Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 410. The back and the front.



「Okay, you all get dressed and come back to the club」

Captain Takeshiba tells her club members.

「I will talk with these two, it’ll be done right away so, clean up until I come back! Don’t go home!」

She glares at the girls in the shower room with strong eyes.


The women’s track and field club members replied.

「You two should take a shower. You guys smell we can’t talk」

Captain tells me and Megu
Our crotch has the smell of love nectar and semen coming out.

「Hurry it up!」
「Ah, okay, Yoshi-kun, come here」

Megu pulls me to the shower.

「 Don’t look at the girls putting on clothes. Look at only me」

I-I see.
Up until now, it was the momentum that justified that everyone’s naked, but…
Now that they’re wearing clothes.
If this lone man stares at the girls…
They’d feel another grudge.

「You can kiss me or lick my breasts. I will wash Yoshi-kun so just look at me」

Megu twists the shower faucet.
The hot water rains from above.
Megu and I hug and kiss each other under the current.
Anyway, we make love so much
I have to show that I’m only looking at Megu.
Else, they’ll pick a fight with the pretext of『Yamamine’s boyfriend was ogling at me when I was putting on clothes』

「Yes, Yoshi-kun」

Megu rubs my body gently with her fingers.
I also touch Megu’s body.

「…I love you. Yoshi-kun, when I’m with you, I’m not scared of anything」

Megu kisses me


Our tongues entwine

「This got big again, and hard」

Megu strokes my erect penis with her hand.
…Did I overdo it?
Let’s have it this way…my penis is erect because I’m lustful for Megu.
If not…they might say『Your boyfriend got erect looking at our naked bodies』
Therefore, I have to show them another rich love scene.

「Hey, what are you doing Koyagi, Hoshina! Don’t look at Yamamine! Once you’re done putting on your clothes, get to the clubroom!」

Captain Takeshiba scolds her club members.


The door opens, and the club members who were named hurriedly jump out of the shower room.
Using that as a cue, the other members get out one after another.
Yes, this is good.
I don’t have to look at those girls changing
I don’t care if those girls get naked in front of me.
I’m engaged with Megu and I’m satisfied sexually.
Therefore, I’ll indulge in only Megu’s body.
I have to convince them that away

「…Tanaka, don’t stare at that man’s dick! That’s for Yamamine」
「Hurry up and change!」

Rather, those girls who are stealing a glance at us, are scolded by Captain clearly
Surely, later…the club members would be joking about『Back then, you were stealing a glance at Yamamine’s boyfriend’s dick, were you?』
But, they won’t talk about me looking at their naked body.
That’s the kind of impression that will remain.
I only look at Megu.
Megu and I wash our bodies while hugging each other.,
While doing that.

「…Excuse me, I’ll return to the clubroom!」

The last member went out of the girl’s shower room
The remaining people are me, Megu, and captain only

「That’s enough…you can turn off the water」

Captain said.
Captain Takeshiba’s already wearing her uniform


Megu stops the shower.

「Yoshi-kun, use this」

Megu takes out her towel
I’m not in an athletic club and I didn’t plan to take a shower here.
I don’t have my own towel

「Oh, Yamamine, use mine if you’re okay with it」

Captain takes out her bath towel from the sports bag and offers it to Megu.

「I took a shower earlier so it’s a bit damp from earlier, but. Don’t mind it…」
「Thank you」

Megu borrows the towel

「Hurry it up and put on your clothes as well. We can’t speak calmly like that」

Captain said, we pick up and dry our bodies
Err, where’s the underwear I took off

「Is that okay like that?」

Captain points at my erect penis and asked.

「 Do men’s thing not get small once it gets big?」


「Un, I thought so too. Are we wrong, Yoshi-kun?」

The women’s track and field club’s lack of knowledge about sex that much?

「Should I do it with my mouth?」

No, Megu’s offer is great, but
I’m going to have sex tonight too.
Ruriko’s first time is waiting.
I also promised with Mana.
I also have to do it once with Nagisa.
Katsuko-nee and Nei might want it too

「I’m fine. It’ll turn small once I cool down my head」

I put on my underwear.

「…Is that so?」
「That’s right, if not, you can’t do anything when you get an erection during class」

I answer Captain

「Do you get erect during class?」

Captain’s surprised

「We do. Men get erect in some instances」
「Eh, why? Shouldn’t you be concentrating during class?」

It might be hard to explain the physiology of a man to captain Takeshiba

「Somehow, even I don’t get it but, it just gets erect suddenly. When feeling tired or something…it doesn’t need a sexual stimulus nearby」

Actually, the girl’s in the same classroom are arousing enough.
If you look at the figures of girls doing PE outside the window

「Oh, I get that, when you feel tired you feel irritated」


「Anyway, there’s no need to worry about my dick, it’s going to be fine!」

I put on my pants in a hurry
Megu’s done putting her underwear and is now wearing a skirt.

