Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 497. Why do people live?



「 Muu, I just had my time alone with Yo-chan! 」

Nei gets sullen.

「 We hurried back with that thought in mind 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 Ah, I’ll prepare tea now 」

Misuzu goes to the kitchen.

「 Then I’ll assist Misuzu-sama 」

Michi heads to the kitchen in a hurry.

「 Uhm, Michi, if you don’t mind could you teach me how to? 」

Huh, Ruriko?

「 How to make tea 」

Oh, Ruriko never did it herself.

「 From now on I must prepare tea for Onii-sama too 」


「 I’ll only teach you once, Ruriruri. Learn it in one go. Later, you’ll just watch and learn 」

No, look, this isn’t martial arts.

「 Yes, thank you, Michi 」
「 There’s no need for thanks! We’re both Master’s slaves 」

Michi and Ruriko look at each other.

「 I see, then I’ll let you two make tea 」

Misuzu said with a smile.

「 Let’s go, Ruriruri 」
「 Thank you in advance 」

The two middle school girl beauties go back to the kitchen.
Misuzu comes to our sofa.

「 How was Minahio-neesan? 」

I’m worried about those at next door.

「 Shou-oneesama is keeping Kuormori-sama company. 」 The two of them are drinking. Reika-oneesama doesn’t seem to drink 」

Rei-chan doesn’t drink?

「 If the two of them both drink alcohol then it’ll hinder their work 」

Oh, I see.
They think that something wrong might happen.

「 Bodyguards are also requested to drink and eat together with their subjects 」

Misuzu said.

「 At parties on restaurants, in those circumstances, they have to drink alcohol 」

When other guests force them to toast alcohol.

「 Shou-oneesama is used as Grandfather’s companion, so she’ll be okay. She can judge on the proper amount of alcohol she could drink. But, Reika-oneesama hardly has any experience in it, so she’s not drinking a single drop 」

Right now, Rei-chan’s on a lower position than Shou-oneesan.
Naturally, in case they’re attacked, Rei-chan has to take the initiative in fights.
Shou-oneesan’s only giving instructions.

「 But, they came here by car, didn’t they? Is it okay to drink? 」

I ask.

「 There are other guards from Kouzuki security service, so it won’t be a problem to have someone take care of driving 」

Ah, I see.

「 How’s Sensei? 」

Nei asks worriedly.

「 She seems a bit tense, it’s a rare case, isn’t it? 」

Minaho-neesan is in a place out of her control.
She’s with two guards of Kouzuki security service.
If it’s just Rei-chan, then Minaho-neesan won’t easily be intimidated.
Shou-oneesan, not a chance.
She’s an adult.

「 Right now they’re exchanging opinions on the money exchange and the future of the world affairs 」

Oh, they can’t find a topic, so they went with that.

「 That’s better for Sensei. Look, if she accompanies us, she’ll only talk as the Onee-san. Kyouko-san’s right, Sensei needs to have friends of the same age 」
「 But, Minaho-neesan and Shou-oneesan have four years difference, right? Is that still the same age? 」

I ask.

「 Shou-oneesama has experience in studying abroad, I think there’s no problem, she’s also taking the most important role among the top-elites which is Grandfather’s bodyguard, so I don’t think there’s a problem 」

Misuzu said.
I see. She’s always beside Jii-chan so she can deal with Minaho-neesan well.
She knows both the surface and underground that well.

「 It’s okay. She can forget about Kuromori and Shirasaka Sousuke tonight and just drink it out 」

Nei said.

「 If this goes on, she’ll just boil down. Sensei 」

If she stays in the mansion right now.
It’s not well for Minaho-neesan’s spirit.

「 Okay, we have tea prepared 」

Ruriko and Michi come in with a tray of tea.

「 Oh, you made Japanese Tea? 」

Misuzu looks at the cup and teacup at the tray surprised.

「 I thought of preparing black tea, but… 」
「 I’m sorry, Misuzu-sama 」

Michi apologizes.

「 I thought that it should be Japanese tea 」
「 Either way is okay, thank you two 」

I thank the two beauties.

