Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 429. The first Agnes’ capture game (Part 1)



「 Yo-chan 」

When Ruriko and Mana went to Mao-chan,
Nei comes to me.

「 I think that it’s hard, but it’s a critical moment now 」

She looks at me seriously
Does that mean?

「 Michi, have you calmed down? 」

This time, she whispers to Michi.

「 I 」
「 If you want it, Yo-chan can answer anytime you want. He won’t say it’s troublesome nor hate it. You can just embrace him in the front without holding back 」
「 Yes 」

Michi looks up at Nei and answers.

「 If you know that then, don’t be so reckless on wanting Yo-chan. Okay? 」

The elder sister scolds the little sister.
Oh, I see.
I get it.
Mana and Megu had this scene too.

「 At first, you may be filled with just having sex, but as soon as you get used to it, you’ll keep for asking various things. I know that. Yo-chan’s kindness makes us really happy but, we keep worrying about whether this happiness will last forever, so we ask for more 」

Nei explained.

「 True, I think so too 」

Michi replied.

「 Michi, when Misuzu’s with you, there’s a brake in your mind, but when Misuzu’s away, it seems that you step on your accelerator 」
「 It is as Nei-oneesama says 」
「 Well, I think that she knows how uneasy Michi is, so she left you here on purpose 」

Misuzu took Megu to take care of Yoshiko-san.
True, there’s no need for a guard in this mansion, but.
Still, usually, Misuzu wouldn’t let Michi leave her side.
I thought that Michi’s left here to hold down Edie, but.
Misuzu is thinking of something deeper?

「 As expected, you’re taking such a bossy attitude as a senior against Ruriko and Mana! 」
「 It’s a disgrace 」
「 Well, that’s because you get worried that Yo-chan’s feelings go to the new girl that’s why you took that bossy attitude unconsciously 」

I’m convinced with what Nei said.
True, Michi’s been so bossy with Ruriko lately,
I thought that it was just because I appointed her as Ruriko’s teacher, but,
I see Michi’s jealous of the new woman, Ruriko.

「 Yo-chan loves all his women equally. You know that, don’t you? 」
「 Yes 」
「 Therefore, we don’t try to stick out to be loved alone by Yo-chan. That is our rule 」

Nei approaches Michi

「 No, Nee-san, Michi wasn’t alone in the sex just now, the three of them were together 」

I follow up Michi.
Actually, it was 3-to-1 sex.

「 Well, that was because Mana and Ruriko were adults. Actually, Michi’s the one who had Yo-chan for herself, right? 」

Well, that’s true, but,

「 Next time, if you force to have sex without even thinking of Yo-chan’s body and take a bossy attitude towards you, little sisters, us elder sisters will punish you 」

Nei tells Michi with a scary face.

「 I’m very sorry. This won’t happen again 」

Michi bows deeply.
She must feel shameful of herself. There are tears in her eyes.

「 I’ll apologize to Mana and Ruriruri 」
「 You mustn’t. Those girls took Michi in consideration. Keep it in your heart 」

Both of them hug Mao-chan to sleep
Oh, did they get off here because they noticed Nei’s look at Michi?

「 Besides, Mana gets reckless towards Yo-chan the same way, you’re not alone so don’t worry 」

Michi’s rash like now just like Mana with Megu asking for me so much back at the school at midnight.
She was getting used to sex then, due to her jealousy to Yukino, she was getting addicted.
Sex is the most dangerous when you’re just getting used to it.

「 Anyway, you should trust Yo-chan more. You already know what kind of man Yo-chan is so don’t be so rash like this!

Nei said, but,
I myself don’t know what kind of man I am.

「 Yes, I will never doubt Master’s affection again. Please forgive me! 」

Nei smile at what Michi said.

「 Well, fine. I’m not the only one who knows that you’re a girl who won’t learn unless you get reckless once. Katsu-nee and Margo-oneechan said the same thing. Therefore, we’ll overlook it this time. But, never again 」
「 Yes 」

Tears spill from Michi’s eyes.

「 Michi. It’s fine 」

I suck off the tears flowing off Michi’s eyes.

「 If Michi needs me no matter what, I’ll take care of you. I’ll never abandon you. I love you 」
「 Yes, Master 」
「 Therefore, try to hold back as much as you can until it comes to the point that you really need Yo-chan, okay, Michi?! 」

Nei said.

「 Yes, yes, yes! 」

Michi answers while crying

「 I see, then get off right away! 」

Michi and I are still connected.

「 I-I’m sorry! 」

Michi gets off me.
My penis is pulled out of Michi’s tight vagina.
White semen overflows.
Michi sits on the air mat without even trying to wipe off the sperm.
Then, she prostrates herself.

