Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 521. The Night Porter



「 It had this taste. I completely forgot this 」

Minaho-neesan said while tasting my semen in her tongue.

Minaho-neesan’s body is unable to have sex due to the messed up abortion surgery done to her more than ten years ago.

After retiring as a prostitute, she could not lick a man’s genital nor swallow semen.

「 But, it’s my first time thinking that semen was delicious 」

Minaho-neesan’s eyes look gently at me.

「 Thank you for making it big and ejaculating for me 」

I caress Minaho-neesan’s cheek.

「 My beloved Minaho-neesan is working her best, so of course, I would get erect. It felt amazing, thanks, Nee-san 」

We exchange kisses.

「 Well, let’s take a shower. If we go out like this, they’ll find out from the smell 」

Minaho-neesan takes me to the shower room next door.

「 Take it off 」

「 Sure 」

I lower down the zipper on Minaho-neesan’s blouse.

Her back is fair white.

Minaho-neesan’s body is really skinny.

「 It’s so slim, shameful, isn’t it? 」

Minaho-neesan said, but.

「 That’s not true, this is fine on its own 」

I hug her thin body from behind.

Minaho-neesan was twelve when she turned to a prostitute, her body was made unable to bear a child in the middle of her growth.

Therefore, her body didn’t grow their female parts.

「 Female hormones stop when the genital no longer functions, that’s what happened to my body 」

「 Don’t say that. This is okay. Minaho-neesan 」

「 Oh, your body is really warm 」

Minaho-neesan’s temperature is low.

I can tell, comparing it to Mana and Agnes.

「 Well, let’s cleanse ourselves 」

She twists the shower faucet.


「 Ufufufu 」

Minaho-neesan suddenly smiles while she rubs my back with a sponge.

「 What’s wrong, Minaho-neesan? 」

「 No you see, I felt once again that I need physical contact with a boy so much 」

Minaho-neesan smiles even more.

「 Do you know the F1 racer, Frank Williams? He’s the founder and representative of the Williams F1 team where Ayrton Senna belongs to 」

「 Err, at least the name 」

I’ve seen magazines for car lovers back in middle school.

「 When Williams got caught in a car accident in 1986, he had hemiplegia. He was called “Toushou of the Wheelchair” 12

Minaho-neesan’s hand slides on my back.

「 Williams’ wife is, unfortunately, dead already but, she had published a book when she was alive, that her family had suffered when her husband suddenly lived in a wheelchair 」

「 I see 」

「 In that book, there was a line where she wrote: “It’s painful for the woman that she can’t have sex with her husband anymore” 」

Oh, if his lower half is paralyzed, then he can’t have sex.

「 But, Williams was already in the latter half of the 40s when he had the accident, the book was published look time since the incident, so when I read the book, I thought it must be painful for married couples not to have sex 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 But today, I know. To humans, it’s essential to have physical intimacy. Touching is also a way of telling love between man and woman 」

She rubs her cheeks on my back.

「 Even without having sex, you can feel at ease just by touching your partner like this 」

I turn to Minaho-neesan and hug her from the front.

「 I’m also happy from just touching Nee-san like this 」

「 Ah 」

Minaho-neesan hugs me too.

「 I’ll protect you forever. You and your world 」

「 That’s my line, I will protect Minaho-neesan 」

「 Stupid, I’m the older one, so I’ll be your guardian 」

「 I’m the younger brother that’s why I’ll protect my elder sister 」

We hug each other.

「 Geez, you don’t need to think about that until you’re an adult. Experience your youth with all your heart. I will do anything for you 」

「 Minaho-neesan should be the one who shouldn’t be concerned about me. I will do anything for Minaho-neesan 」

「 Geez, baka, baka, baka 」

「 This time, I’ll be the one to scrub you 」

I take the sponge from Minaho-neesan and wash her body gently.

「 Oh, that feels good, what should I do? This might become a habit 」

「 Sure. I’ll do it again 」

I rub Minaho-neesan’s armpit with the sponge.

「 Ahn, Baka 」

Minaho-neesan smiled shyly.

◇ ◇ ◇

When we got out of the shower, I dress Minaho-neesan her underwear.

「 N-No, you don’t need to go that far 」

「 Why? I always do it with Misuzu and others though 」

Misuzu and Megu love me putting off and on their underwear.

They immediately tell me “please do it.”

「 I’m not as cute as those girls 」

「 What are you talking about, Minaho-neesan is cute too 」

「 T-That’s not true 」

「 I think that you do 」

I put on her panty one foot at a time.

It goes through her thin and long legs, and then the panty hid her ass.

Next, her bra.

「 Look, I’m flat 」

「 If you say that, Michi will get angry. 」

Michi’s chest is board. Flat. It’s even.

Minaho-neesan’s chest still has some bulge showing up.

