Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 526. Judging Yukino 1



「 W-What about you Maika, g-get away from that man! 」

Yukino pulls out her finger from her genital and shouts at her little sister.

「 Well yeah. We can’t talk like this 」

Mana smiles.

「 It feels a bit unfortunate though 」

She pulls out my penis from her vagina.

「 Look, Yukino-oneechan! Onii-chan came so much 」

She spreads her legs and shows her genital to Yukino.

My white semen drips down from her small slit.

「 My insides feel very warm 」

Saying that; she rubs on the area of her womb.

「 Ufufu, Onii-chan, I’ll clean this up 」

Mana puts my erect penis in her mouth and begins to suck out the semen that remained in my urethra.

「 Ah, Agnes too! 」

Agnes who recovered from the aftertaste of climax goes to my penis too.

「 Yeah, then let’s share 」

Mana and Agnes lick my erect penis.

They’re showing off to Yukino.

Yukino’s eyes are glued to us.

「 Yukino-oneechan, you want to do it too, don’t you? 」

Mana provokes Yukino.

「 I-I don’t want to do that!! 」

Yukino strongly refuses.

「 Hmm. You say that while that part is like a spring., You came from watching me have sex with Onii-chan, didn’t you, Yukino-oneechan? 」

Mana laughs with a triumphant look.

「 Furthermore, you don’t look satisfied at all. Cumming just once isn’t enough for Onee-chan, right 」

「 S-Shut up! 」

「 I know, I heard Onee-chan’s gasps while masturbating like a monkey after all 」

Mana had heard Yukino’s masturbating voice when they were living together in the same house.

「 T-Then what?! 」

Yukino glares at her sister.

「 Nothing, I just feel sorry for Yukino-oneechan who can’t have sex anymore 」

Then, Mana hugs me.

She pushes her naked breasts to me.

「 As for me, look, when I want to do it Onii-chan’s making love with me 」

Yukino gets angry.

「 Maika! Are you not ashamed?! You’re a daughter of Shirasaka house! Doing it with that man is shameless! 」

「 Who cares if it is!? 」

Mana kisses me.

「 I’m very happy right now 」

She licks my cheeks.

「 Besides, Yukino-oneechan and I are already banished out of Shirasaka house. You know it, don’t you? Papa is dead 」

「 You people killed her! 」

Yukino screams.

「 There’s no other choice, you know? Papa did things that he can’t complain if he’s killed 」

「 Maika! It’s your father! 」

Yukino said. Mana flares up.

「 But Papa didn’t come to help me!!! He didn’t even try to save me!! 」


「 That person is always doing what he likes. Even when I was taking medical treatment in Shizuoka, he never came to see me. Then, he hurt a lot of people, did a lot of horrible things, everyone curses him, this is just reaping what he sowed! 」

「 But he’s your family. He’s your father! 」

「 My family is in here! Onii-chan and Agnes-chan! 」

「 Maika! You’re still a child, so you’re being deceived! 」

「 Onii-chan risks his life to protect us! He did it again and again! Yukino-oneechan saw that too! 」

Mana hugs me.

「 I love him! I’m his woman! I am in love with him, and I will bear his child! We’re a family 」

Mana declares to her sister.

「 Agnes-chan is my little sister. I’ll treasure her forever. She’s my family 」

「 Mana-oneechan? 」

Agnes is completely afraid of Mana and Yukino’s shouting.

「 Agnes, it’s okay, come to me 」

I get up and hug Agnes.

「 Don’t be afraid, Papa’s with you 」

「 Yes, desuno. Papa 」

I pat Agnes’ naked back.

「 You all are crazy! This man’s fooling you! 」

Yukino said.

「 If that’s what Yukino-oneechan thinks then why not? That idea is all yours 」

Mana said.

「 But, we feel it every time we have sex with Onii-chan. Onii-chan loves us, and we love Onii-chan. The more we have sex, the stronger our bond grows. We didn’t become a family in just a blink of an eye. We open up each other’s hearts little by little, meeting halfway, and getting closer. That’s it 」

We can only understand each other little by little.

Among my women, I think Mana is the one who took the most time.

「 But, Onii-chan was the first one who reached out. Not me. He loved me over and over again, without giving up, without abandoning this conceited and selfish self 」

Mana looks at me.

