Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 464. The end of long love.



We leave the bathroom and walk down the hallway.
Yukino’s confinement room is on the right.
Agnes and Mao-chan are taking a nap on the cafeteria on the left.

「 Then, Ruriko and I will head to the cafeteria! 」

Nei said.
Katsuko-nee, the housemaker of the mansion is still in school, preparing for Shirasaka Sousuke’s transport
Margo-san and Kyouko-san are in school too
Minaho-neesan’s about to threaten Yukino.
In that case, Nei who’s acquainted with the management system of this mansion has to go.
Nagisa knows the basics, but Nagisa lives apart from the mansion now so she might not understand some of it.
If I recall, it’s possible to operate remotely from the school side but, there’s nobody free over there either.

「 Ruriko, I’m relying on you 」

I first talk to Ruriko.

「 Yes, please leave it to me 」
「 It’s okay! I’m with her too! 」

Nei puffs her chest as she tells me.

「 Mana’s fine too. I’ll be looking after Agnes-chan 」

Mana forced a smile.
She correctly understands the reason why she’s removed from the negotiation with Yukino.

「 Therefore, please be tight with her 」

Mana speaks like she’s accepted it.
Are we going to dispose of Yukino? Or are we going to save her?

「 Yeah. It won’t go wrong. I promise that, let’s go 」

I promised Mana, then turned to Misuzu, Michi, and Megu
The three nods and follow behind me.

「 Sorry, we’re late 」

Minaho-neesan’s already in front of the reception room.

「 It’s fine. I know that you were taking a bath 」

Minaho-neesan was listening to our conversation in the bathroom.

「 Now then, let’s confirm everything before we see her. You must never talk to Yukino-san unless I allow it 」
「 I know, Minaho-neesan 」

Yukino will rely on me anyway.

「 there’s no need to do any strange little play, just listen like normal. That’s way more effective
「 Why?

Shouldn’t I go push pressure on Yukino?

「 Everything shows out in your face. That’s why it’s better if you keep it normal. That way, it’ll tell her that we’re serious 」

Minaho-neesan’s serious.

「 I think you’re already aware, but this will be the final negotiation. Depending on the result, I will kill Yukino-san. I won’t hesitate.

Minaho-neesan stares at me.

「 Yeah, I know

I’ve seen Shirasaka Sousuke exhausted enough to look like an old man.
Minaho-neesan’s hatred is too deep. Too strong.
She’s ready to kill people for it.
This is an act of revenge she’s refined for many years.

「 You girls stay silent too as long as I don’t ask you 」

Minaho-neesan tells Misuzu and the girls.

「 Is that okay? 」

The three nod silently
Everyone’s nervous.
What’s about to start is a meeting that would decide the life or death of Shirasaka Yukino.

「 Well then, let’s begin 」

Minaho-neesan unlocks the door and opens it.

◇ ◇ ◇


Minaho-neesan enters Yukino’s reception room without even a knock.
We also follow her inside.

「 Oh, you seem healthy 」

Minaho-neesan tells Yukino.
Yukino’s cheeks are filled with Umaibo
She’s drinking a lot of water bottles.
Umaibo packaging is scattered around the floor.
She doesn’t seem to be interested in throwing them in a trash can.
Is she purposely making the room dirty to express her resistance against us?

「 Is there no sweet corn flavor at least? 」

Yukino said while she digs the residue of the umaibo stick on the back of her teeth with her index finger.

「 It’s all natto flavor, natto flavor, and natto flavor, I’m tired of natto flavor already!! I feel like I’m the princess of natto village already!!! 」

Oh, she doesn’t understand her position as usual.

「 In the first place, this gets me thirsty, is there anything else I can eat?! 」

It’s inevitable.
Yukino’s an idiot.

「 Michi-san, close the door 」

Minaho-neesan tells Michi

「 Certainly 」

Michi closes the door.
Minaho-neesan picks a small box from her pocket then presses the switch.


The door locks once again.

「 It’s an electronic key. It won’t open unless I do 」

Minaho-neesan stores away the key box.

「 Misuzu-san, Megumi-san, take a seat over there. You go there. Michi-san you’ll be guarding so I’m sorry, but please stay standing 」

Everyone sits on the sofa on the other side where Yukino’s seated per her instructions.
I’m on Minaho-neesan’s right side.
Misuzu and Megu are on the left.

「 Then, what’s your business? 」

Yukino opens another umaibo package and asks Minaho-neesan while eating.

「 Yes, we would like to discuss on what should we do with you in the future 」

Minaho-neesan chuckles.