「 Michi-san’s still growing. 」 I can’t compare to that 」

「 There’s no need to compare. Minaho-neesan is Minaho-neesan. That’s okay! 」

I hook the bra at the back.

「 I’ll dress you up too 」

Minaho-neesan picks up my underwear.

「 Okay, lift your feet 」

She squats in front of me and put on my underwear.

「 Later 」

Before putting on my underwear entirely, she kissed my glans.

Then, Minaho-neesan wears her usual black blouse.

I put on my white boiler suit.

「 Let’s go 」

I present my hand to Minaho-neesan.

「 Huh? 」

「 Let’s hold hands, Minaho-neesan 」3

Minaho-neesan fidgets.

「 W-We’ll go to where everyone is, if they see us like this, Katsuko will laugh at me 」

Though she said that, she still takes my hand.

『 Unfortunately, I’ve been watching all this time! 』

A voice comes from the ceiling speaker.

「 K-Katsuko! 」

Minaho-neesan tries to shake off my hand on the spur of the moment, but I didn’t let her.

Instead, I hug Minaho-neesan’s body.

『 Geez, I can’t stop grinning since earlier! 』

Katsuko-nee’s voice seems to be having fun.

Well, it’s usually Minaho-neesan who’s watching everyone.

Sometimes, it’s better if she’s watched too.

「 Could it be that everyone’s watching? 」

Minaho-neesan’s embarrassed.

『 It’s just Shou-oneesan, Rei-chan, and me! As a samurai’s compassion, I’m not showing this to the younger girls! 』

Katsuko-nee snickers.

『 Ah, Seki here. Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama went to a different room to practice their dance. The girls are over there to watch 』

I hear Shou-oneesan’s voice.

Oh, Edie, Agnes, and Mana went to watch Misuzu dance.


When they’re not present, Shou-oneechan still calls them Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama.

Well, it’s inevitable until she gets used to it.

『 Therefore, Ojou-sama, please continue flirting while you two are alone 』

Katsuko-nee said, Minaho-neesan.

「 I get it. Then we’ll flirt a lot! 」

She clings to my arm.

「 Let’s go! 」

She said bashfully.

◇ ◇ ◇

When we return to the dining room:

Katsuko-nee, Shou-neechan are sitting on the sofa, Rei-chan’s standing alone.

She’s wearing the official uniform for Kouzuki security service.

Standing with a gallant pose.

「 Ah, welcome back, what do you think of Rei-chan? 」

Katsuko-nee asks me.

It seems that she’s purposely ignoring Minaho-neesan who’s sticking to me.

Or should I say that I’m concentrating on Rei-chan’s uniform?

「 For now, Rei-chan’s studying the style of the security chief 」


Yeah. Rei-chan’s uniform looks gorgeous compared to the ordinary guards from Kouzuki security service I knew.

Somehow, her shoulder strap has some ornaments, and the fabric also looks elegant.

Could this be the uniform of the security department manager?

Former director Yamaoka wore civilian clothes.

The provisional security officer during Ruriko’s father’s funeral was wearing the same uniform as the ordinary guards.

「 Excuse my intrusion but, Minaho-san, please state your analysis as well 」

Shou-neechan greets Minaho-neesan with a smile.

「 A-Ah, I 」

「 Reika, stand firm! You must always be gallant and daunting! Don’t break the dreams of the girls! 」

Shou-neechan tells Rei-chan.

「 At first, I brought three patterns of the uniforms from the company but, what she’s wearing now is orthodox. The rest are for ceremonial and PR use 」

Shou-neechan points at the desk.

I see. There are two more uniforms with different textures and designs.

「 After all, instead of uniforms for female executives, Reika’s suited to wear flashy clothing 」

Shou-neechan speaks unblinkingly.

「 No, but, the ordinary uniform is enough for me 」

Rei-chan’s too embarrassed.

「 Uhm, I think it’s better if it’s for Oscars. Add a golden braid and make it flashier, don’t make it feel like the red military uniform from like the commander of the imperial guards but make it feel like the blue army uniform from the palace guards 」

「 Oh, that one? 」

As expected of Shou-neechan, she can understand what Katsuko-nee was talking about.

「 But, Oscar and palace guard, isn’t that a bit too dignified? 」

「 I see, Rei-chan needs to feel youthful instead 」

The two think together.

「 But, I can see the trend. Reika’s legs are long, so it’s better for her to make the slacks straight? 」

「 Should I fill it up? 」

「 Ah, wait, I’m thinking of that design for the ceremonial version. Reika put on just the under」

「 Yes 」

Rei-chan takes another uniform from the desk bashfully.

She goes to change clothes next door.

「 I think that there was a gold braid in the costume room here. It’s used for the cheerleader cosplay, I’ll bring it 」

Katsuko-nee takes off her seat.