「 I’m thankful. I love you. I want to make Onii-chan just like how Onii-chan did all his best to make me happy. I want to protect this family 」

「 Don’t speak silly things, look at reality. This man and everyone else is just using you. If you lose your worth, then you’ll be abandoned. They’ll throw you like garbage. These people are like that! 」

Is that what Yukino think of us?

「 Right back at you Yukino-oneechan. Look at reality! 」

Mana speaks clearly to her sister.

「 Since when have you lost your value? 」


「 Papa’s already dead you know? Moritsugu-ojiisan is overthrown. Shirasaka house raised the white flag to Kouzuki-san. Minaho-oneechan’s revenge is already done. It’s all over 」

Yukino shivers.

「 On top of that, we’re in a safe position due to our connection to Kouzuki house, Misuzu-oneechan, and Ruri-oneechan. The police will never chase us. Yukino-oneechan also knows how much power Kouzuki house in Japan, right? 」

「 But, justice! I have justice with me! They’ll undoubtedly receive divine punishment! A bolt of lightning, a meteor falling or something, they’ll all die! If not! 」

Tears fall from Yukino’s eyes.

「 Papa! Papa won’t rest in peace 」

I can understand what Yukino feels.

We’re never just.

We’re a criminal organization.

The bad guys.

Although they suffered from Shirasaka Sousuke’s hands, it’s in the wrong to take revenge on him.

We disobey the law and ethics.

But still, we had to finish his punishment.

If Shriasaka Sousuke didn’t meet a cruel end, then.

A lot of prostitutes who suffered from Shirasaka Sousuke’s hands won’t be able to leave their past and step forward.

Just like how Nei’s heart can’t be free unless Cesario Viola is dead.

He can’t be arrested by the police, condemned at a trial and pay for his sins in prison.

As long as Shirasaka Sousuke exists in the world, the hearts of the former prostitutes won’t rest.

「 You should just kill yourself! Commit suicide! You shameless scum!! 」

Yukino curses me.

「 I don’t care whatever you say, but, I will live. I will live with all my best and become happy 」

「 A person like you has no qualification to be happy! 」


「 Yet, I will 」

I look at Agnes in my arms.

「 If I don’t become happy, everyone can’t 」

Everyone is my family.

「 Papa 」

Agnes strokes my face.

「 Agnes is with Papa, so Agnes is happy 」


I already have a family I must make happy.

No matter how much sins I make, no matter how much curses or insults I receive.

I have to live, composed and with resolution.

If I show my unease, then Agnes will feel anxious.

「 You hypocrite! Liar! Crazy!! 」

I do nothing but turn aside whatever Yukino tells me.

「 Yukino-oneechan, you keep on screaming like that. You really don’t get it 」

Mana said.

「 Papa died. That means that our value has expired. Do you get it? There’s no more reason for us to be confined here 」

Mana said. Yukino gasps.

「 Yet, Onii-chan treasures me. Minaho-oneechan and Katsuko-san too. He thinks of me as a family, so he attends to me 」

「 T-That’s, there’s no way to know that! 」

「 I know. Even now they’re watching over us. In the first place, if they don’t trust me, then they won’t give me an opportunity to talk to Yukino-oneechan like this 」

Mana said.

「 This is my last chance to talk to Yukino-oneechan 」

「 Last? Maika? 」

Yukino asks her sister with a frightened face?

「 Do you get it? Yukino-oneechan lost her value already 」

Yukino’s face pales.

「 Yukino-oneechan, what do you plan to do after this? 」

「 I 」

「 Let me say it just in case, Yukino-oneechan’s alive now thanks to Onii-chan. If Onii-chan isn’t here, then you should’ve been dead already 」

「 I know that! 」

Yukino looks down.

「 So, what do you want to do Onee-chan after this? 」

「 I-I’ll go back to Ichikawa-Ojiisama 」

「 Hmm, so you want to be pushed to a mental hospital and live for the rest of your life 」

「 I-I’ll go to someone in Shirasaka clan 」

「 Shirasaka house will never shelter Yukino-oneechan you know? Do you think they would try something like going against Kouzuki house? 」

Yukino glares at her sister.

「 Earlier, the lady from Kouzuki house said this: If I do as you say and act like a clown, then my life is at least safe. My living expenses are also taken care of」

That’s right, earlier this morning, Ruriko made Yukino promise that.

