Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 47

47. Night Park…

「…Nei-sama, Yoshida-sama!」

I was surprised from the voice calling us from the back…!
When I turned around…It was Katsuko-san
…But, K-K-K-K-Katsuko-san
What’s with that look…?!

「…What do you think? Don’t you think it’s sexy?」

Katsuko-san’s…wearing a showy red and white bustier and a miniskirt showing her navel…
She’s like a captain girl or something, a race queen or something…
…Why does she have the same red and white umbrella.
…What does this mean?

「…It’s disguise! Disguise!」

That’s what Katsuko-san said…
Well, it looks good with her so it’s okay…
…But you see

「Katsuko-san…What’s with that 『GABIN』written on your chest?」
「Dunno, it’s some kind of brand name but I don’t get it too!」

…Dahell is that?

「Isn’t that a manufacturer name?!」
「That’s different in spelling. It’s 『…BAN』!』

A party of two middle-aged worker happen to point at Katsuko-san.

「…Oh, Shige-san, there’s a Race Queen at such a place!」
「Huh?! Wasn’t the cigarette company not doing races anymore?」

Hearing that, Katsuko-san whispered to me.

「…It seems that it’s Tabaco?!」
「Katsun, you just picked up a suitable picture on the internet and made it?」
「Ehehehe, but, it looks good doesn’t it?!」

The old men comes near to Katsuko-san.

「Oh, nee-chan, do you have cigarette samples?」
「Sorry, I’m not affliated to that company…!」
「Eh, what do you mean by that nee-chan?」
「Hamamura-san, that person’s ‘that’. A shop child!」
「Yes, a race queen pub!」
「What…you don’t have any samples?」
「I have some bread though!」

Katsuko-san took out a plastic bag with a bread in it.

「It’s a Uguisu1 bread I made this!」
「T-Thanks nee-chan! I’m interested, where’s your shop?」
「Well well, Hamamura-san…Sorry, we don’t have money today. Next time maybe」
「…I’ll be waiting!」

Katsuko-san waves at the two office working leaving with a smile…
Un…this is a magnificent disguise coming to existence…I guess…?!
…Well fine.

「Now then, let’s continue our pursuit…」

Looking at the road, we can still see the backs of Endou and Yukino.
The race queen joins in and three people resume the pursuit…!

「Here, have some…!」

Walking briskly, Katsuko-san gave us bread and paper carton drinks.

「When it comes to tailing, it should be bean-jam bread and milk!」2
「Thanks! Katsun!」

Nei-san munch down at once.
Yukino and Endou entered the park.
Us too…
Nei-san’s phone rang…

『We can see the target here too …they’re walking up the observatory』

As expected of Margo-san…she works fast.

「Observatory!…That one!」

Nei-san reads the guide map at the entrance of the park and confirms the position.
There’s only one staircase to the observatory…!3
We can isolate them if we block there…
We went towards the stairs to the observatory with quick steps…
Ah!…The two targets are rediscovered after walking up the stairs.
Oya?…There’s one strange tall onii-san beckoning us under the stairs…?!
Could this be…Margo-san?

Margo-san had her feminine body line hidden with just a jacket…
When I approach, I was surprised.
…What’s with that flashy embroidery?

「…It’s Gorgon isn’t it?」
「It’s Medusa」

…It’s the same.

「This is a brand that’s loved by the Yakuza」

Margo-san holds her blond hair up together and covered it with a baseball cap with showy gold letters on it.
Her eyes are hidden with teardrop type sunglasses.
And…a blonde fake mustache.
The wound on her cheek matches the sunglasses…I see, I can see a quite rich hoodlum onii-san.

「We should go as couple on top…Nei, let’s go」
「I’ll go!」

There’s no way I can let Endou and Yukino make a love scene at the observatory!4
If so, I’ll break it.

「You can’t…We don’t know when the blood in Yoshida-kun’s head would rise. You have to wait in Katsuko-san’s car」
「I got a pinhole camera and a mic so we’re going to relay the situation up here to the car」

Saying that, Margo-san handed the reception monitor to Katsuko-san.

「The car’s stopped right around the entrance…so you can see it right?」

Turning around on the other side of the lawn, I can see a white van over there.
Margo-san handed the key to Katsuko-san.

「We’ll be going then. Nei, you don’t need this anymore…」

Margo-san removed the mouse headband from Nei-san and handed it to Katsuko-san.
Katsuko-san smiled and put it on her head…
Meanwhile…Margo-san holds Nei-san’s shoulder and rise to the observatory like a couple.

I’m going to wait…?!

「Now, Yoshida-sama! Let’s go to the car!」

Being urged by Katsuko-san…we jogged towards the van.
The characters of the car has changed to 『(Kabu)Maruko Entertainment industries』
Entering the car…Katsuko-san immediately started the computer onboard.
The broadcast image is reflected on the screen…!
The observatory is clearly seen even though it should be dark in the night.

