Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 490. Sisters’ meeting



「 Err, uhm, that 」

I’m confused.

「 Let’s discuss that with everyone 」

If I decide it on my own, someone might disagree with it again.

「 You’re so considerate that’s why it begins to make bad influence to your mind 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 If that goes on, it’ll get worse and worse, that your body might not be able to get erect 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 Well, the possibility is high 」


「 I think Misuzu-san already knows it, the drug given to him tonight is a bit stronger. Energy potency drug, because of the circumstances, he needed to have sex in succession 」

Yeah, I did drink a drug.

「 That drug should still be working. He shouldn’t be able to endure it when watching naked women flirting around. Self-control like “Mao-chan is here so I can’t get erect” shouldn’t work 」

But, my penis is calm.

「 It’s my fault. I thought that it’s okay for him to be a sex beast in front of that man 」

Minaho-neesan’s initial plan was;
As long as I rape Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughters in front of him one after another, that’s enough.

「 However, he was worrying about Megumi and Mana-san’s heart while having sex, even with Agnes, he embraced her kindly 」


「 Thinking about it now, it was a mistake to let you drink the drug. Even though your body is rampaging like a jet plane. You suppressed your desires and had such delicate sex, considerate of your partner’s heart 」
「 But, that would break him 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 Yes, that was on the last of the line after all 」

That. They meant Yukino.

「 Yeah, that was just trampling on this boy’s pure heart. Even though his heart is feeling down, his body wants to have sex, but with that partner, of course, it would wither 」

Kyouko-san said. Michi;

「 Uhm, what happened? 」

Kyouko-san grins and looked at me.

「 That’s not for me to tell! I’d feel sorry for him if I do!! 」

Am I that pitiful?

「 I have never met a woman with such a cold heart like that before 」

Yukino’s cold-hearted?

「 No, that, Kyouko-san 」

I speak up.

「 Yukino’s not cold-hearted. She’s just an idiot 」

She’s an idiot, so she doesn’t understand other people’s feelings.
She just acts thinking of what’s convenient for her.

「 Hmm, if that’s what you think, I guess so 」

Kyouko-san stares at me.

「 Either way, because of that girl, your heart has suffered a great deal of damage That’s why you’re in Sage Mode ever since then 」

Sage Mode?

「 Your head is cold and clear that you can think of various things calmly, can’t you? 」


「 That’s why even though naked women are loitering around, you can answer to their discussions without a problem. When these two cute girls told you to watch. You just watched and didn’t get erect 」


「 It’s not Sage Mode, it’s Safe Mode 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 The damage Yukino-san dealt was too high that his senses have gone haywire. If we leave this alone, he might have an erectile dysfunction 」
「 That’s a problem!! 」

Misuzu shouts.

「 Uuuuuugh, that’s a problem 」

Michi too.

「 Do something and heal him 」

Minaho-neesan smiles at the two.

「 Well, right, this certainly needs the other girls to gather and discuss, not just you here. Everyone should have an awareness of the issue in this case 」

Kyouko-sans aid.

「 Yes, understood 」

Misuzu nods.

「 Sorry, I feel useless 」
「 Hey, hey! You can’t blame yourself for everything like that! 」

Kyouko-san scolds me.

「 Anyway, get off the bath and talk to everyone 」

Lastly, Minaho-neesan tells me.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Well then, let’s begin our first “SOS! Yo-chan’s penis is in trouble! Sister’s association – Security council of Yo-chan’s penis!!!!!” 」

Nei declares at the dining room.
The participants are Nei, Misuzu, Ruriko, Michi, Megu, Mana, Nagisa, Shou-oneesan.
Rei-chan’s looking after Edie, Agnes, and Mao-chan in the next room.
Margo-san and Katsuko-nee’s job is monitoring, so they’re not here.
That is until they swap with Minaho-neesan and Kyouko-san in the bath.

