Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 516. As a Friend



「 Yukino? 」

What am I going to do with Yukino?

「 Yukino-san’s face is known all over Japan, isn’t it? 」

Minaho-neesan said.

Indeed, the TV showed that Yukino is Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter.

「 Therefore, I’d like Yukino-san to attend the show tonight? 」

She’ll show up in the fight of Kouzuki security service vs. Kitakyushu gang?

「 How should I put it, we’ve already leaked information that the target of the Kitakyushu gang is Yukino-san. Yukino-san is in the hotel during the incident because she knows a secret that would shake the backbone of Kouzuki house 」

That’s true.

Yukino knows the close relationship of Kouzuki house and us, Kuromori.

「 To be honest, the organization from Kitakyushu will come to kidnap Yukino-san. We leaked it out 」

In short, Yukino is a bait.

「 It’s already decided up to that point. The problem is from there on. If Yukino-san cooperates with us, then I’d like her to do some acting. It’ll be televised after all. But, if she remains uncooperative, then we will have to tie and gag her 」

Will she cooperate with Minaho-neesan and act in front of the camera?

Or would she not want to cooperate and remain tied up?

「 That’s Yukino-san’s only merit. If she cooperates with us, then we will support her future life. If she doesn’t, then we’ll send her to a mental hospital as Ichikawa-san planned 」

「 Minaho-neesan?! 」

「 It’s better than dying, isn’t it? Although she’ll be locked to a mental hospital 」


「 Even though they’re weakened, Shirasaka house will survive. Even if Ichikawa-san dies, Shirasaka house will continue to confine Yukino-san as long as she’s alive 」

Shirasaka Sousuke has become a disgrace to Shirasaka clan.

Yukino’s existence evokes the bad memories of her father.

Shirasaka clan don’t want to let Yukino go outside as much as possible.

「 As long as she’s confined in a mental hospital then she won’t be killed. Just like her father. Shirasaka isn’t that merciless 」

Yukino knows her clan well. Yukino was loved by the former head, Moritsugu, that’s why she always stands out in the clan gatherings.

Even if Shirasaka Sousuke is a horrendous sex criminal, they know that Yukino, his daughter has no sin.

「 Well, it’s Yukino-san’s freedom to choose 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Wait a second? If she cooperates with us, then we’ll support Yukino’s living? 」

What does that mean precisely?

「 We’ll eliminate all interference from Shirasaka house. Kouzuki security service and we give you a guarantee. Her food, clothing, and shelter are guaranteed until she graduates from college. Anyway, she’ll be able to live by herself at a minimum. Of course, it would be a harsh life on its own 」

Everyone knows Yukino.

She’s Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter, she was kidnapped and raped.

She can’t live freely anymore.

She’ll always be exposed to the cold eyes of the society.

「 I’ll let you take care of the rest 」

Minaho-neesan tells me.

「 Thinking about Yukino-san’s personality, it’s possible that her life in a mental hospital might be happier. Since it’s her, she would act bossy in the mental hospital and speak selfishly to the people in the hospital 」

Oh, yeah, I guess.

「 But still, if she wants to live freely, if she wants to live alone even though it’s painful and unpleasant, I will prepare the road for her. I don’t know if Yukino-san has that courage though 」


「 So, talk to Yukino-san. Have her decide which way she wants to choose 」

I’ll talk to Yukino.

「 Look, if it’s me, then blood would rise to her head, and she’d make some messed up decisions, right? 」

Yeah, if Minaho-neesan helps me, then she’ll go to the mental hospital.

I’m sure that she’ll just scream out of momentum.

「 You not being there during Shirasaka Sousuke’s execution is a big thing 」

When Shirasaka Sousuke’s body is destroyed, Megu, Mana and I were out of the room.

We weren’t present at that moment.

「 She won’t listen to Katsuko or me. No matter what 」

Yukino doesn’t forgive people who hurt her father.


It’s my job to talk to Yukino.

「 Got it, I’ll talk to Yukino 」

I promised Minaho-neesan.

「 Please have her response by noon. We still have a lot to prepare 」

Minaho-neesan’s words are weighty.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Then, let’s clean up. Onii-sama 」

Ruriko smiles at me.

