Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 496. Tokyo Tower / Can you see it from this side?



「 Come in 」

Misuzu opens the door to her condo and invites us inside with a smile.
She flipped the light switch inside the apartment on.

「 Excuse me 」

I enter timidly.
The entry hall is too spacious.
At standard size, you have to take off shoes one by one.
In this entry hall, even if five people take off their shoes at the same time, it won’t feel cramped.
Also, the ceiling’s high and well-lit.

「 Misuzu, what’s this room? 」

There’s a small room next to the entry hall.

「 That’s storage for my shoes. Also, ski-equipment and things I don’t usually use are put in there too 」

Misuzu replied.
Speaking of which, there’s no shoebox at the entry hall.

「 Both my parents have a lot of opportunities to go to parties, so my shoes increase all the time 」

Why do opportunities to go to a party increases your shoe count?
Is it not okay to wear the same shoes every time?
Do you buy new shoes every party?
I don’t get that part, anyway…
She has so much shoes that it won’t fit in an ordinary shoebox.

「 There’s only a few of my shoes in there 」

No, wait. You mean you have 10 to 20 pairs there, right?
By the way, I only have three pairs of shoes, the usual sneakers, school shoes, and a recently received leather boots.

「 Hahaha, that’s funny 」

Nei smiles wryly.
She’s seen rich men come to the mansion through the surveillance cameras, but…
It’s her first time setting foot on a rich’s living place.

「 Our mansion also has costume room and shoe room, but those were for work 」

Misuzu’s house is only for her and her parents, three persons.

「 That’s a beautiful painting. Chagall 」

At that time, Ruriko’s looking up the oil painting hung at the wall in the entry hall.
Somehow, it’s super blue, people are looking fluffy. A strange painting.

「 Yes, that’s one of the paintings Grandfather gave us when we moved to this condo 」

Misuzu smiles.
Jii-chan’s moving gift is the real deal.

「 Mother likes Chagall 」

What’s Chagall?
I feel like it’ll be another long talk, so I didn’t ask.

「 Come in everyone 」

Misuzu lines up slippers for her guests quickly.
Usually, when you come to this condo, you’d know where’s what.

「 Ah, yeah 」

I get up the room and wear slippers.
Huh, something smells good.
It’s not an air freshener, are they using a high-class perfume or something?

「 Then, I’m coming in too!! 」

Nei goes up the room timidly too.
This is Misuzu’s home, Nei’s away.

「 Huh, Ruriko? 」

I turn around.
Ruriko’s squatting down and arranging Nei and my slippers.
Ruriko’s gestures at this times are beautiful.

「 Ah, thanks Ruriko 」

I speak thanks. Ruriko looks at me blankly.

「 Onii-sama, why do you say that? 」
「 No, you’re fixing up my shoes 」
「 But, this is something Ruriko must do 」

Ruriko tells me with a smile.

「 I am serving Onii-sama 」


「 Please do not mind me next time. Especially when outside, it’s embarrassing to have others see one thanking the follower 」


「 Mother also takes off Father’s clothes and fixes his clothes, but father never thanked mother 」

Ruriko’s father is already dead.

「 No, but 」

Telling me not to give thanks when people do something for me.

「 In front of others, saying it is just embarrassing. I can tell what Onii-sama’s thinking either way 」

Ruriko blushes.

「 Oh, that’s the rule of Kouzuki house?! 」

Nei speaks with a face as if she swallowed a bitter bug.

「 Yo-chan, Ruriko-says that’s what she wants. Why not do just that? As for me, Yo-chan can tell me what comes to your mind without roundabouts! 」


「 It’s not a rule of the Kouzuki house. Ruriko’s father is just inclined towards men dominating women 」

Misuzu said.
Oh, Kouzuki Shigeaki is a man who won’t say thanks to his wife even if she does something for him.

「 My father thanks mother all the time. However, Father is what you’d call a heretic when it comes to a man of Kouzuki clan 」

I see.

「 It’s almost a tradition in Kouzuki house to bully the wife 」

Nei said.

「 It’s not bullying. I think it’s just that they believe wives must obey their husbands 」

Misuzu replied.

「 But you see, Yo-chan’s not trying to enter Kouzuki clan! Misuzu and Ruriko, you two are Yo-chan’s woman! Since that’s the case, don’t push your Kouzuki house’s rules to Yo-chan! Yo-chan decides on how he would treat us 」

Nei said.

