Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 450. Gurogoda



「 I’ll have sex with Onii-chama 」

No, look here.
Reika tends to go for the extremes of the extreme.

「 Don’t force yourself 」

I tell Reika.

「 However, isn’t it the family’s rule to have sex with Onii-chama? 」

She shows a smile with no hesitation.

「 Then, I have to. I want to be her Onee-san after all 」

Reika looks at Agnes.

「 Right. You can only enter on that form. I agree too 」

Shou-oneesan tells Reika.
Then, she speaks to me too.

「 The person herself wants it so let her be 」


「 A short while ago, you mentioned that you want to have sex with me, right? 」

Reika asks me.
Yeah. Right, I did say that.

「 If those feelings haven’t changed, please embrace me 」


「 I want to use it as a chance to be reborn 」

I see.

「 Not now. Let’s do it at the mansion, where everyone’s watching. That is if Reika wants to do the ritual to be in our family 」

Reika should graduate from her virginity with her sister’s blessings.
That’s what I think.

「 Yes, please take care of me, Onii-chama 」

Reika bows her head.

「 I’ll be present too. I’m Fujimiya-san’s Onee-sama so leave the spiritual back-up to me 」

Shou-oneesan said.

「 Uhm, Shou-oneechama 」

Reika speaks bashfully

「 Hm, what? 」
「 Please call me Reika
「 Oh right. I get it. Reika 」

In the end, Reika’s mind is so stable from actually having an Onee-sama.
Or rather, Shou-oneesan’s “Onee-sama” power is impressive.
She’s been firm and composed all day.
She’s really a reliable “Onee-sama.”

「 Uhm, Shou-oneesama 」

Ruriko speaks.

「 Shou-oneesama, you’re free to stay with us anytime. That, Shou-oneesama needs some time to be alone with Onii-sama too, right? 」

Ruriko blushes.
She’s talking about time for our sex.

「 Thanks for your concern. But you see, when women get close to mid 20’s, they don’t flame up with desires or something. Preferably, I have to prepare a lot of things 」
「 Prepare? 」
「 For the time being, I’ll start with dieting. I’m embarrassed to show my naked body’s proportions to him right now 」


「 No, I don’t mind it. Shou-oneesan is very beautiful even now 」
「 Thank you, but I do care it! 」

Shou-oneesan laughs.

「 It’s a once in a lifetime chance you know? Furthermore, it’ll be a memory of a lifetime, so I don’t want to make it an unfortunate experience. I want to embrace you in my ideal proportions, ideal situation. I need a bit of time to prepare for that. There’s no need to rush at all! 」

Shou-oneesan’s really prepared and steady.

「 Yeah. I get it. I’ll do what Shou-oneesan wants 」
「 Obviously! If you don’t, Onee-chan will cry! 」

Shou-oneesan caresses my cheeks gently.

「 With that said, please give me grace time until summer 」
「 Summer? 」
「 I’ll take you to a wonderful place during summer vacation! 」

Oh, Shou-oneesan
She’s already decided the location to lose her virginity

「 Okay. But, before that 」
「 What? 」

Shou-oneesan looks at me curiously.

「 I want to hug Onee-chan 」
「 Sure 」

I put Agnes on the sofa and stand up.
Then, I hug Shou-oneesan with all my strength
Onee-san hugs me tightly too

「 Shou-oneesan 」
「 One more 」
「 Onee-chan 」
「 Yes, I’m your Onee-san 」

We kept hugging for around a whole minute.

「 Okay, that’s enough. Now, hug Reika 」
「 Sure 」

I face Reika.

「 Rei-chan, Rei-chan’s also my Onee-chan 」

I sort out our relationship before hugging.

「 Rei-chan, you’ll be Agnes, Mao-chan, and Mana’s Onee-san. Those girls are my family, so Rei-chan’s also my family. Therefore, Rei-chan and I are siblings 」
「 Yes. I am Onii-chama’s Onee-san, Onii-chama is family with Agnes, so you’ll be my brother, and family. We’re family, so I’ll have sex with Onii-chama. No, I swear to have sex with no man in this world but Onii-chama. I promise 」

Reika’s eyes are moist.

「 Are you sure about that? 」
「 Yes 」

We hug each other tightly
Then, Shou-oneesan hugs us two.

「 It’s okay. I’ll be with you! You can consult me about anything, okay, you two? 」
「 Yes, Onee-sama 」
「 Yeah, Shou-oneesan 」

The three of us finish our oath ceremony

「 What the hell is with you people, disgusting. You guys are idiots 」

Yukino said grumpily.