「Uhm…Captain Takeshiba, thanks for everything」

I first bowed and say thank you.

「If Takeshiba-san didn’t come, I don’t think it’ll be settled this amazingly」

Captain stares at me.

「Why did you not consult me before this?」


「Nakaya and others threatened Yamamine, didn’t they? If you consulted me at that stage, there was no need to do something this complicated」


「Well, that. In that case, I thought of settling it today…Nakaya-senpai and others will continue to put pressure on Megu, so I thought, then once and for all」
「It’s obvious that she’ll be pressured all the time you know? Did you not have the resolve to have that much?」

Captain glares at me.

「You guys are standing out from the other members from the start. Even though you just entered high school, you got engaged. Shouldn’t you think that it’s inevitable for others to speak ill, and push something troublesome on you two?」


「S-Speaking of which, no, it is as you say」
「Captain. Yoshi-kun just thought that Nakaya-senpai are from long distance group, and I’m from the short distance, so it might create a mess in the track and field club because of me」

Megu tells Captain.

「That’s not for you to think about, I’m the one who thinks about putting the club together」

Captain Takeshiba’s right.

「If the club’s in mess, I’ll fix it with my whole strength」

Captain looks at me.

「Of course, in this case, it’s Nakaya’s fault to force a junior to do something like this. But you two should consult me first. AM I wrong?」


「No, I think Captain’s right. Sorry」

Yeah, I
…I was wrong.
Why did I choose such an extreme way?

「Just, could you explain how did you come up with this?」
「Ah, okay, that, I thought that if those guys want to see us have sex by all means then I’ll show it off. In exchange, we’ll do a very strong sex that would make them unable to stand up in surprise. Then, those girls would be so surprised that they can’t say anything. And when Captain comes while they’re like that…you can shut them up, I thought」


「I don’t get how did you come up with that idea. True, that your sex was quite erotic but」

Huh, Captain.
Could it be that she was watching us have sex at quite an early stage?

「Well, there was just a strange incident in this school just the other day, that your thoughts might be messed up by that, but」

Strange incident
Yukino’s live rape broadcast

「Well, Nakaya and others have their feelings overwhelmed. But…」

She looks into my eyes.

「What happened to you」

Captain asks me

「I know that a lot happened that Yamamine had to be absent from practice but, just what happened to you people during these past few days?」


「Before the break, you were a normal high school boy with some guts. But today, you’re different」

Am I different?

「How you resolve yourself is unusual, you’re willing to go this far just because the seniors bullied your girlfriend? Yamamine too」

Captain’s eyes look at Megu.

「You just did what this man proposed without hesitation. Even though you’re engaged, is it possible to trust this man that far?」


「 Could it be that you guys are involved in something dangerous? Then, feeling that you have to manage somehow? Therefore you’re so extreme and don’t have any hesitation」

Oh, I see.
Nakaya-san’s problem was just a daily thing.
Even if she say『show us your sex』Megu can just laugh it off.
As a result, even if she receives harassment, it’s not something unbearable.
To that normal high school girls.
I dealt with them like fighting Shirasaka house or Cesario Viola
In other words, as a member of Kuromori
Therefore, this…
I did something extreme, abnormal.

「Even I watch TV too, Yamamine’s relatives, Shirasaka, was it? I know that they’re in an outrageous situation now. Even the incident last time…the raped woman was the daughter of Shirasaka house, isn’t she? Well, that girl seems to be glad to be raped though. Could it be that you two are involved in something terrible too?」

Oh, I
My brain is in a constant state of combat.
I guess that’s why.

「If you’re fine with me then talk about it. My father’s a lawyer. I know some police too, you can tell me anything」

This isn’t something that can be talked about.
She won’t understand even if we do.
Kuromori brothel, and the evildoings of Shirasaka Sousuke
The darkness of Kouzuki hose.
And the criminal named Cesario Viola.
That I shot Viola dead
All of it.
It’s out of common sense.
Captain Takeshiba who’s an ordinary high school student won’t be able to understand it

「As far as I can see now, I think that your thinking ability, leverage, the power to judge the situation with great resolution is really amazing. But, it’s abnormal. This isn’t something done by someone who just entered high school」


「Still, if you’re acting alone, I can understand that you’re abnormal. But, Yamamine was acting with you without any hesitation」

Megu looks at Captain.

「I somehow know her because of her activities. She’s smart, has guts, timid, hesitant until she makes the step. That kind of character can’t be reversed in just a few days」

Captain knows Megu’s personality well.

「You and Yamamine doing such radical things…makes me feel that you’re facing something dangerous right now」

This person’s amazing.

「Captain’s guess is right. But」

I answered.

