Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 53

53. City of Flower

「Good Morning…It’s already morning! Wake up!」

Katsuko-nee’s voice wakes me up…
She’s on her usual maid dress but…she’s using a usual household apron.

「What time is it…?」

It’s somehow dark outside the window…

「It’s 5 o’clock!」
「…Why 5 o’clock?」
「Because…it can’t be helped」

Katsuko-nee smiled

「Flower market is early in the morning!」

…Flower market?

「The Yakuza is also involved when Nagisa goes to the market…isn’t it worrying?」

Nagisa is being threatened by the Yakuza running a flower shop as a side business.
You tell me that we’re going to meet the Yakuza at the flower market?…

「Well…I am」
「Margo-sama said that she wants to confirm the faces of the other party…」

I see, then it would be dangerous if we don’t go…

「The selling at the market starts at 7 in the morning so we have to arrive sooner」
「Got it」

I rubbed my sleepy eyes and got up


Katsuko-nee kissed my lips…!

「Look…you’re awake now, aren’t you?」

No…something else woke up.
Katsuko-nee looked between my crotch…

「We don’t have much time this morning…rather than that, try to save up a bit. You’ll ejaculate a lot for today…!

Katsuko-nee grins…
She’s entirely different from yesterday morning.
The Katsuko-nee until now forcibly grabs and sucks my penis…
What’s with this composure…?!
Katsuko-nee who’s going to charge lewdly at you when you show a chance…is really stable.

「I’ll look forward to the lewd stuffs later!…Well, breakfast’s ready!」

Un…If Katsuko-nee says that then I’m sure she will

「I brought your change of clothes!」
「It’s golden week today! It’s strange to be on your uniform isn’t it? Especially on a flower market…!」

If I wear my school uniform, the Yakuza would know which school I go…

「With that said, try wearing this!」

The wagon Katsuko-san brought from the corridor is…a patch for work.
A blue and white vertical stripes work clothes.
On the back, there’s a 『Schwarz Wald』written on it.

「…What’s this?」
「Un. The name of Nagisa’s shop. If you wear that, they can’t see you as anything but a part-time worker on Nagisa’s shop, don’t you think?

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「I see…but isn’t this a bit loose?
「That’s…I don’t know the size well. I don’t get men that much…
「Speaking of which…the disguise from the park last night, that was a loose hip-hop stye…
「That’s right…I thought that it would be safer it was bigger… Tell me your size later…Ah, don’t I’ll be measuring it. With a tape measure」
「…Got it」

Un…It would be troublesome if it’s always loose.
Or rather, Hip-hop is also good…

「Also, I washed your underwear too!」

Saying that…Katsuko-nee took out a shirt and underwear which are folded neatly.
It was the underwear I wore on the day I violated Yukino for the first time.
I was provided with a new one on the next day. That was perhaps something bought from the convenience store.
It was the same yesterday morning…

「…What’s wrong?

Katsuko-san looks at me in wonder as I stare at the folded underwear.

「No…I…it’s been a while for my clothes to be this folded this neatly after being washed」
「…How long was your previous one?」
「When I was living with my grandmother…it’s around nine years」

Un…I was turning the washing machine by myself when I was on my second grade already.
Folding each and every one of them is troublesome so I always just throw them in the cardboard box…

「Your mother’s not washing your clothes?」
「Yeah…Even my mother’s clothes are all being sent to the laundry shops」
「…Her underwear too?」
「Yes. My mother has said that her underwear has a lace in it so it can’t be washed in the home laundry」
「It should just be handwashed…」
「No…I don’t know how it is」
「How about your father’s clothes?」
「My father washes his own shirts. His underwear has always been washed together with my underwear but…when I entered the dorm, I think he washed it himself」
「No, even if you ask me…I don’t understand anything other than our house. Anyway, that’s the rule in our house…!」
「…What about cleaning?」
「Cleaning…once or twice a year, my mother brings cleaning experts to clean things up…」
「…How do they clean it?」
「Let’s see. My mother directs those people and things in the house are just thrown away」
「…Thrown away?」
「Yes, My father and I have the rule of 『Have one cardboard box and have anything you want left in there』…Those that aren’t in there are all disposed」
「…Only one cardboard box?」
「That’s right…It’s the same box I used since I was in second grade」
「Won’t the important stuff be able to enter that box?」
「Because…I don’t have anything much」

Right…everything always fitted into the cardboard box.