「 Uhm, I made a lot of things so let’s talk about it while eating 」

Nagisa tells Misuzu and Michi, and me.
There are various dishes on plates at the table of the dining room.
There’s a bite-sized burger, fried chicken, pilaf.

「 Megumi-chan chose the frozen foods in the refrigerator. It’s an eat all you can buffet so eat as much as you want 」
「 We’ve already grabbed a bite 」

Nei said.
Yeah, those who got off the bath first seems to have started eating on their plates.

「 That room also has their share of food 」

Nagisa tells me before even I worry about Agnes and others.

「 It’s okay. Rei-chan’s a good Onee-san for those girls! 」

Yeah, Nei’s right. Leaving them to her is okay.

「 Haa, Yo-chan is really prone to worrying, or should I say that we make him worry too much 」

Nei said as she looks at my complexion.

「 No, I 」
「 It’s okay, don’t say anything. Just eat. You’re hungry, aren’t you? 」

Sure, I only hate some sandwich before we started the revenge.e

「 We’ll do the talking for now so Yo-chan can eat and listen from the side 」

Nei said.
I face the food.
Nagisa and Megu did this for me.
I mustn’t put it to waste.
Yeah. Let’s eat.

「 Uhm, may I speak? 」

Megu raises her hand.

「 I don’t get the situation well but, what is wrong with Yoshi-kun? 」
「 Well, explain it Misuzu 」

The moderator, Nei passes the baton to Misuzu.

「 Uhm, Kuromori-sama has pointed it out, I also had the same thought 」

Misuzu looks at the women around.

「 We demand Danna-sama too much that he always responds to our wishes with all this best. Therefore it has become a heavy burden for Danna-sama, I think 」
「 Burden? 」

Megu mutters.

「 Yes, simply put, Danna-sama thinks he does not enjoy having sex with us. Danna-sama’s thoughts of duty, or “I must” has gotten stronger 」
「 Is that true, Yoshi-kun? 」

Megu asks me.

「 Megumi, don’t ask Yo-chan directly! That’ll just burden Yo-chan’s heart even more! 」

Nei scolds Megu.

「 I just want to… 」
「 No, I know that you’re a straightforward girl Megumi but don’t you think that’s too straight? 」

Hearing that, Megu got hurt.

「 Isn’t it better to ask it straightforwardly! That’s my relationship with Yoshi-kun! 」


「 Megumi, calm down 」

Minaho-neesan comes in after getting out of the bath.,

「 Nei too, you should choose a better phrasing when speaking. Your attitude to younger girls is terrible 」

Minaho-neesan scolds Nei.

「 Sorry, we’re late 」

Margo-san and Katsuko-nee enter the room.

「 Kyouko-san’s monitoring the two 」

Katsuko-nee tells Minaho-neesan.

「 Yes, let’s leave the two to her, for now, Margo, talk to Edie 」
「 Roger that, Minaho 」

Margo-san goes to Edie’s room.

「 Now then, let’s swap the leader. Nei’s going to take this on her own pace 」

Minaho-neesan stands in front of everyone.

「 Ugh, I get it. Sensei 」

Nei sits next to Katsuko-nee.

「 Now then, the current problem is in his heart 」
「 Uhm, do we really demand too much from Yoshi-kun? 」

Minaho-neesan said. Megu asks.1

「 Yes, that’s true 」

Minaho-neesan affirms with a smile.

「 But we don’t have the intention of forcing Yoshi-kun to a lot of things 」
「 Megumi may not have the intent, but he’s alone, and yet there are too many women wanting him. You may seek him in a moderate amount, but he’s drowning from it. There’s too many at the same time 」


「 No, I just need to do my best on it. Megu did nothing wrong 」

Minaho-neesan looks at me.

「 No, don’t work hard on it. You must not do your best 」


「 It’s wonderful that you do all your best for the family. But, romance and sex are different. If you only do your best on everything or think that you have to work hard, it’s just painful. It’s not fun 」

It’s only painful, it’s not fun.
Minaho-neesan looks at the women.