「You can’t tell me?」

Captain glares at me dissatisfied

「Yamamine, what about you?」
「I only follow Yoshi-kun…!」

Megu answered right away

「Hmm. If you follow your husband on everything, you would stop thinking」

Now then, what should we do
As long as Captain Takeshiba’s not convinced
She won’t let us go


The door to the women’s shower room opens.

「Okay~ Excuse me!」

Nei on her school uniform comes in smiling.

「…Who are you!?」

Captian glares at Nei.

「What…you’re so harsh. Did you forget? Weren’t we in the same class back at first year? I’m a grade under now though」

Captain’s surprised.

「…You, Natou?」
「But… weren’t you blonde?」

Nei sways her black hair

「I fixed it! Thanks to Yo-chan」

Nei jumps in between me and Megu

「What is your relationship with them?」
「Relationship…I’m Yo-chan and Megumi’s『Aneki-bun』1 Or rather, I’m their『Onee-chan』 Yo-chan’s my lil’ brother and Megumi’s my lil’ sister. That’s a contract that can’t be changed」

Nei smiles.

「…I don’t get that at all」

Captain Takeshiba glares at Nei.

「Yeah, you shouldn’t. What I’d like Takeshiba-san to know is that they’re not alone. It’s not just these children, there’s a lot of adults with them」
「Therefore, you’re telling me to not worry」
「No, not that, we’re thankful that you’re worried but we don’t want you to take a step further than this」
「I’m Yamamine’s leader!」

Nei laughs.

「Sorry, it’s not on that level. What we’re facing right now are people who should be dead」
「You involved Yamamine and him for that?!」

Megu looks at Captain

「No, that’s something that’s been there since I was born」


「My mother was killed. My mother was raped by that man and I was born as a result」

Captain’s confused.

「Sorry, I can’t talk anything but that, a lot of things are happening around us now」
「My parents were killed too! Though Yo-chan took revenge already」

Nei tells Captain too

「Take revenge?」

I remember the feeling of the pistol
Such an unpleasant memory
I look at my own hands.

「We can’t speak of the details.」

To recall shooting a man

「Well, I think that you’re not convinced of man ways but, could we leave it as that for now?! Everyone’s waiting in the club, right?」

Nei said.

「Will you tell me the truth once it’s done?」

Captain glares at Nei.

「But before that, I think that Takeshiba-san should want to hear the truth or not」

Nei smiles.

「 You know, don’t you? We’re’ really dangerous」

Nei combs her hair.
She’s wearing earphones in her ear.
She takes off that earphone and hands it to Captain Takeshiba

「Here, Takeshiba-san’s taking her time, everyone’s talking about it」
「This is?!」

Captain’s surprised when she put on the earphones to her ears.

「Yes, it’s a wiretap. This is inside the girl’s clubroom」
「Of course, this room too…that’s why I came in this timing」

I knew it.
Minaho-neesan sent Nei.

「What the hell are you?」
「Rather than that, listen, Nakaya-san’s commenting about Takeshiba-san! Well, can’t be helped…the girls here earlier are all from long distance group, almost all of them are in Nakaya’s faction」

Therefore, now that the threat’s gone
Does she begin to speak hate about the absent Captain?

「…Tsk, they’re talking about me teaming up with Yamamine and spreading out the nude photos!」

Does she speak badly of the captain to make everyone worry?


Captain stands up

「No no, Takeshiba-san, if you go there with such a scary face, Nakaya-san would be correct」

Nei laughs.

「Nee-san, you have a plan?」

I asked.
Then, Nei

「Obviously~ Yo-chan’s so sharp!」

That said, she opens her bag.

「Megumi…come here!」
「Sit in front of me, yes」

Megu sits in front of Megumi

「Give me 5 minutes, I’ll finish by then」

Nei takes out a makeup one after another.

「What are you doing?」

Captain Takeshiba asks Nei.

「Well, that’s something to look forward to」

Nei smears foundation

「I’ve always thought of it, Megumi, if you learn how to make up properly, you’ll be such an amazing beauty…!」

◇ ◇ ◇

『Therefore, we’ll protest once Captain Comes back!』
『Do you want your photo to be used for strange things?』
『No, but…Captain made her promise didn’t she?』
『You can’t trust her! I think now she’s asking the guy to delete her photo you know? Therefore she asked to be left alone, she’s cheating. She’s like that after all』

Nakaya-san is just insulting.

『Then, shouldn’t we ask the adviser instead?』
『No way I would let the teacher that I have a nude photo』
『That’s right. That would just get worse』
『Therefore, when the captain comes back, we’ll protest together and have our photos deleted in front of us. Captain has the camera with the photos, so that’s fine』

Nakaya-san said.

