Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 502. Genuine sex with Misuzu.



「 Ufufufu!! 」

Misuzu laughs and hugs me on top of the bed.

「 Danna-sama, Danna-sama, my husband!! 」

Her big eyes look at me.

「 Wanwanwanwawan, wan!! 」

Misuzu’s like a puppy.

「 I am indeed a pet, Danna-sama’s puppy! 」

She licks my cheek with her pink tongue.

「 Please play with Misuzu!!! 」


「 Okay, there, there! 」

I hug Misuzu and pat her head.

「 Kuun, kuuun, wanwan!! 」

Misuzu barks like she’s feeling good.

「 Ah, right! 」

Misuzu gets up, off the bed, and goes to pick up something.
While at it, she took off her skirt and now she’s only wearing a panty below.
Misuzu who’s in bra and panty only shows a beautiful line of her body.
It’s not a slim model with long legs like Megu.
Nor it’s glamorous like Nei.
But, it’s definitely beautiful for a 17-year-old girl.
Her height, breast size, tightness of waist, ass, and length of her legs.
All of them are just right, balanced.
It feels like a golden rule of balanced beauty.

「 Misuzu, the shape of your breasts is beautiful. 」

Yeah, the volume, the feeling of swell, the bulge pointing upwards are all beautiful.
Even when she’s wearing a bra, the greatness of her shape is remarkable.

「 Wanwan. Danna-sama loves breasts, right? 」

Misuzu says while she looks my way.

「 Huh? 」
「 Well, look, whoever you do it with, you always lick their breasts, don’t you? 」

No, well, that’s true, but…

「 It’s okay to touch and lick it more 」


「 This is for Danna-sama at all times. Wanwan! 」

Misuzu lifts her breasts with both hands and shakes it.
It’s bouncing, looks soft.

「 But, you see, it’s embarrassing 」
「 It’s not embarrassing! You mind it; you lose!! Wanwan!! 」

Then, Misuzu takes out something from her bag and comes back to the bed.

「 Wanwanwanwan!!! 」

She jumps to my side.
The bed shook.

「 Kyaaaun!! I’m sorry!! 」

Misuzu hugs me tight.

「 Yes, please do this 」

That was Misuzu’s red collar.

「 Misuzu is Danna-sama’s pet dog, so you have to put on a collar! Please, owner! 」

Misuzu presents the collar to me while sitting upright on the bed.

「 Yeah 」

I get up and attach the collar to Misuzu.

「 I think that it’s lovely how Danna-sama never thinks “troublesome,” or “I don’t want it now” 」
「 No, isn’t that just normal? 」

If such a cute girl asks me, then…

「 Yes, I’m glad that you always think that way! 」

It changed from “Danna-sama” to “You.”

「 There, I put it on 」
「 Wanwanwanwan, thank you very much! 」

Misuzu gets on all fours in bed, she smiles happily.
She sways her ass left and right.
She must be swinging a tail.

「 Hey, will we be like this in five years? Is it okay for me to be your cute puppy? 」

She smiles at me.

「 Yeah, no problem at all 」

Misuzu will be 22 in five years.
I think that it’s cute if she gets on all fours in her underwear and collar only.
I think she’ll stay as my cute puppy.

「 Then, what about ten years later 」

Misuzu would be 27 then.
Nah, I think Misuzu will stay cute forever.

「 It’s okay, no problem at all 」


「 Then how about 20 years? 」

Misuzu will be 37 by then.

「 I think it’s still a cute puppy? 」
「 Hmmm, I’m okay being a Mama dog by then though 」

Misuzu said

「 Yeah. I think that Misuzu will be a cute mother even after 20 years. 」
「 So It’s okay for me to wear a collar and cuddle up with you? 」
「 I don’t mind if we’re alone 」

It’s a bit embarrassing in front of the children though.
How do we educate them?

「 Yes, how about 30 years later? 」

Misuzu will be 47.

「 I think that I will be an old lady by that time, but… 」

No, that’s…

「 No, Misuzu, you’ll stay cute no matter how old you are. Even after 40, 50, 60, or even a 100 years later 」

Misuzu’s cuteness isn’t the beauty of her looks right now.

