Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 449. Unwind the thread



Seki-san holds Reika who’s hanging her head and come back to the room.
Edie also comes worried.

「 Now then, is this okay? 」

Seki-san looks at us with a smile.
The people in the room, Ruriko and Agnes too look up at Seki-san.
Yukino’s the only one who turned the other way, uninterested.

「 I’ve heard how you approached Fujimiya-san until now from Margo-san 」

I knew it, Margo-san’s been watching us in the basement.

「 Going back to Fujimiya-san’s past, you know that her outward look of the prince was just a result of her too-honest-person response to the people’s wish on her. It’s a fruit of labors. This person’s true nature is still a mentally weak girl 」

Seki-san kept track of everything. She summarized Reika’s situation.

「 Therefore, I can understand why you treat her as a little girl and call her Rei-chan. That is to repair the defective part in her mind but; 」

Seki-san sighs

「 It’s impossible for you to make that approach 」


「 Fujimiya-san is already an adult. Even her body’s very much an ordinary adult woman, isn’t it? This person’s been looking at you from above. It’s inevitable. She’s tall after all 」


「The approach you’ve chosen is to be older than Fujimiya-san, let’s see, a father figure man would be an adequate backup on her for the first time 」

Older, father-figure, reliable.

「 Of course, it’s correct to put her mental age close to Agnes-san and Mana-san. But, if there’s nobody close she thinks she can protect, it’ll be one-sided. Therefore, it only went well halfway, Fujimiya-san’s in a much more stable condition.

Oh, we were wrong.
I don’t look reliable as I’m younger,

「 Don’t make that face, everyone knows that you did your best, Fujimiya-san is also eagerly thinking what she should do and what she can do. Fujimiya-san herself feels it that way the most, am I right? 」

Seki-san looks at Reika.

「 Yes, I feel apologetic for everyone to be so concerned about me Even though I’m much older than anyone 」

Oh, Reika’s concerned about it.
Even though she’s the oldest one in the basement, we’re the ones taking care of her.

「 Therefore, Margo-san instructed to wake Fujimiya-san’s core with today’s events 」

Seki-san said.
Margo-san was worried about our situation in the basement, so she planned this operation?!

「 It won’t start unless Fujimiya-san acts in front. This person is very depressed that she lost the strength to move on her own 」

Oh, I see. So that’s why.
Reika first smashed the door to the room that confines Yukino.
Did she prepare a scenario where she has to kidnap us?

「 This person feels very sorry that she’s approached with all your best, that she received everything too honestly, well, it’s genuinely rooted in her. As a result, Fujimiya-san’s thoughts were saturated that she can’t do anything for herself 」

That’s why she was made to do such flashy actions.

「 Smashing the door to the reception room, make a mess out of it that caused you flare up, didn’t it, Fujimiya-san? 」

Seki-san smiles at Reika.

「 It’s a disgrace 」
「 Going that far is okay but; as soon as you drove off the car, you only asked for his decisions and didn’t decide anything by yourself, right? That’s just bad. As expected, your ability to think and act by yourself has fallen 」


「 Uhm, our white van shouldn’t be wiretapped though? 」

That’s what I heard.

「 I don’t know the details, but Margo-san put in a wiretap different from the system she usually uses 」

Oh, Margo-san went to the garage after breakfast saying that she’ll explain about the car equipment to Reika.
I guess it’s at that time.
The other system is not to let Minaho-neesan listen to our conversation inside the car.

「 Margo-san forwards the audio to me 」

In short, Margo-san and Seki-san were the only ones listening to us all this time
Naturally, there’s also a transmitter attached.
That’s why Seki-san knows the location of our car.

「 Then, uhm, what should we do with Rei-chan, no Fujimiya-san? 」

I asked.

「 You can call her Rei-chan just like before 」

Seki-san smiles

「 Look, there are people who call those older than them with “-chan” right? A lady who gets along with little kids for example 」

Well, yeah.
That exists.

「 Fujimiya-san too, call him as “Onii-chama,” same as always 」
「 Yes? 」
「 It’s not strange. In a family where there’s a lot of siblings, it’s okay for you to call a younger boy as “Onii-chama” just to match with the other children, am I wrong? 」

Right, I’m the only man in the family

「 Call him the same as usual, but Fujimiya-san is an elder. Please think of this man as a younger brother. That’s the reality anyway 」

Seki-san said.