「 Ruriruri, may attention when pouring from the teapot to the teacup 」

Michi begins her lecture after lowering the tray to the table.
Wow, that’s some fine details.
Ruriko’s listening earnestly.

「 If you pour it little by little to each bowl, the concentration of the tea won’t change as you pour 」

I see
I didn’t know that.


The phone in the room rings.
Misuzu goes to the telephone and checks the display.

「 My, it’s Grandfather! 」


「 Hello, it’s Misuzu 」

Misuzu answers the call.

「 Yes, Grandfather, they’re here, but… 」

Misuzu looks at me.

「 Yes, I understand 」

Misuzu pushes a switch in the phone

『 Can you hear me? 』

Jii-chan’s voice comes from the phone.
Misuzu pushed the switch to the external speaker?

「 Yes, Grandfather 」

Misuzu speaks to the receiver.
Oh, we all can hear Jii-chan’s voice, but…
Jii-chan can only hear Misuzu’s voice from the receiver.

『 The people inside are, Misuzu, Ruriko, the boy, and? 』
「 Nei-oneesama and Michi 」
『 Oh, the girl with big breasts? 』


「 What’s with that?! I’m not a woman with only big breasts! 」
「 Grandfather, did you hear that? 」
『 Oh, sorry, that’s a slip of the tongue. I’m sorry 」

Jii-chan apologizes.

『 I didn’t have any business with my call. Seki-kun has already reported that she’ll be using the room next to yours 」

Minaho-neesan and Shou-oneesan are in the room next to Misuzu’s condo, which belongs to Jii-chan.
As Jii-chan’s subordinate, Shou-oneesan probably contacted him to obtain permission to use.

「 I’m very sorry. I gave them permission beforehand 」

Misuzu apologizes to Misuzu.

『 No, I don’t mind. I gave Misuzu authority to manage that room. I’m not angry over such a trivial thing 』

Jii-chan said.

『 However, I’d like to ask those in here, can the boy hear what I say? 』


「 Yes, he’s listening, Grandfather 」

Misuzu looks at me and reports to her Grandfather.

『 I see, then there’s one thing I’d like to say to the boy 』
「 Shall I have him take the phone? 」

Misuzu asks…

『 No, there’s no need to call him, let him stay where he is 』

Does that mean?
He doesn’t want to tell just me but tell it to Misuzu and Ruriko too?

『 Well, how should I say it, right. I’ve heard this from Yazawa before… 』

Jii-chan speaks.

『 When something suddenly happens while driving a car, for example, someone jumps out when you suddenly steer the wheel 』

What is this about?

『 At the moment, you must not look at the telephone pole or guardrails. It seems that humans have a habit of going to the direction on something fundamental they see. In other words, if you look at a telephone pole or guardrail, then you’d crash 』


『 Therefore, whenever something goes wrong, you must practice looking at a precise direction to avoid crisis 』

Jii-chan, what do you want to say?

『 On the other hand, don’t look at the wrong direction. When you look at it, you will head in that direction. Avoid the dark path, always turn your eyes to the bright side. If you do that, you can positively progress towards the brighter future 』

That means…

「 Advance to where the light is glowing, isn’t it? 」

Misuzu said.

『 Well, that’s it 』

Jii-chan’s voice is bright, but there’s no vigor.
Oh, I see.
Jii-chan’s persuading himself.

「 I didn’t know that Grandfather likes Tolstoy 」

Misuzu said.

『 Is that so? I think I’ve been thinking about Tolstoy recently 』
「 Grandfather. You won’t be like Tolstoy, would you? 」


「 If I recall, Tolstoy died at age 82 」

It’s the same age as Jii-chan’s?

『 Right now, I can’t do such unreasonable things 』

Jii-chan’s voice is calm.

「 Tolstoy ran away from home in his last years. He’s ashamed of living a wealthy life when there’s a lot of people suffering from poverty, after a week of his escape, he was found dead at a small railway station.

Ruriko whispers an explanation to me.