「 My future? 」

Yukino said while eating.
Oh, she’s pretending to be, but she’s frightened inside.
That’s why she keeps on eating.
She does it to relieve her tension.
Yukino’s been bad at confronting Minaho-neesan directly, always.

「 Or should I say that to be specific, we would like to hear your request 」

Minaho-neesan uses the first card.

「 I see, my request is! 」

Minaho-neesan stops Yukino’s speech halfway.

「 We’re wondering on how to handle your body after death! 」

Yukino becomes speechless.

「 Do you want to be in Shirasaka clan’s grave? Or do you want to be thrown in an ocean somewhere? It’s really troublesome if we don’t ask you while you’re alive 」

The half-eaten umaibo on Yukino’s hand fell.

「 Y-You’re going to kill me? 」
「 Oh, did I plan otherwise? 」

Minaho-neesan smiles.

「 But, aren’t you letting me give birth to his child? 」
「 Oh, Maika-san will do that instead. That girl’s a tough one, to think that she’ll be a mother while still in middle school age 」

Actually, Mana’s forbidden to be pregnant until adulthood.
But, Yukino doesn’t know that.

「 At first, I planned to kill off Maika-san. But that girl prostrated herself, begging to become his sex slave, so I let her live 」

Oh, I see Minaho-neesan’s aim.
Minaho-neesan’s deliberately talking on Yukino’s level.
Not with the truth;
But making Yukino believe what she says.

「 Speaking of which, Yukino-san wasn’t able to have sex with him a hundred times, Am I wrong? 」

That’s right. That was the first agreement.

「 Maika-san already passed over a hundred times. He kept raping her since the day before yesterday and last night. Her mouth, pussy, even her anus; Now, she’s a splendid sex slave. Her body can’t think of anything but to serve him 」

Minaho-neesan laughs.
Yukino trembles.
She thinks that Minaho-neesan can do that.

「 Maika-san’s always fighting back when she’s talking to you, right? That girl’s smart, unlike Yukino-san. If she acts like she’s siding with you even for a slight bit, she knows that we’ll kill her too 」
「 This is cruel. You people are demons! 」

Yukino believed that.

「 The demon here is your father. We’ll do anything just to achieve our revenge on that man 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 I have nothing to do with that! 」
「 You do, you’re Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter 」
「 I’m just his daughter! I didn’t do anything wrong to you people! 」

Yukino cries.

「 I’ve also thought of that so many times while your father rapes and hurts me 」
「 I didn’t know anything about that! 」
「 It’s better if you don’t. Either way, you’ll die, Yukino-san right in front of Shirasaka Sousuke 」

Minaho-neesan overwhelms Yukino.

「 Earlier, your father said the same thing, he was crying when he said “I beg you, please spare Yukino. I don’t care whatever happens to me” 」

That’s a lie.
Shirasaka Sousuke abandoned Maika.
The reason for not taking off guards on Yukino was because Shirasaka Moritsugu liked her.
That father didn’t say anything about the safety of his family.

「 That’s when I decided. I will kill you in front of that man’s eyes. There’s no better revenge than that, is there? 」
「 W-Why?! 」

Yukino’s on the verge of panic.

「 Why you ask? Shirasaka Sousuke killed my sister. The children in our stomachs too. There won’t be any balance unless Yukino-san dies for him 」

Minaho-neesan speaks in a low voice.

「 N-No way 」

Yukino looks at me.
I averted my eyes.

「 It’s useless to ask for his help, not even him can stop this revenge. I’m not the only one who hates Shirasaka Sousuke after all. That man killed her mother after all, right, Megumi?!

Minaho-neesan passes to Megu.

「 Yes, Minaho-san 」

Megu glares at Yukino.

「 Shirasaka Sousuke killed the mother who gave birth to me too 」
「 Megumi, you 」
「 I’ll never forgive him 」

Up until now, Yukino’s saying that she’ll “never forgive.”
Megu slaps that line to Yukino.

「 But, Megumi, he’s your father too! 」

Yukino speaks to Megu as if she’s feeling her out.

「 Then help him out! 」
「 Why, Yukino?!! 」

Megu speaks strongly

「 What did Shirasaka-san do to me!? Tell me! 」
「 You’re alive thanks to Shirasaka house’s relatives, right?! 」
「 Are you saying that I should be grateful to him?! 」
「 Yes! You won’t be alive without the power of Shirasaka house! 」

Megu and Yamamine house had been dominated by Shirasaka house for a long time.

「 That relationship is already over 」

Minaho-neesan tells Yukino.

「 Yukino-san, you know it too, right? Shirasaka clan is over. Kouzuki-sama’s made it collapse entirely. Isn’t that right, Misuzu-san? 」

This time, she brings Misuzu to the conversation.

