Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 391. Vanishing in



「…This is my car」

Seki-san’s car today is a big black car.
A fancy sports car won’t do since it’s coming to a funeral work.
But, it’s still bigger than thought, ceremonious…it looks old though…

「Is this an American car too?」
「Yes, 1974 Dodge Charger SE…though, that’s just the exterior The insides are swapped with a different one. The engines and suspensions, all of it」

Seki-san smiles proudly

「I was wondering whether I want to buy the sister car Chrysler Cordoba, but…this car has come out on famous American action movies in the past.1 2 Therefore, I got this one」
「I see…this big car seems to be powerful in action movies」
「Steve McQueen…you don’t know him right?」
「It’s fine, he’s an old actor after all. McQueen’s got a movie named『Bullitt 』…there’s a scene where the hero chases this car with the first Mustang. Though he was chased, somehow, he’s so impressed that he liked it. I also have a Mustang but…it’s the second generation of『Mach 1』3 Furthermore, it’s has lemon yellow and black stripe『Eleanor』color so I can’t take that today. Besides, 『Mach 1』still has the original interior」


「Next time, I’ll show you a real car. I also have a copy of McQueen’s movie so let’s watch those together.」

Saying that…Seki-san blushes.

「Ah…I don’t mean that we have to do it just the two of us. The other girls can join in too」
「Ah, okay. Got it」

It’s not fun to watch a movie alone with me, right.

「Anyway, get in」

Seki-san takes the driver seat.
I take the passenger seat…

「No, hide in the back seat. There’s a blanket there, cover yourself with that」

Seki-san said.

「I don’t want to be seen taking you out. This place is a blind spot in the parking lot among the placement of the security guards. Especially now that everyone’s preparing to move『Kakka』and everyone in Kouzuki house…the uniformed group would be clumping up there. Therefore, nobody can confirm that you’re riding my car. But, at the exit gate of the parking lot, there’s obviously guards standing…」

Oh, so I should hide until we get out of the gate from the funerary?

「…Got it」

I got off the passenger seat and went to the back seat.
I cover my head with a blanket.
On top of that, Seki-san covers with her jacket…making it a camouflage.

「Okay…we’re heading out」

The engine’s ignited.
Oh, true…it’s not an old car’s engine.
There’s not much vibration…not even loud sounds.

「Ahn, as expected the American cars don’t have rough engines…it’s quite boring that it’s quite though. But, for official work, nobody would be troubled with this car…」

Seki-san says while starting the car.

「Well, Benz…Japan cars, or Lexus would be fine too though. Really. But you see, I don’t like it. That’s why even I know that I’m just crazy to purposely ride an old American car that’s remodeled」

Seki-san mutters, laughing at herself.

「…But that kind of commitment is very much liks you」

I said from under the blanket.

「Is that so? Thanks」

The black painted 1974 Dodge Charger SE (Kai)…goes through the parking lot and arrived at the gate.

「Good work…I’ll be heading to the next point. Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san will be following『Kakka』…!」

Seki-san’s also one of Jii-chan’s full time guards.
Her face is the most known among the top elites of Kouzuki security service.
The guard at the gate didn’t check inside the car and just let the car pass through via Seki-san’s face.

「…Wait a moment. I’ll check if there’s anyone tailing」

Seki-san said when we get on the road.
I hid under the blanket for about three minutes…
Then Seki-san made her car turn left a few times…

「Yeah…there’s no tail」

Seki-san mutters

「I wonder if Asami-san’s really a desk work person? She doesn’t have enough imagination?…Or she hasn’t grasped all the uniformed people that she can’t afford to put a tail on me?…oh right, you can come out now」

I crawl out of the blanket.

「There’s a paper bag there you see? Change into the clothes inside that」

Paper bag?…Oh, this Takashimaya?

「This…isn’t this Kouzuki security service’s uniform?」
「Yes. But the collar’s yellow, you see? This isn’t a regular security uniform but uniform for top elites’ assistants」


「The top elites can have a personal assistant. You’ll be my personal assistant from now on…!」
「Is that the play we’re going to do?」
「No, I had an application form submitted to chief Yazawa. However, since it wasn’t an email, I submitted the document to the headquarters this morning…it’ll be evening when chief sees that application form」

Chief Yazawa’s guarding Jii-chan so he’s going to the funeral hall directly today.

「There’s no need to hurry about it, and chief Yazawa’s secretary won’t be contacting him. Besides, it’s common for the top elites to have personal assistants」

Seki-san smiles through the rear mirror.

