Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 480. An earnest confession



「 Then, I’ll do it right away. I’ll entice you 」

Yukino looks at me with a grim face.

「 What I’m going to say from now on is all lies. It’s not true, it’s just a fabrication so I could flatter you, so remember that 」

Yukino, what are you doing?

「 Take a seat over there 」

Yukino points at the corner of the bed.

「 I will sit here 」
「 Okay 」

We’re sitting down on the bed lined up.
What the hell’s this?

「 Err, do you remember the day when we first met? 」

Yukino speaks shortly.
Her face doesn’t have a smile.
It seems that it’s not like her to sell flattery with a smile.

「 Well, I remember it 」
「 Right, you do remember, a beauty like me called you out after all 」

Yukino forces a laugh.

「 Well you see, well, in reality, I don’t actually remember it, but I thought that you were a disgusting gloomy guy 」
「 Yukino? 」
「 I mean, it’s the day of the entrance ceremony you know? It’s the first day of your high school life you know? Usually, you’d welcome a new life, the world should be sparkling you know? A new school means a love encounter, meeting a cool senior, or that a bright new hope begins, don’t you think?! 」
「 Ah, yeah 」
「 And yet, what’s with you? Your face is so gloomy, you were just slumping in the desk with a face so pale that you seem that you’re about to die. What’s with him, that’s what I thought! 」

Yukino looks at me with a mocking face. She laughs.

「 That’s why I thought that you should go to the infirmary. It was a hindrance to the start of my bright high school life! I thought “you should get away from my sight right away,” that “you should leave the classroom.” That’s why I called out to you back then!!!

Yukino laughs.

「 You misunderstand that as me being kind, right? Are you an idiot? That was the first day of my high school life. Naturally, I’ll play like a cat and speak kindly. I have to make the boys around think that I’m a thoughtful and kind woman. I just acted, that was a play. A play. I didn’t worry about you even a little bit! 」

Yukino keeps on laughing.

「 You already know what kind of woman I am but, I think that it’s just stupid to be kind to people. It’s calculating. I don’t want to be at a disadvantage 」


「 Back then, I just want to push out the dark atmosphere from the classroom you were scattered around. Also, I wish to impress the boys that I was a kind girl. You’re really an idiot for misunderstanding it 」

Yukino’s jokes about me a month ago.

「 Yukino, what are you doing? What’s flirting in that?! 」

Megu looks at Yukino surprised.

「 The outsiders should stay silent! I’m trying to sell my body right now! I’m a prostitute! It’s my choice on how to sell it, right?!! 」

Yukino bites on Megu.

「 B-But 」

Margo-san stops Megu who tries to argue with Yukino.

「 Megumi-chan, let her do what she wants 」
「 B-But 」

Megu looks confused. This time Kyouko-san speaks up.

「 Yukino’s right. It’s the prostitute’s choice on how they sell their body 」

Kyouko-san grins.

「 There’s a lot of prostitutes who sell by using abusive language too. There’s a lot of girls popular even though they speak harshly on their guests. If the prostitute say that it’s her style then we can’t do anything, let her do what she wants! 」

A prostitute’s style?

「 The final goal is to make the guy feel good and refreshed. No matter what method you take. However 」

Kyouko-san glares at Yukino.

「 If the woman just speaks harshly on the man, can’t get him erect, nor make him feel good enough to ejaculate, that’s nor a prostitute. That’s just a scum 」

In short, what kind of influence it’ll do to me.
If I’m satisfied eventually, it might be harsh, her attitude might be, but Yukino did her prostitute work properly
On the other hand, if I didn’t feel good or cum, Yukino is disqualified as a prostitute.

「 You must be ready for it. You know that you’ll be killed if you can’t become a prostitute! 」

That’s right. If I didn’t get an erection:
If she isn’t able to have sex with me in front of her father and the camera;
If she can’t satisfy me as a prostitute selling herself;
Yukino will die. Definitely.

「 I think that has merit 」


「 No matter what kind of approach you use, it’s accepted as long as you could please the man. The prostitute’s style is a difference between people 」

Minaho-neesan allows Yukino’s reckless actions.

「 You’re free to do what you want Yukino-san 」


「 Well, that’s what they said. I’m okay to do anything as long as I could please this man you know! That’s how it is! 」

She glares at Megu.

「 That’s why outsiders should shut up! I’m trying to coquet him with my life at risk here! I have to sell my body just to save myself! 」

Yukino’s eyes were serious.
Those eyes look at me once again.