「 I have received Master’s love. Michi enjoyed it a lot. Thank you very much 」

Hey, Michi?

「 From now on, I will do my part as Master’s toy 」
「 Yeah, that’s good! 」

Nei said laughing.

「 Since it’s Michi, I think that you won’t go the wrong way anymore! 」

Yeah, feeling shameful from her recklessness.
Michi from now on will act in moderation.
I’m sure that she’ll become a beautiful woman.

「 Anyway, I think that it’s necessary for Michi to go through these processes once! 」

I get that but.
Unease awakens in my heart.

「 Could it be that all the girls had to go through this process? 」

Getting used to sex.
Trying to oppose the other women.
For example, Ruriko?
I look at Ruriko who’s lying next to Mao-chan.

「 It’s okay, not every single one of them will go this way 」

Nei said.

「 Misuzu has a moderate brake, as for Ruriko, I think she’s okay. After all, a lady of Kouzuki house is a child who grew up under pressure is strongly self-disciplined, I don’t believe that she’ll forget to consider her surroundings 」

I see.
She won’t lose sight of herself even in the family.
Misuzu is a member of Kouzuki house, and yet she’s always humble in the family.
She’s never done something rude.
Ruriko’s the same.

「 Nee-san too 」

Nei also just experienced sex.
But, this morning.
She just asked for once, at the time where my stamina’s fully recovered, then she didn’t ask for more than that.

「 I’m also strong when it comes to holding back! 」

Nei has been confined by Cesario Viola’s criminal organization.
Therefore, she’s always observant of the emotions of the people around her, and she doesn’t try to force herself to it.
Even when smiling or laughing, she always hides her nature.
Well, that’s of course.
Her life with Viola and others, if they behave in a way the other party would be harmed, Nei and Kei-san would be immediately killed.
Nei’s self-control is strong too.

「 Besides, I’m a Onee-chan you see! 」

Nei smiles at me.

「 I’m always secondary for Yo-chan and for my little sisters! Aren’t you the same, Yo-chan? 」


「 Aren’t you always putting yourself behind for the sake of the family? 」

That is.

「 No, I’m not putting myself behind, I just don’t care about myself 」

I don’t have anything to protect about myself.
Therefore, I’m prepared to give it all to my family.

「 Well, I see, that’s homework for Yo-chan in the future then 」

Nei sighs.

「 Now then, since I’m done preaching Michi, let’s go to the next turn 」

Next turn?

「 Yo-chan? I think that it’ll be harsh for your body but hold out for a bit longer. This is a race against time 」

If Nei speaks like that, then the targets are narrowed down to one.

「 Mana, leave that to Ruriko and come here 」

Nei calls Mana.

「 Okaay~ 」

Mana comes back from putting Mao-chan to sleep.

「 Michi, take care of it! 」
「 Yes, please order me anything! 」

Michi answers

「 Let’s go! 」

We head towards Agnes.

◇ ◇ ◇

Agnes is in the same bed as Reika.
Watching Nagisa and me, then the 4P with Michi and the girls, they seem to be paralyzed.
On the other hand, Edie’s fainted from receiving Michi’s ecstasy.

「 Look at Agnes, everyone! 」

Nei whispers to us.
Agnes’ face is bright red.

「 It’s about time the libido accumulate inside Agnes 」


「 Ah, it means sexual urge Shirasaka Sousuke has forced Agnes to masturbate three times a day while looking at his own statue, remember? 」

Yeah, that’s become Agnes’ daily routine.

「 Then, she’s stopped doing that since we break into this room for two days! 」

Yeah, Agnes;
She hasn’t masturbated yesterday and today.

「 Then, she’s been shown a lot of Yo-chan having sex 」

I see, Agnes
Is her body on fire?

「 Then, this is very important, Shirasaka Sousuke has forced Agnes to masturbate, but he himself hasn’t touched her yet! 」


「 She was only shown how to masturbate from videos to imitate. Well you see, he finds most things troublesome. Besides, he’s the kind of man who’s not caring about making a woman feel good, you see? He’s a man who’s fine as long as he’s feeling good 」

That’s Shirasaka Sousuke.

「 Shirasaka Sousuke was thinking of raping Agnes on her next birthday. He wants her to masturbate so when he rapes her, her genital’s a bit developed, and he wants Agnes to worship him, that’s all his reasons. Therefore, 」


「 Shirasaka Sousuke has never caressed nor licked Agnes! 」

So, I will?

「 Of course, there’s no need to have sex with her yet, rather than that, let her drown in sexual pleasure. We have to carve in her heart that having Yo-chan do it feels much better than masturbating! We’ll have Yo-chan the first ecstasy brought to Agnes-chan coming from another person’s hand 」

I see.
I just have to make Agnes cum with my hand and tongue.