「 Misuzu’s heart is cute. I think that it’ll stay cute no matter how old you are. I want you to stay my by my side like that, with a collar 」
「 You’ll have me by your side and love me all the time? 」

I hug Misuzu.

「 I will, you’re too cute after all!! 」
「 I’m so happy, wan wan!! 」

Misuzu rubs our bodies.

「 Then, that’s a promise! Misuzu will be Danna-sama’s pet dog forever until she dies! I’m the pet!! 」

Misuzu looks into my eyes.

「 Misuzu’s here for you, so you’re no longer alone 」

Then, she kisses me.

「 Don’t be afraid. Don’t be sad. You’re not alone. Misuzu’s here with you!! 」


「 Ufufu, Danna-sama, do you want my breasts? I know, I’ll take it out now 」

Saying that. Misuzu unhooks her bra from behind.
The elastic and springy object spills out.

「 Okay, here you go 」

She presents her nipple before me
I suck on Misuzu’s nipple.

「 Ahn! That feels good! Danna-sama, so cute!! 」

Misuzu hugs my head tight and buries my face on Misuzu’s soft chest.

「 Danna-sama, you’re like a child, ufufu, so cute!! 」

Misuzu smiles, her eyes look intoxicated.

「 It’s okay to be spoiled, you can be spoiled as much as you like. We’ll always be together. Misuzu is Danna-sama’s pet 」

Misuzu’s voice fires up my heart.

「 Misuzu, I 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 What is it, Danna-sama? 」
「 I, Misuzu, I!! 」

I don’t get it, but I feel my emotions are rising up.

「 It’s okay. It’s completely okay 」

Misuzu pats my chest.

「 I’m really a year older than you. There’s no need for you to hold back like you do on Ruriko and Michi. It’s okay to be spoiled, you can tell it, don’t you? 」

Misuzu lets me touch her breasts.

「 It’s different from Ruriko and Michi, right? 」

Misuzu’s breasts are different from the two middle school girls.
Of course, it’s still in growing season, although it’s a breast full of elasticity…
Misuzu’s breasts are already shaped like an adult woman.

「 I’ll lose to Nagisa-sama and Katsuko-oneesama when it comes to adult sex appeal, but Misuzu will envelop you! You can drown in Misuzu right now 」


「 But, that’s not good 」
「 Why? 」

Misuzu asks while showing a gentle smile.

「 Because if a useless man like me get spoiled, it’ll only trouble Misuzu, right? 」


「 If it’s you then it’s 《 WELCOME 》 no matter what! 」


「 I want to go through hardships for you. It’s not a nuisance, I am living for you after all 」


「 Here, don’t be afraid 」

Misuzu’s hand gently grasps my penis.
It’s already erect.

「 What do you want to do? 」

Misuzu looks at me.

「 You can’t stay silent. You can tell Misuzu anything. I’ll do anything you ask for, That’s what I decided on 」


「 You always listen to Misuzu no matter what, you still accept no matter what I wish for. Misuzu wants to do that too! 」

Want to do that?

「 I will also listen to what you say earnestly. And, I’ll accept whatever your request is. Misuzu is your pet, so I’ll only be spoiled for you. That’s why I want you to be spoiled by Misuzu anywhere 」


「 But look, if we both get spoiled, then we’ll become no-good. Misuzu can rely on me but for me to rely on Misuzu is just… 」
「 Danna-sama! You idiot!! Dimwit!」


「 Didn’t Misuzu say that she’s a year older?! If so then rely on me! I’ll stop depending on you! 」

No, that’s.

「 Misuzu knows. You love spoiling me, don’t you? 」


「 Yeah, I think I like spoiling Misuzu 」
「 Why? 」


「 Because Misuzu’s so cute when spoiled 」
「 Danna-sama, you honest guy! I love you! 」

I love you?!

「 Look on the other way, Misuzu wants to spoil you too. I want you to be spoiled a lot. You’re so cute when spoiled too!! 」


「 It’s not okay for only you to do your best! It’s love, that’s what we do!! 」


「 It’s love. Let’s make love. It’s okay for us to take decades, centuries to do so 」

Misuzu kisses my lips again.

「 You don’t need Yukino-san anymore, do you? 」

Misuzu looks at me.

