Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 420. Virgin Deflowering (Part 2)



I push down Ruriko to the bed
I open up her undershirt and expose her cute breasts

「I-I’m scared, Onii-sama」

I lick Ruriko’s nipples.
The nipple that’s still sunken in the depths sprouts like a bud.
Though she fears sex, Ruriko’s young body is burning with excitement.

「Hii, Ahn!」

Since it’s the two of us in the room, Ruriko leaks out her voice unconsciously
I play-bite with Ruriko’s breasts.
I engrave the shape of my teeth on her soft skin.

「I-It hurts, Onii-sama!」

Ruriko’s eyes are entirely teary from the fear, embarrassment, and pain

「It’s fine to be hurt, to be scared」

Ruriko’s wet eyes look at me.

「Ruriko, it’s your first time having sex. It’s normal to be scared, to be hurt」

I lick from Ruriko’s neck to her ears.

「Hyaaaan! Don’t lick me there!」
「I’m going to touch even more places you know, and I’ll lick Ruriko’s whole body with my tongue」
「That’s embarrassing, Onii-sama!」
「Show an even more embarrassed face, that scared face, that pained face too!」

I whisper to Ruriko.

「Whatever face you show, its mine Show them all to me」
「I will completely devour your mind and body」

Ruriko in my arms tremble.

「That’s what it means to be my『woman』, Ruriko」

I open up Ruriko’s legs.

「I’ll make you a『woman』」

Ruriko’s trembling so hard.
She must be terrified. Afraid so much.
But, I.
I crawl my tongue on Ruriko’s crotch.

「Ruriko’s pussy is sour」

I make a sound on purpose, sucking her love nectar as I say it.

「Iyaaan~ Don’t say that!」
「It’s delicious, Ruriko」
「Nooooo, so embarrassing, this is embarrassing!!」

Ruriko’s body is getting hot.
I expose Ruriko’s clitoris and lick it up.


Ruriko who’s usually docile leaks out a loud voice.

「Not there, I feel weird there!」

I pour in saliva and lick it splashingly.

「Even though I said no, Onii-sama!」

I change the position of my body while licking Ruriko’s body.

「Ruriko, lick mine too」

I stick out my erect penis in front of Ruriko.


Ruriko’s afraid of the male genital in front of her eyes.

「Lick it wet it with Ruriko’s saliva. If not, the pain entering Ruriko will increase」

I spit out a lie.

「Cover it with your saliva」
「Y-Yes, Onii-sama」

Ruriko seems to have given up.
She stretches her tongue to my glans.

「Yes, you make it wet with your saliva」

Lick, lick.
Her cute red tongue licks my penis.
Ruriko’s nervous.
She’s trembling but, she fellates me bashfully

「I’m going to make you wet too」

Once again, I attack Ruriko’s slit with my tongue.


She raised a pleased voice, Ruriko lets go of her tongue from my penis

「 Don’t stop, just keep on licking」
「Yes, I’m very sorry!」

We continue to do sixty-nine.

「Aaaaaah, Onii-sama, this pose」
「What’s wrong, do you like it, Ruriko?」
「No, uhm, this is embarrassing, very embarrassing, we’re like animals!」

Ruriko’s love nectar drips down like a flood.

「I see, then we’ll be doing this from now on」
「We’re going to do it like this from now on, Ruriko」
「It’s fine to be like a beast, return to your animal instincts」
「Ruriko’s also a beast」
「Now, let’s do some animal acts」

I get up.
It’s finally time to put it in.,

「Ruriko, raise your ass」

The angle of insertion is accessible when the waist is higher.
I thought of pushing the cushion on the bedside under Ruriko’s waist.

「U-Uhm, Onii-sama」

Ruriko’s heart is probably not ready for this.
Her body’s stiff, she’s just trembling, unmoving.

「 It can’t be helped」

I forcibly raise Ruriko’s ass and put on a cushion
While at it, I also strip off her undershirt.
Ruriko’s naked body decorated with gold and jewels is bare before me.

「Wait, please wait」

I grab Ruriko’s feet.
I forcibly open it wide.

「No, wait, nooo, Onii-sama!」

Then, I face my dick in the middle of Ruriko.
Ruriko’s still trembling.
She closes her eyes from fear.

「 Don’t close your eyes! Look at me!」

I scream at Ruriko

「It’s the moment I become your master! Look at my face!」

She is a 15-year-old beauty.
A successor of the leading noble houses in Japan, Ruriko
Her big pupils look at me.
Her expression is cloudy with fear.

Click click click!

