Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 534. Don’t call me stylish!



「 I haven’t decided on anything in particular 」


「 It’s already a rule to have Edie give her virginity to Master 」

Michi said.

「 No, wait, in the first place, why is Edie that angry? 」

She entered the sauna room with a grumpy face you know.

「 Besides, didn’t I tell you Michi to show respect to Edie and not fight her? 」

So why did you decide to have a duel?

「 Ah, my explanation was insufficient 」

Michi looks at me.

「 The duel is just a fashion showdown 」

Fashion showdown.

「 Danna-sama, Edie also searched for clothes when we were buying clothes earlier 」

Misuzu interrupts.

I know that.

Edie joined us with the only clothes she happened to wear.

「 Then, Edie-san focused on the functionality, so she only showed interest in men’s clothing 」

「 Huh, what do you mean by that Misuzu? 」

I ask the specifics.

「 She picked pants. Furthermore, she preferred the loose with a lot of pockets 」

「 She showed unusual interest on the carpenter’s clothes before 」

Ruriko testified.

「 Why pockets? 」

「 That makes it easier to conceal Anki 」

Michi replied.

「 Anki? 」

「 Weapons to surprise the enemies 」

Oh, Edie mastered assassination techniques from the cult.

「 I told her that I can hide my Anki under my skirt, but she wants to wear pants no matter what 」

No, Michi, under your skirt?

「 I even offered her weapon holder that she can attach to her thighs, but 」

「 Michi, aren’t you hiding only the whip under your skirt? 」

I asked just in case.

「 No, I carry other types of weapons all the time. Shuriken, smoke screen bullets, even sand balls 」

Smokescreen, and, sand balls.

「 It’s a natural thing for Kudou style ancient martial arts 」

Michi shows an earnest look as she speaks.

「 It seems that in Edie-san’s cult, there are two ranks of females and their clothes are decided fundamentally 」

Misuzu said.

「 Edie said that those were “Female fighter,” and “holy mother” The “female fighter’s” clothing seems to be trousers. On the other hand, the “holy mother” wears a skirt 」

「 Misuzu, what social class is a “holy mother?” 」

Female fighters talk about assassins, so I get it.

They’re raised to be professional assassins by the cult.

「 The “holy mothers” give birth to the next generation of fighters 」

Misuzu explains.

「 It seems that those in low rank are heavily oppressed in the cult 」

I’ve heard the story of the leaders oppressing the women in the cult.

Therefore, Edie’s grandmother trained her to become an assassin with all her best

to make sure the men of the cult can’t lay a hand on her.

「 Then, Edie doesn’t want to wear a skirt? 」

「 Yes, however, Edie can’t become stylish if she’s imprisoned by that idea forever 」

Misuzu’s right.

Edie’s no longer an assassin.

「 Therefore, we purchased clothes that would look good with Edie-san. 」

Ruriko said.

「 Edie’s angry at that? 」

If Edie holds pride as a “female fighter,” then I don’t think she’d like to wear a skirt, which is clothing for the “holy mother.”

「 No, she agreed on wearing it 」

「 She agreed? 」

Misuzu answers my question.

「 Well, Edie-san knows that she can’t return to the assassination cult anymore, and she has made the resolve to devote herself to Danna-sama 」


「 Giving her virginity to Danna-sama means that Edie-san will become a “holy mother” 」

I-Is that so?

「 Yes. She said that she’ll be the only “holy mother – fighter” for Onii-sama 」

Ruriko said.

「 She’ll give birth to a child and continue her job as an assassin, they’re called “holy mother – fighter” in Edie-san’s cult. Even within the cult, female fighters aren’t allowed to become “holy mother – fighter” unless they have good ability. It seems that Edie-san’s grandmother was the only “holy mother – fighter” in the cult 」

I see.

「 Therefore, she agreed to wear a feminine costume to show her determination so far, however, 」


「 Edie-san thinks that girlish clothes don’t suit her 」

Oh, she’s never worn them until now.

「 Is she embarrassed? 」

「 No, Danna-sama, she’s afraid of lining up with us while wearing girlish clothes 」


「 Uhm, Ruri-chan and I are used to wearing womanly clothes 」

「 She feels inferior to Misuzu-oneesama and Ruriruri’s beauty 」

Michi said.