「 Right now, he’s doing his best too much for his family that everything burdens his heart. Usually, sex should blow away those stress in his heart and yet he feels that his obligation to sex is stronger. That doesn’t mean well 」

Minaho-neesan declared.
The room quiets down.

「 Misuzu-san, Michi-san 」

Minaho-neesan looks at the two.

「 I was watching you at the bath earlier, you were talking about your sexual delusions in front of him, weren’t you? 」

Misuzu and Michi blush.
Oh, that “want to have sex in front of Jii-chan and Yoshiko-san” and the likes.
They shouted a lot.

「 Why are you tell him those? 」

Misuzu looks at me.

「 That’s because we can tell Danna-sama anything. We can show him the most embarrassing parts of our hearts 」
「 Why did you show it to him? 」

Misuzu thinks for a moment.

「 Because we’ll be with Danna-sama forever 」

Minaho-neesan smiles.

「 Oh, why do you think so? Do you not think of the possibility that it won’t happen? 」


「 Because Danna-sama promised to stay with me forever! 」
「 Just because he promised? Why can you trust his promise? A man is a creature that deceives women by saying something good. Do you not think that he’s saying what needs to be heard 」
「 I don’t! 」

Misuzu looks at me
No, all the women in the vicinity.

「 Because he’s my husband. It’s not about whether I trust him or not. Danna-sama will never lie to me. Danna-sama promised to love me for the rest of his life so it will be 」

She tells Minaho-neesan with an earnest face.

「 That’s some great trust. Incredible, what about the others? 」

Minaho-neesan asks the other women.
Everyone nods.

「 Oh well, you all trust him from the bottom of your heart. Your trust in him may be thicker than any of the blood relatives you have 」

Once again, Minaho-neesan looks at Misuzu.

「 You trust him so you can expose everything. No matter how embarrassing, even your sexual delusions, you tell them to him. He will not hate you no matter what you tell him 」


「 He’ll never betray you, no matter what happens, he’ll still like you. He’s always on your side, he’ll always come to help, it’s quite hard to find people like that,. You girls are fortunate. That’s what I think 」

A cold smile floats on her face.

「 But, what about him? I wonder if he will be happy if he stays with you? 」

Minaho-neesan speaks provocatively.

「 He will! We’ll make him happy!! 」

Nei shouts.

「 That’s right. I’ll make Yoshi-kun happy!!! Yoshi-kun’s making me happy after all!!! 」

Megu too.

「 What about you girls? 」

Minaho-neesna looks at Misuzu, Ruriko, and Mana.

「 I, Onii-sama has accepted me, so he’s now involved with the problem of Kouzuki house, I know that 」


「 He’s carrying that burden for my sake. Of course, I intend to return the blessing with my whole life. But, I still feel sorry for Onii-sama 」

So she thinks like that.

「 Me too, if Onii-chan didn’t reach out for me, I would’ve been killed today 」


「 No, I know that my existence will continue to burden Onii-chan. It’s not too late now. I know that I will trouble Onii-chan and all Onee-chan as long as I live
「 Hey, Mana! 」

Mana looks at me.

「 But, I want to be with Onii-chan. I want to live by Onii-chan’s side! I’m sorry! Please! Please allow Mana…please allow Mana to live!! 」

Mana kneels in front of everyone.

「 Raise your head, Mana-san 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 That’s just more troublesome, the burden in his heart will only get stronger 」
「 Mana-chan, raise your head 」
「 Yeah, hey, don’t cry. You’ll make him worry 」

Katsuko-nee and Nagisa lift Mana.

「 I also had a dark past, so I know that I’m a burden to him. But, I love him. I can’t go on without him 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 He accepted Mao-chan and I. Sorry, the tears are coming out, but I can’t imagine a life without him 」


「 Even if you say that, I’m the same. I’m the one who has no worth here, I’m just a stupid and helpless high school student, I’m not a suitable partner for girls as beautiful and kind as you all 」

Even I.

