Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 422. Moderato Cantaloupe



「Stop, please stop this!」

Yoshiko-san shouts.

「Kuromori-sama, this is too much! Ruriko-sama was suffering so much earlier!」

This person also watched Ruriko’s first experience with Jii-chan.

「Please don’t do horrible things to Ruriko-sama anymore!!」

She glares at me while crying.

「I can’t do that!」

I answer while rubbing Ruriko’s breasts.

「I like Ruriko’s body」

I lick Ruriko’s nippleー
While Yoshiko-san and Jii-chan watch.

「Please stop, do not defile Ruriko-sama any further!」

I kiss Ruriko as Yoshiko-san cries.
I twine my tongue with Ruriko’s.
I make sure the two could see clearly.

「Ruriko, touch it」

I opened up my bathrobe.
Ruriko holds my penis still bloodstained from deflowering her.
Ruriko twitched for a moment, butー
She readies herself and touches it.
She gently stroke the glans.

「Onii-sama, it’s already this big!」
「Yeah, I want to shove it inside Ruriko again」

I whisper to Ruriko while kissing her cheek and neck.

「And then, I”m going to pour in my semen inside Ruriko」

Ruriko’s body stiffens from tension, but,
She takes a deep breath and calms her mind.
Ruriko’s body loosens.

「Yes, please enjoy yourself」

Ruriko’s eyes are still swollen from crying due to losing her virginity looks at me.

「Ruriko is for Onii-sama」


「Ruriko-sama! Why are you saying that! Please leave that man!」

Yoshiko-san shouts, showing an expression of anger.
But, Ruriko doesn’t answer Yoshiko-san.
Not even turning to her.
Her pained eyes only look at me.

「Ruriko-sama! Please listen to Yoshiko!」
「It’s useless, Yoshiko-san!」

Nei said.

「Ruriko’s already Yo-chan’s slave! She’ll never respond to Yoshiko-san unless Yo-chan orders her!」

Yoshiko-san’s speechless.

「Ruriko-sama! You’re a lady of Kouzuki house! You mustn’t do this!」

Yoshiko-san looks at Jii-chan.

「Kouzuki-sama! Please rescue Ruriko-sama from this demon’s hand! Please! I do not mind whatever happens to me!」

Jii-chan watches us silently

「This is too cruel. Ruriko-sama is too pitiful!!」

Then, I

「Ruriko, she said you’re too pitiful. Is that so?」

Ruriko looks up at me.

「No, I’m happy. Now that I’m Onii-sama’s slave」
「Ruriko, I love you」
「Me too, Onii-sama I adore you Onii-sama」

Yoshiko-san’s thrown to despair by sight in front of her eyes.

「Come, Onii-sama, it’s already this hot and hard.」 Please enjoy Ruriko’s body!」

Ruriko’s hand increases the hardness of my penis.

「Okay, Ruriko, open your legs」
「Yes, Onii-sama」

This 15-year-old body lays down on the fluffy carpet.
It’s an unripe body, still growing.
Ruriko spreads her legs wide.

「Look, Jii-chan, you can see it, right? Ruriko’s pussy. It’s smeared with virgin blood and my semen. Can you see it?」

I open up Ruriko’s slit so Jii-chan could see.

「Ruriko’s still wet. Warm juice overflows」
「Yes, Onii-sama」

Love nectar drips from her slit,
Ruriko’s aroused in this situation.
The apparent love nectar is mixed with my semen, so it’s a bit white. It’s foaming.

「I’m putting it in, Ruriko」

I put my tense glans in between Ruriko’s slit.


Ruriko grits her teeth.

「No! Don’t tense up!」

Nei instructs Ruriko

「Ruriko, take a deep breath」


「Ruriko is the who should accept Yo-chan and make him feel good! Don’t make it look like you’re being forced to do it」
「Yes, I understand」

Ruriko spreads her legs even wider.
She lifts her waist to make it easier for me to enter.

