Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 52

52. The place each has to return to.

「Yoshida-kun, here you go…all of the handcuffs have the same key」

I took the key to the handcuffs from Margo-san.
I took off the handcuffs fixed on both hands and feet of Yukino one by one.
The scratch formed on her wrist…is painful to look at.
Yukino who had her body released breathed deeply.
Then, she cried again.
Yukino’s body and mind are worn out.

「Hurry up and change…do you intend to go home looking like that?」

She can’t go home on a race queen outfit as one might expect

「Here’s your clothes」

Margo-san takes out Yukino’s white dress.
Yukino takes off the bustier while crying inside the van.
She didn’t put a bra under her bustier.
Yukino who’s naked on the upper body…she’s only wearing a very short miniskirt right now.
The panty she was wearing when she went out of her house…is inside my pocket.
Though, Yukino’s thinking that it was taken by the 『Customer』from the public restroom in the park

「…This kind of thing!」

Yukino threw out the bustier on the wall of the van with all of her strength.
I picked up the bra from Yukino’s clothes.
It’s an underwear with a cute design of having a ribbon in the chest part.
Yukino chose this for Endou’s sake…

「…Don’t touch it」

Yukino spoke to me with cold eyes.

「I paid 30,000 yen so I’ll take this as a bonus」

I glared back at Yukino
Yukino ignores me and wore her dress while naked on the upper body.
She took off the miniskirt.

「Yoshida-kun can take everything, not just the underwear…!」

Sensei laughingly said.

「As a commemoration for tonight…show it to your children. Shirasaka-san, you have tell your child 『When your mama was wearing this, I was raped by your papa and you were made』…!」

Yukino finished lacing her sandals while trembling.
She must bve thinking that she’d be forced to do something humiliating if she tried to retort.
She silently endured Yuzuki-sensei’s abusive language…!

「…I’ll go back」

Yukino who finished her preparations looked at Sensei

「Margo…Open the door」

Margo-san goes out of the driver’s seat and opened the sliding door from outside the van.
It seems that it’s you can’t open it from the inside except from the driver’s seat.

「Shirasaka-san…later then. Let’s meet at school」

Yukino steps out of the car silently

「…What about your response?」

Yukino slowly turned around to Sensei…and her eyes is filled with hatred!

「You’re going to do what you want with me anyway!」

At that moment, Margo-san slapped Yukino’s cheeks!


Yukino’s frightened!

「…How about you try to understand what you are in now?」

Margo-san holds Yukino’s chin and raised it…!

「Margo…back off」
「But, Minaho…!」
「Just do it…!」

Margo-san separates from Yukino

「If you got a complaint then go to the police right now. I think they’ll wash your vagina at the hospital. I wonder if they’ll give you emergency contraceptive too? In exchange…it will be known by the whole society that you were raped, but you don’t mind it do you…?!」

Sensei’s laughing…

「We’ll be releasing all of your photos and sex videos on the internet. We’ll also be putting your personal information as a set…Not just who you are and where you live but the contact addresses of your parents and family, and even your e-mail address!」
「…Oni, devil!」
「That’s right…I’m a devil. I’m living in the world of darkness…!」

Yukino’s frightened from Sensei’s composure.

「Shirasaka-san…take good care of your body for tonight. It’s not yours alone anymore」

Blood disappeared from Yukino’s face

「…How does it feel to have a child in your womb?」

Yukino put her hand on her waist silently…
The place where the tattoo 『Yoshida』was engraved.
The abdomenal region…the position of her womb.
That’s where my sperm is clogged in.
It’s going to combine with Yukino’s ovum…!

「…Please. The medicine…give me a contraceptive」
「It’s 8:30 now…the emergency contraceptive will take effect in less than 24 hours.」 Take a warm bath today and sleep well…then try to think what’s going to happen to you from now on」

Yukino’s enduring it…but still, she’s glaring at Sensei.

「…Goodbye, Shirasaka-san. Let’s see each other tomorrow.」

Yukino begins to walk to her house while enduring her tears…
I see off the small back…
The silver moon shines in the sky…

◇ ◇ ◇

We returned to Yuzuki-sensei’s house by 9:15.
As appointed…Katsuko-nee and Nei-san cooked dinner and waited for us.
The meal was curry and salad.

「Sorry, I cut corners for today and made a simple curry. Next time I’ll cook a real indian curry…」

Katsuko-nee apologizes but…I don’t know what’s been omitted.
It looks an excellent and very delicious curry.
…By the way, where’s the rice?

「This is a nan[1, Flatbread in Central and South Asian Cuisine]」
「Nan’s easy isn’t it?…You can make it without fermenting」

…In Katsuko-nee’s world, curry doesn’t go with rice.
Well…this is something that looks like bread too.

