Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 466. Imagine.



「 Yukino isn’t really a bad girl 」

We returned to the dining room.
Only Minaho-neesan went to another room for a meeting.
Misuzu, Megu, and Michi are cuddling with me.

「 She’s kind on her own way too 」

During the entrance ceremony, Yukino’s the one who spoke to me when I felt depressed from my father’s disappearance.

「 I know 」

Megu answers.

「 But, Yukino’s kindness is on a whim. She gives out her consideration sometimes when there’s a person unrelated to her in trouble. That girl never goes easy on people she hates 」

Yukino’s always oppressed Megu.
I can understand Megu’s feelings too.
Yukino was the one who gave me kindest when I was in my harshest times.

「 Here, tea, Onii-chan 」

Mana brought tea for us.

「 Thanks 」

I lift the teacup and take a sip.
What a fragrant tea. It’s warm.
Mana gives out tea to Misuzu and others too.
On the other side of the dining room is Ruriko playing with Agnes and Mao-chan.
Nei and Nagisa went so some other room saying that they’ll prepare.

「 Onii-chan, thank you 」

Suddenly, Mana speaks to me.

「 You didn’t let Yukino-san die, did you? 」


「 Even if she’s like that, she’s still my sister so I thought I should say thank you 」

Mana speaks while showing a complex expression.

「 After all, it’s her, so she didn’t understand Onii-chan’s feeling at all and just made a noise, didn’t she? 」

Mana knows her sister’s personality well.

「 She can’t make a fuss anymore, we told her that she’s dead when she takes a rebellious attitude 」
「 Oh, Yukino-san has fallen to that level? 」

Mana sighs.

「 I guess, her personality won’t be cured even with death 」

I put down the cup.

「 Come here, Mana 」
「 Un 」

I hug Mana.
I rub her back.

「 Fuu, I feel at ease when Onii-chan hugs me 」
「 Me too, Mana 」

I’m healed by her warmth.

「 Agnes-chan too 」

Mana looks up at me and said.

「 Agnes-chan’s quite nervous now 」
「 Yeah 」

Mana heads towards Agnes.

「 Agnes-chan, let’s switch. Onii-chan’s calling you. Mana will play with Mao-chan 」
「 Yes, desuno 」

Agnes comes to me in pitter-patter.

「 What is it, desuno, Papa? 」

Agnes is completely attached to me.

「 Yeah, come here 」

I hug Agnes.

「 Papa 」

Agnes smiles at me.

「 Agnes, you’re so cute 」

Her hair is milky white blonde. White skin. Blue eyes.
Agnes is angelic cute.
I will be fucking this small 12-year-old girl later.

「 Papa 」
「 What is it, Agnes? 」
「 I want it tighter 」
「 Sure 」

I hug Agnes tighter.

「 Earlier, I saw Mana-oneechan hugging Papa, I felt a bit jealous 」
「 If so, then just come to me and ask for a hug too. I’ll hug you right away 」

I promised.

「 I’m going to be with Agnes all the time. I’ll do anything Agnes wants 」

I’ve made my resolve.

「 I love you, Papa 」

Agnes rubs her cheeks on me.
Agnes’ texture of skin feels slightly different than others.
Is it because she’s a half-blood?
Her skin is thinner than Mana or Mao-chan.

「 Agnes, uhm, later, Agnes 」
「 I’ve heard it from Mana-oneechan and Ruri-oneechan 」

Agnes replies.

「 They said that it hurts for the first time desuno 」

Oh, the two were talking about losing virginity while I was away?

「 But, Agnes will endure it if it’s to make me Papa’s girl 」

Agnes smiles at me.

「 Mana-oneechan and Ruri-oneechan said that they endured it too desuno 」
「 Me too 」

Megu smiles.

「 It did hurt for me too. But, it’ll feel delightful after doing it a lot of times 」

Misuzu said.

「 I prefer it to hurt 」

Michi, stop that.

「 Danna-sama has embraced us all. Everyone endured the pain. That’s why do your best too Agnes-san 」

Misuzu said. Agnes nods.

「 Yes, desuno! 」
「 Once you overcome this challenge, we’ll become true sisters, so devote yourself to it! 」

Michi speaks instructions to her younger sister.
Actually, she might also want to be an elder sister.
Shou-oneesan comes from the corridor.

「 Rei-chan’s picking up the white van now. It seems that Margo-san on the other side is ready now 」

It’s finally time to transport Shirasaka Sousuke.