「 Fujimiya-san now needs a family. There are no other people that would think of you this warmly. You know that, don’t you? 」
「 Yes 」

Reika answered

「 Surrounding yourself with younger sisters who are close to your spiritual age and grow with them is excellent I think. The problem is that if there are only younger girls, there’s nobody there to protect Fujimiya-san 」

Seki-san says decisively

「 Margo-san and the others are much more mature than Fujimiya-san mentally. But having them younger, in reality, makes Fujimiya-san feel weird 」

I see.
Margo-san, Katsuko-nee, and even Nagisa are younger than Reika.

「 It’s only Kuromori-san and Kyouko-san who’s older than Fujimiya-san, right? 」

As expected, you can’t include Miss Cordelia and her group in that.
Or rather, they’ll go back to America anyway.
Kuromori-san refers to Minaho-neesan.

「 Actually, Kuromori-san is the head of Kuromori house, so she’s looking after Fujimiya-san but, she’s not in the combat faction. Besides, she’s somewhat busy from what I’ve heard from Margo-san 」

Minaho-neesan’s head is filled with “revenge.”
She cant’ afford the time to look after Reika.

「 Kyouko Messer’s problem is her sexual preference. If Fujimiya-san swings that way then we can leave you to her, but; I know that you’re not after checking for two days 」

Two days checking?
Oh, helping out with Nagisa’s shop?
If it’s in that shop, the girls over there have a strong lesbian preference.
On the first day, she came back making a senior clerk cry.
On the second day, she went in with her British Gentleman look and became their prince, but;
I see they were checking out Reika’s response to the girls?

「 Fujimiya-san doesn’t have any preference in homosexuality. Therefore, we can’t leave you to Kyouko-san 」

Kyouko-san’s naughty after all.

「 To be serious, it’s ideal for Fujimiya-san to stay as a crossdresser women can rely on as a family now surrounds you. If now, you cannot grow properly 」

In short, I’m useless.
I’m not a fine man Reika can rely on.

「 But, there’s no such fine man at current times. They’re endangered species. Or rather, they’re already extinct 」

Hahaha, Seki-san laughs.

「 In the first place, if I find that kind of man then I’ll turn Fujimiya-san around and go out with him 」


「 No, that’s true. Fujimiya-san and I have never come across with a worthy man ever since childhood. Actually, chief Yazawa should’ve done his role as Fujimiya-san’s father figure when he scouted her. But he’s just unfair, so he got away, right? Isolating Fujimiya-san in the top elite all the time, and it’s Fujimiya-san’s fault on not teaming up with anyone. Chief Yazawa raised Fujimiya-san to be as troublesome as possible!! 」

Seki-san is enraged.

「 Seriously, old men of this age always cut corners! They just favor those immediate assets which would grow up on their own and don’t even care about supporting! 」

I don’t know much about the world of the guards.

「 As I’m now responsible on site, I’ll clean up his bad habits. Therefore, first of all, I decided to become your Onee-sama 」

Seki-san smiles.

「 Err, uhm, Seki-san? 」

Reika’s confused.

「 What? Do you want to go to the veranda again? Do you not understand it unless I beat you up? 」

Seki-san begins to clench her fist in front of her chest.
She’s making cracking sounds with her fingers.

「 Let’s be sports-minded. Both you and I are in that kind of world. If you have a lot of grudge inside you, then I’ll be your playmate! If you have a, complain then win against me first! 」

Seki-san sticks out her fist in front of Reika.

「 Onee-sama will accompany you anytime, anywhere, as much as you want! Fujimiya-san 」


「 Seki-san 」

Seki-san caresses Reika’s cheeks.

「 I know, nobody has dared to fight with you directly up until now, right? Therefore, you lose so badly 」

Lose so badly?

「 Fujimiya-san is a much better fighter. I can’t win against you in strength alone. But, if we fight now, I’ll win even if it’s a hundred times. You know that don’t you? 」

What does that mean?

「 You want to lose, right? You always wanted someone to beat you up senseless. Am I wrong, Fujimiya-san? 」
「 I-I 」

Tears spill out of Reika’s eyes.
She clings on Seki-san’s foot, crying.