「Yoshida-kun, is this your first time seeing a Nan?」
「You see, this is best eaten when you tear it off then put it on the curry!」

Nei-san showed an example to me

「Nan isn’t delicious when it’s cold so you have to eat this while it’s warm!」

I placed the Nan on the curry and…Un, it’s springy and delicious.
Well, I’m quite hungry…

「Katsun doesn’t make anything but chicken curry!」
「I also make green spinach curry!」
「Not that, curry is also delicious with seafood as ingredients!」
「Seafood is heresy on curry!」
「That’s not true! Don’t you think, Yo-chan?!」

Katsuko-san looks at me2

「…If you want then I can make you any kind of curry!」
「That’s right, what kind of curry do you want?!」

…What kind of curry? Even if you ask me that.

「Uhm…I haven’t eaten anything but the lunch curry and beef bowl in the school canteen」
「…Why, isn’t that just National staple food?!」
「Your mother’s not making curry at your house?」

Nei-san and Katsuko-nee looks at me with a surprised face…

「Ah…My mother doesn’t cook at all」
「Eh…Then…How does Yo-chan eat at his house?
「Both of my father and mother eat out all the time」
「They don’t eat meals at house?」
「Yes, both of them seems to be very always busy…」
「What about New Year or Sundays…?」
「My mother own a shop so Sunday doesn’t matter to her. I occasionally go to a family restaurant with my father. On New Years, Mother travels abroad with the regular customers of the shop without fail…so I’m always with my father」
「…Yo-chan’s father can’t cook too?」
「That’s why…truth to be told, I’m the only one in the family eating in the house… My grandmother on my father’s side has always been making it when I was a child but…she died when I was in my first grade at elementary school…」
「Eh, eh, eh?! Then what happened since then?!」
「Mother puts in money on the dining table when I was in second grade…buy something by your own…so my main is the frozen food from the supermarket. But there’s two or three days where my parents don’t come home so I try not to spend my money as much as possible. Also, my father’s emergency provisions is a box of instant noodles…」
「That’s what you always eat?」
「No, I was in a dorm for my three years in junior high…but, it’s an all boys dormitory, and the meals aren’t delicious. There’s only ten kinds of repertoire meals. The ten dishes comes out in turns… Oh right, it’s definitely a curry rice at Saturday night. I don’t know why but it seems that it’s a school tradition」

…Why is Nei-san and Katsuko-nee at loss?

「…Okay, Onee-san will go and you and『Try all the delicious foods at restaurants around the country』!」
「Ah, Katsun, I’ll go too!」

…Eh, why?
Did I say anything strange?

「Guys…It’s fine to visit all shops but, shouldn’t you teach Yoshida-kun the 『Taste of home』?」

Margo-san told the two while drinking wine

「…Certainly! It seems that the time for Katsuko to show her skill in cooking has come…Mufufu!」

Ah…Katsuko-san had a strange switch flipped inside her…

「I’ll show my secret recipe book later so just tell me if you want to eat anything you want! Onee-san will make anything that you want to eat!」

Katsuko-nee says happily as she jumps up and down…!

「…Katsuko. I don’t think that Yoshida-kun will have an idea which is delicious even if you show him the recipe and the photo now. Make him eat the dish you want him to eat for a while. I think that’s better」

Sensei advises Katsuko-nee

「Certainly, Ojou-sama!」

Katsuko-nee bowed to Sensei.

「Hey hey, Katsun…!」
「…You see, could you teach me your cooking?!」
「My teaching is Spartan method!」
「It’s fine to be severe…I also want to learn how to cooking!」

…Nei-san again.
I remembered my family, and got startled.
Right…I have to come back to the house soon.
I might get a contact from my MIA father…

「…Sensei, Uhm」

I called out to Sensei.


Sensei looked at me with her usual cool-headed eyes.

「I…I think that I have to come home at least once…!」

I told Sensei

「…You can’t」

Eh, why?

「Yoshida-kun…you’re still thinking that 『Right now, if I wake up, it might be all a dream』from the bottom of your heart?」


「『There’s no way this is happening to me』…」

Sensei looks straight at me…

「Yes…I do」

That’s right…I have companions.
I have Katsuko-nee, Nei-san, Margo-san…and a pet Misuzu.
I had sex with Yukino who’s an existence I longed for a lot of times.
That kind of things…can never happen to me.

「Right now, in this place if I say 『I’m sorry, everything’s a lie. Everyone’s fooling you』…you’re going to accept it calmly, don’t you…!」

Un…Im sure I will
Even if this is all a fake…I’ll accept it.
Even if everyone’s lying to me…even if I’m betrayed…
I think I can forgive them.

「But…sadly, this is reality. You can no longer escape. I don’t intend to let you go either」
「Accept reality…Yoshida-kun」

…Sensei said.

「…It’s fine to become happier」

The meaning of those words…
The me right now can’t understand.

