Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 418. Passion (欲情 / Lust)



「Come, we’ll strip it off!」

I come to the shower room with Misuzu and Michi.

「Michi, help out」
「Yes, Misuzu-sama」

The two take off my clothes inside the dressing room.
Misuzu takes off the buttons in front of me.
Michi’s holding the shirt from behind.

「Ufufu, Danna-sama’s shirt has his smell」

Misuzu sniffs the collar of my shirt.

「Want to smell too, Michi?」

Misuzu asks, Michi;

「No, I’m already enjoying it」

She’s smelling my ears from behind.


Michi whispers in an entranced voice.

「What’s wrong, Michi?」
「I’m getting wet from just Master’s smell」
「Ufufu, me too. Danna-sama!」

Misuzu takes off her clothes.
She drops down the skirt and shows her underwear.


Misuzu’s underwear is already wet.

「But Michi, we have to be patient. Ruriko has to be embraced by Danna-sama before us」
「Yes, I know」

The two look up at the monitor attached to the dressing room.
In there is a footage of another bathroom.
The naked Megu and Mana are washing the body of Ruriko.
The three of them are covered with bubbles.

「They seem to be going fast, we have to hurry as well」

Misuzu puts her hand on my pants.
She lowers it down.
My penis behind the underwear is already erect.

「Michi, take off Danna-sama’s underwear」

Michi’s white fingers take down my underwear from behind.
Misuzu kneels in front and faces my erect penis.

「Just a bit」

She then licks the glans.

「Ufu, it twitched. So cute!」

This lady who’s a year older than me is sucking on my penis.
Then, Michi.

「I love Master’s back」

She kisses my back and crawls her tongue

「Hey you two, we have to hurry up」

I tell the two.
If we don’t stop, the three of us will just have sex here.

「Oh, I’m sorry. You’re right」
「Come, I’ll take it off」
「Thank you, Danna-sama」

I unhook Misuzu’s bra.
Her cute breasts jiggled.
I love to see that moment.
Misuzu’s breasts have a smell of sweet milk.

「Do you like Misuzu’s breasts?」

I unconsciously rubbed Misuzu’s breasts, licked her nipples.

「Yeah, I love all of Misuzu’s body」

Then, Michi hugs me from behind.
She rubs her chest on me.
It’s a silent protest.

「Michi, I also love your body」

I turn to Michi and take off her perfect fit sports bra

「I’m sorry for being flat」

I play with Michi’s chest with my palm.

「No, I can feel something like a stuffing here. I’m sure it’ll grow bigger」

I massage her nipples.

「I hope it gets bigger soon」


「Then please do that everyday」
「Okay, I’ll massage it everyday」

Then, I sniff around Michi’s cute belly button

「Master, what are you?」
「Yeah, Michi also smells like sweets. So cute」

Michi lets out a strange voice.

「What’s up?」
「When Master says『Cute』my spine shivers!」

Michi answers blushingly.

「Then I’ll say it more, you’re cute, Michi!」

Michi shivers.
Love nectar drips down Michi’s underwear

「Aaaahn, I can’t endure this!」
「Come, I’ll take off your panty as well」

I take off the damp and heavy panty.
I slide down the panty through the small Michi’s white legs.
Warm juice slides down through her thighs.
As expected, it smells like dairy products.

「Lift your leg」
「Yes, Master」

I pull out the panty from Michi’s legs.
Meanwhile, a spring keeps on flowing from her slit.

「And now, Misuzu」
「Thanks, Danna-sama」

Misuzu smiles lewdly.
Such a thin waist.
Misuzu’s ass is so round and tight, it must be from her dance training.
I can tell from the looks how good the tightness is during sex.
Misuzu’s underwear is also heavy from love nectar.

「Misuzu, I’m lowering it so open up your legs」

Her closed tight legs are opened slightly.
At that moment, love nectar drips down her thighs.
Misuzu’s crotch has a much more beasty smell than Michi.
It’s a tense skin of a 17-year-old girl.
I slowly lower down Misuzu’s panty.

「Thank you very much」

When she got naked, Misuzu hugs me up front and kisses me.
Misuzu’s soft breasts, her already hard nipples are pressed against my chest.
Michi hugs me from behind.
She stretched her hand from behind and stroke my penis gently.

「Hey, calm down you two. It’s time for me to clean up for Ruriko」

I said.

「I’m sorry. I just love you so much Danna-sama」
「Me too, I love you」

The two kisses my cheeks on both sides.

