Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 413. Rei-chan no baka



「Err, what do you mean?」

I ask Nei.

「Yeah. We’re misunderstanding Reika-oneesan!」

Nei said smiling.

「Reika-oneesan’s already a fine adult since she’s older than us so we thought of her as『Onee-san』」
「No, isn’t she?」

Reika-oneesan has a tall figure, even taller than me
She’s got an amazing proportion as a sportsman.
On top of that.
She can crush anything with her special alloy『Battle Cane』
Didn’t we see her destructive power multiple times?

「Ah, I get that too」

Megu speaks up.

「Reika-oneesan’s a『girl』」

What, 『girl』?
Well, Reika-oneesan’s a virgin so, I guess, she’s still a『Girl』

「I see, so that’s how it is. A girl among girls, a really young girl」

Nagisa’s also convinced.
The only ones who don’t get it are Reika and me.

「Uhm, what are you talking about?」

Reika asks.

「Just a question, Reika-oneesan, did you go to an all girl’s school?」

Nei asks.

「Yes, what about it?」
「Is it the same in middle school/」
「No, only elementary school」

Reika answers.

「I lost my parents early and Grandfather raised me. Grandfather is a famous Kendo instructor, his house is also the dojo, so I was introduced to a private girl’s school from one of the disciples he had. It’s a small school which is 12 years old」
「Ah, I knew it」

Nei nods big.

「Your grandfather taught you Kendo, right?」

This time, Nagisa asks.

「Yes, I was practicing with Grandfather since young age」
「Did your grandfather’s dojo accepted a child from the same generation as Reika-oneesan? Gender doesn’t matter」
「No. When I was born, Grandfather was really old. Even though the whole building is a dojo, he hasn’t taken any young apprentice ever since」
「Then you practice alone with your grandfather?!」

Nei asks.

「Well, when I was in elementary grade. There are times Grandfather’s old disciples come to the Dojo…so they accompany me in practice but every one of them is on their prime age」

At Reika’s elementary age, she didn’t practice with anyone but her old grandfather and people as old as her father.

「Reika-oneesan, did you play with friends during elementary school?」
「No, it would make Grandfather worried. I go home right after school is over. I had to buy dinner along the way. Grandfather was also very pleased to practice with me」
「What about middle school?」
「During middle school, of course, I joined the Kendo club. The adviser was a woman, but she’s one of Grandfather’s old disciples. I was given lots of lessons」
「What about the other girls from the club?」
「That’s, I have already learned Kendo from elementary, however, the others started from middle school, besides」
「The others were doing Kendo as a sport, but I was trained to aim to be a swordswoman」

From there on, it’s already…

「I have decided to surpass the sword techniques passed to me」

Shouldn’t you become a Kendo instructor in that case?
Normally you would

「When Grandfather passed away, I know that it would be a lifelong loneliness」

Reika said.

「Then, you didn’t get along with the people from the club?」

Nei asks.

「That’s not true, I was famous for being strange, but they all know that I strive towards my way of the sword, it’s surely showing in the results After the national convention during the first year, nobody talked behind my back anymore」

No, that’s not it.
That would just make potential friends keep their distance.

「Was it like that during high school too?」

This time, Nagisa asks.

「Yes, I went to the same school. In High school, the advisor is a female, this time, she wasn’t my Grandfather’s disciple but, the local coach knows who Grandfather is」

As expected, Reika’s isolated
She’s been concentrating on the sword alone.

「Then, you won the national competition and was scouted by Yazawa-san」
「Yes, my skill as a swordswoman was acknowledged, I was hired as a guard in Kouzuki security service」 I feel grateful to that」

I somehow see it now

「Reika-oneesan, can I ask a bit of a strange question?」

Nei shows a distressed face.

「Yes, go on」
「Onee-san, do you like swords, Kendo?」


「Hmm. I have never thought of that」
「You’re not doing it because you like it, right?」
「Yes, because my sword is my livelihood. It’s a technique I learned in order to live. I don’t think of things whether I hate it or like it」

For Reika, her way of the sword is too sacred.
Since it’s a specially big pillar in her life among the rest.
She doesn’t feel ‘like’ or ‘hate’ it.

「Then, another question…Onee-san, have you ever come to like a boy?」
「I haven’t」

Reika replied calmly

「Have you ever thought of relationships, or dating a man?」
「I haven’t, men don’t like me after all」

Reika replied.

「I know that everyone evaluates my strength in swords, my ability as a guard and that I don’t have the charm as a woman. I kept it in my mind」


「Why do you think so?」

Nei asks, showing a sad face.

「Because, I’m very tall for women, I’m also muscular. I’ve grown very tall ever since elementary. When I went to middle school Kendo match, the boys said『Huge!』when they saw me They even say『Boys can hide in your skirt』…」

We’ve arrived at the origin of Reika’s complex.

「Then, you started to dress manly?」

Nei cuts to the chase.

「That wasn’t the case, in particular, the people from the club wants me to have that image」
「Did the people from Kendo club tell Reika to look boyish?」

Nei’s surprised.
Reika shook her head.

