Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 402. Naked Ruriko.



Fresh and clear summer sky.
It’s not too hot, not too cold…the calm wind feels good.
In the shoulder of the road with not a single pedestrian…
In the shadow of the white van that’s parked on the side…Ruriko gets naked.
First, dropping her skirt…
I see the white panty I borrowed from Michi earlier.

「Here, lift your legs…take off your socks」
「…Yes, Onii-sama」

Or rather, I’m the one taking it off.

「I…it’s my first time to be naked outside…!」

Ruriko’s eyes are a bit entranced…
Misuzu, even Ruriko…the blood of Kouzuki is quite lewd.
Under their elegant noble appearance…hides their lewd skins.

「Ruriko’s toe-fingers are cute」

I touch her bare feet.

「Yes, my toenails…are always being cleaned by Yoshiko-sama」

Yoshiko-san, you’re going that far?

「Then…does Ruriko cut Yoshiko-san’s toenails too?」
「No, I’m…always the one receiving…」

I see. Yoshiko-san thinks of Ruriko as her lord…so she takes care of Ruriko one-sidedly.

「From now on, I will do it…does she use a file after cutting it?」
「Then teach me how to do it. Either way, once I cut Ruriko’s nails, the other girls will say『I want that too』」

My『women』sticking out their bare feet to me floats in my head.
Katsuko-nee, Nagisa, Nei, Misuzu, Megu, Michi, Mana…each of them have different legs.
Oh…I can tell who it is just with their feet.
Oh right…I have to take care of Mao-chan’s feet too.

「…That, won’t that trouble Onii-sama?」

Ruriko asks me.

「Why? They’re all my『women』…so it’s natural for me to take care of all」

I think.

「Ruriko, don’t worry and just be loved by Yo-chan!」

Nei said…then she takes off her clothes inside the van.

「Eh, what’s up, Nee-san?」
「Hmm…since there’s another boiler suit, I’ll change clothes too! If Ruriko and I wear the same boiler suit…we look like we’re on our way back from the same shop, right?」

…I see.
We’re planning to enter a shop somewhere and have lunch.
It would be strange if only Ruriko’s the one wearing the boiler suit, but…
If Nei and Ruriko wear the same costume…then it won’t be so strange.

「Then, should we change the banner of the car’s side too?」

Margo-san who’s looking at her phone gets off the driver’s seat.

「The name of Nagisa’s shop…if I recall, it should be here」

Margo-san flips up the back door…and pulls out a box loaded into the car.
『Maruko Printing』or『Maruko Real Estate』…there’s a lot of types of magnet sheets, Margo-san takes out the sheet of Nagisa’s shop『Schwarz Wald』
If you attach this, this car would become the flower shop’s car.
Even if Nei and Ruriko wear boiler suits with the shop name on their backs, it won’t look strange.
They would look like high-school students working part-time.
Both of them are amazing beauties.


I take off Ruriko’s uniform…
Since I took away her bra earlier…her cute breasts are exposed.
Small mountain…pink colored areola.
Her nipples are sunk in.

「Please…don’t look so much」

Ruriko speaks bashfully.

「Ruriko…don’t forget that feeling right now!」

Nei said.

「If you lose your shame…Yo-chan might hate Ruriko!」

Nei laughs

「And yet Nei-san…you can get naked in front of me without any problems」
「Yeah…well, it’s fun to see Yo-chan’s embarrassed face as he stares into my naked body!」

What…I’m the one looking embarrassed?

「If Yo-chan doesn’t respond anymore when he sees my naked body…I would be very sad!」

While saying so…Nei exposes her underwear to me.
As usual…her proportions are Godly.

「That’s not true…Nee-san」

I swallow my saliva.

「Ufufu…thank you, Yo-chan. You’re so cute!」

Nei then kisses my lips.

「If you think Ruriko’s cute too then show it with your actions!」1

Nei smiles.

「Ruriko…I’m licking your breasts」
「Ruriko’s breasts are cute so I want to lick it」

I didn’t wait for Ruriko’s reply…
I bury my face in her cute chest.


