Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 475. Agnes’ deflowering



「 Dear, take her clothes off 」

Katsuko-nee who holds the camera tells me.

「 Yeah 」

I lay down Agnes on Megu and Mana’s naked body on top of the bed.

「 Uuuuuu, Papa 」

Agnes trembles.

「 It’s okay, don’t be afraid 」

I kiss Agnes’ cheeks softly.

「 Yes, desuno 」

Mana holds Agnes’ right hand, and Megu holds the left.

「 It’s okay. Don’t be afraid. We’re here with you! 」
「 That’s right. Relax Agnes 」

Mana and Megu, the two half-sisters, smile to Agnes kindly.

「 Un 」

I take off Agnes’ dress buttons from the top.

「 Uuuuuu 」

Agnes twists her body shyly.
Starting from her neck to her chest, Agnes’ fair skin gradually exposes itself.

「 That’s cute, Agnes 」
「 Papa 」
「 Be mine, I’ll take care of Agnes forever 」
「 Yes, Papa 」

I unbutton her one by one.
Oh, her bellybutton is visible now.
As I thought, Agnes isn’t wearing any underwear.

「 Hauuuuu 」

The 12-year-old half foreign beauty shivers in embarrassment.
While at it, Agnes’ slit appears.
Her hairless mound is puffing, plump.

「 Yes, that’s good. Wonderful 」

Katsuko-nee takes a photo of us
I finished removing all of the buttons.
Agnes’ soft and white skin is in the sky-blue dress.
I grab the chest part of the dress and spread it open.
Agnes’ cute breast and pink nipple come out.

「 Agnes-chan’s breasts are so cute 」

Mana said.

「 Even though you’re two years younger, we have the same size, don’t they? 」

Mana massages her breasts with her open hand.
Agnes’ Caucasian blood promotes good growth for her.
Her breasts are already showing a swell.
Her nipple remains sunken, looking at the growth of her areola, you’ll immediately understand that Agnes is still a young girl.
She’s just 12 years old.
Is it really okay to have sex with a girl of this age?

「 Papa 」

Agnes looks up at me with moist eyes.

「 Agnes, I like you 」

I kiss Agnes’ lips

「 Nnnnnn!! 」

Agnes entwines her tongue.

「 Agnes likes you too. I love you, Papa! 」

Who cares about morals.
For now, I;
I want to embrace this little girl.
I want to break through this girl’s hymen, I want to pour my semen into this unsoiled womb.
I am a terrible person.

「 Oh, Agnes, Agnes! 」

I lick Agnes’ neck.
I crawl my tongue behind her ears.

「 Kyaaaun! Papaan~! 」

Agnes twists her body shyly.

「 Okay, wait a moment, I want to take photos of Agnes’ hymen 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Take off her dress, get her naked 」

I take off Agnes’ blue dress.
Agnes wears no single thread. She’s naked.

「 Agnes-chan’s skin is so white 」

Megu said.
There are three naked beauties lined up in the bed now.
I compare the three naked bodies.
On the right is a slender, a model body shape: 16-years old Megu
On the right is a small, yet growing as a woman: 14 years old Mana.
Agnes in the middle:
Her breasts have the same shape as Mana’s body her legs are long, and her slim body is similar to Megu.
Oh, these three;
The shape of their noses is similar.
The three of them all have their nose bridge creating their beautiful appearances.
Their eyes are different.
Megu’s eyes are a long slit, they have the intellectual and cool look, but;
Mana’s eyes are big, like goggle-eyes.
Agnes, her eyelashes are very long. Also, her eyes are blue.

「 Looking at her this close, Agnes-chan is like an angel 」

Mana said.

「 She’s so beautiful like an angel! 」

Yeah, her pale gold blonde hair, white tint skin, and her pure heart.
Agnes has the image of an angel depicted on paintings.