「Anyway, let’s take a shower」
「Yes, we’ll be washing your body!」

Ruriko and the girls reflected in the monitor are washing away the soap bubbles.
We’re getting late.

「It’s fine, Ruriko still has to put on makeup after this」

Misuzu tells the worried me.

「Ah, it’s not that her face will be painted. Nei-oneesama will shave her hair and adjust her eyebrows. So Ruriko can dedicate her most beautiful state to Danna-sama」

Yeah, we can leave that to Nei.

「Besides, there’s also the outfit Grandfather has given」

Right, the contents of the bag.

「What kind of outfit are those?」
「I don’t know either」

Misuzu twists the shower faucet.
The warm water flows out.

「Danna-sama, this way」

Misuzu pours warm water on my back.
Michi rubs my back gently with her hands.
The front too.

「Come, I’ll wash you up too」

I take the shower head from Misuzu.
First, I pour warm water on Misuzu.
From her back to her soft breasts, belly, ass, crotch, I rub it all with my hands.

「Michi’s next」
「Thank you」

I also wash Michi’s whole body with warm water.
And I rub her white skin with my hands.

「You’re cute, Michi」

Michi trembles once again.

「Master, you’re so mean」
「You love me being mean to you right?」

Michi’s red to her ear.

「Yes, I do. I love it」

Meanwhile, Misuzu spreads body soap from her chest to her crotch.

「Danna-sama, Misuzu’s your sponge for today」

Then, she clings to me.
She uses her breasts and stomach to rub my body

「Michi will be a sponge too」

Michi smears her body some bubbles in rush.
Then, she clings to my back.
Misuzu in front and Michi from behind.
The two beauties sandwich me.

「How is it? Does it feel good?」

Misuzu whispers to me.

「Yeah, it feels good, it feels like heaven」

Yeah, the skins of girls are slimy and it stimulates my whole body’s skin.

「It’s not heaven, this is reality」

Michi whispers.

「That’s right. We are here, if Danna-sama wishes for it, we can do it every day!」

Misuzu smiles.

「We’re supposed to stay at Grandfather’s house today」

She laughs happily

「I can finally have a night together with Danna-sama!」
「Yes, Master!」

I see both of them are going to stay here overnight.
It’ll be hard later tonight.
After Ruriko’s first experience.
I have my promise with Mana.
That’s not all.
I have to make Agnes want to have sex with me by tomorrow evening.
And for that.
I have to show myself having sex with Mana, Ruriko, Katsuko-nee and Nagisa, those who became friends with Agnes.
Make her interested in sex and make her want to try it.
Then that means.
Starting tonight until tomorrow, I have to ready myself for continuous sex


I sigh.

「Is there anything wrong?」

Misuzu asks

「No, nothing」

In the worst case, I’ll just get the medicine from Katsuko-nee.
The drug I used when I first raped Yukino.
If I drink that, I can ejaculate as much as I want.
Speaking of which.
What’s happening with Yukino?
It seems that old man Ichikawa arranged to send Yukino to a mental hospital.
Well, true, when Yukino snapsー
She’ll be hysterical that nobody can stop her.
Understanding that old man Ichikawa can’t do anything about it.
Minaho-neesan’s the only one who can control the raging Yukino, right.
Minaho-neesan beats Yukino up with a tremendous fear that would cause her hysteria to subdue right away
Thinking about it again, I feel like Minaho-neesan’s’ the one who knows Yukino the most that she can manipulate her.

「Danna-sama, there’s no need to be that worried」

Misuzu peeks into my face and said.

「We’ll do something about Kouzuki house by ourselves」

Misuzu misunderstood that I’m worried about it.
No, it’s better not to say that I was thinking about Yukino.

「Grandfather has also been rushing to finish things all at once」

Jii-chan’s second son, the deliberate murder of Kouzuki Shigeaki, and the various problems within Kouzuki house went through in one go.
Handing over the head position of the group to Shiba Okitachi.
Jii-chan retires from his job.
He also acknowledged Yoshiko-san as his granddaughter.

「Misuzu, you really agree to make Ruriko my『woman』?」
「Of course, There’s no other way for her but to be taken over by Danna-sama」

Misuzu answers immediately

「Both Ruriko and I are raised twisted by Grandfather」

Both of them are isolated from the men and had their libido suppressed.

「Danna-sama, are you interested in Bonsai?」

Putting white bubbles at the tip of the nose, Misuzu asks me.