「 Then, you’re okay being Ruri-oneechan’s clown. Once you became her clown, you can’t get out of it for the rest of your life, are you sure about that? 」

「 T-That’s 」

「 You know how Papa looked in the end, right? 」


「 If Onee-chan betrays us and tries to reveal our secrets, that’ll happen to you too! 」

Shirasaka Sousuke’s limbs, tongue, and his penis are all cut off.

「 Other than Kouzuki security service, Kyouko-san, and Miss Cordelia are genuinely scary people. Michi-oneechan and Edie-chan too, who knows what they could do if they get angry 」

Yukino trembles.

「 I-I know that! 」

「 Nope, you don’t. Ruri-oneechan told you so firmly, and yet Yukino-oneechan still thinks she can do something about her situation 」

Mana tells her sister coldly.

「 You can’t do anything anymore, accept your fate 」


「 Then, what do you want me to do?! 」


「 Come here. Yukino-oneechan, throw that arrogant pride of yours as it’s just disgraceful now 」

Hey, Mana?!

「 I’m Onii-chan’s sex slave. Ruri-oneechan too. Misuzu-oneechan is Onii-chan’s prized pet. Michi-oneechan is Onii-chan’s toy 」

「 What about Agnes? 」

Agnes asks Mana.

「 Agnes-chan, what do you want to be? 」

「 Hmm, you see! 」

What would I do if she says “bride”?

「 I remembered! Agnes is also Papa’s pet! 」


Shirasaka Sousuke raised her this way.

「 Yeah, then I’ll make sure to pour a lot of love on you 」

「 Yes, desuno! Papa! 」

Agnes smiles like an angel.

「 We’re all Onii-chan’s possessions. Everyone threw away their boring pride to do that. We can be naked in front of Onii-chan, mind, and body. As sisters, we don’t get jealous or fight with each other. Everyone devotes themselves to Onii-chan 」

Everyone puts themselves in a position below me. Therefore, they don’t fight. They coexist with each other.

Jii-chan knows that so that’s why he sold Ruriko to me as a slave.

To throw away her pride as the daughter of Kouzuki house to the bottom.

「 So what?! 」

Yukino glares at Mana.

「 If Yukino-oneechan throws away her pride then you could’ve come on this side. Onii-chan is a generous man so if Yukino-oneechan changes her mind, then I’m sure he’ll accept you 」


Mana’s objective is this?

Mana is trying to invite Yukino to the family.

「 Even me. When I turned over a new leaf, Onii-chan accepted me 」


Because she was able to join in the family that way;

She thinks that Yukino can do it too.


People think based on their own experience.


Mana and Yukino are different.

「 This will be your last and final chance. Minaho-oneechan also allowed me to do this only one time. You only have time until Misuzu-oneechan comes back 」

If Misuzu’s here, then they’d undoubtedly dismiss this invitation for Yukino to join the family.

If Nei’s here, then it’ll be definite.

All of my women hate Yukino.

But Mana.

「 I don’t want to abandon Yukino-oneechan!!! 」

Mana is Yukino’s sister.

She can’t abandon her without doing anything.

「 Are you telling me to become his slave? 」

Yukino mutters.

「 That’s right, just like me. Say that you’ll be Onii-chan’s slave, kneel in front of everyone, ask for their forgiveness, it might not go well at first but, if you lower your head hard enough then they’ll surely accept you one day. Yukino-oneechan! 」

「 I don’t want that! 」

Yukino said.

「 I’d rather die than do that. I don’t want to die either though!!! 」

She asserts.

「 Yukino-oneechan, you’re an idiot! You don’t get it! If this goes on, you really won’t be able to do anything! I don’t even know what will happen to you! 」

「 I don’t want to do things I don’t want! 」

Yukino rejects me.

「 Why? Yukino-oneechan likes Onii-chan, don’t you?! 」

「 What?! Why should I?! This guy?! 」

Yukino looks at me.

「 But, Yukino-oneechan was masturbating earlier while looking at Onii-chan right? I know! Yukino-oneechan wants to have sex with Onii-chan, right? 」

「 I-I don’t want to do it with him! 」

「 But, weren’t you masturbating so intensely!? 」

Mana points out.

「 That’s because my body is feeling hot! Yes, my body is just aching to have sex. It’s not that I want to do it with him! I’d like to have sex with a much more manly and wonderful man! I don’t want him! 」

Yukino argues.