「 Take a seat 」

Shou-neechan invites us to the sofa.

「 Ah, sit in the middle, I want to have some physical contact too 」

Oh, Shou-neechan heard all of our conversation in the shower room.

「 It can’t be helped, let’s take a seat 」

Minaho-neesan urges me.

I sit next to Shou-neechan.

Minaho-neesan sits next to me.

「 Hey, what do you think I should do? No, what do you want to do with Reika? 」

Shou-neechan rubs to me and asks for my opinion right away.

「 No, even if you ask me that 」

I’m asked about fashion.

「 But, it’s true that the uniform she’s wearing now is a bit flashy 」

Perhaps, guard uniforms are like that, but.

I know Rei-chan in her gallant British Gentleman crossdress.

Minaho-neesan thinks carefully.

「 I’ve changed clothes 」

Rei-chan’s back.

「 But, this one’s weird 」

Yeah, the uniform for the ceremony is:

It’s filled with luxurious ornaments, but.

「 Somehow, it looks like a brass band when I wear it 」

No, it’s not as weird as Rei-chan said but.

But, it’s not practical.

If you command the guards at the scene like this, the surrounding would feel uneasy.

「 Regardless of decorations, the clothes’ line is better. Reika looks slim when her body line can be clearly seen 」

Oh, I see.

If you ignore the flashy ornaments, admittedly, her uniform looks tighter.

「 But, it feels like something’s lacking 」

Minaho-neesan mutters.

「 You’re right, somehow, it feels that something is lacking 」

Shou-neechan holds her head.

「 Is this a no too? 」

Katsuko-nee’s back.

Her hand has a big black hat.

「 Oh, a hat? 」

「 This is used for uniforms like this 」

Katsuko-nee shows the black uniform to us.

「 What’s this uniform? It looks like from Nazi Germany 」

Shou-neechan is curious.

「 Oh, this one is a costume for “The Night Porter” 」

Minaho-neesan replied.

「 Before, there was a customer who wants the girls to wear those costumes 」

「 Minaho-san, The Night Porter by Liliana Cavani? 」

「 Yes. Some men like to do perverted play with girls wearing military uniforms 」

「 Then, isn’t this a Nazi guard black suit? 」

I don’t get it.

Anyway, it seems Shou-oneesan gets it.

「 The night Porter sounds good 」

Minaho-neesan smiles.

「 Reika-san, try wearing just the coat of this black uniform, then wear the hat too 」

「 Okay 」

Rei-chan takes off her jacket and wears the black coat Katsuko-nee brought.

「 If this were Charlotte Rampling’s movie, then she’d wear suspender on her skin without the uniform 」

Shou-neechan whispers to Minaho-neesan.

「 Well, in that regard, Reika-san can just add the elegance of Dark Bogarde 」

「 Okay, I’m done 」

Rei-chan wore the black uniform and the hat.

「 Yes, you look tense when wearing black 」

「 Reika-san, slant your hat a bit more, then put on a rose 」

「 Like this? 」

Rei-chan turns her hat slanted.

It feels like she’s hiding her right eye.

「 Oh, that looks good. Ojou-sama, I think if she takes off her inners, the military-likeness of this will disappear 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 You’re right, you can wear slacks to show your slim lines. If the outers are black, can I remodel this? 」

Shou-neechan asks Minaho-neesan.

「 Sure. It’s yours now. I don’t mind if you change it 」

Minaho-neesan said laughing.

「 Then, let’s transfer the Kouzuki security service badge to that uniform 」

「 Eh, are we really going with black? 」

Rei-chan’s surprised.

「 It’s okay, either way, you’re now the security manager, the tradition of Kouzuki security service will revamp. We can just match the uniforms for the regular guards to you 」

Shou-neechan replies.

「 Ah, keep on wearing that, I’ll fix it so that Rei-chan’s body line would come out beautifully 」

Katsuko-nee brings in marking pins and holds Rei-chan.

「 How about we change the neck to a neckerchief or an ascot tie? Let’s use white silk 」

「 Ah, that’s nice, I think that suits Reika 」

Minaho-neesan and Shou-oneesan get even more excited.

「 Reika, change the badge on the hat with the Kouzuki security service badge. Having the cap as the only military uniform is strange」

「 Shou-oneesan, isn’t this military uniform silver on the black ground? The braids and buttons are silver. Then, how about we change them all to gold? Kouzuki security service’s original uniform have gold buttons so we should switch this to one. Also, I have gold braids so we can change this 」

Katsuko-nee suggests.

「 Hmm. Black and Gold might be better for Reika. Please do 」

「 Okay~! 」

With this, Rei-chan’s uniform as the new security director is decided.

「 Is it okay for me to do this? 」

「 It’s okay! Just listen to what I say 」

Shou-oneechan said laughing.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Good morning, Danna-sama! 」

Misuzu comes back.