「It’s a camera that’s using a night vision!」

Katsuko-san explained.
It seems that Nei-san has the camera.
Margo-san dressed like a hoodlum is reflected on the screen…
The top of the observatory is quite wide…I can see several couples.
Margo-san stared at each of the couple she pass through…!
The couples ran away from the observatory hurriedly from being pushed by her strong glance.
Except one couple…!

That’s Yukino and Endou.
Engrossed with each other that they don’t seem to have notice the abnormality on the observatory.
The angle of the camera changes.
Aah!…A close up with Yukino!
Nei-san, Good Job!
Nnn?…She’s saying something!
The voice…it’s so small that you’re able to hear it somehow…I can’t hear it!

「…I’ll amplify it!」5

Eh, you can do that?!
Katsuko-san pressed some buttons…!
Ooh…I can hear it!
Yukino’s clear voice!!

『…It’s been a while since I had fun like today. Recently…I’ve been uneasy』
『It’s about Yuzuki-?…Don’t mind it Yukino. She’s no longer out homeroom teacher. The principal also said that she’ll be disposed after the holiday』
『I’ll talk to my father tonight too. I’ll negotiate with my director uncle and have her driven out of the school…!』

In the end, it’s your father’s power…

『Speaking of which…It’s my first time having a date with Endou not wearing a Uniform!』
『…Well, it really is』
『We’ve just looked around the shops and walked together but…I really enjoyed it…I’m happy. Ah, thanks for this』

Yukino…showed the forefinger of her right hand to Endou.
There’s something shining in the darkness.
…A ring.
Endou…You bought Yukino a ring?!

『I’m really happy that you bought me something this pretty…Thanks』
『It’s fine, it wasn’t expensive…』
『That’s not true…this is gold』


『Look…It’s our commemoration』
『…Wasn’t it last saturday when Yukino answered me? You see, I was really happy…I was really worried that you might possibly refuse me last week…I was really daunted you know』
『…Is that so?』
『That’s right! But, you answered yes…I was really happy. I thought that I must do it as a commemoration…!』
『It’s my first time having a gold ring… It’s great isn’t it? Gold would never rust. I have several silver ones but it turns blackish immediately when you put in your finger…』
『Take care of it…I’ll buy you something this christmas』

Yukino looks happy
Dammit…That ring!

『Right…I answered Kenji last Saturday. It’s not yet one week and yet, it feels like old times…』
『I don’t feel like it at all. I’m really happy…shocked』
『We kissed at that time, didn’t we?』
『…Ah, yeah. Un…We did』
『Rather than a kiss…it felt like just a moment of our lips touching each other…』

It hasn’t been a week since Yukino and Endou kissed…
I have kissed Yukino dozens of times on the last three days…
Furthermore, I’ve licked her lips to the inside of her mouth…
I see…Endou doesn’t know. The wonderful feeling of Yukino’s tongue…!
Somehow…I feel a slight sense of superiority to Endou…!

『I’m your first kiss, ain’t I?』
『Un…That’s right』

…I take back what I said.
I feel strong resentment to Endou!

『This night harbor is beautiful isn’t it?』
『Yeah, it is』
『There’s a lot of stars shining, and the sea breeze feels good.』

…Yukino turned to Endou.

『…Hey, Kenji, can we kiss?』

…Yukino faced Endou and closed her eyes.

『Embrace me and kiss me』

You’re the one presenting your lips to Endou?!


Hey, don’t do it Endou!
Yukino…Don’t touch Yukino!
Don’t embrace her!
That’s mine!
Yukino’s mine!

…Both of their lips pile up.

What’s with that…?!
I feel that I’ve been betrayed really hard.
No…I know it.
Endou’s actually Yukino’s boyfriend…
I’m nothing to Yukino.
Far from nothing…I’m a sex offender.

That body’s already mine…
I’ve been convinced from the bottom of my heart…
…I believed.
…Even though I believed it!

『…I’m happy』

Yukino mutters while being embraced by Endou.

『…I’m the same. Yukino!』

If only a lightning just strikes and kill only Endou…!
Or rather, Die!
Commit Suicide!

『…Hey, Kenji』

Yukino whispers to Endou with a hot breath…

『I’m fine coming home late today…』
『…I can return by 11 o’clock…That’s why』


『Kenji…I’ll give it to you…!』
『I want to do it only with Kenji…five or six times』
『…Idiot, I can’t do that much 』
『You’re lying…Men always do it don’t they?』
『We don’t…where did you hear that from?…』

Because I’ve been doing it multiple times every time…

『But please…do me at least four times』

Yukino said

『Four…? Why?』
『…Just please』

Four times…That’s.
That’s the effect of the fake contraceptive Iwakura-kaichou gave Yukino…
It prevents pregnancy until the third ejaculation but you’ll definitely get pregnant on the fourth…
Of course, that’s all just bullshit…
Not knowing that, Yukino…
Is seriously trying to get pregnant!
With Endou’s child…!!