「Onii-sama, come in」

The 15-year-old beauty liberates her body to me.

「Nono, don’t show such a tragic face!」

I grind Ruriko’s nipple with my thumb.

「Ahn, haaa! Onii-sama!」
「Does this feel good?」
「It tickles, it’s so ticklish I’m losing strength」

Good, she’s getting loose.

「Ruriko, take a deep breath」


Ruriko takes a deep breath while looking at me.
She no longer looks at her grandfather or her cousin.
Just me.


I match my breathing with Ruriko’s.
Then, I invade


It went through the torn hymen right away.
Half of my penis is inside Ruriko.

「 Don’t stop breathing, Ruriko!」


As soon as Ruriko breathes out,
I thrust further into
Inside her soft flesh pot.


Did my penis rub on the ruptured membranes?
Or maybe it scrapped the swollen parts from the first sex.

「Are you okay?」

Haa, haa, haa

Ruriko’s mouth is like a fish breathing as a man’s genital is inserted into her.

「Please do….not mind me!!! Please do it until the end even if it pains Ruriko, Onii-sama!」

I thrust my waist in.


Our lower parts made contact.
My entire penis is fit perfectly inside this unripe girl.

「It’s all in, it’s kissing the door to Ruriko’s baby chamber」
「Ruriko’s stomach feels stinging, so I can’t tell it well」

It must still hurt.
Ruriko’s attacked with the shock of a foreign object inserted and pushing inside her vagina.
There are beads of sweat on her forehead.
Ruriko’s enduring.

「Jii-chan, can you see it?! Ruriko’s connected to me! I’m having sex with Ruriko!」

I shout at Jii-chan
Jii-chan looks at us with gloomy eyes

「Stop this already! Ruriko-sama’s suffering!」

Yoshiko-san screeches.

「I’m talking to Jii-chan!」

I thrust away Yoshiko-san.
I slowly start a piston.

「Uu, Aah, kuuu, it hurts!」

Ruriko’s enduring as I ravish her.
But, her eyes are looking at me.
Just, only me.

「Uuu, nnn, ouch, aaah!」
「Please stop! Ruriko-sama’s in pain!!」

Yoshiko-san shouts in tears.
But still.

「Ruriko, does it hurt?」

I don’t’ stop moving.
Ruriko’s body sways as I pierce her.

「It hurts, Onii-sama」

Ruriko answers honestly

「But, it’s okay even if it hurts」


「Onii-sama is the only one who can hurt Ruriko!」

Ruriko reaches to me from below.
She touches my face with both hands.
She pats my cheeks gently.

「I’m one with Onii-sama」
「Yeah, Ruriko’s body feels good」
「Is that true?」
「Yeah, the naked Ruriko who doesn’t have anything makes me feel good.」
「Am I of help to Onii-sama?」
「Yeah, I can’t think of a life without you anymore」

I kiss RUriko

「Me too, me too, please love me forever.」
「That’s a promise. Ruriko」

I speed up moving my waist.
It’s better to cum early for Ruriko’s sake.

「I’ll go faster」
「Yes, I don’t mind even if it hurt, please pour it into Ruriko」

Zun! Zun Zun Zun Zun!
Nucho! Nununu!

Ruriko is easy to get wet.
The connecting part is making a lot of wet noises.

「Ah, aaah, ii, uu, Iyaan~!」

Ruriko’s whole body has sweat floating out.
Ruriko’s cute breasts dance around due to my fierce attacks.
Good, it’s about time.

「R-Ruriko, greet Jii-chan and Yoshiko-san!」

Ruriko looks up at me in surprise.

「Say your farewell」

With that line, the clever Ruriko understands everything.

「Just like this?」
「Yeah, just like this」

While I ravish her body.
While being pierced by a man’s penis on top of the carpet, covered by me.
Ruriko looks up at her grandfather and Yoshiko-san

「P-Please forgive me for greeting you two in such an appearance!」

Yoshiko-san’s body shivers in sorrow and despair.
Jii-chan’s in the dark abyss.