Misuzu and Ruriko are wearing Yukata.

「 You girls were practicing your dance? 」

「 Yes, it’s been busy lately, so we weren’t able to practice 」

「 Misuzu-chan brought me a Yukata, socks, and a folding fan 」

Ruriko smiles at Misuzu.

「 Papa, you see, they were lovely! 」

Agnes is excited.

「 Agnes-chan said she’d like to try traditional dance too 」

Mana said.

「 Is it okay, desuno? 」

「 Onii-sama, I’ll teach her the basics 」

Agnes said. Ruriko looks at me.


Agnes should be interested in more things other than sex.

「 Sure, please do, Ruriko 」

「 Certainly 」

「 I’ll teach her too 」

Misuzu smiles at Agnes too.

「 Thank you, desuno! 」

「 Mana, do you not want to join 」

I ask Mana.

「 Hmmm, I don’t suit Japanese style that much 」

「 Oh, right, Mana was in the dance club 」

I’ve heard of that before.

「 Oh, what kind of dances have you done? 」

Misuzu asks.

「 Our club has the strange dance named creative dance. Ah, I’m glad I didn’t have to dance at the school festival now 」


Mana can’t return to her former middle school anymore.

「 Do you want to take lessons? Where? 」

I try suggesting.

「 It’s okay, it’s better if I don’t go out for a while 」

The media continues their search for Shirasaka Sousuke and his family.

Mana should avoid catching the public eye, for now, I guess.

「 Oh, where’s Michi-chan and Edie-chan? 」

Katsuko-nee changes the topic skillfully.

「 Ah, those two are training 」

I see. Edie wants to train with Michi.

「 But, it’s about time for lunch 」

「 Then I’ll call them 」

Mana raises her hand.

「 Ah, Agnes too, desuno! 」

「 Yeah, let’s go! 」

「 Okay~! 」

Holding hands happily, Mana and Agnes leave the room.

「 They’re really intimate now 」

Katsuko-nee said.

Yeah, everyone’s becoming more of a family now.

「 Ruriko-chan, can I ask you to take care of the meal? I have to fix Rei-chan’s uniform while everyone’s eating 」

「 Is that okay? 」

Rei-chan’s surprised

「 It’s okay. It’s better to have it sooner, isn’t it? I can eat later 」

Katsuko-nee carries Rei-chan’s black uniform.

「 Sorry 」

「 It’s no big deal, we’re family 」

Katsuko-nee smiled.

「 The dish is curry. Katsuko-chan taught us, and we all made it together.

Ruriko tells me happily.

Ah, that’s when I was taking a nap with Minaho-neesan.

「 Misuzu-chan, please eat a lot 」

「 I’m looking forward to it 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 Okay, I brought them! 」

Mana comes back with Michi and Edie.

「 Then, let’s eat 」

Minaho-neesan tells everyone.

◇ ◇ ◇

Ruriko, Misuzu, Michi, Agnes, Edie, Rei-chan, Mana, Shou-oneechan, Minaho-neesan, and me.

Everyone except the working Katsuko-nee is eating curry.

Everyone’s so bright and cheerful.

Ruriko, Mana, and Agnes are telling me how they cooked the curry.

Edie and Michi are talking about something.

Minaho-neesan seems to have opened up to Shou-neechan due to the alcohol last night. Rei-chan joins in, and the three talk about various things.

It’s a family table.

It feels good to say that. We had a pleasant meal.

「 Okay, I’m done! Yahoo!! 」

Katsuko-nee comes back with Rei-chan’s fixed uniform.

「 For now, I changed the buttons and the braids, then I stuffed all I can for now. Try it, Rei-chan 」

「 Okay 」

Reika puts on the coat.

「 Then, try wearing the hat 」


「 Now, hold your cane 」

Shou-oneechan said.

「 Fujimiya Reika needs the beat to death cane! 」

「 Okay 」

Black uniform, black hat, gold button, gold braid.

It’s a stylish and refined uniform.

Her hat covers obliquely.

She holds a cane.

Ah, the cane looks like a commander’s cane, it looks good.

「 That looks cool, Rei-chan 」

I tell Rei-chan.

「 Yes, it’s cool! 」

Agnes said and smiled.

「 Yes, looking good. If you have that dignified look, you’re perfect as the security head of Kouzuki security service 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 Yes, I’ll do my best! 」

Rei-chan deeply moved.

「 Please do your best! 」

「 Go for it, Rei-chan! 」

「 I’m expecting from you, Rei-chan 」

Ruriko, Mana, and Misuzu smiles at Rei-chan.

「 Family is such a beautiful thing 」

Rei-chan’s mutters in deep emotion.


  1. Literal translation: Brave leader.
  2. JP wiki had this “車椅子の闘将,” but EN wiki didn’t say anything
  3. Too lood!