「 I’m not an angel desuno 」

Agnes said

「 Agnes wants to be family with everyone! 」


「 Agnes will be my woman, she will be everyone’s little sister 」
「 Yes 」

Now, let’s move with the ritual.
I get up and off the bed.

「 Papa 」
「 Agnes, open your legs wide, show me your important part 」

Agnes is trembling

「 Agnes-chan, do it like this 」

Mana shows her M shaped legs to Agnes.

「 That’s right. Like this 」

Megu also opens up her legs.
Mana and Megu’s crotch is shining brightly.
They’re love nectar and semen I poured.

「 L-Like this, desuno? 」

Agnes follows the two model sisters and opens up her legs.

「 Spread your legs wider so I can see it 」
「 Yes 」

Though she’s trembling, Agnes shows her genital clearly.

「 Agnes-chan, try opening it with your fingers 」

Katsuko-nee requests.

「 Fingers? 」
「 Yes 」

Megu spreads her own vagina by making a V using her index and middle finger.
Transparent liquid drips down from her vagina right away.

「 That’s right, like this! 」

Mana also spreads her own slit with her fingers.
I ejaculated inside Mana’s vagina twice.
The juice spilling from her opening is white and reeks of male scent.

「 L-Like this? 」

Imitating the two, Agnes spreads her slit.

「 I knew it, Agnes-chan is small. Dear, help her out 」
「 Sure 」

I reach out for Agnes as told by Katsuko-nee.
I use my index fingers to open up Agnes’ slit from the sides.
Agnes’ insides are also shining with love nectar.

「 Hauuu 」

Agnes trembles from feeling the air inside her.

「 Don’t move 」

Katsuko-nee closes up the camera.
She takes a pen and illuminates Agnes’ insides.
Ah, I see it too.
There’s a pink film deep inside Agnes’ vagina.

「 I found it! 」

Katsuko-nee presses the shutter.
Not just taking photos of Agnes’ hymen, Katsuko-nee is also taking pictures of her expression dyed in shame as she spread her opening by herself.

「 Katsuko-neesan, include us in the photos too 」

Megu said.

「 Un, take a photo of us together 」

Mana also requests from Katsuko-nee.

「 Oh well, sure 」

Katsuko-nee takes photos of the three sisters lined up on top of the bed, with their legs shaped M, spreading their own vaginas.
I get off from Agnes.
It’s better to show just the three sisters in the photo.

「 The three of us are together, Agnes-chan. We’re sisters after all 」

Mana says with a gentle smile.
Megu and Mana’s skin is flushed as they just finished sex.
They’re emitting a sexy pheromone along with their sweat.
Both of them have their wombs filled with my semen.
The naked girls are fuming with a sensual scent.
And yet.
Agnes in the middle is naked, and is also taking a sensual pose, and yet.
It’s too divine.
I feel her innocence, her purity.

「 Okay, the commemorative photograph of the virgin era is done, thank you for waiting Dear 」

Katsuko-nee tells me.

「 Make Agnes your woman 」


「 Agnes, tell Onii-chan to come to you 」

Mana tells her younger sister.
Agnes spreads her legs facing me.

「 Come. Papa 」

I once again head to the bed where Agnes is waiting.

「 Agnes!! 」

I hug Agnes roughly, kiss her small lips.

「 Aaaah, Papa! 」

Agnes hugs my body tight.

「 Agnes, Agnes! 」

I massage Agnes’s small chest.

「 I wanted to touch Agnes’ breasts since earlier! 」
「 Aaaaahn, Papa, Papa!! 」

I slide into my body and crawl my tongue on Agnes’ nipples.
I lick it again and again.
Her nipples are sunken, but I feel some harness in it.

「 Hauuuuuu, Papa!! 」

Agnes trembles bit by bit.

「 Yoshi-kun, Megu will lick yours 」

Megu puts my penis in her mouth.

「 Ah, I’m going to lick too! 」

Mana brings her face to my crotch too.

