Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 412. Pink Lolita



When we return to the hidden room under the principal’s office, Nagisa and Reika are already there.

「You’re late」

Minaho-neesan tells me.

「Sorry. We weren’t able to get back in time」

The plan was around 6:30 but it’s almost 7 o’clock now

「Sorry, it’s my fault」

Megu apologizes.

「I know, I’ve been watching all this time」

Minaho-neesan smiles gently

「Have I conveyed what I want you to learn properly?」
「Yes, Nee-san」

If we’re going to live as a member of Kuromori, then we have to make a clear difference between the use of the『back』and the『front』
If we’re dragged by the tension of the『back』and we act recklessly on the『front』it’ll be a big problem
We have to feel the common sense of the people in the ordinary world.

「Then that’s fine, hurry up and return to the mansion. Katsuko and others are waiting with the meals. They said that they won’t eat unless everyone’s present

Haa, we even caused troubles to Katsuko-nee and others.

「What about Minaho-san?」

Megu asks.

「I’ll stay here, I have to monitor that man after all. I’ve overworked Morimoto, who’s already old, so I have to let him rest with his wife for a while」
「Morimoto-san has a wife?」

Megu’s surprised.

「Yeah, he’s living in the house next to the『mansion』 It’s connected to the mansion via underground tunnel」

Nei explained while smiling.
Oh, I heard about this before.
But I didn’t know if it was true or a lie back then.

「The houses surrounding our『mansion』are all owned by me, though the names are different. It’s for all intents and purposes. If you want, I can give you one」

Minaho-neesan said.

「Rather than that, one of them has to be Megumi’s house. Don’t you want to invite your friends in class or club, right?」

Yeah, we can’t bring them to the mansion.

「No, if there’s a house near the school, it’ll be used as a hangout place for everyone」

Megu answers.

「 Isn’t that great? Making it a hangout spot. That looks fun, I want you to have a fun high school life. Make a lot of friends. Everyone can have a party. You can even invite the people from the track and field club」

Minaho-neesan entrusts us to fulfill a high school life she wasn’t able to experience.

「Yes. You should just have more fun」

Nei also tells Megu.

「Yes, I understand. Thank you, thank you very much. Minaho-san」

Megu cries again.

「Once the meal’s over, Kyouko-san and others are going to come here. Katsuko said that Minaho’s meal would be brought by that time」

Nagisa tells Minaho-neesan.

「Kyouko-san wants to show this system to Miss Cordelia」

Minaho-neesan smiles wryly

「Is that okay? Kuromori-sama?」

Reika asks worriedly.
Miss Cordelia’s a member of an American criminal organization.

「She’s Kyouko-san’s girlfriend, so she’s our friend. Kyouko-san won’t betray Miss Cordelia, so there’s no other choice but to accept her. Rather, if we don’t show anything to them, they might lose trust in us」

Therefore, we must open all of『Kuromori』to Miss Cordelia.

「Those people want to have fun at school at night they said」

Nei says.
Oh, the midnight lesbian games will continue?

「But, won’t it be bad if Miss Cordelia learns the mechanism of this school’s『back』?」

I chose words Reika won’t know.
Well, Reika also knows that『Kuoromori』is a criminal prostitution organization, most of it is under her expectation.
『Kuromori』has long used this school as a source of prostitutes.

「That’s fine, their organization knows a lot of cheaper sources」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

「Even if you gather up the human resource from ordinary high school in Japan, there’s a lot of poor areas in the world. Even the domestic area of America, there’s a lot of 『hunting grounds』… there’s mo merit for Miss Cordelia’s organization to kidnap someone from the Far East who don’t speak English」

…Is that so?

「Rather, Asia has the demand for Japanese girls. Japan’s adult videos are also released there. But, since they can’t be sold for high prices, criminal organizations would get to developed countries first. Aside from the cost breaking, the risk is high」

Minaho-neesan had plans to sell Yukino into the slums of southeast Asia.
I guess she’s studied about that well.

「Well, what’s scary is Miss Cordelia finding a girl she likes and says that she wants to make her a pet」

Nagisa said.

「But, that person won’t force them so I guess it’s fine?」

Nei answers.

「Look, that person thinks that the other party should also have a lesbian preference or else she won’t seduce her! She gets strangely conscious with hetero. Right? She respects the other party’s preference!」

True, she’s dealing with me normally who’s a man.
She doesn’t try to make a move on my『women』as well

「Therefore, the one we’re worried about is only Miss Edie!」


「But, miss Edie’s not homo, right?」

Megu said.
Yeah, that’s why she hates Miss Cordelia.