I wondered what that sound is then,
Ruriko’s teeth are making noises from trembling in fear.

「It’s okay. Ruriko’s not alone」

I look down on Ruriko and said

「Not, alone?」
「Yeah, I’m here with you, sex is for two people to do」

While we keep staring at each other, I bring the tip of my penis to Ruriko’s entrance.

「Now, it’s coming inside Ruriko」

Ruriko looks up at me.

「I-I can’t. It’s impossible for that big thing to enter.1 There’s no way it can go in!」

Ruriko’s virgin door is tiny.
Even though I’ve caressed it and let out a lot of love nectar, it’s still close.
I spread it open with my fingers.
I stick in the tip of my glans.


Making contact with the entrance, Ruriko trembles.

「Here I go」

Ruriko’s eyes are tinted with fear.

「I don’t want this after all! I’m scared! I’m afraid!!! Stop, please stop!!!」

…It’s too late


The glans pushes inside Ruriko.

「I-It hurts! I-It’s tearing! I’m scareeeed!!!」

A hard wall immediately stops my penis!
It feels like the hymen.

「I’m breaking it, Ruriko!!」
「Noooo, I’m dyingg! I’m going to die. Please stop! Onii-sama!!」

Ruriko shakes her head. Tears fall from her eyes.

「If you die then I’ll go together with you!」
「For now, tell me『please break it』say it, Ruriko!」

Ruriko resolves herself.

「P-Please break it, Onii-sama!」

At that moment.
I push in my weight inside Ruriko all at once.


Ruriko screams.

「It hurtsssss! Ouch! It hurtsss!!」

Her hymen’s ripped apart.

「 Don’t enter! Please don’t go further inside Rurikoooo!!」

Ruriko’s vagina is narrow.
It’s too narrow.
I forcibly push it to the shape of my penis.

「It hurtsss, it hurts, my body’s pierced!!!」

Ruriko grips the sheet tightly, enduring the pain.

「 Don’t close your eyes! Look at me!」

Her eyes wet with tears look at me.

「Just a bit, just a bit more」

Finally, my penis invades Ruriko to the root.

「It’s all in, Ruriko」

I tell Ruriko while breathing heavily.

「Yeah, both our stomachs are sticking perfectly」

I decided not to move for a while for Ruriko’s sake.

「I-It’s right, such a big thing is inside of me?」
「Touch it」

I grab Ruriko’s hand and lead it to the connecting part.

「My, it’s true」

Ruriko’s surprised.

「 Ruriko’s body can do it with me」
「With Onii-sama」
「Yes, you’re born to have sex with me」

I kiss Ruriko gently while we’re still connected.

「Aah, Onii-sama, Ruriko is already owned by Onii-sama?」

Ruriko said while looking up at me.

「Not yet, not until I ejaculate inside Ruriko」

Aah, I’m itching to move my waist.
I want to let it all out inside Ruriko.

「It’s fine, Ruriko, from now on, no matter how much you cry, scream I won’t stop until the end!」

Ruriko’s body stiffens from fear again.

「Therefore, cry out a lot, scream. It’s okay to struggle. But, don’t ever close your eyes, look at me until the end」
「Yeah, that’s an order」

I look into Ruriko’s eyes.
Ruriko’s eyes have my face reflected on it. Connected with Ruriko.
I’m sure that Ruriko too.
She’s looking at her figure being ravished by me.

「Certainly, Onii-sama」

Ruriko replies with a serious look
I start moving my hips.

「Ouch, it hurts, it hurts, ouchhhhhhhhh!!!」

I keep piercing inside Ruriko.
Growing faster, stronger.

「It hurts, it hurts!!!!! I can’t! This is impossible!」

But still, Iー
Don’t stop my piston!!
I rub my max erect penis inside Ruriko, ravishing her!

「Pull it out already! Please pull it out!! It hurts! It really hurts!!!」

Ruriko’s big eyes plead with me while tears spill from her eyes.
But still, there’s no way I would stop!
Not until I release my semen inside Ruriko.

「Nooooo, no more!!! I can’t endure this!! Please, stop already, forgive me, please spare meeeee!!」

The 15-year-old girl cries.
She looks at me while crying
I’m the one raping Ruriko.

「R-Ruriko, I’m about to cum!」

After being teased by Misuzu, Michi, and Nei a lot.
My limit was early

「I’m cumming, I’m cumming inside Ruriko!」
「Let it out! Hurry up and end this!!!」

Ruriko’s mind is filled with escaping from the current pain and suffering.