「 We won’t be using drugs so we’ll bind his body with restraint and cover him with a box or something 」

It seems that it’ll take time for him to wake up if we use sleeping pills.
Shirasaka Sousuke might feel hazy if we use drugs to make him lose consciousness.
That’s a problem.
It won’t be an act of revenge unless Shirasaka Sousuke’s consciousness is apparent during the ritual.
If you attack someone who has their consciousness flying away, don’t even know who they are, it won’t bear any results.

「 Once they’re back, I think that Rei-chan will take Ruriko and Mao-chan to a separate room 」

Shou-oneesan said.

「 It’s better if we don’t show Rei-chan what’s about to happen. That girl is a bit too pure 」


「 What’s about to happen in this mansion isn’t based on fair justice or law 」

The correct way is to deliver Shirasaka Sousuke to the police and reveal all his sins through a trial.
Then, Shirasaka Sousuke will receive appropriate punishment under Japan’s law.

「 Our hatred won’t disappear from just a trial 」

Megu said.

「 Besides, there’s a lot of people who don’t want the public to know what Shirasaka Sousuke had done to them 」

Misuzu said.
Yes, for example, Nagisa.
Nagisa’s a retired prostitute and now a manager of an ordinary flower shop.
In public court, she has to state testimonies about the past where she was kidnapped, raped, and turned to a prostitute.
What will happen to Mao-chan, Nagisa’s daughter?
Does she have to announce that she’s a child from rape and that her father is unknown?
It’s not just Nagisa.
Minaho-neesan had liberated the girls from the mansion last year, most of them have another life that is not prostitution
We can’t break these people’s lives.

「 I think that what’s about to happen is a brutal lynching. Even so, if they don’t reach the end, Kuromori-sama’s mind won’t clear up, right? 」

Shou-oneesan said.

「 I think it’ll be a brutal lynching that her mind won’t listen to holding back. I don’t want Rei-chan to see that 」

Yeah, that’s why we also decided to isolate Ruriko and Mao-chan.
I don’t want these girls to know the darkest side deep inside a person.

「 Rei-chan still believes that justice will always win. She’s too pure as a guard. She doesn’t know that our work plays the lousy role in the underground society. Therefore, chief Yazawa never let her team up with anyone 」

Shou-oneesan said.

「 Of course, that’s not a bad thing. There’s a lot of people who don’t know the dirty world, that thinks that adults can’t be wrong, those that only see the life on the beautiful center stage. I want Rei-chan to stay as the pure guard 」

Shou-oneesan’s considerate of Reika from the bottom of her heart.

「 That girl is a flower. I want her to think that Kouzuki security service is only on the surface 」
「 Yeah. I think you should 」

It’s okay for Reika to stay straightforward.

「 Uhm, I’ve talked with Kuromori-sama earlier 」

Misuzu said.

「 She wants Reika-oneesama to wait with Ruriko and Mao-chan 」
「 Oh, everyone’s thinking the same thing then 」

Shou-oneesan said.

「 You haven’t talked to Minaho-neesan yet? 」
「 Yes, I haven’t met her yet 」

Undoubtedly she’s preparing for the revenge.

「 Shou-oneesama, you’re going to spectate as well? 」

Misuzu asks.

「 I’m the lead of Kouzuki security service. I know that I have no choice but to touch the dirty world. I’m ready to swallow muddy water, besides 」

Shou-oneesan looks at me.

「 I’m worried about you 」


「 You’ll be jumping together in the flame of Kuromori-sama’s hatred. When Kuromori-sama and everyone stops the brakes of her heart, it’s possible that it will burden you too 」

Unlike Minaho-neesan and everyone else, I don’t have a deep hatred against Shirasaka Sousuke.
Of course, there’s strong anger on Shirasaka Sousuke for what he did to my family.
But, I’ve never even faced Shirasaka Sousuke directly.
I don’t have the burning hatred of Minaho-neesan and everyone else.

「 I’m scared that the high tension of the people around you affects your spirit 」
「 Are we thinking about the possibility of everyone other than Danna-sama behaving recklessly? 」

Misuzu asks.

「 Yes. A bit 」
「 But, Kyouko-san and Margo-san will be watching over everyone on the venue 」

They’ll stop when the atmosphere becomes dangerous.
Shou-oneesan shakes her head on what I said.

「 I know how eccentric criminals like Kyouko Messer are. That person is the most dangerous to lose all restraint 」

Oh, I see.
Kyouko-san’s definitely the scariest when she snaps.