「 That girl is not interested in anyone but herself. No matter how much you love her, it won’t reach her. That girl doesn’t’ understand your feelings 」

Misuzu rubs my erect penis.

「 You better give up on it. It’s painful, but it’ll be easier once you give up 」


「 Please don’t die, be satisfied that she’s allowed to live at least. Everything you’ve worked hard for her is enough already 」

Misuzu looks at me.

「 We will fill up the wounds in your heart that girl caused. We’ll heal it no matter how many years it takes 」

Emotions are swelling out from inside me.

「 Don’t hold back, you can cry. Please don’t be embarrassed in front of us. After all, we are your women, your family. We’ll always be together forever. We’re a family 」


「 Mi…Su…Zu!!! 」
「 It’s okay, no matter how much you cry, you rampage, whatever happens, we’ll never leave your side. We’re not bothered by it. We love you after all 」


「 Look, your penis is so hard. What’s up with this? Tell Misuzu, Misuzu will do anything,. No, I want to. It’s for your sake, so please tell me what your secret desires are 」

Misuzu’s eyes look at me like an affectionate mother.

「 I want to have sex. I want to let it all out 」

And, I want to forget…
About Yukino…

「 Okay. Sure, who do you want to do it with? 」


「 I’m not Yukino-san 」

Misuzu smiles.
That’s right.
That’s true, the one in front of me is…
The one who’s hugging me is Misuzu.
Not Yukino.
Yukino’s not here.

「 I’m Kouzuuki Misuzu, but are you okay with that? 」

I see.
Though I want to forget about Yukino.
No, I think that way that’s why…
I’m unable to escape the illusion of Yukino.

「 Depend on me and ravish me as you like. But, please understand that I’m not Yukino-san 」

I can’t.
Even if it becomes a relationship where I can rely on her…
There’s a line I can’t cross.

「 I have to make that clear at least! 」

I can’t allow myself to embrace Misuzu while thinking of Yukino.
That isn’t just bad for Misuzu.
That’s because it’s a scum thing to do.
Misuzu shows me that.
Misuzu’s words feel like a bath of cold water.

「 Now, what do you want to do? 」

I can’t speak out my true feelings to Ruriko or Michi who’s younger.
In the end, I get considerate for them.
That’s why Misuzu expressly had the two of us alone.
It’s so I can calm down, and open up my heart voluntarily.
And, so I would expose the scars in my heart.

「 Yeah. That’s right, I have to cut off Yukino. If not, I feel sorry for everyone! 」

For that, so I could cut her off, Misuzu and everyone allowed me to drown in sex.

「 True, I have to drown in sex, I have to remove Yukino from my head! 」

I must never think about Yukino while embracing other women.

「 Wrong 」


「 It sounds good. “I must cut her off,” is wrong. If you can’t give up, then it’s okay too 」

Misuzu speaks sadly.

「 There is nothing that “you have to do” There’s no obligation. No matter what happens, do it as you will. After all, we’re with you, no matter what you choose, we’ll only accept it 」

Doesn’t that mean?

「 We’re not your burden. We’re not people for you to be considerate with 」

Misuzu’s eyes look straight at me.

「 I will be with you forever. Whatever happens, even if you come to hate me 」


「 Therefore, I’ll speak a bit harshly. Please don’t be dragged by the situation, you must resolve yourself and pick your path. Please stop using the reason of being considerate of us. You have no obligation on us! 」

That’s right.
It’s wrong for me to give up on Yukino as an excuse for the other girls.
As a man, it’s only a cowardly excuse.

「 If you really can’t give up on Yukino-san, then I’ll do anything with Kouzuki house’s power. Brainwashing, mind control, whatever, I’ll ask Grandfather to find people on that field 」

I don’t wish for that.

「 Anyway, you must have the resolve to decide whatever you do. We will follow you without question, even if you get hurt as a result, we’ll do anything to heal the wounds in your heart. It doesn’t matter if it takes dozens of years. Misuzu has already resolved herself since long ago. 」


「 Therefore, if you want to think of me as Yukino-san and embrace me as a replacement for her, then I’m okay with it. I’m genuinely prepared if that’s what you wish for. I’ve made my resolve. If you have your resolve too then, I’ll do anything even as a replacement. I’ll do it gladly. I’ll serve you with all my life. But,, if you’re just dragged by your feelings at the moment, then I never want that! I don’t want a man whose heart is like that!!! 」


「 Misuzu, you 」

This girl’s true feeling’s strength…
I feel like it’s my first time knowing it.