「 Therefore, I suggested the fashion showdown 」

With Michi?

「 I usually wear only uniforms. I’ve walked a life without much fashion 」

Life? You’re just in middle school you know!

「 Then, I have bought a dress for the first time in my life 」

Michi looks at me with her cheeks blushing.

Yeah, I did tell Michi to buy a cute dress.

「 Then, we’ll wear our clothes we just bought, and we will have a fashion showdown, that’s what happened 」

「 Those were the circumstances 」

I finally get what’s going on.

「 But, Danna-sama. Even if Edie-san fights Michi-pon, she thinks that she would lose anyway 」

「 She thinks of it as a side-show 」


「 Edie-san thinks that everyone would laugh at her when they see her in a girlish appearance 」


That’s another insecurity.

「 Then, I’m going 」

I stand up from the bath.

「 Err, how do I say “Edie’s very beautiful” in English? 」

I ask Misuzu.

It’s just strange to say “you are beautiful” I guess.

That might have Edie shut her mind instead.

This is difficult.

But, if Misuzu or Ruriko comes with me, then Edie would just be alarmed.

「 Onii-sama, in that case, please say this.! 」

◇ ◇ ◇

I open the door to the sauna room.

Edie’s in low spirits, lying down.

She looks up at me.

《 what’s up? 》

I don’t get what she said, but it must mean “What’s going on?”

She looks grumpy.

I didn’t respond and sat down next to Edie.

Edie’s tanned skin is sweating a lot, glittering.

Her blonde hair is beautiful, her blue eyes look at me.


I pat Edie’s head gently.

Her glossy hair is wet with her sweat.

Edie sends me a curious look.

Looking at her this way, she has a surprisingly small body.

Edie isn’t as tall as Kyouko-san or Miss Cordelia.

She’s 16-years-old, the same age as me.

Yet, Edie lost her only family member, her Grandmother, then, she was exiled from her home, the assassination cult.

She has no place to go.

Yet, she’s always so cheerful, having a positive attitude, looking after the younger girls.

She’s a good girl.

She’s really like a cat.

She’s free but lonely. Cute.

I think that way when I sit next to her and look at her.


I smile and speak calmly to Edie.

《 I think of You. 》


Edie’s blue eyes open widely.

《 and……I love You. 》

I like Edie.

I love her.

I don’t want Edie to have sex with me to have her become our family gradually.

I want her to know.

I want Edie to know that I genuinely like her.

I want to live with her.

「 ………… 」

Edie looks at me silently.

Somehow, this makes me blush.

I’m used to saying “like” or “love.”

But saying it in English feels embarrassing.

I blushed the moment I thought of that.

Sweat flows out of my body.

This is bad.

If this goes on, it’ll be too embarrassing to have just the two of us in the sauna room.

I pat Edie’s hair once again.

「 Then, I’m going out first 」

Since I can’t speak English, I did it in Japanese.

I stand up then decide to leave the sauna room.


It feels chilly outside.


Oh, Misuzu and the girls are looking at me worriedly.

I walked back to the group.



The sauna room door opened wide.

「 Huh? 」

Turning around in surprise, the naked Edie’s standing before me.

Her whole tanned body is sweaty, and her nipples are colored pink.

Her genital hair is colored bright blonde.

Then, her big blue eyes.

She shows a lovely smile.

《 I love You ,too!!! 》

Then, she runs towards me.

No, she jumped!

She jumped out and flew towards me.

《 darling!!! 》

She then clashes to me with full momentum!

We fell down in the bathtub.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Ouch, ouch, ouch 」

I hold down my bumped head.

We’re out of the bath and now in the dressing room.

Everyone’s wearing a bathrobe now.

Misuzu and the girls look at me worriedly as I sit on the dressing room’s chair.

「 Are you okay, Onii-chan? Katsuko-oneechan brought some ice 」

Mana hands me a plastic bag with ice inside.

「 Oh, thanks 」

I cool down the painful parts. Ouch

《 I’m so very sorry,darling 》

Edie says apologetically.

She said “So” and “very” so she is genuinely apologetic.

「 It’s okay. It’s just a little bump 」


Edie, why are you hugging me so tight behind?