「 In the end, people who can’t even have proper love because they’re filled with faults gather together and lick each other’s wounds! 」


「 Yes, that’s right, now what? 」
「 It’s too disgusting. I can’t watch this! 」

Yukino screams.

「 Why don’t you get out then? The exit’s over there 」

Shou-oneesan smiles.

「 I’m not talking about that! 」
「 Then shut up! 」

Shou-oneesan rebukes.

「 You’ll never be our ally because of that kind of personality! 」
「 I don’t want to! I refuse to be allied with you people! 」
「 That’s why I’m telling you to get out!!! 」

Shou-oneesan said. Yukino’s discouraged.

「 You know that I have nowhere to go right?! 」
「 Yes, I do know that well. Also, you don’t have a place here 」

Shou-oneesan’s harsh with her words.

「 Don’t try to approach him familiarly. He won’t help you any longer 」
「 H-He will! Because he’s in love with me! He’s head over heels for me! That’s why I’ll be using him for the rest of his life!!! 」

Yukino screams like crazy.

「 Hmm. What part of you is he attracted then? 」

Shou-oneesan asks Yukino.

「 That’s! 」

No, I’m curious too.
Yukino, what do you think is the part of you I’m still head over heels for you?

「 My kindness? 」

Why are you ending it with a question mark?
Also, don’t look at me.
Don’t appeal to me with your eyes.

「 Also, my face. Look, I’m cute 」

She seems confident about that.
She declares puffing with pride.
She forgot that she’s wearing afro wig right now.

「 Then, I’ll ask you 」

Shou-oneesan looks at me.

「 What do you hate about Shirasaka Yukino-san? 」

I answered right away.

「 How she’s not kind to people 」

Yukino’s too selfish.
She just steps on the feelings of people around her.

「 What are you saying! I’m the one who’s always being so considerate of people! You know it don’t you?!! 」

I ignore Yukino’s protest.

「 Also, her hairstyle 」

Yukino snapped

「 What can a man like you know about my fashion sense!! 」

Oh right.
She’s a fashion-maniac right.
Yukino’s room is dirty with clothes and cosmetics flipped around.

「 Mirror 」

Agnes speaks up.

「 You better look at yourself in the mirror 」
「 You also want to make fun of me!!! 」

Yukino heats up even further.

「 Reika, take this girl to the toilet 」

Shou-oneesan instructs.

「 There’s also a change of clothes prepared 」
「 Roger, Onee-sama 」

Reika turns to Yukino.

「 Ah, Fujimiya-san, no, Rei-oneesama, here 」

Ruriko hands over the cane with both hands.

「 Thank you 」

Reika glares at Yukino.

「 W-What?! 」

Yukino’s frightened by Reika holding her cane.

「 Go to the toilet already, you get it don’t you? 」

She points the cane at Yukino.

「 Hey, that’s dangerous! 」

Looking at Yukino, Shou-oneesan;

「 Reika, if she keeps on blabbing then kill her 」

Yukino’s complexion changed.

「 To be clear, Shirasaka Yukino-san no longer has any worth 」

Shirasaka Sousuke’s already secured.
Shirasaka house is already submissive to Jii-chan.

「 I wonder if Ichikawa-san would be pleased if they were to discover your remains instead? They’re planning to send Yukino-san to a mental hospital so if she dies suspiciously, the future troubles would be gone, wouldn’t it? 」

Yukino drops heartbroken.
Then, she looked at me.

「 Say something. Help me out! 」

I don’t react.

「 What, didn’t you have a lot of sex with me! You felt good with me a lot, and now you’re taking that attitude?! 」

Yukino tries to change things even when I one-sidedly raped her.

「 You should be thankful to me!! 」

All our sex so far has Yukino serving me.
That’s why I must appreciate, must devote to her.
That’s what she’s convinced it is.
But that’s all a fabrication.
Reality is different

「 Hey, we’re going 」

Reika swings her stick.
Yukino’s frightened by the fast movement of the tip.

「 I-I get it 」

Yukino turned to me while on the way to the bathroom with Reika.

「 Traitor 」

No, I never betrayed Yukino.
Yukino’s an enemy from the start.
We lust for each other but, there was no affection nor friendship.

「 Even though I believed you 」

Yukino substitute the pleasures from our sexー
The experience of both of us cumming, as trust.
Yukino never had sex with anyone but me. She never came on anyone but me.
But, I
I have reached climax with other girls.
I know well that Yukino’s emotions to me are illusions.
That’s why I keep silence.
I don’t respond to Yukino.
I cannot answer.

「 There, there, you did well holding back! That’s great 」

When Yukino and Reika disappeared to the toilet, Shou-oneesan said then pat my head.
Shou-oneesan buries my face in her breasts.