「 That’s a lie! Yukino-oneechan can’t do it with anyone else unless it’s Onii-chan! You can’t cum unless you have sex with Onii-chan! Even in your dreams, you see Onii-chan embracing you! 」

「 How does Maika know me?! 」

「 Because I’m the same! 」


「 I’m the same. I will never have sex with anyone but Onii-chan. Or rather, I can’t. I feel scared of other men other than Onii-chan, they make me feel sick 」

Mana rubs her cheeks on my back.

「 Even now, I’m still don’t like sex in itself that much. But, I like doing it with Onii-chan. I like sex because I’m doing it with Onii-chan. I love looking at Onii-chan’s face feeling good when ejaculating inside me. I love the kind Onii-chan when having sex. I love when our hearts communicate, it feels calm and gentle! 」

Mnaa hugs me from behind.

「 I like Onii-chan. What I love from Onii-chan is Onii-chan loves me. When I get naked, stick our bodies closely, accept Onii-chan on the deepest part of me. I don’t like sex, I like Onii-chan. I love Onii-chan! 」

「 Agnes loves Papa too! 」

The two beauties rub their naked bodies on me.

「 It’s not just me, Onii-chan’s women are the same. They have sex with Onii-chan, and their mind and body communicate. They love Onii-chan! 」

Then, once again, facing Yukino.

「 Yukino-oneechan’s the same, right? Yukino-oneechan also had sex with Onii-chan! You should’ve felt it with your mind and body how gentle Onii-chan’s sex is! 」


「 Unfortunately, he only rapes me 」

She looks at me coldly.

「 I can’t feel any affection from this man at all! 」

「 That was the same for me at first too, I lost my virginity from rape. But, Onii-chan. Onii-chan is different. He’s treating me with care, like a special person! 」

Mana said.

「 Oh, I see. You’re brainwashed by that guy I see! He’s just scum of a man who just good at sex! There’s a lot of that kind of men in this world! He’s not special at all! 」

Yukino argues.

「 Yukino-oneechan, did you not feel anything from having sex with Onii-chan? Do you still want to have sex with other men? Someone, not Onii-chan? 」

「 Well, I don’t need him in particular. After all, he’s not a man suitable for me. I need a cooler, someone handsome, and is a nobleman. I don’t need him!! 」


「 Maika might not know it but, he liked me. It’s just an annoyance for me to be loved by such a shameful man. It’s a huge inconvenience. Then, after he played with me so much, he’s now engrossed with the body of other women, and that’s why he’s no longer interested in me?! He’s making a fool out of me! 」

That’s what Yukino thinks it seems.

「 Well, it can’t be helped, of course, anyone would choose a lady from Kouzuki house instead of me. After all, it’s a noble among nobles. He’s scum! 」

Yukino glares at me.

「 Even though you like me! 」


「 Onii-chan still likes Yukino-oneechan. That hasn’t changed 」

Mana said.

「 Then help me out! Go talk to Yuzuki or Kouzuki house so you can save me! I’ll do it with you at least once. Sex or whatever you want! 」

Yukino says with teary eyes.

「 Dammit! I feel miserable thinking that I have to rely on you. It’s so miserable that I’d like to die 」

Tears fall from her eyes.

「 If you want to rape me then do me as much as you want. Do what you want with my body! But, I will never yield to you. I will not be your slave. I have my pride. I’m a woman from Shirasaka house. I’ll let you rape me as a person. I’m a much better woman than you. I’m different from you! 」


「 Yukino, that’s enough. I won’t embrace you. I won’t have sex with you. Didn’t I say that I can’t get erect for you? 」

「 Oh? There’s no need to force yourself, you want to do it don’t you?! Go on, rape me!? Why don’t you violate me like a stray dog on the street?! 」

「 I’m not in a state of doing those 」

I tell Yukino.

「 I no longer like Yukino. I hate you 」


「 Onii-chan, Yukino-oneechan! Wrong! That’s not it! 」

Mana shouts.

「 You two! That’s love! It’s love that’s why you two are this fighting so much! Why can’t you two notice it?! 」

Mana looks at Yukino.

「 Yukino-oneechan wants Onii-chan to love you, right? You want Onii-chan to look only at you! That’s love! For Onii-chan! 」

「 No, Maika! 」

Yukino immediately replied.

「 Onii-chan too, Yukino-oneechan is always so high-handed and doesn’t understand Onii-chan’s sincere love, so you have to give up, is that what you think? Actually, you still love her, don’t you?! 」

「 That’s not it, Mana 」

I replied

「 That’s not the case 」

「 Then, what’s the case?! 」


「 Mana, you think of Yukino and me too much by placing yourself in her position. It might be true for Mana but, Yukino and I are different 」

「 Y-You don’t get it! Onii-chan! 」

Mana gives me a serious look.

