This is the pride of『Kouzuki house’s daughter』?


Michi turns over Ruriko’s body.

「W-What are you doing!?」

Turning her swollen ass to me…

「…Three hits」






「…Ouuuuuchhh!!! Please stop… !!!」

Ruriko trembles from the pain in her ass.

「Ruriko, you’re a slave. Your life belongs to me. If you die selfishly, Jii-chan would be sad. Jii-chan had pushed an inferior product on me…!」
「If you commit suicide…you’ll defile your grandfather’s honor. I won’t allow that, Ruriko!」

Misuzu’s words pierces Ruriko.

「Before that. If she cries so much from just being hit in her but…she cannot suicide」

Michi said.

「Now the…then, Ruriko’s my slave but…What can Ruriko do for me?」

Ruriko looks down.

「Ruriko…can you cook?」
「Answer, Ruriko!」


「…I can’t」
「Laundry?…Have you used a washing machine? Have you dried laundry?」
「…I haven’t」
「True…you’re always just having anyone else do it」

Misuzu said.

「Then, what can you do?」
「That’s right, what can you do for Danna-sama? Danna-sama pays to keep you alive…so what can you do in return?」

Misuzu’s words soak inside Ruriko.

「…I think…I can’t do anything」

The Japan’s most『sheltered girl』answered

「Is that so…Ruriko, that’s all? Do you not have anything to be proud of?」

Tears spill from Ruriko again
Margo-san takes photo of that face.

「You can’t solve anything by crying…you’re a salve so don’t you think that you should give something back to Yo-chan for keeping you alive?」

Nei said.

「Therefore…I must use my body to serve?」

Ruriko said while crying.
Her logical thoughts have reached to that conclusion.


Nei said.

「You see…Yo-chan has no problem having physical partners at all you know?」
「That’s right…I can be his partner」
「Me too…I’m ready to bear Master’s child any time…」

The three beauties look down on Ruriko.

「Ruriko…are you confident that you’re much more attractive than us?」
「You who lost the backing of Kouzuki house…what is your worth?」
「Let me be clear with you…I don’t intend to lose…!」

The three attacks Ruriko with amazing teamwork.

「Ruriko, you can’t do anything? Therefore…Danna-sama was teaching you how to serve him with your body…!」
「That’s right. And Ruriko can’t even do that much…!」
「You… Really don’t have anything…!」

Ruriko cries.



Her butt’s slapped again.

「Don’t cry! Crying stops your thinking! Aren’t you being naive?!」

I tell Ruriko

「What’s up? Your response?」

Misuzu pushes Ruriko.


Ruriko answers in a withered voice.

「『Yes, Onii-sama』…Isn’t it?」
「Yes, Onii-sama…」
「No feelings…Michi!」
「Wait, please wait…!」


「Hiiiii, I’m sorry! I’m sorry…Onii-samaaa!」

She replies while crying, while Michi holds her ass.

「Ruriko…you only have to think of how to please me」
「Isn’t that how slaves are?」

I stare at Ruriko.
Ruriko’s also looking at me with her crying eyes.

「You don’t have to think of anything else. Or rather, you have no qualifications to think anything else…you’re a slave already. Kouzuki house or political matters…you don’t need to think about them anymore」

Ruriko looks straight at me.

「In exchange…I’ll think about your happiness. Not just me, my『family』too If ever I suddenly died…My『family』will take over my will and protect you
「That’s a promise!」
「Of course」
「Before that…I will protect Master…」

The three answered.

「Me too. Minaho and…Kuromori respects his will. As long as he treasures Ruriko, we will cherish you. I guarantee you that」

Margo-san too.

「I want you to understand that but…I want to make Ruriko bear my child」

Ruriko’s shocked.

「Is that…to make your child the successor of Kouzuki house in the future?」

Ruriko goes to politics again

「…You’re seriously stupid? Misuzu’s already here…so Yo-chan doesn’t need to impregnate you for that reason!」
「Yes…I will definitely bear Danna-sama’s child」

Misuzu smiles.

「However…if both me and Misuzu-sama gets pregnant, he’ll be sure to be the father of the successor…」
「You see…Kouzuki-ojiichan already removed you from the『successors』of Kouzuki house. You don’t get it? You’re a woman who only thinks politically right away therefore you were disposed with the reason『You can’t be allowed inside the house』…!」

Nei said.

「That’s right. Either way, Ruriko’s baby is unrelated」

Misuzu said.
…Or rather, Ruriko, you forgot Yoshiko-san.
Oh…no wonder, Ruriko thinks of Yoshiko-san as her own『attendant』.
She can’t think of the possibility of Yoshiko-san’s child becoming the successor.
Thinking that she’s a girl with a lower status than herself…

「then…why does Onii-sama wants to make me pregnant?」

Ruriko answers.

「I thought that you’re cute, that’s all」

I said.,

「I’ll cherish you forever…you’re already mine」

Ruriko looks at me with a『I can’t believe』face
Yeah, let’s wrap up the first round here.

「…Anyway, from now on, you only think about me?」

At that moment Misuzu said that…Michi slaps Ruriko’s ass.

「Too late!」
「I’m sorry…Onii-sama」
「Answer Danna-sama」


「I understand…Onii-sama…I’ll only think about Onii-sama…!」

Tears spill again…

「Is there any marker?」
「I have one!」

Nei hands me a black thick marker to me.


I take off the cap…
Then wrote『Sold』on Ruriko’s naked belly

「Yeah…this is good」

Ruriko stares at what I wrote dumbfoundedly

◇ ◇ ◇

It’s about time the ceremony starts.
We hurry and get Ruriko ready.

「Here, I brought towels!」

We only have to clean up her face.
Nei wipes Ruriko’s face.
Sweat, tears…my semen.