「 Now then, why don’t we contact Kuromori-san while Shirasaka Yukino is gone? 」


「 She’s worried about you all 」

Oh right.
Minaho-neesan doesn’t know the truth about Reika’s kidnapping
Though, she shouldn’t know whether it’s serious or a farce.
Margo-san is blocking out Minaho-neesan from the information.

「 Wait for a second, I’ll contact her through Margo-san. If she hears your voice, she’ll surely feel relieved 」

Seki-san takes out her phone
At that time;

「 U-Uhm, Papa 」

Agnes speaks up suddenly.

「 Agnes will also have sex with Papa, desuno 」

I return to the sofa where Agnes sits.

「 Why so sudden, Agnes? 」

I asked, Agnes.

「 Sex is uhm, that, desuno? Isn’t it, desuno? 」

Agnes speaks somewhat excited.

「 A man and a woman, that, rubbing their crotch, putting in the peepee in the peehole 」
「 Yeah, well, right 」

Agnes has seen Shirasaka Sousuke’s sex videos repeatedly
She knows the act of sex.

「 Mana-oneechan did it with Papa. Ruri-oneechan too. Michi-oneechan and the other Onee-san did it all with Papa 」

I’ve been having sex in front of Agnes’ eyes in these past two days.

「 Then, Rei-chan also promised to do it with Papoa 」

Agnes is trying to perceive the situation now.

「 Then, Agnes will do it with Papa too 」
「 Agnes 」
「 Agnes doesn’t want to be left out! Agnes also wants to be like everyone!! 」

I hug Agnes.
Ruriko hugs from behind.

「 Yes, you’re right, let’s be together Agnes-chan! 」


「 Listen Agnes, tell me, What do you think of the man in the bronze statue above your room? 」

The statue is Shirasaka Sousuke
Agnes’s father and the man who kept Agnes confined.
He dreamt of raping his daughter.

「 The bronze Papan stands there all the time, but the real Papan only comes occasionally 」

Oh, Agnes;
She understands the difference between the statue and the real thing.

「 Papan said that he’d have sex with Agnes when she’s 13. I was told to watch Papan’s sex and study until then. He noted that it was Agnes’ fate 」

Agnes tells me.

「 Agnes cannot get out of that room forever. I won’t make friends. Agnes is Papan’s doll, so I have to wait for her and serve only him. That’s what he taught me all this time.


「 But, that’s wrong. Agnes met a lot of people. They came to Agnes’ room. Everyone is so kind to Agnes, Agnes was scared at the beginning. Agnes thought that if I get along with everyone, Papan will get angry and slap my butt 」

Tears accumulate in Agnes’ eyes.

「 But, Papan didn’t come. Papan never came to Agnes, then, Papa, Papa! 」

Her small hand clings to me.

「 Papa took Agnes out of that room. Agnes got out. Everything Papan said was all lies! It’s all lies!!! 」

The frozen time when she was trapped in by Shirasaka Sousuke melts.

「 Agnes doesn’t want to come back to that room anymore! I want to stay with everyone! I want to be with Papa! I want to! Therefore, Agnes will have sex with Papa! Not Papan. Agnes wants Papa! 」

She hugs me while crying out hot tears.

「 Yeah, right. Let’s stay together forever. Everyone, together. Everyone is Agnes’ family 」
「 Papaaaaaa!!! 」

I cuddle the crying Agnes.
This girl is my family.
To make her my family;
I will embrace Agnes.

◇ ◇ ◇

『 I see, did it go well? That’s great. Oh wait, I’ll give the phone to Minaho 』

I hear Margo-san’s voice from Shou-oneesan’s loudspeaker.
It seems that she’s gone to school after sending off Misuzu and Michi.
Now she seems to be in the monitoring room under the principal’s office with Minaho-neesan.

『 It’s Kuromori 』

Minaho-neesan’s voice is tired.

「 It’s Seki-san from Kouzuki security service 」

Shou-oneesan greets.

『 I’m sorry for the troubles this time 』
「 No, Fujimiya-san is also our guard, so Fujimiya-san’s trouble is our responsibility. I’m sorry 」
『 We have assumed that a problem would occur and yet I didn’t take any measures on my part. It’s my mistake 』

Minaho-neesan blames herself.

「 We won’t proceed with anything if we keep apologizing to each other Kuromori-sama, could we ignore this matter for now? 」

Shou-oneesan speaks to Minaho-neesan in a bright voice.