「 Then, I will be licking the root, you can take the tip 」
「 Okay, Megu-oneechan! 」

Megu and Mana’s double fellatio strengthens my penis further.

「 O-Oneechan 」

Agnes speaks as I attack her nipples.

「 Agnes, Agnes will do it too! 」

Agnes asserts that it’s her turn now.

「 Oh well, then go on Agnes-chan 」

Mana smiles.

「 Yoshi-kun, make it easier for Agnes-chan to lick 」
「 Yeah 」

I change my position and place my erect penis before Agnes’ eyes.

「 Err, you do it like this 」

Mana shows an example.
She holds my penis with both hands, then uses her tongue lewdly.
She puts the glans inside her mouth and sucks it.

「 Now, try it Agnes-chan 」
「 Yes 」

Agnes gets up and gently holds my penis.

「 It’s okay to hold it a bit stronger, then rub it up and down like this 」

I lay my hand on top of Agnes’ and teach her how to do a handjob.

「 Yes 」

Agnes is excited.
Agnes’ hot gasps reach my glans.

「 Yes, then lick it, put it in your mouth 」

Agnes looks up at me.

「 Yes, Agnes will suck Papa’s thing 」


The 12-year-old half-foreign beauty’s mouth swallows in my oversensitive thing.

「 What’s wrong, Onii-chan? 」
「 Yeah, Agnes’ mouth is warm 」

Warmer than Mana.
Speaking of which, I’ve heard that small child have higher body temperature.
Agnes does her best to lick up my glans.

「 Yoshi-kun, does it feel good? 」

Megu asks.

「 Yeah, it feels good, Agnes 」

I pat Agnes’ blonde hair.

「 That’s great Agnes-chan, Onii-chan’s feeling good! 」

Mana said smiling.

「 I’m glad 」

Agnes smiles in relief.

「 Oh, Agnes, do this every day. Lick my thing everyday 」
「 Yes, desuno. Agnes will suck Papa’s thing everyday, that’s a promise desuno 」


「 I think this is good 」

Megu slips in her nipple to the glans when Agnes takes off her mouth from me.
I can feel her nipple grinding into my glans.

「 Un, that’s also good 」
「 Really?! I’ll try that too! 」

Mana lifts her breasts with her hands and rubs my penis with it.

「 Agnes-chan, try it too 」
「 Yes, desuno 」

The three sisters rub my erect penis with their breasts.

「 Oh, that’s an exciting scene 」

Katsuko-nee presses the shutter.

「 The three looks like they’re getting along 」
「 Of course we will, we’re sisters after all! 」

Mana laughs.

「 But, it’s about time you give the ball to Agnes, it’s her time now 」

I said.

「 Oh right, sorry! 」

Mana and Megu withdraw their breasts immediately.

「 Agnes 」
「 Yes, Papa 」

Once again, Agnes puts my penis in her mouth.

Chupa, chupa, chupa

Agnes’ fellatio is too adorable.
So cute.
I really think her beauty is angelic.

「 That’s nice. It’s lovely, Agnes-chan 」

Katsuko-nee puts Agnes’ fellatio scene to the camera.
The 12-year old sucking made me reach trance.

「 Hey, Onii-chan, are you going to cum soon? 」

Mana’s question brought me back.
Oh right, I can’t just ejaculate inside Agnes’ mouth.
I have to deflower Agnes.

「 Yeah, this time, I’ll lick Agnes 」

I look at Agnes’ smooth and hairless crotch.
My penis is raging to go, but I can’t just push this through Agnes’ small opening.
I have to loosen up Agnes’ entrance or else;
It’ll be tragic.

「 Agnes, open your legs like you did earlier 」
「 Yes, Papa 」

Agnes lies down on the bed once again and opens her legs
I pass through my head between Agnes’ legs.
Agnes’ vagina is small.
Yeah, it’s wet.
A womanly scent comes from her slit.
She’s no angel, Agnes is also a woman.
She’s holding the part to have sex with a man.