When I lick around her pink areola, Ruriko raises a voice.

「…No, Onii-sama. This is embarrassing…we’re outside」
「Who cares about that…when I think Ruriko’s cute, I’ll make love with Ruriko anywhere I want…!」

I suck greedily on this 15-year-old skin.

「…I’m embarrassed, this is embarrassing」
「We’ll be doing a lot more embarrassing things from now on…!」
「Ruriko’s mine…!」

I massage Ruiko’s tense unripe breasts.

「Yes…Ruriko…is Onii-sama’s slave…a slave…」

Ruriko mutters as if she’s in pain…

「Okay, that’s enough!」

Nei stops me…

「If you go further than that…I won’t be able to hold back!」


「No, it’s fine. There’s no way I would push down Ruriko in this place…!」

Ruriko’s virginity…
I think that it has to be taken on an appropriate situation.
Doing it on a road like this…is just pitiful.
I also promised to do it with Jii-chan watching.

「…That’s not it!」


「It’s not Yo-chan… but it’s me who would want it!」

Nei said, showing a blushing face.

「Therefore…stop for now. …Okay?!」

If that’s the reason then it can’t be helped.

「Yeah…Ruriko, let’s put on your clothes」
「…Y-Yes. Onii-sama」

Ruriko’s eyes say she wants more.
…Yeah, this waiting state.
Perhaps, it should work a bit.,

「Good, then I’m taking off your panty…!」

I reach out for Ruriko’s panty.
There’s already a big stain on it.
Ruriko’s wet.
I take off her panty with both hands.
The love nectar slides down through Ruriko’s thighs…

「…I-I’m embarrassed」

Ruriko’s face is red.

「Ruriko, you’re naked right now. Outside…」

Ruriko’s skin is bared in this fresh wind of May.

「Yes…I’m naked. Outside」

Ruriko’s eyes look at me hotly…

「Ruriko-san, do you know the story of Marie Antoinette’s wedding?」

Margo-san who finished changing the text in the car asks Ruriko

「Look, Marie Antoinette…was married into France from the not so good Austria’s royal family, right?」
「Yes…I know that」

The naked middle school girl beauty replied.

「Marie Antoinette was born at the border…and was ordered to take off all she’s wearing by the French side. Taking off everything she wore from Australia…and not bring anything to France except her own body. She was made to wear French clothes…and Marie Antoinette was married to a French royal family」

Margo-san smiles.

「Ruriko now is the same…you’re taking off everything that came from Kouzuki house. Right now, you only have your own body…the figure you were born with」


「I want to keep this naked Ruriko. I want you to come to me naked…」

Ruriko looks at me.

「Right. Let’s collect the uniforms and shoes she’s been wearing and put it in a paper bag! But, this is already the past Ruriko!」

Nei who wore the boiler suit ahead…gathers up Ruriko’s clothes.
Though I say that…the chest part zipper is still opened wide.
Her light blue bra wrapping her abundant breasts is still exposed outside though.

「Then Ruriko…should we dress you up with Kuromori clothes?」

I take the string-like micro bikini.
Yeah, this lascivious kind of clothing is just…


First…the bottom.
I let the bikini made of black strings pass through Ruriko’s delicate feet.

「Err…the face, is this right?」
「Yes, that’s a match, Yo-chan」

Nei confirms.

「The butt side is the T-back…huh, what’s wrong Ruriko? Your butt’s red?!」
「…Onii-sama punished me」

Ruriko said.

「Oh, I see」
「Yes…I wasn’t easily taught」
「Hee, you’re quite loved…Ruriko」

Nei smiles.