「 Huh? 」

「 Right. If we don’t finish this, then we can’t calm down and have sex 」

Mana too?

「 Minaho-chan, of course, you don’t mind if we support Onii-sama? 」

「 Mana’s okay too, right? Let’s go Agnes-chan! 」

「 Yes, desuno! 」


「 Girls? 」

Minaho-neesan’s confused.

「 Minaho-chan is too strict with Onii-sama. I can infer that you’re training Onii-sama, but it’ll just exhaust him 」

「 Kuromori-san wants Onii-chan to experience tough choices but, Onii-sama and Kuromori-san are different people. There’s no need to making him feel forced purposely 」

Ruriko, Mana?

「 What’s wrong with these two? 」

Minaho-neesan asks Katsuko-nee.

「 It seems that their female lion blood. Gaoo~ 」

Katsuko-nee laughs.

「 These girls are right. Ojou-sama’s way of speaking always leads to “the ultimate choice” 」

「 Katsuko? 」

「 Minaho-chan wants the result as she imagines, right? 」

Ruriko said.

「 Yeah, Kuromori-san speaks like she’s forcing Onii-chan to choose but actually, you can see through the “I prefer this choice though.” Cunning adults talk that way 」

Mana said.

「 The point is, you want Yukino-san to play with the instructions you tell her, right? 」

「 And in return, she won’t be going to a mental hospital, right? Yukino-oneechan has to do her best on her own after that 」

You two.

「 Oh right. Come with us too, Rei-chan 」

Ruriko looks at rei-chan.

「 Rei-chan is on the neutral side for Yukino-san 」

Rei-chan has never been in involved with Shirasaka Sousuke’s execution.

She’s an unrelated person from Yukino’s perspective.

「 I-I 」

Rei-chan’s’ surprised.

「 Just hold to that cane and stand while showing a stiff face 」

「 While at it, let’s bring Edie-chan too 」

Mana said.

「 I guess 」

Ruriko talks to Edie.

《 OK! 》

Edie replied right away.

「 Okay then, let’s go! 」

Ruriko stands up.

「 Yes, desuno! 」

Agnes looks energetic too.

「 Which room is Yukino-oneechan in? 」

Mana asks Katsuko-nee.

「 Yes, sure, I’ll take you there 」

Katsuko-nee stands up.

「 Ojou-sama, I’m sorry to leave you but please have breakfast alone 」

Katsuko-nee smiles. Minaho-neesan:

「 W-Well I don’t mind 」

She bites on Katsuko-nee’s butter roll.

「 Rei-chan, do you not mind eating breakfast after this? 」

I asked. Rei-chan:

「 I-I don’t mind 」

She replied, being considerate of Minaho-neesan.

「 Oh right, let’s bring some bread 」

I proposed. Katsuko-nee;

「 You’re right. That’s an excellent idea, wait a moment 」

She brings in a plastic bowl from the kitchen and puts some freshly baked bread in there.

「 If it’s a plate, she might get too excited and break it 」

Everyone knows Yukino’s ecology already.

◇ ◇ ◇

Leaving Minaho-neesan in the dining room, we head to Yukino’s room.

「 Is that okay? 」

I feel I’ve done something terrible to Minaho-neesan.

「 It’s okay. Ojou-sama needs to reassess your relationship 」

Katsuko-nee smiles at me.

「 Yes. I think that she should consider her way of speaking a bit more 」

Ruriko said.

「 Yeah, she’s only pushing Onii-chan away 」

Mana sees it like that.

「 Ojou-sama’s troubled. She can’t grasp her sense of distance with you 」


「 Actually, she wants to get closer. But she’s scared of it. Therefore, she’s purposely pushing you away like that 」

「 Onii-chan doesn’t want Yukino-san to die, so she bothered to prepare a way for Yukino-san to live. She used a lot of ways 」

「 Arranging a meeting with Kouzuki security service and even going for the trouble to involve Yukino-san in the fight tonight 」

Mana said. Katsuko-nee supplements.

「 In reality, she wants Onii-sama’s praise She turned everything around and found an excellent way to avoid having Yukino-san sent to a mental hospital 」

「 Yet, she speaks like that 」

Is that so?