「Eh…You don’t have any books or manga or games?」
「Ah, we can’t have those in or house…I was told that it was a 『Instruction policy』」
「…You don’t want it?」
「Because, I can’t even buy this even if I want it… My mother will just throw away anything that she doesn’t like. Even my notebook at school, once I left it alone, it’ll be thrown away immediately. When I was in elementary, the manga I brought from my friend was thrown away so I can never bring anything on my house anymore」
「…On top of that, they’ll call the cleaners and throw away anything on your house?」
「Well, the cleaners come twice a year」
「Then what?…After the cleaners have done their work, the members of that house only have one cardboard box left?!」
「There’s no way that could be. My mother never throws her stuff away」
「…What did you say?」
「Our house has six rooms but three of those rooms are for my mother’s clothes」
「…Three rooms?」
「Yes. My mother’s a shopaholic…Anyway, she got a hobby of buying clothes and bags」
「…She’s just gathering her own stuff and throws away you and your father’s stuff?」
「That’s right」
「…What about the remaining three rooms?」
「The living room and my father’s bedroom and…」
「…Your room?」
「No. It’s my mother’s bedroom」
「…Where’s your room?」
「There’s none…look, I was in a dorm on my junior years」
「…But, you’re returning home during the summer vacation at your school right?」
「When I returned to the house during my summer vacation in my first year at middle school, I already don’t have anything. Everything was thrown away. That’s why, I lived in the sofa at the living room for one month. I was told to 『don’t come back』at my second and third year in middle school so I was always at the dormitory. Even at summer vacation or New Years…!」
「…Why? You don’t want to return?」
「Because I’ve been told to『not come back』…it’s tight in the dorm but they provide you meals」
「…But, your high school began last month」
「Yes I’ve been sleeping in the sofa at the living room…
「But…if I recall…the rooms should be empty in your house now isn’t it…?」

That’s right…My mother had divorced father this spring vacation and went out of the house.
Before I came back from the dorm middle school…
Without leaving any words.
My father disappeared at the day of the entrance ceremony in high school. He left one memo in the company.
As expected, there’s no message left to me.
I became alone at the same time I entered high school…

「…Katsuko-nee knows about my house, don’t you?」
「…Ojou-sama showed her investigations…you’re anxious about your father aren’t you?」
「Well, I think he’s fine somewhere」

Right, I wish.
But my father’s timid.

「Won’t the rooms be open if your mother has left the house? You can even borrow your father’s bed too…」
「That’s…My mother left all the luggage as it is」
「…All of the three rooms?」
「With her bedroom, four rooms」

Katsuko-nee was at loss for words…

「Seriously, mother should’ve brought her stuff when she divorced and left the house…but, she’ll probably get angry if I move it up without permission. Or rather, I never went inside my mother’s room since childhood」
「Yes I was told 『Don’t enter』 I haven’t entered my father’s room without permission too」
「Then…this whole month」
「Yes…It can’t be helped, I’ve been on the living room this whole time」

Katsuko-nee’s eyes became a dot.

「Hee…Is that so? That’s hard…!」

Huh…My house was strange as expected?
Un…Perhaps it’s strange.
But…I don’t know any house other than mine.
Katsuko-nee’s face turned grim instantly…

「…Hey…how many pairs of shoes do you have right now?」
「Err…my usual sneakers, a formal leather shoes, and the indoor shoes at school, three pairs.」
「You don’t need to count the slippers at school!」
「Okay…Then it’s two」
「…With the numbers of your shoes, that means that you don’t have any clothes at all…?」
「Yes…Basically, I spent my middle school in jersey. Going to shop on the neighborhood, it’s the same appearance. But, I have a single clean shirt if ever something happens」
「…What kind it is?」
「What kind…It’s a shirt, so isn’t that obvious that it’s white…!」

Why are you trembling…?