The dark feelings run inside my gut…!
Suddenly, Katsuko-san held my hand…

「…Calm down. It’ll be fine!」

Katsuko-san’s smiled kindly.

『You can’t do it four times with a virgin…you don’t get it Yukino. Women’s first time hurts you know』

You’re the one who don’t get it…!
Yukino has already experienced that pain long time ago!
She’s already beginning to feel the pleasures of sex!!!

『I’m fine with it so…do it. I want only Kenji to do it. Today’s a safe day so you can cum inside…!』

The color of Endou’s eyes changed from Yukino’s words.

『A-Are you sure…Yukino?!』
『It’s fine…You can cum all you want…it’s fine no matter how many times…』

Yukino whispers to Endou’s ears…

『Let’s go to the hotel after this…okay?…!』

Yukino invites him
Yukino’s wishing to have sex with Endou.
She wants to be pregnant with Endou’s child.
Not mine…but Endou’s…!!

But…what about Endou?

『W-We can’t Yukino…』

Yukino’s eyes opened wide in surprise
…Eyes of confusion!


Endou’s making an awkward face…

『I’m really happy that Yukino says that…』
『…Embrace me…let’s have sex…!』
『…It’s bad todoay』
『Why is it no good?!』
『That’s because I need to be early tomorrow I’ve got morning practice』

…What’s that?!

『Then I’ll wake you up in the morning. Let’s stay in the hotel. I’ve withdrew money so don’t worry. I’m fine anywhere as long as I’m with Kenji…!』
『That’s overworking isn’t it?』
『You see…I’m fine dropping out of school…I’m fine leaving it!』
『Wait…What are you saying, Yukino?!』
『It’s fine! I already had enough!…As long as I have Kenji…!』
『No, wait…!』
『I want to be embraced by Kenji!』

…Yukino shouted.
…She’s about to cry.
Still, Endou…

『…Anyway, let’s stop for today』
『…Kenji doesn’t want me?』
『I-I want to…I want to but…But, even if you tell me that suddenly…!』
『Then, let’s do it! Embrace me!』
『N-No, but…But…I…!』
『…But what?! What’s with that!』

Yukino spoke to Endou looking furious.

『I promised my seniors that I can’t have sex with Yukino until the next practice game is over…!』

Endou…you’re saying that here?

『…Even I want to have sex with Yukino! I really want to embrace Yukino!…It really makes me happy that Yukino’s saying those stuff, I’m really grateful. But, right now, I can’t break my promise with my seniors! I’m gonna become a regular even though I’m a first year! The game is close…!』

That’s not the reason, is it?
You’re thinking about your bet with your Seniors!!!
The foolish bet about when you’re going to take Yukino’s virginity!

Yukino’s looking at Endou with dark eyes.

『…Is that so? Baseball is much more important to Kenji than me…』
『Don’t be ridiculous! It’s not something comparable!』
『…I know, just please…I want to be embraced by Kenji!』
『Understand my feelings too!!!!』
『You should be the one understanding my feelings!!!』
『I wont get it!!! You’re telling me that so suddenly!!!』

Tears collect on Yukino’s eyes.
Even seeing those tears…Endou’s mind won’t change.

『Anyway, we can’t do it today…Open your schedule by May 3 or 5. I’ll do it by that day. I’ll embrace you that day. No, let’s do on both days. Come to my house. I won’t let you come home until morning…!』

He’s an idiot.
Really…In all respects.

『…That’s too late!』

Looking at the calendar…there’s four to five days until that day.
But, with that much time…Yukino’s training would advance surprisingly.
Yukino knows the change in her own body!

『It’s not too late! It’s soon! I’ll be embracing you so wait for it…okay, Yukino?!』

Yukino shook her head.

『Enough…Kenji no bakaaa!!』6

Yukino shouted with a tearful face…!

「…It’s about time!」

Katsuko-san next to me took out her phone.
…Eh, Katsuko-san?
Katsuko-san made a call land Yukino’s phone across the screen rings!

『…Hey, it’s ringing』

The couple’s in an awkward state.
The lifeless Yukino answered the phone.

「…Heeey, toilet bitch! Do you know who I am?!」

Yukino’s face over the screen distorts to fear.

「How’s the night view from the observatory? The port at night is really beautiful isn’t it?!」
『You don’t get it? You’re being observed!…Take a look at your back in a way Endou-sama won’t notice』

Yukino turned around quietly.