「 Yes. I asked Grandfather to completely crush down Shirasaka house. Megumi-san’s adoptive father will take care of the work at Kouzuki house 」

Actually, Misuzu has no authority like that for now.

「 Wait, just wait for a second 」
「 I’m Kouzuki Misuzu. Yukino-san knows how much my words weigh, don’t you? 」

Yukino met Jii-chan at the hotel too.
She’s seen the formidable power of Kouzuki house too.

「 W-Who cares about now! But Megumi has to pay back the favor we’ve done to her in the past, right?! Do it now! 」

Yukino still refuses to back down on Megu.

「 Yukino, are you seriously saying that? 」

Megu speaks with cold eyes.

「 Were you ever kind to me even once? 」


「 I-I did. I’m sure I did 」
「 Then name it. Anything will do. Say one thing you did kindly to me! You coward!!! 」

Yamamine house has a weak position, so Yukino’s given Megu unreasonable demands.
Megu’s the only person not allowed to wear beautiful clothes in clan gatherings.
Megu’s giving better results in the middle school basketball club, so she forced her to leave.
She pulled out on the first choice high school she passed her exam.
She’s only forced to do unreasonable things.

「 Do you know how much Shirasaka house did cruelty on Yamamine house and me?!! 」

Megu throws her anger at Yukino.

「 But, it can’t be helped! I hate you! Megumi! 」

Yukino snaps back reflexively.
That’s how she is.
She only acts irresponsibly with her emotion on the place, at the moment.

「 Why is someone like you Papa’s illegitimate child! 」

She looks at Megu with hateful eyes.
She’s not thinking of her own position.

「 That’s not my fault! 」

Megu spits out.

「 Thank you, Yukino, thanks to you I’m able to take away the sting in my heart 」


「 I also hate you. Yukino. That’s why I won’t regret even if you die 」

Yukino’s taken aback.
She noticed that she’s driven herself into even more predicament.

「 W-Why?! 」
「 Yukino-san, you really lack imagination 」

Minaho-neesan laughs at Yukino.

「 Think about if you were in the opposite standpoint if you were Megumi, would you want to help Yukino-san? 」
「 But, a person’s going to die. I’m going to be killed!!!! 」
「 Yes. That’s inevitable. Nobody wants to save you after all 」

Yukino looks at our face.
Megu’s looking at Yukino with hate.
Michi’s expressionless.
Misuzu’s averting her eyes.
Lastly, Yukino looked at me.

「 Are you really sure? I’m going to die you know?! 」


「 That’s right. You’ll die. We’ll kill you, so what? 」

Minaho-neesan tells Yukino before I could answer.

「 Yukino-san now has no worth of saving, right? Do you not know that? 」
「 My worth? 」
「 What can you do? What value do you have for us to let you live? 」
「 I 」

Yukino scratches her chest tightly.

「 I do, I have a worth! 」
「 Oh, I see, what is it? 」

Minaho-neesan follows up.

「 T-That’s. 」

Yukino can’t find what words to say.

「 You’re nothing but an abusive and dumb girl 」
「 W-Wrong, I 」

Yukino tries to confront Minaho-neesan who she’s not good at.

「 Well, aren’t you just a girl who can’t do anything but cry around? 」
「 I-I’m a daughter of Shirasaka house! I’m different from you all! 」
「 In what way? 」
「 I have my pride! 」

Minaho-neesan laughs.
A laugh to ridicule Yukino’s foolishness.

「 Don’t you think you look stupid when you say that? 」

Shirasaka house’s value is crashing already.
In the first place, Misuzu, a daughter of Kouzuki house, a noble among nobles is here, so it’s too late to talk about Shirasaka house’s superiority.

「 Ugh, shut up! Shut up! Shut up! 」1

Yukino’s filled with frustration.
Tears spill out from her eyes.

「 What? You can’t answer back so now you’re crying? What a boring girl. Well fine, please cry like that when you die in front of your father 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 That way, Shirasaka Sousuke will be tormented with your death 」
「 Oni, demon, crazy!! 」

Yukino converts her confusion to anger and tries to throw it to Minaho-neesan.
It’s the usual Yukino.
When things can’t be imagined rationally, she cries out, losing control of her emotions.
She doesn’t end up trying to solve the problem.

「 You’re noisy. Michi-san, could you please silence her 」

Minaho-neesan looks at Michi.

「 Yes 」


「 Tooo!!! 」

She drives a sharp blow to Yukino’s throat.

「 Aga!! 」

The crying Yukino stops moving.