「Yo-chan wants Ruriko to understand, by all means, you see? To think that Yo-chan would hit a girl’s butt until it’s swollen like this…it’s unseen. Yo-chan really loves Ruriko…!」

That said…I can’t feel bad about it.
Nei eases up Ruriko’s mind.
Ruriko now is quite obedient to me, but…
Ruriko at this time is much scarier.
Inside her…it seems that her heart might break from worrying because she’s out of the protection of Kouzuki house.
But, Ruriko’s self-control is too strong…
Only her face tries to stay calm.
In order to break that shell of her heart…
Nei proposed to make Ruriko naked on the roadside…
By having me change her clothes…
By making her feel that she’s under my protection by the feel of her skin…
And now…
Even words pushes through the gaps in Ruriko’s mind…

「Hey, Ruriko…to tell you the truth…I’m worried about Ruriko. I think that you might be a girl that shouldn’t be accepted by Yo-chan」

Nei says with a smile.

「W-What do you mean…?」

Ruriko’s mind transitions from relaxed to tense.

「Ruriko…you know that you hardly have any knowledge about sex, right?」

Nei presses deeper.


Ruriko admits honestly

「You already know that sex is a necessity to make a baby, right?」
「Yes…by accepting Onii-sama’s semen in my womb…I can make a baby」
「Yeah. Tell me the truth…does Ruriko not want to bear only Yo-chan’s baby. Making it clear, you don’t want to have sex with only Yo-chan…?」
「I…will only do it with Onii-sama」

Showing a certain face, Ruriko who’s wearing only a black T-back…replies.

「Really? If you met a much cooler guy than Yo-chan…you won’t think of having sex with him?」
「…That, won’t happen」

Ruriko’s nature is lewd.
If she learns the pleasure of sex…
Then she might think of doing it with other men.

「It’s true」
「But you see…for example, If Ruriko’s fooled by a strange guy…and you might be forced to have sex」

Nei says showing a mean smile.

「It might be forced but…If Ruriko bears that child, that man can have a strong influence on Kouzuki house. Ruriko’s out of Kouzuki house but…you still hold to the honor of Kouzuki house.
「Look, earlier…you saw the strange girl having sex with Kouzuki Satoshi-kun inside the bus, didn’t you? Her name’s Iwakura-san. Then…if that vulgar lady who had sex with Satoshi-san in front of them bears his child…and she says…『with this, I’m also now a member of Kouzuki family』…what would they do?」
「That won’t be…something Kouzuki-sama would allow」
「Well, Kouzuki-ojiichan might not allow it but…if a child’s truly born, she can do whatever she pleases to everyone. It’s no doubt that it’s the child of Satoshi-kun, a child of Kouzuki house branch family…!」


「Y-Yes… True…it’ll be a disgrace to Kouzuki house, I think」
「There’s a lot of people in this world who would attack aiming for that! I think that…they would try to use all kind of methods to try and have sex with Ruriko. But…Kouzuki security service can’t protect Ruriko anymore…」
「From now on…Ruriko has to protect herself to some extent」
「I think it is as you say…」
「Then…what would you do? In detail」
「I’ll tell you once again…the other side will come using all kinds of methods. For example, they can play as a doctor…pretend to give you a medical examination then force you to have sex, what will you do」

Nei asks; Ruriko became speechless.

「I…always think about that. I was attacked by my school teacher when I was in the first year. At that time, Margo-oneechan came to help me…so it didn’t reach the point where I got pregnant, but…」

That male teacher was a follower of Shirasaka Sousuke…
He should be disposed of by Minaho-neesan.

「Therefore, I’m always careful. I only go to a female doctor for examinations. I never get alone with another man at any time…I don’t go outside the reach of my『family’s』eyes. Only Yo-chan. I like Yo-chan…love him. I don’t want to have sex with anyone but Yo-chan, I don’t want to have any babies other than Yo-chan’s. I hate other men…I don’t want to approach them. Therefore, I thoroughly protect myself…!」

Nei looks at me with moist eyes.