『But, Captain may have our photos but Yamamine’s boyfriend has Captain’s photo. If he discovers that Captain deleted all our photos, Captain’s photo might be released?』
『Then who cares. Takeshiba-san was the one who chose that risk』
『That’s too much, Captain took off her clothes and had her naked body photographed for us』
『I wonder? She might be an exhibitionist in the first place, Takeshiba-san might’ve wanted to be seen by a man so she stripped, you know?』

She really just speak insults.

『Or rather, you’re worried about others but what about yourself? You should think of having your own photos erased!』
『Yeah, I agree with Nakaya-san. Let’s have Captain delete our photos when she comes back』
『What should we do about Yamamine’s boyfriend.』
『If we threaten him all then we’ll manage. If we tell him that we’ll be bullying Yamamine or something』
『That’s right. Captain’s actions were naive. He’s not someone we should treat as equal. He’s a junior you know?』

Oh, they’re being dragged by Nakaya-san’s opinion bit by bit

「Good, let’s go then」

Nei tells us.
I return the earphone to Nei.

「Okay, Megu, let’s go」
「Un, Yoshi-kun!」

Megu’s a bit nervous

「Hey, smile, if you don’t, I’ll tickle you」

First, the two of us enter the women’s track and field clubroom.

「…It’s Yamamine. I’m sorry we’re late!」

We open the aluminum door.
Inside are the same 15 people from earlier.
The other members have already left.
When they returned from the shower room, Nakaya-san must’ve made told them to go home.
The third year’s long-distance group boss has that much power.
The 15 members have already been made to follow her opinion
The club members saw Megu’s face.

「Uhm, is there anything strange with my face」

Megu asks.

「W-What happened to you Megumi-chan?!」

A first-year girl asks Megu.

「That’s amazingly beautiful」
「Eh, did you make up?」

Megu answers as Nei told her.

「I haven’t, Captain Takeshiba was watching me」
「Right. There’s no way a junior could put on makeup with Captain Takeshiba in the same room」

Nei’s make up is a natural make up you can’t clearly tell that she has a makeup.
But, that made Megu’s beauty even clearer.
Whoever looks at her would notice right away.

「But, Yamamine-san, you’ve become beautiful. What on earth happened?」

Everyones’s completely forgot about Nayaka-san’s protest proposal

「T-That’s, I-I think because I did it with Yoshi-kun」

Megu answers as told

「Look, they say that you become more beautiful the more you have sex? Ever since befoere」

Do your best, Megu

「Ah, they do」
「I’ve heard of it too」
「So that was true!」

The high school girls took the bait

「Yeah, after I have a satisfying sex, I feel like my mind and body’s refreshed. Therefore, that might show a refreshed look on my face too」
「Satisfying sex?」
「Yes, only when you feel the love you feel good」
「I see, Yamamine looks like she felt really good earlier」
「Yeah, does sex feel that good?」
「It feels good, I’m doing it with the man I love after all. If it’s someone else, I don’t think it’ll feel that good」

Megu answers.

「Right, it makes you think that you really want that man’s baby. At that time, when he ejaculates inside…it feels very pleasant. It makes me happy that I was born a girl」

Megu leans on me

「…I love you, Yoshi-kun」
「Me too, Megu」

We kiss each other.

「Wow, they’re really lovey-dovey」
「I also want to fall in love and be that beautiful」
「You need to have sex though」
「Hmmm, that’s a problem」

Good, we’ve got hold of the atmosphere.

「Ah, Takeshiba-san met with the student council president and they’re talking for a bit. She told us to wait a bit more」

I take out the camera while saying that

「Ah, that camera!」

Nakaya-san took the bate.

「Why do you have it?!」
「Well, it’s my camera in the first place, Takeshiba-san told me to bring it to the clubroom」
「G-Give it to me! I’ll delete my photo!!」

Nakaya-senpai roars. She reaches to my hand.

「Nufufu, what kind of photo are we talking about?」

Nei appears outside the clubroom.

「I heard about it, what kind of photo are we talking about?」

The girls who had their nude photos taken all trembled.

「Huh? What’s with you! This is the women’s track and field club.」 Outsiders can’t come in!」

Nakaya-san said, but

「Say what, there’s a man in this WOMEN’S club though!」

Yes, I’m here.

「Who are you!?」

Nakaya-san asks, Nei

「My my, I wonder, I just turned my hair black and everyone doesn’t know who I am?!」
「…Could it be, you?」

Nei smiles.

「Nakaya-san, we were classmates back then! During first and second years!」
「You, Natou!?」

Nei speaks in a low voice.

「It’s not『Natou』, but『Natou-san』 isn’t it?!」

Natou Nei is known to be the most delinquent girl in this school.

「If you speak to me that lightly, I’ll fucking kill you」

Nei smiles at Nakaya-senpai.


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