In front of me is Agnes sitting on my legs, also hugging me,

「 Papa, does it hurt, desuno? 」

「 Yeah, just a bit but I’m okay now 」

The problem is I can’t move.

Both my front and back is hugged tightly.

Now then, what should I do?

《 darling 》

Edie pushes her chest against my back.

Oh, this feeling.

She has breasts, but the muscles underneath are amazing.

The elasticity is different from the usual.

『 If you can move then please come back. I’ve prepared a light meal 』

I hear Katsuko-nee’s voice from the speaker.

Oh, what a godsend.

「 Hey now, let’s all go to the dining room. You girls must be hungry, right? 」

「 That’s right 」

「 Let’s go, Onii-sama 」

「 Agnes-chan, let’s eat 」

Ruriko explains to Edie.

And somehow, Edie and Agnes finally separated from me.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 It’s just sandwich and salad, is that okay? If you’re still hungry, then I can make more 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 No, that’s enough. Thanks, Katsuko-nee. What about everyone else? 」

Nobody has complained.

We begin eating.

「 Then, why is Edie-san now clinging to you? 」

Katsuko-nee smiles wryly.

Even during the meal, Edie’s sitting next to me.

Even more, she’s recommending sandwich and drinks to me.

「 Edie-san seems to be ignited 」

Ruriko explains to Katsuko-nee.

「 I actually know. I’ve been watching while making a meal 」

Katsuko-nee giggles.

She was watching us in the sauna room.

「 There was a song that says “my heart got caught in the flame of love, the smoke gets to my eyes’ 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 It’s “Smoke gets in your eyes,” right? 」

Misuzu replied

「 Yes, that. Well, this is a good trend 」

Katsuko-nee laughs.

「 We want Edie-chan to be your and Megumi-chan’s bodyguard anyway 」

Megu and me?

「 She’s on the same age as you two, and you already know that we’re transferring her to our school 」

Katsuko-nee’s the board chairman of the school.

It’s easy for her to enroll Edie.

Nei who shouldn’t be able to register because she has no register is already attending as a student.

「 That’s right, I am also worried about Master’s daily bodyguard. I think that she’s qualified 」

Michi said.

「 My mission is to protect Misuzu-oneesama and Ruriruri. I’m really sorry that I can’t protect Master in school, but 」

No, go with Misuzu to the school and don’t worry about me.

Or should I say?

「 There’s no need for me to have a bodyguard going to and from our school, right? 」

「 I wonder, we don’t know what will our future be 」


「 We’re hunted due to the aftermath of what we did. We need to respond to anything that will happen 」

What we did: The Revenge.

Following the mystery of Shirasaka Sousuke’s death, there’s a possibility that people from the underground society will come.

「 Therefore, you girls weren’t in the wrong talking about finding Agnes-chan’s bodyguard 」

Katsuko-nee really heard all of it.

「 Yes, Kouzuki house will strengthen the security in our school 」

Misuzu said.

「 I’ll leave the matters in Danna-sama’s school to you 」

She bows her head to Katsuko-nee. Ruriko and Michi too.

「 Don’t bow like that, we’re family, aren’t we? 」

Katsuko-nee smiles gently.

「 We will be monitoring the school as usual and entrust the bodyguard job to Edie-chan. There’s no problem there 」

Then, she looks at Mana.

「 Mana-chan will be with Agnes-chan, you two will stay in the mansion until you get a new family register. Whenever you want to go out, then make sure to have someone with you. Okay? 」

「 Yes 」

Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter, Mana, is missing on paper.

It’s highly possible that the underground society targets her.

They’d think that just like Yukino, she might know the secret of Shirasaka Sousuke’s death.

「 Then, you two will transfer to a middle school somewhere in the second semester of the trimester. We’re thinking of an American school but, by next year, we’ll enroll you girls in our high school 」

「 I’ll be Onii-chan’s kouhai? 」

Mana’s pleased.

「 Yes, you want to do senpai-kouhai sex, don’t you? 」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「 Yes! I want to! 」

「 Ugh! I’m so jealous of Mana-imouto! 」

Michi said, but;

「 It’s okay, Michi-pon. We can also have sex with Danna-sama during our school festival, and excursion! 」

「 Ah! That’s right! 」

「 I’ll entrust the preparations to you 」

「 Yes, Misuzu-oneesama! 」

Oh, we’re really doing it.