「Bonsai? No, I don’t know it at all」

There’s no way I would.

「They say, to make a good bonsai, you have to distort the natural plant. Natural trees aren’t always beautiful. If you want to make it beautiful, you have to artificially distort the natural, there’s beauty among distorted things」

Distortion and beauty.

「Of course, not all distortions are beautiful. Beauty exists in distortion because human aesthetic sense perform some revisions on the original nature work」

Human’s aesthetic sense.

「I think that Ruriko is beautiful. Grandfather didn’t just raise us because of his own desires. Grandfather has wracked his brains to nurture us beautifully. Even though Ruriko and I are distorted, the distortion is backed by the solid aesthetic sense of Kouzuki Shigetaka. Therefore, I can say for sure that Ruriko’s distortion is beautiful」
「Misuzu’s beautiful too」

That’s what I think.

「Thank you very much. However, the distorted beauty of human aesthetic needs someone to care for it for eternity to remain beautiful」

Someone taking care?

「Yes. To keep the beauty of a national treasure class bonsai, it needs specialists’ care every day. The beauty made from distorting nature changes to ugly by not watching it in just a moment. And then, once it gets ugly, it won’t return before」

If it becomes beautiful from distorting the natural appearance, if it suddenly returns to its original nature, the distortions will grow in strange directions and it’ll be grotesque.

「Both Ruriko and I had our libido suppressed, so once the restraint goes off, we might become women whose lewdness is irredeemable」
「Yeah, Jii-chan’s worried about that」
「Therefore, there’s no other way but for Danna-sama to take care of us forever」


「There’s no other man than Danna-sama who would sacrifice himself, desperately think for us, and love us」

I see.
If Misuzu and Ruriko were beautiful bonsai made by Jii-chan.
I’m the one in charge to take care of them every day to keep their beauty.

「Misuzu, Ruriko too, only have Danna-sama!」

Misuzu said.

「Me too」

Michi rubs her flat chest on my back as she says that.

「I’m aware that I’m also quite distorted. Master is the only one who can love me this much and the one I devote my whole life to」
「Megumi-san and Mana-san are the same too, No, Katsuko-oneesama, Nagisa-oneesama, and Nei-oneesama as well!」

Misuzu said.

「Therefore, please have confidence embracing Ruriko」

Misuzu showers my crotch.
Then she kisses my erect penis.

「We’re all going to bear Danna-sama’s child!」

She licks the back of the glans with her tongue.

「What about Yoshiko-san?」

Making up my mind, I asked.

「That one is still not distorted」


「Yoshiko-sama has been Ruriko’s attendant all this time. She’s not as distorted as we are」


「To live with the daughter of Kouzuki house is to be exposed to the eyes of various people. Yoshiko-sama just reached the same position as us today. What will happen afterward will change depending on Grandfather and Yoshiko-san herself」
「Yoshiko-sama is an illegitimate child, she had the position of servant all this time so, even if she’s perceived as Grandfather’s granddaughter, the relatives of Kouzuki house and other noble houses can only see her as lower than us」


「But that’s also a good thing. There’s no possibility that Yoshiko-sama will be chosen as the successor of Kouzuki house」
「Is that so?」
「Now, Grandfather has promoted Yoshiko-sama to make the people around Ruriko avert their attention but, in reality, Ruriko and I are present, so it won’t be pushed to Yoshiko-sama. She doesn’t have a seat in Grandfather’s inheritance」

I see.
The inheritance of Kouzuki house’s wealth is after Jii-chan’s death.
Yoshiko-san is the illegitimate daughter of Shigeharu, the eldest son of Jii-chan
It’s more than ten years past since Shigeharu has been killed.
In short, there’s currently no one left in Shigeharu’s faction.
Even if Jii-chan announced Yoshiko-sam long ago.
Kouzuki group won’t choose Yoshiko-san.

「Ruriko will be the successor. That will be the result since the people inside Kouzuki house are basically conservatives」

The current Kouzuki group is divided into the group which one endorses Ruriko and the other endorses Misuzu.
But, if Ruriko and Misuzu who didn’t have much interaction get along.
Those who fuel the confrontation has no choice but to stay silent.
In that case, Ruriko will automatically be the successor.

「Of course, as mentioned by Grandfather before, I will hold the real power of Kouzuki group. I’ll give instructions on management and Ruriko will reign as the head. I think that would be for the best. I think that Grandfather aims for that as well」

Ah, if there’s no conflict between Ruriko and Misuzu.
Then that would be the best shape.