「 Let’s return to the topic. Listen! Anyway, I’m not the kind person you first thought I am! I’m selfish, egoistic, a woman who uses everything convenient for her! Do you understand what I’m talking about until now? Huh?!! 」

She speaks to me belligerently.

「 First, I have to make you understand that or else I can’t flatter you! I’ve never thought of being kind to you at all. I’m that kind of woman. I don’t want you to misunderstand! 」

I stayed silent.

「 Anyway, I’d like you to just know that my true-self doesn’t like you. If not, I can’t sell flattery to you. You’re disgusting 」

Yukino, you.

「 You were staring at me ever since the start of the classes! You see! It’s so disgusting that I can’t endure it! Did you like me that much? Did you fell for my face? Or was it my body? You wanted to mess up my body ever since then, right?!! 」

Yukino screams.

「 Go on, look as much as you want! Touch me as much as you want! I’m making a special sale just so I could live! I’m going to sell my body to you 」

She provokes me.
Is this Yukino’s art of conversation to make me erect?
Does Yukino think that I would attack her if she says that?

「 What’s with that? Aren’t you the idiot here? 」

I tell Yukino.

「 What the hell was that? Do you think I would want to fuck you from that? Do you think that I would attack you if you anger me enough? Do you really think that would be pleasant? 」

I throw insults at Yukino.

「 You’re an idiot aren’t you? I’ve had sex with much strong substance than you! Your attitude just gets me angry, not get erect. That’s just completely unlikely 」

Yukino shouts loudly

「 Don’t call me “You!” We’re not even lovers! Not even friends!! 」
「 Then what are we? What am I to you? What are you to me?!!! 」
「 You’re the rapist and I’m the pitiful victim!!! 」
「 I admit that I’m the rapist but which part of you is cute!!! You may be a sex victim but you’re not a cute sex victim!!! 」1
「 It’s cute!! It’s me after all!! I was raped so it’s obviously that I’m the cute rape victim here!!! 」
「 That’s not cute at all!!! 」
「 Hmph, liar. Even though you think in the back of your head that my angry face right now is also cute!! 」
「 I don’t!! 」
「 You do!! You loved my face don’t you?! Look, I won’t get angry so confess! You love me don’t you! Admit it that you fell for me!! 」
「 I hate you! I hate you Yukino!! 」
「 Lies! You actually love me so much don’t you! 」
「 Didn’t I just say I hate you?! 」
「 You’re actually saying that you like me don’t you? Are you an elementary student?! 」
「 I said I don’t like you! I said that I can’t get erect for you Yukino!! 」
「 It will ! After all, you love me so much!! 」
「 It won’t, besides, don’t you hate me?!! 」
「 I hate you! Obviously I hate you! Where in the world could you find a woman who fell in love with her rapist?! Are you an idiot? No, I know that you’re an idiot but, is your idiocy bottomless? Are you the king of Idiots?! 」
「 What the hell is kind of idiots!? 」
「 Kingu obu Baka!! A king of idiots, that’s you!! 」
「 Yukino’s also equally an idiot!! You fell for Minaho-neesan’s traps so many times! A chimpanzee is much more intelligent than you! 」2
「 Hey hey!! Don’t put in third party! Even if I am an idiot, you’re way much worse than me! You’re much more of an idiot than me!!! 」
「 Why is that the case?! 」
「 Because I’m cute!! 」
「 What?!!! 」
「 A cute idiot has a higher rank than just an idiot! That’s obvious! If we’re ranked like soldiers, I would be the commander in chief!!!! 」
「 And me? 」
「 You’re just an ordinary worker! 」
「 That’s not even a soldier!! 」
「 Anyway, I may be commander-in-chief, you can’t even become a chief clerk! That’s how much difference in levels we have!! 」
「 You speak soldiers and ranks and yet you actually don’t know about them, don’t you?! 」
「 Obviously!! What do you think of me?! 」
「 A fashion idiot, a promiscuous woman who would fly around a man with good looks, your room’s dirty 」
「 Don’t talk about my room! 」
「 Even so, that was one hell of a room! It’s filled with all undressed clothes. Cosmetics containers are rolling around that you have nowhere to stand. Your socks and panties are discolored yellow already! 」
「 That’s a lie! I properly wash my panties 」
「 Then the other, the socks you took off stinks! 」
「 Stop with the lies!!! 」

Haa, haa, haa.

I shouted too much that my throat hurts now.
I’m completely sweaty.
Yukino too.
She’s breathing over her shoulders.
There’s sweat shining brightly from her neck to her cleavage as she’s only in her underwear.

「 You idiot!! 」

Yukino pokes my forehead with her fingers.