「 Could it be suicide? 」
「 No, it was pneumonia, but at age 82, him running away from his home at Russia in winter is nearly suicide 」

That Tolstoy is killing himself?

『 However, I think that his death isn’t bad. Tolstoy left home with only one servant, I’m also accompanied by my secretary 』

Secretary, that female secretary? The one Katsuko-nee trained?
Is he planning to escape with that lady and die somewhere hidden on their trip?
Don’t give me that bullshit!

「 Misuzu, give me the phone! 」

I snatch away the receiver from Misuzu.

「 Ah, hello, it’s me Jii-chan! 」

I shout.

「 How about you Jii-chan look first at the bright direction before speaking so proudly to me?! 」


「 It’s not all bad things that happen when you’re alive! 」
『 You’re right 』
「 Don’t say that! Get yourself together! What would happen to Misuzu and Ruriko if Jii-chan’s gone?! 」
『 Don’t those girls have you? 』


「 Jii-chan weren’t you their Grandfather?! I can’t replace their grandfather! You’re their only Jii-chan! 」
『 Grandfathers die ahead of them 』
「 Then don’t die right now!! You are stingy! 」


「 Sorry Jii-chan but I’m going to do a lot of lewd things with Misuzu and Ruriko later 」
『 Yeah, I won’t interfere. Sorry 』
「 That’s not it! Jii-chan, worry a lot over there. I’m going to fuck their brains out! Get frustrated about that! Stomp your feet from the frustration!! 」
『 What are you talking about!! 』
「 Oh, if you want then call all of your Kouzuki security service’s guards and have them visit us! I’m going to do something amazing either way! I’ll make sure that Jii-chan would nosebleed if you see it!! 」
『 Wait, hey!! 』

Jii-chan panics.

「 Danna-sama, please give it to me 」

Misuzu shouts to the receiver.

「 We’ll be recording it, so if you want then you can watch it tomorrow! 」
『 Gunununu! 』

I take back the receiver…

「 Ah, don’t strip right now Ruriko! Hey, Ruriko, not now! I’m in the middle of a call! You don’t have to lick that part!!! 」

Of course, Ruriko’s just looking this way blankly.

「 Sorry, Jii-chan, Ruriko says she wants a lot inside so I’ll end the call now 」
『 Hey, you, wait!! 』

I end the call.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Misuzu, does this room have any hidden cameras or bugs coming from Jii-chan? 」


「 There’s none. There may be in my room, but there’s none in the living room 」

She says self-confidently.

「 He knows that father brings a lot of guests to the living room. 」

What does that mean?

「 Grandfather, ahead of a private enterprise will not eavesdrop on conversations of Father who’s a state bureaucrat and his guests. My father is from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, it’s unlikely that they’ll talk information about Grandfather’s work. But, Grandfather, will never be involved in such faith 」

I see.
Since his son is a state bureaucrat, he mustn’t be rumored to know many secrets.
That’s why it’s impossible for him to place monitoring equipment on his son’s living space.

「 He also knows that father never enters my room. It’s possible that my room has some monitoring devices 」

Yeah, I guess.
Afraid of other people eavesdropping, he bought all the condo up, down, left and right of Misuzu’s house.
In short, he thinks that if it’s him, then it’s okay.
Since it’s Jii-chan, he’ll place it only Misuzu’s room.

「 Then, let’s do it here for the time being Yo-chan 」

Nei said.

「 Then, later, you can go in Misuzu’s room and have him listen to voices. Then, he’d get curious and angry on what kind of sex we do on the other rooms 」

Yeah, that’s right.
Jii-chan’s favorite girl is Ruriko.
Therefore, I won’t let him hear or see my sex with Ruriko.
If I have sex with someone else in Misuzu’s room, then say “what Ruriko did in sex earlier was amazing”…
Jii-chan will undoubtedly be unable to hold himself.

「 Anyway, let’s treat Jii-chan just like Katsuko-nee and Megu tonight 」

I’ll fill his head with jealousy.
That way, he won’t be able to think of anything unnecessary.