「 No, look, calm down Nee-san 」

This isn’t something to be argued about.

「 Uhm, Onii-sama 」

Ruriko looks at me.

「 Ruriko thinks this way: It is a natural thing for me to do something like this every day so isn’t it strange to say thanks to your family doing that? 」

She’s family, so there’s no need to say thanks?

「 It’s all natural, and a matter of course. Instead, if Onii-sama says thanks, then I’d feel like I’m not acknowledged as a family 」

I still haven’t accepted Ruriko as a family?
Is that why I’m thanking Ruriko?

「 Geez Yo-chan! You don’t have to take what Ruriko says seriously! That kind of rules is different per house! Ruriko’s pushing the “that’s how it is” from her home, isn’t that how it feels?! 」

Well, I guess, but…

「 Everyone’s living in a different house and follow different rules! If Yo-chan reacts on every “It was like this in my case,” then you’d only be confused 」

Oh, I see.
I feel shocked.
I’m always saying thanks to each and everything.
My father was like that.
To be accurate:
My mother has reigned as the ruler to my father and me.
Every time she does things, we must speak thanks to her.
Furthermore, my Mother’s father…
He’s a man who loves to tell people to “not forget your gratitude to people.”
His true color is a man who enjoys being told gratitude from others.
Even though he never speak gratitude to others.

「 What’s wrong, Yo-chan? 」

Nei looks at my face.

「 No, I just thought that I was also bound by my house’s rule 」

Nei and Misuzu got taken aback.
The two of them know about my house.
Especially Nei who saw the house where I grew up.
A dense atmosphere drifts for a moment.

「 Ruriruri, you’re wrong 」

Michi stands before Ruriko.

「 There are things you must change before you implore Master 」


「 Earlier, I have prepared slippers for Danna-sama, but I didn’t receive a word of thanks. 」

Right, I haven’t thanked Michi yet.

「 Ah, sorry Michi, I! 」
「 No, that is good. I moved not for Master to thank me 」

Michi speaks clearly.

「 I feel like it was natural for me to prepare Master’s slippers. There’s no need to say thanks over that. Finally, Master has acknowledged me as a slave, it makes me feel proud! 」

I didn’t have that intention though.
This is Misuzu’s house, Michi’s always coming here, so…
Her loyalty from the bottom of her heart is for Misuzu, not me.
The fact that she’s prepared slippers…

「 Until Master reaches the thought that Ruriruri’s actions as natural for Master then you can’t escape the failure of having Master thanking you. Your heart isn’t ready to be a slave yet. Master’s attending to you, it’s inexcusable, have some shame!!! 」


「 It is as you say. I was wrong 」

She then sits on the floor of the entrance and kneels before me.

「 Nono, that’s not it, that 」

W-W-W-W-What should I do?!

「 Danna-sama, Ruriko and Michi are… 」

Misuzu speaks to me.

「 They want to be in harmony with Danna-sama 」


「 They want to prepare before Danna-sama orders what he wants, a mind connection 」
「 Yes, I think that is the rightful form of a master and a slave 」

Misuzu said. Michi agrees.

「 We’re very grateful if you speak thanks to us but, it won’t be a master-slave relationship if Master always thanks every single thing. I am Master’s property. It’s strange to say thanks to your own possession 」

But, isn’t that just a rule because you’ve been living as a bodyguard?

「 I want Master to think that “Michi is a useful woman” whenever he sees me do something. As if one’s checking out his favorite knife’s sharpness 」

In the end, everyone grew up with a different rule than other.
In that case, I must make my rules fit them together.
I know that the rule on the house I grew up from is wrong…

「 Ruriko 」

I hug the kneeling Ruriko.
She’s nervous.
Her body’s curling itself.

「 Onii-sama? 」
「 Don’t mind it. I’ll hug you when I want to 」

I stroke Ruriko’s hair.
I kiss her hairline tenderly.

「 Onii-sama, I 」
「 Don’t say anything, Ruriko 」
「 Yes 」

Ruriko hugs me tight.
She’s pouring all her love on it.

「 Michi, come! 」

I also hug Michi who comes from the side.
Michi’s body is small, but her temperature is high.
I kiss the back of her ear.

「 Master? 」
「 I want to hug you, so I did, that’s all 」

I said.