「Once I cum, you can no longer go back, are you sure about it, Ruriko?」
「You’ll be my sex slave for the rest of your life, and you won’t be able to return!」

Ruriko’s eyes trembles

「My baby’s going to be made inside Ruriko’s belly!!」

At that moment, Ruriko
She throws off her guise until now.
The exact nature of the 15-year-old girl exposes itself!

「I knew it, I don’t want this!!! I’m scared. I’m afraid!!!」


「I’m scared! I’m scareeed! Stop, please stop!!!」


「I’m cumming!」


The first wave invades Ruriko’s womb.



Ruriko’s vagina defiled to white!


Ruriko screams in despair while looking at my eye.


「It’s coming. I’m cumming, Ruriko!!」
「Stoooooop, I, I…!」
「You’re getting pregnant, Rurikooo!!」


I twist my waist and pour inside Ruriko until the last drop.


Ruriko screams, then cries.
While connected to me, embraced by me


Just like the heavy summer rain.
Ruriko who lost her virginity cries.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Hii, hii, uuuuu, uuu!」

I hug the crying Ruriko for about 5 minutes.
My erect penis isn’t withering down.,
It’s still rampaging inside Ruriko.
But still, I hug Ruriko, pat her head.

「Uuuuuuuu, uuuu」

I lick up Ruriko’s tears
I kiss her cute lips over and over again

「Uuuuu, Onii-samaa」

Finally, Ruriko opens her eyes.
Her swollen eyes look at me.

「Ruriko, what will happen to Ruriko?」


「Ruriko doesn’t need to think about that anymore」
「What will happen to you from now on is my decision. Ruriko is already mine」

I kiss Ruriko.
Then, Ruriko;
Has given up on everything it seems.

「Certainly, I’ll obey as Onii-sama says」
「Rather than that, Ruriko」
「Ruriko’s body felt great」

I massage Ruriko’s breasts, rub her nipple, with the pulp of my finger.

「I’ll take care of this forever」
「Thank you, very much」

Ruriko answers for the time being.

「Yeah. You’re amazingly good」

Ruriko’s surprised.

「Yeah, you saw it right? My face when I ejaculate inside you. It felt excellent 」
「No, uhm, I don’t remember it that much」

Ruriko’s filled with fear at the moment of receiving in my ejaculation.

「Well then, look at it properly next time」

I slowly move my waist.

「Does it still hurt?」
「It’s okay, my body already understands what sex is」

Ruriko’s obstinate as usual.

「Oh, it feels good inside Ruriko」
「You’re mine and only mine」
「Yes, I’m a slave only for Onii-sama」

Ruriko’s convinced that her body can’t have sex with anyone but me already.
I don’t intend to correct that misunderstanding.
She’s my woman.

「Ruriko’s inside is changing to my shape」
「 So my body can do that kind of thing」

ーAble to have sex.
Ruriko’s learning through real experience.

「Look, Ruriko」

While poking, turning around inside Ruriko, a hot sensation gather inside me.

「Yes, what is it, Onii-sama?」

Ruriko must be in pain. She asks me while frowning.,

「I love you, Ruriko」

Those were the words that come from my mind.

「I like you a lot」


「Yes, Onii-sama’s feelings are conveyed. Onii-sama really loves me」

Tears spill from Ruriko’s eyes.

「Yeah, we’ll be together forever」

Ruriko shakes matching the movements to my waist.
Her cute breasts in front of me too.
We’re moving in the same rhythm

「Ah, I’m going to cum again, Ruriko」

The second shot is rising.

「It’ll get a bit intense」
「Yes, go on」

I speed up moving my waist.
The glans kisses Ruriko’s plump opening again and again.
Ruriko endures the pain.

「Uuuuu, uuuuuu」
「Ruriko, it’s coming, it’s coming soon」
「Yes, Onii-sama」


「Ruriko, I love you!」

I cling to Ruriko’s body
Then I release it inside Ruriko’s womb.

「Ah, the hot, the hot stuff is coming in!」

Ruriko’s staring at my face.
I also look at Ruriko’s face as she receives the sperm deep inside her vagina.

「Onii-sama, you’re making such a cute face」

Ruriko said as she looks at my face as I cum


I loosen up and lie on top of Ruriko.
Ruriko hugs me gently from below.
She whispers in my ear.

「Onii-sama, I love you too!」


「I love you, I’ll serve you forever, my, Onii-sama!」

With this, Ruriko’s mind and body is my slave.
I’ve become Ruriko’s eternal master.

