Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 48

48. Prostitute in the public restroom

My Yukino…she knows that I won’t let any man have her body.
…You cheater!

She’s actually not cheating…!
I’m not Yukino’s lover. and I’m still the one who’ll have sex with Yukino right now so this looks like she’s cheating but she’s actually not.
Even I don’t know what I’m saying but…Anyway, it’s the truth that this is not cheating.
But still…for me, it’s nothing but 『Yukino’s adultery』…!

Yukino is thinking of me as a forty year old office worker, a perverted old man who paid for a high school prostitute.
Even though she’s ordered by Katsuko-san…Yukino’s opening her legs for an old man.

…Yukino, weren’t you my exclusive sperm toilet?!
…Were your oath before just a temporary measure for you to say?!

Right now, I can understand why Katsuko-san planned this rape situation on purpose.
Katsuko-san told me to look at 『Yukino’s true character』

In the end…Anyone’s fine for Yukino.
It doesn’t matter who it is as long as she can protect herself and Endou.
She’ll sleep with anyone as long as Katsuko-san and Yuzuki-sensei orders her.
She’s that kind of woman.

…It doesn’t need to be me.
For Yukino…I don’t matter…
Yukino…doesn’t recognize me as a man nor a human…

That’s right…Yukino rather intended to get pregnant with Endou’s seed than 『Get pregnant with my child』tonight…!

The dark cold sorrow and irritation is running around my intestines…!
…The feelings of being betrayed.
…I won’t forgive.
…I will never allow this.
…How should I throw out this feelings?!!!


Yukino calls out to me who’s being silent and not doing anything.
Acting as a high school girl prostitute…she’s using a sweet coaxing voice.
She’s not making this kind of voice when she’s having sex with me!
Thinking that the partner is a forty year old office worker…you’re going to wave your ass to invite him?!
I touched Yukino’s face under the eye mask…
Is she nervous? Yukino’s cheeks feels cold.
Yukino’s body smells like perfume.
She put this on to provoke Endou!
The fragrance of the perfume mixes with the smell of the restroom and it stimulates my lust
…I’ll violate you!

「Customer…if possible, please end this as soon as possible…!」

Yukino’s making Endou wait…
She told her lover that she’ll go to the toilet and she became the toilet herself.
A toilet bitch that accepts white sperm!
I’ll make you a real toilet!!!

「…Also, please be gentle as much as possible」

…Like hell I’ll be gentle!
I’m going to kiss Yukino.
Did she notice? She’s maing a 「…Uu!」but she’s not refusing
Even though she’s violently refusing me!
I cancelled the kiss before our lips touched.
Her plump red lips.
This lip was dirtied by Endou a while ago…
I can’t kiss it anymore!
I take off the button of Yukino’s blouse by tearing it forcibly…!

「Aaah~…PLease don’t be so violent!」

Her white bra appears!
There’s a pink ribbon sticking to her chest…
Yukino intended to have sex with Endou tonight…
This is a victory underwear Yukino chose for Endou’s sake.

…You traitor!

I rolled up her bra forcibly!
Her beautiful breasts spilled out!
Her nipples are already hard…!
Yukino’s aroused!

…You lewd woman!

I sucked Yukino’s nipples!

「…Ah, Ahn~!」

I’m the only one who knows this taste!
This nipple is mine!

…Not yet?

I shivered instinctively…
This woman, if you leave her alone…won’t she just hook with one man after another?
Not just Endou…anyone.
Should I monitor this woman for the rest of her life?
Or should I imprison Yukino somewhere?

「…Ah, Ah…That’s good…Papa, Papa…I can call you Papa, right?!」

I pulled the hem of Yukino’s dress…!
I made my finger crawl on her panty violently…!
That place is already dripping wet…!
Were you wet since Endou kissed you…?!
Or could it be that you got aroused when you discovered that you’re going to be violated in the public restroom.

It’s just what Katsuko-san said.
Yukino’s a bitch that loves sex!