「 What? 」

Misuzu looks at me.
She’s waiting for my reply.

「 Misuzu’s amazing. I always thought you are cute, I like it, I love you, but… 」

The warm feeling flows through me.

「 Yeah, it’s amazing, cool. Misuzu now is shining bright. It’s nice. No, I think you’re a good woman 」1

I can’t say it that well.

「 I think of you, no, Misuzu’s already my best friend 」

Misuzu looks dumbfounded.

「 Best friend? I’m not your lover? 」
「 You’re my lover but, also a best friend on top of that? How should I say it? I respect, or should I say that I feel proud of you, Misuzu.


「 That’s why you’re encouraging me by scolding, right? Anyway, I know that you’re thinking about me. It’s so lovely, goddammit! 」


「 What’s wrong? 」
「 I feel miserable. Misuzu loves me this much and yet I!!! 」

I was trying to be considerate of everyone.
Yet I don’t know anything.
I’m just moving around in confusion due to the sway of my heart.

「 Err, do you…No let’s go back to “Danna-sama” 」

Misuzu holds my hand tightly.

「 Misuzu also admires Danna-sama. I’m proud of you! 」


「 Therefore, please stop thinking that you’re inferior, or that you must devote yourself to us! 」


「 We, Ruriko, Michi, and I feel happy just being with Danna-sama. We feel satisfied. There’s no need for you to work so hard! 」

She hugs my body.

「 Really, what a handful! Geez! 」


「 Sorry 」
「 Don’t say sorry, say “I love you” 」

She hugs my chest tight.
That Misuzu sways my heart.

「 Please idle around. Doing nothing is okay. Being a domineering husband is okay. It’s okay to be annoying, it’s just that, when making love, please look at me 」

Misuzu said.

「 As long as you can follow that, I don’t care about anything else! I won’t care about Yukino-san at all! 」

Misuzu looks at me.

「 After all, we’ll be together until we die! 」

I think that Misuzu’s lovely

「 Misuzu, I want to do it 」
「 Then say it properly 」
「 I want to look at Misuzu’s body, embrace Misuzu’s heart, have sex with Kouzuki Misuzu 」

Yeah, I want to be one with Misuzu.

「 I’m glad. Misuzu also wants to have sex with Danna-sama 」

Misuzu tells me.

「 I won’t hold back anymore. I want to do it with Misuzu. I want to fuck. I want to do Misuzu. I want to have sex with Misuzu! 」
「 Yes, please do, Danna-sama! 」

We kiss each other.
Then, I massage Misuzu’s breasts.
Misuzu takes off her panty while playing with my penis.

「 I want to lick Danna-sama’s thing! 」
「 I also want to lick Misuzu’s breasts 」
「 Un, do it 」

We take a 69 position.

「 Ufufu, this is so cute! It’s Misuzu’s, it’s for Misuzu now 」

Misuzu sucks on my erect penis.
Me too.
I insert my tongue on Misuzu’s slit.

「 Kyaaun!! Ahn!! That makes me shiver!!! 」

Misuzu’s inside is dripping wet.

「 Misuzu’s taste, it’s sour 」

I slurp Misuzu’s love nectar.

「 Danna-sama, yours is salty and bitter! 」

Misuzu says as she licks my glans.
She licks it from below.

「 Ugh. 」
「 Ah, this feels good? Then I’ll do it more! Misuzu will lick it up!! 」

Oh, that feels good.

「 Misuzu, I want to put it in 」
「 What is? 」

Misuzu continues fellating me.

「 I want to thrust my dick inside Misuzu 」
「 I also want Danna-sama to poke to me 」

Misuzu gets off me.

「 This is our first time having sex on top of Misuzu’s bed so can we do it like normal? 」

To Misuzu, normal means missionary position.

「 Danna-sama can do what he wants on the second round 」


「 For the first round, I’d like to see Danna-sama’s face. I want Danna-sama to pour inside Misuzu’s stomach while he’s on top 」
「 Yeah got it 」

Misuzu lies on her back and spread her legs wide.