『 I’ll take up your offer. Then, what’s the subject? 』
「 Yes, Fujimiya-san will be backing me up in the future. I’ll take the role of an elder guardian she’s looking for, she has accepted it herself, so there’s no need to worry anymore 」
『 Sorry, usually, I should be doing that role and yet, 』

Minaho-neesan seems to regret since she’s supposed to support Reika as the head of Kuromori family.

「 Fujimiya is a guard. Since she’s a fighter, I think that I’m more suitable for the role than Kuromori-sama. I became her Onee-sama 」
『 Is that so? 』
「 I have adopted the concept of family from Kuromori-sama and everyone. Perhaps, we think that’s the most effective system! 」

Minaho-neesan reacts to what Shou-oneesan said.

『 We? 』
「 Yes, I’m aware that it might be rude, but I also wish to call Kuromori-sama as Onee-sama 」
『 Seki-san, do you also want to enter our family? 』
「 To be honest, I want to be his woman 」

Shou-oneesan winks at me.

「 I’m in love with him. Therefore, I want to accept all that he has 」
『 What did he say? 』

Minaho-neesan asks. Shou-oneesan laughs.

「 Kuromori-sama knows best what kind of person he is, don’t you? 」
『 If you desire him honestly then he will accept it honestly 』
「 Yes, he received me 」


『 If he accepts you then I have no objections. It’s better to have a lot of capable women surrounding him. However, try not to monopolize him as much a possible. Also, please be kind to your younger sisters as well. That’s all, my best regards 』
「 I’ll take it to my heart, Onee-sama 」

Minaho-neesan accepted Shou-oneesan.

「 Fujimiya, no, she’s already our little sister so I’ll call her Reika. Reika will have her position the same in Kouzuki security service and work as a full-time guard of Kuromori house. It would be much more convenient that way 」
『 I see, by the way, what do you intend to do Seki-san? 』
「 Please don’t call me Seki, Shou will do. Onee-sama 」
『 Then, Shou, which would you put relative weight on, Kouzuki security service or us? 』

Minaho-neesan asks, Shou-oneesan.

「 Being a guard is my lifework, and I cherish it. However, in case Kouzuki security service and Kuromori house become hostile, I will take Kuormori house’s side. I won’t lose my family even if I do lose my job 」
『 Are you sure with that/ 』
「 In the first place, that situation won’t come. I think you already know, but I will be responsible for the site of Kouzuki security service soon. I will become the representative of Kouzuki security service sooner or later. I will decide the management of the company. Kouzuki security service will never be hostile with Kuromori house. Instead, please think of Kouzuki security service as an affiliate company for Kuromori house 」
『 On the contrary, do we have to cooperate with Kouzuki security service? 』
「 We would be happy if you help but, that’s for Onee-sama to decide on a case basis. Onee-sama is the head of Kuromori house. So, I will obey your will 」
『 Okay, I believe in Shou 』

Adult conversations are scary.

『 Can I talk to him? 』
「 Okay 」

Shou-oneesan hands the phone to me.

「 Hello, Minaho-neesan? 」
『 I’m glad. You’re safe! 』

I hear Nee-san’s relief over the phone.

「 Yeah, thanks to Shou-oneesan 」
『 Fujimiya-san, no, what about Reika? 』
「 Oh, she’s monitoring Yukino per Shou-oneesan’s instructions. 」 She’s thoroughly depressed now I wonder if she’s okay 」
『 Sorry. I know about Reika-san’s mental state bursting out, but I left her to you 』
「 It’s fine. I know that Minaho-neesan’s busy 」
『 But, you weren’t able to control it right? That’s why Margo made this farce 』

Oh, she knows.
Well, it’s Minaho-neesan after all.

「 But, if we don’t let Rei-chan’s stress explode, then it would really just boil down, and it’ll become even horrible. Rei-chan’s deeply rooted so she does her best to the limit 」

It’s scary to think what she could destroy with her cane if we stretched her mind to the limit and it ruptured.

『 You’re right. It might’ve been good as a result 』
「 Besides, it was also great that we took Agnes out. Agnes made up her mind 」
『 Made up her mind? 』
「 Agnes, come here, report to Minaho-neesan 」

Agnes speaks to the phone.

「 It’s Agnes desuno. Hello, Onee-san 」
『 Yes, hello to you too 』

Minaho-neesan feels nervous from Agnes calling her Onee-san.

「 Agnes promised to have sex with Papa 」
「 Ah, Nee-san, by Papa she means me 」
「 Yes, I’ll have sex with Papa, I’ll do it as many times Papa wants!! 」


『 I see, I’m glad 』
「 Yeah, I’m also glad 」

I said.

「 Minaho-neesan’s sins got lighter! 」
『 ……!!! 』
「 Don’t worry. I won’t let Minaho-neesan carry the cross on her own!! 」