「Enough…Onee-san will buy you clothes later. I’ll buy lots and lots」
「That’s…I don’t need it!」

Katsuko-nee embraced me tightly…!

「You don’t need to force yourself to stuff it all in one cardboard box…become even happier! I’ll make you happy…Okay?!」

Katuko-nee…why are you crying?

「Stay here forever…No, live here. Together with Onee-san…」

Katsuko-nee says that but…

「Please…don’t spoil me… Also, that’s my house.[1, House/Home/Family are all written as “家 -Ke” I will be writting House whenever Yoshida refers to his family’s house because it’s never been a home for him, though the home/house doesn’t have distinction in the kanji used] I need to wait for my father…Mother’s likely to come back for her clothes too…」
「Geez…Bakabakabaka…you’re an idiot…!」

That’s when Nei-san comes in.
Nei-san is wearing the patch with the name of Nagisa-san’s shop just like me.

「…Katsun, just how long are you going to wake Yo-chan up? Everyone’s waiting to eat you know? Leave the naughty stuff later, we’re busy this morning!」
「…Un, we’re coming now」

Katsuko-nee says that and then released me…

◇ ◇ ◇

The breakfast was croissant, and ham and eggs and tea.
I talk to Nei-san and Margo-san while eating.
Katsuko-nee is talking to Yuzuki-sensei about something while standanding.
Well…When Katsuko-nee is on her maid uniform, she’ll never eat with us so it can’t be helped.

「Then, the four of you go to Nagisa…Katsuko will be taking the command on-site. Margo’s the support. Nei and Yoshida-kun will be sticking to Nagisa…okay?」

Sensei seems to be staying on the mansion…
She must be preparing something for the next training…
Well, we got a promise to Yamamine-san and Misuzu so…we have to go back before 10 o’clock

We got on Margo-san’s white van and left the mansion;.
The characters on the body is now 『Schwarz Wald Car 2』

「Why it’s not 『Maruko Flower Arrangement shop』?」

When I asked, Margo-san

「We’re going to the flower market so…if the person from the market checks the property of the customer, they’ll know immediately that the name of the shop doesn’t exists」
「Is that how it is?」
「That’s right. They should know everything from the new shops to the discontinued ones…the market doesn’t sell to the general customers after all」

Ah, I see.
There’s no one but the flower shop coming in so they can identify the name of the shop.

「…Also, if the market has a lot of people coming in and out, it’s likely for bad people to come to a place with a lot of money like the market. Shoplifting or luggage thief. That’s why, they’re always checking if a suspicious person or car is in the market!」

Katsukon-nee understands it.
Right now, Katsuko-nee is on her black pantstuit.
She looks like a businesswoman…she’s got an air of dignity.

「That’s why, try not to make a fuss in the market…it’s fine for us but it would be bad for Nagisa to lose her reputation. She must be in a good relationship with the flower market all the time!」
「…Got it, Katsuko-nee」
「Nei too…even if it’s a Yakuza, try not to set fire on their car!」
「Got it…I’ll do something other than arson」

Our car arrived at the market by 6:30.
Nagisa-joined us immediately after.
Nagisa-san came with a big van too.
It’s not just Nagisa-san, the sub-leader Miyuki-san also came.

「Good morning Yoshidakun!」

…Mao-chan too

「Mao-chan’s an early bird so I brought her with us. There’s no nursery that’s open this early in the morning」

Nagisa-san told us smiling.

