Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 457. Vivo



Shou-oneesan laughed.

「 That’s enough chit-chat, we’re here 」

Shou-oneesan stopped the car.
Oh, we’re already at the school gate.

「 T-Thanks 」

My head was filled with the matter about Yukino.

「 Also, about tomorrow 」

Shou-oneesan turns to me.

「 “Kakka” will attend the party at night 」


「 It’s a big party with a lot of valuable foreign guests so “Kakka” can’t be absent. Of course, nobles from each family will come too 」

She looks at me, smiling.

「 What does that mean? Shou-oneesan? 」
「 You wanted to know about it, right? 」

Oh, she knows.

「 I’m also troubled in the state right now 」

The world thinks that Jii-chan shuns Ruriko due to her father’s case.
That’s why he brought out the illegitimate daughter of his eldest son, Yoshiko-san.
The responsibility of being the daughter of Kouzuki house is too heavy for Yoshiko-san alone.
Above all, we don’t want the world to feel that there’s a crack between Ruriko and Jii-chan.
That’ll show up as an opportunity in the Kouzuki main house.
In that case, the branch families and other noble families would interfere in various ways.
I’m worried about Jii-chan who’s feeling down right now, but.
I’m more worried about Yoshiko-san.
Yoshiko-san doesn’t have the mental strength to carry the noble house.

「 Right. We have to show Jii-chan getting along with Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yoshiko-san to the public 」

I said.

「 I’m just a guard so I can’t take any action 」

Shou-oneesan looks into my eyes.

「 But, I’m one of your women, so I’ll do anything you ask for 」

This is a job for me.
This is a problem of the family.

「 You’ll show me your manliness, right? 」


「 Yeah, leave that to me 」

I promise Shou-oneesan

「 Good, do your best Man! Take care 」
「 I’m off 」

I get off the car.
Edie gets off too.

「 Thanks, Shou-oneesan 」
「 See you later then 」

Shou-oneesan drives the car, showing a refreshed smile.


The large burner high power car blows away from the main gate.

「 That’s a fantastic car, is she Yoshida’s acquaintance? 」
I hear a voice from behind.
Turning around, it’s my classmate, Tanaka.

「 Y-Yeah 」

I can’t speak out form surprise.

「 Yeah! 」

Tanaka thinks that my surprise was a greeting or something.

「 Then, Yoshida, the girl driving that was super beautiful, who is she? 」

Let’s see.

「 She’s an acquaintance, well, pretty much a relative 」

I’ll try to gloss it over for now.

「 Yours? 」

Tanaka looks at me doubtfully.

「 Yeah 」
「 Liar, you’re not 」

I’m awful at lying.

「 Err 」
「 She must be Yamamine-chan’s relative, right? She doesn’t have a hint of being your relative but, if it’s Yamamine-chan, they’ve got beauties 」

Tanaka nods at himself.
No, that’s fine, let’s have it like that.

「 You’re actually right 」
「 I knew it 」

Tanaka laughs.
I see. He knows that Megu and I are engaged.
He has faith that my relationship with Shou-oneesan isn’t anything shady.

「 Well fine, she’s an impressive beauty, but it’s a waste of time to talk about people who have gone by 」

I think so too.
Shou-oneesan’s going to pick up Misuzu and Michi, she won’t be coming back to the high school anytime soon.
Tanaka won’t meet her again probably.

「 Then, Yoshida, who’s this girl? 」

Tanaka points at Edie who’s climbing on the gate.

「 Edie, don’t climb there! 」

I shout, but Edie stands on the gate, smiling.

「 I told you to stop! Get down! 」

This time, she does a handstand.

「 Err, Tanaka, are you good at English? 」
「 Well, so-so 」

Tanaka looks at the blonde haired brown skinned, and blue-eyed girl.

「 Wait, that girl only talks in English? 」
「 I guarantee that. She’s American. She’s from New Orleans 」
「 Wow 」

Then, Tanaka suddenly points at Edie.

《 Hey, You!!! 》

He speaks in an intimidating tone.

《 Hey, Down!!Down!!! 》

His fingers repeatedly appeal to “get off there.”
Edie obediently came down.

「 Wow 」
「 English is about screaming. You can arrange the words properly then it’ll go through 」

Oh, he’s a capable

「 What’s her name 」
「 Edie 」

I answered. Tanaka looks at Edie.

《 Hallo MISS Edie.My Name Is TANAKA……I am a boy!!! 》

Ai amu a boi??????????!!!

《 YES……Sure. 》

Edie nods.

《 I am a Girl!!! 》
《 That’s right!!! 》

The two nod at each other.
What the hell is that?

「 Then, Yoshida, what’s her business? 」

Tanaka asks me.

「 She’s a transfer student, oh wait, an exchange student? Anyway, she’ll be enrolling to our school 」

That’s not a lie.
We’ve talked about it already.

