Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 463. Fighting spirit generation



「Un, it’s getting erect Onii-chan」

When we’re done talking, Mana hugs me in the bathtub again.
She’s stroking my glans with her white fingers.

「Well, of course, it would get erect」

There’s a naked 14-year-old girl right next to me.
There are four naked beauties in the washing area.
Unlike the enormous breasts of Katsuko-nee, Nagisa and Nei; Misuzu, Ruriko, Megu, and Mana are all somewhat small, but they’ve got an excellent shape.
Although, they’re all still growing, so it has the potential to grow bigger than they are now.
Speaking of growing, Michi’s the only one who’s flat.
But that feels comfortable to touch.
I feel some bulge under her skin trying to grow.
It’s a sensation I only know, realizing it from the first touch.

「It would be rude to not get erect even though there are so many beautiful girls around me」

I mutter.

「I’m also very wet!」

Michi who’s done washing comes to me like a puppy.

「Whenever Master is nearby, I am always in heat」


「Never mind that, get in. Sit next to me」
「Excuse me then」

Michi comes to the tub
As expected of a warrior girl, she enters silently
Oh, I can see Michi’s pink slit in front of me.
It’s undoubtedly wet with something different from water.


Mana is on my right side.
Michi sticks to my left side.
Michi’s’ skin is white.
Her flat chest rubs against my arm.

「Michi-chan, don’t overdo the lewd stuff」

Megu joins in.

「You were just scolded earlier, weren’t you?」

Megu smiles kindly.

「I’m sorry」

Michi tries to get away from me shyly.

「No, it’s okay, stay here」

I hug Michi

「I can’t have sex for now so I’ll just give you a hug」
「When you’re sad and want some physical contact then come to me」

I smile at Michi and hug her waist.

「I know that Michi actually wants to be spoiled」
「Thank you very much」

Michi kisses my cheek.

「If so, Onii-sama, Ruriko’s also spoiled」

Ruriko comes in the tub too.

「Yes, I know」

Mana smiles and opens up space on my side.

「Thank you, Mana-san」

Ruriko thanked Mana and sits next to me.

「Ufufu, Onii-sama. There’s sweat on your nose」

Ruriko licks the sweat bead on my nose.

「It’s sour」
「Huh, shouldn’t it be salty?」
「No,, it tastes like lemon」

Ruriko smiles.

「It tastes the same when I kiss Onii-sama」

Saying that; she kisses my lips.

「I’m right, it’s sour!」

I also tasted it sour.
Oh, this is definitely ‘love.’
I really feel that I love Ruriko.

「My my, that’s great, Ruriko」

Lastly, Misuzu enters the bathtub.
I’m bathing with five of my women.

「Yes, Misuzu-oneesama, I’m thrilled 」

Ruriko takes my hand from the warm water and lays her hand on top of it.

「Is it really okay for me to be this happy?」


「It’s okay, people are born to be happy」

Megu said.

「But in exchange, it’ll be hard to keep this kind of happiness forever. You must make a hard effort to stay happy」
「Yes, Megu-oneesama」

Ruriko nods at what Megu said.

「That’s right. This kind of happiness isn’t our goal. There are more ahead of this」
「Yes. Let’s do our best, Ruriko」

Misuzu smiles at Ruriko

「Megumi-san, Mana-san, Ruriko, Michi, and I, cannot offer to protect what will happen later. But, we’ll support you」

They give their cheer for Megu and Mana, the actors of the ritual.

「Onii-sama, Nagisa-oneesama has instructed me to take care of Mao-chan for the duration until it ends」

Ruriko said.

「Yeah. Thanks. Nagisa is also one of the people who had their destiny messed up because of Shirasaka Sousuke, so I think she’ll want to witness the ritual. But, this isn’t something we can never show Mao-chan so, Ruriko, take care of her」

To tell the truth, I don’t want Ruriko to see it either.
I don’t want Ruriko’s world to be muddled because of what’s called “revenge.”
Therefore, I think Nagisa’s instructions are right.

「Yes, Master?」

Michi who’s enchanted with the warm water returned to her warrior’s face right away.

「I want you to go to school and watch over Edie」
「Am I leaving Master’s side?」

Michi speaks in displeasure.

「Edie’s held by Miss Cordelia and the two over there. Kyouko-san, Margo-san, need to be with Minaho-neesan. Isn’t it a bit worrying?」

Edie’s not good at dealing with Miss Cordelia.

「Therefore, I want you to go there. Please」


「For me to be not by Master’s side in this situation」
「Michi. Do you want to be spanked again?」

Misuzu holds Michi back.