「 What should Mana do? 」

Mana asks.

「 Agnes has already opened up her heart to Mana so you’ll be inviting Agnes to Yo-chan 」
「 Okay, got it! 」
「 Nei-oneesama, what about me? 」
「 Michi, you’ll monitor Edie, she’ll get in the way once she wakes up 」

Edie thinks that she’s Agnes’ guardian, so,
She’ll rampage under the misunderstanding that we’re bullying Agnes.

「 Certainly. Please leave it to me 」
「 I will be taking care of Rei-chan 」

Nei looks at us.

「 Well then, let’s go! Mission start!!! 」

Leaving only Michi to watch over Edie, we head towards Agnes.
The three of us walk lined up.

「 Okay, Agnes, Rei-chan! 」

Nei calls the two.
She’s talking to the two so Agnes doesn’t feel alert.
However, she’s already feeling nervous that we’re getting close.

「 Don’t you think it’s a bit hot in this room? Everyone’s naked other than us 」

Right, everyone’s naked other than Nei, Agnes, and Reika.

「 Oh, so hot, I’m going to strip too! 」

Nei takes off her clothes.
The room’s already maintained to comfortable room temperature.
If one feels the heat, then that’s because their body’s heating up from arousal.
Nei’s fascinating proportions are exposed.
Her fair-skin and voluptuous tits and ass.
But, her waist is constricted, it’s like a perfect naked body similar to nudes in European art.

「 Ah feels good to be naked 」

Nei said Mana joins in.

「 Yeah, it feels good to be naked! Get naked you two as well! 」
「 !!! 」

Agnes and Reika’s body trembled.

「 It’s fine! It’s only us in here! 」

Mana smiled and jumped into Agnes’ bed

「 Here, I’m taking off Agnes’s clothes! 」


「 U-Uhm, Agnes is 」

She’s just embarrassed.

「 Geez, Agnes-chan! 」

Mana hugs Agnes

「 Hyaan! 」

Agnes is surprised

「 Mana loves Agnes-chan! What about Agnes? 」
「 Agnes is 」

She’s troubled.

「 Ufufu, I also love Agnes-chan! You’re so cute! 」

The naked Nei jumps in between Agnes and Reika on the bed.
Then, Agnes and Reika are separated.
Agnes is sandwiched between two naked Onee-san.

「 Anges-chan! Kiss! 」
「 Me too, Kiss! 」

Agnes is hugged and kissed on the cheeks on both sides.

「 Awawawa 」

Agnes is confused.

「 Look, Nei-oneechan’s breasts are big, aren’t they? 」
「 Yeah, you can touch it, Agnes! 」

Nei presses her chest to Agnes’ face.

「 Ah, it’s bouncy! 」

Nei’s soft body hugs Agnes who hungers for maternity.

「 Look, it’s going to be okay, there’s nothing to be scared of 」

Nei’s embrace eases up Agnes.

「 Onii-chan, come 」

Mana invites me from top of the bed.
She opens her legs wide.

「 Please lick Mana’s pussy! 」

I head to Mana’s body.

「 Uhiii! 」

Agnes is surprised by my approach, but

「 It’s fine! It’ll be fine, okay? 」

Agnes’ sense of crisis dulls from Nei’s plump embrace.

「 Un, Onii-chan’s just going to lick me! 」

Mana tells Agnes.

「 Onii-chan’s tongue feels good. It’s much better than doing it myself! 」

She’s whispering to draw Agnes’ heart.

「 Mana 」

I first massage Mana’s cute breasts and lick her nipples.

「 Ah, nice. Lick my nipples more, roll your tongue 」

I respond to Mana’s request.

「 I don’t want it all to the right, Onii-chan, the left too, ahn! 」

My tongue attack both left and right nipples alternately.

「 Look, Mana feels good, doesn’t she? Having Yo-chan do that to you really feels good you know! 」

Nei hugs Agnes from behind and whispers in Agnes’ ear.
Ah, Agnes is watching.
I can feel her gaze.
Agnes’ eyes concentrate on my moving tongue.

「 Next, down there. Please do me down there! 」

My tongue crawl on Mana’s skin.
From the cleavage to her soft stomach

「 Amu! 」

I lick her belly.
Then, I go lower.
Mana’s pussy is hairless.
I don’t feel any hair when I crawl my tongue on it.
If it were Yukino, it would be prickly.
Will Mana be having that much hair like her in a few years?
Mana’s got a chronic illness, so she was treated in Shizuoka.
Now that she’s cured and healthy, she might start growing fast.
She’s just 14 years old after all.
Even though she’s in second-year middle school,
Her genital is completely wet.