「 What are you doing?! 」

I also bump Yukino’s forehead.

「 What about you?! 」

Yukino grabs my shoulder then bashes my head.

「 O-Ouch!! 」

I also heat-butt Yukino’s head back.

「 It hurts you know!! 」

Yukino pushes me down on the bed.
My arms and legs are spread out on the bed.
Yukino bends over me, pushing her hands.

Haa, haa, haa.

It feels like our faces are just about 50cm away.
Yukino’s sweat on her forehead drops on my face.
She’s giving me a serious look.

「 You see 」

Yukino asks

「 What? 」
「 Why is it that when you have sex, you keep your eyes open? 」

What are you talking about?

「 Before, I’ve talked to girls, and everyone with experience says this; Normally, they close their eyes when having sex, so they don’t see the other party 」
「 But, you won’t know how the other party’s doing if you don’t look, right? 」

I don’t understand other people’s sex.

「 Or rather, isn’t it normal for men and women to stare at each other? 」

I do it with everyone.
The women who have sex with me all look at me.

「 Hey outsiders, you should tell me this kind of thing sooner! 」

Yukino looks at the women around.

「 Normally, some people close their eyes and not look. We’re different though 」

Katsuko-nee answers.

「 Prostitutes have sex as their business. We have to always check how the guest is taking it, so we look at the other party. We’re not cheap prostitutes who just lie down and do nothing 」

Kuromori is a high-class brothel.
Since they sell their bodies at a high price, a prostitute must always observe the state of their guest and do their best accordingly.

「 Hmm, then you’re also a prostitute? 」

Yukino said.

「 No, we’ve never taught him any sex techniques at the brothel. He does it on his own accord. He likes to make the partner feel good than himself. That’s his personality 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 I see, you really are weird 」


「 Look, I never had sex with anyone but you ever since you took away my virginity, right? That’s why I misunderstood that anyone could make me feel good with sex 」

Yukino speaks on top of me.

「 But, when I was in the room next to the principal’s office, when Kenji’s about to rape me, he was just violent, and it scared me. I understood at that time that you’re not ordinary! 」
「 Huh? 」
「 Even when you were raping me, you take care of me as if my body is a jewel. 」
「 That’s not you, I’m quite cruel too 」
「 No, you may be rough, but you always take care not to injure me. You’re that kind of man 」

Yukino’s eyes are looking at me.

「 You see, I wanted a suitable boyfriend. You know it right? Cool, tall, a sportsman, a wealthy man like Papa 」
「 Like Endou, right? 」
「 That person was a miss. I was just entering a co-ed high school from an all girl’s middle school, I was in high spirits. I think my eyes were foggy back then 」
「 Too foggy, Endou’s just a good-for-nothing 」
「 You’re right. I reflect on that 」

Yukino said.

「 Maybe I would immediately break up with Kenji even without you breaking in. That guy is the same as me, the type that goes hysteric when things don’t go his way. In the end, we’ll just clash and fight all the time
「 Yeah, you’re right. You two are very similar, both egoistic 」
「 Don’t misunderstand, even if I didn’t date Kenji, I will never go out with you. The possibility is null from the start. It’s impossible. It’s impossible with you 」
「 Yeah, I guess 」
「 Kenji was also a mistake. That was just a blunder. I just entered a co-ed high school so I just went with the flow. That was shameful enough. I want to redo the first day of high school 」
「 But, if that went on, Yukino’s first experience would be Endou, right? If I recall, you two were going out alone during the holiday, right? 」
「 Yeah, I don’t want to think about it but I might’ve given my virginity to Kenji. Thinking about it, I guess I’m really an idiot girl. My brain’s rotten. I went and flirted with that kind of guy 」
「 Yeah, you’re an idiot Yukino 」
「 But, that’s much better than having your rape me 」
「 I see, then my bad 」
「 Well of course! Giving it willingly even to that foolish man and having it forcibly taken away is two different things 」
「 You’re right 」
「 That’s right, you robbed it away, you’re the worst! 」

Then, Yukino
Kisses my lips.

「 Yukino? 」

I look up at Yukino surprised.
Yukino gives me a serious look.

「 I gave Kenji my first kiss, but you were the first to put in the tongue 」

Saying that. She pushes her tongue to my lips.
Our tongues twined.

「 I’m taking this off 」

She rides on top of my body.
Yukino touches her underwear.

「 I have to start soon 」

Yukino is stimulated with the 《 MUST 》consciousness.

「 Should I take it off? 」
「 Don’t joke, I’m not spoiled like your women. I can take it off myself 」

Saying that. She puts her hands on her back and removes her bra-hook.
Yukino’s raw breasts flick out.