「If Master’s going to spank with me then I’d be glad to」

Michi raises her cute little ass out of the water and turns it to me.

「Geez, butt spanking isn’t a reward!」

Misuzu scolds Michi.
What a masochist.

「Michi, go there for me」

I said.

「For Master?」
「Yeah, Edie is our cherished family, right? It’s possible that Miss Cordelia may want to take back Edie on this occassion」

Michi looks at me.

「I’m sure Michi will be fine. Michi has Kudou style ancient martial arts “Shingetsu” No matter what Miss Cordelia works with, you have the strength to repel them away. Isn’t that right?」
「Edie’s a straightforward girl so if ever Miss Cordelia tries to do something, she’ll fight back straightforwardly. That’s not good. That’s why I want Michi to watch over her」


「I understand. I’ll endeavor to meet Master’s expectations」


「I also want Master to ravish Edie together with me soon」


「I think that we can enjoy tremendous pleasure if we have sex with three people while connected by Shingetsu’s spiritual link」

Michi, what are you thinking?
Err, currently, Michi’s pleasure is transmitted to Edie.
Does Michi want to receive pleasure from Edie too?
Or does she want to feel a counter-current of my pleasure?

「In my expectations, we three should reach a perfected pleasure. First, simultaneously attacking Edie and me, and if this succeeds, I’m thinking of having Misuzu-sama join in as well」


「Thank you Michi, I’m looking forward to it」

Misuzu said with a smile.
Well, okay.
Let’s keep Michi away from the revenge scene for the time being.
After talking a lot, Edie, Ruriko, And Michi are girls similarly too upfront and honest girls.
I don’t want them to feel any of the evil from the man named Shirasaka Sousuke.
That person’s heart is too distorted.

「Danna-sama, I will stay by your side」

Misuzu gets ahead of me.

「Misuzu, it’s okay to watch, but I’d like you to do it behind the monitors」

I said.

「I don’t want you to enter the venue of the ritual」

Misuzu asks me.

「Tonight’s ritual is for the women who Shirasaka Sousuke made experience various things」

Those kidnapped, turned to a prostitute, had their family killed.

「I think that Misuzu shouldn’t be present in that scene」
「However, Nei-oneesama, Margo-oneesama, and Kyouko-sama are going to watch?」
「Yeah, that’s inevitable. The elder sisters need to stay」
「Then, Misuzu too!」
「No, no! That’s not it!」

I speak to Misuzu with a smile.

「I’ve met Minaho-neesan recently but you see, It’s been sixteen years since Shirasaka Sousuke kidnapped, raped, and turned Minaho-neesan to a prostitute. She hates Shirasaka Sousuke for all those time. During that time, she saw a lot of women, including her own sister poisoned by Shirasaka Sousuke all the time」


「This isn’t some half-baked hatred. Minaho-neesan now is so unstable that her heart might explode. But, Katsuko-nee and Nagisa are the same. Mionaho-neesan is the most unstable, so she has to hold down the hatred inside of her but, actually, even the two of them are about to burst out too」
「I think so too. I’m also the same after all」

Megu said.

「I tried to concentrate on my club activities for today, but I really wasn’t able to do so today. Therefore, I had to leave early」

Megu lost her mother.
No, in the first place, Megu’s a girl born surrounded by the prostitutes of this house.
She’s a heaven-sent child among Shirasaka Sousuke’s evildoings.

「I calmed down a bit when Yoshi-kun came to pick me up, and Edie went berserk, but actually, My heart’s beating so fast since then」

Megu holds down her breasts tightly.

「I don’t know how much I am saved taking a bath with everyone like this. I think if I had a shower alone, I’d be crying. Because our enemy’s finally going to break down. We’ll realize our revenge on that person!」


「Come here, Megu」

Ruriko and Michi who’s on my sides opened up space.
I hug Megu who’s naked body is standing on its knees in the warm water.

「Oh, I feel relieved when Yoshi-kun embraces me」
「Megu’s heart really beats so fast」

Megu forced a smile.

「I’m in such a state, so I need Kyouko-san, Margo-san, and Nei-oneesan in there. Only they can support Minaho-san and Katsuko-oneesan and the others」

Minaho-neesan and everyone had been searching for it for years, without those three;

「I understand it too」

Mana speaks up.

「For me, he’s only the bad guy who broke down Maika-san’s family」


「Or should I say that he’s only doing everything he wants, making so many children, not thinking about his house nor family, I hate him」

I give Mana a hug too.