「 Agnes, say “Please lick it” 」
「 Yes, Papa, p-please lick it! 」

I use my tongue to tease Agnes’ slit.
Agnes’ love nectar is sour.
I stimulate it with my tongue.

「 Hauuu, uuuuu 」

Agnes’ body stiffens, she’s enduring.

「 Agnes, don’t hold back. This is pleasure, so leave your body to it 」
「 Yes, Papa! 」
「 That’s right, Papa’s licking you so don’t be afraid 」
「 Yes!! 」
「 Take a deep breath, loosen up 」

Agnes breathes in, breathes out.

「 Continue taking deep breaths while Papa is licking 」
「 Yes 」

I crawl my tongue on Agnes’ secret part again.
Agnes stiffens for a moment, but she loosens up as she breathes deeply.

「 Yoshi-kun, I’ll lick Agnes’ breasts 」

Megu said

「 Please do 」

Megu and Mana crawl their tongues on Agnes’ cute chest.
They lick both her nipples.

「 Auauauuu!! 」

Agnes is feeling it, her mouth is flapping.
I peel off Agnes’ clitoris with my tongue.
I see her small pink bean.
I use my tongue to roll around it.

「 Aaaaaaauuuuu!! 」

Agnes’ body bends like a bow.

「 Papa! No! That’s! 」

But I didn’t stop.
Let’s make her cum once.
That way’s better to loosen up Agnes’ body completely.

「 So cute, Agnes-chan 」

Mana smiles as she teases Agnes’ breasts.

「 Onii-chan and her Onee-chan are making her feel pleasant 」

Megu also licks Agnes’ ears while teasing the nipples with her fingers.

「 It feels good here doesn’t it? I also feel it 」

She’s attacking the erogenous zones she also felt?

「 Hauuuu, auu, auu!! 」

Agnes climbs up.
I lick her clitoris roughly, sucking it.
At the same time, I massage Agnes’ thighs and ass vigorously.

「 Aaaaahn, Papa! Papa!!! Papa!!! 」

The 12-year-old girl is getting wet from perspiration.
The young girl secrets body odor like sweet milk.

「 Agnes is feeling good! Agnes is feeling good!!! 」
「 It’s okay, go on, feel good Agnes!! 」

Megu, Mana and I all spurt on the effort.

「 Aaahn! Hafuun! Hafun! Agnes, Agnes, Papa, Papa!!!! 」
「 Agnes, cum as your Papa watches you! Cum !! 」

Agnes bends her back like a bow.
Her body twitches.

「 Aaaah, Agnes is flying! Flying!!! 」

Agnes reaches ecstasy.

「 Hauuuu, hauuuu, Papa!!!!!!!! 」

The half-foreign beauty’s thighs sandwich my head!!
Agnes pushes my face against her genital as she trembles in pleasure.

「 Auuuuuuuuuu!!! Auuuuuuuu!!! Auuuuuuuu! 」

Agnes spews warm liquid to my face.

「 My, that girl blew a tide!! 」

I hear Katsuko-nee’s voice.
Agnes is binding my head, I can’t move.
I’m suffocating.

「 Auuuuuuuuuu!!! 」

Twitch. Twitch. Twitch!!

Agnes’ whole body convulses.

「 Hauuuuuuu, hauuuuu, haaaa!! 」

Before long.
Her breathing gradually fixes itself.
The strength holding my head loosens up.

「 Uuuuu!! 」

Agnes loosens up from the lingering pleasure.

「 Towel 」

Nei hands me a towel
I hurriedly wipe my face wet with Agnes’ juice.

「 Yo-chan now’s the time! 」

Yeah, I know

「 Yeah, wait a second! 」

Nei puts my penis in her mouth.
She covers it with a lot of salivae.

「 Megumi-chan put a cushion under Agnes’ waist, that angle’s better 」

Nagisa tells Megu.