Right in Japan’s best super-high-class-ladies school.

「 Let’s break the 120-year history of the school as the first female student to have sex in the school! 」

「 I’m looking forward to it! 」

「 Ah, we need to find a girl to lose her virginity before the autumn festival 」

「 Misuzu-chan, there’s also the sports festival 」

Even Ruriko’s participating.

「 That one is a festival for health and physical education, so it’s natural to have sex! 」

「 Of course! Misuzu-oneesama! 」


「 Then, Megu-oneechan and I will have to think of a lot of things. Ah, Edie-chan and Nei-san’s joining too 」

「 Me too, I’m the board chairman after all 」


What’s about to happen to me.

I think of Yukino for a moment.

What will happen to her?

Minaho-neesan said that she’d go to school like before, but.

「 What’s wrong, Papa? 」

Agnes asks me.

Nono, I can’t.

Yukino already made her resolve and started walking her way.

Right now, I have to entrust Yukino herself to Minaho-neesan.

There’s no more room for me to think of Yukino’s future.

「 If you want, let’s start while eating the sandwich? 」


「 Huh, what? 」

「 Oh, I heard that Michi-chan and Edie-chan are about to do a fashion showdown, right? 」

◇ ◇ ◇

Edie lines up three sets of clothes before me.

These are the clothes Misuzu recommended her?

Then, Edie tells me something.

「 “I’m already your woman so I’ll wear whatever you pick,” she said 」

Mana translates.

「 “I don’t mind if you laugh at me. I’ll wear womanly clothes for you” she said 」

Edie’s blue eyes shine as she speaks to me.

That’s amazing, she believes me this much just from the words I learned from Ruriko.

「 Then, this one 」

I pointed at the white summer dress.

I’m sure that it’ll shine on Edie’s tanned skin and blonde hair.

《 OK 》

「 Uhm, as for me, this is the dress I bought for tonight 」

Michi speaks bashfully.

「 Then, come over here you two. I’ll lend you accessories. I’ll also do makeup 」

Katsuko-nee beckons the two.

「 Do you girls want to come too? I’ll be giving these to a lot of advice 」

She tells the other girls.

「 You can’t go, you’re the judge. You need to see at their stylish look 」

Ah, I can’t be in the middle of the process.

「 Then, I’ll cheer for Michi-pon 」

「 Then, I’ll support Edie-san 」

Misuzu and Ruriko divide their roles.

「 Agnes, you can go there too, you want to see your elder sisters become beautiful, right? 」

I tell Agnes.

「 But 」

Agnes wants to be with me though.

「 This is also an excellent study 」

I want Agnes to be more interested in things other than sex.

Fashion is also another essential study to know the outside world.

「 That’s right. Agnes-chan needs to learn fashion soon anyway. You want Papa to see a beautiful Agnes-chan, right? 」

Katsuko-nee pulls Agnes’ hand.

「 Uuu, I understand 」

「 Then, step off the seat 」

「 Ah, err, can you eat all of the remaining food? 」

「 Yes, thanks 」

I pick up the remaining sandwich and eat it.

「 Mana-chan, you won’t go? 」

Misuzu calls Mana.

「 Yeah, I’m a bit tired. I’ll stay here. Thanks, Misuzu-oneechan 」

Mana replied.

「 I see, okay, take it easy then. Danna-sama, if you’d please 」

「 Yeah 」

Then, the group of women leaves the dining room.

「 They’re worried about Mana due to the matter of Yukino 」

Misuzu and the girls.

They want the two of us alone so I could talk to Mana slowly.

「 Really, everyone’s such a beautiful Onee-chan 」

Mana said.

「 Instead of that, Onii-chan? 」

「 Yeah? 」

「 I should bring more ice, right 」


「 Oh, I knew it, there’s a big bump 」

Mana touches my head then rushes to the kitchen.

Then, she comes back with a bag of ice again.

「 You were enduring the pain in your head so Edie-chan won’t worry, right? 」

「 Well, yeah 」

I take the ice bag Mana hands over and put it on my head.,

Oh, that feels good.

「 Really, Onii-chan’s too patient 」


「 I love you 」

Mana clings to me and starts crying.

The emotions she piled up beings to pour out.