「I’m delighted I became Onii-chan’s slave. If not, I would’ve committed suicide on this reality!」

Mana clings to me.

「Even we are like this, that’s why I think that Minaho-san and everyone needs support」

Megu tells Misuzu.

「Then, I’m really sorry Misuzu-san, but please leave the support for the elder ladies」

I can’t say that Misuzu has no strength to take care of others.
But that’s not the point.
Depending on the situation today
Depending on the progress of the revenge
I think that Misuzu will fall to panic if she’s on the scene.
Shirasaka Sousuke is a real degenerate, a madman.
If she stays in the same room as that man, she might feel dragged by his evilness.
Besides, Minaho-neesan’s hate is too much that the possibility of killing Shirasaka Sousuke hasn’t disappeared yet.

「I understand. You’re right. I’ll watch from the outside」

Misuzu agrees.

「Hearing from what Danna-sama said, It seems that people who watch from the outside objectively are necessary」


「But in exchange, if anything abnormal happens, please give me the authority to stop the ritual」


「I’m worried about Danna-sama」

About me?

「Danna-sama will be the one to realize the crucible of hatred in that ritual」

I forgot.
My spirit might be in the most danger.
I would rape Shirasaka Sousuke’s four daughters
Surrounded by such people burning in hatred.
I might go mad from it.

「Therefore, I will watch from the outside」

Misuzu said.

「But, would Minaho-neesan allow that?」
「I will fall on my knees and beg for it. It’ll be a disaster if Danna-sama’s heart breaks」
「I’ll also ask Minaho-neesan 」

At the moment Megu said that.

『I understand. I’ll allow you to stop the ritual only when you judge that his mental condition is becoming dangerous』

A voice comes from the speaker in the ceiling.
I knew that Minaho-neesan’s listening to our conversation.

『However, Misuzu-san won’t take that role alone』


『I’ll ask you and Seki-san to watch from the outside』

Oh, Shou-oneesan too?

『This will be only for his mental health. As for us, leave it to Margo-sama and Kyouko-san who’s in the venue. Okay?』

Misuzu promises as she faces the ceiling.

「Hey, What about Rei-chan?」

Mana asks.

『Fujimiya-san will take care of Mao-chan along with Ruriko-san』

Minaho-neesan answered.,

「Yeah, I think that’s good. Rei-chan is too straightforward after all」

I answered

◇ ◇ ◇

We step out of the bath.
Because they know that it’ll be hard later, my women didn’t depend on me for their underwear.
Each wears their own clothes.

「It’s been a while since I wore this」

Mana puts on her middle school uniform.

「I think this will be the last one too」

Mana looks at me.

「Onii-chan, tear it apart okay?」

I replied.
Right, Mana’s wearing the clothes to be raped later.
On the other hand, Megu.
Megu’s also wearing her high school uniform?

「Yoshi-kun, it’s also okay to tear this apart okay, Yoshi-kun?」


「That kind of method resembles Shirasaka Sousuke-san」

Oh, Shirasaka Sousuke was planning to rob away Megu’s virginity himself before making her a prostitute.
That plan was written in secret, right.

「Wearing this clothes will be an exact match for it, right?」
「Yeah, Megu」

Somehow, it seems that they’re getting crazy though they can’t tell everyone.
Shirasaka Sousuke wishes to rape his daughter after all.
On the other hand, Misuzu and Michi are wearing their usual uniform too.
Ruriko’s on her usual micro bikini and boiler suit.
Then I;

「Is this a gown?」

There’s only one white gown in my change of clothes.
There’s not even a brief inside.

「Yeah, Nagisa-san said that it’ll do」

Mana said.

「Onii-chan’s going to act like an AV actor later. Wearing that would make it easier」


「They said that there’s a famous AV actor wearing gowns or something」

I see now.

「But look at this Mana, there’s something written on the back of the gown.」

I spread the gown, and there’s something written in black marker.

「Fighting Spirit????」
「Ah, Nei-oneechan wrote this when Nagisa-oneechan took out the gown」

Nei did?

「This should be funny」

Nei’s right.
If we do the revenge deadly serious, they’ll only boil down.
It won’t go down if you put some laughs on it.
As expected of her.


Then, the person herself shows up in the dressing room unexpectedly.

「Yikes that surprised me!」
「What now?! Don’t go say that you got surprised as you look at my face!」

Nei gets mad.

「No, I was just thinking about Nee-san just now then you suddenly appeared」
「Huh? You’re thinking about me?! Then I forgive you!」

Nei smiles.