◇ ◇ ◇

We took a break for a while.
Then, I called Nei.
By the way, even after two shots, my erection hasn’t withered yet.
It’s still hard inside Ruriko.
Yes, I haven’t pulled out yet.

「Yes, I’m called so here I am, Jajajajajaaaan!」

Nei comes to the room, holding the camera.

「Oh, still connected. Let’s take photos right away !」

Nei immediately shoots us who are hugging on top of the bed.

「Yo-chan, how many times?」
「Just two for now」

I answered honestly

「What? Yo-chan, you can do it two to three more times right?」
「I think that Onii-sama’s concerned about my body」

Ruriko answers while still having me in her

「Ruriko, you drink it with your mouth in that case」
「Drink Yo-chan’s semen. I did that!」

Nei said.

「Ah, I’m very sorry, then right away」

Ruriko tries to get up.

「Aah, no, no. Ruriko’s virgin blood is in it you know? It’s not right to lick the human blood. Therefore, fellating is once you’re finished with bath」

Nei said, then laughed.
She takes photos of us even more from various angles.

「Ruriko, raise one of your legs, yes. Yes, it’s entirely connected. Your face is in the photo too」
「It’s embarrassing to show such a crying face」

Ruriko seems to be more embarrassed about her crying face than her genital photographed.

「That’s not true, you’re cute, Ruriko」

Nei said.

「Ruriko’s crying voice is heard in the next room」
「My, I’m sorry」

Ruriko blushes

「It’s fine, Ruriko’s a girl who needs to cry and scream after all」
「You always endure so much, you make decisions in your head and pretend to be satisfied! You should cry out and expose your heart to Yo-chan sometimes! You can bear your soul to Yo-chan now right?」
「Yes, if it’s Onii-sama, then I」

Ruriko pats my cheeks gently

「I love him from the bottom of my heart」
「Oooooh, that’s so passionate!」
「I also love you Nee-san」

I tell Nei.

「I know! Even I also love Yo-chan!」
「I know that too」

We laugh at each other.

「Then, it’s about time Yo-chan pulls out.」 Ah, I’m going to record a video instead!」

Nei changes the setting of the camera.

「Okay, you can pull out now」
「Okay then, I’m pulling out Ruriko」
「Yes, Onii-sama」

I pull my penis out from Ruriko
A tempo behind, my white liquid comes out of Ruriko’s slit.
Nei records that look
Seeing it from pulling out, Ruriko’s bleeding quite a lot.
There’s a red stain on the white sheet.

「Sorry, Ruriko, it must’ve hurt, right?」

I said, Ruriko

「It’s normal to hurt, it was Ruriko’s first time after all」

She said then smiled.

「Well, well, anyway」

Nei stops taking photos of Ruriko’s naked body.

「Congratulations, Ruriko!」
「With this, Ruriko’s now an official member of our『family』! Congratulations!」

Nei gives her blessing to Ruriko with a smile.

「Thank you very much, Nei-oneesama」

Ruriko raises her body and sits on the bed.,

「I may be incompetent, but please continue to guide me」

She bows to Nei

「Not me, do that to Yo-chan」

Ruriko faces me once again.

「I may be a lacking slave, but please let me stay with you for the rest of my life, Onii-sama !」

She bows to me.
My erect penis grows harder.
I want to do it again, but.

「Yes, we’ll be together for always! Ruriko!」

I kiss Ruriko and reach out to her breasts.

「Hey, hey, not now! Yo-chan!」

Nei stops me.
Ah, we’ll rinse off the blood in the bath and do fellatio, right.
Or does Nei want to join?

「Anyway, the post-photography of the virgin deflowering is finished!」

Neu smiled then puts the camera on the bedside table.

「Wait a moment」

Nei heads to the door of the room.
She opens the door.

「Sorry, thank you for waiting, come in!」

She invited a person outside the room?!
The person who came in isー
It’s a small around 50-year-old lady wearing glasses
She’s holding to a big black bag.

「Nee-san, who’s this?」

I asked.
Instead of Nei, the old lady spoke.

「I’m Ikeda」

Huh, I feel like I heard it somewhere.

「Well then, Sensei, please do the examination!」

Ah, she’s the female doctor affiliated with『Kuromori』!
Eh, why is that Ikeda-sensei here?

「I’ve been looking for the girls from here a long time but, it’s my first time coming here to screen a girl after being just deflowered!」

As expected, Ruriko’s the successor of Kouzuki house.
I don’t know whether Jii-chan or Minaho-neesan made the appointment, but
They made the doctor come to the mansion expressly!!!


  1. Things you want to hear from a girl