「In the tournament, I became someone who everyone pulls in the club. I was chosen as the representative from the first year, as a first match athlete, I had to work as a point getter. Then, it’s’ more effective to change the look to intimidate the opponent, making the best use of my height and strength」


「During the second half of the second grade, I was appointed to be the captain, then, everyone in the club trusts me so to embody the strength and dignity, somehow, it became one thing」

This person’s desperate to have her isolated self-be accepted by the people around

「Then, I tried various things to bring out a masculine image. I tried to cut my hair like the boys from athletics club. After losing in the semi-finals of the national tournament, The people around said『put on some spirit』」

It’s actually not that.
Reika wants to establish her own image as a swordswoman.
To intimidate the enemy with her form.
Thinking that the club members depend on a strong captain.

「But, the closed clip hair was for delinquent. Uhm, back then, there was a fan club for me at the school」

Reika’s fan club?

「Since it’s an all girl’s school, they immediately draw into a boyish senior. In my case, half of the Kendo club and the other was from literary clubs. Then, the literary club member said『Senpai, please do this hair』and I was shown a photobook of Tarazuka’s men」

I-Is that so?

「At first, I did that. Then, then a butler from a Shojo Manga? They showed me a lot of photos about butlers」
「『Fujimiya-senpai, please copy this image』I was told」

Nagisa’s amazed.

「I see」

Takarazuka to a butler

「Then, could it be this British Gentleman look too?!」

Nei asks.

「No, well, a lot happened. Until I became a butler, I somehow understood their feelings but afterward, those girls brought books of Shinsengumi or Sengoku commanders」

Ah, they went that way?

「But, I was aiming to be a swordswoman, not to play historical drama. Besides, I’ve read most of the books about Samurai in the past in Grandfather’s library back in elementary」

Reika shows a gloomy face.

「What those girls brought have different contents. Their books have a bit of strange history, The Sengoku warrior was a woman and Shinsengumi were vampires!」


「Then, well, I didn’t go for that. Feeling that, one of the girls from the fan club brought her British Victorian Art collection…」
「Oh, we’re finally in the British Gentleman!」
「No, it’s a book of maids. It’s a book about the dress and lives of a British maid at the end of the 19th century, but the illustration of the maid is serving tea to a guest…I thought what a great world that is」
「That’s why you went British Gentleman route?」

Nagisa’s dumbfounded

「Yes, it’s much better than the strange warriors or Shinsengumi」

Well, that’s true though

「Then the girls from my fan club came to me dressed as a maid when cheering me on a match」
「No way, what about Reika-oneesan?」
「I’m in my school uniform, I haven’t crossdressed in high school yet」
「Ah, good」

Nei said, but
That’s not good at all
If the girls come to cheer her are supposed to be in maid clothes.
Won’t Reika think that she has to be a British Gentleman to match the maid?

「Everyone called me『Master』 And I was made to call them『My cute maids』」


「Then, I begin to research more and more about British culture and customs, that I got hooked. To the gentleman’s world. Therefore the start was the fan club but, I’ve come to really like Victorian era. I think that the customs and culture at the end of the 19th century is my lifework」

Coming from Kendo.
She didn’t have any other hobbies after all.

「Then, after Graduating high school, I bought my first genuine British menswear from my first contract money from Kouzuki security service. I」

Yazawa-san must be surprised.
The best Kendo high school student he scouted.
Became a British Gentleman as soon as she joined the company

「Yeah, I somehow get why Reika-oneesan became a British Gentleman, but」

Nei said.

「But, Onee-san…have you never thought of wearing maid clothes/」
「Well, it won’t suit me」

Reika laughs.

「No, you won’t know it until you wear it」

I said.

「I have this build. It surely won’t fit」

Reika declares.

「Sorry, let’s change the force of the argument! Reika-oneesan, do you think that girls wearing maid clothes are cute?」
「Yes, I think they’re cute」


「I think that’s the point. In short, Reika-oneesan didn’t react to Takaarazuka or the Sengoku commander, neither Shinsengumi, yet you reacted to Maids, didn’t you?」


「The people around Reika-oneesan pushes a boyish impression but Reika-oneesan herself likes cute, girlish things!」

Reika’s surprised.

「That can’t be, I’m a swordswoman」

That’s when Megu speaks up

「No, I also thought that Reika-oneesan likes cute things. Because back in the basement of the hotel, Reika-oneesan has been playing with Mao-chan all the time」


「True, from the story I heard a while ago, I think that Reika-oneesan is trying to respond so hard to not break the image of herself from others」

Nagisa said

「Or rather, it’s not just the people around, Reika-oneesan also tries to preserve the image she thinks of herself, that’s why she’s getting worn out like this」

I think.

「Reika-oneesan, you should have another hobby aside from British Gentlemen, right? Are you gathering something/」
「Yes, I gather cat accessories」
「But, it’s just minimal. It’s not even ten pieces」

As expected, she likes cute things
Her British Gentleman hobby is supposed to be the conviction that she must live as a man, this is a result of the sublime training that turned to a strange shape.

「Reika, have you not worn maid clothes even once?」

I use a card.