「…Ah…H-Hurry up…Hurry up Papa…You’re making me wait…hurry up and end this…!」

I made Yukino face back forcibly…
Placing her hand on the restroom’s wall, rolled up her skirt and pushed put her ass…!
I lowered her panty to her knees…!
Under the dim light of 60 watts…I can see the anus and the wet slit on the white ass
I slapped that white ass with all my might…!



One more, Pashin!!

「…Ouch! It hurts papaa…forgive me, Papa!」

…Haa, haa, haa.

I unfastened myt belt and took out my erect penis.
It seems that Yukino has sensed what’s going on with the clattering noise.

「…H-Hurry up…Hurry up and do me…Papa」

This is a public restroom.
It’s normal to expose the penis.
…I’ll thrust it in!
…I’ll discharge it out!
I’ll make Yukino my toilet!
…Here we go!!

「…Ahaaan!…It came in!」

Yukino pants from the feeling of insertion…!
I pushed in my penis inside her wet meat folds…!
It reached her uterus immediately!
Yukiono’s vagina is no longer resisting an entry of a man!
Her wet mucous membrane coils itself around the glans…!
It’s an indecent honey pot that doesn’t want to separate with the penis that it took in…

「…Pierce me…Papa…More, pierce me more…hurry up…faster, end this…!!!!」

I gripped Yukino’s waist and fling my hips voilently…!
I don’t have the composure to enjoy this slowly!
I pierce Yukino deeply!
Pan, pan, pan, a sound of skin clashing echoes in the small cubicle…!

「Aaaaah…Good…it feels good…Papa, hurry up…Faster…!!!」

I’ll violate you!
I’ll release it outside!
I’ll ejaculate inside Yukino!
I’m going to let it all out!

「…Hurry up…Let it out…make this end…!!!」

I embraced Yukino’s body from behind!
I gripped her naked breasts with both of my hands!
I confirmed the feeling of her hardened nipple with my finger!
The impure white heat is rising up from my body!

「…Ah, Ah, Ah! Your hot stuff is coming in! It’s inside! It’s reaching it!!…It’s reaching deep inside meeee…!!」


My penis pulsates inside Yukino and it keeps releasing white semen intensely!
My semen is painting the inside of Yukino’s body…
I’m markning my smell on it…

「…It’s still coming out…it’s already a lot…!!」

My irritation goes away rapidly as I inseminate Yukino.
I embraced Yukino once again while we’re still connected.
Yukino’s body is filled with sweat…
I kissed her nape.
This body exists only for me…
I won’t hand her over anyone…she’s my woman!
I indulge myself in the sense of unity while connected with Yukino.

…And yet.
…Yukino said.

「…Uhm, are you done already?」

Yukino under the eye mask shows me a fake smile.

「…You’ve already finished, haven’t you…customer?」

Do you want to return to Endou that much?!
I pulled out my erection from Yukino’s inside!


My penis isn’t withered yet!
I made Yukino stand on her knees and pushed out my erect penis to her face.
My penis touched Yukino’s cheek.
It seems that she immediately understood what it means.

「…I really don’t have much time…please release everything soon…I’ll drink all of it…!」

Yukino opened her mouth wide and sucked the penis.
Yukino uses her tongue and desperately stimulates the glans…!
She’s stroking it with her lips…!
…Lewd mouth.
Yukino has already mastered fellatio before I noticed.
She’d get herself ravished by an old man she doesn’t know as long as she’s ordered.
She would suck penises of old men she doesn’t know.
…A sex loving bitch.
But…I love the face of the one sucking my penis.
…I think it’s cute.
I want Yukino.
I love Yukino’s body.
…I want to make this woman only mine.
I want to make this woman’s body an exclusive sperm toilet for me to release my sperm anytime I want!!!

I hold Yukino’s face and made a piston!
Yukino’s face looks in pain!
That face looks good!
I’ll let it out!
I’ll spit it out in this cute mouth!
…Here we go! I’m cumming! I’ll let it out!!!


I fired my second shot inside Yukino’s mouth.
Topu, topu, topu…My penis jumps inside Yukino’s mouth…!
Yukino says 「…Bitter」!!!
Still, I continue the piston on Yukino’s mouth!
I’ll use it to the last minute…!