「 Okay, that’s the top 」

Yukino throws away her bra down the bed.
Then, she takes off her panty on top of my body.

「 There we go 」

She pulls out her panty from her ankle then releases it down the bed too.
She also takes off her socks.

「 With this, I’m also stark naked 」

Yukino piles her body on top of me.
Her two soft mountains press against my chest.
Yukino’s pussy is pushed to my crotch.

「 There’s only one thing a naked man and woman do. You know that right? 」

Yukino’s words were close to intimidation.

「 Look, I’ll get you in the mood to get that thing big already 」

Yukino rubs her body to me.
Kisses me over and over.
But, my penis is?

「 What?! It still doesn’t get erect even after all this? 」

Yukino glares at me.

「 I see, then I’ll lie to you more! 」


「 Everything I say after this is a lie. I’m just flattering you so I could get you erect, that’s not my real intention so you should know that. Dig a hole in your ear and listen to me! 」

Yukino whispers to me.

「 T-Thank you 」


「 T-Thank you, thank you for always trying to help me out. Thank you very much 」


「 I think I might’ve gone through more horrible things if you didn’t help me. Perhaps, I’m raped by dozens of men, my body would be full of scars. I’m sure I’m no longer alive, no matter how much of an idiot I am, I know that. I know!! 」

Yukino speaks expressionlessly.
She desperately shuts out her feelings.

「 If not for you, I would’ve been quickly and more thoroughly raped by Yuzuki’s plan, and killed. That’s what I think. Now, there’s some hope remaining for me to keep living even if it’s just a little bit. It’s all thanks to you. I know, and I’m thankful, maybe 」

Yukino’s expression is stiff.
Oh, actually.
She doesn’t want to tell me this.
She doesn’t want to say thanks.

「 T-Then, t-the feeling of thanks has changed, or should I say that it flowed backward, or that it burst out 」

Yukino’s face is getting more and more grave.

「 I-I, maybe, just maybe 」

Oh, it’s this.
Yukino’s flattery.
It’s all lies.

「 I, maybe, I. I might like you. That’s right, in short, how should I say it, I-I-I, I love you 」

This girl.

「 Aaaaah, I think that I like you! Maybe !! 」

This idiot

「 Yukino, you’re too bad at lying 」

Yukino looks at me silently.

「 That’s not even trying to flirt. You’re just spouting lies 」

Yukino doesn’t answer.

「 Whatever happens, Yukino will never like a man like me. I know that it’s definitely impossible! 」


「 I-Is that so? But you helped me this far. The feelings go around, and for some mistake, it turns to love. It’s maybe one of the possibilities, don’t you think? 」
「 I don’t like that kind of lies 」

I said.

「 Yukino, you 」
「 Huh, what? 」

I use my card.

「 Do you know my first name? 」

Yukino’s face froze.
Of course.
Even if she knows my surname, Yoshida.
She doesn’t know my first name.

「 Instead of not knowing, should I say that you’re not interested in my name? 」

She sighs.

「 Yes, that’s right, isn’t that obvious?! 」

She snaps back at me.

「 You know, I’m not interested in you at all 」

Then, she reaches out for my withered penis.
She grabs it strongly.

「 For me, you’re just this. You’re just a man with a penis! 」


「 I’m not interested in you other than your penis and how good you are at sex! 」

Yukino grabs my penis. She strokes it.

「 I’m not interested in what kind of music you listen to or anything at all! You’re just this penis! Aah! This is annoying!!! Irritating!! I’m getting angry!!! 」

Yukino’s not looking at my face.
She’s only looking at my penis.

「 I’m not interested in a man who only has this much value!!! Do you not understand that?! You idiot!! 」

Sad feelings envelop me.
Heavy, cold emotions soak in my mind.
And yet.
Hot blood flows to my penis.
My penis stiffens.

「 That’s right, go on!! Oh, it’s getting big! Aren’t you getting big?! What the hell, you can do it you try! You idiot!1 」

Yukino feels my erect penis with her hand.
I feel a cold passion.

「 Aaah, wait, wait! I’ll lick it right now! I’ll suck it!! I’ll have you to admit that I made this big!! Wait, you idiot!!! 」

Yukino shifts to my lower half and licks my glans.
She puts my half-erect penis in her cheeks.

「 Ufufu, delicious. Your penis smells so lewd. The taste. I love this taste. Hey, listen you, idiot!! 」

Her pink tongue licks my glans.