「 What a coincidence, me too 」

Michi hugs me.
With all her strength.
This combat beauty always hugs me vigorously.
She’s really easy to get lonely.

「 There, there, Michi 」

In the end…
Because I speak out, they didn’t understand.
I don’t know much about human relationships, hierarchal relationships, or even master-slave relationship.
Changing “Thanks” to “Thank you very much,” or “you helped a lot.”
It has become a nuance to the receiving side.
Then, I
I will stop speaking and just show it in the act.
That way, my thoughts are translated and conveyed to the other.

「 Come Nee-san, how long are you going to be sullen! 」

I hug Nei too.
I knew it, her body’s so plump.
Her breasts are so squishy.

「 You see!! 」

Nei also hugs me tight.
I feel my heart is buried deep inside this warmth.

「 Come, Misuzu too 」
「 Yes 」
「 You’re getting high tension, I can understand where it’s coming from though 」

I also hug Misuzu’s body.
Her temperature is lower than the others.

「 Take a deep breath 」

Suu. Haa.

Misuzu’s thin body swells and deflates.
I can feel her breathing all over.

「 Okay, I’ve calmed down 」


「 Danna-sama 」

This time Misuzu hugs me tight.

「 Yeah 」

Then, me too.
I’ve calmed down my heart by hugging my women.

「 I’m not that smart. Besides, I feel like words just get off point most of the time 」

Or should I say that this dumb me can’t think of the words that directly conveys my feelings?

「 That’s why I’ll judge with my body from now on 」

Everyone didn’t refuse my hug.
They hug me back too.
In short.
I’m loved by these girls.
Knowing that now is enough.

「 Let’s go inside then 」

◇ ◇ ◇

「 This way 」

Misuzu leads the way from the entrance to the corridor.
Really, this is a spacious condo.
Or should I say…

「 Misuzu, what’s this staircase? 」

There’s a staircase going upstairs in the corridor.

「 My room is on top, this is a maisonette after all 」


「 It’s a two-floor type of condo 」

Nei whispers to me.

「 First, please relax in the living room. I must prepare glasses and ice for our neighbors 」

As she says that, we’re taken to the living room.

「 What? 」

What’s with this huge space?!

「 It’s 32 mats wide 」

Misuzu smiles.
There’s a long fur carpet spread out.

「 Guests often come to our house and do some home party 」

Just how many people do they invite here?「 」

「 Wow, the veranda’s also spacious! 」

Nei’s surprised as she looks at the other side of the glass door.

「 Yes, the veranda is also 20 mats wide, Mother has a gardening hobby, so she searched for a property with a large terrace and decided it to be here 」

I see.

「 Danna-sama, please wait for a moment. Michi assist me! 」
「 Yes, Misuzu-sama 」

Misuzu and Michi go to the counter type kitchen.
Their kitchen is also vast.

「 Wow, this sofa’s made of real leather! 」

Nei sits on the big sofa.
I also sit while checking the cushion.
It’s fluffy.
The sofa in my house I sleep on can’t compare.
The feel, elasticity, texture, they’re from a different world.

「 Onii-sama, uhm 」

Ruriko whispers.

「 I’m sorry to say, but this sofa isn’t that good 」


「 If you come to our house then I think you’ll be much more surprised 」

I see.
Misuzu’s house is Jii-chan’s third son’s house whose away from Kouzuki group.
Jii-chan’s house, the one Ruriko lived on is the main house of Kouzuki clan.
No matter what you think, it’s at a higher level.

「 Misuzu-oneesama is thinking of Onii-sama’s feelings, so she invited you to her house first 」

If we’re brought to Jii-chan’s house suddenly…
I might faint in agony…

「 Ruriko, is the painting over there from a famous painter too? 」

Nei asks Ruriko.
Indeed, there’s a big painting on the wall.

「 Yes, that’s painting of a famous Japanese painter in the Meiji era. Misuzu-sama’s father works for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology…guests from foreign countries are also invited here a lot 」

Oh, to show that one’s deeply familiar with Japanese art at the party.

「 I see. Does this cost a 100 million yen? 」

Nei asks.

「 No, I don’t know the price. But if I recall correctly, I’ve seen this painter’s work in an exhibit in Ueno’s art museum and gallery 」

That’s quite a pricey one then.

「 Danna-sama, Nei-oneesama, I’ll bring glasses, ice, and snacks to Kuromori-sama and the two 」

Misuzu and Michi come in with a tray filled with a mountain of stuff.