「K-Kouzuki-sama, Yoshiko-san, t-thank you for your love to Ruriko until now!」

I shake Ruriko.
I’m close to ejaculating.

「Aaaahn! Ruriko has become, Onii-sama’s, Onii-sama’s sex slave, I’m happy, it makes me happy, Uuh, It hurts, aguu, uuuu!」

I keep on poking Ruriko’s uterus.

「Therefore, g-goodbye, f-farewell, aaahn, iyan, please , stay healthy, ah, ah, ah, aaaahn!」
「Ruriko, I’m about to cum! Here I go!!」

I ravish Ruriko with all my strength!!

「Iyaaa, aaah, let it out! Please cum!! Onii-sama’s baby seed, inside Ruriko, let it out!!!」
「Iyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Ruriko-sama!!!!」

Yoshiko-san shouts.

「Please don’t show me that!!!!」


「Cumming! I’m cumming! Rurikoooooo!!」

I, as I look into Ruriko’s face.
Ruriko looks up at me too


The first shot gushes inside Ruriko’s womb.

「Aah, so hooot!!」

…Second shot.


Third shot.
I keep pushing in my waist.
Pouring in a lot of semen inside Ruriko.

「It’s coming in. It’s pouring! My stomach is feeling so hot!!」

Ruriko twists her body, tightening up her narrow vagina, clamping my penis!!

「Ah, ah, ah, ah! Ruriko’s making a baby!!!」

Ruriko exclaims in the swirl of excitement.

「Ruriko-sama, Ruriko-samaaaa!!」

Yoshiko-san breaks down crying

「Haaa, haa, haa, aaahn!」

Ruriko stares at me while leaking out hot breaths.
Both of us are covered in sweat.
Ruriko’s burning body, her blushing face is cute.

「My own Ruriko」
「My Master」

We kiss passionately
Keeping our lower bodies connected.

◇ ◇ ◇

「It’s about time you calm down?」

When our breathes stabilizes.
Jii-chan speaks up.
Yoshiko-san continues to cry without a voice.

「You two should get off each other already」

Ruriko looks up at me.
I shake my head, smiling.
Ruriko nods and hugs me from below.
Showing an expression that she won’t leave no matter what happens.

「Nah, we’ll stay like this Jii-chan. We can talk even if we’re like this, right?」

I said while I have my penis firmly inside of Ruriko.

「I see」

Jii-chan answers sullently

「Then stay like that. Answer me, why?」


「Why did you do this?」

Ah, why did I have sex with Ruriko again in front of Jii-chan?

「To show it to Jii-chan」

I answered.

「Show what?」
「Ruriko’s already mine, and that she’s not Jii-chan’s!」

I look straight up to Jii-chan
Ruriko takes my hand and holds it.
We hold each other’s hand tightly

「Rurikko will never obey Jii-chan’s will again. She my『woman』forever, and she’ll never come back」

I look at Jii-chan
Ruriko below looks at me.
She doesn’t face Jii-chan.

「I know that already, I sold Ruriko to you with that intention!」
「No, you don’t, Jii-chan still unconsciously believes that Ruriko is under his control!」

I argue.

「That’s not true. I judged that Ruriko should leave my protection. Therefore!」
「Ruriko’s heart has already been away from Kouzuuki house. The problem is Jii-chan’s heart!」

Jii-chan gasps

「That’s right. Jii-chan, your obsession to Ruriko, has still gotten out」
「Obsession you say?」
「Yeah, obsession. Jii-chan, you noticed that Ruriko’s not the real danger but you, right? Therefore, you decided to move Ruriko away from Kouzuki house. No, you chose to keep her away from yourself」

I declared.