「 Geez, I get it already. I’m your “Onee-sama” after all 」

◇ ◇ ◇

I didn’t get it at all.
Reika’s true nature is of a warrior after all.
Her soul is of a guard.
Therefore, she feels worthless when us young treat her kindly.
She wishes for someone to punish her.
Seki-san who’s also a guard saw that.
Therefore, she beat down Reika.

「 Here, it’s fine already, wipe your tears. Your runny nose is getting on my suit pants 」
「 S-Sorry 」
「 That’s not how you say it 」

Seki-san smiles at her little sister.

「 I’m sorry, Onee-sama 」

Reika answered.

「 Good. Let’s swear sisterhood with Margo-san too. Us three sisters will be known as hurricane sisters. 1 This is unrelated to Kouzuki security service. It’s a personal relationship just with the three of us. I’ll be the eldest, you’re the second, and Margo-san’s the youngest. It would be better if it’s the season where peach blossoms but it’s may now so let’s do the oath of the iris flower 」

Seki-sans aid.

「 Hurricane sisters help each other and train together. We’ll listen to each other’s troubles and fight whenever needed. But, it’s not just the two of us. You’ll be Margo-san’s “Onee-sama” too. Don’t be so reliant on your elder sister. You must also become someone your little sister can rely on! 」
「 Yes 」

Reika answers

「 Also, on another topic 」

Seki-san looks at me.

「 You see, I like this man 」

Everyone’s surprised by what Seki-san said.

「 I, of course, hold respect to Kouzuki house, and swore to protect Kakka, Ruriko-sama, Misuzu-sama, and Yoshiko-sama, But, apart from that, I like him. I love him 」
「 W-What the hell are you saying?! 」

Yukino said from behind.
Yukino, your afro is slipping.

「 I think that I’m also looking for a younger man who depends on me. A man who has tolerance and would accept me 」

Seki-san tells Reika.
Ruriko and Agnes look at Seki-san.

「 But, I never met someone like that before, I felt like that my ideal man doesn’t exist in this world. That’s when I came across with him 」

Seki-san looks at me then smiled.

「 He’s a hard-worker, isn’t he? He’s also so honest. He never lies, but also a bit of fool. At first, I thought it was cute. But, after a while, somehow, I thought of want him to protect me 」

I’m really unreliable.

「 At that time, he shot Cesario Viola, and we put him to a heavy burden. Then, he fainted after killing Viola. When I saw his face after fainting, I swore to myself. I want to make him happy. I want to be with him 」


「 But, he has a lot of women ! 」

Yukino said. Seki-san interrupts

「 I don’t care! I like him after all! I came to like him 」

Yukino falters from Seki-san’s momentum.

「 Besides, I know his situation where a lot of girls surrounds him 」

Seki-san looks at Reika once again.

「 Well, I want you to understand. He’s the only man I like. In fact, I really want to be included in his family 」

Seki-san cannot enter the Kuromori organization.

「 But you see, to love this man means to accept everything about him, that’s why I will use my everything to protect him and his family 」


「 I’m a guard, so all I can do is protect 」

Seki-san looks straight at me.

「 I might be a quite old lady but, no, I don’t care how you feel. If I’m annoying, then I won’t come close. But you see, I’ll be your ally forever. Please call me when you think my power’s necessary. I want to be your strength! 」


「 I’m just a high schools student, I don’t have any power 」
「 It’s fine to stay as just the hard-working guy you were so far. Seeing you work hard makes me want to do my best too. You’re giving me strength 」


「 I want to be a fantastic Onee-san for you. That feeling inspires me. It makes me cultivate myself!! 」
「 That’s splendid, Seki-san 」

Ruriko said.

「 I’m also the same. Ruriko will do her best to stay with Onii-sama forever 」

Ruriko holds my hand.

「 No, compared to Seki-san’s confession just now, Ruriko’s words are weak. Uhm, Onii-sama, you see! 」

Ruriko speaks to me.

「 I like you, I love you, Onii-sama 」

Ruriko speaks. Her eyes are moist.
What should I do?

「 Agnes also loves Papa desuno 」

Agnes in my arms also fires up.

「 I want to stay together forever, desuno 」

Seki-san pats Agnes’ head

「 Don’t worry. I won’t be taking him away from you 」

She smiles at Agnes gently.