When I let everything out, Yukino opened her mouth wide.
On top of Yukino’s tongue is my thick semen.
Yukino closed her mouth and swallowed it.

「…Papa, I’ll clean it」

Once again, Yukino put the penis in her mouth…
Sucking the glans and drinking the semen that got stuck in the urethra…
…A trained bitch.

「Okay, it’s clean now…customer」

Yukino under the eye mask spoke with a smile.

…You don’t really know?
It’s my usual taste.
It’s my semen.
Even though we’ve done a lot…you still don’t know me?

Suddenly…the door on the cubicle was knocked.

「Customer…it’s almost time!」

It was Katsuko-san’s voice.
The cubicle was opened…
Katsuko-san looked at me and smiled.

「Thank you for your patronage…Were you able to enjoy it? It’s a genuine prostitute!」

Katsuko-san’s hand directs me to go out.
I went outside the cubicle.

「…Thank you very much!…You can take off your mask!」

Katsuko-san spoke to Yukino inside the cubicle.
After that, Katsuko-san took out several bills from her pocket.
She purposely crumpled the money and hurdled it at Yukino’s feet.

「…Pick it up」

Katsuko-san spoke laughingly.

「That’s 50,000 yen. 30, 000 for the intravaginal ejaculation and 20,00 for the drinking the semen」

There’s no sign of Yukino moving inside the cubicle.

「Pick it up…It’s the money you earned by your body just now!」

I heard a sound of rustling.
It seems that Yukino got down on the floor and picked up the 50,000 yen…

「Aren’t you glad?…How about having a dinner with your boyfriend?」

Katsuko-san smiles mishievously…

「…Can I go back now?」

I can hear it from the cubicle…Yukino’s voice seems to be tired.

「I’ll be taking photos so stay still for a while! Don’t fix your bra either…your nipples need to be seen!」

A flash and shutter sound can be heard from the cubicle!

「Raise your skirt up and show your pussy dripping with semen…Hurry up!」

I can hear more shutter sounds!

「…Okay, that’s done!」

Katsuko-san lowered her camera.

「This is the end isn’t it?」

Yukino’s relieved voice can be heard from the cubicle…
But, Sex Beast Katsuko is.

「…What are you saying?! You just finished your first customer, didn’t you?」
「Put on your eye mask…the next customer is waiting you know?!」

Yukino’s making Endou wait by saying that「I’m going to the restroom」…It’s already been fifteen minutes.

「It’s fine…There’s only one guy left. If you do your best then you can make him cum in five minutes」
「…Are you sure that there’s only one left?」
「Hurry up and put on your mask!」

Katsuko-san winked at me…!
I’m going to do another round with her I guess…!
Very well…I’ll do it.

「Oh I forgot…The next customer is on the women’s toilet. I’ll be guiding you so come with me!」
「…Wait a moment!」
「Don’t ever take off your eye mask! If you do, It’ll be throwing you to be gang-raped by the homeless!」
「…I won’t, I won’t take it off!」

Being led by Katsuko-san…Yukino came out of the cubicle blindfolded.
Holding her dress on her chest with one hand…she’s covering her nipples.

「Okay…It’s here…Ufufufufu!」

With Katsuko-san’s lead, we appeared outside the public restroom.
…Then, Margo-san dressed like a Yakuza is standing there.
There’s a barricade saying『Cleaning – Off limits』
I see…That’s why there’s no one coming in the toilet.
Margo-san waved her hand to me smiling.
Is Nei-san still in the observatory?
I went towards the ladies’ restroom…
Though it’s a ladies’ restroom, it still stinks as it’s an old restroom.
It’s just that it’s in a bit better state than the men’s restroom.
Katsuko-san had taken Yukino on the hand-washing area…

「I’m sorry to make you wait…Customer. This is the high school girl prostitute you asked for!」

Yukino under the eye mask is trembling.
She must be thinking that the next customer is in front of her.
It’s actually me again though…2

「Hey, introduce yourself! What’s your name…?!」

Yukino falters…!

「Idiot. Since you’re a prostitute, you should just make a fake name. You don’t need to say your real name. You can use your friend’s name…!」

Katsuko-san whispers at Yukino’s ear.
No…I can hear it though.