「 For example, I won’t have sex with Mana anymore. You said that you can’t have sex with other men physiologically, didn’t you? 」

「 Yes, I did 」

「 But, Yukino. Surely Yukino’s not like that 」

I look at Yukino.

「 Yukino can have sex with a man other than me. Rather, I think she’ll look for a man who’s better at sex and will give her pleasure better than me 」

「No one could make her feel good better than Onii-chan 」

「 But that’s what Mana thinks, right? Yukino denies me, she wants to deny having sex with me so, she’s seeking another man for more pleasures of sex than I do. She’ll have sex with a lot of men until she finds a man that suits her 」

I can tell.

「 I-I! 」

Yukino looks at me.

「 You’re that kind of woman, right? 」

「 That’s right. At least, I think there’s a man who’s better at sex than you. You’re not a big deal 」

「 Why do you think so? 」

Mana’s stunned.

「 Yukino’s not like Mana, she doesn’t believe anyone 」


「 Mana believes people. Therefore, you believed me when I tried to save you. Then, I did my best for Mana who believes in me 」

Trusting and believing that you’re trusted strengthens mutual relationship.

A bond is born.

「 But, Yukino only believes in herself from the start. She never believes anyone! 」


「 Just now Mana’s making opportunities like this and yet she doesn’t understand Mana’s love for her sister. She only thinks that Mana’s making her fall, or that I’m fooling Mana, or that she’s used on a plan to make her fall. Just that 」

Her mind is stubborn.

「 No matter what you tell Yukino, it’s useless. No matter what you do, it’s meaningless. She doesn’t believe anyone 」

Then her pride is so high, and she’s a beauty, so she thinks that it’s natural for others to devote to her. Because of that, she’s always afraid of other people taking away from her.

「 She can’t understand goodwill and affection that’s why Yukino can’t realize what Mana’s talking about I think that Yukino is someone who only moves according to profit and loss 」

Yukino’s looking at us silently.

「 Ruriko knows Yukino is like that that’s why she only talked using profit and loss during the negotiation earlier this morning 」

If you don’t want to die then follow this order.

It’s simple, easy to understand.

「 If you follow orders as a clown, your life is guaranteed. Thinking about it carefully, it’s a stupid idea. It’s easier for Yukino to die than doing such a troublesome thing, it won’t cost her anything. Yet, Yukino believes it has value, she thinks that it has the advantage to be used by Kouzuki house 」

Actually, there’s no advantage.

If Yukino’s mouth is sealed, then there’s no more worry.

「 You’re right, Yukino-oneechan has no worth keeping alive even as a clown 」

Mana looks at Yukino.

「 But, Mana, you thought of Yukino as pitiful to live as a clown, dominated for the rest of her life, didn’t you? That’s why, you thought that if she turns a new leaf and kneels in front of everyone like how you did it, Yukino might be accepted in our family, didn’t you? 」

「 Because I 」

It’s inevitable for Mana to think naively.

Mana’s also raised as a lady of Shirasaka house.

She thinks that if she was saved from that method, Yukino might be able to as well.

「 But, it’s as you see. Yukino is Yukino. She doesn’t believe Mana’s kindness at all 」

I look at Yukino.

「 Hmm, in short, it’s all my fault, I’m an idiot, so I went through all this cruelty? It’s all my fault?! 」


「 You’re the one who needs to shut up! You’re looking down on me, making a fool of me. Unforgivable, unforgivable, unforgivable! You’re the worst!! 」


「 Aren’t you the one who’s always looking down? 」

Yukino thinks of me as the worst trash scum.

That I’m someone that can’t be trusted.

She’s stuck with that recognition.

That’s why there’s not a single constructive conversation made with Yukino.

If it’s done like how Ruriko did.

Or how Minaho-neesan usually does,

Should we suppress Yukino with an overwhelming force?

Is there no other way to approach her?

「 But Onii-chan 」

Mana looks at me.

「 I believe that Onii-chan can manage this. If it’s Onii-chan, then I’m sure… 」


「 Onii-chan can make it better, make a better way of living for Yukino-oneechan 」

Mana’s eyes desperately plead to me.

She doesn’t want to forsake her sister.

But I.

「 Mana, I don’t have that power 」