「You thought that it would be dangerous if you keep Ruriko close to yourself, right?」

Ruriko inherited Jii-chan’s first love’s name and blood.
Ruriko’s the only one peculiar to Jii-chan.
Not Misuzu, Not Yoshiko-san.
The three granddaughters were isolated from the world in the same way.
That was only a camouflage to hide Jii-chan’s feelings towards Ruriko.
Ruriko’s the dream woman of Jii-chan.
Just as Jii-chan said earlier.
If Jii-chan were a bit younger, he would’ve deflowered Ruriko with his own hands.
But, Jii-chan’s already 82 years old.
He no longer has the ability or stamina to have sex with a woman.

「That’s right, that is why I entrusted Ruriko to you」

Jii-chan answers honestly

「That’s not it. That’s not how it’s supposed to be!」

I tell Jii-chan

「Jii-chan now doesn’t know what he’s doing」
「What do you mean?」
「Jii-chan tried to make me his tool!」

Ruriko stares at me.,

「Jii-chan prepared Ruriko’s outfit, even instructed Minaho to use that particular room, right? The whole situation of Ruriko’s deflowering was all Jii-chan’s plan, and you were watching us have sex in this room」

On top of that, Ikeda-sensei’s visit.
It’s all under Jii-chan’s expectations.
Then this means;

「Watching sex through a monitor in a distant room is entirely different from watching sex in front of your eyes. Jii-chan ordered me to show Ruriko’s first time in front of his eyes. And yet, Jii-chan chose to watch the live feed instead.」
「That is because I don’t want to disturb Ruriko’s first experience. Besides, I thought that it would be too graphic for Yoshiko to watch sex in front of her eyes」

Jii-chan refutes.

「That’s not it I said. That’s what Jii-chan want to think, but it’s different. It’s not that」

I announce.

「Jii-chan was trying to embrace Ruriko using my body」
「If you’re watching the video. You can self-insert yourself. Jii-chan thinks that he’s me while watching us have sex in the mirror, considering that he’s embracing Ruriko!」

Jii-chan’s startled.
I knew it. He didn’t notice it himself.

「Look, Ruriko in the feed is in the particular room familiar to Jii-chan, wearing an outfit prepared by Jii-chan. It’s all as Jii-chan imagined. I was also used as a tool for Jii-chan’s imagination of having sex with Ruriko」

Watching the video on the monitor, Jii-chan dominates and violates Ruriko in his mind.

「This won’t solve anything. Though you say you entrust Ruriko to me, Jii-chan’s mind still intends to Dominate Ruriko through me. Jii-chan’s obsession to Ruriko won’t be fixed at all. Instead, it becomes stronger.」

Jii-chan’s complexion turned pale.

「Therefore, I came here to embrace Ruriko once again, in front of Jii-chan. You saw it Jii-chan, right? Ruriko had sex with me regardless of Ji-chan’s will. Ruriko decided by herself. Even I live by my own will. I’m not under Jii-chan’s rule. I’m not Jii-chan’s dick!」

If he sees such vivid sex in front of his eyes, he’ll understand.
I am me, not a part of Jii-chan!!

「Let me repeat it! Ruriko’s already mine! I won’t return her to Jii-chan! I’ll take care of her forever!」

Ruriko’s hand which holds mine grasps stronger.

「Even if Jii-chan tries to take back Ruriko using the whole power of Kouzuki group I’ll ask for Kyouko-san’s help and escape to a foreign country. I’ll never yield to Jii-chan’s power. Ruriko’s already my woman!」

Jii-chan speaks in a low voice.

「I won’t do that. I’m Kouzuki Shigetaka. I won’t do anything unbecoming of me!」


「It is as you say, I guess I didn’t know what I was doing. Though I say that it’s for Ruriko’s good, I was honest about my desire. It’s a good idea to entrust Ruriko to you as it is!」
「That’s not it! You’re not assigning her or giving her to me! Ruriko’s already mine! Not Jii-chan’s!」

I shout.

「Get it clear in your head already! Ruriko, Misuzu, and even Yoshiko-san aren’t Jii-chan’s properties!」
「Y-Yeah. You’re right. True, I know. I want to understand, yet!」

Jii-chan hangs his yead.