「Nei-chan too, morning! Mago-chan too, morning!」
「Morning! Mao-chaan!」
「Mao-chan, it’s been a while…!」
「Waa…Katsuko mama!」

Mao embraces Katsuko-nee

「You look fine…Katsuko」
「You too…」

Katsuko-san and Nagisa-san embraced each other…
They’re two beauties so they look attractive.
No…what are they doing in front of the market though

「Katsuko also did it with Yoshida-kun…haven’t you?」
「I never thought that Nagisa would beat me to the punch!」
「…How was it?」
「I’m fine being his for my entire life「」」
「…I was thinking the same thing. Let’s do it together next time 」
「I thought that Nagisa would say that!」

They’re ignoring my will…yes

「Right…We have to let Misuzu join in too」
「The girl from yesterday…was a good girl」
「She’s the best pet…! Yoshida-kun seems to have taken a liking at her!」

Nagisa-san looks at me.

「Ah…Yes. She’s a really good girl」

Her character…her face…her body…

「Dammit!…I’ll get a girl that’s at least like her and give her as a present to you!」


「Just a cute girl will do no good. Misuzu was a virgin…!」
「Uu, anyway…I’ll find one!」
「Ah, Katsun, I’ll join in too! The one who gives the pet better than Miichan will be the victorious!」

…Nei-san too

「Right…Yoshida-kun, will decide which child feels the best to have sex!」


「Hey hey…Mao’s not good…?」

Since everyone seems to be enjoying it,, Mao-chan breaks in without understanding what’s going on…

「…Mao…You need to be at least ten, no, around twelve years to join」

Nagisa-san’s face is slightly complex.
Mao-chan’s still a three year old girl…
Or rather…it would be troublesome for me if you press a pet that much.
Misuzu alone is quite the responsibility already…
Just when I was thinking that…the phone ringed.
As I though…It was Misuzu.

『…Good morning, It’s Misuzu!』
「…What’s wrong?」
『Can…Misuzu pee…?』

Then…I heard the sound of her pee coming out from the other side of the phone…
It’s really hard to keep a pet.
…Living is difficult isn’t it?

「…Then, Margo-sama and Nei-sama please confirm the target I will be guarding Nagisa and Mao-chan」

Katsuko-nee issues her instructrions.

「…What about me?」

Katsuko-nee smiles,

「You will be helping Miyuki!」

◇ ◇ ◇

「Okay, please load this next…」

Miyuki-san pushed the cart.
I load the baggage to Nagisa-san’s van.
…I never knew.
Flowers are jammed into a cardboard box.
It smells like flower but the flower from a while ago can’t be seen.
They’re just pilled on the cardboards.

「…Thanks. It’s always been me alone」

Miyuki-san gave me a canned coffee.
I opened it and drank from it…

「It’s always been like this?」
「Today’s Mother’s day so the amount is bigger」

Oh, I see…there’s this event too.
I never cared about it so I didn’t notice.
If I recall, normal family’s give flowers to them…

「We usually get help from the traders to deliver when the quantity is too large but…the flowers are cheap today」
「Does the price change that much?」
「Flowers are living beings after all」
「The producer has a fixed time on harvesting but…from time to time, there’s days where’s the temperature’s really high isn’t it? They have to harvest the flowers and pack it in a case and they have no choice but to ship it」
「Thus…it’s cheap today?」
「Yes. Right now, they’re having auction inside isn’t it?」
「…Yeah, there’s a lot of people gathered in it. It’s like a theatre…or something like an assembly ground」
「The seller are below and the flower shops are on the steps. Nagisa-sama’s participating the auction right now…auction on the flowers are the opposite of the normal auction」
「…By opposite you mean?」
「Normally, auction does increase the price steadily」

Un…there’s that image.