「 Ufufu, it feels strange. I sleep on this bed every night, but tonight, I see Danna-sama’s face, not the ceiling… 」

Misuzu smiles at me.

「 From tonight onwards, I’ll remember Danna-sama every night and masturbate with it 」


「 I won’t allow that. If you want to do it, then come and have sex. I’ll go here if you wish 」
「 Really? 」

I also resolve myself.

「 Yeah, I’ll never allow you to masturbate anymore, Misuzu! 」
「 Then, I’d like Danna-sama to ravish me. Please do me roughly! 」
「 Do you want rape? 」
「 That’s fine too. If it’s Danna-sama, but 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 For now, sex will do, I want to make love with Danna-sama 」
「 Yeah 」

I push my glans on Misuzu’s tight vagina.

「 Come 」


My glans opens up her slit.


The lump of meat passes through the tight opening.

「 Hauuuu, it’s so hot. Danna-sama, I can feel it in my belly 」
「 Misuzu’s inside is warm too 」

Oh, the temperature and feel of each girl.
The angle which my penis pierces through too. The feeling of their skin and body temperature are also different.
Of course, their physique and flesh too.
Their face, hearts, are all different.
All women have their differences.


I thrust to the root.
My lower abdomen is touching Misuzu’s.

「 Hauu 」

Misuzu breathes out.

「 Please hold my hand 」

I grasp Misuzu’s hand.

「 We’re one right now, aren’t we? 」
「 Yeah 」
「 Who’s the girl you’re having sex with? 」
「 Misuzu, my beloved Kozuki Misuzu 」
「 That’s right, it’s me 」

Misuzu smiles satisfied.

「 Yeah, it’s the Misuzu I respect 」
「 Geez, there’s no need to! 」

I rub our pubic bones.
I feel crushing Misuzu’s clitoris.

「 Ah, that’s good! 」

Misuzu’s body trembled.

「 Let’s try to find each other’s pleasure spots 」
「 Yeah, Danna-sama 」

I start to move my hips little by little.


「 Where can you feel it, the entrance or deep inside? 」
「 I think it’s the entrance for now. It hurts a bit deep inside 」

Misuzu said, so I scrape around the entrance.

「 If it gradually gets pleasing, then goes deeper, I want it deep inside when letting out but, aaah, ah, there, I can feel it 」

I rub my glans on the upper part a little beyond the entrance.

「 Ah, there! It feels good! I feel like melting!! 」

Misuzu trembles.

「 Is it that good? 」
「 Yes, it feels so good!! Aaahn, it feels too good that I’m scared!! 」


「 Me too, I want to get rough already! 」
「 Go on! Going deep is okay! Pierce me!!! 」

I pierce deep with my penis.
Misuzu’s breasts sway around.

「 Misuzu, I’m going to massage your breasts! 」
「 Do as you want!! 」

I massage Misuzu’s breasts while I continue my piston.
I roll my fingers on her nipple.

「 Aaah, what should I do, I’m about to cum!! 」

Misuzu begins to rise to the climax.

「 Wait, me too, let’s do it together! 」

I move my waist intensely!
I rub and grind my glans to Misuzu’s vagina.

「 Hauuuu, that’s good! That feels good!! Danna-sama!!! 」


「 Aaah, aaaah, aaah, I love you so much Danna-sama!! 」
「 Me too, I love you, Misuzu! 」
「 You see, Misuzu…Misuzu…Danna-sama….aaaaa…Misuzu is!!!! 」

Misuzu flies.

「 I’m Danna-sama’s pet!!! Cum cum cumming!!!!! 」

Misuzu’s vagina tightens up.

「 Me too, I’m cumming!!! Misuzu!!! 」

I also thrust my glans deep into Misuzu’s womb at once.

「 I’m cumming!! 」
「 Yes! I want it!!! 」


I release sperm like I’m peeing.

「 So hot, hot, hot!!!! What should I do, Misuzu’s feeling so happy!!! 」

The woman’s body wet in perspiration accepts my semen, arcs her spine!!

「 Aaaaaaah, this might become a habit!!!! 」

Misuzu trembles in the pleasures of sex while crying in tears.


  1. Kakeru lul