「So, what’s up?」
「Ah, Sensei calls, come」

Minaho-neesan did?

「Err, also, Megumi, Misuzu, and Michi too」

Nei grins

「Yes, we’re going to threaten that girl」

“That girl.”
In short, Yukino

「If that’s the case then Mana’s going too」

Mana said.

「No, no, this will be the final negotiation. If Mana’s there, she’ll just be conceited」

Nei said.
Yukino thinks that Mana’s still her sister. A relative.
That’s why, when she looks at Mana, she always shows a scoffing attitude and reorganizes her head.

「Is it okay for me to be there?」

Yukino’s looking down on me too.

「Sensei will do all the negotiations, Yo-chan can just sit in silence. We would like her to feel despair that even Yo-chan cannot do anything to her anymore」

Then I guess that’s fine.

「Err, Michi?」

Nei looks at Michi

「Yes, what is it?」
「Do you feel a bit angry because you’ll be away from the ritual?」

Nei’s also watching us as we take a bath.

「I see. Then, you can blow away all of those feelings to that girl okay?!」


「We’ll be using all the cards we can for the final negotiation」

Nei looks at Misuzu.

「Misuzu will be the symbol of authority. She’ll speak for the head of Kouzuki house」

Misuzu answers

「Yeah, Misuzu has to get used to this kind of carnage soon」


「Uhm, what about me?」

Ruriko asks.

「You’re the opposite of Misuzu. You must not stand in the scene of carnage at all!」


「Ruriko has to stay as the beautiful princess forever, you mustn’t get your hands dirty. We’ll do all that kind of work, this is Sensei’s idea! It’s not bad, don’t you think Misuzu?」

Nei looks at Misuzu.

「Oh, I see」

Misuzu understands immediately

「I agree, it is as you say」

Misuzu smiles at Nei.

「Please wait a moment. I will work even if I defile my hands too. I mustn’t be treated specially」

Ruriko protests strongly

「That’s not it, change how you think about it Ruriko」

Nei said.

「Never dirtying your hands is one way of doing it too. You need to prepare yourself for it」

Ruriko’s surprised.

「Ruriko and I are the two daughters of Kouzuki house in our family」

Misuzu speaks to Ruriko.

「Then, it would be meaningless if we’re doing the same thing, that is what Nei-oneesama is saying」

It’s meaningless if they do the same thing.

「I’m better suited practical business than Ruriko. I’m two years older than you. Therefore, I’d like Ruriko to play the princess part. That suits you better」
「I’m the princess?」

Ruriko speaks in displeasure.

「You don’t get it? Ruriko and I are assumed to take over Grandfather and become the head of Kouzuki family, right? Then, I will be the head of business, and Ruriko will be the princess」


「The problem of Kouzuki house is that the branch family and the executives are at discord, aren’t they? Grandfather’s holding them down with his charisma for now but, we don’t know what will happen in the future」

Misuzu explains.

「Therefore, we’ll divide the position of the head to two. It’ll be you and me」

Misuzu and Ruriko.

「Still, some will create factions for Onee-sama and me without our permission and cause trouble」
「It’s okay. Ruriko and I are connected with the underground society!」

Misuzu smiles at the worried Ruriko.

「What’s essential is that the others can see that Ruriko’s the princess and I’m the person in the business. Do you get it? If we both become princesses, then the branch families and the executives will do as they wish. It’s not okay for the two of us to be the business heads too. In that case, each faction would solidify itself, and it’ll be an internal conflict」

I see.

「The best way would when Kouzuki group’s members try to impose their selfish opinions, the head of business I will say yes but ask what Ruriko thinks about it, and then Ruriko as the princess will say “I do not understand this so please ask Misuzu-sama.” By taking a respective position, we two can adjust the people in the group」
「I see」

Ruriko nods.
No, that’s not actually the case.
Ruriko’s born as an Ojou-sama.
Jii-chan isolated her from the enemies and from the world.
That’s why we will protect her.
If she forcibly socialized with the world, Ruriko will wither.
Flowers that grew up in a greenhouse must not be put out in the cold.
We’ll be Ruriko’s greenhouse.
Beautiful flowers must be placed in the most beautiful and blooming environment.

「Well, let’s have that some other time! Ruriko, go to the cafeteria, Mao-chan’s about to wake up soon I think」

Nei smiles.


But still, worrying about Ruriko
Minaho-neesan’s mind has recovered greatly

「Let’s go! Yo-chan!」