「In flower markets, it becomes cheaper」
「Right now, all the flowers in the market were received last night. Then, what kind of flower and how much are they would be shown on the internet during the night. The market would set the price by then. Even with that price, if there’s a flower shop that wants a large amount by all means, they’ll purchase it by early morning」
「Then…the flowers that weren’t sold at the net price would be sold at the auction at 7 in the morning. If the flowers aren’t sold by the end of the day…it would just become worse in the packaging, and new flowers would arrive by night. That’s why the flowers must be auctioned by the end of the day and they’ll sell it if there’s a person who’d tell 『I’ll buy it at this price』
「That’s how it is?」
「It’s just right for who put out flowers as service goods…it would be troublesome to buy too much but now, flowers would sell a lot」
「Nagisa-san’s going to buy a lot…!」
「It’s a profitable day to attack after all」

…Then the flowers packed in the cardboard box reaches one after another.
All of this will be loaded?
That’s a big tree branch? It’s reaching a bamboo though…

「Ah, this will be used by Nagisa-sama as a decoration at the lounge of a hotel」

So she had that kind of job…
But, where should we put this?

「Oh, it’ll be tied up at the roof of the car so just leave it please」
「…I-Is that so?」
「But, this kind of moments really helps that there’s a man」
「Ah…No, this is the only thing I can do」
「When are you coming at the shop?」
「You’re going to live with Nagisa-sama, aren’t you…?」
「N-No, but」
「Huh…I surely thought that you’re going to be living together with Nagisa-sama」
「No no…that’s not true」
「Don’t say that…please come. Nagisa-sama, seems to like you very much…」
「…No but」
「You can embrace me or the other children whenever you want, not just Misuzu!」
「We’re all Nagisa-sama’s pet. We all are not good with men but yesterday, we were all aroused when we were told that『Right now, Misuzu’s upstairs and will lose her virginity while being watched over by Nagisa-sama』 『I want to try that kind of sex』they said…!」
「Yoshida-san’s type is a cute girl like Misuzu isn’t it? Actually, I’m aiming at a customer of our shop…she’s a high school student but she’s really cute. Can you violate that child along with me?」

I now understand why Yuzuki-sensei wants Katsuko-nee to be independent somehow…
The domination infects.
Yuzuki-sensei who rules over Nagisa-san is ruling over Misuzu and Miyuki-san and Miyuki-san tries to rule another girl…
Just like the child mimicking their parent…The ruled tries to imitate their ruler.
They’re trying to become the ruler themselves

「…Hey wait Miyuki-chan. You need to wait for your turn for Yoshida-kun! You’re going to have your turn so you should line up properly」

Haa…Nagisa-san and Katsuko-san came back.

「Where’s Mao-chan?」
「She’s walking in the market with Margo-chan. That child loves Margo-chan. Margo-chan’s camouflaged with Mao. I’ve already bought everything I need so we’re done with the auction…by the way」

Nagisa-san looks at Miyuki-san

「Miyuki-chan, the girl you’re aiming at is…the young lady of Koyanagi-sama isn’t it?」
「You really got a good sense…I think that child would be a good pet. Got it, I’ll help you」
「…Thank you very much!」
「In exchange, I will be participating when you’re going to be violated along with that child okay?!」
「Yes, best regards!」

It’s outside my will again…
I feel that some unexpected decisions are accomplished.
Is this the “You think you lose”?

「Ah, me too, me too…!」
「…Katsuko-nee too?!」

I instinctively let out my voice

「Oh my…Katsuko’s being called 『Katsuko-nee』by Yoshida-kun?」
「That’s right…Nagisa’s normally called 『Nagisa-san』aren’t you?」

As expected, they began some strange dangerous fight…

「If you don’t want it…what does Nagisa-san wants to be called?」

It’s troublesome so I spoke frankly and asked.

「Let’s see…『Nagisa-chan』, 『Nagi』, 『Na-chan』…or something like that」

Nagisa-san’s worrying.

「How about『Hey, Nagisa』? You’re going to be called 『Hey, Nagisa』all the time!」
「II don’t want that…that looks like he’s a dominant husband. It doesn’t match with Yoshida-kun!」
「Then how about 『Nagibu』」
「Katsuko…I’ll get angry!」

They’re really in a good relationship.
They’re best friends during high school…?