「This body is only dedicated to Yo-chan…I’d hate to be fooled and be forced by another man…I don’t want it…above that, I don’t want to torment Yo-chan as a result of that…!」

Embracing her, Nei hugs my body tightly

「I love dedicating everything from the tip of my hair to my toes, all of it, to Yo-chan! Right now, I’m dedicating my mind and body, to Yo-chan! I don’t want this happiness to be broken by any other man!」


「Therefore, I protect myself. I will protect my body from other men’s devilish hands」

Ruriko’s looking at Nei in complete awe.

「Does Ruriko have that kind of resolve?」
「Ruriko thinks that it’s’ natural for her to be protected by someone else all the time, right?」
「Well…Yo-chan promised so he’ll definitely protect you…so he definitely cherishes you. But, if Ruriko made a mistake on her own and had sex with another man…no, I think that Yo-chan won’t still blame Ruriko for that but…if that happens, what would Ruriko do?」
「…I think I’d apologize to Onii-sama」
「That all?」
「…Then kill myself」
「If forced to take a man other than Onii-sama…Ruriko will take her own life」
「Don’t be stupid!」

Nei snapped.

「If you die, Yo-chan would be sad you know?! He would be so sad! He might just follow you by killing himself too!」
「Hey, get yourself together and notice how much Yo-chan treasures you! Ruriko’s being loved!」

Ruriko looks into my face.

「Well, Nee-san…even if you say that all at once, Ruriko would just get confused…」

I stop Nei’s momentum.

「For now…Ruriko can just think about it slowly. I will protect Ruriko as much as I can but of course, Ruriko also has to protect herself. Talk with everyone how you should be careful and how to take countermeasures. Okay?」

No, it is as Nei said.
Including the schools and hospitals…I have to think about Ruriko’s future.
Ruriko’s still a middle school student. I’m a high school student, there are times and places I can’t protect myself.

「Also…I’ll tell you just in case, Ruriko」

Nei speaks to Ruriko further.

「I think Ruriko doesn’t know this because your knowledge about sex isn’t a lot, but」

W-What does she intend to say?

「Women…will get crazy if they don’t have sex with the same person all the time」


「Iwakura-san, the one from the bus earlier…that girl is the typical example of someone who had sex with various people. A woman who received semen from a lot of men becomes crazy…!」


「Then…it’s highly likely for the child to be the same. To be clear, it’s best for the woman’s body to have only the man you had your first sex with to be the man you have sex for the rest of your life. Or rather, that’s the only way…okay?」

Ruriko’s confused.

「You see; Yo-chan’s my first…so I won’t have sex with anyone but Yo-chan. I can’t. Not with other men. My body’s already like this」


「My belly’s already taken Yo-chan’s shape. Only Yo-chan’s penis can enter, and if another man’s penis comes in, it’ll only pain them and shock them to death. That’s how it is. Misuzu and Michi are the same. Didn’t those girls say it?」
「Yes…I heard them saying that they’ll only have sex with Onii-sama for their lifetime」
「Obviously…it won’t do unless it’s Yo-chan. Our bodies have become exclusive only to Yo-chan…!」

Nei’s smile is bewitching

「Misuzu, Michi, and I are like that and yet…there’s no way Ruriko would think of having sex with another man, right?」

Then, Nei…peers into Ruriko’s face.

「In the first place. Ruriko…do you really have the resolve to have sex with Yoーchan?」

Ruriko’s startled.

「It’ll only be him for the rest of your life. Do you have the confidence that your body will be only for Yo-chan?」

Ruriko’s confused.

「Let’s put that aside for now」

Margo-san tells Nei kindly

「Ruriko-san also needs time to think」

Nei…logically attacks Ruriko who’s a logical woman.
Ruriko is the daughter of Kouzuki house so it’s possible for vulgar fellows to aim at her body…
That certainly has a point.
I have to think of countermeasures for that.
Then, at the same time…this question should strongly engrave a fear of『being ravished against her own will』
Following…the problem of a woman having sex with another man other than her first.
This is obviously a lie.
But, the words Nei used before that talk is her frank emotions…
Ruriko can’t distinguish the truth from lies.
From now on, there would be an intense brake to the『desire to have sex with a new man by her own will』
Even though Nei, Misuzu, and Michi adhere to strictly having sex with only me…Ruriko’s high pride won’t let her have sex with other guys.
Nei has cleverly cornered Ruriko.
To make her my slave…mind and body…

「Here, Ruriko…are you not cold? Let’s hurry up and put on your clothes」
「It’s not good for the body to stay naked all the time」

I put on the micro-bikini bra.
But still, what’s this…
The black string barely hides the areola…seriously

「Looks good, let me take a photo of this」

Margo-san sees Ruriko in black micro-bikini then takes out her camera.