「But you see, Miss Edie caught Miss Cordelia’s eye, then maybe there’s a factor that Edie’s likely to be homosexual?!」


「Speaking of which, Edie’s only making contact with girls.」

Minaho-neesan who’s been monitoring has said.
Nono, Wait.

「But, the only man around Edie is me, Edie has been raised in an all women’s facility under the American assassination cult. Therefore, she’s been looking after the young girls」

I said.

「Look here, Yo-chan」


「Co-ed or girls school. Which do you think has higher chances of lesbians?」


「Girl’s school, I guess?」
「That’s basically it」

N-No way.

「I don’t mind if Edie’s a homosexual. Rather, it’s scarier if she’s deceived by a strange man. Considering her skill too」

Minaho-neesan said.
True, Edie has her grandmother’s assassination techniques.

「However, with the events so far, she’s not on good terms with Miss Cordelia. Kyouko-san said that she’ll raise her, but」

Nagisa said.
But even with Kyouko-san, they’re not doing well.
Kyouko-san looks like she’s only raising her for fun.
At least, that’s how Edie sees it.
The one Edie follows is Michi.
Ah, even Michi originally is lesbian to Misuzu.
As expected, the homosexual preference is strong.

「Well, let’s observe her for a bit longer. She has been with Kyouko-san for today, there might be another change shows up」

Minaho-neesan said.
Edie went with Kyouko-san, Miss Cordelia, Meenie and Eenie to crush some gangs today.

「They’re all back in the mansion. They seem to be hungry already」

Nagisa tells me.

「Ah, then we have to hurry back」

It’s dangerous to leave that physical group hungry.
It’s absurdly dangerous.

「Minaho-san, we’ll be going」
「Kuromori-sama, excuse us」

I said Nagisa and Reika said goodbye to Minaho-neesan.

「Minaho-san, I will return as well」
「Sensei, see-ya」
「Yeah, later, Minaho-neesa」

Me, Megu and Nei too.

「Yes, see you tomorrow, we will settle everything by tomorrow」

Minaho-neesan leaks a sigh and looks at the monitor.
In there is showing Shirasaka Sousuke, the subject of『revenge』under confinement.

◇ ◇ ◇

Everyone walks down the underground passage to the faculty parking lot.
It’s one of the places where there are no hidden microphones.
Nagisa whispers to me.

「Katsuko made Kyouko-san stay together with Minaho-san for tonight. Katsuko asked Kyouko-san」
「If Minaho-san is with us who are younger than her, she gets worried about us. Just like Edie-chan earlier.」

Nagisa smiles gently

「We want Minaho-san to have time to think about herself tonight」

Minaho-san has been refining her『revenge』against Shirasaka Sousuke for more than ten years.
This『revenge』will finally be done by tomorrow.

「Not just to look at what happened up until now, but the future as well, right?」

Minaho-neesan intends to kill herself once the revenge is over.
But, Minaho-neesan now has us, her family.

「If it’s Kyouko-san who’s older than her, she can be Minaho-san’s advisor, if it’s us, she’ll always care about us that she can’t speak her true feelings.」

Minaho-neesan is always racking her brains on how to be a『good sister』in front of me and her sisters.

「It’s also a good thing to have Miss Cordelia, a third party hear the story, anyway, let’s leave it to Kyouko-san for tonight」

As always, don’t know anything.
Katsuko-nee and Nagisa, Kyouko-san and everyone are worried about Minaho-neesan so much and yet …

「Therefore, fulfill your duty so Minaho-san won’t have to worry」


「『Kakka』will be arriving at 9 in the evening」

I have to show Ruriko losing her virginity to Jii-chan.

「『Kakka』has to be welcomed in the mansion while Minaho-san is absent. Let’s do our best so there are no mistakes. Minaho-san will surely be watching the situation through a feed. Therefore, we also have to do our best」
「That’s true」

I answered.
Before long, we come out of the passage and to Nagisa’s car.

「Reika, are you not surprised of the secret facility in this ordinary high school?」

Reika’s been too quiet since earlier so I started the conversation.

「No, Kuromori house already has so many surprises that I ceased to be surprised at all」

Reika seems to be quite exhausted.