「 Aaahn, I’m getting wet from just giving fellatio!! I’m getting wet you know, what now, how is it? Getting aroused, you idiot?! 」

Yukino rubs her crotch on my legs.
It’s making wet sounds.

「 I love sex. Having sex with you isn’t a lie. I’m okay with you for just sex. I feel I’m releasing everything when I have sex with you 」

Yukino puts one hand on her crotch and masturbates.
She’s probably wet enough at this moment.

「 When I have sex with you, I can empty my head. I wonder why? If it’s another man, would I pretend to be cute? Well, I don’t need to show off when having sex with you this late. We can just keep on shouting at each other. Hey, are you listening? Idiot 」

I wonder what is sex with Yukino for me?
Earlier Yukino said that my relationship with the women of Kuromori was odd.
Using sex to tie up human relations isn’t normal.
Actually, sex is the only connection Yukino, and I have.
We’re connected with just sex.
What’s this?

「 In the end, I still don’t get what kind of person you are, Yukino 」

I tell Yukino as she sucks me.

「 Obviously, what can a man like you know about me 」

Yukino said.

「 We’ll never understand each other, never agree on anything, you and I are different 」
「 I guess. Our way of living, thinking is entirely different 」
「 Even before that, you and I were born from different categories! You should notice that already you idiot! 」

In the end, Yukino can’t escape from her privileged class thinking.

「 Oh, right. I’m a no-good guy anyway 」

I can’t escape my sense of inferiority from Yukino.

「 You just said this earlier 」

I said.

「 If you didn’t go out with Endou, the possibility of you going out with me was zero. I agree with that 」
「 Obviously, it’s the same even now. I broke up with Kenji, but I’ll never date you. Not even if I die. Never. You get it now, idiot! 」

Our lives will never intersect.

「 That’s why we can’t be lovers 」
「 What are you talking about? I don’t even want to be friends 」

Yukino and I.

「 This is fine either way, just sex 」

Yukino says as she caresses my penis.

「 Either way, our relationship is just sex 」

She says while licking the glans with her tongue.

「 Really, you’re so helpless. We’re like beasts, the worst 」


「 We don’t even agree when talking. Our words don’t get through. We don’t understand each other’s feelings. There’s nothing that overlaps us. That’s why this is the only thing we do!! 」

Yukino continues to keep fellating me while feeling a sense of gratifying defeat.
To have sex with me.
That’s right, she’s doing it because she has no other choice.
She’ll be killed if she doesn’t have sex with me.
That’s all there is to it.
There’s no connection of hearts between us
Only just sex.

「 Hey, bear a bit more, get hard, please 」

Yukino’s crying as she sucks.

「 Get hard enough so I can put it in. Really, I don’t want to die, do something about it you idiot!! 」


「 Yeah, I don’t want Yukino to die. Whatever happens, I don’t really want Yukino to die!! 」


「 Then hurry up and get erect! I don’t have much time left!!! 」

Fuck it!!

「 I want you to live. I’m okay even if you hate me. I don’t mind even if you hate me forever. I don’t care if you loathe me 」

I’m also crying

「 But still, I don’t want Yukino to die. I want you to live. I don’t want you to die 」

Yukino looks up at me, looking confused.

「 Yukino is a woman I liked even if it was for a short time 」


「 I liked Yukino. I really liked you, so!! 」

The tears are coming up.

「 I don’t want you to die!! 」


「 What’s with that?!!! 」

Yukino shouts.

「 Whatever you think, I still wanted to be friends with you!! 」


「 I don’t need to be lovers, just friends was fine!!! All this time!!! So!!! 」


「 Yukino!! 」

I grab Yukino.
Then, I roll her down on the bed and get on top of her.

「 I’m going to fuck you! I’ll force to have sex with you even if it’s impossible! I’ll never let you die!!! 」

I stroke my penis on Yukino’s naked body.
I stroke my own penis, but;
It’s not getting hard enough for insertion

「 Fuck, dammit!! 」

My half-erect penis isn’t getting harder.

「 What are you doing! Idiot!!! 」

Yukino head-butts me from below.


I feel a huge pain in my forehead, I think it’s dented.

「 You can’t rape me!! I have to do it!! I’m selling my body to you!!! 」

Yukino grabs my penis.
She rubs it with her hands, licks it with her tongue.

「 Get big already! Get hard!! 」

But still, my penis doesn’t get hard.

「 Why is it not getting hard!!! 」

Yukino cries.
I also cry.


  1. Author confuses me on this one, the sentence before has the kanji for pitiful, but this sentence has the character for cute, then below sentence says cute too
  2. Oooooooooh!!!!