「 Margo-san too, she’s lived with Kuromori-sama and everyone for a long time, so we don’t know whether she can see the situation objectively or not 」
「 That’s why Shou-oneesan? 」
「 Yes, I decided to monitor it from the next room 」

Then, when the situation becomes dangerous, she can come right away.

「 I think just having an outsider breaking through the door will have the boiling air relax 」

Shou-oneesan thought that far.

「 Yeah, thank you. I’ll be relying on you then 」
「 Well then, I will also observe in the next room with Shou-oneesan 」

Misuzu said.

「 I’ve been thinking about where should I be watching, but I think that it is the best way to keep from interfering everyone. Kuromori-sama has told me to observe with Shou-oneesama 」


「 Are you sure? Misuzu can stay with Ruriko, Mao-chan, and Rei-chan too 」

Speaking frankly, I don’t want Misuzu to see the revenge either.
But Misuzu;

「 I want to see everything properly. I’ll let Ruriko be the pure princess 」

She looks straight at me.

「 I’d like to fulfill my duty as Danna-sama’s woman. In case needed, I have Kuromori-sama’s permission to stop them 」

Oh right, she had that agreement with Minaho-neesan
Misuzu holds my hand.

「 Misuzu and Shou-oneesama will stay in the next room so Danna-sama won’t be swallowed by the atmosphere. If anything happens, we’ll come right away 」

Misuzu’s worried about me.

「 I wonder if I should stay here instead? 」

Michi speaks up.
Oh, Michi’s supposed to go to school to monitor Edie.

「 We’ve already settled that earlier, Michi 」

Misuzu tells Michi.

「 I’m very sorry 」

Michi bows her head right away.

「 Listen. I’d like to confirm it with you once again 」

Shou-oneesan speaks to me.

「 What you’ll be doing from now on isn’t justice. In reality, it’s something you must never do 」

This is an individual avenging another in one-sided prosecution and execution.

「 I know, we’re going to do the wrong thing 」

I am a member of a crime syndicate.
What we’ll do is a criminal offense of violating human life.

「 I’ve made my resolve to commit a crime 」

I answered.

「 Actually, what Yukino told me earlier is right. I’ve done criminal acts to Yukino that I must pay for it. It’s impossible to serve Yukino for the rest of my life but, I should be in prison, beaten by a whip, or receive some sort of punishment, usually 」

Agnes who’s listening to me looked up.

「 But, I decided not to pay for my sins towards Yukino. I will shoulder this sin for the rest of my life. I will show an impassive face whatever happens in the future. After all, I have a family 」

Agnes hugs me tighter.

「 I’ll do anything no matter how horrifying it is just to protect my family. I’m prepared to overcome no issue how scary it is, I’ve made my resolve already 」


「 Sins or atonement can eat shit 」

Shou-oneesan smiles at me.

「 If it’s a politician or head of a company then double standard is a big problem but, I think that’s okay. We’re people from the underground world, so everyone’s already filled with trying to live before they concern themselves on justice or something 」

Then, she laughed.

「 Even though I hated that way of thinking before. I even hated Kakka and Chief Yazawa when I see them dealing with another party with a double standard. But, I can now understand it. That’s because I was a lonely woman with nobody to protect but myself 」


「 I can understand why you and your family are close. You can’t say it’s unfair or double standards. Whatever happens, we must protect our family 」

That’s right.
If it’s for the family, then I

「 Hm? 」

Michi suddenly begins to rub my shoulder.

「 W-What’s up, Michi? 」
「 Master is too strained 」

Michi whispers to my ear.

「 Life is, as long as you can reach it with your hands, then one must do their best 」


「 This is an oral tradition of Kudou style ancient martial arts. That’s what my grandfather told me 」

No, that’s not an oral tradition.
Isn’t that just Michi’s grandfather’s personal thoughts?!

「 I’m in a range where I can reach Master with both hands. Misuzu-sama, Megumi-oneesama too. Shou-oneesama, Agnes-imouto, everyone in the family 」
「 Yeah, you’re right 」
「 We’re here for you, so there’s no need to strain yourself 」


「 That’s right, we don’t want Yoshi-kun to protect us only. We also want to protect Yoshi-kun 」
「 Yes, Danna-sama is within Misuzu’s arms reach 」

The two said.

「 By the way, Master 」

Michi asks while rubbing my shoulder.

「 Please imagine, us within Danna-sama’s reach 」
「 Y-Yeah 」

I create an image in my mind.