「What happened today? How was the second day on Nagisa’s shop?」

Unlike the first day, Reika today is wearing her usual British gentleman clothes.

「Well, how should I say it?」
「Did it not go well?」
「It’s the opposite」

Nagisa joins our conversation, laughing.

「Reika-oneesan’s too popular! Reika-oneesan made a lot of fans just for this whole day. She’s gotten a huge reputation among the regulars」

I-I see.

「I-I didn’t to anything」

Reika blushes.

「Yeah, yesterday she was suddenly asked to be a helper so it failed, but today, I declared『Reika-oneesan’s a guard of this shop』before opening the store」

Nagisa smiles.

「While at it, I also asked Reika-oneesan to crush a piece of concrete with a stick. It went fine after that, those girls who were making a fool out of Reika-oneesan yesterday completely changed their attitudes. Well, I still punished them though」

Nagisa’s smile is usually so kind but it’s scary sometimes.

「Once they know that she’s a『guard』onee-san who’s helping out the shop, everyone idolized Reika-oneesan.」 Above all, this look is very great. It’s gallant. All of them got madly in love with Reika-oneesan」

Nagisa’s shop is filled with women.

「Then, my shop, had guys from Kouzuki security service and the police coming but for today, Reika-oneesan has told the guys from Kouzuki security service and they went home」
「『 This place has me so there are no other guards needed』I said」

Reika is famous as a top elite of Kouzuki security service.
Did the monitor staff listen to what she said?

「It’s known that I don’t team up with anyone. When I flicked my stick, they got convinced and went home」

Or rather, she’s famous as a strange girl who wears male clothing and wields a battle stick
The British gentleman look also has an amazing intimidation atmosphere.
Reika on her yellow jersey didn’t feel energetic for the whole day yesterday, but.
As expected, if she wears the British suit, she’s filled with fighting spirit.
The impact is different.

「As for the public police, Reika-oneesan and I went together, they parked their car right in front of the shop. 『Please move your car aside because it’s disturbing our business』I said. While at it, I also said『We’re a business so don’t send these old looking men but cute policewomen instead』」

Haa, I see.

「Then, the girls grew more attracted to Reika-oneesan, and she’s also popular with the buyers. 『Has that cool onee-san been here since before?』The high school girls come and ask」


「Then, Reika should stay in Nagisa’s shop for a while」
「As a guard, the situation where Nagisa and everyone there has to be checked up by someone」

That is a pretext, I want Reika to experience a normal life.

「However, I must talk to chief Yazawa too」

As the top elite of Kouzuki security service.
She must want to ask what she should do from now on.
Reika’s lost.

「Ah, I think Kouzuki security service will be fine」

Nei smiled.

「Nagisa-san, what time did the supervisor from Kouzuki security service back off after Reika-oneesan told them off?」
「Err, it’s in the early afternoon, I think it’s around 2:30」
「Ah, I knew it」

Nufufun~ Nei looks at Reika.

「There was a personnel change in Kouzuki security service. So perhaps the supervisor asked the new manager『That’s what Fujimiya-san said, what should we do?』. Then, I think that she ordered『leave that to her』!」
「A new head?」

Reika still doesn’t know.

「It’s Seki-san. Seki-san is the new head.

I tell her.

「Huh? Seki-san became the new security manager?」

Reika’s surprised.

「No, no, not the security but she’s given the authority for the whole field department of Kouzuki security service. Yazawa-san said『I’ll let you take over the work I’m doing now』!」
「Then, chief Yazawa is?」
「Yazawa-san got a promotion too, I think he got the president or something. Therefore, Seki-san will be the head of the site!」
「I-I see.」

Reika shows a dark face.

「What’s wrong, Reika-oneesan? Are you shocked that Seki-san got ahead of you?!」
「No, I’m just a guard. I knew that Seki-san had joined in as a candidate to be a leader so I’m not that surprised」

Nagisa looks at Reika.

「Are you thinking『Is it okay for you to stay in my shop and struggle with flowers』?」
「No, that’s not the case」

No, she does Reika thinks of that.
Comparing herself to Seki-san.
She’s troubled if it’s okay for her to stay like this.

「Reika-oneesan, I was formerly a prostitute」

Nagisa speaks gently.

「It’s not a road I chose for myself. I used to go to this school, as a first-year high school student. Suddenly, bad people kidnapped me and forced me to be a prostitute」

Reika looks at Nagisa in surprise.