「 Aaaaaah! 」

My tongue made sounds on Mana’s fountain like a cat drinking milk.
It smells dairy products, and I feel sour taste on my tongue.
It’s the taste of Mana’s lewd slit.

「 It feels good! This feels good! Onii-chan!!! 」

Mana pinches my head with her thighs.
Her thin legs with no meat.
The thin skin of her thighs touches my face.
I open up Mana’s pussy with my fingers.
I insert my tongue.

「 Aaaaah, Agnes-chan! It feels so good! 」
「 Ufufu, Agnes-chan, do you want to touch yourself? No, you can’t 」

I hear Nei’s ‘voice.
It seems that the aroused Agnes tried to touch her genitals.
Nei stops Agnes from Masturbating.
Agnes’ urge will be accumulated to the very limit.

「 Aah, Onii-chan, Onii-chan! 」

I peel off Mana’s clitoris and lick it.

「 Uhiiiiiiiiiin! That feels too good! 」

Mana’s body curves in pleasure!
She’s holding my head with both hands.
I use my tongue to stimulate the red core of a woman.

「 Aaaaaah, aaah, good, so gooood! 」

I keep on licking it using a lot of salivae!

「 Good! Onii-chan! So good! Onii-chan!!! 」

Love nectar overflows from Mana’s crotch.
My nose and mouth got wet.
Therefore, I grab hold of Mana’s ass.
I use my tongue even more violently!

「 Haaaaaaaaa!!! So goood! It feels good! Ah, ah, Aaaaah! 」

Mana’s pleasure makes her writhe!

「 Haa, haaa, Onii-chan, that’s enough, if you go further, Mana’s going to cum! 」

Mana said while breathing roughly.

「 If Mana cums, Agnes-chan would be scared you see? 」

Her brakes are working properly even in this situation.
True, if she reached climax, convulsed, and turned dazed, it won’t be good to show to Agnes.

「 Yes, that’s enough. Thank you, it felt excellent! Onii-chan! 」

Mana tells me then kissed my lips.
She kissed the lips that just licked her crotch until earlier.
Even that will prove to be educational to Agnes.

「 It really feels good when Onii-chan does it! Agnes-chan, try it too! 」

Mana who’s wet with sweat from the pleasure tells Agnes.
I head towards Agnes.
Agnes is already half-naked.
Nei has been taking off Agnes’ clothes bit by bit while stopping her from masturbating.
Such a fair skin.
This young breasts of a 12-year-old have a pink colored nipple exposed.

「 Agnes 」

I head from Mana to Agnes.

「 Ii! No! Don’t come! 」

Agnes is afraid of my approach.

「 It’s okay, don’t be scared, there’s nothing to be scared at, Agnes! 」

Nei whispers to Agnes’ ears.

「 Yes, Onii-chan’s just going to make you feel good 」

Mana also tells Agnes.

「 No, I can’t desuno! 」

Agnes shakes her head.

「 Agnes’ body is for Papan! Other men cannot touch me! 」

Oh, so she was educated that way.

「 You don’t need to care about it anymore, Agnes 」

I said.

「 ……?!!! 」

Agnes is confused

「 Agnes’ Papa is me now!! 」

That’s right. It’s not Shirasaka Sousuke.
I’m Agnes’ father.

「 Papa? 」

Agnes’ eyes look at me.

「 Yes. Yo-chan will be Agnes’ Papa, so it’s fine for him to make Agnes feel good! 」

Nei whispers.
Shirasaka Sousuke has confined Agnes for twelve years, ever since Agnes was born.
Then, he had educated her to worship him.
This upbringing cannot easily be broken.
If we force her, Agnes’ identity will be destroyed
We won’t destroy it, but instead, overwrite it.

「 That’s right, Yo-chan’s your Papa after all! 」
「 Yeah, he’s your Papa, so it’s fine for him to make you feel good! 」

Nei and Mana follow up.
I do not deny that Agnes’ 『 Papan 』 is Shriasaka Sousuke
Without denying it, I accept Agnes’ 『 Faith in Shirasaka Sousuke 』
Then, I’ll be an existence greater than Shirasaka Sousuke inside Agnes’ heart.
As a family, as her『 Papa 』

「 Agnes, the only one who can make you feel good is your『 Papa 』, me! 」

My words please Agnes’ heart like magic.

「 I’m Agnes’ Papa. Everyone’s Agnes’ family. We’ll be living together from now on 」
「 Together, always? 」

Agnes mutters.

「 Obviously, I’m your Papa 」

Agnes’ heart sways from what I said.