「 Onii-chan, leave the negotiations with Yukino-oneechan with us 」

「 Yes, we’ll make sure it’ll go as Onii-sama wants 」

「 No, but 」

「 Once we’ve talked to an extent and you can feel the atmosphere, that’s when Onii-chan joins in 」

Oh, the two have an idea.

I don’t know it because I’m an idiot though.

For now, I’ll leave it to them.

「 Rei-chan, just show a scary face and please don’t participate in the conversation 」

「 Y-Yes, Ruriko-sama 」

「 Geez, say Ruri-chan! 」

「 Ha! R-R-Ruri-chan! 」

「 Edie-chan, just stay smiling! 」

Mana said.

Well, Edie’s always smiling when she’s not sensing danger.

「 What should Agnes do? 」

Agnes who’s holding my hand asks Mana.

「 Agnes-chan, just stay clinging to Onii-chan, and when you feel that Onii-chan’s feelings are getting complicated, give him a hug. Rub your breasts to Onii-chan and attract his attention! 」

「 Yes, desuno! 」


「 It’s this room 」

Katsuko-nee points to the room.

「 I was present at the execution, so this is as far as I go. Please take care of the rest 」

She unlocks the door.

「 Come in 」

Mana and Ruriko look at each other.

「 Then, let’s come in 」

「 Yeah 」

Before the two could resolve themselves and open the door.

《 Let’s go! 》


Edie enters the room laughing.

Hey. Wait!

We enter Yukino’s confinement room in a hurry.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 W-What! What do you need?! 」

It’s a room with six tatami mat size, and a small bed like in doctor’s offices.

In there, Yukino in her underwear is lying on her back.

She’s wearing only bra and panty.

There are water bottles and umaibo wrappers scattered around the floor.

As usual, all she’s eating is umaibo.

「 Rei-chan, there, Edie go there 」

Ruriko decides which point Rei-chan and Edie stand on.

With this, Yukino can’t escape.

「 What did you come here for?! 」

Yukino looks at me hatefully.

「 You didn’t come to save me and let Papa go through hell! 」



Agnes is rubbing her cute breasts to my arms desperately.

「 Ehehe, Papa! 」

「 Agnes? 」

「 Yes, desuno 」

Agnes smiles.

「 First, we have to bring the unfortunate news 」

Ruriko said.

「 Papa died 」

Mana tells her sister.

「 When? 」

「 8 o’clock this morning, at a hospital 」

Mana said. Yukino’s eyes burned in anger!

「 It’s your fault! You killed Papa! 」

She barks at me.

「 Why did my Papa have to go through all of that!? Why did you not stop it! You murderer! 」

Agnes’ elastic chest, her vitality is stopping Yukino from dragging me.

「 And what now?! Did you come to kill me off now?! 」

Yukino shouts. Ruriko;

「 Yes,. That’s our business! 」

Yukino trembles.

「 Which do you prefer, Fujimiya-san’s cane crushing your skull or Edie-san punching your heart? 」

Ruriko speaks in a low voice.

「 Hey, wait! 」

Yukino’s afraid.

「 It’s inevitable. Yukino-san, you never cooperated with us 」

Mana said.

「 Wait! Are you okay with this Maika?! Papa was killed, and now they’re going to kill me! Are you okay with that?! 」

「 I’m Onii-chan’s sex slave. I’m already happy having sex with him every day though 」

「 He’s Papa’s enemy. Our enemy! 」

「 I wonder, Onii-chan didn’t do anything. All he did was have sex with him in front of that man. Isn’t that right, Agnes-chan? It’s really happy to have sex with Onii-chan, right? 」

「 Yes, desuno! 」

Agnes replies.

「 Maika, your head has gone insane! You can’t be happy having that man rape you! 」

「 It’s much better than getting killed! 」

Mana cuts in.

「 Yes. Mana-san and yo know too many secrets of Kouzuki house. You must die 」

Ruriko said.

「 Yeah. Unfortunately, this is farewell. Yukino-san 」

Mana speaks coldly

「 W-Wait! I said wait! 」

Yukino said, but:

「 If you were in our position, what would you do? Do you think we would let you live? 」

Ruriko asks Yukino.

「 You already know, we have both the power on the surface and behind the scenes 」

Yukino’s trembling.