「Onii-sama, may I speak?」

Ruriko asks me

「Kouzuki-sama, allow me to say it」

Ruriko looks up at her grandfather.

「Being the head of Kouzuki house is lonely, though you have inherited everything in the house, you don’t own anything as an individual, I know that. For Kouzuki-sama, we may be the only existence that you feel affinity for」

For Jii-chan, the branch families are only vassals.
Born as the eldest son of the noble house, he’s been separated from his siblings as he grows up.
Even his relationships with his sons were never beautiful.
The eldest son, the successor was assassinated.
His own hands killed the second son who’s the mastermind of the murder.
To Jii-chan, only his three granddaughters, Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yoshiko-san,
They’re the only existence he felt he could love from the bottom of his heart.
The isolated and lonely Kouzuki Shigetaka.
Misuzu and Ruriko were born to comfort his loneliness.
Especially Ruriko, he gave her the first name of his first love.
She was planned to be raised as the successor. She’s a special existence to Jii-chan.,

「But, I will go my path」
「Is he better than me?」

Jii-chan asks Ruriko seeming lonely.

「Yes. Onii-sama has never forced me to sex until the end. Even though he had given me so much opportunity, I kept waiting until I made up my mind. He has patiently corrected by distorted mind」
「I see」
「I love this man」

Ruriko looks at me.

「Please let go of me for now」

I pull out my penis from inside Ruriko finally.
Ruriko raises her pained body.
Then she opens up her legs and turns it to M.
My semen drips down from her small slit.

「I have received Onii-sama’s baby seed. I will get pregnant someday」

Yoshiko-san griefs.

「And, I will give birth in joy. Being embraced by this man, bearing his child, is my pride, my happiness!」

The naked middle school girl declares to her grandfather.

「Fuu, you have dedicated your mind and body to that man?」
「Yes, Ruriko is Onii-sama’s slave. A sex slave. I do not regret my fate. I’m happy!」

Ruriko smiles.
It’s a determined, dignified smile.

「Sorry but, there’s one thing I’d like you to accept」

Jii-chan tells me.

「I sold Ruriko to you but, I want her child support expenses paid by me」

Child support

「I’ll give you two hundred million」

Two hundred million?

「Two hundred million every year until Ruriko turns 20. What do you think?」


「What? You don’t have to mind it. If you leave it to Minaho-kun, it’ll increase」


「Let me do that at least. I won’t tell Ruriko anything. I won’t ask anymore. Therefore!」

I see.
Jii-chan still.
Still wants to leave a bond with Ruriko in any form possible.

「Then, I will have a request to Jii-chan as well」

I said.

「I want Ruriko to go to her school just as before. I want her to keep using the name of Kouzuki at school」
「Umu.」 I wish for that as well」
「Another one, I’d like her to stay in Nadeshiko-sensei’s class as before」

I said. Ruriko turns to me.


I smile at Ruriko.

「I can’t think of Ruriko who stopped dancing at all」

Then, once again, I speak to Jii-chan,

「Nadeshiko-sensei’s class doesn’t accept non-nobles, right? So, sorry but I want her to use Kouzuki house’s name for that too」

I sit and bow my head.

「Please. Jii-chan」

For my woman’s sake.

「Then, I have conditions」


「I would go to see the presentation as usual. If you would allow that, then」

I look at Ruriko
Ruriko nods smiling.

「Yeah, come and watch, watch my Ruriko dance!」

Jii-chan smiles.

「Yeah, allow me to watch your Ruriko’s hour of triumph!」

At that time.
Katsuko-nee’s voice comes from the room speaker.

『『Kakka』 Her heart finally broke!』

Katsuko-nee was training Jii-chan’s secretary.

『Sorry to impose but, please come to this room. We have to engrave who is her master firmly 』

Jii-chan replies.

「I will release the dark desires I have accumulated in my heart to my secretary」