「Back then, 『Kuromori』had a different operator. Now, I’m a member of the group who works hard to destroy that『Kuromori』 Please understand that」

Nagisa smiles.

「When I was working as a prostitute, there was no hope, nothing. The possibility of not being able to get out is very big, in fact, there were prostitutes who were sick, suffering physically and mentally, and died. All of them were kidnapped girls」

Reika listens to Nagisa’s story attentively.

「I somehow managed to have a dream. I didn’t care what it is, as long as I have a dream, my heart won’t break. Therefore, I begin to study about flower shops. Why was it a flower shop? Even I don’t know. But, I made a decision to definitely have my own flower shop in the future. I dreamt of it」


「Then, I was able to endure the pain. I read a lot of books, I asked Minaho-san and had flower arrangement lessons. Also, in order to make an actual shop, accounting, the legalities, as well, I studied hard every day. When I’m not doing my『work』I was thinking about only my dream」

Tears accumulate in Nagisa’s eyes.
I embrace Nagisa’s body.
Nagisa also hugs my shoulders tightly

「But still, I had a good fate, I was able to part from being a prostitute and was able to start a flower shop」

Good fate.
Shirasaka Sousuke had Nagisa get pregnant from an unknown father.
And she was banished from the『mansion』
Jealous of her who’s a popular prostitute.

「I really had a good luck. There were a lot of women who had died even before reaching their dreams」

Megu hugs me from behind
Megu’s mother is one of the prostitutes who was deprived of their dreams.

「Therefore, I will definitely protect that shop. I will be happy in my dream store. Even I was born to become happy too」

Tears spill out from her eyes.


I hug Nagisa

「Yes, I’m fine. Now, I have you, and Mao too. I am happy」

We kiss each other
Again and again.

「You’ve had a lot of hardships. Even though you’re younger than I am」

Reika says, Nei;

「Age has nothing to do with it, Reika-oneesan」

She smiles lonely.

「Do you think that guarding Nagisa-san’s shop is a boring job?」


「No, I was wrong」

She bows to Nagisa.

「Thank you, Reika-oneesan」

Nagisa smiles.

「Yo-chan, I’m lonely too, kiss me!」

I kiss Nei too.

「You see, when we feel lonely, Yo-chan comforts us. Yo-chan’s very warm after all!」

We exchange kisses further.

「Hey, Megumi-chan too!」
「Nei, Onee-san」
「You got lonely remembering your mother didn’t you?」

Nei smiles at Megu.

「I’m the same, I remembered the days when Viola confined me in America」

There are also tears in Nei’s eyes.
I suck out those tears from her.

「Megu too」

I reach out to Megu.

「Un, Yoshi-kun」

I give Megu a long kiss too

「Dear, one more」

Then, I kiss Nagisa once more

「Yo-chan takes care of us until our feelings subside He’s embracing our hearts. Therefore, I can’t think of a life without Yo-chan anymore」

Again…with Nei’s plump lips
We kissed to our heart’s content


Reika looks down

「Immature…immature in many ways」


「It’s fine to be immature」
「We don’t want a complete Reika at all」

Nei speaks.

「Reika-oneesan, if you don’t admit your own confidence, Onee-san would feel pitiful!」
「Me, now?」
「Yeah, Reika’s still attractive even now」

I tell Reika.

「Is that so? I don’t get it though」

Reika’s confused.

「That’s right. I know it well!」

In short.

「Reika’s suffering is a self-consciousness issue in her own shell」
「Therefore, when you dress up as a British Gentleman, disguising as your ideal, your mind is liberated. You’re more bold, stronger than usual」
「Yes, I’m dependent on this look」
「Reika thinks of the British Gentleman self as not her true self, am I wrong? That you’re just acting your own ideal」


「I think it is as you say, Lord」
「But, that’s wrong, whether you’re wearing a British gentleman outfit or a normal clothing, Reika is Reika. It’s all Reika’s figure, Reika’s ability」

That’s what I think


Reika can’t break out through her shell.

「Ah, I get it…Yo-chan, it’s the opposite」

Suddenly, Nei came up with something

「What do you mean?」
「There’s a gap in Reika-oneesan’s mind and body right now」

A gap in mind and body?

「What Reika-oneesan needs right now isn’t a British suit」

Nei smiles.

「Rather, I think that it’s a cute pink lolita clothing young girls wear!」