「 Kouzuki house Kouzuki security service, Kuromori-san has her organization. Kyouko-san, an international criminal. Miss Cordelia too. We can easily erase Shirasaka house out of existence. Neither the police nor the nation can go against us. 」

Ruriko smiles gently.

「 Justice. This world’s justice will never forgive you all! 」


You think that you are justice.

「 We’ll remember that as your last words, now please die 」

「 Goodbye, Yukino-san 」

Mana said.

「 N-No, I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die! 」

「 Sorry. If Yukino-san doesn’t die, then I will 」

Mana tells a lie.

In Yukino’s mind, Kuromori is an evil organization.

「 Onii-chan and I aren’t safe too 」

「 Yes, Misuzu-oneesama and I love Onii-sama. Therefore Mana-san and Onii-sama are spared. But, even with Onii-sama, if one shows any sign of betrayal against Kouzuki house, we don’t show mercy. We kill them off 」

「 I’ve been living in that world long ago. We do. That’s why Papa died! I don’t even know what will happen to us! 」

I see.

People who think of only self-righteousness like Yukino are futile to convince.

Yukino can’t understand the bonds of our family.

Yukino can’t understand my feelings towards her.

Therefore, she’s been underestimating us all this time.

Because it’s something, she can’t understand.

「 We would never turn a blind eye on Yukino-san, you know? isn’t that right, Mana-san? 」

「 Yes, Ruriko-ojousama! 」

Ruriko and Mana are talking in alignment with Yukino’s thoughts.

Ruriko said earlier “If you were in our position, what would you do?” It’s to bind Yukino’s thoughts.

We’re rewriting our reality to become something Yukino would understand.

Kouzuki house and Kuromori are only cold-blooded inhuman people.

If there’s someone they don’t like, they kill them.

I’m only liked by Misuzu and Ruriko, just due to their whims, it’s possible that those girls might abandon me and kill me. For Yukino, I’m worth that much.

Mana’s also surrendering herself to me to save her own life. According to Ruriko, that’s her only way of living. If now, her sister won’t be alive this long.

That reality can convince Yukino.

And in that reality, Kouzuki house can’t keep Yukino alive for longer.

Yukino’s being captured by her own thoughts.

「 N-No. I don’t want to! 」

「 Yukino-san’s will doesn’t matter. You’re a hindrance to us. You have no other choice but to die 」

Ruriko’s voice is cold.

「 If Yukino-san would be a tool for us just like Mana-san then I’ll reconsider it 」

She uses the victory card.

「 A-Are you telling me to become his sex slave like Maika?! 」

Yukino said.

「 You jest 」

Ruriko laughs.

「 Onii-chan doesn’t want Yukino-san! His penis can’t even get erect for Yukino-san! He never feels horny for you! 」

Mana instigates Yukino.

Yukino recalls memories from last night.

「 That’s him not able to do it!! 」

「 Oh my? After that, last night made love with me three times 」

Ruriko said.

「 Misuzu-oneesama, Michi, and Nei-sama too. We had a lot of fun. Onii-sama made love with us passionately 」

Ruriko kisses my lips.

「 Papa. Agnes wants to have sex too! Please, desuno! 」

Agnes clings to me.

「 Mana too. Mana wants to have more sex with Onii-chan. I live because of sex 」

Mana also clings to me.

「 In short, aren’t you just unattractive? It’s Yukino-san’s fault for not making Onii-sama erect 」

「 That’s not true! After all, this man raped me so many times! He came inside me a dozen of times! 」

Yukino says, but.

「 Past is past 」

「 Onii-chan got tired of Yukino-san’s body. After all, Yukino-san doesn’t make any effort from herself 」

「 What’s with effort Maika?! 」

Mana looks at her sister with contempt.

「 I became really good at doing fellatio. You saw it last night didn’t you? Papa also did

Yukino’s speechless.

「 It’s all for me to live. Mana will do anything. I’ll learn anything to make Onii-chan feel good. I’ll get better. I will be needed 」


「 I don’t want to become like Yukino-san after all 」


「 What’s about to happen to me? 」

「 If you can’t be a sex slave then you have nothing else to do 」

Ruriko pushes off Yukino further.

「 Do you want to die or do you want to live like a dead man? You have one way or the another 」

Live like a dead man?