「But, we shouldn’t let Ruriko notice that for now. If she thinks of herself as the successor, she’ll be stubborn and close up her mind」

Therefore, Jii-chan banished Ruriko from Kouzuki house on purpose.
In order to make her look at Kouzuki house objectively.

「That’s the culmination of the leadership studies Grandfather has given to Ruriko. In the few years, no it might be over ten years. Ruriko will have her time to be loved as Danna-sama’s slave. I’m sure that it’ll be a big asset after Ruriko becomes the head」

Misuzu said, I finally see the whole picture of Jii-chan’s plan

「Of course, even after becoming the head of Kouzuki house, Ruriko is still Danna-sama’s slave. Please cherish her forever」

Well, that’s fine but

「But, Yoshiko-san?」
「As long as Grandfather is alive, I think the atmosphere of『I may be selected as a successor』will be kept. In order to eliminate their attention to Ruriko. But, that person will never become a successor Yoshiko-sama can love and decide her marriage partner freely」
「But, isn’t it harsh for her to be Ruriko’s shield?」
「Therefore, I think that Grandfather would like to talk with Yoshiko-sama sooner or later. I think that Yoshiko-sama will be willing to accept if it’s for Ruriko」

That might be, but

「I think that Yoshiko-sama will bear a grudge towards Danna-sama for a while」

Yeah, I
I took away Yoshiko-san’s precious princess and made her my sex slave.

「Yeah, I’m ready for it」

I said, Misuzu then

「Geez, don’t make that face, it ruins your cute face」


「It’s fine to be grudged, Michi and I will comfort you a lot」


「Hey, Michi, what are you doing?」
「I’m licking Master’s butthole」
「No, it’s dirty you know?」
「 Don’t say that」
「I just want to lick it」

Then it can’t be helped.

「Come, Danna-sama, let’s wash your hair as well」

Misuzu puts shampoo on my head.
She scrubs with both hands.
Misuzu’s breasts are dancing in front of me.

「Is there anywhere itchy?」
「None, though」
「What’s wrong?」
「I want to suck your nipples」
「Ufufu, here, come」

Misuzu sticks out her chest to my face.
Misuzu’s nipple tastes like soap.
But, it’s hard that it feels pleasant to the tongue.

「Excuse me as well」

Michi crawls around and sucks my glans.

「Michi, don’t make him ejaculate. We’re after Ruriko」
「I’m aware!」

Michi skillfully uses the pace.
She controls it so I won’t cum
Dammit, she’s reading my mind.
She knows what’s the limit of my endurance.

「But still, I think that it’s good to have Ruriko lose her virginity like it’s a ritual. Everyone in the『family』can participate」

Mana, Megu, and Nei accompany Ruriko on the purification and makeup ritual.
I’m with Misuzu and Michi.
Margo-san’s entertaining the guards of Jii-chan.
Katsuko-nee too.

「Jii-chan’s secretary, she’s the one we saw at the hotel」

Jii-chan’s young secretary is trained.

「 Don’t mind it. Danna-sama!」

Misuzu hugs me and pushes her elastic boobs on my face.

「We’re carnivores. We need to defeat other animals and eat their meat」
「I don’t’ know if I’m a carnivore or not though」

To be honest, I don’t have the confidence.

「Danna-sama is also quite the carnivore, you definitely eat the meat served right in front of you」

That might be.
I lick Misuzu’s nipples again.

「Hey, Danna-sama, this loss of virginity ritual when everyone participates, let’s do it from now on!」


「But, this is already」

Misuzu laughs.

「Danna-sama, you will still take away so many virgins!」

No, that’s
True, I have to ravish Agnes tomorrow, but

「It’s around ten to twenty people!」


「If there’s a girl Danna-sama would like to ravish, just let us know. We’ll also inform Danna-sama when we find a girl we want Danna-sama to ravish!」


「We’re carnivores after all」

Misuzu’s smile is like of a holy maiden.

「We’ll only have Danna-sama as our men for the rest of our life however, we love cute girls too. Right, Michi?」
「Yes, Misuzu-sama」

Michi answers as she sucks my penis.
These two also likes girls.

「Anyway, let’s rinse your hair, please close your eyes」

Then, Misuzu puts the shower on top of my head.
Washing the bubbles away.
Rinsing my hair.
Sweeping my skin.

「I will do anything to make Danna-sama feel good!」

Misuzu whispers in my ear.

「I hold the power of Kouzuki house after all!!!」