「Oh right…I want to be called 『Nagisa-senpai』before」
「Un…Look, Katsuko- and I went out of the high school during our first year. I was never called 『Senpai』」

They were taken by 『Kuromori』when they were first years.
Katsuko-san and Nagisa-san…were trained to be high class prostitutes…

「It’s okay if you don’t do it here…do it when we’re alone next time!」
「Hey Nagisa1…we’ve got some uniforms at our high school. Let’s wear those and have a 『Senpai play』 A situation where a senpai teaches a pure kouhai lewd stuffs…!」
「Katsuko…You’re really a genius when it comes to lewd stuffs…!」
「…You want to? don’t want to?」
「…I’ll do it!」
「Can I go too?」
「Isn’t that obvious! Let’s both be Yoshida-kun’s senpai!」
「Nagisa…I love you!」

Do what you want.
I look inside the market…
The auction still continues inside but…the customers are scattered in the hall.
There’s a person who checks the flower they bought.
There’s also a material shop buying vases, ribbons, or laces.
There’s a lot of people in here…
This is all from flower shops…
Looking at this…even flower shops have a lot of various people.
There’s also people dressed up this early in the morning…
On the contrary, there’s an old man wearing a jersey and his hair is still a mess.
There’s people with the cutting edge fashion sense, is that from an art related flower shop?
There’s also a greengrocer aunty from the malls too…
There’s a gay like beautician old man who’s walking pigeon toed…
Wherever you look at, there’s no man who looks like a Yakuza…
Are Yakuza going to come here…?

「…Oya oya, there’s a lot of beauties gathering this morning again!」

Umu. A purple suit came from the floral market, what kind of person is this?
The necktie is also floral design…
Curly men’s hairstyle2, and blue sunglasses.
I think that it won’t understand the quality if they’re wearing colored glasses.

「…How about we hear your answer soon, 『Schwarz』-saan?」

The Yakuza’s calling Nagisa-san by the name of her shop.
The accent is a bit strange.
For some reason, he raises the last word.

「Our『Flower Shop Tulip』has just made a branch from Kansai…we would like to make a joint business with 『Schwarz』by all means」
「We’ve talked about this before, our shop will be on our own. We won’t join with anyone」

Nagisa-san refused flatly.

「Is that so? Don’t say that…please think of joining us as an act of kindness. Isn’t it lonely to have only women?」

The Yakuza tries to put his hand on Nagisa-san’s shoulder…
I reached over the 『Beat up Stick』concealed under the car.

「…Hey hey, oji-san!」

Nei-san came.

「What’s with you?…You’re also a child from 『Schwarz』? You’re quite quite too?!」

The Yakuza’s interest changed from Nagisa-san to Nei-san…

「That yellow green Porsche there…isn’t that Oji-san’s?」
「Yup, that’s right. What, want to get on? Want me to drive you somewhere?」
「That Porsche’s been played by strange onii-sans! 」
「The bonnet guys scribbled it with 10 yen coin」
「…Hey hey hey hey!」

The Yakuza ran towards his car!

「Ehehe! Maru-chan said that to not burn is so I did a prank instead!」

Nei-san laughs!

「…Did you damage the body?」
「Un. I drew doraemon’s face. While I’m at it, I blew out his tires too!」

The Yakuza return running!

「Dammig! They got me!…Nee-chan, who’s the bastard that did this?!」
「…You see. He’s tall and thin, wearing a red vest, blue shorts, there’s a wound under his left eye and wearing a straw hat3

Isn’t that person aiming to be the pirate king?

「I’ll kill that guy if I find him…for him to make an ultraman graffiti on my Porsche…!!!!」

The Yakuza runs angrily!

「…I drew doraemon though」

Nei-san’s bad at drawing.


  1. The earlier one is (Oi Nagisa), this one is (Nee Nagisa)
  2. Usually associated with Yakuza
  3. You can take a guess now