「 You don’t seem to have noticed but Yukino-san, you have a talent as a clown 」


「 If you become the clown for Kouzuki house and make us laugh from now on, then we’ll spare your life. Your minimum living expense will be guaranteed as well 」

「 Clown? What do you plan me to do?! 」

Yukino shouts.

「 It’s nothing much, don’t worry. By just existing, Yukino-san is already doing well as a clown. Even now, your appearance is too funny that I can’t hold back my laughter 」

「 What part of me is funny!?!! 」


「 You’ll understand if you look at yourself objectively 」

A captive is wearing only underwear on a small bed.

There’s water bottles and umaibo scattered around.

「 Yukino’s so funny and disgraceful! 」

Mana said.

「 This..is all…you people…!!! 」

「 Please don’t scream so much. It’s making you look even more disgraceful 」

Mana said.

「 Why not, I’m having fun with it. Yukino-san, please scream more. Go on. It’s entertaining to watch a monkey in the zoo 」

Ruriko said. Yukino fell silent.

「 Kuuuuu 」

Yukino cries in frustration.

「 Oh my, now it’s a crying monkey, so interesting 」

Ruriko’s not letting Yukino escape.

「 Then, what do you want to do? Do you want to die right now or do you want to live as our clown? 」

「 Of course, Yukino-san will choose death! Yukino-san’s pride will never allow herself to live that way! 」

Ruriko. Mana.


「 Live. Yukino 」

I said.

「 No matter how miserable, disgraceful it is, live. Don’t die. Nothing will remain if you do 」


「 Don’t give me that bullshit! You’re the last person I want to hear that from! 」

She throws her anger at me.

「 Yukino-san, do you know how Papa’s last moment was? 」

Mana gives her sister an intense look.

「 Papa was put on a baby carriage, naked, and appeared on a national news program. Everyone in the country saw that his penis was cut off. Perhaps it’s already spreading all over the internet 」

Yukino’s eyes opened wide.

「 They go that far. Yukino-san, do you want to be raped even after you’re a corpse? Do you want it to be broadcasted to the whole world? 」

Yukino’s heart snaps.

「 Live. Yukino. Even so. As a friend, I think that you mustn’t die. Don’t die 」


「 You’re not my friend 」


「 I think of you as a friend 」

No matter what Yukino thinks.

「 Here, bread. Eat. I know that you’re already tired of all umaibo 」

I put the bowl of bread on the floor.

「 So, what’s your answer, Yukino-san? What do you want to do? Die? Or live as a clown? 」

Ruriko said.

「 I just have to be a clown or whatever right?! I choose to live! 」

She stuffs the bread I put down in her mouth.

「 What’s with this bread 」

Yukino doesn’t know the deliciousness of the bread baked by Katsuko-nee.

Yukino is a woman who doesn’t know the efforts and love of other people.


「 Okay. Then, that’s how it is, we’ll make you do your first job as a clown tonight 」

Ruriko says.

「 Oh right, I’ll tell you just in case, If Yukino-san tries to act or speak about betraying us even for a bit, you’re dead. We’ll make sure to kill you. Please don’t forget that we have a lot of people in that kind of organization 」

「 I know!!! 」

Yukino shouted.

「 That’s all. Then, let’s go Onii-sama 」

「 Papa, let’s go! 」


「 Onii-chan, please steel your heart, we don’t want to end up like Yukino-san! 」

Then, we left the room.

《 ……Good-bye! 》

Edie tells Yukino cheerfully.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 You girls are good actresses 」

Katsuko-nee says while locking the room once again.

It seems that she was listening to the conversation inside.

「 I was just mimicking Minaho-chan 」

Ruriko said.

「 Uhm, Onii-sama, I’m very sorry for speaking such rude things 」

「 No, it’s fine 」

Ruriko and Mana understand how to deal with Yukino.

「 Me too, sorry Onii-chan! 」

Mana apologizes to me.

「 In that case, then we need Onii-sama to spank our butts 」

「 You’re right, Mana and Ruriko-chan did something terrible 」

Hey now.

「 Does Agnes need slap-slap too? 」

Agnes looks up at me.

「 Not at all. Agnes-chan was a good girl, Onii-chan will love you a lot! 」

Mana said smiling.

「 Wow! 」

Agnes smiles.