「The one on your back is Natou Nei-sama…do you remember her breaking into the classroom this morning, don’t you?!」

Yukino confirmed Nei-san’s figure…

「The one next to her is a Yakuza. He’s a third dan in karate…I’ve ordered him to break Endou-sama’s arm if you make any strange movements」

Taking a look at Margo-san from the darkness…She certainly can be seen as nothing but Yakuza.

「You’re listening now?…When you get down the observation deck, there’s a public toilet on the left side. Go there」
『…U-Uhm, please wait』
「We can forward your lewd photos on the phones there you know?! Do you want it to spread at the station?」
『…I-I get it』
「Then, do my orders within one minute…okay?!」
「Un…good child!」

Katsuko-san ended her call…

『…Who called you?』

Inside the screen…Endou asks Yukino.

『A person related to work with my mother. Someone I’m indebt to…』

Yukino explains vaguely
She’s clearly nervous.
There’s a lot of sweat…

『Kenji…I’m going to toilet for a moment…』
『I’ll come back immediately…!』

Saying that…Yukino tried to leave the observatory.

『Hey , wait a moment…Yukino?!』
『I’ll come back…!』

She descends the stairs!

「Now then…Let’s go? We have to be on the restroom before her」

Katsuko-san smiled at me.

「It’s Yoshida-sama’s favorite rape time!」

◇ ◇ ◇

We arrived in front of the public restroom ahead of Yukino.

「Yoshida-sama, could you hide on the other side of the bench?!」
「Just do it!」

…Katsuko-san’s planning something I guess.
Anyway, I hid myself in the shadow of the park bench as I was told.7
Yukino came over immediately.
She ran down the stairs…

「…Good evening. Semen toilet girl」

Katsuko-san on her race queen look laughingly meets Yukino.

「W-What do I have to do…?」

Yukino seems to be very cautious.
I look at the state of the two from the gap of the bench.
Katsuko-san handed Yukino something black.

「…This is?」
「You used it earlier didn’t you?…It’s an Eye Mask」

The one used on the blindfold play!

「Listen. You’re going to be a public toilet from now on…enter the rightmost cubicle on the men’s room」
「…Cubicle on the men’s restroom?」
「That’s right. Wait for your customer wearing that eye mask there」
「The customer will come in immediately…then, say this…!」

Sex beast Katsuko’s face distorts…

「『Customer…please violate this lewd me without reserve』…!」

Yukino’s eyes sinks into despair…

「Since that person has only said 『I’ll wait for a high school girl prostitute inside the public restroom』…get teased a lot. Ah I’ve told him that it’s 『Okay to creampie』!」
「Because…You want to have sex by all means today, don’t you?…You wanted lots of sperm inside your womb, don’t you?!」

The sex beast laughs…!

「…You can run if you don’t want it…In exchange, we’ll hurt Endou-sama’s body just for a bit. But it can’t be helped. At least two or three bones would substitute for your body…!」
「…I-I get it」

Even though Yukino’s body is shivering…She steeled herself…

「Good…try not to make a failure to the customer. It’s just a forty year old office worker that doesn’t know your situation. You have to play like a high school girl prostitute, okay?」
「When you’re having sex you have to say『It feels good, Papa』『Pierce me more, papa』 That person likes to be called 『Papa』by girls」
「…Can I drink medicine?」
「Of course. You can!」

Yukino took out a tablet from her bag.
Yukino’s still drinking the fake contraceptive.
That’s just an aphrodisiac.

「Then…do your job. You want to hurry up and go back to Endou-sama, don’t you?」

Yukino…entered the public restroom silently.
Katsuko-san signals me…
I dashed out of the bench and went to Katsuko-san…

「Enter after a minute!…You must never let out your voice. That girl thinks that she’s doing it with a middle aged man!」
「Yoshida-sama…please take a look at her true character!」
「…True character?」
「That girl is just a sex loving bitch…!」

Katsuko-san says.
But, I.
For me, Yukino is…

「Okay, one minute has passed…please enjoy!」

My back is pushed by Katsuko-san and I entered the restroom at the park…!
An old fashioned concrete restroom.
It’s dark …the smell of ammonia prickles my nose.

The rightmost cubicle.
I knocked it lightly…
I opened the door…

Yukino who shrinks her body…is wearing an eye mask inside it…
She’s nervous?…She’s wet with sweat.

Yukino…spoke to me in hoarse whisper.

「…Good evening, customer. Please violate this lewd me without any reserve…!」

My Yukino is…
Acting like a high school prostitute!!


  1. Japanese Bush Warbler, it’s a bird
  2. She’s referring to those tailing detectives or something
  3. That’s bad, what will you do in case of fire or earthquake?
  4. No, it’s not sex, just romantic scenes
  5. CSI level of investigations
  6. I mean, do I really have to explain what baka means?
  7. That’s some Dishonored level of stealth there

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『You’re lying…Men always do it don’t they?』
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