「Ah, wait a moment…while we’re at it, let’s change her hairstyle too!」

Nei takes out a big red ribbon

「Yo–chan…what do you think of twin tails?」

Ruriko… twin tails

「Yeah, that might be good…」

Unlike her elegant lady look until now…
The idol look might be good.

「Okay, Ruriko…come here」

Nei puts together Ruriko’s hair with rubber strings and ribbon and turned it to twin tails.

「Yeah, then I’ll take a pic…!」

Margo-san presses the shutter.
The twin-tail Ruriko wearing obscene underwear…has a different impression than before.
If she hides her face…it looks like a middle school idol.
But, Ruriko’s face is too elegant, too much of a beauty.

「Here, take a look…」

Margo-san shows the photo to Ruriko.

「I…I’m wearing something shameless as this…」

Ruriko speaks her impressions with a trembling voice.

「…It’s only in front of me」

I tell Ruriko

「Ruriko can be any Ruriko…but only in front of me」
「Right…only in front of Yo-chan!」

Nei pushes through

「Get more naked…Ruriko」
「If that’s what you wish, then I can show it anytime」
「That’s not it」

I whisper to Ruriko’s ears.

「You should strip off your heart soon」

◇ ◇ ◇

I put on the boiler suit on Ruriko in her micro bikini
However, I kept the front open.
From my side, Ruriko’s cleavage is clearly visible.

「Please don’t stare so much」
「I will… It’s mine after all」

I hug Ruriko.

「It’s already Yo-chan’s, we also have some here!」

Nei said.
I’m being sandwiched by Nei and Ruriko…two beauties at the rear seat of the van.

「Now then…is a famires okay for our lunch?」

Margo-san asks from the driver seat.

「There’s not many stores around this area」

She says while looking at the car navigation.

「Anything will do! I’m hungry already!」

Nei said.

「Ruriko…have you ever gone to a famires?」
「Onii-sama, what is a famires?」

Ah…it’s on that level?
Right, no way she’d know that.

「Yeah, then let’s go」
「Their main is microwaved so it’s not that delicious but…their menu is quite big」


「You see…Famires is an abbreviation for a family restaurant, it’s a popular chain shop but…their dishes are mainly using frozen food, so they microwave oven it…ah, do you get it?」
「…Frozen food?」

…This is quite the trouble.

「Yo-chan…let’s take Ruriko to a supermarket next time. Then, let’s show her a mountain of frozen food」

Nei laughs

「Yes, if you’d please…!」
「Nei, not just supermarket…won’t it be better if you show her everything from down the department store all the way up?」

Margo-san said.
The car starts.

「Right…a home center might be good」
「…Yeah. We have to take Ruriko to a lot of places to study」

I tell Nei.

「Eh, just Ruriko?!」
「I think that Misuzu, Michi are quite naive too…!」

True, the two of them…
I feel like they’re naive to the world.

「Well, Agnes and Edie are there too…it’s better if we plan that kind of field trip!」

It is as Nei says.
Someday…Agnes has to be taken out of the『mansion』too.
Edie too.

「What are you talking about Nei…you also don’t know much about the outside world, do you?」

Margo-san smiles wryly while driving…

「Up until now…you never went out unless you’re with me, Minaho, or Katsuko-san. Nei…!」

Nei’s also been protected by the seniors of『Kuromori』all this time…
She has never gone outside by herself.

「Well then, we just have to go out together!」

Nei smiles.


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