「 Okay, stop. It’ll only be a self-depreciation tournament if this goes on 」

Minaho-neesan says flatly.

「 What about you Michi-san? I haven’t heard your opinion yet 」

This time, she asks Michi.

「 I don’t think about that anymore 」


「 From the moment I offered myself to Master, I’m already a part of him. If I think that I’m a burden, then, I’m disrespectful 」
「 That’s quite clear 」

Minaho-neesan smiles.

「 I’m a sex slave after all 」

Michi answers.

「 He treasures you more than a sex slave however 」

Minaho-neesan said. Michi;

「 Yes, I want him to treat me more like a slave 」

She speaks frustrated.

「 That’s the problem 」

Minaho-neesan claps her hand.

「 Okay, attention, everyone listen to me 」

The gaze of the women gathers around Minaho-neesan.

「 He trusts you all from the bottom of his heart. Then, it’s not you girls, but he is the one who’s working hard so you would trust him. Do you get it? It’s not that we trust him willfully. He’s doing all his best, so every one of you trusts him. Isn’t that right? 」

I’m not aware of that.

「 He’s a bit, no, he’s quite broken. He doesn’t have half-baked thoughts like an ordinary man, trying to show off his nice spots to women. He’s always dangerous, and use all his strength, he acts with the thought of how he could save you. He’s kind and gentle, yet dumb 」

Idiot. That, I’m aware of.

「 But that’s what’s cute about him 」

Minaho-neesan smiles at me.

「 Then, he gained your trust by devoting himself. You can tell him anything, you can be naked in body and mind. Just like in the bath earlier 」

Speaking of which, when I was taking a bath.
Shou-oneesan and Rei-chan were the only ones actively conscious of me.
I feel like it’s normal to be naked in front of everyone before I noticed it.

「 But, what about him? 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Does he trust you from the bottom of his heart? 」

A dense atmosphere wraps the room.

「 No, I do. I trust everyone! 」

I said. Minaho-neesan;

「 Yes, only on the surface 」


「 Then, let me ask. Earlier, Misuzu-san and Michi-san talked about their sexual delusions, could you tell about yours? 」


「 Look at everyone and imagine. They’re all your women so you may suggest “Let’s have this kind of sex this time” to her, or “I want to do this” to her. Yet you never did, did you? 」

The girls gasped.

「 He hasn’t exposed his heart to you all yet. He’s embarrassed, he thinks that you might hate him if you discover his sexual delusions! 」


「 I know the actual size of your libido 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Libido, what? 」
「 It means sexual urges. I know how much urge to sex is gathered inside you 」


「 To be specific, Katsuko, Margo, Nei, and I do 」

Does that mean?

「 At the beginning. When I instructed you to rape Yukino-san. Your libido was outrageous. You have never done that kind of lustful sex to any of these women, have you? 」

My sex with Yukino.
I raped Yukino for a whole night.
I kept on throwing out my desires inside Yukino.
No, even in the morning.

「 Look, if you don’t release what’s sleeping inside of you to these girls, it would make them pitiful 」

Everyone, pitiful?

「 How long will you continue to hold back on these girls? As long as you’re holding back, the distorted relationship now will not change 」

Distorted relationship.

「 These girls want you, you respond to them. That’s just one-way traffic now. Therefore, you’re the only one accumulating stress. You take responsibility of the burden piling up 」

I can’t release it to my women.
Therefore it’s only piling up on me?

「 Is it that embarrassing to show the sexual delusions deep inside your heart? 」


「 Well, it is. I’m sure everyone will hate me if they see that 」

A chill rushes down my heart.

「 Because that’s just perverted! If I show my delusions, everyone will hate me! Everyone will abandon me! I’ll lose everyone! 」
「 I’m glad, you finally opened up 」

At the moment Minaho-neesan said that;

「 I won’t hate you, Onii-sama 」

Ruriko said.