「 Hmm, and so, why did you bring Edie-san? 」


「 Oh, what’s this? Isn’t this your work’s uniform? 」

Tanaka sees the logo at the back of Edie’s boiler suit and said.
Oh right, when we met at the train before;
I was wearing the boiler suit with Nagisa’s shop name on it.
Edie’s wearing the same thing now.

「 If I recall, it’s a flower shop? 」
「 Yeah. That’s right, this girl is supposed to homestay in the flower shop 」

It’s a forced reason, but I have to push through with this.

「 Then, they told me to show her the school 」
「 Hmm 」

Tanaka looks at me showing a face of doubt.

「 It’s true. There’s a lot of people on vacation so she wondered if she can look around 」

Edie laughs as she looks at the confused me.

「 Well okay, let’s go then, Yoshida 」

Tanaka said.

「 Where? 」
「 You’re going to show her the school right? 」
「 You’re coming too? 」
「 Obviously, Yoshida’s English won’t do 」

No, your English either.
Didn’t you just say ai amu a boi?

「 We’re going 」

I guess.
He’s got the qualities of a leader, and also a nice guy.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Speaking of which, why did you come to school, Tanaka? If you have a business, then let’s do that first 」
「 No, it’s done now, I’m just about to leave 」

Tanaka smiles.

「 We only have a meeting for our club activity today 」
「 Oh, I see 」

Edie is following behind us.
She looks around the school interestingly.

「 Then, where are you going Yoshida? 」
「 Huh? Oh, on the track and field club 」

I answered.

「 Oh right. Yamamine-chan’s there, she seems that she’ll be able to speak in English 」

Tanaka consents arbitrarily

「 Funfunfun! Funfunfun! 」

Ah, Edie’s excited about something again.
When I turned around.

「 Vending machine? Are you curious about this? 」

She’s squatting in front of the vending machine.
Then, she looks at me with puppy-dog-eyes.

「 I get it. Buy something 」

I take out a coin from my pocket.

「 What’s up? 」
「 She seems to be curious about vending machines. There’s not much of it in America 」
「 Oh 」

Edie throws in the coin I gave her.

『 Welcome! Please pick which would you like to buy! 』

The vending machine talked.

「 Ushaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 」

Edie jumped away from the vending machine like a cat.

「 Edie, don’t be scared, it’s okay! 」

I shout but, Edie’s frightened by the vending machine.

「 Tanaka, what should I say at times like this? 」
「 There’s no way I would know, Yoshida 」

Y-You’re so unreliable, really.

《 Don’t worry!!! 》

A bright voice is raised on us.

「 Ufufufu, you seem to need my help! Yo-chan! 」

Nei comes in.

「 Yoshida, who’s this senior? 」


「 No, you know him too Tanaka 」

Nei broke into our class.

「 No, I don’t know such a beauty 」

Meanwhile, Nei talks to Edie in fluent English.
Edie calms down and walks towards the talking vending machine.

「 No you do, that’s Natou Senpai 」

Hearing my response, Tanaka;

「 N-No way?! 」

Nei turns to us smiling.

「 Yes way, it’s me. ME. Natou Nei-chan~ 」


「 But, the hair 」

Oh, right.
Tanaka didn’t know that Nei stopped coloring her hair blonde.

「 If you say Natou-senpai then it’s the blonde who’s always skipping classes on the roof! 」

Nei before has the image of a delinquent girl.

「 Ah, my hair? Yo-chan said that he prefers black than blonde, so I changed it! Right, Yo-chan?! 」

Nei happily smiles.

「 Yo-chan fixed me! I’m grateful! Hehehe!! 」

Nei, you laugh too much.

「 How about that, convinced/ 」

Nei smiled, Tanaka;

「 No, it’s just that, you’ve become even more beautiful 」
「 Shut up! I’m always beautiful! 」

Nei gets angry.

「 No, no, Nee-san, black hair really suits you, so your beauty has tripled! 」

I follow up with all my best.
Actually, the blonde hair suits her too. Or should I say that it suits her too much that the dreadfulness of being a delinquent overflow.
It’s beautiful, but it has a cold and scary impression.
But when she returned it to black;
The warm, gentle and bright heart of Nei shows up directly

「 Thanks! Yo-chan! 」

Nei’s smiling face returned when I said that.

「 Then, let’s go! 」

Nei calls Edie.
Edie takes a drink from the canned juice she bought then frowned.

「 What’s that? 」
「 Let’s see, it seems that the drink was sourer than she thought 」

Nei explains.

「 Ugh, that’s! 」

Tanaka looks at the can Edie’s holding then makes a fuss.

「 Do you know that Tanaka? 」
「 To think that Shiitake Yogurt Drink exists! 」

Shiitake Yogurt?