「Anyway…stay in this mansion for a while. Okay?」

Saying that, Yuzuki-sensei went out of the dining room.
Margo-san approached me.

「…Yoshida-kun, did you notice it?」
「We talked to you about never leaving Nei alone?」
「…I do remember it」
「We have someone to be with her to monitor her…especially Minaho pays attention to her state with extreme caution」

Even at the park tonight, Sensei apeared when Nei-san became alone.
Sensei must’ve been watching our state from a slightly remote place all this time.

「Then…Yoshida-kun. Minaho’s worried about you the same」


「There’s always someone with you all the time in this past few days」

Speaking of which…!!!

「Right now, you are very unstable…even more than Nei」


「I think that Minaho’s considering that it’s dangerous to let you come home and be alone…」

◇ ◇ ◇

「Use this room…this is your room from now on!」

I was guided to a room 6 tatami room by Katsuko-nee.
It’s a simple room with a bed and a small desk…

「There’s also shower and toilet along with the room. It’s on that door」
「…Let’s sleep together?」

Katsuko-nee says that but…
Today, I’m tired from having too much sex

「I’ll sleep alone tonight」
「Un…please let me embrace you until morning!」

Katsuko-nee said that and kissed my lips.

「Oh right, the photos until now are printed…the album’s on the desk there」

There’s a white album put on the desk…

「Let’s print photos of your sex with me tonight…it’s fine isn’t it?!」
「…Okay, got it」

Katsuko-nee embraces me…

「I love you…good night! 」

Katsuko-nee went out of the room with a smile.
Then…I’m alone.

I sat on the desk and opened the album…
Yukino’s first rape to the photos in the park.
There’s also photos of Misuzu’s loss of virginity…

This…I did all of this.

I’m surprised once again on what I did…and shivered.

What’s going to happen from now on…me?
What will happen to me!

Suddenly…my phone rang
Looking at the caller…it was MIsuzu.

『…Hello, is this Danna-sama? It’s me, Misuzu!』
「…Ah, un」
『Uhm…That, Danna-sama』
「…What’s wrong?」
『Misuzu…wants to pee…is that okay?』

…Naze? Howai?!3

『Misuzu’s Danna-sama’s pet…I can’t pee unless I have Danna-sama’s permission…!』

…Oh right.
…Nagisa-san said that Misusu’s doing 『Pee Training』
That means…I have to succeed in training?!

『I’m sorry…Misuzu’s about to leak!』
「…Hurry up and pee…it’s bad for your body!!!!」
『Yes…I got permission, Thank you very much!』

Then…from the other side of the phone…
I can hear the sound of water sprinkling

『…It’s coming out…Misuzu’s peeing right now…Danna-samaaa…!』

Misuzu’s calling from the restroom?

『It’s coming out…the stink spills a lot…Danna-samaa…!』

This…Misuzu will do this every time she’s going to pee…
Un…This is no good if I don’t do this.

『Haa, haa…I let out everything』

I can hear a sound of flushing from the other side of the phone…

『Thank you very much, Danna-sama!』
「Misuzu…try not to endure much from now on. If you want to pee then contact me immediately…okay?」

It would be a problem if she gets cystitis.

『Okay!…Misuzu’s happy to be loved by Danna-sama…!』

It’s really hard to keep a pet…

『Today, after I was examined, the doctor told me…』
「…Un, what is it?」
『The hymen was just torn, if you don’t have sex after a while, it’ll get clogged again』
「…That’s right」
『That’s why…Danna-sama, please have sex with Misuzu again tomorrow. So that the membrane won’t block it. I’ve already taken my pill today so please ejaculate a lot. I’ll do my very best…!』
「That’s…don’t force yourself」
『I’m not forcing myself』

Misuzu…paused for a moment then spoke

『I’m worried』
「…What are you worried about?」
『Can I be this happy? I think』

…Even though she’s a pet of a man like me?

『…Please…Danna-sama Please be Misuzu’s owner for always…!』

Misuzu’s voice is serious.

『Please don’t throw Misuzu away…』


「I get it…I promise to take care of you. Misuzu will always be my pet. 」
「I’ll never let you go」

I promised.
It might be called an oath…
I’ll shoulder her life.
I can longer run away.

『I love you…Danna-sama!』
「Me too…Misuzu’s important to me…」
『Can Misuzu have Danna-sama in her dreams tonight?』
『See you tomorrow…I’m looking forward to be embraced by Danna-sama. Good night…!』
「Yeah…I look forward to it too. Good night, Misuzu」
『I love you…I love you…I love you…!』

Then, she hung up the phone.

Alone in the room…Yukino’s panting face is reflected on the album on the desk…


  1. I don’t think there’s a need to explain this one
  2. Author really keeps shifting from Katsuko-san to Katsuko-nee
  3. Why, Why?!