「Now…Introduce yourself to the customer!」

Yukino bowed tremblingly…

「…I-I’m Yamamine Megumi!」

…Yuino used Yamamine-san as a false name
…W-Why Yamamine-san?!

「…Okay, Megumi-chan, how old are you?」
「Megumi’s 16 years old, first year in high school」
「…How many people have you experienced sex with?」
「…T-Two people」

It seems that the 『Forty year old office worker』have been carved into Yukino’s memory.

「You just had your second person today, don’t you?」
「Yes…That’s right…」

Yukino’s voice became tearful…

「You had lots of semen injected inside your womb, don’t you?」
「…It’s a sperm of whom?」
「A forty year old office worker…」
「This customer is 50 years old. He’s a gentleman that loves violating high school students. When a high school girl is usually gangbanged, he’s coming second…」

…Is there really a guy with that hobby?
…I don’t know.

「He has a bit of perverted hobby but, this customer is a boss of Yakuza so don’t ever fail this…! The Yakuza that was watching Endou-sama outside is a follower of this person. That’s why, if ever you made him angry,m Endou-sama might not be able to come back safe…!」
「…I-I get it」
「Oh right, young boss loves the 『I’m sorry Onii-chan』play! Now, get spoiled like a little sister! Apologize to your onii-chan…!!!」

Saying that, Katsuko-san pushed Yukino’s body to me!


Yukino who was pushed away suddenly jumps into my chest!
I hold Yukino’s whole body!!

「…I’m sorry, Onii-chan」

Yukino starts her play.
I pushed Yukino’s body on the sink!
I placed Yukino’s ass on top of the sink…!
I pulled off the panty that was taken half-off a while ago!
I put her panty on my pocket…!
Tonight, she’ll go commando!
I opened Yukino’s legs wide…!
The crack on the center has love nectar and semen dripping down.

「I’m sorry, Onii-chan…Megumi’s pussy is dirtied by another man’s semen, I’m sorry…!」

I took out my penis once again.
My erection never dies3
There’s no way it’ll wither!
It’s standing erect!
I’m going to have sex for the second time pretending as another person…!
Would Yukino still not notice until the last minute…?!
She’s not going to notice me?!!4

I ram in my questions1

「 Aah…I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Onii-chan!!!」

She’s shaking her waist back and forth…!
I opened her dress and rubbed her breasts!
I sucked her nipple…!

「I’m sorry…Megumi is sorry!!」

…Why Megumi?!
Do you intend to soil Yamamine-san!
The tip of my penis grinds the entrance of her womb!!

「Aaaahn…Please pierce Megumi very deep, Onii-chan!!」

I push in my piston!
I’m stirring Yukino’s womb!

「Iyaaaaa, don’t do that…I’m sorryyyyy…Onii-chaaaan!」

…Yukino’s blindfolded.
…Yukino’s thinking that she’s being violated
Yukino’s intensely wet.
…She’s panting.
…She remembers the pleasures of sex.
She’s intoxicated on the 『Onii-chan play』
A lewd body with no way of saving.

…Lewd…slut…pervert…bitch…meat toilet…!
Even if I add all those boos…I can’t express those to Yukino right now…【】
She’s a helpless…sex loving bitch.

That’s my first love.
I fell in love with such a woman.

My tears are spilling over.
I’m crying…while violating Yukino.


My voice…my crying voice can’t be suppressed…!!

「What’s wrong…Onii-chan…hey, onii-chan…?!」

Still, I didn’t stop thrusting inside Yukino…!
…I’ll violate her!
…Until I release it inside Yukino!

「…I’m sorry! It’s my fault isn’t it?! I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Onii-chan, I’m sorry…!!」

…Yukino apologizes to me.

「I’m sorry…I’m sorry for being me…Onii-chan, I’m sorry!!!」

…She’s saying「I’m sorry for being me」

「…I’m sorry! Megumi is wrong! I’m sorry for bring this kind of little sister!!」

…You’re not 『Megumi』
…You’re Yukino

In the end…this is just acting.
A play forced to her in sex…
It’s not Yukino’s real intention…

I shake Yukino’s body stronger and faster!!!