「Therefore, even if I take you in that uniform…I can just say『Chief Yazawa’s informed』」

He doesn’t know yet because he hasn’t seen the application document…it’s unknown whether he’ll approve or not…
For the time being, we can break through the front of the crematorium security.

「Obviously, chief Yazawa’s moving on the same row as『Kakka』…so we can get into the crematorium ahead. Well, there’s few cars and two busses on the other side so they won’t be able to speed up. Even the security guards on site pay attention to『Kakka』they won’t report to chief that I’ve brought in an unfamiliar personal assistant」

I-I see.

「Or rather, it’s the new director, Asami-san’s job. The security on this funeral is Asami-san’s first job as the new director you see? Therefore, Asami-san’s entrusted everything so 『Kakka』and everyone else won’t be on direct danger. Then, Asami-san’s aptitude would be checked later. Chief is that kind of person after all」

I listen while changing clothes in the shadow of the seat.

「Asami-san’s not one of the guards」
「yes, she has a quite unique career. But, she’s essentially the same as Yamaoka-san. Chief Yazawa thinks that the top of the security department of Kouzuki security service should better be a serious and hard type of person」
「Is that because Kudou-san and others look like fooling around?」

I remember what Nei said…

「Let’s see…well because the uniformed group is the face of the company, people with firm atmosphere those that seem to be popular with the upper classes of customers are better. In that meaning…they’re of different types but, Yamaoka-san and Asami-san are the same. Elite men with field guard as nature…highly educated politician elite woman They seem to be famous to the noble families…」

…I see

「Or rather…Yazawa-san will be following up by himself so Asami-san will just be following steps. I give up… !」
「What does that mean?」
「That means…that the chief doesn’t want to retire from the scene…!」

Jii-chan…announced his retirement during the next shareholder meeting and yet…
Chief Yazawa intends to stay in the front line on duty.
Therefore, he purposely made a 28 year old woman the top of the security department.

「…Chief Yazawa intends to stay in his position for 5, no 10 years」
「You don’t like it?」
「Not at all! He’s a good boss. If chief Yazawa retires, I will also retire…there’s a lot of people who thinks like that」

…I see.

「Surely…there’s Jii-chan’s will included」

I said.

「What do you mean?」
「Jii-chan retires and Shiba-san would become the top of the entire Kouzuki group you see. Therefore, in order to leave some influence within the group…Yazawa-san will keep the full authority of Kouzuki security service you see?」

As long as they hold Kouzuki security service, Kouzuki group will always be monitored…and they can maintain connections with other houses as well.

「I don’t think so…『Kakka』doesn’t need to be concerned about Kouzuki security service. It’s not a large organization…they just have to hire private bodyguards and intelligence personnel. Being connected to Kouzuki security service would possibly show the movement of『Kakka』on the other side…that’s what espionage is all about. On the other hand, we can’t just pull information on the other side…」

Seki-san said.

「For example…there’s the placement of the security guards for today but…you can figure out which route『Kakka』will pass through by how many guards are in the gate. Then, how’s the parking lot distributed to the visitors…Kouzuki groupwould know which family is being favored on…or rather, the placement today is a failure. Asami-san’s too obvious in distinguishing. Well, since she’s someone who originally wants to do politics, so it can’t be helped, but… Those who Asami-san judged worthy of preferential treatment are gathered in the parking lot with multiple guards…」

So she does that.

「But, with famous family like Kouzuki house…there are some who might be in a low social position but there are also those who’s likely to make a comback you see? They’re a house you should pay attention to whether they could make a comeback or not. If you haven’t considered that…and be resented in return as『Kouzuki house thinks that our house have fallen』…or it might spread a message saying『Kouzuki house has abandoned them so that house is already over』on contrary…it would be a big trouble. Therefore, the nobles…doesn’t distinguish clearly but make a moderate difference…just match with the situation at that time, and you must allot delicacy…」
「…That’s a lot of work」
「Yesl. They’re not just rich, they’re people with tradition and pride…that’s how nobles are」

Seki-san said.

「Let’s return to the topic…I think it’s chief Yazawa’s own intention to keep Kouzuki security service under his control」

Jii-chan has nothing to do with it?

「Perhaps, chief Yazawa’s worried about Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama. Therefore…I think he’s resolved to protect them by stepping on the front lines until the two are adults…

…Is that so?