「 Yes, Onee-san 」

Megu immediately takes a cushion.

「 Mana, lift her up! 」

Nei and Mana lift up the exhausted Agnes.
Megu pushed in the cushion.

「 Take off the pillow, her airway is blocked that way, it’ll be painful for her 」

Katsuko-nee instructs as she holds the camera.

「 Okay 」

Megu takes off Agnes’ pillow.

「 Megumi and Mana, hold down Agnes’ upper body, you just have to hold the arms and shoulders. Nagisa-san and I will take care of the lower half! 」

Nei instructs.

「 Yes 」

Megu holds Agnes’ left shoulder and hand.
Mana holds down the right shoulder and hand.
Nei holds down the left thigh.
Nagisa holds the right thigh.
The exhausted Agnes is left like that.
She’s spreading her legs open like a frog, affixed to the bed.
Agnes’ slit is in front of me.
A genital that climaxed once melts down, the sealed and closed slit now loosens.
I see a pink color inside as it drips clear love nectar.

「 Let’s go, Agnes 」

I stick my erect penis to the naked 12-year old body.
I grind the glans to Agnes’ slit.
Again, and again.
Agnes’ love nectar coils around my penis.

「 Hauuuu 」

Agnes’ consciousness is still flying.
She’s in a daze.
I can’t take away her virginity like that.

「 Agnes! 」

I kiss Agnes’ lips.

「 !!! 」

I pushed my tongue inside Agnes’ mouth, immediately after, her hot tongue entwined.

「 Ah, P-Papa! 」

Agnes’ consciousness becomes clear.
She recognizes me.

「 That’s right, it’s Papa, Agnes’ Papa 」

I smile at Agnes.
I keep rubbing my glans to Agnes’ opening.

「 I, I! 」

Agnes notices her current state.

「 That’s right, we’re going to have sex, Agnes! 」

I say clearly

「 Y-Yes, Papa! 」

Agnes’ face trembles in fear.
But, her body’s still relaxed.

「 Say “deflower me, Papa. Please take away Agnes’ virginity” 」

Agnes. While trembling;

「 D-Deflower me, please deflower Agnes, Papa, Papa, please use your penis to take away Agnes’ virginity, please take it away! 」

Nuririri, nuriri, nuriri.

My glans rub on top of Agnes’ slit.

「 Yeah, be my woman, Agnes!! 」


I change the angle of my glans.
The tip sticks into Agnes’ small slit.

「 I-I’m scared! I’m afraid, I’m so afraid, I’m scared!! 」


The glans pushes in.
Agnes’ entrance is spreading out to the shape of my glans like a tight rubber.

「 Hiiii! It’s tearing me! I’m being torn apart!! 」
「 It’s okay! Agnes’ body will accept me !!! 」

I declare.


The glans enters her hot vagina.

「 Hauuuuuuu!!!! 」

Oh, here’s the resilient wall.
If I go further than this, it’ll be the goal.

「 Agnes! I’m breaking it!! 」
「 Papa!!!! 」

Agnes grimaces.
But, Agnes is looking at me.
Her blue eyes desperately look at me.
I’m also looking at Agnes.

「 Say “please break it, Papa” Agnes!! 」

Agnes looks at me with her moist eyes.

「 Please break it, Papa!!!!!! 」

At that moment.
I felt like my glans tore through a rubber.

「 Ouch!!!!!!!! It hurts desuno!!!!! 」

I break through Agnes’ hymen;
Then my penis invades Agnes’ uterus.
I’m deflowering her.
I’m ravishing her.

「 Agnes, I love you!! 」


The glans that penetrated the barrier goes deeper inside Agnes’ vagina.

「 O-O-O-Ouch!! Don’t move, Papa!!! 」


「 Ugh, it’s in, it’s all in Agnes!! 」

My lower abdomen perfectly sticks to Agnes’ lower abdomen.
My thick penis is buried to the root.