「 Is Shirasaka Yukino there? 」


「 No, she’s not. Yukino’s not there 」

I answered. Michi;

「 Congratulations. Master has successfully graduated from Shirasaka Yukino’s illusion 」

I see, up until now I thought that I have to do something about Yukino.
Even though Yukino’s not my family.

「 Yoshi-kun. It finally disappeared 」

Megu looks at me happily.

「 Yes, I’m glad as well 」

Misuzu also smiles at me.

「 I don’t get it that well but, you look refreshed now 」

Shou-oneesan said.

Oh, I see.
She’s not family.
Yukino will never be family.
Once I realized that I felt despair.
My mind cleared up.

「 Papa 」

Agnes looks at me worriedly.

「 I’m okay, Agnes 」

I smile at Agnes.
With this, I will no longer have doubts.
I can enter the stage of revenge with a calm heart.

「 Yo-chan, Megumi, prepare for standby, it’s coming! 」

Nei comes inside the room.

「 Ruriko and Mao-chan, follow me! 」
「 Eh, where are we going? 」

Mao-chan asks Nei.

「 I’ve prepared a lot of snacks! This way 」
「 Snacks! 」
「 Don’t worry, it’s not Umaibo, it’s Katsu-nee’s cookies. 」
「 Yaaaay~! 」
「 Onii-sama, Ruriko’s going then 」

Ruriko gives her salutations.

「 Yeah, take care of Mao-chan. Also, Rei-chan will join in later 」
「 Yes, certainly 」

Ruriko bows to me.

「 Also, Edie’s coming here too! 」

Huh, Nei?

「 In the end, it didn’t go well with Miss Cordelia that she sneaked into the white van Rei-chan’s driving. Ruriko, look after Edie! 」
「 Yes 」


「 Then Michi, sorry but go with Ruriko and others in that room 」
「 I 」

Michi looks dissatisfied.
She thinks that if Ruriko’s there, Edie will be okay even if she doesn’t go.

「 It’s impossible for Ruriko to take care of everyone alone. Besides, since it’s Edie, she might come out of the room to go and see us 」

And if she enters the scene of revenge, she won’t be able to bear it.

「 You’re really the only one who can hold down Edie so please 」
「 Master 」

Michi looks troubled. Misuzu;

「 If anything happens to Danna-sama, I’ll inform Michi right away. You can rush in 」

Misuzu looks at Nei.

「 Nei-oneesama, there will be a monitoring system in Michi’s room too, isn’t there? 」
「 Yeah of course 」
「 Could you teach me how to use it before the start of the ritual? 」
「 Okay 」
「 This should be good enough, right? Or does Michi not trust what I say? 」


「 By your orders 」
「 Okay, then follow me you three! 」
「 Papa, let’s go, there are snacks! 」

Mao-chan runs to me and said.

「 Sorry, Yo-chan has work for now 」
「 Un, I’ll eat snacks with you later 」
「 Ugh. Then what about Agnes-chan? 」

Mao-chan looks at Agnes in my arms.

「 Agnes also has a thing to do 」

I tell Mao-chan as I hug Agnes tightly.

「 Boring 」
「 Don’t say that. Ruriko and Michi’s with you, Rei-chan and Edie will come to play too 」
「 Ugh 」
「 I’m going to play with you later too 」
「 I want to take a bath with Papa 」

Mao-chan said.

「 Sure, let’s take a bath together later 」
「 Realy? 」
「 Yeah, really 」
「 Agnes-chan too 」
「 Yeah, Agnes too 」

Mao-chan smiles.

「 That’s a promise then! Ehehehe! 」

Haa, I got her to brighten up somehow.

「 Let’s go, Mao-chan 」

Ruriko holds Mao-chan’s hand.

「 See you later 」
「 Yes, Papa 」
「 I will rush if anything happens 」

Lastly, Michi bows her head and comes out.

「 That might’ve been better 」

Misuzu said.

「 It’s better if Michi doesn’t see Shirasaka Sousuke-san 」

Misuzu knows how immature Michi is.
She’s quite skilled as a guard, but;
She might feel sick if she feels the evil from Shirasaka Sousuke.

「 Misuzu too, don’t push yourself 」

It’s fine for her to witness for my sake, but;
I don’t want her to be traumatized.

「 I’ve made my resolve to be Danna-sama’s wife along with Megumi-san 」


「 Therefore, I won’t leave your side 」


Pii. Pii. Pii!

Shou-oneesan takes out a communication device from her pocket.

「 They’ve arrived 」

The former lord of this mansion finally returns.
Shirasaka Sousuke.

The revenge commences