「As for me…I’d like chief Yazawa to be the president and leave the work to the young and trustworthy. I know that he likes being on site but…as expected, if chief Yazawa comes out ahead, the people under him won’t grow up. That’s what I really think with Yamaoka-san’s case…」

I recall the hotel the day before yesterday…
True…the uniformed guards in the hotel is entrusted to former director Yamaoka, but…
Starting with Kudou-papa, negotiating with miss Cordelia…it’s all done by chief Yazawa…
Even the surprising system of the hotel…they’re all under Yazawa-san’s order.
Director Yamaoka was definitely a no-go guy, but…
Chief Yazawa just controls everything and he doesn’t know anything…that made director Yamaoka stop from growing.

「Well…Kouzuki security service isn’t an organization governed by personnel so it’s quite inevitable. BUt, Asami-san’s appointment will be a second coming of Yamaoka-san」

I think so too
Chief Yazawa won’t disclose all information to the new director, Asami too.
If she’s informed about me…then Asami-san should be sending tail on me too

「Really…I wish we had someone better」

Seki-san said


…She laughs

「What’s wrong?」
「No…I just thought that I’m a bit talkative today I think you already know it but I don’t usually talk like this. Talking to people spends energy and I don’t like it」

The car stops waiting for the traffic light.
Seki-san turns to me.

「I wonder why…when it comes to you, it makes me want to teach you various things. Or rather, I might be putting ideas together while talking to you. Anyway…I want to talk about everything」


「If you’re fine with me then tell me all you want. I’m stupid and don’t know a lot so Seki-san’s stories are very informative. Thank you」
「I’m the one who should say thanks…when it comes to you, various things become a flat view without bias. Even with Chief Yazawa…now that I talked to you about it, I understood a lot of things」

The signal turns go.
The Dodge Charger accelerates once again.

「Today, after this… we’ll be heading to the crematorium and get in Misuzu-sama and others’ waiting room. Before『Kakka』arrives…I’m not『Kakka’s』guard today but Misuzu-ama and Ruriko-sama’s guard for today…so it won’t be strange if I break in and check the waiting room. Then, I will be leaving you in that room」

Yeah…there, I’d meet up with Misuzu and others.
That’s a good infiltration strategy.

「Margo-san and the other will be sneaking in something, but…」

Oh, Iwakura-kaichou?

「Yes…they’ll be using some various things somehow」
「Should I know about it or not?」

It’s better to not let her know the shadow of the student council president.

「I think it’s better not known. You’ll know it right away…it’s a plan that’s very like Margo-san」
「Then that’s fine, but…」

Margo-san’s style is to do something unexpected…

「Or rather, if Seki-san needs to know then Margo-san will tell you by herself」
「True…her judgement is trustworthy」

They fought together so it seems like Seki-san highly evaluates Margo-san

「By the way…that」

Seki-san pauses for a moment.
But, she pushed up her courage…

「When we go to the crematorium…you’ll have to wait in the room for an hour or two」
「Yeah…so even the bones turn to ashes」

I felt like I also waited with my grandfather…and with grandmother too.
Back with grandfather…I felt like the crematorium was also gorgeous. The floor’s made of marble or something.
With Baa-chan…it wasn’t beautiful, it’s an old facility.
There’s also difference depending on the money…the facility and the burner.
No, back then…my father told me.

『In some cities, there’s no distinction between ordinary and upper class, and there are facilities that burns in the same method』

Perhaps, my mother…purposely took it to a different crematorium.
I don’t know whether you can choose your cremator or something but…
But my mother…she’s worshipping her own father, so she might’ve protested『it must be on the most luxurious place』

「Then…while waiting」

Seki-san said.

「Are you doing it?」




「Maybe I will. Misuzu wants to have sex wearing her kimono…she told me that she’s wearing kimono for today, so…」

The black mourning clothes.

「In that case…Michi would want to do it too」

She’s unstoppable when lit up…

「…Ruriko-sama as well?」
「Ruriko depends on the circumstances. Rather than doing it hurriedly…it’s much more important to break down the shell in her heart」

If I overdo it…her mind would be broken.

「I don’t want Ruriko to think of sex as something horrible. I’d like her to know the pleasure」

Seki-san asks.

「Well…you can feel the presence of others, and besides, both can accept each other, I guess?」

I answered.

「Ruriko only sees her own world, not the world outside. The people’s relationship, the warmth of the heart…she doesn’t understand it. If we can have sex properly…then she’ll come out of that shell and will be able to understand the warmth of people’s hearts」

That’s what Seki-san is concerned about.