「 Misuzu, do you have some videocam? 」

Nei asks.

「 There might be a tripod in my room too. I’ll go get it now 」
「 Then I’ll go also 」

It must be hard to bring it in alone.

「 Uhm, Onii-sama, I don’t get it that well, but 」

Ruriko looks at me.

「 Was it okay to end the call that way? 」
「 That’s okay. That’s good enough 」

I tell Ruriko.

「 Jii-chan needs to think that he can’t die and not watch the video Misuzu recorded until tomorrow. He’ll feel frustrated tonight! 」

As long as he gains the will to survive the night.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Nee-san, if Jii-chan calls again… 」
「 I know, I won’t answer! 」

We left Nei in the living room.

「 Let’s go, Danna-sama 」

I follow Misuzu.
We go out of the corridor and to the stairs.

「 Amazing, even the stairs have an expensive looking carpet 」
「 It’s nothing much 」

Then, that means that Kouzuki house has a much more amazing one.

「 This way 」

After climbing the stairs, there’s a corridor, and one of the doors leads to Misuzu’s room.
Misuzu unlocks her door.

「 Do you usually lock it? 」
「 Yes. Ever since I moved here, Father has never been in my room 」

Jii-chan has shown Misuzu’s father’s affair on purpose…
Misuzu became a man-hater.
She has physiological hate even on her own father.

「 Therefore, Danna-sama will be the first man to enter this room 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 Come in 」

Misuzu’s room smells good.
There’s a sweet smell of a woman drifting around.

「 Wow 」

So spacious.
This is another 18 tatami mat space.
The room looks so clean.
There’s not single trash.
Or should I say…
Even though it’s so broad the only furniture is the bed and a side table.
What’s going on?

「 Oh, this is my bedroom 」


「 The room next door is the study room. Also, this is the walk-in closet and… 」


「 This is the restroom and bathroom 」

Oh right, she has her personal bathroom and toiler, right.
There’s a big bed and a small bed in the room.
The small one must be Michi’s.
The big one has a canopy attached in it.

「 Somehow, this looks like a princess’ bed 」
「 This will be a nobleman’s wife bed from this evening forward. Danna-sama will make love with me over there later 」


「 We can do it later, please do me on my bed 」

It’s the bed Misuzu’s usually sleeping on.

「 Please soak Danna-sama’s sweat and semen in my bed. Then, I can sleep at nights with Danna-sama’s scent when Danna-sama’s not with me! 」


「 We can do it later, really 」

Oh, this kind of postponement…
It’s to make Jii-chan regret that we’ll have sex in a place Jii-chan can’t observe

「 Ufufuufu 」

Misuzu laughs as she looks at me stare around her room.

「 If it’s in my room then I can open up anything. Please take a look at everything. No matter how embarrassing it is, I’ll show it to Danna-sama 」


「 You can open up the closet with my underwear in it. You can take a look at everything. I’m okay with it 」

She smiles at me kindly.

「 All of my belongings are Danna-sama’s. This is Danna-sama’s room 」
「 No, even if you tell me that, I 」

I don’t know what to do with it.

「 I want to expose everything to Danna-sama. I’d like anything and everything seen, if it’s Danna-sama then I’ll show it all 」


「 Therefore, please believe in Misuzu 」

Oh, Misuzu.
I still haven’t opened up my heart to Misuzu.
She’s taking that in her heavily.

「 The camera is in this room 」

Misuzu opens the door next to the bedroom.
Oh, all the doors in the corridor are locked, but…
But there’s no lock on this door reading from this room to the other.

「 Wow1 」

Misuzu’s study room is also wide.
Instead of calling this a study room, it’s more of a library.
There’s a large table in the middle and bookshelves are lined up.
All the books are cleanly organized.
There are some complete works, but…
There’s also a lot of reference books for science.

「 The complete literature works is Father’s hobby. I’ve looked through them all just in case, but… 」

Huh, she read this all?

「 I like math than literature 」

Misuzu’s a science type?

「 I like mathematics since long ago 」

I see.