「 I also want to stay with him, with you all. That’s all I wish for 」
「 Agnes, she meant that she also wants to be Agnes’ family. Do you want it? 」

I said. Agnes;

「 This person too? 」
「 Shou. Call me Shou-oneesan 」

Seki-san, no, Shou-oneesan smiled.

「 Shou-oneesan? 」
「 Yes, Agnes-san 」


「 Okay, Shou-oneesan 」
「 I must also call you Shou-oneesan from now on 」

Ruriko said.

「 At formal locations, it’s fine to use Seki-san like usual. It’s better not to inform Kakka or Chief Yazawa that I’ve joined in the family 」

If the officer in charge of the site of Kouzuki security service is exposed to be connected to the criminal organization Kuromori, it would be bad.
Kuromori is close to Kouzuki security service as usual but, it has to show that they’re a separate organization.

「 Now then, I’m done Fujimiya-san. What about you? 」

Shou-neesan looks at Reika.

「 From what you said earlier, Mao-chan, Agnes-san, and Mana-chan are the girls you’re most attached to. What do you think of him then? 」

Reika looks at me.

「 I trust him. I don’t hate him, but 」
「 But what? 」
「 I do not know how to cope with him that well 」

Reika speaks what she really thinks.

「 I think that I was most stable when I was calling him “Lord” Though he’s younger, a lord is still a Lord 」

Reika speaks in pain.

「 But, recently, I can’t think of him as an elder after all. I know I’m seeking an elder brother existence but, to be honest, I can’t feel him as an older brother 」

I see. Of course.
Calling someone younger as an elder.

「 Then, erase all of that, speak what’s in your head after that 」

Seki-san said.

「 Organize it in your head 」
「 Yes 」
「 Fujimiya-san, do you want to stay in his family? 」
「 That’s 」

Reika mumbles.

「 I want to stay. But, I wonder if I can 」
「 Why not? 」

Seki-san asks.

「 Because, I’m already an adult and yet, I keep on causing trouble for them 」

Reika begins to cry again
That’s why, I

「 Hey, Agnes, does Agnes like Rei-chan? 」


「 I like her, desuno 」

Reika’s crying stops

「 Do you want to stay with Rei-chan? 」
「 Yes, I want Rei-chan to stay 」

Agnes looks up at Reika.

「 I 」
「 Rei-chan, Agnes says that she needs Rei-chan. That’s what I think too 」
「 Me too. Fujimiya-san, you’re already in our family 」

Ruriko also smiles at Reika.

「 Fujimiya-san, let’s change the questions. It would feel refreshing if you try to expose your heart 」

Shou-neesan tells Reika.

「 What can you do for these people, their family, think about that first 」
「 What I can do is to protect. To fight 」
「 Then, why not do that for now? 」

Shou-neesan laughs.

「 You’re too selfish. You always think all-or-nothing. The world isn’t that simple 」

Shou-neesan said. Reika listens in silence.

「 Try to hold back a bit. Making a 100% satisfying situation is impossible. To get the situation you want, you have to endure, and if you can’t bear that much, you can’t be happy 」
「 What do you mean? 」
「 Do you remember what I just told you? 」

Shou-neesan looks at Reika with a serious face.

「 If it’s to be with him, I will accept his family 」
「 I heard that 」
「 Then, do so too 」
「 Yes? 」
「 If you want to stay in the family with the little girls, you have to accept everyone in the family 」

Reika’s taken aback.

「 There’s no other way. They’re a group called family because they’re together 」

Seki-san declares.

「 Besides, don’t think that you are powerless or worthless. If you have the time to do so, then do what you can for the family. You can only be tied after you’ve done all you can. That is if you want to be a Onee-san 」

Agnes looks at Reika.

「 Rei-chan is an Onee-chan? 」
「 Look, Agnes doesn’t think of Rei-chan as an Onee-chan. She thinks of you as the same, in the position that needs to be protected 」

Looking at Reika’s state so far, Agnes has no reason to think otherwise.

「 Rei-chan, which do you want to be, Agnes’ Onee-san, or do you want to stay as the same small child like Agnes? 」

I asked Reika.

「 Onee-san! I want to be her Onee-san! 」
「 Then you have to brace yourself and do your best 」

I said.

「 You’re right, Onii-chama 」

Reika resolved herself.

「 I’ll be an adult 」

The thread of Reika’s heart scattered around starts melts.

「 I’ll have sex with Onii-chama 」


  1. Karen and Tsukihi