「 Kudou style ancient martial arts, “Tenkiba” Your breathing has stopped 」

Michi didn’t use a lot of strength
And yet, Yukino’s face is turning red.
She’s desperately trying to flap her mouth as she can’t breathe.
But, Yukino’s muscles are stiff she can’t breathe.

「 That should be good enough 」

Minaho-neesan tells Michi when Yukino’s bright red face starts to turn blue.

「 Haa! 」

Michi strikes Yukino’s back.

「 Auu!! 」

At that moment, Yukino’s body relaxes.
Thud, Yukino falls from the sofa.

「 Haaaa, haaa, haaa 」

Yukino’s breathing roughly while sweating so hard.
Her whole body’s cramping.
She can’t even get up.

「 Yeah, that’s good. Yukino-san, do you want to die in suffocation? 」

Minaho-neesan asks.

「 You’ll die slowly. It’ll take time before your consciousness disappears, it’ll be horrifying 」

Yukino looks at Minaho-neesan while still wholly limp on the sofa.

「 N-No 」

She answers in a terribly dark voice.

「 It’s horrifying to feel your body losing freedom, right? I also had an experience like that. When your father brought a doctor for my abortion surgery, the anesthesia couldn’t get it right, my body was numb, and it was horrifying. Yukino-san, I’ll let you experience that oo 」

Minaho-neesan speaks calmly

「 N-No, I 」

Yukino grabs the edge of the sofa while gasping for breath and tries to get up desperately.

「 I have to run, I have to get away!! 」

Yukino can’t escape anywhere, yet she desperately crawls, trying to escape somewhere.

「 Michi-san 」
「 Eihaa!! 」

Michi strikes Yukino’s throat again.

「 Haguuuuu!!! 」

Yukino’s breathing stopped again, she’s suffering.

「 That’s enough 」
「 Toohasaa! 」

Michi hits Yukino’s back.

「 Haaaaaa, haaaa, haa 」

Thoroughly exhausted, Yukino’s limping.
Once again, she takes air to her lungs.

「 I’m pleased to talk to you, in the end, Yukino-san, your execution will be in an hour. Eat all the snacks here as much as you want 」

Minaho-neesan stands up.

「 Let’s go, everyone, 」

We stand up too.

「 Megumi, is there anything you want to say to Yukino-san? 」

Minaho-neesan asks, Megu;

「 Nothing else. Yukino’s going to die anyway 」

She declares coldly
Yukino who’s rolling on the sofa unshapely looks up at Megu.
Tears spill from Yukino’s eyes again.

「 Misuzu-san, what about you? 」

Minaho-neesan turns to Misuzu.

「 Let’s see. Yukino-san, I don’t know you that well, but let me say this 」

Misuzu looks down on Yukino.

「 Why can’t you even ask a simple “save me?” 」

Yukino’s eyes opened wide.

「 If I was in Yukino-san’s position, I won’t take the same attitude as you did. I would bow down my head from the start and desperately ask “Please save me, I’ll do anything!” 」
「 It can’t be helped. Yukino has the pride of Shirasaka house 」

Megu said.

「 Doesn’t Yukino-san already now that this is the home of the enemy and there’s no one here that would help you? Everyone hates Yukino-san’s father after all 」
「 Misuzu-san,, that’s useless no matter what you tell Yukino 」

Yukino’s still gasping.
She can’t speak

「 After all, Yukino’s an idiot. Even death can’t fix that 」

Minaho-neesan looks at me.

「 What about you? 」


「 Yukino, do you want to die? 」

I asked frankly

「 No 」
「 What, I can’t hear you? 」

Tears spill from Yukino’s eyes again.

「 I don’t want to die 」

Yukino musters up her voice.

「 I see, then do your best 」

I said.

「 Help me out you 」

Yukino looks at me.

「 No 」

I said.

「 W-Why? 」


「 Is that the attitude you should take when you ask for help? 」


「 What’s our relationship again? 」

That’s right.

「 We’re not allies nor friends 」

Not even lovers.

「 I’m the rapist, and you’re the victim 」
「 That’s right, that’s’ why you have to help me 」

Yukino looks at me with fired up eyes.

「 Wrong! You and I are only tied with rape, nothing else 」

I see.
Yukino made an arbitrary bond with me with pleasures of sex.
I can’t deny that.

「 I’m your enemy! I have no obligation to help you! 」
「 But, you, you like me, don’t you? 」

This idiot

「 There’s no way I would like a woman that hates me!! 」

Yukino’s eyes opened wide.

「 You’ve made a fool out of me so many times! Always making light of me! 」

My first love is ending now.
I’m delivering the final blow on the love I had for Yukino since entrance ceremony.

「 I hate you Yukino!!! 」


  1. Local tsundere tells you to urusai