「This will be a stain」

Misuzu said while wiping the semen dripping on Ruriko’s chest part of the uniform with wet towel.

「Well, the people looking from the distance won’t know it but」
「Misuzu, fix your own kimono…you moved quite a lot so it’s loose!」

Nei said.
True, Misuzu’s black clothes has the chest part open, it’s sexy

「Yes…I will tighten the belt again」
「Misuzu, can you put it on yourself?」
「Of course!」

Misuzu unties the belt and re-wears her kimono.

「So…you can come and attack me anytime. Danna-sama!」

She winks at me…
Nei and Michi fixes Ruriko’s clothes.

「Michi, do you have a brush?」
「If it’s comb you want」
「That’s fine too!」

Michi hands the comb to Nei.
Nei gently combs Ruriko’s disheveled hair.
Ruriko’s just let herself be fixed like a doll
She’s no longer crying.

「Well…this will do!」

Yeah…her swelled face remained the same though.
For the time being, she returned to her original『sheltered girl』look
It can’t be seen that she just was covered with a man’s hot semen on her face.

「No-pan no-bra though」

Nei laughs.

「Ruriko, you smell right now so don’t approach other people!」

Nei said, Ruriko sniffs herself

「You smell Yo-chan’s semen and your own love nectar. If someone gets close, they’ll know that you’ve done something lewd right away!」
「Afterwards…stay next to me all the time. Okay?」

Misuzu said.

「Michi…you can hit Ruriko’s ass if she does something selfish. I don’t mind who sees it」

Michi replies

「When I’m going to slap your butt, I will flip the skirt and expose Ruriko’s naked butt…okay?

Michi tells Ruriko

「…Yes, I understand」

Ruriko answers in a small voice.

「You shouldn’t talk to Jii-chan or Yoshiko-san anymore today. Even if those two talk to you…okay?」

Yeah…this is fine for the time being.

「We’re going out with time differences.」 We’ll be going first…Misuzu-san and everyone will be going after a minute」

Margo-san gives instructions

「Then, take care…Misuzu, Michi」
「Yes, Danna-sama」
「Leave this to us」
「Ruriko…you too」
「Then, I’ll be flirting with Yo-chan at the attendee’s seat…Misuzu and Michi can just be jelly from the stage!」

Nei laughs

「Kuh…It can’t be helped」
「As ordered…I’ll be jelly」
「Then, let’s go」

Margo-san first…then me and Nei heads out of the room.
Seki-sans waiting.

「Misuzu and others will be coming out soon…」
「Yes, it’s about time…」
「Then, we’ll be heading to the venue first」
「Yes…ah, wait. Go from here. That’s a shortcut」

Seki-san puts something in my hand while saying.

「T-Thank you very much」
「I told the uniformed people that you’re passing by…I will be bringing Ruriko-sama and Misuzu-sama」
「Yes, got it」

Greeting Seki-san…we head down the passage.


I call her softly.

「Not now. We’re still being monitored…wait till we reach the venue」

Margo-san answers whispering
This is the middle of Kouzuki security service…
It’s different from the private space of Kouzuki house like the waiting room…
We don’t know whether someone’s checking this corridor.
We just head to the venue like that.

「Wow…this is amazing!」

The huge altar is decorated with a mountain of flowers.
There’s a lot of companies and individual names written in tags.
Then…a five meter portrait of Kouzuki Shigeaki
And enshrined in front of it…is a coffin.

「As expected of Kouzuki house. Even though it’s sudden…there’s so many people gathered」

In the hall, there’s pipe chairs arranged like graduation ceremony.
Almost every seat has people in mourning dress sitting.

「That side is empty!」

Nei pulls my hand…

「…What, you’re here too?」

I heard this voice somewhere.
Turning around, it’s Kouzuki Satoshi and Tsunoda Fumikazu.
They’re the womanizer combo in among Jii-chan’s students.

「Aren’t you always surrounded by women? You’re not just set on Misuzu-sama but also this woman?」

Kouzuki Satoshi stares at Nei.

「No, this person is my sister」

I can’t cause trouble to Misuzu.
I’ll just say it clearly before they make any strange assumptions.

「Sister you say?」

Kouzuki Satoshi looks at Nei once again…especially her plump breasts.

「Satoshi-san…I just think of it but…」
「Yeah, Tsunoda too?」
「Sometimes…school girls in uniform are good too?」
「Yeah, I didn’t think of it back when I was a high school student but…after a year since graduation, I feel very nostalgic about it!」

What are you talking about?
These college students…

「Hey, if I recall…you owe me, right?」


「I’ve settled things with Misuzu-sama’s case back then」

Even if you say that, it was nothing.

「With that said…lend this woman to us」

…You okay?

「There’s no way you would say no, right?」

This guys…seriously

「Hey, I’m Kouzuki Satoshi. Yeah, as you noticed, I’m a member of Kouzuki house」
「I’m called Tsunoda. When this ceremony is over, let’s have dinner」
「Oh, I know a good store in Roppongi!」
「He’s also saying『You can go』」
「Let’s have fun!」
「Our games are surely fun 」

The two are completely in pick up mode.

「What’s with you guys? I just had my hair turned black and you forgot who I am?」

Nei said.

「It’s me, me. Didn’t we just met at the hotel the day before yesterday?!」

Tsunoda finally noticed.

「Ah, this girl was the blonde woman back then!」
「Aaah, you!!!」

The two remember Nei.

「Uwa…then that’s a no」
「Yeah, I’m withering…Satoshi-san」

Nei saw these guys argued down back at the hotel.
They’ve shown their uncool figures, so…

「What? You want to play with high school girls?」

Nei said…

「Then…should I introduce you to a good girl?」

Nei…who are you going to introduce to them?