「 Uhm, does Onii-sama remember? I lived alone with Yoshiko-sama, so it’s not even a week since I’ve learned about sex 」


「 To be honest, I don’t know what is real sex. Therefore, I have no knowledge on what sex is unique 」


「 Besides, Ruriko will not have sex with anyone but Onii-sama. Therefore Onii-sama can teach Ruriko anything you want. For Ruriko, what she does with Onii-sama is what sex is. I’ll do anything as long as it pleases Onii-sama 」

She smiles at me.

「 Of course, Ruriko will keep it a secret to others what kind of Sex Onii-sama does 」

No, but.

「 I’m glad, Ruriko found something that would please Onii-sama. Ruriko is a sex slave so, please don’t hesitate and tell me anything 」

Ruriko smiles.


Nei shouts.

「 I’ll do anything too you know! If it’s a perverted kind of sex, then it’s much more welcome!! I won’t let Ruriko have it all to herself!!! 」

Welcome she said.

「 Please wait, Uhm, Danna-sama!!! 」

Misuzu stands up, blushing.

「 Misuzu has hidden it until now but, M-Misuzu’s a pervert! 」


「 I’m a pervert, so I’m okay no matter what kind of perverted acts we do! I’d gladly do it! 」


「 In that case, I’m a much bigger pervert 」


「 Or rather, I’m a toy to expel Master’s sexual desire. If you’re feeling horny, please use me. That is my reason for living 」


「 W-Wait, then me too 」

Megu raises her hand.

「 Not you Megumi 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Eh, why, Minaho-san? 」

Minaho-neesan doesn’t answer, she looks at Katsuko-nee and Nagisa.

「 What about you two? 」


「 I think that I must not enter the first unit 」

First unit?

「 Ojou-sama’s deciding the first wave members to liberate his mind, right? 」


「 I’m a prostitute. If he thinks that it’s a perverted act, I know dozens of much more awful acts than it, I’ve experienced it too 」

Katsuko-nee is one of Shirasaka Sousuke’s prostitutes he made to play with his perverted friends.

「 If I join in then I think that I’ll join the purity of these children 」


「 There’s no love in merciless perverted acts. It’s only a foul act that hurts the woman’s mind and body, just to look down on them. What’s piled up in his heart, no matter how distorted it is, it ends up being affectionate

Katsuko-nee looks at me.

「 My experience, my past, it’s so disgusting that I don’t want it to dilute his thoughts. Therefore, I won’t join in the first wave 」
「 What about Nagisa? 」
「 I have the same opinion. Besides, I think Katsuko has noticed it already, but we can’t have sex rationally tonight 」

It’s the night where they took revenge on Shirasaka Sousuke.

「 If we join in now, we’ll only demand from him, we don’t have the composure to suck up what’s inside of him 」
「 I see, what about Mana-san? 」

Mana looks up at me.

「 Megu-oneechan, Agnes-chan, and I already did it with Onii-chan earlier. We’ve received a lot of love 」


「 I think that we should leave it to those irrelevant to Shirasaka house tonight 」
「 Mana, what are you talking about?! 」

Megu’s surprised.
Mana means that Megu shouldn’t participate as well.

「 I think so too 」

Minaho-neesan looks at me.

「 You can’t understand your own situation so I’ll be clear 」

My situation.

「 Tonight, you’re broken-hearted from Yukino-san 」


「 How she trampled on your thoughts is on a different situation than before 」


「 No matter what happens from now on, you’ll never cross paths with Yukino-san. You’ll never reach a mutual understanding with her. Going that far to the bitter end, your relationship with that girl is wholly cut off 」


「 It’s a broken-hearted night so you can cry. You can scream. You can be miserable. Cry in those girl’s chests. Throw out all those emotions that you can’t. You can have disgraceful sex like that 」

Disgraceful sex.

「 We want to accept you after all 」


  1. Raw says that Nei answers, but the previous lines don’t make sense