「 Hauuuu 」

Agnes leaks tears.

「 Does it hurt, Agnes? 」
「 It hurts, it hurts! 」

I stop moving, keeping my body with Agnes.
I kiss Agnes’ lips.

「 Sorry. It hurt you 」
「 Papa 」
「 But, with this, Agnes is now my woman, we’ll never be apart 」

Piercing through Agnes’ virginity, my glans make contact with Agnes’ uterus.
We’re having sex.

「 Congratulations, Agnes-chan 」

Mana said.

「 You’re now the same as us! 」

Mana’s crying.

「 Mana-oneechan? 」
「 Yes, Agnes is now a true sister. We’ll be together forever 」

Megu also smiles at Agnes.

「 Wait, stay like that 」

Katsuko-nee takes a photo of us connected.
The four people holding Agnes’ limbs, Mana, Megu, Nei, and Nagisa.
Me who’s connected with her through genitals.
Six people on one bed.

「 Endure for a bit longer. It also hurt on our first times 」

Mana tells Agnes.

「 Everyone experienced the same pain 」
「 Everyone, desuno? 」

Agnes asks.

「 Yes, my first time with Yoshi-kun hurt a lot 」

Megu smiles.

「 Me too. Yoshi-kun was gentle, but really, it did hurt 」

Nei too

「 Me too, it was excruciating 」

It’s painful, especially for Mana.
Mana’s first time was rape after all.
Nagisa shows a sad face, she doesn’t talk.
Nagisa’s first experience was Shriasaka Sousuke raping her.

「 We’ll be done soon, you just have to endure it 」

I said.

「 How does it end? 」

Agnes looks up at me with an earnest face.

「 Once I pour in my semen inside Agnes, that’s the end 」


「 Then, hurry up and let it out desuno, release Papa’s semen inside Agnes!! 」


「 Sorry, Agnes!! 」

I slowly move my waist.

「 Iiiii, Ouch! It hurts! 」
「 Sorry, sorry, sorry!!! 」

I have to cum
I have to hurry up and ejaculate.

「 Papa, Papa, it hurts, it really hurts!!! 」
「 Sorry, sorry, Agnes, sorry!! 」

Agnes’ body is small.
Too small.
If I push in my hips, I feel like I’m piercing through Agnes’ body.

「 Papa, it hurts, it really hurts desuno!!! 」

Agnes withstands the pain.
But still, she looks at me.
Her big blue eyes stare at me.

「 Sorry, sorry, Agnes! 」

If possible, I want to ejaculate as soon as possible.
I want to cum inside Agnes and put an end to it.
The desire to ejaculate inside me doesn’t rise up.
Is this because I’ve ejaculated three times in a row?
Could it be that I feel pity when I see Agnes in pain?

「 Aaaah, Agnes, I, I!! 」

At that moment.

「 Dear, don’t move! 」

Katsuko-nee tells me in a sharp voice.
I stop moving as I am piercing Agnes’ innermost part.

「 !!! 」

Katsuko-nee’s finger is in my anus.
Her finger is entering??????!!!!


「 When you touch this part, men ejaculate!! 」

Katsuko-nee’s thin fingers rub inside my anus.

「 Uuuugh!! C-Cumming! I’m cumming!!! 」

At the moment my eyes opened wide!!

「 Cum, Papa!! Please pour it inside Agnes’ stomach!!! 」

Agnes shouts to me!!!
The dam on my penis opens up!!!!


My cloudy semen flows inside Agnes’ womb like the flood!!!!

「 Papa!!! It’s hot!!! Hot liquid, there’s hot liquid pouring inside my stomach!!!! 」

She’s accepting a man’s semen in her womb for the first time in her life.
Agnes’ small body trembles.

「 Papa! It’s hot!! It’s hot!!! It’s coming in!!!! 」
「 Sorry, Agnes!!! 」

My ejaculationー
My ejaculation doesn’t stop!!!!