「Yes, sex can be done as many times as one wants. If we don’t have sex properly…she’ll just remain in the closed shell instead」

I remember Yukino.

「If you don’t look at who you’re doing it with, then sex would just become a masturbation using a human body. Not just throwing one’s desire to the other…if you can’t give your heart and accept other’s heart…it won’t be a pleasant sex」
「…is that so?」

Seki-san looks forward…

「I’ve thought of it before but…do you really think of wanting to have sex with those girls?」
「Hmm…I just thought of it but, are you not thinking『I have to do it』so you have sex with them as a duty? If that’s the case, then…」
「That’s not it!」

I answered.

「I only have sex with girls I only want to have sex with. True, the partners have increased…a lot of girls say『I want to have sex』but, I like being『sought after』by those girls…!」
「Yes, I’m glad that I’m needed. Being compelled makes me excited…uhm…」
「…I get an erection」

Seki-san blushes.

「I-I see…then that’s fine. If your mind were to be burdened from sex, I’d feel pity」
「No, I’m fine」


「Somehow it’s very strange…even I know that it’s not supposed to be normal, but. But, 『Kuromori』is based from prostitution as Seki-san knows」
「Therefore…sex is the foundation of everything?」
「Wrong, that’s not it」

I said.

「Our『family』…all had horrible experiences with sex…so they don’t trust men at all, you know?」
「True…you’re the only exception…!」
「…They’re that group of people so…their first sex must be redone」
「Yes, sex is loving each other, healing each other…so it has to start over again…」


「Sex isn’t about the number or the variations done. I think that it’s about relaxing, allowing each other’s hearts, and making love」
「…Yeah. I get it somehow now. What『Kuromori』people expect from you…」

Seki-san mutters.

「No, it’s not just them…I also need them」
「We’re a family after all」

That’s right…we.

「But, we don’t have blood connections you see? That’s why it’s sex. Everyone promised to give birth to my child. I also will do my best to raise them. Well continue to love each other…for 10, 30, 30 years…no, we’ll be a real『family』for our lifetime. That’s what we swore…!」
「…I see」
「I also made a vow to Ruriko. To make her my『family』no matter what method is used」

No matter how underhanded it is
I’ll make her…my『woman』…a real『family』

「Now…how many people are in there? Your『women』…?」


「…Katsuko-nee, Nagisa, Nei, Misuzu, Michi, Megu, and Mana…seven people」

And…Agnes and Ruriko are planned to be included.

「…What about Fujimiya-san?」
「Reika’s…troubling for now」
「…Do you not like her that much?」
「No, Reika’s the one who’s troubled. Wondering if it’s okay for her to join in our『family』…」
「Ah, that person just decided on the spot at the hotel, right」
「Yes. Until Reika herself makes a decision…I won’t move」
「Why? Weren’t you aggressive with Ruriko-sama?」
「Ruriko…has no place to return to. I’m taking her. But, Reika…she may be able to live without our help
「I wonder…I think she needs someone like you」

Seki-san said.

「Well…I don’t care about Fujimiya-san at all though」


「Hey…that woman, Yukino? What happened to her?」
「I don’t care about her anymore. She’s sent back home. I don’t think I’ll see her again
「…Is that so?
「Yes…in the end, I can’t understand her. Even until the end…she didn’t look at me properly」
「…Didn’t look?」
「She only looks at my dick. That’s what I think」

She didn’t try to understand me as one human.

「Yukino…was making fool of me from start to end=…no, not just me, Megu, Mana…all of my family. Knowing that she’s that kind of woman…it’s impossible for us to understand each other… I laughed. To think that there are people in this world you can’t absolutely understand. Even though had sex with her so many times…」

Whenever I think of Yukino, my heart becomes dark…

「I see…you cut it off with her…」


「That’s great…yeah, I think that it’s the right choice to break up with that girl」

Seki-san’s voice is strangely bright.

「…Is that so?」
「Yes…even I could see that she’s not a good girl…!」

Yukino’s evaluation from the women is always low

「…You see」
「Do you still think you can afford to have more girls?」

Well, I’m going to take Agnes and Ruriko too…

「Yes, it’s okay…」
「I see, I get it…!」

Seki-san said happily

「Make a reservation for another one」
「There’s one lady that’s a bit lonely…make a reservation, you won’t have to wait that long」

Who is she talking about?

「I’m really glad I’m able to talk to you alone…」

Seki-san said.

「You’re really serious, hardworking, kind…」

The eyes looking through the rear mirror smiles at me.

「Very cute」


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