「No, uhm, it doesn’t really suit me」
「That is for everyone to judge when they see Reika in that clothes」


「Because, it’s just strange」
「That’s not true! If you want, I’ll coordinate!」
「Yes, I think that it would suit you」

Nei and Megu tells Reika

「Yeah, let’s try it right away once we return to the mansion」

Anyway, we have to break her thoughts that cute things don’t suit her.
Oh, Reika’s problem is getting more visible.

「Reika’s suffering from the gap.」
「You’ve been meeting up the expectations of your grandfather when you’re a kid, you always prioritize『I must do this』or『I have to be like this』 Reika. But, Reika’s own heart also has a desire to be a normal girl. The『ideal』and the『desire』are always fighting inside of Reika. It should be incompatible, the two had been forcibly balanced in a form, and that’s the British Gentleman crossdressing」

The British Gentleman look is slick and elegant.
But it’s too eccentric for Reika who wears it during her job.
On top of that, the skills she learned from Kendo had changed to a『battle stick』
Calm and Frenzy, by accepting the contradiction at the same time, Reika’s able to work stable.

「Too late to say but, Reika right now doesn’t function as a guard unless she wears the British gentleman outfit」

I look at Reika.

「Yesterday, you went to help out in Nagisa’s shop, it was just all failures. And you went with your Gentleman outfit today, you were able to fulfill your duty as a guard boldly and elegantly」

Reika looks at me with serious eyes.

「But. This can’t go on. This isn’t natural at all. You’ll break soon」
「Is that so?」

Reika looks down.

「If there’s no problem wearing the British Gentleman outfit, then I want to stay like this」
「Won’t that just be an escape from that outfit? If you stop thinking, nothing will change」
「I don’t mind even if I don’t change」


「I don’t want that, I want Reika to be happy!」

Reika looks at me in surprise

「If you don’t change you won’t be happy! Reika, you can be happier! I will make Reika happy!」

That’s right.

「Listen everyone」

Nagisa, Nei, Megu, and Reika all look at me.

「 Don’t think of Reika as『Onee-san』anymore」
「Eh, what do you mean Yo-chan?」
「No way, you want to remove Reika-oneesan from the family?」


「No, certainly, I think I’m not someone who can be everyone’s family. I think Lord’s judgment is correct」
「 Don’t rush」

I stop Reika

「Everyone, please think of Reika as a younger sister」

Reika’s mouth opened wide.

「True, Reika’s older in age but, she’s a little sister!」

I tell Reika.

「If she doesn’t feel that Reika’s problem won’t be fixed」

Nagisa and everyone looks at me silently

「Therefore, as long as we call her『Reika-oneesan』Her rank will just be higher, that she might not be able to accept Nagisa and Nei’s story」

I speak desperately

「Currently, Reika’s job gives her a pride of an elder in a bad form, that would make Reika feel even more inferior」


「Above all, I think that Reika’s still a child at heart. She tried to grow up with all her best, that the adult figure became a British Gentleman. Actually, she’s still very much like a child. Therefore, I think that she has to return to her childhood for once」

I look at Reika.

「Reika. For example, Nagisa’s two years older than Reika but, she’s already raising a three-year-old girl, in a sense, she has more experience in life than Reika, am I wrong?」
「N-No, you’re right」
「Then, think of Nagisa as an elder sister in life」


「Have you thought of her as an elder in life?」


「Yes, it seems」
「Then, do the same to Nei, think of her as an『Onee-san』 Think that she has something that makes her older than you. Then, think of her as your『Onee-san』」

I force in an unreasonable logic to Reika.

「Anyway, stop thinking that you’re the『elder sister』because you’re older. Reika would be, let’s see, a bit older than Mao-chan, okay?」
「I-I’ll do my best」

Reika reluctantly promises

「Everyone, is that okay?」

Then, Nagisa, Nei, and Megu look at me with their mouths open.

「Wait, is that a no?」


「It’s not a no but, that’s the idea I just proposed」


「 Didn’t I say it at first? Reika-oneesan has to wear pink lolita clothes?」


「Reika-oneesan is still a girl…a small girl, didn’t Nagisa-san and Megu say that?」

Nei stares at me.

「 C – Could it be, that I didn’t get it at all?」

「Yes, yep」…Nei, Nagisa, and Megu nodded

「On top of that, I was late to notice it and I talked looking satisfied?」

Another nod.

「Ah, that wasn’t cool」

Nei laughed.
Nagisa and Megu too

「Well, that’s fine, we ultimately had reached the same opinion!」

Oh, I’m glad.

「Then, from now on, we’ll call『Reika-oneesan』as 『Rei-chan』」
「No objections!」
「Ah, I’m okay with it too!」
「Then, me too」

Reika’s the only one whose eyes are blinking in surprise.

「Then, once we come back at the『mansion』we’ll put on cute clothes on Rei-chan!」
「No objections」

Ah, when Nei does the talking, it goes fast.


Nagisa’s phone vibrates

「My, what could it be?」

Nagisa answers the call.
The voice coming out from the speaker

『Mama, I’m hungryyyy!』

Oh, this isn’t good!
We have to hurry back, everyone’s waiting for the dinner!