「 I’ll also help out 」

Ruriko goes to Misuzu.

「 Please wait for a moment 」

Misuzu, Michi, and Ruriko leave the room.
Only Nei and I are left behind the spacious living room.

「 Hey 」

Nei whispers.

「 How about we run away on this chance? 」


「 If it’s just us then people watching from outside won’t chase us 」


「 I don’t like this 」

This is Misuzu’s home ground.
Michi’s with her always.
It’s Ruriko’s first time coming here, but…
She has lived in a much more glamorous mansion.
She’s not feeling insecure.
Nei’s the only one that has a handicap.

「 You can’t, Nei 」

I call her name purposely.

「 Misuzu’s always been the away 」

Kuromori’s mansion is Nei’s place/

「 You can’t lose on this much 」
「 Lose? 」

Nei looks into my eyes.

「 Wherever we go, I’m me, Nei’s Nei 」

I sit next to Nei and hug her.

「 Yeah, you’re right 」

Nei kisses me.

「 If I lose to Misuzu then the older ladies will get angry at me 」
「 Yeah, if it were Katsuko-nee or Nagisa, then they’d be composed even here 」

I imagine.
Katsuko-nee and Nagisa won’t break no matter how gorgeous the room you take them is.
As a prostitute of Kuromori, they deal with rich people in the political and business world.

「 Yeah, you’re right I came here as the representative of Kuromori! If I escape then I’d be spanked in the butt! 」

Nei laughs.

「 I’m really glad that we didn’t bring Megumi here 」


「 That girl’s bullied by the rich, Shiraska house. She’s weak on this kind of thing 」

Yamamine house that raised Megu doesn’t really have money.
Their house was worn out too.

「 If she only knows poverty then she’d feel nothing but rebellious. In Megumi’s case, she’s lived comparing herself to the rich, Shirasaka house 」

Megu’s oppressed by her half-sister, Yukino.
Even though they have the same father, Yukino lives as flashy as she is selfish.
Megu is trying to live modestly with all her best and yet Yukino keeps on interfering with her.

「 There was the talk about Megu not allowed to wear any dress, I intend to understand it but after coming here, I know it was much more painful than I imagined 」

The life she lived has an overwhelming difference that she has no choice but to feel hopeless.
No matter how hard she tries, she can’t fight with the same rules.

「 Especially in her case, Yamamine house have all their family working under the affiliates of Shirasaka house 」

They can’t go against Shirasaka house so she can’t escape from Yukino’s bullying.
And yet, she’s always smiling in the classroom.

「 I’ve seen her trying to talk to Yukino as equal. Before Megu becomes our ally

I’ve seen it from the school’s hidden cameras.

「 Back then, Megu was mustering up her courage 」

Even though she passed the exam on her first choice in high school…
Yukino interfered and enrolled her in our high school.
Even before that, Yukino forced her to quit basketball club due to her selfishness.
And yet.
When they became classmates in high school.
She’s trying to talk to Yukino in equal standing.

「 Back then, Shirasaka Sousuke already told her that she’ll be a prostitute 」

Once the holidays in May ends, she’ll drop out of high school and become a prostitute.
But, Megu…
She wants to talk to Yukino on equal footing in the end.

「 Tomorrow, hug Megumi with all your might! 」

Nei said.

「 You don’t need to say the reason 」
「 Yeah, I will 」

What is Megu doing now with Katsuko-nee?

「 But for tonight, you’ll embrace me! 」

Nei laughs.

「 Yeah 」

We hug each other on top of the sofa.

「 Dammit! What’s with this frolic condo 」

Nei said.

「 Isn’t the night view outside the window the best?! 」

She looks at the view outside as she hugs me.

「 You can see both the Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree. We’re on the seventh floor, and yet the land itself is on a hill 」

Oh, that’s true, the night view of Tokyo outside the window is beautiful.
It might be my first time in my life to see Tokyo Tower from a high place like this.
That’s also while I’m hugging a beauty.
Tokyo Tower is wrapped in warm colored light.
On the other hand, Sky Tree looks small on the back, it’s shining purple.

「 She sees this scenery every night? Misuzu’s a cheater 」

Nei said, then kissed me.
At that moment.

「 We’re back!! 」

Misuzu, Michi, and Ruriko come back.