「 You see, that vending machine has a “?” button, it’s a button where you don’t know what will come out. It has unsold cheap canned juice or anything random, but, I never thought that I’d see the real Shiitake Yogurt Drink 」
「 Edie, let me have it for a second! 」

Nei takes a drink.

「 How’s it, Nee-san? 」
「 Hmm, it tastes like WEILI 」1

Nei looks at me with a sour face.

「 Nee-san, what’s a WEILI? 」
「 The only thing more delicious than Weili is Weili itself!! 」

Nei, that’s not an answer.

「 Well, anyway, try drinking it Yo-chan 」

She hands me the can.
I drink from it.
Right, this is very unappetizing.

「 Then, let me take a drink too 」

Tanaka tries to take the can, but

「 Not you! 」

Nei stops him.

「 If you drink from it then it’ll be an indirect kiss! 」
「 But didn’t Yoshida drank from it just now? 」
「 Yo-chan’s fine, but you’re not! 」

Tanaka stares at Nei and me.

「 Uhm, I’m sorry to ask but, what is Natou-senpai and Yoshida’s relationship? 」

Then, he glares at me.

「 You call Senpai “Nee-san” 」

T-This is bad.

「 I am. I’m Yo-chan’s Onee-chan! 」

Nei suddenly answered.

「 Huh? 」
「As I said, we’re siblings! I’m the Onee-chan, and Yo-chan is the Otouto! 」

Nei said. Tanaka compares our faces.
Nei’s an absolute beauty.
On the other hand, I’m just average.

「 You two don’t look alike 」

Tanaka said, Nei;

「 I didn’t mean it like that 」
「 No senpai, you’re not Yukio! 」

Tanaka still keeps on asking.

「 I won’t say anything further! It’s our secret after all, right, Yo-chan?! 」
「 Do something about it! 」
「 No, no, outsiders can’t learn our secret! That’s our Klingon’s rule! 」

What’s Klingon?

「 Anyway, let’s have Edie take responsibility and drink all of this unpleasant drink! She’s the one who bought it 」

Nei returns the can to Edie and says something in English.
Edie looks gloomy, but she agreed.
She resolved herself and drank it all at once.

「 Ngu, ngu, nku, puhaaa!! 」
「 Oh, that’s great, Yo-chan, give her a clap1 」

Oh right.
I give her an applause.
Did the drink enter her air duct? Edie’s sneezing so loudly

「 Hey, buy something to remove the bad taste. What do you want to drink? 」

I take out coins from my pocket.

「 Yo-chan, don’t spoil her 」
「 But Nee-san, isn’t it pitiful to leave a bad taste in her mouth? 」
「 I guess 」

Nei stands in front of the vending machine and explains the contents of each drink to Edie.
Edie chose mineral water.

Click, roll.

She takes out the bottle and before she puts it in her mouth;

《 STOP! 》

Nei stops her.
Then, she tells Edie something.
Edie looks at me, then;

《 Thank you 》

She thanked me.

《 O.K. Edie! 》

Edie opens the lid and drinks the water.

「 She’ll become a rude girl if we don’t train her properly 」

Nei feels Edie as her own sister too.

「 You’re right, Nee-san 」

Tanaka who’s looking at us;

「 I don’t get it, but anyway, I understand that Senpai and Yoshida are siblings 」


「 You guys feel very natural 」

Nei and I look at each other.

「 I don’t know what reason it may be but, it feels natural that I can’t think of it anything but family 」

Is that so?

「 If it were a complete stranger, facing a beauty like Natou-senpai would make one nervous. It’s impossible for you to loosen up your shoulders. You won’t be talking to Natou-senpai this familiar 」

Tanaka said.

「 Huh, aren’t you saying something great! What’s your name again? 」

Nei’s pleased.

「 I’m Tanaka, Yoshida’s classmate 」
「 Good, I’ll treat you a juice! 」

Nei puts in a coin in the vending machine.

「 T-Thank you! 」
「 However, I’ll let God decide which drink you’ll have! 」

Then, Nei presses the “?” button.


「 Ufufu1 What’s coming out?! What could it be? 」

Nei picks up the can while singing.

「 Congratulations! It’s Shiitake Yogurt! 」

She hands the yellow can to Tanaka.

「 Drink to your heart’s content!! 」

Tanaka sighed then opens the can.
Then, he drinks it in one go!

「 Guge, gegebo!! 」

He desperately swallows the ultimate masochistic drink.

「 Kukakakakaka!! 」

Edie laughs as she looks at Tanaka.
Tanaka lets go of the can.

「 Gepuu, that’s really bad. So unpleasant. This is too bad! But Natou-senpai bought it for me 」

Tanaka, you

「 I can’t be a man if I don’t drink this to the last drop!! 」

He then drinks the juice, half-crying to the end.

「 I’m a man! 」

Tanaka says while dripping tears and runny nose.


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