「 These are globes and maps. I like globes and maps, so I’m collecting them 」

There’s a lot of globes and maps lined up in that one block.

「 This is the globe from the 19th century, a treasure of mine. This is from the Edo period, an image of a town in Edo period 」

I see.
But still, this room after the bedroom…
There’s no garbage around.
Even the books are lined up perfectly just like a library.

「 Cleaning up, uhm? 」
「 Of course I do it myself. If not, I don’t know where’s what 」

Misuzu smiles.
The difference compared to Yukino’s chaotic room is too big.

「 I don’t like things not where they should be. Everything needs to be precisely where they are…

If it were me, I would just place things here and there without thinking, but…

「 Ah, but I’m not a clean-freak. Please do as you please Danna-sama. I’ll clean it up later 」

Misuzu hugs me.

「 I want you to live here with me soon 」

She kisses my lips.

「 Err, this one 」

The cameras are sorted together tidily.

「 Let’s also bring a regular camera other than a video camera 」

Misuzu prepares immediately.
She’s putting the necessary items in a bag made of cloth.

「 Also, please look at this later 」

Misuzu takes out a big item from the bookshelf.

「 What? 」
「 It’s my graduation album 」

Misuzu smiles bashfully.

「 If you invite your beloved to your room, you show them your graduation album, right? 」

Is that so?
I thought it was Manga or something, but…

「 I’m happy 」
「 Misuzu? 」
「 Danna-sama has finally come to my world! 」

Misuzu’s space.
The room only smells Misuzu.
Oh, I see.
When I told Misuzu that I’ll go with her to take the camera.
Nei and others didn’t say that they’ll join in too.
This is Misuzu’s territory.

「 Therefore, I don’t mind even if Grandfather watches later. I want Danna-sama to fill this room with your smell, I want Danna-sama to see my graduation album, then please push me down the bed halfway 」


「 I want to try common kind of love like that! 」
「 Yeah, I got it, let’s do that 」

I replied.

「 Danna-sama! 」

Misuzu slurps my tongue strongly.

◇ ◇ ◇

We go to the living room holding the set of a camera.

「 Was there a call from Jii-chan while we’re gone? 」
「 None! 」

Nei replied.

「 Well, that’s okay, let’s leave the old man on his own! 」

Nei laughs.

「 Oh, this is an excellent camera! 」

Nei says as she looks at the camera Misuzu’s holding.

「 Great, well then let’s start the sex tournament1 」

So she says, but…
Can I get erect?
I don’t have the confidence right now.

「 I’ve heard this from Katsu-nee… 」

Nei speaks while setting up the tripod.

「 Yo-chan drank a vitality drug tonight? That drug should still be working so if you get an erection you won’t be able to stop your desires 」


「 Right now, you’re held back by your mental problem, but once that’s gone, you’ll blow it all like an open dam 」


「 That’s why Yo-chan can just do us in turns once you get in the mood. Anyway, we need to have Yo-chan spit out all the bad things swirling inside him 」
「 Roger that! 」

Michi replied.

「 Certainly! 」

Ruriko too

「 I also will serve with all my best 」

Misuzu said.

「 And then, I’ve been thinking on who would be the first one… 」

Nei grins.

「 I think that we need a slightly immoral trick to have Yo-chan open up his heart 」


「 Besides, we’ll be sending the video to Kouzuki Old man later… So let’s jump right to the main dish. If Yo-chan starts bursting out, then we might not be able to take photos 」

If it turns out to be unclear photos then there’s no meaning.

「 Thus, I have a suggestion 」

Nei said.

「 Why don’t we have Ruriko’s Enko1 video first? 」


「 Let’s record Ruriko as if she’s doing compensated dating! That’s our situation. I’m sure that Kouzuki old man will definitely watch and get toppled by that video! 」

Oh, that’s.
That’ll definitely be an excellent shot to Jii-chan, but…

「 Uhm, Nei-oneesama? 」

Ruriko asks.

「 What’s Enko Video? 」


  1. Compensated dating