「…Aaah, good, it feels good…I’m sorry, Onii-chan, Megumi’s feeling good…I’m sorry!」

Yukino’s drowning in sex.

「…It’s about time」

Katsuko-san mutters while watching us have sex…
Katsuko-san took out her phone…

「…Hello, Nei-sama Thank you for waiting. It’s time!」

…Where is Nei-san right now?
Nei-san’s voice leaks out from Katsuko-san’s phone…!

『Okay, let’s begin then』

…Begin what?

Such question enters my mind while I hump Yukino.
Immediately after, a sharp voice can be heard from Katsuko-san’s phone…!

『…Hey hey, even if you wait there, your girlfriend won’t come back!』

…She’s talking to Endou?!

『Mufufufu!…Endou Kenji-kun! Your girlfriend, Shirasaka Yukino is being raped in the public restroom right now! She’s being surrounded by men!』

Yukino who’s drowning in sex has returned to herself!

「…Eh…W-What’s going on?!5

Nei-san’s voice from the phone goes further…!

『It’s me, Me!…Look, the one that barged in your classroom this morning? The delinquent Nei-san~! Your girlfriend’s an eyesore so I had everyone rape her! Hurry up and save her or she’ll get pregnant you know?! Ah…It might be late though!』

Yukino’s body trembled in fear.
The blood in her face fades away quickly.
The inside of her vagina tightens firmly!

「…You must be lying?!」

Katsuko-san laughs.

「Sadly, this is not a lie!」

In addition, Nei-san reports to her phone…!

『Endou-kun’s going there right now!』

…Yukino’s petrified.
…Resumed the intense piston!!

「…No! Don’t do it right now! Kenji…Kenji’s coming over!!!」

I embraced Yukino’s body and pierced her whole body!!!

「…I’ll be seen by Kenji…I can’t allow that to happen!!!!」

Hot feelings run inside me…!
I licked the sweat that’s flowing on Yukino’s scruff to her chest…!
Being shaken intensely by me, Yukino’s body trembles violently!

「…You can’t…I told you that you can’t…!!!」

Before long…I can hear an angry voice of a man from far away…!

「…Hey! Yukino!! Yukinoooooooo!!!!」

A voice of an ugly man appeals for Yukino’s name

「K-Kenji…Help me…Kenjiiii…!!!」

Yukino’s body began convulsing…!
Her vagina tightens firmly…!
…Yukino’s about to climax soon

「…Yukino, are you there, Yukinoooo!!」

Endou’s shouting right before the public restoom!

「Hey hey…Can’t you see that this is 『Closed to Public』…?!」

That’s Margo-san’s voice…!

「…Yukino, if you’re there then answer! Hey, Yukino!」

…I ram in my last thrust!
My limit’s close…!

「…Don’t enter without permission!」

I heard a sound of an impact…then a sound of something falling to the ground!
Perhaps…Endou was hit by Margo-san…!
Endou’s crawling on the ground…!

「…Aaaah, Kenji…Kenji…I’m sorry…I!!!」

The pleasure of sex and the image of violence carries Yukino to the stage of delight immediately!
Her whole body’s sweaty…and a lightning hits her body…!

「…Cumming…I’m cumming!!!」

Her body bent like a bow…!
Yukino shouted in a loud voice…!!!

「…aaaaaah! Aaaaah! Cum! Cum! I’m cumiiiiiiiing…!!!」

It was a voice of great pleasure if it’s heard from outside by Endou!
I’m also cumming!

「…Hyaaaaaaan! It’s coming out! It’s coming! It’s coming inside me!!!!!」

I can hear Endou’s yell from outside the restroom…!


Endou’s sorrowful voice doesn’t reach Yukino who’s drowning at the pleasure of the climax…


  1. Gae Bolg
  2. You thought you fucked two other guys, but it was ME YOSHIDA!
  3. Dick of the game!
  4. Hello, you two are of the same year, of course she won’t notice
  5. And I say, Heyyyyy, Heyyyyyyyy!

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